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Full text of "The history of the Brigham family : a record of several thousand descendants of Thomas Brigham the emigrant, 1603-1653"

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With Foreword by 

of the Editorial Staff of the Boston Evening Transcript 


THE EMIGRANT, 1603-1635 

Discovered by J. Gardner Bartlett, Member of the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society 

State Librarian of Rhode Island 


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Foreword 9 

English Ancestry of Thomas Brigham 

Introduction 15 

EngUsh Pedigree 19 

First Generation 

Genealogy 29 

Second Generation 

Review 30 

Genealogy 33 

Third Generation 

Review 36 

Genealogy 39 

Fourth Generation 

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Prof. Albert Perry Brigham (804) 238 

William Curtis Brigham, M. D. (810) 244 

Herbert Augustus Brigham (819), and Alice C. (Gilman) 

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One event of outstanding importance justifies the publica- 
tion of this Second Volume of "The History of the Brigham 
Family" — the discovery of the true story of the English origin 
of the Brigham Family, of which, in the First Volume, all exist- 
ing knowledge began with the arrival in this country of Thomas 
Brigham, the Puritan, in 1635. Mr. J. Gardner Bari;lett, one of 
the most competent of New England genealogists, had gone to 
England in 1914 to trace the British ancestrj^ of Simon Crosby, 
who was a fellow passenger with Thomas Brigham in the Susan 
and Ellen, and whose wife was Ann Brigham, a double first 
cousin of Thomas. While engaged in research in the interest 
of the Crosby family, Mr. Bartlett found the authentic record 
of the family from which Thomas^ Brigham had descended. 
Recognizing its importance to the Brigham family in this 
country, Mr. Bartlett wrote it out into an informative and read- 
able narrative, and kindly tendered it to the officials of the 
Brigham Family Association, at a price which testified rather 
to his zeal in the science which he adorns than to any desire for 
personal profit. Our gratitude for his generosity and our indebted- 
ness for his enterprise and the priceless information he has 
imparted to us is unbounded. 

The highly important Introduction to Mr. Bartlett's Eng- 
lish genealogical data by our own Herbert 0. Brigham, 
State Librarian of Rhode Island, in Providence, R. I., opens 
the story of our English origin and lineage with vivid touches 
of history which enlarge our view of the movements in England 
which sent our ancestor to America. 

The late Willard I. T. Brigham, author of the First Volume 
of "The History of the Brigham Family," spent many months 
in the study of the British records in a futile effort to trace 
the origin and ancestry of Thomas the Emigrant of 1635 ; and 
we are much gratified to be able to state that the authoritative 
record as discovered by Mr. Bartlett confirms Willard 's tenta- 
tive conclusion that Thomas of Cambridge, Massachusetts, was 
born in and emigrated from Yorkshire. 

It becomes important to state, because of the many in- 
quiries regarding a Brigham Coat of Arms, that none of the 

10 The Brigham Family 

descendants of Thomas^ in this country are entitled, through 
him, to use any of the numerous Coats of Arms borne by Brig- 
ham families in England. Mr. Willard I. T. Brigham held the 
idea at one time that Thomas came from the family of Cannon 
End, Oxfordshire, England. He later repudiated this but had, 
meanwhile, prepared copies in colors of the Arms borne by this 
family, as described on page 19 of the H. B. F, These were 
widely distributed and many Brighams have preserved such 
copies. Pins and spoons showing these Arms were given wide 
circulation, also. As given in this volume, the story of the 
origin of Thomas Brigham in a small hamlet in Yorkshire, Eng- 
land, of yeoman stock, although of very ancient lineage, leaves 
no ground for believing that he belonged to an armor-bearing 

A second reason impelling the publication of the Second 
Volume is that the organization of the Brigham Family Asso- 
ciation has been maintained since the publication of the First 
Volume in 1907. Moreover, careful management has conserved 
the funds of the Association, and the growth of and changes in 
this great family of ours have been so extensive as to warrant 
the use of this money, as far as it will go, in expanding into a 
work of several hundred pages what originally was contemplated 
only as a pamphlet presenting the record of the Brigham line 
across the sea, and such additions and corrections to the existing 
records as had been supplied to the editor. 

It is a matter of pride with us that in addition to having 
published what competent critics declare to be one of the most 
complete and admirably arranged family histories in New Eng- 
land, we are now able to supplement this with a volume of much 
new and equally important material; including, for example, 
not only the English record, but biographical paragraphs of 
much human interest, and stories of hitherto untraced Brig- 
hams, lost lines, persons who have adopted the Brigham name, 
noteworthy intermarriages, etc. 

A feature of this book is the series of historical sketches 
with which the genealogical data of each generation is intro- 
duced. These pages are a running narrative reviewing the 
salient features of the Brighams of the First Volume, with 
picturesque stories of many individuals taken from other 
sources. This is also an effort to show the trend of emigration, 

Foreword 11 

together with the individual results of these movements, north, 
west and south. We have included also many persons whose 
value to their communities has been so apparent that it was a 
matter of record or tradition. Many not so named undoubtedly 
should have a place in such an enumeration, but oft«n the facts 
have not been within our reach. Neither has it been possible 
to speak of still others whose lives have enriched the world in 
quiet ways. In this review, only those whose life-work is finished 
are described in detail. 

No attempt has been made in this book to repeat the gen- 
ealogical records of Volume One, except where this was neces- 
sary for the sake of clearness and to indicate the numbered 
divisions. The heads of these divisions in this volume corres- 
pond in names and numbers with those of the First Volume, 
but only such sections as have additional material are given in 
this book, and even in such cases it is the new material chiefly 
that is set forth. Therefore, it will be essential to resort to the 
earlier volume for full identification of many persons and lines 
mentioned here, but the connection is straight and no difficulty 
will be found in placing families correctly. For these and 
other reasons, both books should be in the library of every one 
interested in Brigham genealogy. Fortunately, copies of Volume 
One are still available for purchase. 

In the pages following another feature may be observed, 
that of sketches illustrating the remarkable force which some 
of the women of our family are exerting in community and 
club life, in music, art, journalism and other professions, and 
in the business world. Insofar as it has been our privilege to 
learn of the devotion and sacrifices of our men and women in 
the late World War, both at home and abroad, we have out- 
lined such services. 

The indebtedness of the family to the genealogist and com- 
piler of this volume. Miss Emma Elisabeth Brigham, can never 
be sufficiently realized, much less expressed. Her energy, un- 
flagging interest and zeal made possible the completion and 
publication of the First Volume, and the present book is all 
her own. Incapacitated for a long time by accident and illness, 
she rallied and renewed the work to which she had set her 
hand. Deprived by death of the associate, Miss Mary Brigham 
of Cambridge, on whom she could ever rely, and whose services 

12 The Brigham Family 

seemed indispensable, she still carried on, although more time 
has been consumed in the work than if greater strength had 
bfen available. "The History of the Brigham Family" as now 
completed is as much a symbol of her devotion as it is a monu- 
ment to the honorable line whose career the two volumes record. 
But Miss Emma E. Brigham has been the first to testify 
also to the generous assistance rendered by many others of the 
blood or name, who have cooperated in the making of this 
Second Volume. To Mrs. Ella Brigham Porter of Marlboro, who 
in the midst of a busy life has striven persistently to complete 
the records of many of the Marlboro families, we are deeply 
indebted; also to Frederick M. Brigham, formerly of Toledo, 
now of Philadelphia, for the discovery of the Orr's Island Brig- 
ham branch, descended from Governor Paul of Vermont and 
his son, Dr. Thomas S. ; also to Will S. Thomas for his mother's 
line (her first marriage and son having been omitted from the 
H. B. F.) — she was a daughter of Dr. Thomas S. ; also to Dr. 
C. W. Drew, of Minneapolis, a descendant of Hepsibah (Brig- 
ham) Taplin, for additions to her family record; to the Shurt- 
leff genealogy; and, again, to the Parkman Diary (whose one 
published portion was so profusely drawn upon in the First 
Volume), particularly the manuscripts deposited with the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society and the Worcester Antiquarian 
Society, to which our genealogist had free access; to the invalu- 
able and delightful "Historical Reminiscences of Marlboro," 
by the late Mrs. Ella A. Bigelow ; to the late William H. Brig- 
ham of Marlboro, who spent some of his last days in procuring 
additional records of Marlboro families; to Harry Chase Brig- 
ham of Toledo for helpfulness in regard to Toledo families; to 
Mrs. Frank W. Morso of Hudson for the record of the family 
of Hannah (Brigham) Gleason; to Mrs. Joseph Lindsay, Super- 
ior, Wisconsin, for recover^' of the line of her ancestress Sabra 
(Brigham) Hudson, a daughter of Dr. SamueP Brigham of 
Marlboro; to Mrs. D. F, Murray of Plymouth, Michigan, for the 
family of her ancestress, Sarah (Brigham) Gott, a daughter of 
Uriah* of Marlboro; to Mrs. Marshall Marsh of Chicago, for 
the record of Abigail (Brigham) Snow, daughter of Gershom^ 
Brigham of Marlboro; to Miss Georgiana K. Fiske of Grafton, 
who assisted materially in sending additions to the Dinah (Brig- 
ham) Williams branch, a Southboro family, and needed ad- 

Foreword 13 

ditions to the Grafton Brigham record; to E. W. Butterfield of 
Dover, N. H., for additions to line of Ezekiel, No. 79 ; to the late 
George Sawin Stewart, the a/;eomplished genealogist (Stephen, 
Silas, Emily, out of Princeton, Mass., and Brownington, Vt.), 
for his highly important research work on the early line of 
John^ and other families. To all others who so cheerfully res- 
ponded to the many calls upon their time and patience, warm 
thanks are due. 

W. E. B. 



A search for the English ancestry of Thomas Brigham has 
been conducted by members of the family for many years and 
"The History of the Brigham Family" gives an account of the 
various conjectures regarding the English ancestrj'. 

In 1914 J. Gardner Bartlett of Boston, a genealogist of high 
repute and one of the leading authorities on the English lines 
of ancestry of the early settlers of New England, brought to the 
attention of the compiler of this Second Volume some material 
that he had unearthed in making a research for the English an- 
cestry of the emigrant, Simon Crosby, in behalf of the late ]\Irs. 
Eleanor D. Crosby, the compiler of the Crosby genealogy. Mr. 
Bartlett observed a close relationship between Simon Crosby 
and Thomas Brigham, who came to America together. 

In the spring of 1635 a small party of Yorkshire men, 
under the guidance of Rev. Thomas Shepard, who had been 
preaching at Buttercrambe in Yorkshire, decided to emigrate 
with him to New England, and went to London where, on April 
18, 1635, they embarked on the ship Susan and Ellen. In the 
passenger list appear the names of Thomas Brigham, Simon 
Crosby, his wife Ann and their small children. About twelve 
miles south of Buttercrambe is the rural parish known as 
Holme-on-Spalding-Moor and here is found the original loca- 
tion of both the Brigham and the Crosby families. This place, 
named in the Rand-McNally Atlas as ' ' Holme, ' ' is situated about 
half-way betM^een the cities of Hull and York, about twenty- 
five miles from the North Sea and about ten miles north of the 
River Humber. P^rom the first ancient registry book of this 
little parish, Mr. Bartlett obtained many valuable records which 
establish the ancestry of Thomas Brigham. The book was found 
to be in wretched condition, mutilated and discolored, with sev- 
eral gaps due to lost pages, and with much of the writing illeg- 
ible; but from an examination of this volume and other corre- 
lative data, he has prepared the appended pedigree which ex- 
tends back to 1475. About that year a Thomas Brigham was 
born (the name Thomas appears to continue through many gen- 

If) The Brigiiam Family 

erations). and in 1528 he is recorded on the rental roll of the 
Manor of Holme as holding a toft, an orchard, a bam, a close 
and half a bovate of land. He was probably the father of 
Thomas 2d, born about 1500, who appears as Thomas Brigham, 
Jr., on the same rental roll of 1528, holding property in Holme- 
on-Spalding-!Moor. He was married about 1525 to a person whose 
first name was Elizabeth, but she outlived him by several years, 
his death occurring in 1560, his wife's in 1573. He also had a 
son Thomas 3d, bom about 1525, who married in 1548 Janet 
Milliiigton, a daughter of William and Barbara Millington. 
He was a yeoman, lived throughout his life at Holme, and died 
in 1599 leaving a will proved that year. 

Thomas the 4th, born about 1549, is mentioned in the will 
of his father, also in the will of his cousin Peter Millington. He 
was a Webster, or cloth worker, married a woman whose first 
name was Gillian, and died in 1586. Our line of Thomases is 
broken by a son named John, born about 1573, who resided in 
his native parish and in the adjoining parish of Hotham. He 
married in 1599 Constance Watson, the daughter of James 
Watson. She is mentioned in the wills of her father, her sister 
and her brother-in-law Robert Brigham. 

On account of the loss of the registers between 1601 and 
1628 the baptismal record of only the eldest child of John is 
preserved, but in the will in 1640 of Robert Brigham, the brother 
of John, there are named six children of John, viz., William, 
John, Robert, Gillian, Margaret and Phillippa, all "now in this 
land." Undoubtedly this phrase signifies there were other 
children not then in England, evidently referring to the emi- 
grants Thomas and Sebastian Brigham who were across the 
seas in company with Simon and Ann Crosby, Ann the wife 
of Simon Crosby being their own-cousin and a daughter of 
Thomas Brigham, a brother of John and Robert. This brings 
us down to Thomas Brigham, the Puritan, who was bom about 
1603, .son of John, and named for his grand-father. He is evi- 
dently one of the "other three children" of John Brigham 
given bequests in the will of their great-grand-uncle Henry 
Brigham of Seaton in 1606. 

An interesting corroboration of the conclusions of Mr. Bart- 
lett concerning the will of Thomas Brigham, a will which did 
not even mention his name, but noted six children "now in 

Introduction 17 

this land," came to light in the publication, "Letters of the 
Earl of Barrington," where, by a curious chance, a letter writ- 
ten by the Rev. Thomas Shepard to the Earl of Harrington in 
1641 contained the following stray phrase: "I am sending this 
message to you by the hands of one Sebastian Brigham who is re- 
turning to England about some estate that has befallen him." 
The letter was written in March, 1641, and Robert Brigham had 
made his will in the previous November. There was the definite 
proof that the shrewd guess of our genealogist, J. Gardner Bart- 
lett, was absolutely correct. 

After the arrival of Thomas Brigham and Simon Crosby 
in this country, the life of Thomas Brigham and his descendants 
is detailed in "The History of the Brigham Family," First 
Volume, and in the Second Volume, that of his ancestry and 
descendants not enumerated in the First Volume. 

Just a word about Sebastian, the brother of Thomas, who 
came to this country for a period of twenty years. The bap- 
tism of two of his children appears on the Holme registers in 
1635 and 1637, and he came out to the new world in 1638 in 
company with the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers of Rowley, county York 
(about twelve miles south-east of Holme), who founded the town 
of Rowley, Mass. Sebastian first went to Cambridge where his 
brother Thomas Brigham and his own-cousin Ann Crosby, wife 
of Simon Crosby, were living, and bought a house there; but 
a few months later he sold this house and moved to Rowley 
where he was a captain of the military company and deputy to 
the Massachusetts Court. He probably returned permanently 
to England about 1656. 

The Brighams in England were not armorial and land-own- 
ing gentry of great means, and with one exception — Robert, 
who died in 1640, they had modest properties. They were lease- 
hold yeomanry of the best class, and the family was of good sub- 
stance and esteem in that section of Yorkshire. The Hobne reg- 
isters show numerous entries regarding the Brigham family, 
and we are able to identify and correctly place nearly all of the 
names in these registers. 

In conclusion there should be noted the close relationship 
between Thomas and Ann Crosby. Their fathers were brothers, 
their mothers were sisters — an unusual type of double cousin- 
ship. Thomas Brigham, Simon Crosby, his wife Ann Brigham, 

18 The Brigham Family 

Constance Brigham Crosby, the widow of Robert, and Sebastian 
Brigham, were all young people together in the same place in 
England. Thomas, Simon and Ann settled in Cambridge; Se- 
bastian and Constance with her three daughters in Rowley. 
Later Simon's children removed to Barnstable County, Thomas' 
children removed to Marlboro with their mother upon her second 
marriage, and Constance's children, all girls, married, and some 
of their descendants are in the middle and far west. Thus the 
three lines which should have kept in close touch with each 
other, on account of the nearness of relationship, were all 
separated and lost to each other. 

H. 0. B. 

Ueunion of Tiil; BRKiiiAM Family Assuciation 
at the Hotel Veudome, Eosto i, Maes., .Tuue 26, 190f> 

Reunion of Tiil; Brkiiam Family Association 

:jt AVilli.-iiiis T:iv.Tii, M, Miias., July 7, liIKi 

Kiiu-Niux uF Tiiii Bkuiiam Faiiilv As; 

in Westboio, Mass., July, 1924 


1. THOMAS^ BRIGHAM, born probably about 1475, is 
the earliest of the Bri^hams of Holme on Spalding Moor of 
whom record has been found. As "Thomas Brigham senior" 
he appears on the rental roll of the Manor of Holme in ir)28, 
as holding one toft, an orchard, a barn, a close called Leyre 
Pytts, and half a bovat of land called Salvan Lands, etc., for 
which he paid yearly 14s. 8d. (Public Record Office, Rentals and 
Surveys, Roll 735.) No will or administration on his estate is 
preserved ; and the name of his wife has not been learned. 

He was probably the father of the following child : 

2 i Thomas2, b. about 1500. 

2. THOMAS- BRIGHAM (Thomas^), born about 1500, 
appears as "Thomas Brigham junior" on the rental roll of the 
Manor of Holme in 1528, holding a cottage formerlj^ in the 
tenure of William Armytts, three butts of arable land in 
Tathom, a flatt of arable land of five acres above Rowley, etc. ; 
yearly rental 5s. 8d, Public Record Office, Rentals and Surveys, 
Roll 735.) He was assessed 2d. on goods worth 20s. at Holme 
on a subsidy in 1544. (Lay Subsidy 203-222.) He was buried 
at Holme on Spalding Moor, 6 Mar. 1559-60. No will can be 

He married about 1525, Elizabeth ; she died in 1573, 

administration being given to her son Henry Brigham, 5 Doc, 
1573. (Adm. Act Books, P. and E. Court of York, Ilarthi'.l 

Children : 

3 i Thomass, b. about 1525. 

ii Heury, of Holme on Spalding Moor and of Seaton. Administra- 
tor of his mother in 1573. He d. in 1606, without issue. The 
will of Henry Brigham of Seaton is dated 30 June, ItiOG. 
To nephew (grand-nephew) Robert Brigham of Holme, a 
ewe and a lamb. To Henry Brigham, son of John Brigham 
of Holme, 3s. To the other three children of said nephew 
(grand-nephew) John Brigham, 2s each. To the two children 
of my nephew (grand-nephew) Thomas Brigham of Holme, 
2s each. To each of the five children of Edward Palmer* 

*He married, 20 Sept., 1590, Elizabeth^ Brigham, grand-niece of the 

20 The Brigham Family 

of Holme, 28. To my nephew (grand-nephew) Eichard 
Brigham, a cupboard, and half my farm during the life of 
my wife, and at her death, all to him, but if he die unmar- 
ried, remainder to Robert Brigham, brother of said Kichard. 
All residue to said Richard Brigham, sole executor. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Milnehouse, Robart Clarke. Proved 2 Oct., 
1606. (P. and E. York Wills, vol. 30, fol. 165.) 

3. THOMAS^ BRIGHAM (Thomas^ Thomas^), born 
about 1525, wa-s a veoman of Holme on Spalding iMoor where lie 
was buried 6 Feb., 1558-9, leaving the appended will : 

In dei noie Amen, the xxv*** day of October in y® year of 
o*" lord god an" mdlviij, I Thomas Brigham of Holme in Spald- 
ingmore, seke of body but hole and pfit of membre doth make 
this my last will and testament as hereaff followith first I gevc 
up my soull to god almyghtie to o^ lady saint mary and to all 
the celestial copany of heven and my body to be buried 
w'in y® church yeard of the said Holme. It. I geve for tithe-? 
forgotten ijd. It. I geve to Janett my doughter a grett brasse 
pott aff the decease of my ^yf Jenett Brigham. It. I geve to 
Thomas Brigham, Peter Brigham, "William Brigham, and Rich- 
ard Brigham, mj' sons, a wayne coop, plowght, and all gear 
thereto belonging, aft^ the decease of my said wyf. The rest of 
all my goods not legatt or bequest, I geve to Janett Brigham my 
wyf whome I do make my executrix. These witnes, Robt 
Clialmes and John Myllygton. 

Proved 13 Apr., 1559, by the widow Jennet. (P. and E. 
York Wills, vol. 15, part 3, fol. 347.) 

Thomas' Brigham married in 1548, Jennet Millington alias 
Tomlinson, b. about 1526, daughter of William and Barbara 
Millington alias Tomlinson of Holme on Spalding Moor. She 
was buried there 21 Jan., 1587-8. 

Children born in Holme on Spalding Moor: 
4 i Thomas*, b. about 1549. 

ii Peter, b. about 15.51, bur. 15 Oct., 1590. Administration on his 
estate was granted on 30 Oct., 1590, to his widow Everill. 
(Adm. Act Books, P. and E. Court of York, Harthill 

He m. 12 Nov., 1586, Everill Hessye, who was bur. 15 
Dec, 1591. Her will, dated 14 Dec, 1591, left her estate to 
her relatives. (P. and E. York Wills, vol, 25, fol. 1154.) 
No children. 

The Brigham Pedigree 21 

iii William, b. about 1553; bur. 1 Feb., 1590-1. He m. about 1576 

Annas (or Agnes) , who was bur. 10 Feb., 1590-1. 

Ch: 1 Johns, bapt. 24 Mar., 1576-7, bur. 7 Oct., 1580; 2 
Robert, bapt. 14 Apr., 1578, no further record, d. young; 
3 Thomas, bapt. 14 May, 1581, bur. 29 May, 1587; 4 Eliza- 
beth, bapt. 19 Sept., 1589, d. young. 

iv Jennett*, b. about 1555. 

V Eicbard, b. about 1557, d. about 1600. He m. (1), 28 May, 
1581, Alison Burley, who was bur. 21 Mar., 1586-7. He m. 
(2), 10 June, 1589, Elizabeth Wright, who was bur. 30 Jan., 
1589-90. He m. (3), 14 Nov., 1591, Margaret Wilsh. Chil- 
dren by thii-d wife: 1 Elizabeth^, bapt. July, 1593; 2 
Thomas, bapt. 1 Aug., 1594. 

vi Francis* (posthumous), b. in 1559; is mentioned in the will of 
his cousin Peter Tomlinson, alias Millington, of Holme on 
Spalding Moor, dated 21 Dec, 1584, which left bequests to 
Thomas Brigham and Francis Brigham, "sonnes of Thomas 
Brigham. my uncle." (P. and E. York Wills, vol. 22, fol. 
677.) He evidently d. unmarried. 

4. THOMAS* BRIGHAM (Thomas^ Thomas^, Thomas^), 
born about 1549, is mentioned in the will of his father dated 25 
Oct., 1558, previously given ; also was given a bequest in the 
will of his cousin Peter Tomlinson alias Millington, dated 21 Dec. 
1584, as mentioned above. (P. and E. York Wills, vol. 15, part 
3, fol. 347, and vol. 22, fol. 677.) He was a cloth-worker as in 
his burial record of 8 Nov., 1586, he is called a "webster." On 
3 May, 1587, administration on his estate was given to his widow 
GiUan. (Adm. Act Books, P. and E. Court of York, Harthill 
Deanery. ) 

He married about 1571, Gillian , who survived him. 

Children : 

i Elizabeths, b. about 1571; m. 20 Sept., 1590, Edward Palmer, 
of Holme on Spalding Moor. They had at least five chil- 
dren who were given bequests by the will of their great- 
grand uncle, Henrys Brigham, of Seaton, dated 30 June, 
1606, as previously given. (P. and E. York Wills, vol. 30, 
fol. 165.) 

5 ii John, b. about 1573. 

6 iii Thomas, bapt. 21 May, 1575. 

iv William, bapt. 17 June, 1578; bur. 17 Aug., 1578. 
v Richard, bapt. 16 Aug., 1579, was the chief legatee of the will 
of his grcat-unele, Ilcury^ Brigham, of Seaton, dated 30 
June, 1606, as previously given. (P. and E. York Wills, 
vol. 30, fol. 165.) He d. about 1627. His nuncupative will 
left all his estate to his wife, she to be sole executrix; 
proved by the widow, 4 May, 1627. (P. and E. York Wills, 
vol. 39, fol. 170.) As this instrument names no children 
and the Holme registers from 1601 to 1628 are lost, the 

22 The Brigham Family 

names of not all his children are known. He m. after 

1606, Anne ; she m. (2), 3 Dec. 1627, William Madson. 

Child: 1 Thomaso, b. probably about 1610; was given a hat 
in the will of his uncle Robert Brigham, dated 5 Sept., 1640: 
the will also gave a lamb to Marmaduke", son of this 
Thomas Brigham. (P. and E. York Wills, original will, 
1640.) He also had a son Richards, bapt. 21 Sept., 1638. 

Roberts, bapt. 20 May, 1582, lived in Holme on Spalding Moor, 
where ho was bur. 8 Sept., 1640. He seems to have had 
more business ability than his brothers, and acquired con- 
siderable estate. He was assessed 5s on goods worth £3 in 
a subsidy of 7 James I (1609); and in the subsidy of 4 
C'ha.s. I (1628), he also appears, being taxed 8s on goods 
valued at £3. (Lay Subsidies, Public Record Office, 204-401 
and 204-441).) He was a legatee in the will of his great-uncle 
Henrys Brigham, of Seaton, dated 30 June, 1606, as pre- 
viously given. (P. and E. York Wills, vol. 30, fol. 165.) In 
a chancery suit of Thomas Mawburne vs. Francis Bacon, 
on 13 Apr., 1625, Robert Brigham of Holme on Spalding- 
more, co. York, aged forty-two years, deposed he married 
the mother of complainant, etc.; and his wife, Dorothy 
Brigham, aged fifty-four years, deposes she was formerly 
wife of Robert Mawburne and is mother of William and 
Thomas Mawburne, etc. (Chancery Depositions, 1558-1649, 
M-12-19, Public Record Office, London.) 

The will of Robert Brigham. In the name of God 
Amen I Robert Brigham of Holme on Spaldingmoore in the 
County of York, Yeoman, beinge sicke in body but in good 
& pfect memory (praised be God) doe make this my last 
Will & testamt in manner & forme followinge, ffirst I give 
and Bequeath my soule into the hands of Allmightie God 
my maker, hopeinge and assureinge my selfe of salvacon 
in & throughe the mcritts of his son Josus Christ, & my 
body to be buried in Holme Church yard or where the Lord 
shall direct. Item I give and bequeath unto my Son in law 
Barnard Awmond my browne mare. Item I give unto Wm 
Carver of C'liffe twenty shillings. Item I give & bequeathe 
unto Wm Brigham, Son of Custance Brigham, the some of 
eight pounds, provided that if the sayd Wm Brigham shall 
die in His Mats present service, then my Will is that the 
forsayd eight pounds shall be equally divided betweene 
his three brethren & three Sisters now in this land. Item I 
give unto Henry Brigham, brother of the sayd Wni, tenn 
shillings. It I give unto John Brigham, another brother 
of the sayd Wm, the some of tenn shillings. Item I give 
and Iiequciithc unto Gillian, ]Marg,irett, ;im(1 Phillip Brig- 
ham, daughters of the foresayd Custance Brigham, every 
one of them ffyve shillings. Item I give unto Emm Brigham, 
daughter to my Sister Custance her son, ffyve shillings. 
Item I give to Tho. Brigham, son to my brother Richard 
Brigham, my best hatt. Item I give to Marmaduke Brig- 
liam. Son to Tho. Brigliam, one ewe and a lambc. Item I 
give to Robert Brigham, son of Custance Brigham, all the 
rest of my apparrell undisposed of. Item I give unto 
Sebasti. Ellithrope two shillings. It I give unto my 
servant Wm Rindley ffive shillings. Item I give and be- 
queath unto the poore people of Holmo afsd tho some of 

The Brigham Pedigree 23 

tenn pounds to continue for their use forever, the same to 
be disposed of for the best advantage for the poor by the 
Minister & Churchwardens still for the tyme beinge, or as 
they shall be renued. Item my Will and pleasure is that 
my beloved wife Dorothe Brigham shall have that share of 
my p sonal estate, wch the law shall conferr uppon her, 
made worth one hundred pounds, provided that she p cure 
her son Tho. Mawburne to join in passing the estate of the 
lands sold by me to Thomas Crosby of Holme Aforesayd, 
otherwise she to have but her share and noe more. Item I 
give and bequeath unto Wm Mawburne, Son of Thomas 
Mawburne my Son in Law, the some of twenty pounds, 
provided that the aforesaid Thomas Mawburne shall joyne 
in passing a sufficient estate of the before mentioned lands 
& p misses to the use of the sayd Thomas Crosby & his heirs 
forever, otherwise the aforesaid bequest to be voyd. Item 
my Will is that all such sums of money as are mentioned 
in this my last Will & Testamt be paid by my Executors 
within twelve months after my decease. Item my Will is 
that after my debts payd and funerall expences discharged 
(I hereby revoakinge all other former Wills), that my daugh- 
ter Prudence Awmond, Avife of Barnard Awmond, and Anne 
Brigham my daughter shall be Executors of this my last 
Will & Testamt. In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett 
my marke the ffift day of September 1640. 

Kobert X Brighams marke. 
Witnesses hereof W. Bradford — Tho. Crosbie 
Proved 12th February, 1640-1. 

(P. and E. York Wills, Original Will, Bundle for Feb., 1640.) 
EobertB Brigham m. at St. Margaret's, York, in Feb. 
1607-8, Dorothy Mawburne, widow of Kobert Mawburne; 
she was b. in 1570 and was twelve years the senior of her 
second husband, but brought him a large estate. Children: 
1 Prudence^, m. 14 Nov., 1637, Barnard Hammond (or 
Awmond) ; 2 Anne, living 1640. 

5. JOHN« BRIGHAM (Thomas*, Thomas^ Thomas^ 
Thomas^) born in Holme on Spalding Moor about 1573, resided 
in his native parish and later in the adjoining parish of Hotham 
where he died in 1621. His (eldest) son Henry and three other 
children (unnamed) were given legacies in the will of his great- 
uncle Henry^ Brigham of Seaton, dated 30 June, 1606, pre\nously 
given. (P. and E. York Wills, vol. 30, fol. 165.) On 11 IMay, 
1621, administration on the estate of John Brigham of Hotham, 
deceased, was granted to his widow Custance Brigham. (Adm. 
Act Books, P. and E. Court of York, Harthill Deanery.) 

He married 30 Sept., 1599, Constance Watson, baptized 
17 Aug., 1578, daughter of James Watson, and sister of Isabel 
Watson the wife of his brother Thomas'^ Brigham; she is men- 
tioned in the wills of her father, James Watson, dated 10 July, 
1615, her sister Isabel Brigham dated 8 June, 1634, and her 

24 The Brigham Family 

brother-in-law Robert" Brigham, dated 5 Sept., 1640. (P. and 
E. York WiUs, vol. 34, fol. 95, vol. 42, fol. 281, and original will 
for 1640.) 

On account of the loss of the registers of Holme on Spald- 
ing Moor between 1601 and 1628, the baptismal record of only 
Henry", the eldest child of John'' and Constance (Watson) Brig- 
ham, is now preserved ; but the will of Robert' Brigham (brother 
of John'), in 1640, previously given, names six others, William, 
John, Robert, Gillian, Margaret, and Phillippa, all "now in 
this laud," thus clearly indicating there were others then out 
of England, evidently referring to Thomas® Brigham who ac- 
companied his own-cousin Anne" (Brigham) Crosby, wife of 
Simon Crosby, to New England in the ship Susan and Ellen 
in April 1635, and Sebastian" Brigham who emigrated to New 
England in the autumn of 1638 in the company led by Rev. 
Ezekiel Rogers of Rowley in Yorkshire, a parish about a dozen 
miles southeast of Holme on Spalding Moor. The order of 
births of these ten children is uncertain. 

Children : 

i Henry", bapt. 27 Dec, 1599, is named in the will of his great- 
grand uncle Henrys Brigham of Seaton dated 30 June, 1606, 
and also in the will of his uncle Kobert^ Brigham, dated 5 
Sept., 1640, both previously given. 

ii Gillian, b. perhaps about 1601; named in will of her uncle 
Kobert^ Brigham in 1610. 

7 iii Thomas, b. about 1603; named for his grandfather; is not 

named in the will of his uncle Roberts Brigham in IG-iO, 
but evidently referred to; emigrated to New England iu 

iv Margaret, b. perhaps about 1605; named in the will of her uuclc 
Robert^ Brigham in 1640. 

v William, b. perhaps about 160?; named iu the will of his 
uncle Robert^ Brigham in 1640. His wife Margaret was 
bur, at Holme on Spalding Moor, 5 Mar. 1633-4. 

8 vi Sebastian, b. perhaps about 1609; not named in the will of his 

uncle Roberts Brigham in 1640, but evidently referred to; 
emigrated to New England in 1638. 

vii John, b. perhaps about 1611; named in the will of his uncle 
Roberts Brigham in 1640. lie m. at Holme on Spalding 
Moor, 1 Nov., 16:^7, Mary Anderson. Child: 1 Anne", 
bapt. in Nov., 1638. 

viii Phillippao, b. perhaps about 1614; named in the will of her 
uncle Roberts Brigham in 1640. 

ix Robert, named in the will of his uncle Roberts Brigham iu 1640. 

The Brigham Pedigree 25 

6. THOMAS'' BRIGHAM (Thomas*, Thomas^ Thomas^, 
Thomas^), baptized at Holme on Spalding Moor, 21 May, 1575, 
is mentioned with his two children in the will of his great-uncle 
Henry^ Brigham of Seaton, dated 30 June, 1606, as previously 

On 19 Mar., 1632-3, administration on the estate of Thomas 
Brigham of Holme in Spaldingmore, deceased, was given to 
(his daughters) Anna Brigham and Constance Brigham alias 
Crosby. (Amd. Act Books, P. and E. Court of York, Harthill 
Deanery.) The fact that this administration was given to 
daughters is evidence that Thomas'' Brigham left no son. 

Thomas^ Brigham married 4 Feb., 1600-1, Mrs. Isabel (Wat- 
son) Ellithorpe, bapt. at Holme on Spalding Moor 21 Feb., 1560- 
1, daughter of James Watson,* and widow of Richard Elli- 
thorpe t to whom she had been married on 27 Oct., 1583. It is 
a curious fact that this Thomas^ Brigham and his youngest 
brother Robert^ Brigham both married widows over a dozen 
years older than themselves. Isabel (Watson-Ellithorpe), wife 
of Thomas' Brigham, was the eldest sister of Constance Watson, 
wife of John^ Brigham, eldest brother of Thomas-^' Brigham. 

Mrs. Isabel (Watson-Ellithorpe) Brigham, widow of 
Thomas' Brigham, was buried 25 June, 1634, and left the follow- 
ing will: 

June the Eight day Anno d™ 1634. In the name of God 
Amen. I Issabell Brigam of Holme in Spaldingmoore in the 
County of Yorke widdow sickc and weake in body but of good 
and perfect remembrance thankes be given to almighty God 
whoe hath made me and all the world, and mj^ bodj^ to be buried 
within the parrish Church or Church yeard of Holme in Spald- 
ingmore. Imprimis I give to the poore Thirteene shillings fower 
pence. Item I give my bedd with the furniture thereof to Wil- 
liam Ellethorpe my eldest sonne. Item I give to my sonne 
ThomasJ which is in his owne hand six pounds. Item I give 

*His will, dated 10 July, 1615, proved 31 May, 1616, mentions his 
daughter Isabel, wife of Thoa. Brigham. (P. and E. York Wills, vol. 34, 
fol. 95.) 

tHis will, dated 10 Sept., 1597, proved 8 Dec, 1597, mentions wife 
Isabel, sons William, Thomas, and Christopher, and daughters Frances 
and Mary. (P. and E. York Wills, vol, 27, fol. 108.) His eldest child, 
Alison Ellithorpe, bapt. 8 July, 15S4, d. an infant. 

t Thomas Ellithorpe. 

2G The Brigham Family 

to Christopher EUethorpe my sonne Five shillings. Item I give 
to Frances Stables Five shillings and my Cloake. Item I give to 
Constance Crosby my daughter Five shillings. Item I give to 
Anne Crosby my daught^er Five shillings. Item I give to my sis- 
ter Constance Brigm my best gowne and my petticoat. Item I 
give to Richard Ellethropp my grand childe Forty shillings. 
Debts oweinge to the sicke party. Imprimis of Thomas Bradley of 
Holme in Spaldingmore six pounds. Item Robert I\Iillington senior 
Fower pounds. Item Francis Williams Two pounds. Item Christo- 
pher EUethorp my sonne Two pounds. And for confirmation here- 
of I ordaine Constitute and appoint William EUethorpe my sonne 
full Executor of this my last- will and Testament (all other 
wills formerly made being recalled backe again). My debtes 
being paid and my funerall charges being paid. Witnesses here- 
of, George Atkinson, Johannes Tennante, Anne Dayles. Proved 
2 Oct., 1634, by William EUethorpe, son of deceased, executor 
named in the will. (P. and E. York Wills, vol. 42, fol. 281.) 

Children of Thomas^ and Isabel (Watson-Ellithorpe) 
Brigham, born at Holme on Spalding Moor: 

i Constanceo, b. about 1602, was an administratrix of the estate 
of her father in 1632. She m. about 1622, Robert Crosby, 
bapt. 30 Oct., 1596, d. about 1640. She came to New Eng- 
land, a widow, with her three daughters, was granted a 
houselot at Rowley, Mass., before 1643, and was bur. there 
25 Jan., 1G83-4. Children (Crosby), bapt. at Holme on Spald- 
ing Moor: 1 John, bapt. 25 Jan., 1623-4, d. young; 2 tfane, 
bapt. 22 Apr., 1627, m. at Rowley, Mass., 29 Oct., 1644, John 
Pickard; 3 Mary, bapt. 4 Dec, 1629, m. at Rowley, Mass., 
16 Jan., 1647-8,' Richard Longhorne; 4 Robert, bapt. 22 
July, 1632, d. young; 5 Hannah, bapt. 31 Oct., 1634, m. at 
Rowley, Mass., 6 Dec, 1655, John Johnson. 

ii Anne, b. about 1606, was an administratrix of her father in 
1632. She m. (1), at Holme on Spalding Moor, 21 Apr., 
1634, Simon Crosby, b. about 1608, youngest son of Thomas 
and Jane (Sotheron) Crosby. They came to New England 
with her cousin Thomas^ Brigham in the ship Susan and 
Ellen in the spring of 1635 and settled at Cambridge, Mass., 
where he d. in Sept., 1639. She m. (2), in 1645, Rev. Wil- 
liam Tompson of Eraintree, Mass., where she d. 11 Oct., 
1675, aged sixty-nine years according to her gravestone. 
Children (Crosby): 1 Thomas, bapt. at Holme on Spalding 
Moor, 26 Feb., 1634-5; 2 Simon, b. at Cambridge, Mass., 
in Aug., 1637; 3 Joseph, b. at Cambridge, Mass., in Feb., 

7. THO^rAS" BRIGHAM (John", Thomas^ Thomas^ 
Thomas-, Thomas^), was born about 1603 and named for his 

The Brigham Pedigree 27 

grandfather; but as the registers of Holme on Spalding IMoor 
are lost from 1601 to 1628, his baptismal record is not preserved, 
and as he did not marry until after his removal to New Eng- 
land in 1635, there is no mention of his name in the registers 
preserved after 1628. He is evidently one of "the other three 
children" of John"' Brigham, referred to but not named in the 
will of his great-grand-uncle Henry^ Brigham of Seaton dated 
30 June, 1606, previously given. He is also evidently referred 
to in the will of his uncle Robert^ Brigham in 1640, who names 
seven children of John*^ Brigham as "now in this land," signify- 
ing there were others not then in England. As his parents 
did not leave wills, no mention of him has been found in Eng- 
land, except on the sailing list which follows. 

In the spring of 1635, a small party of Yorkshire adherents 
of Rev. Thomas Shepherd, who had been preaching at Butter- 
crambe, a few miles north of Holme on Spalding Moor, decided 
to emigrate with him to New England, and went to London, 
where on 18 April, 1635, they embarked among the passengers 
of the ship Susan and Ellen. In the passenger list appears : 

Tho: Briggham (aged) 32 
Symon Crosby, husbandman (aged) 26 
Ann Crosby, uxor (aged) 25 
Tho: Crosby child (aged) 8 weeks 
(See "Hotten's Lists of Emigrants to America," page 62.) 

As previously shown, Ann® the wife of Simon Crosby was 
daughter of Thomas^ and Isabel (Watson) Brigham, and the 
circumst'antial evidence previously given can leave no doubt 
that Thomas" Brigham, her fellow passenger, was her own 
first cousin, doubly related, and a son of John^ and Constance 
(Watson) Brigham. 

Soon after reaching New England, Thomas® Brigham settled 
in Cambridge, Mass., where the Crosbys also located, his home- 
stead adjoining that of Simon Crosby, and where he resided 
until his death, 8 Dec, 1653. 

He married in New England about 1639, Mercy ; 

she married second, as a second wife, 1 Mar., 1665-6, Dea. 
Edmund Rice of Sudburj', INIass., later of IMarlborough, :Mass., 
where he died 3 May, 1663. She married for her third husband, 
in Oct. or Nov., 1664, William Ilimt of Marlborough, Mass., 

28 The Brigham Family 

who died in Oct., 1667. She died in Marlborough 22 Dee., 1693. 
On her second marriage and removal to Marlborough she took 
thither her Brigham children. 

Children of Thomas" and (Mercy) Brigham, born in Cam- 
bridge, Mass. : 

i Mary', b. about 1640; m. about 1668, John Fay of Marlborough, 

ii Thomas, b. about 1642; settled in Marlborough, Mass. 
iii John, b. 9 Mar. 1644-5; settled in Marlborough, Mass. 
iv Hannah, b. 9 Mar., 1650-1; m. (1), about 1674, Gershom 

Eames, and m. (2), about 1679, William Ward, both of 

Marlborough, Mass. 

V Samuel, b. 12 Jan., 1652-3, settled in Marlborough, Mass. 

8. SEBASTIAN^ BRIGHAM (John", Thomas*, Thomas^ 
Thomas-, Thomas^), was born in Holme on Spalding ISloor, per- 
haps about 1609, the registers being lost for the period of his 
baptism. He is evidently referred to as not in England in the 
will of his uncle Robert^ Brigham in 1640. The baptisms of 
two of his children appear on the Holme registers, and in the 
autumn of 1638 he was in the company of adherents of Rev. 
Ezekial Rogers of Rowley, co. York, England, who emigrated 
to New England and the next spring founded the town of Row- 
ley, ]\Iass. Sebastian Brigham went first to Cambridge, Mass. 
(where his brother Thomas^ Brigham and cousin IMrs. Anne" 
[Brigham] Crosby had located three years previously), and 
bought a house at the corner of the present Holyoke and Win- 
throp Streets; but a few months later he sold this house and 
removed to Rowley, Mass., where most of his old friends in 
England located, and where he was captain of the military com- 
pany and deputy to the Mass. General Court. He probably re- 
turned with his family to England about 1656. 

He married in England about 1634, Mary . 

Children : 

i Timothy", bapt. at Holme on Spalding Moor, 24 Aug., 1635. 

ii Mary, bapt. at Holme on Spalding Moor, 30 Oct., 1637. 

iii Sarah, b. in Rowley, Mass., 12 July, 1640. 

iv Elizabeth, b. in Rowley, Mass., 7 June, 1643. 

V Prudence, b. in Rowley, Mass., 19 Mar., 1645-6. 
vi Sebastian, b. in Rowley, Mass., 2 July, 1648. 

J. G. B. 



1 THOMAS^ BRIGHAM, born in Holnie-on-Spalding- 
Moor, Yorkshire, England, in 1603, d. in Cambridge, Mass., 8 
Dee., 1653 ; m. Mercy, whose surname is supposed to have been 
Hurd, who was probably b. in England, and d. in Marlboro, 
Mass., 23 Dee., 1693; she m. (2) Edmund Rice of Marlboro, and 
they had two daughters ; she died the widow of William Hunt 
of Marlboro, her third husband. The name Hurd is only tra- 
ditional, and the Rice Genealogy by Ward is responsible for 
the tradition. The legend on the illustration of box which 
faces page 53 of the H. B. F. should read "Mercy Hunt's Cap 

For the children born to Thomas and Mercy see page 5-4 
of the First Volume. For the story of Thomas Brigham, see 
the results of the research in England of "Sir. J. Gardner Bart- 
lett, beginning on page 19 of this volume, and the chapter on 
page 33 of the First Volume, written by Mr. Henry A. Phillips, 
now of Millbury, Mass. 

It is believed that, when Mercy Brigham married Ed- 
mund Rice and came to Marlboro, they lived in the vicinity 
of the old Ephraim Brigham house on Clover Hill, and there 
the Brigham boys, Thomas, John and Samuel, and their sist^s, 
Mary and Hannah, had their first home in Marlboro. 



Brigham pilgrims to-day in visiting Marlboro always ask 
to see the house and farm of the second Thomas Brigham. The 
house in which he lived has long been a thing of the past and 
the present one is entirely modern, but the land he bought of 
Edmund Rice, his step-father, is there and the well from which 
he drank. 

"Bring me a goblet from the we'll 

As our first father knew it, 
Where to the depths the bucket fell 

And sparkling forth he drew it. 
And we will drink the health of each 

And every Brigham brother, 
Far as the golden links may reach. 

Back to our island mother." 

— Dwight Williams. 

Martha L. Ames says: "In one sense the life of Thomas 
Brigham the second seems not far away from our time. The 
road winding through the valley where his dwelling stood ; 
the fair and fertile fields which he cultivated ; the statelj'' and 
beautiful trees on which he no doubt often gazed have come 
down through generations of his descendants, uniting the past 
with the present. We think of him as often passing this way 
to church or elsewhere, enjoying the distant scenery and the 
magnificent sunsets, even as we do now. Yet, in reality, we 
know little of his life. There are many missing links in the 
chain of events which only imagination can supply. Living 
in those troublous times, when wars followed each other in 
quick succession, he must have been surrounded by elements 
of danger of which only the echo comes down to us. He is 
said to have been a large, strong man of whom the Indians 
stood greatly in awe. It was his custom in war times, when 
going to mill, to have an escort of two dogs and two guns. 
Probably the guns, if not the dogs, accompanied him to church 
and other places." 

Second Generation 31 

A full description of Thomas Brigham's home and his 
history, as far as known, may be found in "The History of the 
Brigham Family," pages 64-70. The brook, "with marge of 
garden, wood and fallow," still flows through the land, an 
outlet of Williams Pond, finally emptying into Assabet River. 
The Brighams were yeomen, as the story of our English origin 

"From wood crowned hill to river hrink 
We own a yeoman glory." 

John Brigham, the second son, named without doubt for 
his English grandfather, was a very popular man and was 
called upon for public service yevy often. Some of the Brig- 
hams of the present day and in earlier days, though in some 
cases not directly descended from him, possess what has been 
called "his exuberance of activity, his ubiquitous absorption 
here and there into this and that problem of the place and 
the hour." One cannot but regret that his large capacitj^ for 
affairs and his many-sided genius could not have been exer- 
cised in our day and generation, which is so rich in the activi- 
ties in which he would have delighted, instead of in the back- 
woods of a pioneer town. He was a solitary settler, living in 
a cabin in the wild land of the present Northboro, where he 
had a saw-mill; and a dam, partly of native rock, gave him 
the needed power. When the Indians drove him away from 
his cabin, he came back to the company of his friends and 
neighbors. In Marlboro, he probably lived near and northwest 
from the present French church ; in Northboro, his residence, 
whether the cabin or a later dwelling, is called to-day the 
"Priest Whitney Place"; in Sudbury, where he lived long 
years, his home was on the old Sudbury and Marlboro road, 
near the town line. To sum up his activities, we will quote 
an historian of Worcester County : 

"John Brigham, the doctor, surveyor. Commissioner of the 
General Court, land speculator, and the most enterprising man 
in town." 

The two daughters of the immigrant, ]Mary Brigham. wife 
of John Fay, the eldest child, and the first Brigham born on 
American soil, and her sister Hannah Brigham, with two hus- 

32 TuE Briqham Family 

bands to her credit, Gershora Eames and William Ward, were 
probably not exempt from the usual lot of pioneer women, 
wives of farmers and mothers of large families, burden-bearers 
of the race. Mary, escaping to Watertown from an Indian 
raid, found there only a grave for herself and young son, 
David, just coming five years old. She was probably laid by 
or near lier parents, Thomas and Mercy, whose graves to this 
day no man has discovered. She left two sons and a daughter. 
Hannah, more fortunate in length of life, was tragically sad- 
dened by the untoward fate of one of her eight children, 
Elisha, either killed or taken prisoner by the Indians. The 
pathos of it creeps into Hannah's will in which she says, "And 
if Elisha shall ever come again," he is to receive some money, 
(^ne of the dark shadows of our New England pioneer days is 
the heart-break over the unknown fates of loved ones, when 
the Indians revenged themselves on the white man. 

The third son and youngest child, Samuel Brigham, more 
than a year old when his father died, founded the tanning 
business and incidentally the shoe trade of Marlboro and 
Hudson. He lived on the present East Main Street in Marl- 
boro, a quarter of a mile east of the old Academy. His grave 
is the only one of the first or second generation of Brighams 
which is known. It may be found in the rear of the High 
School building, in the old cemetery. He, too, following in 
the line of his brother John's public service, went to the legis- 
lature or General Court, three times at least. Tradition says 
he was town treasurer, but some of the old records were burned 
and there is nothing forthcoming to prove this. He was, how- 
ever, a man of affairs, and left a good estate. He was 61 at 
the lime of his death. Thomas was 76, ]Mary but 38, Hannah 
69, but John exceeded them all, living to be 83. 

Thus lived and died these men and women of the second 
generation of Brighams in America, and they left the world 
knowing that they had made their corner of it a better place 
in which to live, through their lifelong efforts. 



2 MARY' (BRIGHAM) FAY, b. probably in Cambridge, 
Mass., about 1638, the first Brigham born in America ; d. in 
Watertown in 1676 ; wife of John Fay, the emigrant of Marl- 
boro, Mass. (M690). She was the mother of four children. 
The marriage of Mary and John was the prelude to thirty-two 
or more marriages between the Fays and Brighams. As early 
as 1669 John Fay's name is on the Marlboro records when he 
was made a freeman and assigned fifty acres of land. Ch. 
(Fay) additions : 

i John2, Jr., lost his wife, Elizabeth Wellington, in 1729. The 
W. v. E. report that John Fay, in 1744, m. (2) the widow, 
Mary Eice. The H. M. and the H. B. F. state that he m. 
(2) Levinah Brigham. No Levinah Biigham was b. before 
1733. It is true that Willard Brigham, the genealogist, 
gives a Levinah to Elnathans Brigham and marries her to 
John2 Fay, Jr., but Morse calls her "Dinah," and so does 
the M. V. E, In this volume, a marriage of this John Fay 
with a Levinah Brigham is repudiated, and the name of 
Elnathan's dau. is restored to "Dinah." 

3 THOMAS^ BRIGHAM, born in Cambridge and of 
Marlboro, Mass. (1640-1716); his wife, Mary (Rice), the dau. 
of Henry and Elizabeth (Moore) Rice, was descended through 
her mother from the Whale family. Mary's grandfather, John 
Moore, of Sudbury, came on the "Planter" in 1635 with his 
wife, Elizabeth, dau. of Philemon, Jr., and Elizabeth Whale. 
A writer, "H. H. H.," on the genealogical page of the Boston 
Evening Transcript stated that the Whales Avere of Chickney, 
Essex Co., England. The Moore and Whale families were in 
Sudbury by 1642 or 1643. This will interest all descendants 
of Thomas and Mary (Rice) Brigham, who are numbered by 
the thousands. Thomas and Mary Brigham's children, Nos. 
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and a daughter Mary, viii, under her father, left 
descendants (See H. B. F.). One little girl, however, who d. 
in infancy, has failed of a place in the H. B. F., viz. : 

viia Priscillas Brigham, b. in Feb., 1684-85; d. 10 Apr., 1685. (M. R.) 

34 The Brigham Family 

4 JOHN- BRIGIIAM of Sudbury, born in Cambridge, 
Mass. (1644-45-1728) ; m. (1) Sarah Davis, b. 10 Apr., 1646, 
and d. between 1691-98, the only child of Robert and Bridget 
Davis; m. (2) Deborah (Haynes) Brown, widow of Jabez 
Brown of Stow and dau. of Josiah Haynes of Sudbury ; his 
third wife was Sarah Bowker, as recorded in the H. B. F. 

viii There is no evidence that John2 Brigham had a son Samuel 
as stated in H. B. F. Abigail Moore, there recorded as his 
wife, m. Capt. SamucP Brigham, No. 16 in H. B. F. 

5 HANNAH^ (Brigham) EAMES WARD, born in Cam- 
bridge, Mass. (1649-50-1719-20), widow of Gershom Fames, m. 
(2) William Ward. Ch. (Fames) : 

i Hannahs, b. 3 Feb., 1671 (not 1675). 

ii Martha, b. 13 Aug., 1674 (M. V. R.), not mentioned in H. B. F. 
iii Mary, m. Major John Keyes, who was doubtless the son of 
Solomon2 Keyes of Chelmsford, Mass., instead of the son 
of Elias and Sarah (Blanford) Keyes, as recorded in 
H. B. F. This information came from the writer who 
signed "Mack" in the Boston Evening Transcript, who had 
made special research in regard to the subject. The m. of 
Mary Fames and John Keyes occurred 11 March, 1695-96, 
not 1695 (M. V. E.). Their son, Gershom* Keyes, was b. 
1 March, 1697-98 (not 1698). The M. V. R. state that he 

m. Eager (not Sarah, as in H. B. F.). The record 

of the eldest son of Hannah (Brigham) Eames' 2d m. to 
William Ward (which m. probably occurred in 1679) is 
corrected as follows. Ch. (Ward): 
iv William'', b. 27 May, 1680 (not March), may be the Deacon 
William Ward, who d. in Southboro, 12 Jan., 1756. The 
record of his children in the H. B. F. is imperfect. Ch. 
(Ward): 1 Hezokiah*, b. 28 June, 1703; 2 Jonathan, b. 
. 4 Apr., 1705; 3 Bathshebah, b. 18 Oct., 1706; 4 Hepsibah, 
b. 30 Dec, 1708; 5 Elisha, b. 30 July, 1712; 6 William, 
b. 16 Oct., 1714; 7 Hannah, b. 12 March, 1717; 8 Jane, 
b. 9 May, 1719; 9 Abigail, b. 17 Apr., 1720; 10 Charles, 
b. 27 Oct., 1722; 11 Submit, b. 5 June, and d. 6 June, 1726. 

6 SAMUEL^ Brigham of Marlboro, born in Cambridge, 
Mas.s. (1652-1713), m. in 1683 (M. V. R.), Elizabeth, dau. of 
Abraham and Hannah (Ward) How, b. 5 Apr., 1664 (M. V. R. 
say 1665), d. 26 July, 1739. Abraham mentions in his will 
his dau. Elizabeth Brigham ; she api)ears as the second heir 
in a deed of the heirs of Abraham How, dated June 10, 1726. 
This answers a request for the authority for this marriage. 
Ch. additions to H. B. F. records : 

Second Generation 35 

ix Persiss (Brigham) Baker (1703-1780), wife of Edward of 
Westboro; their ch. (Baker) have an imperfect record in 
the 1st vol.: 1 Samuel*, b. 27 Aug., 1722, m. 24 Nov., 1747, 
Susanna Tainter (see his record, H. B. F.); 2 Solomon, b. 

3 Jan., 1723-24, m. (1) Sarah Newton, who d. 14 Feb., 1764, 
m. (2) 7 May, 1767, Hannah Hardy; 3 Persia, b. 8 Nov., 
1726, d. 3 Nov., 1784, m. 16 Jan., 1745-46, Jonas* Brigham, 
No. 39. Nos. 102-109 H. B. F., and their descendants, have 
a descent from Samuels as well as Thomas^. They include 
Eobert B. Brigham and his sister Elizabeth F. Brigham, 
and William E. Brigham, former president of the B. F. A.; 

4 Abigail, b. 4 Nov., 1728, d. 22 Jan., 1776, m. 2 March, 
1757, Lt. John Martyn, son of the Eev. John and Mar>' 
(Marrett) Martyn of Northborough. (Ch. [Martyn]: 
1 Edwards, b. 1758, d. 1785; ii Abigail, b. 1759, m. Abra- 
ham Fay; iii John Monis, b. 1761, m. Abigail Fisk; iv 
Mary, b. 1763, m. Edmund Brigham, No. 181; Nos. 422-426 
and 693-701 inclusive, have this line as well as the one 
from Thomas2, and this includes the author of this vol., 
Emma E. Brigham; v Susannah, m. Phineas Haskell, Jr.); 

5 Hepsibah, b. 22 March, 1729-30, m. 21 May, 1755, Jona- 
than Adams of Shrewsbury; 6 Elizabeth, b. 28 Mar., 173'4, 
m. 5 Mar., 1755, Jonas Wilder of Bolfou; 7 Joseph, b. 
19 May, 1736, m. 15 Nov., 1758, Martha Death; 8 Levinah, 
b. 23 May, 1738, m. as Lavinia, 29 June, 1763, the Rev. 
Joseph Bowman of Onhognaque; 9 Ezra, b. 21 May, 1740, 
may have m. Hannah Warren; 10 Mary, b. 19 July, 1746, 
m. 5 Nov., 1772, John Ball of Northboro. 




The last of the second generation of Brighams passed 
away in 1728, and the third generation of men carried on the 
farms of their fathers or ventured to go as far as Grafton in 
the search for new lands. The fear of the Indians prevented 
much emigration. Nathan and Charles of this period were 
of those who bought land of the Indians in Grafton, became 
proprietors there and Charles settled there. The daughters 
of Thomas, John and Samuel had gone to homes of their own 
with the husbands they had chosen. Daughters did not get 
very much out of their fathers' estate if there were sons. 
The acres the second Thomas had acquired, and the records 
read as if they Avere many, had been divided among his sons, 
five of them, and the one daughter, Mary, had some money 
and household utensils. It has always been a query why 
Elnathan went as far away as Connecticut the next year after 
his father died. He is the only one of the third set of men 
who went into the wilderness in search of a home. His father's 
will left him twenty-two acres of land, and one-half of the 
".Sedar swamp that is in Chancy swamp." His brothers appear 
to have had more land than he, but possibly his father had 
provided for him in his lifetime. However, off he went, and 
founded a fine line of Brighams. His descendants have been 
people of worth and some of large distinction. 

Although Nathan, the eldest son of the second Thomas, 
was credited by the "History of Marlboro," by Abner Morse in 
his genealogy of the Brighams, and by the late Willard I. T. 
Brigham, with marrying into the Howe family, it has now been 
proved that he married the daughter of John Maynard, Jr. 
This will change many an ancestral tree. See No. 7, this 

Jonathan, the fourth son of Thomas', the second to arrive 
at adult age, two having died, lived to a great age, 93, and 
was called the "Indian Warrior." In the time of the garrisons, 
he belonged to that of his father, on whose place he had built 
his house. He was one of the executors of his father's will, 
and held numerous town offices. 

Third Generation 37 

David, the fifth child, went to Westboro, where his ex- 
tensive farm, on or near Chauncey Pond, is now occupied in 
part by the Insane Asylum. He also was one of the executors 
of his father's will. In his old age he was burned out (see foot- 
note, vol. 1, p. 86) and his death is vividly reported in the 
Parkman Diary. See this vol., No. 9. 

The old records revealed that Gershom, No. 10, had a 
second marriage, which had not been mentioned in our gen- 
ealogies. Also, a number of descendants of his daughter, 
Abigail Snow, are entered in this volume. There are changes 
in the records of nearly all the families of these early Brig- 
hams, which will be well worth noting. 

Mary (Brigham) Fay, wife of Gershom Fay, and the 
courageous daughter of John^, whose daring defence of the 
fort during an Indian raid is told under No. 13, Vol. 1, appears 
to have fallen under her father's displeasure, after she became 
a widow. In case she marries, against his will, a certain 
schoolmaster named "Tounsend late of Westbury," John cuts 
her off in his will with five shillings. No marriage is recorded 
as taking place. Her sisters married into the leading families 
of the region, Sarah uniting with the Goodenows; their son 
Samuel of the third generation was her husband. Hannah 
married Oliver Ward, and Mercy made two marriages, the 
first with Ebenezer Perry and the second with Samuel Streeter. 
They all produced large families. 

John's sons have some fine descendants, among them, 
Charles^, the architect of Watertown, lately deceased ; a Balti- 
more and Shelter Island, N. Y., family and two Southern 
groups having interesting records. 

The eldest son of Samuel-, Samuel, Jr., was one of forty 
men to purchase Grafton of the Indians. His brother Charles 
went there to live, but Samuel remained in Marlboro, held 
all the offices the town afforded, and accumulated a large 
estate, which enriched his five children — his son, Uriah, par- 
ticularly, lived Avithout work, kept open house, and enjoyed 
the life of a gentleman. This procedure resulted, as will be 
seen, in sending Uriah's sons afar in the need to place them- 
selves satisfactorily in life. 

Jedediah, one of the sons of Samuel the tanner, inherited 
the business and handed down the tannery to his son Winslow, 

38 TuE Briguam Family 

thus enlarging and making a permanent foundation for the 
leading industry of the Marlboro and Hudson of to-day. 

Jotham, busy as a surveyor and constable in Marlboro, 
stayed bj' his native place, as did all but two of his children, 
Oliver and Antipas. The former was lost sight of, but the 
line of one of his sons is given in this volume. 

Timothy, a soldier of the colonial wars, with the title of 
colonel, was one of the leaders in the movement to set off 
Southboro from Marlboro, and his house there was opened for 
the first town-meeting. He led a busy life as we see by study- 
ing the Marlboro and Southboro records. He left no children, 
and George Brigham, his nephew, son of SamueP, became 
his heir. 

The ninth child of Captain SamueP Avas Persis, and for 
some reason the records of her family were very imperfectly 
given in the H. B. F. She married Lieutenant Edward Baker, 
one of the leading men of Westboro, and they had a family 
of ten children. Connection with this family has given double 
lines of Brigham descent to several families. Their son, 
Joseph Baker, became known as "Squire" and is thus referred 
to many times by Mr. Parkman in his diary. Persis Brigham 
Baker died in that winter of great snow and prolonged cold 
weather, 1779-1780, mentioned several times in the diary. On 
tlie 12th of February they carried Mr. Parkman, Mrs. Andrews, 
and Mrs. Jonas Brigham, Persis' daughter, in a double sleigh 
to visit Mrs. Baker who was ill. On the 16th two young men 
drew Mr. Parkman on a sled to see the invalid again and the 
end came that evening. On the 19th the "Squire" sent his 
sleigh to carry Mr. Parkman to his house for the "Solemnity." 
Persis was in her 87th year. 



7 CAPTAIN NATHAN^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1671- 
1746-7), m. (1) Elizabeth, dau. of Jolin^ Maynard, Jr., of Marl- 
boro, and his wife, Mary (Gates) Maynard, b. 2 Apr., 1664 
(not Elizabeth Howe, as reported by H. M. and the Brigham 
Genealogy by Morse), The death notice of Elizabeth, w. of 
Capt. Nathan Brigham, 29 Mar., 1733, records her age as "69 
yrs. lacking 4 days." This makes her birth-date 2 Apr., 1664. 
No Elizabeth Howe of that period in Marlboro was b. on that 
date, according to the records, and the birth of Elizabeth 
Maynard is thus given by H. M. It is also found that the will 
of John Maynard, who d. in 1711, names his dau. Elizabeth 
Brigham. W. I. T. Brigham was in error in giving an Eliza- 
beth Howe, dau. of Isaac and Frances (Woods) Howe, to 
Captain Nathan as his wife. This subject was carefully looked 
into by the late George Sawin Stewart, genealogist, with the 
result as here stated. This is an important matter, as it 
affects the ancestry of a large number of New England people. 
Those persons in the H. B. F, whose ancestry is thus changed 
from Howe to Maynard, are Nos. 22 to 28, 69 to 82, inclusive, 
and their descendants. Nathan m. (2) Mehitable (Gould) 
Eaton. No ch. 

John Maynard, Sr., came to Sudbury, Mass., a widower, 
with a son John, Jr., in 1638-9, when the son was eight years 
old. John, Jr. (1630-1711), ra. 5 Apr., 1658, Mary, dau. of 
Stephen and Ann Gates, at that time living in Lancaster, 
Mass. ; Mary d. in 1682 ; John, Jr., went to Marlboro in 1657 
(H. M.). 

Stephen Gates came in the "Diligent" with a wife and 
two children and was in Hinghara by 1638. They removed to 
Cambridge, Mass., and thence in 1654 to Lancaster, where he 
was constable in 1657; he returned to Cambridge where he d. 
in 1662. His widow, Ann, m. (2) in 1663, Richard Woodward 
of Watertown, outlived him and d. in Stow, Mass., 5 Feb., 1683. 

40 The Brigham Family 

8 JONATHAN^ BRIGHAM, Ensign, of Marlboro (1675- 

1768). Mary (Fay), his wife, d. 9 Nov., 1751 (not 1781). Ch. 

additions : 

iii Mary* Brigham, "no further reported" in Morse and H. B. 
F. is the only Mary in this period unaccounted for. David 
Bruce, probably the son of David and Mary Bruce, b. 20 
Dec, 1700, m. 20 Feb., 1726-27, a Mary Brigham. Jona- 
than's Mary would then be a year younger than this David, 
and it is probable that she is the Mary of this m. Mrs. 
Maud (Brown) Walker, a member of the B. F. A., is a 
descendant of the Bruce-Brigham m. The family belief 
that David was a son of Eoger Bruce, is not borne out by 
the M. V. E. dates. Roger's son, David, was b. in 1711, 
and at the time of the Brigham m. was about 15 yrs. old 
and ten yrs. younger than the only Mary of that period 
who was unm. 

9 DAVID^ BRIGHAM of Westboro, Mass. (1678-1750), 
ni. (1) Deborah How, possibly the dau. of EUizer (Eleazer) 
and Hannah (How) How (see M. V. R.) ; she d. 11 Oct., 1708, 
and a m. (C. R.) occurred 21 Oct., 1709, between David and 
Mary Newton. (The M. V. R. give a m. of Edward Newton 
and ]Mary Lennardson, 23 Dec, 1700, and the death of Edward 
Newton 8 Apr., 1704.) The Rice genealogy calls her Mary 
(Leonard) Newton, a widow ; she d. 1 Dec, 1741 ; David m. 

(3) , who survived him. For the eh. of the first and 

second marriages see p. 87, H. B. F. 

The story of the death of David is graphically told in the 
Diary of the Rev. Ebenezer Parkman, as follows: "June 26, 
1750. When I was preparing to go to bed, came Mr. William 
Rogers and desired me to go to Mr. David Brighams whom 

I found past speaking. He expired while I was there betw. 

II and 12 o'clock. A serious man and I hope dyd. in Cht. He 
was taken ill on ye Sabbath A. M. at meeting. 'Twas thought 
to be ye effect of a grt. Cold yt. goes abt. He was so comfort- 
able yt Day yt p. m. ye Sun abt. Two Hours high he walked 
into ye other room, yet a little after Sun Sett was not able 
to speak any more nor understand anything. So Sudden was 
the Summons. I returned home about midnight. 28th ♦ * • 
Attended ye Funeral of Mr. David Brigham yre being now 
but 3 of ye first 14 members who were in ye Foundn. of ye 
Chh. surviving." 

iv Jemima* Brigham m. 6 Feb., 1732-3, David Maynard of West- 
boro (not Edward Newton). 

Third Generation 41 

Deborah Brigham. "Feb. 14, 1752. At Eve I marry d Mr. 
Francis Harrington to Mrs. Deborah Brigham at her Br. 
Jonas' and I supped there" (Parkman Diary). Harring- 
ton was of Worcester. 

10 GERSHOM^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1680-1748-9) ; 

his 1st wife was Mehitabel (Warren), b. 1684, but no record of 

her d. has been found. The M. V. R. state that on the 17th of 

Feb., 1729-30, a m. occurred between Gershom Brigham and 

Mehitable Stimpson of Weston, widow of Jonathan, and dau. 

of Henry and Mehitabel (Bartlett) Spring. Gershom was the 

only one of his name living at this time except his 18-year-old 

son Gershom. Not reported in the Morse genealogy or the 

H. B. F. Ch. additions : 

ill Abigail* (Brigham) Snow, wife of John, of Marlboro, South- 
boro and Chesterfield, N. H. Ch. (Snow), the M. V, E. 
gives the birth of the elder child only. The History of 
Chesterfield, N. H., furnishes a further list of children; 
the second to the fifth inclusive were b. in Southboro: 
1 Johns, the eldest, b. 25 Nov., 1729, m. 30 Dec, 1756, 
Sybil Mathews; is no further reported; 2 Edmund, b. 1 
May, 1732; 3 Seth, b. 11 March, 1733; 4 Warren, b. 12 
Feb., 1734-5, d. in Chesterfield, in 1824, m. in Lancaster, 
Mass., 25 Oct., 1759 (another record says 1756), Amy Harvey 
of Worcester. He settled first in Paxton, thence to Prince- 
ton, Mass., where a dau. Abigail^ was b., who m. in Chester- 
field, Perley Harris; their son, Absalom", m. Eebecca Tyler; 
their great-grandchild is Walter C. Smith of Cambridge, 
Mass. A genealogical mystery is the parentage of Rebecca 
Tyler; 5 Abigail, b. 27 Dec, lt36; 6 Jerubabel, b. in Rut- 
land, Mass., 12 Aug., 1741, d. 12 Apr., 1795, m. Mary Trow- 
bridge of Worcester; they moved to Chesterfield; 7 Phebe, 
b. 5 Nov., 1748, d. in Chesterfield, 6 Mar., 1790, m. in 1768, 
Lieut. Moses2 Smith, b. in Leicester, Mass., 10 Aug., 1743; 
a prominent man in Chesterfield, selectman and representa- 
tive, who moved to western New York when about 81 with 
his son. (Ch. [Smith]: i Marys, m. Oliver Athertou; ii 
Abigail, m. David Wilde; iii Salina, m. Gardner Thayer; 
iv Katharine, m. Mr. Bennett; v Elvira, m. Thomas Bond; 
vi Moses, m. Huldah Hurd and moved to western New York. 
His dau. Bertha m. Marshall S. Marsh, of Chicago, and 
furnishes this record.) 

11 ELNATHAN^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro and Mansfield, 
Conn. (1683-1758); his wife, Bethiah (Ward), was the dau. 
of Hannah^ (Brigham) and William Ward (1683-1765). Ch.: 

iv Dinah Brigham (erroneously called Levinah in H. B. F.) ; all 
that follows her name in the H. B. F. should be deleted, as 
proof is not forthcoming of that statement. 

42 The Briqham Family 

12 SARAH^" BRIGHAM (1674-?), m. Samuel Goodenow 
of the third generation, not Samuel of the fourth generation, 
as given in H. B. F. Ch. (Goodenow) additions and corrections: 

i David*, m. 8 Nov., 1722, in Marlboro, Dinah Fay, his third 
cousin (as shown on p. 64, under 2, i, 6, H. B. F.) and did 
not marry Martha Bannister. He d. Aug. 16, 1778, and his 
wife d. 16 Feb., 1782 (Boylston Recs.). The children on p. 
88, 12, i, named as belonging to David, are the children of 
Daniel and Martha (Bannister) Goodenow, who were m. in 
1746 (M. V. R.). Ch. (Goodenow) of David and Dinah 
1 Samuels, b. 26 Nov., 1723; 2 Daniel, b. 1 Jan., 1724-25 
3 Timothy, b. 15 Aug., 1728; 4 Sarah, b. 14 June, 1730 
5 Dinah, b. 23 Apr., 1732; 6 David, b. 31 Aug., 1735; 7 
Mehitabel, b. 5 Mar., 1738; 8 Elizabeth, b. 17 June, 1744 
(W. V. R.). 

13 IMARY^ (BRIGHAM) FAY, wife of Gershom of Marl- 
boro and Northboro. Ch. (Fay) additions: 

i Gershom* m. 20 Oct., 1727, Hannah Oak, of Westboro, b, 27 
Dec, 1707. Ch.: 1 Gershoms, b. 30 Mar., 1729; 2 Thad- 
deus, b. 12 May, 1731; 3 Adam, b. 20 Mar., 1735-36; 4 
Joseph, b. 27 Sept., 1738; 5 David, b. 12 Mar., 1740-41; 
6 Dinah, b. 9 Nov., 1743; 7 Hannah, b. 1 Sept., 1741; 8 
Millisent, b. 29 June, 1746. 

ii Mary*, m. 18 Mar., 1744-45, George Smith. Ch. (Smith): 
Daniels, b. 28 Dec, 1745. 

V Silas, m. Hannah Billings, 21 Feb., 1737. Ch.: 1 Marys, b. 
14 Feb., 1740-1; 2 Hannah, b. 5 Apr., 1742. 

vi Timothy, m. 30 Apr., 1738, Lydia Tomblin, probably dau. of 
Isaac of Brookfield and Mary (Wait), b. 29 June, 1716. Ch.: 
1 Timothys, b. 21 Apr., 1740; 2 William, b. 21 Jan., 1742; 
3 Ilezekiah, b. 7 Julv, 1744. 

14 JOHN^ BRIGHAM of Sudbury, d. 29 Dec, 1729 (not 
16 Sept.), in his 59th yr. His will, dated 26 Dec, 1729, was 
proved Apr. 13, 1730. It names his wife Martha, and the four 
daus. herewith, and one son, Samuel. Ch. additions : 

i Hannah* Brigham, removed with her sisters to Rutland, Mass. 
Delete her record, except birth-date, in H. B. F. She m. 
8 June, 1747, William Allen, of Rutland, where the ch. 
(Allen) were born: 1 Asas, b. 11 Apr., 1748; 2 Amos, 
b. 10 Jan., 1751; 3 John, bapt. 1 July, 1753. 
iv John Brigham, delete jjaragraph relating to him and footnote 
on p. 90, H. B. F. Not mentioned in father's will nor are 
records concerning guardianship to be found. His record 
of birth is in Sud. V, R., and he undoubtedly d. before his 

TuiRD Generation 43 

V Phebe Brigham, d. 15 Aug., 1804, ae. 83; 3 May, 1744, Joseph 
Hubbard of Holden, where they res. and where the ch. were 
b.; he d. 14 Jan., 1799, ae. 84. Ch. (Hubbard): 1 Rebeccas, 
b. 17 Feb., 1745; 2 Phebe, b. 17 Apr., 1747, d. 4 July, 1749; 
3 Phebe, b. 20 July, 1749; 4 Joseph, b. 25 Oct., 1751, d. 16 
Apr., 1832; 5 Peter, b. 17 Mar., 1754, d. 12 Aug., 1826; 
6 Attai, b. 20 June, 1756; 7 Mille, b. 17 Aug., 1758, d. y.; 
8 Tilly, b. 17 Apr., 1761; 9 Mille, b. 11 Sept., 1763. 

vi Abigail Brigham, m. in 1742, Dr. Abel Prescott of Concord, 
Mass.; see Prescott Gen., pp. 51, 65 and 66 for family. 

15 THOMAS^ BRIGHAM (1687-?), of Sudbury and per- 
haps Rutland, Mass.; his wife was Elizabeth (Bowker). Ch. 
corrections and additions : 

i John* Brigham (1726-?), is placed under No. 50, H. B. F., m. to 
Cate Willis and given 12 ch. This is an error, for he does 
not belong under that number and did not m. Cate Willis. 
He m. 12 Mar., 1750, Abigail Johnson (Mid. Deeds, vol. 66, 
pp. 63 and 64). He is undoubtedly the John Brigham re- 
ferred to in the Parkman Diary: "22 Nov., 1748, • • • 
Mr. John Brigham of Sudbury, whose arm Dr. Gott cut off, 
supped with us." All that has been credited to him under 
No. 50 belongs to John^ Brigham, son of Samuel*, No. 48, iv. 
Ch.: Abigail Brigham, b. 5 Dec, 1751 (Sud. V. R.). 

ii Sarah* Brigham, did not m. Reuben Willis, as stated in the 
H. B. F., nor do the ch. given her under No. 15 belong to her. 
They belong to Sarahs Brigham, No. 48, iii, who did m. 
Reuben Willis. Sarah* m. Capt. Daniel Bov,-ker of Sudbury, 
and she d. 28 June, 1813, ae. 79, in Sudbury; her husband d. 
31 Jan., 1822 (Mid. Deeds, vol. 66, p. 62, and Reg. 61, p. 16). 
Ch. (Bowker): 1 Betty, b. 12 June, 1756; 2 Sarah, b. 9 Apr., 
1760; 3 Hannah, b. 27 Sept., 1763; 4 Eunice, b. 9 Feb., 
1766; 5 Ruth, b. 9 Mar., 1768; 6 Lois, b. 19 Apr., 1770; 
7 Daniel, b. 13 Sept., 1772; 8 Percy, b. 23 Jan., 1775. 

16 CAPT. SAMUEL^ BRIGHAM (1689-?), of Marlboro. 
He did not die 1 Sept., 1771, as stated in H. B. F., as his will 
was made 23 July, 1768, and proved 24 Apr., 1771 (Mid. Prob. 
1729) ; his wife, Abigail Moore, was the dau. of Richard and 
Mary (Collins) (Reg. 57, p. 304) of Oxford; she was b. 6 July, 
1696, and d. 20 Nov., 1731, ae. 38; he m. (2) the widow Eliza- 
beth (Morse) Woods (M. V. R.). The H. B. F. was in error in 
marrying this lady to Dr. Samuel*, Jr. Col. Benjamin Woods 
was her 1st husband, and they were m. 1717, when Dr. Samuel 
was not b. ; her dau., Catharine Woods, m. Antipas Brigham, 
No. 64. See No. 52, this vol. 

44 The Brigham Family 

19 JOTHA^P BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1695-1759), m. 
Abigail How, who was probably the dau. of Abraham and 
Mary (Howe) How, b. 22 May, 1702. Their son: (^x '5 

iv Oliver* and his wife Sherah (Johnson) Brigham are said to 
r /),|^ have had a son: 1 Olivers Brigham, who went from Peter- 

sham, Mass., to Chesterfield, N. H., between 1776 and 1781. 

Among his children are the following data (dates uncertain^-^^/)' 
gathered by Hosea W. Brigham, No. 699: i Jothamo Brig- 
ham, b. 17 Nov., 1760, d. 4 Oct., 1848, m. Mercy, dau. of 
Jonathan Farr, who d. 16 Dec, 1839. Jotham settled high 
up on the northeastern slope of Wantastiquet Mountain in 
Chesterfield, his house commanding a fine view of the 
Connecticut valley to the north. Ch.: 1 Louisa" Brigham, 
b. 9 Apr., 1788, d. 30 Mar., 1877, m. 1808, Charles (probably) 
Goddard; 2 Mary, b. 25 Mar., 1792, m. 1816, Zimri Herrick; 
3 Betsey, b. 23 May, 1794, d. unm. 10 March, 1865; 4 Persis, 
b. 17 July, 1798, d. unm.; 5 Sarah, b. 7 Aug., 1806, d. unm. 
ii Sally Brigham, m. WiHiam Coburn. Ch. (Coburn): 1 
^ . Olive', b. 15 June, 1788; 2 Ezekiel, b. 9 May, 1790, d. 5 

7 July, 1872, m. 1817, Martha, dau. of Edmond ; 

3 Flavilla, b. 12 Dec, 1792; 4 Jason, b. 12 Dec, 1794; u 
Clarissa, b. 30 Jan., 1796; 6 Lucy, b. 23 Jan., 1798, d. 17 
Oct., 1802; 7 Thirza, b. 17 Oct., 1800, d. next day; 8 Ora, 
b. 13 Feb., 1803, m. 1830, Delia S., dau. of John Day, res. 

Burke, Vt. iii Rhoda Brigham, m. Goodnow. iv 

Lucy Brigham, m. Jonathan Hildreth. 

21 CHARLES^ BRIGHAM of Grafton (1700-1781), and 
his wife, Mary Peters of Newport, R. I. (1716-1797), lived on 
Brigham Hill. Ch. corrections: 

iii William* Brigham is No. 66 in the H. B. F., this number hav- 
ing been omitted against his name. 

iv. Mary Brigham m. Amariah (not Moses) Park of Worcester, 
int. published 6 Aug., 1763, G. V. R. 
viii Elizabeth Brigham was bapt. 14 Jan., 1753, thus was b. before 
Persis, who should be ix not viii; Elizabeth m. Nahum 

ix Persis Brigham, see No. 68, H. B. F. 


'.\\u • \ bKD^'o' 



The eight children of Captain Nathan^, three sons and 
five daughters, settled in or very near Marlboro. When South- 
boro was set off from Marlboro in 1727, the residence of Lieu- 
tenant Nathan was changed to that town, his house being in 
the north part, and there his children of the second marriage 
with Hepsibah (not Elizabeth) Ward, were born. She was a 
\vidow named Snow when she married Nathan, but research 
has failed to give the full name of her first husband. Thomas 
and Ephraim were the Captain's other two sons. Both stayed 
in their native town, the elder settling in the southwest part. 
p]phraim lived on the present "Clover Hill," near where it is 
believed Mercy Brigham and Edmund Rice made their home 
with the Brigham children in the very early days. Ephraim 
had place and position and was rich for his daj', in fact had 
everything but children to inherit his estate, the two that 
came to him dying in infancy. Thomas, on the contrary, had 
five sons to carry the name down, and Lieut. Nathan was 
blessed with six sons. 

Migrations started with James* of Marlboro, son of Jona- 
than. In Brookfield Jonathan^ had invested in a large tract 
of land, a great bargain, it would seem, and thither James 
wended his way to settle. Jesse, his brother, went first to 
Westboro, where he was taken over into the east part of the 
new town of Northboro, which became independent in 1766, 
and there he was prominent. No pioneer, Jesse; he was too 
well fixed with land. Joel, another brother, late in life became 
a citizen of Madison, N. Y. The death of his wife, the urge 
of his sons and the loss of continental money were factors in 
his removal from his native town, where he had long been 
a host to the public at his inn. Jonathan* of this family stayed 
in Marlboro. The first five children of Jonathan^ and Mary 
(Pay) were girls, and there was great rejoicing when this 
Jonathan was born. 

John, son of David^, made his home in Shrewsbury, and 
in later years a grandson took the western trail. John's 

46 The Brigham Family 

brother Levi, the colonel, was born about the time David's 
farm on the shores of the beautiful Lake Naggawoomcon, or 
Chauneey Pond as it is now known, was set off to Westboro. 
The next year saw the advent of Jonas in the family, but 
when grown he was well content to stay in the "Hundredth 
town." Col. Levi was taken into Northboro, and without 
moving "stick or stone," had residence in three towns in his 
lifetime. Asa, going first to Shrewsbury, built a house long 
the pride of antiquarians, but abandoned it to go to Fitz- 
william, N. H., in 1775, where his death occurred two years 
later. New York State and Ohio disclosed in later years fine 
men and women of this stock. See Nos. 38-40. Silas made a 
second marriage with a widow who had an estate derived 
from her first marriage, and he removed to Lancaster, where 
a son David and two daughters were born. The new wife was 
a Prescott, one of those New England families we like to 
read about. 

Gershom's son, Joseph*, No. 42, had the distinction of 
building one of the few Brigham houses in Marlboro which 
had the chance to stand the test of time. It was taken down 
only within recent years. Joseph, who married Comfort Bige- 
low, had a "quiver full" of children, eleven of them, who 
sent the Brigham name down a few generations, through two 
sons, but through six daughters a much larger number of 
descendants accrued. In this house, the fireplace was so ample 
one could climb through its enormous chimney to the roof. 
In this house Capt. Edmund** Brigham married his second wife, 
Elizabeth Bevel. In the course of time the junior Joseph, 
eighth child of this old-fashioned family, came into possession 
of the homestead and remained there with the wife of his 
youth, Lydia Barnes. The H. B. F. is in error in placing his 
residence in Northboro. Very lately it has been discovered 
that on the death of Lydia, he married a second wife, Anna 
Pike, a widow, whose maiden identity is unknown. It was 
through his eldest child, Lydia Brigham, that this place came 
into the hands of the Ames family, through her marriage with 
Moses Ames. This family treasured the collections of their 
ancestors, and the house became a museum of the quaint and 
antique, one which all visiting Brighams found interesting. 
Here lived for her lifetime Martha L. Ames, granddaughter of 

Fourth Generation 47 

Lydia Brigham, an intellectual woman, who had a pleasing 
gift of writing. Of this region in autumn she records : 

"You are right in thinking Glen street valley a beautiful 
place. One sees to-day the pond, with its heavy border of 
maples in varying shades of green, yellow and red ; the brook, 
winding leisurely through close shaven meadows; the minia- 
ture cascade at the 'great gate' ; the woods opposite the house, 
oaks, maples, birches, each with its own rich color, and the 
dark pines, intermingled in just the right proportion; the old 
mill hoary with its life of more than a century ; the other 
buildings in various stages of dilapidation, all combine to form 
a picture never to be forgotten." 

Gershom's son and namesake lived in Westboro; under 
No. 43 in this volume and the first one, interesting sidelights 
are thrown on this family by the Parkman Diary. Another 
son of Gershom, Sergeant Benjamin, inherited the Thomas 
Brigham place in Marlboro, and left it to his youngest son, 
Warren. His other sons, the Rev. Benjamin, Caleb, Benajah 
and Gershom No. 120, went their several ways and left sons 
and daughters. The home-keeping son did not "replenish the 
earth," and lacking descendants, left the place to Benjamin 
Thomas, son of Barnabas; the reason for doing so never has 
been explained; perhaps some matter of business or friend- 
ship, as Barnabas lived on the place. Be that as it may, it was 
out of the direct line of descent, and Benjamin Thomas, who 
was about 17 years old at the time of Warren's death, sold it 
outside the Brigham name. 

The Connecticut family in this period is represented in 
the H. B. F. by the three sons of the Elnathan who emigrated 
there ; Elnathan, whose wife is unknown, Paul and Uriah, Nos. 
45-47. A grandson, Stephen, had an Elisha, Avhose line, not 
reported before, will be found in this volume under Nos. 305a 
and 606a. The names Don Carlos and Don Ferdinand appear 
in this and the next generation. It would be interesting to 
learn how these Spanish titles and names crept into these 
families of direct English descent. Several probabilities can 
be suggested; someone in the family was fond of history or 
romances, or there may have been a sea-captain or sailor in 
the line. The first "Don" occurs under Uriah. 

48 The Brigham Family 

In this generation occurs the error, inherited from Morse, 
which changes the number and the descent of some of the 
families out of John-. There were two Johns, one the son of 
Samuel*, No. 48, and one the son of Thomas^, No. 15. Their 
records were mixed. Thomas's John appears under No. 50, 
married to the girl who was really the wife of the other John, 
and the children under No. 50 do not belong to the John* there 
shown, but to the John", son of Samuel*. The late Mr. George 
S. Stewart, the genealogist, unravelled this snarl, and under 
No. 48, this volume, the explanation is made. Also, the record 
of Sarah, daughter of Samuel*, is corrected. In the fifth and 
sixth generations the correction is also made clear, in this 
volume. Dr. John's grandsons, like their fathers, remained 
in Sudbury, Abijah* keeping the homestead. 

In the SamueP line, Dr. Samuel*, Lieut. Uriah and George, 
Nos. 52-54, all sons of SamueP, remained in Marlboro, except 
George, who was fortunate enough to inherit his uncle Tim- 
othy's farm in Southboro, in addition to the homestead which 
his father left him on Brigham street, Marlboro. He became 
a citizen of Southboro, rather late in life. Ashbel Samuel, 
his son, took the Marlboro place, but sold it to Dr. Daniel 
Brigham, No. 541, H. B. F. Addington M. w^as its late and 
William M. Brigham is its present owner. George needed 
whatever consolation might come from additional prosperity, 
as he met with losses in other ways. Of his seventeen children, 
only six reached adult age. Six died in one year from some 
dreadful epidemic, and two in another year. The mortality 
among infants was something terrible in colonial days, but 
no Brigham family seemed to suffer in this respect as much 
as George Brigham's household. George was the ancestor of 
our lamented Rose Brigham Coxford, No. 799 ; also of the 
President of the Brigham Family Association, Johnson Brig- 
ham, No. 802, now bearing the honorary title of Litt. D. ; also 
of Albert Perry Brigham, No. 804, of Colgate University, who 
recently received the honorary degree of D. L., this being the 
third time he has been honored with a degree for his scholarly 
attainments ; also of families in the 11. B. F. from 638 to 646 in- 
clusive. The quality of these Brighams out of George is such 
that we regret more of that family were not saved to benefit 
the world. A curious error was brought down from Morse, 

Fourth Generation 49 

repeated in the H. B. F. and corrected in this volume. Dr. 
Samuel, No. 52, was said to have married a lady who proved 
to be the mother of a large family, some of them born before 
our Dr. Samuel saw the light. Undoubtedly, she did marry 
his father, when she was a widow. Dr. Samuel's third daugh- 
ter's line has been unearthed in the West, and we are happy 
to place it under the doctor's name. 

Francis of Jedediah^ and SamueP went to New Marlboro 
among the first arrivals in that town. Princeton drew his 
brother Stephen and he was one of her earliest planters. We 
strongly suspect that he made a second marriage which has 
been concealed from the world of our day, but perhaps not 
of his. See No. 59 this vol. Solomon stayed in Marlboro, 
as did Winslow, who, with something of the spirit of old Dr. 
John, was in and out of everything that concerned town or 
State, besides keeping the tannery a going concern for the 
benefit of many of the present day. 

Jotham's sons, Abraham and Asa, remained in Marlboro, 
but Antipas, as if the winters in Massachusetts were not cold 
enough in the old days, went north as far as St. Albans. 
Cheaper land and soldiers' bounties in the form of land were 
probably the inducements that led our people into the north- 
ern and other wilds. Some of the town histories give realistic 
pictures of the hardships these northern frontiersmen under- 
went. Antipas had no sons. 

A type of the race was William Brigham of Grafton, a 
grandson of SamueP. Tall and muscular, one of his pastimes 
was to jump over five and six-foot fences without touching 
hand or foot. He lived to Avithin six years of the century 
mark, in quietude and contentment on "Brigham Hill" in Graf- 
ton. He scorned public office but he had a grandson of the 
sixth generation who made up for his ancestor's deficiencies 
in this respect, William of Boston, No. 410, and a granddaugh- 
ter of the house of this day is said not to be averse to office 
and is also deeply interested in Holstein cattle on this same old 
Grafton farm. 

The year 1761 in Marlboro was a remarkable one for 
weather. March 19 there was an earthquake; September 30, 
dandelions were in bloom; October 23, a tremendous wind 
occurred; November 1, there was a second earthquake. 



22 LIEUT. NATHAN* BRIGHAM, son of Nathan" and 
Elizabeth (Maynard, not Howe) of Southboro (1693-1784). 
Inquiry has been made about Nathan's second wife. Morse 
calls her a widow, Elizabeth (Ward) Snow, and gives the date 
of her m. to Nathan as "about 1729." The H. M. calls her 
Elizabeth Snow. Her name is changed in this volume from 
Elizabeth, as given in the H. B. F., to Hepsibah because of the 
death notice in the S. V. R., viz. : "Hepsibah, w. of Nathan, 
Nov. 15, 1748" ; also because their ch. are all recorded under 
"Nathan and Hepsibah." S. V. R. In a search for her family 
the M. V. R. throw a little light upon the subject. William, 
Jr., and Jane Ward have a dau. recorded as "Hepsibah" b. 
"Dec. 30, 1708." It seems probable that these were her parents. 
She would have been about twenty-one at the time of her 
second m. and Morse says she had a dau. by her first m. Nos. 
71-76, H. B. F., and families descended from them are inter- 
ested in this change of name and line of descent. Ch. cor- 
rections : 

ii Eunices Brigham, No. 68a; iii Moses Brigham, b. 1722-23 
(not 1722), No. 69; vi Nathan Brigham, b. 1730-31 (not 
1730), No. 71; xi Tabitha Brigham, b. 1738 (not 1739), d. 
15 (not 5) Julv, 1740; xiii Elijah Brigham, b. l742 (not 
1743), No. 76. ' 

24 ELIZABETH* (BRIGHAM) STOW (1700-1757) wife 
of John of Marlboro (1696-1761). Ch. (Stow) additions: 

i Elizabeths, b. 17 July, 1723, m. 20 May, 1752, John Eager 
(M. V. R.). H. M. says that he m. an Elizabeth, last name 
unknown, who d. 25 May, 1750, and four ch. are recorded 
there, and also in the M. V. R. between 1746-1748, two 
being twins and dying in a few weeks. The two recorded 
in the H. B. F. are evidently the ch. of John Eager 's first 
wife, and not ch. of Elizabeth Stow. 

ii Manasseh (1724-1776), had 12 ch., given in the S. V. R.; his 
wife was Dinah Morse. 

iii Hannah, b. 14 July, 1726, d. 19 Oct., 1800, m. 26 Nov., 1741, 
Beriah, son of Obadiah and Elizabeth Ward, b. 23 Jan., 
1725-26. They removed to Athol, after the birth of the 5th 
of their 11 ch., where he d. This family will be found in 
the new Ward genealogy, by Charles Martyn, 1923. Mrs. 

Fourth Generation 51 

May Eliza (Donaldson), wife of Dr. A. S. McKitrick of 
Kenton, O., is descended from Elizabeth (Brigham) Stow, 
as follows: Sylvanus^ Ward (4th ch. of Hannah and Beriah) 
(1753-1834), m. Hannah Goddard, dau. of Eobert, 10 ch.; 
the 2d, Elizabeth^, m. Marshall Baker; the 3d of their 12 
ch., Elizas, m. Daniel G. Barker and lived in Huron Co., 
O.; 4 ch., of whom the 2d, Lura P.0, m. John H. Donaldson, 
and their 4th ch. is May Elizaio McKitrick, who has 2 ch. 
and 3 gr. ch. 

In No. 23 the H. B. F., Nos. 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28, the 
children of Nathans Brigham, viz.: Thomas, Elizabeth, 
Sarah, Zipporah, Hannah, and Ephraim, change the name 
of their mother from Elizabeth Howe to Elizabeth Maynard. 

32 JONATHAN* BRIGHAM (1707-1763) and his wife 
Damaris (Rice) (1711-1751). Ch. correction: 

ii Marys Brigham (173?-1807), according to the H. M. m. Jacob 
Switcher, 1763; and the M. V. R. record the m. of Mary 
Brigham on 17 Nov., 1763, to Jacob Swcctser. There is an 
error in the H. B. F., which gives her in ni. to Thaddeus, 
son of Gcrshom and Hannah (Oaks) Fay, whose first wife 
was Thankful Eice. The N. V. R. state' that he m. (2) 28 
June, 1806, Mary Prescott of Acton, more than a year 
before the recorded death of Mary Brigham. This Fay- 
Brigham m. is recorded, as far as noted, only in the H. B. F. 

33 CAPT. JESSE* BRIGHAM of Northboro (1710-1796) 
and his wife Bethiah (Rice) (1712-1794). See Nos. 84, 85, and 
86, H. B. F., for the three elder ch. The m. of the two younger 
daus. were wrongly recorded in H. B. F. 

v Vashtis Brigham, m. 5 Oct., 1769, Levi Gassett (not Gage), 
vi Mary Brigham, m. 27 Mar., 1784, Jonathan Gage (not GassettV 

36 JOHN* BRIGHAM of Shrewsbury (1704-1767), m. 
Susanna, dau. of Samuel and Susanna Fiske, b. 8 Feb., 1706, 
at Grotou, Mass. (]\Iid. Deeds, Vol. 59, 154; Butler's Groton, 
p. 104; Fiske Gen., p. 75). See H. B. F. for family. 

37 SILAS* BRIGHAM of Westboro and Lancaster (1710- 
1791) ; his m. to his 1st wife, Mindwell Grout, occurred 11 
Nov., 1735; his 2d wife, Tabitha Prescott, d. in Sept., 1801, ae. 
92 yrs. (W. V. R.). Ch. by 1st m., additions: 

i Jemimas Brigham, m. 25 Jan., 1763, Constantine, son of Phin- 
ehas and Prudcm-e (Warren) Hardv of Westboro, b. 6 
Mar., 1736-7, d. 16 Mar., 1777. Ch.' (Hardy) b. in West- 
boro: 1 Mindwell", b. 27 Nov., 1763, m. 29 May. 1785, 
Elijah Whitney; thev had 8 sons and 2 daus. (see W. V. R.); 
2 Constantine," b. lO'june, 1767; 3 Rachel, b. 21 Apr., 1769; 

52 The Brigham Family 

4 Silas, b. 17 May, 1771; 5 Mary, b. 30 Apr., 1773; 6 

Tabitha, b. 26 Mar., 1775, d. 15 Dec, 1841; 7 Prudence, 

b. 18 Oct., 1777, d. 12 Dec, 1841. 
iv Mindwell Brigham, m. 2 Jan., 1777, Nathaniel Lampson of 

V Mary Brigham, m. 12 Dec, 1776, Jonathan Prescott, Jr. (not 

Mary No. 43, vii, as in H. B. F.). 

39 CAPT. JONAS* BRIGHAM of Westboro (1718-1789). 
His wife was Persis, the dau. of Edward and Persis (Brigham) 
Baker, who was the dau. of Samuel- Brigham, b. 1 Nov., 1726, 
and d. 3 Nov., 1784. It should be noted that this m. gives the 
descendants of Jonas and Persis a line of descent from SamueP 
Brigham, youngest son of Thomas^ as well as from Thomas^ 
Brigham, the eldest son. Ch., correction : 

iii The H. B. F. inserts the name of Hannah in the list of children 
that belong to Jonas and Persis Brigham. No such ch. is 
recorded in that family in the W. V. E., nor any m. of 
Hannah Brigham and Holloway Fish. It is known that 
Holloway Fish m. Hannah Harrington. We therefore de- 
lete the record of a Hannah under this number. Lucy 
Harrington, sister of Hannah, m. David Brigham, No. 108. 
They had a son Holloway (see No. 268), and Holloway Fish 
is said to have adopted him. 

40 MAJOR ASA* BRIGHAM of Shrewsbury (1721- 
1777). After his removal to Fitzwilliam, N. H., as stated in 
the H. B. F., an old New Hampshire record shows that the 
N. H. Legislature voted that Asa Brigham be Second Major 
in Col. Enoch Hale's regiment, the date of the appointment 
being 2 Nov., 1775. 

42 JOSEPH* BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1706-1786) and 
his 1st wife, Comfort (Bigelow) (1707-1755), lived in the 
"Joseph Brigham" house. Ch. additions: 

xi Lucy5 (Brigham) Stratton (1752-?), wife of Samuels, No. 61, 
iv. Ch. (Stratton), b. in Marlboro: 1 Wiusors, bapt. 23 
June, 1771, m. Anna Wood. (Ch. [Stratton]: Jonah^ 
Brigham, b. 20 Mar., 1791); 2 Lucy, bapt. 13 Sept., 1772, 
d. 27 Mar., 1840, G. S. L, m. Winsor or Windsor Morse, b. 
18 Aug., 1765, d. 23 June, 1832. (Ch. [Morse]: i Otis^, 
b. 30 July, 1792; ii Charles, b. 22 Aug., 1797, d. 25 Aug., 
1800; iii Mary Ward, b. 14 July, 1799; iv Aaron Ward, 
b. 13 Oct., 1801, m. Abigail Hale of Stow; [their son 
George, b. in Berlin, 12 Feb., 1839, now living in Hudson, 
has 2 lines of descent from Thomas the Emigrant; m. Abbie 
J. Koe, and their 4th child, Frank W.9 Morse, M.D., who 

Fourth Generation 53 

d. 7 Feb., 1916, m. Lydia M. Rice, a descendant of Hannah 
(Brigham) Gleason, No. 134a, this vol.]; v Sukey, b. 27 
Aug., 1803; vi William, b. 6 June, 1805; vii Wealthy, b. 
21 June, 1806. A son Eoland is given in the M. V. R., 
who probably belongs between Otis and Charles.) 

43 GERSHOM* BRIGHAM of Westboro (1712-?); his 
1st wife, Mary (Lee), d. 5 Sept., 1780. The W. V. R. state 
that Gershom Brigham and Bulah Bellows were m. 16 Sept., 
1782, a C. R. not entered in either of the Brigham genealogies. 
Ch., Ist. m., additions: 

i Hepsibahs Brigham, b. 20 Jan., 1741-42, and no further re- 
ported in the H. B. F. No other ch. is recorded anywhere 
as being b. until 1747. Yet, the following from the Diary 
of the Rev. Ebenezer Parkman indicates that in 1745 there 
were 2 ch. in the family: "21 Oct., 1745. Visited ♦ • ♦ 
Mr. Gershom Brighams family who have all been sick of 
the * * * (Distemper) and has buryed one Child whilst 
I was absent. Mrs. Brigham and yr remaining Child now 
sick. 23d. My wife and I were at the Funeral of Mr. 
Gershom Brigham 's other child." It is probable that Hep- 
sibah was one of these two ch. 

/It A iii Seth Brigham b. 22 June, 1750, m. 22 Oct., 1778, Eunice 

Palmer. This is a C. R. and was not entered in the H. B. F. 

vii Mary Brigham; it is suggested in the H. B. F. that she m. 

Jonathan Prescott, Jr., of Lancaster, but this is reported as 

a mistake. 

48 SAMUEL* BRIGHAM of Sudbury (1716- ?) ; the name 
of his wife Mary is unknown. Ch. corrections : 

i Marthas (Brigham) Goodenow, and her husband John, did not 
have the dau. Elizabeth given them in the H. B. F. She 
was the dau. of John and Mary (Read) Goodenow, and b. 
10 Feb., 1770, five years before Martha and John were m. 

iii Sarah Brigham, m. Reuben Willis of Sudbury, and the ch. 
on p. 90, H. B. F., under No. 15, ii, belong to them; they 
were m. 13 Mar., 1765. See the list of their ch. under 
No. 133a, this vol. 

iv John Brigham m. 15 Oct., 1772, Gate, dau. of Elijah and Abi- 
gail (Smith) Willis, b. 10 Oct., 1750. See record under 
133b, this vol. 
viii Phebe Brigham was b. 11 June, 1752, in Sudbury, instead of 
13 Jan., 1751. 

ix Hannah (Brigham) Gleason, No. 134a, this vol. 

49 SARAH* (BRIGHAM) BROWNE (not Brown), wife 
of Capt. Samuel Browne of Rutland, Mass. Ch. (Browne) 
additions and corrections: 

54 The Brigham Family 

i Abels, b. 18 Sept., 1739; m. 4 Dec, 1760, Amity How of 

ii Abigail, b. 16 July, 1743 (instead of 1746); m. 22 Nov., 1764, 

David Davis of Rutland. 

ill Martha, b. 16 Oct., 1746; m. Williams, 

iv Samuel, b. 17 June, 1749; d. 10 Sept., 1756. 
V Alpheus, b. 1 Mar., 1752. His descendaut, Charles Brigham 

Browne of Rutland, was local historian, 
vi Abijah, b. 9 Oct., 1755; m. 1775, Phebe Parsons. Ch. (Browne): 

1 Marthas, b. in 1778. d. 2 Sept., 1883, m. in Worcester, 31 

May, 1795, David Moore; 2 Elizabeth, b. 9 Oct., 1779; her 

record and the rest of the family are as in the H. B. F. 

except their numbering. Delete foot-note, p. 115, II. B. F. 

50 JOHN* BRIGHAM did not marry Gate Willis, and 
did not have the eh. given him in the H. B. F. under this sec- 
tion. He m. 12 Mar., 1750, Abigail Johnson (Mid. Deeds, VoL 
66, pp. 63 and 64). Gh. : Abigail Brigham, b. 5 Dec., 1751. 
(See No. 15, i, H. B. F.) 

51 ABIJAH* BRIGHAM of Sudbury (1737-1814), and 
his wife Eunice (Willis) (1740-1826), dau. of Joseph and 
Thankful Willis, b. 15 Jan., 1740 (not 16 Jan., 1741). Ch. : 

i Abels Brigham, m. 13 Nov., 1783, Lydia Melvin, of Concord; 
his further record in the H. B. F. is correct. Ch. additions: 
1 Abel« Brigham, b. 1 Oct., 1784; 2 Lucy Melvin Brigham, 
b. 31 Jan., 1787; 3 Rebecca Brigham, b. 12 Feb., 1789. 

52 DR. SA:\IUEL* BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1723-1756) 
did not die in the West Indies, as stated in H. B. F., but in 
Marlboro, 15 Feb., 1756. He did not marry the widow, Eliza- 
beth Wood, who did marry his father, as given in this volume 
under No. 16. Dr. Samuel m. as his first and only wife, at the 
age of 29, 9 Jan., 1751-2, Anna Gott, who m. (2) Capt. Stephen 
Maynard, as recorded in the H. B. F. Ch. additions and cor- 
rections : 

i Elizabeths Brigham m. David Goodell, who was not a deacon 
and was b. in 1749 (not 1716). 
iii Susannah Brigham, m. 4 Oct., 1770, Corporal Elisha Hudson, 
son of John and Elizabeth (McAllister) Hudson, who d. 
about 1818 in Newport, County of Compton, Quebec. Ch. 
(Hudson) from family rcc, which differs in certain respects 
from the M. V. R. and the H. B. F., and is much more 
likely to be correct: 1 Benjamin", b. 1 Sept., 1773, in 
Bolton, Mass.; 2 William, b. in Marlboro, 29 Mar., 1776, 
m. 10 Mar., 1793, Anna Morse of Northboro. About 1796-7 
moved to Compton Co., Quebec; 3 Samuel Brigham, b. 25 

Fourth Generation 55 

Dec, 1777, in Marlboro, d. in Newport, Quebec, m. (1) in 
1801, Submit Eice, b. 1784, and d. 11 Nov., 1801, m. (2) 1804, 
in Montreal, Polly (Mary) Abbott, b. 1784, d. 24 May, 1859. 
Ch. (Hudson) by 2d m. : (i Sabra', b. in Montreal, 11 Dec., 
1805. d. 1 Mar., 1887, iu Minnesota, m. 1822-23, at Buck's 
Mills, N. Y., John, son of Isaac and Sally (Manning) Will- 
sie, b. 19 Mar., 1800, d, 11 July, 1879, in Minnesota. They 
had 11 ch. and 52 gr. children. The 6th ch., Charity E.8 
Willsie [1834-1899], m. Henry Wingate, and had 4 ch.; 
their 4th ch., Julia Willsie^ Wingate, m. Joseph Lindsay, 
and has sent in the record of this "lost line" of Dr. 
Samuel Brigham; ii Clarissa" Hudson (1807-1895), m. aa 
2d wife, Fisher Ames; iii Sophia (1809-1891) m. David 
Buck; iv Horace (1811-?); v Sabrina (1813-1814-5); 

vi Brigham (1816-1818-9); vii Mary (1818-1893), m. 

Earl; viii Martha (1820-1911), m. Hitchcock; ix 

Charles (1822-1907), m. Harriet Miller; x Ira (1825-1825); 
xi Amanda (1830-1860), m. Dr. Luther A. Burnham); 4 
Charles (1783-?), m. (1) Anna Abbott, sister of Polly, his 
brother's wife, m. (2) Euth Tibbitts. (8 ch., viz.: i Esther"; 
ii Eliza; iii Adaline; iv Lorenzo D., 1819-1887, m. Maria 
Evans, 6 ch.; v Charles A.; vi William T. ; vii Hannah 
M. ; viii Mary E.); 5 Eobert Breck (1785-?), m. twice; 
6 Susannah, b. 17 Aug., 1791, in Northboro; 7 Nancy; 8 
Eliza, b. 1798; 9 Achsah, mother of Gen. Farnsworth, who 
was killed at Gettysburg; 10 Eeuben, lived in Harmony, 

53 LIEUT. URIAH* BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1727- 
1782) ; his wife was Sarah (Breek) (1729-1815) ; they had 11 
ch. Their dau. : 

iii Sarahs (Brigham) Gott, d. 30 Dec, 1797, in her 43d yr.; her 
husband. Dr. Nathaniel Gott of Wenham, Mass., and Coop- 
erstown, N. Y., b. 17 Mar., 1755, d. 14 Sept., 1828, in C. 
Sarah was engaged in her youth to Eobert Sinclair, a 
Eevolutionary soldier, w^o was killed. Her gr. gr. gr.- dau., 
Mrs. Ada (Smith) Murray, wife of D. F. of Plymouth, 
Mich., has in her possession a book given to Sarah by her 
lover, and a coverlid woven by her eight years before her 
m. to Dr. Gott, who was her own cousin. Dr. Gott was in 
the Eevolution in the Mass. Militia; went to France as 
surgeon on a privateer, a 20-guu ship; making the trip a 
second time in another brig, was captured, and sent to 
Lisbon, where he was assistant to the surgeon in the St. 
Lewis Hospital for six months. Thence to Cadiz, where he 
was in the St. James hospital in care of American prison- 
ers, by order of John Jay, minister plenipotentiary from 
the American Congress. Ilis passports to Europe, certifi- 
cates from the hospitals and his license as surgeon on a 
merchant ship are owned by the family. Ch. (Gott) : 
1 Benjamin^; 2 John, a tobacco manufacturer in Albany, 
N. Y. ; 3 Martha, m. Leonard Vaughn; 4 Nathaniel, b. 
6 Feb., 1786, in Cheshire, Mass., d. in Ann Arbor, Mich., 29 
Aug., 1858, m. in 1808, Elizabeth Butterfield, dau. of James 
and Catherine (Eunyon); 4 ch.; one dau., Sarah A." Gott, 

56 The Brigham Family 

m. Frederick K. Smith, from whose son, Charles F.s, is 
descended Mrs. Ada (Smith) Murray, who contributes 
this record. 

54 GEORGE* BRIGHAM, the iuheritor of the SamueP 
place on Brigham street, Marlboro, and of the Timothy Brig- 
ham farm in Southboro, was b. 7 (not 17) Mar., 1730, and d. 
27 Mar., 1808. His wife was Mary (Bragg) of Shrewsbury, 
and they had the largest number of children among the Brig- 
hams, seventeen in all. Much sorrow was mingled with George's 
good fortune, for they reared but six of the family. Two sons 
carried down the male line, and the two daus. spared them, 
married Brighams. See H. B. F. 

59 STEPHEN* BRIGHAM of Marlboro and Princeton, 
Mass. (1732-1821). He m. 4 Jan., 1757, Betsey Weeks (1736- 
1787). There is a m. recorded in Bolton Vital Records of a 
Stephen Brigham and Beulah Brooks of Stirling, in 1790. This 
is the only available Stephen of whom we have record, who 
was a widower or unm. in 1790, and might have made this m. 
A ch., Lucinda Brigham, was b. 23 Dec, 1793. 

63 ASA* BRIGHAM (1729-1806) of Marlboro, and his 
wife, Elizabeth (Warren), gr. dau. of Nathan^ (1734-1807). 
On p. 124, H. B. F., delete line 2 which says : "Morse says 
'Aaron, see Hist. Marlboro, p. 448.' " 

64 ANTIPAS* BRIGHAM of Marlboro and St. Albans, 
Vt. (1740-?), and his wife, Catherine (Woods), whose mother 
m. (2) Capt. SamueP Brigham. Ch. additions: 

iii Sabras Brigham, m. 1 Aug., 1792, Daniel Eice of Marlboro. 
Ch. (M. V. E.): 1 Moses Woodss, b. 17 Jan., 1793; 2 
Katharine, b. 1 Feb., 1795; 3 John, b. 21 May, 1797. 

iv. Lucretia Brigham, m. Bezaleel Harrington, and had a son 
JamesB, b. 8 Sept., 1795 (M. V. E.). No other Lucretia un- 
accounted for, has been found for this marriage. 



Two figures attract attention in the "History of the Brig- 
hain Family"- as we reach this period — Judge Elijah Brigham 
of Westboro and Lieut. Gov. Paul Brigham of Vermont. 

To the Rev. Ebenezer Parkman of Westboro, anti- 
quarians, genealogists and all lovers of realistic pictures of 
colonial homes and days owe a large debt. His vivid portrayal 
of the men and women living in that obscure village in Massa- 
chusetts is so true to life that it may readily be regarded as 
representative of the "days and ways" of all rural New Eng- 
land. As Howells expresses it of another writer, he had "the 
secret of closely adding detail to detail in a triumph of * * * 
'Littleism' but which seems to be nature's way of achieving 
'Largeism.' " In this story of the people of his parish, Mr. 
Parkman touches the early life of Elijah Brigham here and 
there, often in a way to tantalize the seeker for details of the 
life of a youth of promise. We see the young man visiting the 
parsonage with his chums. Singing is the only pastime men- 
tioned, but Elijah was courting a daughter of the house, and 
he doubtless found even the old psalms invested with a charm 
such as youth and love can throw about anything. None of 
these too brief glimpses suggest attainments such as would 
lead to the high positions he later occupied. He served his 
town as selectman three times; twice he Avas a representative 
to the General Court and he was a member of the Senate for 
twelve years. He covered a period of sixteen years as Judge 
of the Court of Common Pleas for Worcester County. By 1810 
he was elected to Congress and spent much of his time there- 
after, until his death, in Washington, D. C. A tribute to his 
character by the Rev. Abner Morse is quoted on page 152 of 
"The History of the Brigham Family." 

Elijah's sister, Susanna Brigham, married Breck Parkman, 
son of the minister, and from their seven children have de- 
scended some of the leading families of eastern Massachusetts. 
The foot-notes under Nos. 100 and 106 of the H. B. F. are in- 
teresting examples of the diary. 

58 The Brigham Family 

Lieut. -Gov. Paul Brigham had a military career in the 
Continental army, entering it as captain in 1777, serving four 
years, and taking part in the battles of Germantown, Fort 
MifBin and Monmouth, and wintering in Valley Forge in that 
fearful year, 1777-78. Until after the war he was of Coventry, 
Conn., being a grandson of that Elnathan who in the third 
generation removed to Mansfield in that State. In 1782 Paul 
became a citizen of Norwich, Vt., and thenceforth he led a 
busy life. The offices he held, such as town clerk, high sheriff. 
Judge of County Court, Brigadier-General of the Third Brig- 
ade, one of the State Land Commissioners, a legislative mem- 
ber and Major-General of the Fourth Division of Militia, may 
be regarded as an admirable preparation for a twenty-year 
period as Lieut. -Governor of Vermont. 

The army under Gen. Washington was well filled with 
Brighams of the fifth generation. In Appendix B of the H. B. 
F. will be found as complete a list of the men who served their 
country as it was possible to make. We often think we should 
like to have been in Westboro on the 19th of April, 1775, when, 
probably about two or three o'clock in the morning of that 
lovely spring day, the peach trees sending out their beauty 
and the fragrance of their blossoms, some of the sons of the 
town started on the long journey to Concord and Lexington, 
led by Capt. Edmund Brigham, No. 73, whose eldest son 
marched behind his father; Captain William Brigham, No. 74, 
brother of Edmund, was at the head of another company of 
Minute Men, with Ithamar Brigham, No. 81, one of his Lieu- 
tenants ; also Elijah Brigham, No. 76, in another company as 
Lieutenant. They all arrived too late to be in the forefront 
of the battle, but there was much serious work for them to do, 
and they performed it Avell. Among others who marched on 
the Alarm was Timothy, No. 84, afterwards a colonel, and 
Artemas, who became a sergeant and later a lieutenant; also 
Captain Paul, No. 82, who marched as 2d lieutenant. There 
were four companies and 196 men who marched from Marlboro 
on that portentous morning to answer the call sent out " to 
every Middlesex village and farm." 

The second Nathan's son Moses was a Westboro citizen 
with an interesting old house described in the H. B. F. Wil- 
liam and his wife died of the small-pox and their place of 

Fifth Generation 59 

burial became the Brighara Cemetery of Marlboro. Nathan, 
the Indian fighter, has descendants of the present day in only 
one family, that of his granddaughter, who married Lincoln 
Brigham of Westboro. Ebenezer seems like a pathetic figure, 
dying early at 24 leaving a little daughter. Elijah was a very 
prominent citizen of Southboro, having a 30-year period as 
selectman; a representative to the General Court, and in the 
Revolution had service as one of the Minute Men who went to 
Concord and Lexington. He has a notable line of descendants 
from his thirteen children, twelve of whom lived to adult age. 
Two of his daughters married Brighams, and from his son and 
grandson, Elijahs both, descended Dr. Edwin Howard Brigham, 
so many years the librarian of the Massachusetts Medical Socie- 
ty, recently deceased at an advanced age. A grandson was 
the late Judge Lincoln Brigham, and others were merchants 
in Boston, Joseph Lincoln and Erastus Forbes Brigham. Ed- 
mund, whose interesting will is given in the H. B. F., has been 
already mentioned. His large family has many descendants 
noted further on. Hepsibah, who married John Taplin, and 
her dozen children were pioneers to Vermont from Southboro. 
New material concerning them will be found in this volume. 
She had several sons in the Revolution. 

Thomas*, of the first Nathan line, had five sons whose 
good-sized families add considerably to the genealogical story 
of this and the succeeding periods. His son Aaron had the 
second largest family on record, that of 16 children. These 
very large families do not have as many descendants in the 
later generations as many of the smaller. Much new material 
of interest may be found in this volume of Ezekiel's family, 
through whose missionary descendant we probably owe the 
fact that an Indian assumed the name of Brigham. His grand- 
son, named Hall, worked with a tribe of Indians, translating 
the Bible, being very friendly with the Chief. See No. 79, viii. 
Captain Paul had much service in the Revolution, and left 
many descendants. Noah's family, No. 83, has little more than 
mere genealogical interest in the next generation. Searching 
through some old papers, an old receipt was found in which 
Abraham Brigham acknowledges the receipt of three hundred 
pounds, nineteen shillings and ninepence, from Uriah Brigham, 
"in full of all demands against him as my 'gardian' till I was 

60 The Brigham Family 

twenty-one years of age." Dated May 27th, 1793, and attested 
by Abner Brigham. These are probably the two youngest sons 
of Ithamar, No. 81, the father having died in 1784, when this 
boy was about thirteen years of age. 

A sad case of the ruin brought to many well-to-do men by 
the depreciation of Continental money, is that of Col. Timothy 
Brigham, No. 84. His brother, Lieut. Artemas, went to North- 
boro, and six of his sons left descendants in that town and 
elsewhere, as shown in the H. B. F. 

The sons of Joel*, particularly William, Jonathan, John 
and Samuel, Nos. 87 to 91, raised large families in various 
parts of New York State and helped to people Ohio and other 
western states. We shall meet a number of them in the next 
and following periods. 

The Brookfield Brighams, Nos. 92-94, gave a good account 
of themselves in this series of years, and we are fortunate in 
the next generation to have additional records. Capt. Tilly 
inherited over 300 acres of James*'s land and lived and died 
in Brookfield bringing up a family of eight children. The old 
house, pictured in Volume 1, does not look any too large to 
accommodate this good -sized family. Out of all this family, 
we have been able to trace down to this day, but few of the 
name. See 229, xi, and 509, this volume. Elisha received the 
same amount of land and his eldest son, James, went to Ver- 
mont, and we find later on his descendants in New York State. 
Interesting additions to the records of his son Sylvanus will 
be found in this volume. The remaining land which James* 
left in Brookfield, went to Jonathan, but his seven children's 
records are meagre, and the male line of Lot, if any, has not 
been found. Silas and Elisha did not marry and William's 
son died. 

The Shrewsbury line of David^ produced some excellent 
people, and among them that Ebenezer who was so highly 
regarded in the West. John, David's brother, went to Phillips- 
ton in the northern part of the State, a little old hamlet still 
existing, but none of his children remained there (we can't 
blame them), and his son, Dr. Samuel, founded quite a family 
in the West. See 232 and 513, H. B. F. 

Emigration took place to Fitzwilliam, N. H., by Levi, No. 
98, son of Col. Levi of Northboro and two or three other places 

Fifth Generation 61 


(the colonel traveled a great deal while remaining in his own 
house), and brother of Judge Elijah. This region, under the 
shadow of Mt. Monadnock, drew many Brighams for no reason 
it is now possible to understand, unless it was for the scenery. 
Levi left sturdy descendants of his two sons and seven daugh- 
ters, and many remained in New Hampshire, and others made 
homes in Wisconsin and further west. 

Asa, of Shrewsbury, whose gabled roof house was stand- 
ing there in 1894, with its immense fireplace in the center of 
the house, was already in Pitzwilliam with his sons, Leonard, 
Stephen and Josiah, Nos. 112-114, who moved on, two into 
New York State and one, Leonard, to Vermont. Stephen did 
not go farther than Vernon and Whitestown, N. Y., but 
through his son Sullivan, whose son Mavor went to Toledo, 
brought into our family of Brighams, the beloved president 
of the Brigham Family Association, Charles 0., and the inter- 
esting Toledo family, his brothers and sisters. See this volume, 
in the next generations. 

David Brigham's descendants have been noted not only 
for numbers but also for qualitj'. Capt. Jonas*, No. 39, brother 
of Col. Levi, sent out into the world men and women whose 
progeny have been of the exceedingly worthwhile sort of 
people. His namesake and eldest son, Capt. Jonas'*, No. 103, 
went to faraway Bakersfield, by way of Brookfield ; in the 
latter place he stayed long enough to make a good record in the 
War of the Revolution, and then took a leading part in the 
affairs of Bakersfield, whence for seventeen consecutive years 
he went to the legislature. It was asserted in the H. B. F. that 
he married a second time, the lady being called Polly Wymau. 
This marriage should rightly be attributed to his distant 
cousin, Jonas^ of Sudbury and Dublin, N. H., No. 136. Capt. 
Jonas'*, it has been lately learned, married Mrs. Abigail Smith 
of Phillipston. Jonas was the ancestor of our former Presi- 
dent of the Brigham Family Association, now one of the editors 
of the Boston Evening Transcript, and Washington Corre- 
spondent of that paper from 1907 to 1925 ; also of Robert B. 
and Elizabeth F. Brigham, whose magnificent hospital for 
incurables stands on Parker Hill in Boston. Interesting dis- 
coveries have been made through western correspondence, in 
the line of Edward, another son of this family, No. 104, whose 

62 The Brigham Family 

marriage to Sally Miller is noted in the Parkman Diary, and 
who went to Milton, Vermont, where he had five sons born to 
him, grandsons of Jonas. An excellent branch of the family 
comes down through Edward, Jr., Nos. 259, 540, and lastly, 
540a, the only daughter of the house, whose record was left 
out in the H. B. F. Antipas, No. 106, whose first marriage is 
so vividly described in the foot-notes on page 157 of the first 
volume, had two more marriages to his credit. None of his 
nine children have been traced, save Nelly, whose grandson 
was unexpectedly met with in the city of Seattle, years ago. 
Antipas went to St. Albans, but died in New York State. A 
family in Rochester have an ancestor of that name, but we do 
not know enough of the line to enable us to place them surely. 
Barnabas of this family went to North Brookfield, David and 
Joseph remained in Westboro, and Dr. Daniel, who has been 
mentioned as buying the SamueP farm, titles to which have 
always been from Brigham to Brigham, kept to the high mark 
of the race by being the leading surgeon of his day. 

Dr. Gershom No. 120, son of Gershom*, and his wife, Esther 
Belknap, had a family of eight children, whose records are 
given more fully in our new book than in H. B. F. Herbert 
0. and Clarence S. Brigham, leading librarians of Providence 
and Worcester, are descendants. Dr. Gershom appears to have 
done a good deal of traveling between Westboro and Fitz- 
william, practising in each town. A second marriage of the 
doctor to Mrs. Sarah Bush of Bolton was arranged, as inten- 
tions were published 1 January, 1803, and the marriage oc- 
curred February 15th of that year. 

Our first Harvard graduate, the Rev. Benjamin Brigham, 
No. 121, born on the Thomas^ farm in Marlboro, was drawn by 
the lure of Fitzwilliam, and there he lived, labored and died. 
His brother, Gershom, No. 125, went to Fayston, Vt., by way 
of Winchester, N. H., and now, w'ith his wife, Sarah Allen, he 
rests in the hill cemetery overlooking the home of their last 
years. Out of this line came Willard I. T. Brigham, our gen- 
ealogist. Caleb, No. 122, another brother, had a son David", 
trace of whom was lost. The line has been discovered and 
will be found well worth attention. Benajah, No. 123, has 
descendants in or around Boston, as well as elsewhere, whose 
careers are honorable. 

Fifth Generation 63 

The Connecticut lines produced many men of affairs, as 
we have seen in the case of Gov. Paul. Stephen, No. 126, had 
a rather imperfect record in the H. B. F., but we have found 
a family of descendants of interest, under 305a and 60;3a. 

The progeny of John^ did little roving, staying in or near 
their home town or State, and the call of the West did not 
affect any of the next period, but we find two Southern 
branches further on. 

An interesting man was Dr. Samuel of the SamueP line. 
No. 144. Incapacitated from practising his profession, through 
an accident, he found compensations in the composition of 
music, in writing essaj's and verses, and he was a magistrate. 
Through his seven daughters, many Western families can claim 
Brighara blood. He had no male issue. 

Bakersfield, Vt., is an interesting place to our family, as 
two of its sons went forth destined to acquire fortunes which 
are now being used to relieve physical suffering. (See Ap- 
pendix E, H. B. F.) 

Uriah, Sr., of Marlboro, "had lived while he lived" with 
but little thought for those who would come after him. Con- 
sequently, there was not much to share among his eleven 
children, a*nd his sons, having to work out the future, each for 
himself, went in different directions. Henry^ went to Barre, 
where he founded a long and interesting line of Brighams; 
Edward to Petersham, and we notice among his descendants, 
two physicians and one philanthropist, Franklin Brigham Fay, 
Secretary for many years of the Society for the Prevention 
of Cruelty to Children ; John Gott remained in Marlboro and 
enterprising business men are of his stock; Uriah Jr., No. 
147, father of Peter Bent^ Brigham, No. 343, who amassed one 
of the fortunes spoken of, took a most serious journey from 
Marlboro to Bakersfield, Vt., in an ox-team with his wife, 
Elizabeth (Fay), about the year 1796. Presumably the cow 
traveled alongside, as was the case with some Tyler pioneers 
who went to Pennsylvania. They had with them three, per- 
haps four, children. Peter was not born for another decade, 
but came to Boston as a young man to perform his mission to 
the world. When the rest of us are dust and forgotten, the 
two hospitals founded by Peter Bent and his nephew, Robert 
Breck, born in Bakersfield, will be assisting the weak and help- 

^4: The Brigham Family 

less men and women toward health or easing their passage to 
another realm. Another son of Uriah, Sr., John Gott Brigham, 
had been in the Revolutionary army, which perhaps accounted 
for a curious fashion in his appearance at church. He always 
entered with a long whip carried over his shoulder as he 
marched with military bearing the whole length of the church 
to the farthest pew in the gallery, where with great care he 
deposited the whip and his hat. At the end of the sermon he 
left the church in the same way. It must have been a sight! 

One of the Abrahams, either No. 62 or 81, used to come 
to church on horseback, as did Warren Brigham and Caleb, 
No. 122, who invariably wore knee buckles. 

The churches in the old days were unheated, and small 
foot-stoves were carried by the women, or thoroughly heated 
bricks. It is no wonder that consumption became a New Eng- 
land disease, for the services were not short and the chill of the 
meeting-house was great. 

Phineas^ No. 149, son of George*, one of the six out 
of seventeen children who survived the epidemics of his child- 
hood, went into that paradise for Brighams, New York State, 
whence we find his offspring of the next few generations ven- 
turing into Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma and Cali- 
fornia. Among them is the President of the Brigham Family 
Association, Dr. Johnson Brigham of Des Moines, son of 
another Phineas, No. 640. 

John^ No. 155, of that Francis* who ventured as far as 
New Marlboro when the wilderness lay between the mother 
town and her child, took up the line of march into New York 
State, and he has to his credit among his sons, one clergyman 
and one eminent doctor, of whom more in another section, with 
some excellent business men farther down. 

The Princeton family scattered around through New 
Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Ohio, Michigan and Minne- 
sota, but kept a firm hold on the family place in Princeton for 
seventy years and more. 

The nine sons and daughters of Winslow* kept up the 
family tradition of many children, and at the same time fos- 
tered the leather industry through the business acumen of the 
brothers Capt. DanieP, Capt. Aaron and Major Jedediah. 

Fifth Generation 65 

Artemas went to Bridgton, Me., but one of his sons, James 
Madison", returned to Massachusetts, and his son, William D., 
lives in Dorchester, a deacon in the Second Church there, its 
building known as the old Codman Meeting-house. He is also 
a worker in present day reforms. 

The daughter of Fortunatus^ No. 168, Nancy, did an ex- 
cellent thing for the Brigham family when she married Joel' 
Brigham, No. 480, for from them come the present day North- 
boro Brighams, through Ira, Abraham, John and Samuel, Nos. 
742-745, who have double lines of Brigham heritage ; also some 
of the Warren family, from Phebe Brigham, daughter of 
Nancy and Joel, who have more Brigham blood than many 
who bear the name. See this volume, 742a. 

Jotham, No. 170, remained in Marlboro, where his daugh- 
ter Lucy married Edward Barnes, and there were three doctors 
among their eight children. Dr. Edward, born in 1809, though 
he did not bear the Brigham name, displayed the traits of 
our best men. He married Ashbel Brigham's daughter, Maria 
E., and was a physician of unusual training for those days, 
the early 19th century, taking the medical course at Harvard 
College and completing his studies in Paris, by 1846. He 
succeeded Dr. Baker (whose daughter married William Pitt 
Brigham) as the principal physician of Marlboro, where Dr. 
Barnes was greatly appreciated until his death in 1878. North- 
boro was the scene of the life-work of another brother, Dr. 
Henry, and Wayland was the home of Dr. Charles W. Barnes. 

When SamueP and Nathan^ were concerned in the pur- 
chase of the land from the Indians in Grafton, they acquired 
much property. Some of it can be traced in the family to the 
present day. The homestead on "Brigham Hill" in that town 
is still occupied by descendants of William, No. 410. When 
you have time, look at the children under Capt. Charles Brig- 
ham, No. 171, and follow them down, in both books, and see 
the type of Brighams in this case which descended from the 
youngest son of Thomas the Puritan. 



68a EUNICE^' BRIGIIAM (1721-?), whose record is an 
Addenda on p. 564, H. B. F., dau. of Lieut. Nathan^ Brigham, 
No. 22, ii; m. 8 Sept., 1742, Hezekiah, son of Isaac and Sarah 
Newton of Marlboro, b. 28 July, 1719, d. 4 Feb., 1786, iu Pax- 
ton, Mass. Ch, (Newton), the 3 elder b. in Southboro, the 4th 
in Leicester, the others in Rutland, Mass. : 

i Persiss Newton, b. 14 June, 1743; m. Apr., 1766, in Eutland, 
Mass., Daniel Estabrook, Jr., who d. in Rutland 11 Sept., 
1816, in his 75th year. She d. 25 Dec, 1828, iu Rutland. 

ii Silas, b. 10 Dec, 1744. 

iii Catherine, b. 10 Jan., 1746-7, prob. d. young. 

iv Mehitable, b. 22 Feb., 1748-9. 

V Catherine, b. 16 May, 1751. 

vi Ruth, b. 25 Apr., 1753; m. 1772, John Stewart (afterward 
General) and removed to Brattleboro', Vt. He d. in 1812 
and she survived him 8 mos. 
vii Hezekiah, b. 25 June, 1755; ni. 8 Oct., 1783, in Rutland, Lucy 
Cogswell of Paxton. He d. in Rutland 6 Jan., 1848. He 
was a Revolutionary pensioner, 
viii Eunice, b. 17 Mar., 1758. 

ix Nathan Brigham, b. 28 Mar., 1760; m. Mary Stewart of Pax- 
ton (sister of Gen. John Stewart, above) and settled in 
Royalston, Mass. He d. in Royalston 18 Dec, 1843, ae. 84, 
and she d. 15 Dec, 1842. 
X Elizabeth, b. 4 Feb., 1763; m. Samuel Richardson, Jr., of Leices- 
ter, int. pub. 15 Mar., 1781. He d. in Leicester, 11 Oct., 
1838, ae 84, and she d. 5 Jan., 1840. 

xi Edmund, Capt., b. 9 June, 1765. 

69 MOSES^ BRIGHAM was b. 2 Jan., 1722-23 (not 
1722). The Rev. Ebenezer Parkman of Westboro, where Moses 
lived, records in his diary on the 13th of June, 1769, the follow- 
ing : "I went to see poor Mr. Moses Brigham who is very bad 
with his cough, and prayed with him as well as spent time 
with him in discourse to quicken and forward him in his 
preparation. He asks me to preach there at some convenient 
time, seeing he has been so long confined at home." He d. 3 
Dec, 1769, about six months after this visit. His wife was 
Mehitable (Grout), who survived him nearly 26 years. They 
had 7 ch. See H. B. F. 

FiFxn Generation 67 

71 CAPT. NATHAN** BRIGHAM of Southboro (1730-1- 
1806), was the son of Lieut. Nathan* and Hepsibah (not Eliza- 
beth) (Ward) Brigham. 

was the dau. of Lieut. Nathan* and Hepsibah (not Elizabeth) 
(Ward) Brigham, and the wife of Col. John (1726-1803). Col. 
Taplin is said by one of their descendants, Dr. C. W. Drew 
of Minneapolis, to have served only in the French and Indian 
War in 1755 and 1756, and did not serve in the Revolutionary 
war, but like many others went to Canada. This is in direct 
contradiction of the H. B. F. story. Five of his sons served 
at various times in that war. The record in H. B. F. that 
Hepsibah's children were born in Corinth is incorrect. They 
resided in or about IMarlboro until 1764, when they Avent to 
Newbury, Vt., and to Corinth about 1780. Some of the items 
given below are from "Thirty Dunstable Families," by Ezra 
Stearns, with notes from S. Harrison Lovewell of Arlington, 
Mass. Ch. (Taplin) : 

i Major Johnc, b. 14 July, 1748 (not 1749), in Marlboro (not 
Corinth, although not recorded in M. V. R.); m. (1) 29 
Sept., 1769, in Newbury, Vt., Catherine Lovewell, dau. of 
Col. Nehemiah and Rachel (FarwcU) Lovewell, b. 10 June, 
1748, in Dunstable, N. H.; d. 16 July, 1794, in Corinth. Vt.; 
m. (2) 12 Nov., 1795, Lydia Gove, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Susan (Stickney) Gove, b. 12 Nov., 1763, Hampton, N. H.; 
d. 11 Feb., 1849; had 12 (not 21) ch. 
iv Elisha, m. 29 Apr., 1783, Martha Newton; their dau. Mehit- 
able", m. Ebenezer Roby; their son, Rodney** Roby, ni. 
Catherine Davidson; their dau. Mary C.o Roby, m. Charles 
E. Kettelle; their son is Walter Robyio Kettelle of Auburn- 
dale, Mass. 

v Mansfield, m. Betsey Lovewell, sister of Major John's wife; 
b. 25 June, 1754, in Dunstable; d. in Corinth; he was town 
clerk in Corinth, 
vii Nathan was a soldier of the War of 1812. In the S. V. R. 
a m. 28 Oct., 1776, is recorded of Nathan Taplin and Eliza- 
beth Taylor. Slic was probably the dau. of Ezra and Abi- 
gail (Trowbridge) Tavlor of Southboro, b. 12 June, 1752. 
Ch. (Taplin): 1 Sophia", b. 6 Julv, 1777; 2 Eliot, b. 22 
Sept., 1779; 3 Sukey, b. 30 May,* 1782. 
viii Gouldsbourn, with his father, Col. John, built a great mill and 
a saw mill in Corinth, and made great improvements in 
the village. 

ix Polly, b. 19 Nov., 1769, in Newbury; d. 3 June, 1S56, in St. 
Albans, Vt.; m. 2 Jan., 1787, in Corinth, Robert Lovewell, 
brother of the wives of Johu and Mansfield Taplin, b. 1 
Oct., 1762, iu Dunstable, d. 14 Sept., 1S3S, iu St. Albans; 
10 ch. 

68 The Brigham Family 

X Hepsibah, d. in Corinth; m. Zaccheus Lovewell, brother of 
Eobert, b. 8 Nov., 1758, in Dunstable, d. 3 Aug., 1834, in 
Machias, N. Y. 

xi Sophia, m. 28 May, 1801, in Corinth, Jonathan Lovewell, 
brother of Catherine, Betsey, Eobert and Zaccheus, b. 7 
Nov., 1760, in Dunstable, d. 1 Jan., 1817, in Corinth; 4 ch. 
Sophia is not named in H. B. F. among Hepsibah 's ch. 
Is it possible that she was the dau. of Nathan, b. 1777? 

Under Nos. 73 to 76, H. B. F., Edmund, William, Eben- 
ezer and Elijah Brigham were the sous of Hepsibah (not 
Elizabeth) Ward Brigham. 

75 EBENEZER^ BRIGHAM of Southboro, d. 25 Feb., 
1765, ae. 24 yrs., 8 mos. The name of his wife Martha has not 
been found. 

76 ELIJAH^ BRIGHAM was b. 5 Sept., 1742 (not 1743), 
in Southboro, where he d. 8 Jan., 1804 ; m. 7 Jan., 1768-69 (not 
1768), Ruth Taylor. Ch. corrections: 

v Persiss Brigham, b. 7 Oct. (not Aug.), 1774; d. 7 (not 8) June, 
1829; see No. 150. 
viii Lincoln Brigham, b. 21 (not 17) June, 1780; see No. 200 
H. B. F. 
ix Hepsibah Brigham, b. 7 May, 1783 (not 1782); see No. 201. 
xi Nancy Brigham, b. 11 Dec, 1787 (not 1786). 
xiii Taylor Brigham, b. 18 June, 1792 (not 29 Apr., 1793); see 
No. 203. 

77 AARON^ BRIGHAM of Grafton (1720-1768) had a 
family of 14 children by 1st wife, Elizabeth (Brown), and 2 
by 2d wife, Sarah (Winchester), whom he m. 3 Dec, 1761. 
His son Ephraim was one of the executors of his will, not 
Elisha, as stated in the H, B. F. 11 of his ch. d. y. or unm. 
and only 1 had descendants, who has a record reaching to the 
present time, viz. : Ephraim, No. 204. Ch. whose family has 
been recently found : 

xvi Mosess Brigham, b. 8 Apr., 1765, d. in Northboro, 24 Dec, 
1805, ae. 40 yrs., 8 mos.; m. 15 Apr., 1792, Sarah Martyn of 
^ G*^ ^ Northboro; (she m. [2] 9 June, 1808, Samuel Haven.) Ch.: 
1 Laura" Brigham, b. 1 May, 1796; m. in Shrewsbury, 18 
Apr., 1813, Gilbert Woods Haven. (Ch. [Haven]: i Nan- 
cys, b. 1813, d. 1821; ii George Henry, b. 14 Mar., 1815; 
killed in Westboro, 27 Feb., 1847; m. Maria P. Johnson of 

79 EZEKIEL-^ BRIGHAM of Grafton (1723-24-1788), m. 
(1) Martha Bigelow (1724-1764); m. (2) Millicent Sherman. 
Ch. by 1st m. : 


, u| \ly< Fifth Generation ^,« ^ ^ 69 


i Abnere Brigham (1750-51 — about 1800), bad sons Thomas^ 
and Joseph; the latter d. in Weathersfield, Vt., 30 July, 
J . 1801, ae. 15 yrs.; his grave was found in an isolated burial 

1 \i ground in W., a stone giving the date. 14 Mar., 1800, 

Aaron Hall (No. 79, viii), was appointed guardian of the 
minor son, Thomas, of Abner Brigham, "Late deceased." 
This points to the period of Abner 's death and gives the 
name of one of Abner 's sons, hitherto unknown. An un- 
traced Martha Brigham of Hartland, Vt., would be of the 
right age to be one of the children of Abner, as she was b. 
in 1781. 

ii Marthas (Brigham) Leland, wife of Benjamin, d. in Grafton, 
11 Feb., 1822. 

vi Miriam (Brigham) Gallop, wife of Joseph, had children living 
in 1848. 

vii Huldah (Brigham) Rockwood, wife of Moses, had children 
living in 1848. In 1832 she was living in Grafton in failing 

viii Sarah (Brigham) Hall, wife of Aaron, d. 27 Nov., 1835, and 
passed down to her descendants a pewter service, a wooden 
snuff box and her gold beads. The beads were given to 
the oldest daughter in each generation. Facts regarding 
this family were gleaned from a large number of letters 
written by Oliver M. Brigham (205, v) and Diademia 
(205, vii), and others in the family. The date of death of 
Diademia is not known, but her last letter was written in 
1884, when she was ae. 83. Ch. (Hall): 1 Aaron', Jr., b. 
in Grafton, 4 June, 1793, d. 27 Mar., 1855, m. Eachel Rich- 
ards of Weathersfield, Vt., in 1817; 2 Sherman, b. in 
Weathersfield, 30 Apr,, 1800, d. in Minnesota, 1 Sept., 1879, 
m. Betsey Parker; was a graduate of Dartmouth College 
and Andover Theological Seminary; a lifelong missionary 
to the Indians; translated part of the Bible into the Ojib- 
way language, and for that purpose made it a written 
language. The Indian minister who assumed the name of 
Brigham (see Persons Who Have Assumed the Name of 
Brigham) was of the Ojibway tribe of Indians, and it is 
possible that Brighams connected with Sherman Hall con- 
tributed toward his work and made the name of Brigham 
familiar to these Indians; 3 Sarah Brigham, b. 31 July, 
1805, d. 14 Sept., 1829 m. William Haskell; 4 Lydia, b. 
12 June, 1807, d. 8 Feb., 1880, m. Daniel Burbank." All of 
the above named persons have descendants living. The 
Sally, mentioned (viii, 1) in H. B. F., was not the child of 
Sarah (Brigham) Hall, but the dau. of another Hall, Aaron 
K., not of this family. 
ix Jacobc Brigham, b. 6 Dec, 1769, d. in Reading, Vt., early in 
1840, m. Polly Dudley, and lived in Sutton, Mass., Weathers- 
r. I. field and Reading, Vt.: Ch.: 1 John^ Brigham, b. in Sut- 

ton, 7 Feb., 1794, d. in Reading, about 1839; 2 Jacob 
Brigham, b. in Sutton, 7 Sept., 1795, d. in Reading, about 
1839; 3 Luke Nichols Brigham, b. in Weathersfield, 14 
Oct., 1800, d. in Mantanzas, Cuba, 4 Oct., 1839, m. Elizabeth 

. Ch.: i Mary Elizas Brigham, b. 1825, m. 

Rodman in 1839-40; ii Sarah Jane Brigham, b. 1827; 
iii Laura Ann Brigham, b. 1830; iv George Birkbeck Brig- 

O 6C ^ 

70 The Brigiiam Family 

ham, b. 1832; v John Jacob Brighatn, b. 1834; vi Isabella 
Cook Brigham, b. 1837). 
X Millicent^ Brigham, d. in Weathersfield; her tombstone says 

12 Dec, 1813, ae 42. 
xi Lydia (Brigham) Stone, wife of Isaac, had living children in 
1848 to inherit from their Aunt Anna (79, xii). Isaac 
Stone, Lydia 's husband, was a deacon in Oxford, Mass. 
xii Anna Brigham, left an estate of $3,500 to be divided among 
the children of her brothers and sisters. Jacob's children, 
however, were not mentioned. 

80 ELISHA^ BRIGHAM of Grafton, Mass. (1726- ?) ; his 
wife was Sarah (Roberts), m. 30 Dee., 1756. Both his sons d. 
in boyhood; his dau. Sarah*^ (Brigham) Daniels, wife of Zebu- 
Ion, had a family of eight eh. See H. B. F. No. 207. The 
youngest ch. of Elisha, Molly Brigham (1769-1823), had a son 
who may have been adopted by his grandfather: ,"3 

Eufus Brigham, b. in Grafton, 8 Nov., 1788; he m. in 1822, 

., A Charlotte Knox. Ch.: 1 James E. Brigham, b. in Dudley, 

^0''" 8 Nov., 1822; 2 Charlotte C. Brigham, b. 13 Feb., 1824; 

3 Mary L. Brigham, b. in Thompson, Conn., 4 Apr., 1830, d. 

there 30 June, 1830. 

83 NOAff BRIGHAM of Marlboro, d. 13 (not 3) Feb., 
1805, ae. 70 yrs; his 1st wife was Miriam (Allen); 2d wife, 
Martha Tomblin. Ch. by 1st m. : 

i Damaris" Brigham, b. 24 Apr., 1759; the M. V. R. report a m. 
of Nahum Ncwtou, G May, 1778, with Damaris Brigham. 

ii Anne or Anna Brigham, b. 25 June, 1761; the M. V. R. report 
a m. of Nathan Newton, 9 May, 1784, with Anna Brigham. 

V Miriam (Brigham) Cunningham (1772-1860), wife of Simeon. 
Ch. (Cunningham): 2 Simeon", who m. Mary Sherburn 
Sanborn of Kensington, N. H., was a large man and noted 
for his great strength of muscle. A mason by trade, he 
often said he hoped he would not live longer than he could 
work, and one day he Avas found at his work, trowel in 
hand — gone beyond. (Ch. additions and corrections: i 
Miriam« Brigham, b. 7 Dec, 1834, d. 27 Feb., 1860; ii Anna 
Marv. b. 15 Oct., 1836, d. 25 Mar., 1891; iii Levi Otis, b. 
21 Oct., 1838, m. [1] 4 June, 1865, Dora Hall, who d., m. 

[2] Etta , a widow, 3 ch.; iv Emma L., b. 4 July, 

1842, m. 25 Oct., 1860, William Ball Rice of Feltonville, 
now Hudson, b. 1 Apr., 1840, son of Obcd; he began at an 
early age to bind shoes under his father's direction and 
later became one of the world 's greatest shoe manufac- 
turers, carrying on the Rice & Hutchins shoe business; on 
his 50th birthday he gave the town of Quincy, Mass, where 
he lived, the City Hospital; he d. in 1909, survived by two 
sons and a dau.: v Lucy E., b. 7 Jan., 1844, d. 15 June, 
1871; vi Charles Henry, b. 20 July, 1846, d. 16 July, 
1888; his m. to Etta Parmeuter, in June, 1888, occurred 

Fifth Generation 71 

only a few weeks before his death); 7 Jonathan Brigham, 
as stated in the H. B. F., changed his name from Cunning- 
ham to Brigham. His dau., Martha Washington Brigham, 
m. Charles L. Brigham, No. 354. 

84 COL. TIMOTHY" BRIGHAM of Westboro and North- 
boro (1735-6-1828). Plis wife was Lydia (Wood). They had 
a family of 11 ch. Of these only two have been traced. The 
N. V. R. report a m. between Samuel Wright and a Betsey 
Brigham, on 10 Mar., 1802. Col. Timothy's youngest dau. was 
Betsey", b. 22 Oct., 1783, and would have been 19 at the time 
of this m. 

85 LIEUT. ARTEMAS^ BRIGHAM of Westboro and 
Northboro, Mass. (1739-1802) ; his wife was Keziah (Rice) 
(1741-1806), and they had eleven children. Five sons are 
represented in the next generation. One son, the eldest, was 
only named in the H. B. F. and is herewith given: 

i Jesses Brigham, b. 10 Dec, 17G2; m. 18 Dec., 1782, Elizabeth 
Henderson. Ch.: 1 Henderson' Brigham, bapt. 17 July, 
1785; 2 Artemas Brigham, bapt. same date; 3 John Brig- 
ham, bapt. 1 Mar., 1789; 4 Betsey Brigham, bapt. 15 May, 
1791; 5 Hannah Brigham, bapt. 13 Oct., 1793. p^ 

I • ' 

88 JOEL^ BRIGHAM of New Marlboro, Mass. (1751- 
1840). His 1st wife was Katee (Howe) (1757-?). Ch. : 

vi William H.e Brigham, of New Marlboro (1812-1863), m. (2) 

. ,N Jane Pelletrean Hillyer of Sheffield, Mass., 8 Apr., 1859. 

- '^ ' (His first wife and her family are given in H. B. F.). Ch. by 

2d m. : 2 Harry Hillyer^ Brigham, b. in New Marlboro, 

10 Aug., 1862, m. 8 Oct., 1903, Mary Carey. 

95 JOHN"* BRIGHAM of Shrewsbury and Phillipston, 
Mass. (1739-1818), and his wife, Zerviah (Rice) (1741-1818) 
were m. 1764 (not 1760). They had 9 ch., all mentioned in the 
H. B. F, Corrections and additions: 

Miriams Brigham was b. 18 Dec, 1764 (not 1762). 

Nahum Brigham, b. 5 Apr., 1781 m. 20 Jan., 1803, Patty 
Wright. Ch.: 1 Betsey" Brigham, b. 27 Sept., 1804, d. 22 
Sept., 1807; 2 Nancy Brigham, b. 30 July, 1807, d. 31 Aug., 

Samuel Brigham, b. 16 Jan., 1783 (not 1782); see No. 232. 

72 The Brigham Family 

99 HON. ELIJAH^ BRIGHAM of Westboro (1751-1816), 
and his 2d wife, Mrs. Sarah (Lambert) Hammock (1750-1787) ; 
his 3d wife was Sarah (Ward) (1756-1838). Ch. by 2d m. 
additions : 

iii Sally (Brigham) Gregory (1787-1867), widow of John (1779- 
1853). Ch. (Gregory): Sarah Brigham, d. in Cambridge, 
Mass., 6 June, 1910, unm., in her 88th yr. 

Ch. by 3d m. corrections : 

iv Anna Maria Brigham (not Ann), b. 14 July, 1794; see No. 248. 

vii Susan Walter Brigham (not Susanna), b. 4 May, 1798, d. 24 
Dec, 1825. 

viii Catherine Martha (Brigham) Lowe (1801-1881), widow of 
George Henry (1803-1866). Ch. (Lowe), additions: 2 
George A. (1836-1903); his widow, Anna N. (Dewing) 
Lowe, d. in Salt Lake City, Utah, 8 May, 1924. Their 
dau., Catherine A.s, m. Grant Hampton, and res. Salt Lake 

103 CAPT. JONAS-' BRIGHAM of North Brookfield, 
Mass., and Bakersfield, Vt. (1748-1 Dec, 1826). The statement 
in H. B. F. that he m. (2) Polly Wyman, 10 Nov., 1810, is an 
error. The Phillipston V. R. give the m. on 23 Jan., 1804, of 
Jonas Brigham of Bakersfield and Mrs. Abigail Smith. The 
inscriptions on the stones in Bakersfield cemetery read: 
"Annah (his first wife, see H. B. F.) d. 14 Oct., 1802, ae. 53; 
Abigail (2d wife) d. 16 July, 1840, ae. 76." He had 10 ch. by 
1st m. See H. B. F. The first wife of Jonas of Sudbury was 
Polly Wyman. 

106 ANTIPAS= BRIGHAM of Westboro and St. Albans, 
Vt., later Schoharie, N. Y. (1758-1840), and his wife, Hepsibah« 
(Brigham) (1760-1789). They had six children, none of whom 
have been traced, except Nelly*', their third child, who is 
believed to have married a man named Cone, and her grand- 
son, William Brigham® Gone, lived, a few years ago, in Seattle, 
Wash. He was apparently named for Nelly's next older 
brother. See foot-notes p. 157, H. B. F. 

108 DAVID'' BRIGHAM of Westboro (1762-1851) and 
his wife, Lucy (Harrington) (1765-1846). Ch. additions: 

i Otis6 Brigham, b. 16 Apr., 1788; see No. 265, H. B. F. 
ii Elmer Brigham, b. 25 Feb., 1790, d. 4 Feb., 1796. 

Fifth Generation 73 

viii Lucy Harrington (Brigham) Pond, wife of Dr. Benjamin, was 
b. 17 Feb., 1805, d. 11 Oct., 1887. 
ix Martha (Brigham) Fay, wife of Harrison O., was b. 16 Jan., 
1808, d. 6 May, 1886. 

110 ALPHEUS' BRIGHAM of Shrewsbury and Jaffrey, 
N. H. (1746-about 1826) and his wife, Lydia (Green) had a 
family of six children. The third, fourth and fifth sons went 
West. See Nos. 110, 269 and 270, H. B. F. The second son : 

ii Wright Brigham, has been no further reported. Recently a 
letter from Miss Martha E. Pond, Librarian of Manitowac, 
i"-* ' Wis., opens up ah interesting query. She states that a 

Wright Brigham lived in Smithfield, N. Y., Madison Co., 
where he is listed in the records as a pioneer. He had two 
sons, at least, viz: Philander Brigham and Melancthon 
Asaph Brigham. Philander remained in New York State, 
and some of his descendants live in the vicinity of Smith- 
field, among them Frank Gill of Morrisville, N. Y. Melanc- 
thon Asaph Brigham 's Bible is in the possession of a 
descendant in Wisconsin, showing he was b. in Smithfield 
13 Sept., 1804. If our Wright was his father, he was 36 
yrs. old when the boy was born. Melancthon m. 8 Mar., 
1827, Sarah Grey, b. in Pelham, Mass., June, 1804. In the 
period of the '40s or '508 they went to Wisconsin, Melanc- 
thon dying soon after. Their ch. are: 1 Celestia Brigham, 
m. Norton McShooler; 2 Henry Brigham, m. Martha More-' 
house; 3 Grace Brigham, m. Charles Bliss; 4 Watkins 
Brigham, m. Libby Haskins; 5 Elizabeth Brigham, m. 
Samuel Marston, from whom Miss Pond descends; 6 Sarah 
Brigham, m. Edwin Peck. The fact that this Wright Brig- 
ham named a son Asaph, our Wright having an elder 
brother of that name, is a clue that genealogists like to 
find; the fact that three of our Wright's brothers went 
West to New York State makes it probable that he too 
took up the trail with or after them. If any of the sons 
had remained in the East the tragic fate of their mother 
would have been impossible. See H. B. F., No. 110. 
vi Lydias (Brigham) Foster, wife of Jedediah of Jaffrey, N. H. 
Ch. (Foster): 1 Alpheus B.", d. in Jaffrey 13 Jan., 1819, 
ae. 10 yrs.; 2 Roxana, b. 8 Aug., 1810; 3 Sophronia, b. 
11 July, 1816. 

113 CAPT. STEPHEN' BRIGHAM of Shrewsbury, Fitz- 
william and Vernon, N. Y. (1754-1849) and his wife, Sarah 
(Harrington) (1754-1841). Their dau. : 

viii Electa^ (Brigham) Moore, wife of Leonard, of Utica, N. Y. 
(1794-1883). Ch. (Moore) additions: 1 Alexander Hanson^, 
b. 1814, d. 9 Apr., 1852, m. Mary Edee; he was a grocer in 
Utica (not of the firm of Dibblee, Work & Moore, New 
York City). (Ch. [Moore]: i Henry B.s, b. 1846, d. 1862, 
before Fredericksburg in the Civil War; ii Charles C, b. 
1847, d. 1853; ill Horatio 8., 1850-1898, m. Louise Sicken- 

74 The Brigham Family 

berger; was a merchant in Utica, and a member of the 
School Commission; had 2 daus.); 2 Lansing C. (1820- 
1873), m. Sarah M. Demsey; went early in life to New York 
City and became a prosperous merchant of the firm of Dib- 
blee, Work & Moore. (Ch. [Moore]: William D.s [1846- 
1883]; m. Esther Bansom; was a broker and member of the 
Stock Exchange of New Yofrk City; had two sons); 3 
Electa Brigham (1825-?), was of Utica, uum. 

119 LIEUT. JOSEPH'* BRIGHAlVr of IVIarlboro (1743- 
1810). His 1st wife was Lydia Barnes (1743-1784), and their 
dau. Lydia m. Moses Ames, which carried the so-called "Joseph 
Brigham house" on Glen street into the Ames family. He m. 
(2) 20 Apr., 1786, the widow, Anna Pike, whose maiden name 
is unknown; she m. (3) 1 Jan., 1812, James Stone, of North- 
boro. The record in the H. B. F. that Joseph lived in North- 
boro is erroneous. 

120 DR. GERSHOM' BRIGHAM of Westboro and Fitz- 
william, N. H. (1747-?). After the death of his wife, Esther 
(Belknap), in 1801, who was the mother of his children. Dr. 
Brigham m. 15 Feb., 1803, Mrs. Sarah Bush of Bolton (Bolton 
V. R.). This m. is not recorded in either Morse or the H. B. F. 
The two elder ch. of Dr. Brigham were b. in Fitzwilliam but 
the births of the others are recorded in the W, V. R. Ch., 
additions and corrections: 

i Sallys Brigham, is called Sarah in her m. record to Silas 
Witherby. Ch. (Witherby), the 2 elder ch. as in H. B. F.; 
3 Joel", b. 19 June, 1800; 4 Jesse Brigham, b. 9 Feb., 1807; 
5 Esther Louisa, b. 26 Oct., 1810. 
ii Joseph Warren Brigham, bapt. 5 May, 1776; d. y. 
iii Jesse Brigham (numbered iv in H. B. F.), b. the 24th and 
bapt. the 31st May, 1778. 
iv & V Joseph and Benjamin Brigham, twins, b. 28 May, 1780 (num- 
bered V and vi in H. B. F.). See Nos. 287 and 288 for their 
complete records, 
vi Nathaniel Brigham (numbered vii in H. B. F.), b. 7 Feb., 1785. 
vii Patty Brigham (numbered iii in H. B. F.) b. 14 June, 1787, 
m. Ebenezer Belknap 25 Sept., 1805; he may have been the 
son of Stephen and Eunice, b. 5 Apr., 1783. Their children 
are named in H. B. F. 
viii Josiah Brigham, b. 19 Dec, 1789 (not 1791) W. V. R. See 
No 289. 

122 CALEBS BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1743-1829); his 
wife, Hannah (Barnes), was twin sister of Lydia Barnes, 1st 

Fifth Generation 75 

wife of Lieut. Joseph Brigham, No. 119. Ch. additions and 
corrections : 

i Hannahe Brigham, b. 17 Apr., 1767, m. 26 Feb., 1789, Levi 
Gates of New Marlboro. 

ii Dorothy Brigham, d. 23 Aug., 1785, within 4 days of her 15th yr. 
iii Willard Brigham, b. 7 (not 1) Oct., 1772. See No. 292. 

iv Francis Brigham, d. 14 (not 24) Nov., 1796, ae. 20 yrs., when 
a student at Harvard College. 

vi David Brigham, b. 8 Mar., 1781. A full account of his family 
has been received, and if it had been available when the 
H. B. F. was published would have followed his brother 
Caleb, No. 293. The amount of the material requires that 
it should appear as 293a, this volume. 

123 BENAJAH= BRIGHAM of Westboro and Marlboro 
(1745-46-1822), His wife was Abigail (Bent), descended from 
the distinguished Peter Bent (1754-1837). Ch. corrections: 

V Jabez8 Brigham, b. 12 May (not March), 1781. See No. 297. 
vi Mary (Brigham) Lancaster, b. 4 Feb. (not July), 1784. 

124 HANNAH^ (BRIGHAM) MAYNARD (1748-1815), 
wife of Hezekiah, Jr. (1742-1824) of Marlboro, where they res. 
Ch. (Maynard) additions: 

i Bethiahs, d. 12 Oct., 1770, ae. 6 mos. 

ii Zadock, d. 8 Jan., 1776, ae. 5 yrs., 4 mos. 
iii (Capt.) Abel, m. 21 Oct., 1804, Nancy Eice; their son William' 

was b. 5 May, 1807. 
xi Charles, d. 13 June, 1823, ae. 33. 

125 GERSHOM« BRIGHAM (1750-1817) of Marlboro, 
and Fayston, Vt. (ancestor of W. I. T. Brigham) ; his wife was 
Sarah (Allen) (1756-1829). Their ch. addition: 

iiia Stephen^ Brigham, not named in H. B. F., but given in M. V. 

^ A •> ^' E., was baptized 28 Oct., 1792, six days after the birth of 

»^' ^ Elisha (iv); the M. V. E. does not report Stephen further. 

126 STEPHEN^ BRIGHAM of Mansfield, Conn. (1744- 
1816), was the son of Elnathan and Bethiah (Ward) Brigham. 
His 2d wife was Hannah (Field), and the mother of their son: 

ix Elishafl Brigham. See No. 305a for a "lost line." 

133a JOHN" BRIGHAM, son of Samuel and Mary 
Brigham, recorded in H. B. F. under No. 48, iv, was b. 31 Jan., 
1746 ; m. 15 Oct., 1772, Gate (Catherine) Willis, dau. of Elijah 

76 The Brigham Family 

and Abigail (Smith) Willis, b. 10 Oct., 1750. On p. 115, No. 50, 
attributed to John*, No. 15, i, son of Thomas and Elizabeth 
(Bowker) Brigham, will be found a list of children which 
belong to John^ and his wife Gate (Willis) Brigham. There 
are 12 of them, and they are of the 6th generation and not the 
5th. The sons SamueP, Elijah, Eber and William, should have 
appeared with their families on p. 282 of the H. B. F., preced- 
ing Peter, No. 316, and following Edwin G., No. 315, their 
numbers being 315, a, b, c and d. The ch. are not repeated 
here as they are correctly given under No. 50, except that 
under ix, Elisha Maynard should be Elihu. 

134a HANNAH^* (BRIGHAM) GLEASON (1754-?), 
wife of Samuel of Sudbury. Ch. (Gleason), i and ii H. B. F. 
are no further reported : 

iii MaryS, m. 21 Aug., 1803, Israel Haynes, Jr., his 2d wife. Ch. 
(Haynes): 1 Eeuben^, b. 8 Feb.', 1804-05, m. 30 Dec, 1827, 
Mrs. Lydia Hosmer of Concord, Mass.; 2 Orisa, b. 27 Nov., 
1805, m. 13 Apr., 1823, Charles Gerry. The 2d ch. out of 
15, Martha A.s (1825-1898), m. John Whitman Eice; their 
son, Edgar Whitmans Eice, m. Alice E. Puffer, whose dau., 
Lydia Miles^o Eice, m. Frank W. Morse, M.D. (gr. gr-ch. 
of Lucys (Brigham) Stratton (No. 42, xi), who d. in 1916. 
Orisa Gerry had 58 gr. ch.; 3 Leander, b. 25 Dec, 1807, m. 
2 Oct., 1832, Harriet Hunt, dau. of William and Esther 
(Brigham), No. 135, iv; she was omitted from H. B. F. ; 
they had 14 ch. and 18 gr. ch. A dau. of Orisa (Haynes) 
Gerry above, Laura A., m. a son, Eeuben Moore, Jr., of 
Lucinda (Brigham) Moore, No. 135, v, H. B. F., who was 
a sister of Esther (Brigham) Hunt; 4 Israel, b. 22 Jan., 
1810, d. unm. 1849; 5 Dorcas Mary, b. 18 Feb., 1813, m. 30 
Apr., 1837, in Acton, Eli Willis; 10 ch., 21 gr. ch.; 6 Zebe- 
diah Maynard, b. 18 Apr., 1815, m. Sarah Moody; 4 ch.; 
7 Eli Jewell, b. 12 July, 1817, m. 7 Dec, 1848, Olive G, 
Goodnow; 5 ch. ; 8 Sarah Hannah, b. 14 Aug., 1819, m. 28 
June, 1843, John Cross; res. Lincoln, Me.; several ch.; 
9 Warren How, b. 5 Apr., 1822, m. Mary Parmenter; both 
d. in Watertown, s. p. 

150 ASHBEL SAMUEL=^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1772- 
1839) lived on the SamueP place on Brigham street, Marlboro 
(where the late Addington M. Brigham resided), with his wife, 
Persis (Brigham) (1774-1829). Their m. took place in South- 
boro, 21 Aug. (not 24), 1794. See Nos. 354-357, H. B. F. for 

Fifth Generation 77 

151 LOVEWELL^' BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1754-1824). 
Was on the earliest school committee in Marlboro. His wife 
was Betty (Rice), and his eldest ch. was b. in Saxonville; all 
the others were b. in Marlboro. See H. B. F. Repeated from 
Morse, a tenth ch. named William is named in the H. B. F. 
Neither the M. V. R. nor the H. M. give any such record. On 
the contrary, the H. M. records a tenth ch. named Salome^', and 
in the S. V. R. a Brigham woman by that name is m. to Edwin 
A. Potter, 23 Apr., 1833. If Salome were the last ch. she was 
probably not more than sixteen years old in 1833. 

153 DEA. ARTEMAS' BRIGHAM, of New Marlboro, 
Mass., and his wife, Mary (Cornish). No dates are found for 
them. Their dau., additions : 

viii Cynthiafl (Brigham) Wilcox, wife of Thomas, was left a widow 
at the age of 28, and d. in Lansing, Mich., in 1871. She 
lived in Vernon, N. Y., where her ch. were born. Ch. 
(Wilcox): 1 Charlotte", m. Hiram Penfield Sanford. Of 
their seven ch. only two are traced. (Ch. [Sanford] : 
i M. E.8, a son, who had a dau. Stella^, who m. C. D. Brown 
and had two ch. ; ii Jennie^, m. George HoUis Griffith; 
lived in Rochester, N. Y., until 1892, when moved to Chi- 
cago, where were living in 1908. Ch. [Griffith] : 1 Jo- 
sephine^, res. Ann Arbor, Mich.; 2 Charlotte, who d. at 
the age of 16); 2 Caroline, m. a Mr. Fuller, and lived on a 
farm near Jackson, Mich. (Ch. [Fuller]: i Harriets ; ii 
Amelia; iii Henry). 

155 JOHN= BRIGHAM of Princeton, Mass., Alstead and 
Ackworth, N. H. (1758-1841), and his wife, Lydia (Howe). 
Ch. corrections : 

iii Johns Brigham is recorded as marrying Mrs. Eunice Clark. 
The name was Emma, not Eunice. Ch. : 1 Lydia" Brigham, 
m. a man named Iddo (not Ide), and their daughter Eunice 
Iddo should be Emma. 

161 AARON'' BRIGHAM of Princeton (1781-1840), m. 
Charlotte Reed (not Read). This correction should also be 
made under Nos. 383 and 384. 

162 CAPT. DANIEL" BRIGHAM of ^larlboro (1760- 

1818); his wife was Thankful (Brigham) (1765-1824). Ch. 

corrections and additions: 

i Muryo (Brigham) Stevens, wife of Capt. John (1777-1822); 
their dau. Charlotte", 6th ch., m. 20 May, 1835, Dennis F. 

78 The Brigham Family 

Witherbee of Westboro (who was not the son of Hepsibah 
[Brigham] Witherbee, No. 201). 
vi Thankful (Brigham) Stow, wife of Rufus of Marlboro. They 
had 11 ch., only 4 of whom are named in H. B. F. Ch. 
(Stow): 1 Infant", b. and d. 1 June, 181."; 2 Betsey, b. 
1816, d. 1843, m. 1838, Dennis Witherbee; 3 Louisa B., b. 
1818, m. 1839, Francis Stow; 4 Catharine H., b. 1820, m. 
1842, John H. Maynard; 5 Phebe A., b. 1822, m. 1842, 
William Eager; 6 Abigail, b. 1823, d. 1849, m. 1844, Dennis 
Witherbee, widower of her sister Betsev (he m. [3] Sophia 
Rice, No. 167, x) ; 7 Thankful B., b. 1824, m. 1845, Hiram 
W. Fav; 8 Mary L., b. 1826, m. 1847, Lewis Felton; 9 
William Bradford, b. 14 Mar., 1828, d. 1 Dec, 1848; 10 
Almira W., b. 1830, m. Dea. Levi Baker; 11 Harriet S., 
bapt. 5 May, 1833. 

163 CAPT. AARON-' BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1762- 
1831); his wife was Betty (Barnes) (1766-1858). Ch. addi- 
tions : 

i Lydia (Brigham) Howe, wife of Windsor of Lowell, Mass., 
m. 2 (not 12) Oct., 1808; they had nine ch., eight daus. and 
one son. See M. V. R. for list. 

iii Betty (Brigham) Rice, wife of Jonathan of Marlboro; they 
were m. 23 (not 25) Mar., 1809. They had ten ch. and the 
youngest, called Charlotte Brigham in the H. B. F., is given 
in a C. R. as Charlotte Barrett. 

iv Sally (Brigham) Howe, wife of Capt. Abraham, had 4 ch. 
(Howe) not given elsewhere: 1 Aaron, b. 2 Feb., 1812; 
2 Archelaus, b. 22 Jan., 1814; 3 Edward Barnes, b. 16 
Jan., 1816; 4 Abraham Wellington, b. 28 July, 1818. 

164 MAJOR JEDEDIAH'* BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1766 
[not 1776J-1846); his wife was Lydia (Boyd) (1770-1824). 
Ch. additions and corrections : 

ii Lydiao (Brigham) Morse (1793-1875), wife of Lyman of 
Southboro. The ch. (Morse) may have been b. in South- 
boro, but the first five are noted in the M. V. R. See 
H. B. F.: 2 Ocean Ann, b. 13 Jan., 1818, d. 1892, m. 26 
Sept., 1842, the Rev. Addison G. Fay of Concord. (Ch. 
[Fay]: i Addison O.s, 1845-1906, m. Martha Adams of 
Concord; 2 ch.; ii Augustus L, deceased, m. Ida Wilson of 
Hudson; 5 ch.; iii Mary, d. unm. ae. about 18; iv Robert 
G., m. Susie Parsell of Kansas City; 3 ch.); 4 Burleigh, 
b. 3 Sept., 1822, d. 1896; a leading citizen of Marlboro; m. 
(1) Anjanette Brigham, No. 293, x. (Ch.: i Ellen A.s, b. 
28 June, 1849, d. 5 June, 1920); m. (2) Mary A. Wise. 
(Ch.: ii Harriet, b. 26 Oct., 1857, m. Geo. Hale Piper, 19 
Sept., 1889; 4 ch.; iii Jcannette L., b. 8 Sept., 1859, m. 
11 Feb., 1900, Theodore C. Graves, who d. 1902; iv Walter 
B., b. 26 June, 1863, d. 1 May, 1923, m. 2 Dec, 1891, Susie 
Swift; he was Mayor of Marlboro, 1901-1903; 4 eh.; v 
Mary Lucinda (1861-1862); vi Lydia D., b. 15 Aug., 1869, 

Fifth Generation 79 


author of text-books on domestic science, her specialty in 
teaching; vii John W., b. 28 May, 1875, Lieut.-Com. 
U. S, N.; m. 9 Oct., 1907, Delia Frye; 4 ch.); 5 Lydia B. 
(Morse) Garfield, wife of Moses B., b. 6 Nov., 1824, d. 1911. 
(Ch. [Garfield]: i Moses H.s, b. 28 Sept., 1846, d. 6 Oct., 
1906, m. Oct., 1865, Isabelle Hastings of Marlboro; 2 ch.; 
ii Lyman [1849-1922], m. Maria Hawes; 7 ch.); 7 Martha 
D. (Morse) Ball, wife of Lewis R, d. 1914. (Ch. [Ball]: 
i Betseys, deceased; ii Nixon, res. unm. in Richmond, Va.); 
8 Charles F., b. IB Jan., 1832, d. 22 Jan., 1910, a newspaper 
man, influential citizen, and a man of distinction; m. 26 
Aug., 1855, Angeline (not Angle) Bigelow, (Ch. [Morse]: 
i Lizzies, b. 12 Jan., d. 7 Mar., 1857; ii Edith F., b. 12 
Oct., 1858, m. 30 June, 1886, Ealph P. Barker; 3 ch.; iii 
Gertrude B., b. 30 Sept., 1861, d. 17 Sept., 1863; iv Ethel 
F., b. 6 Oct., 1864, d. 15 Aug., 1871; vi Faith Emily, b. 
29 June, 1872, d. 16 Jan., 1920; she was a well-known singer, 
and lived abroad a number of years); 9 Frederick H., b. 
15 Mar., 1834, d. 15 Nov., 1906,' m. Emilv F. Havden, b. 5 
June, 1838, d. 30 May, 1922. (Ch.: i Edward S.s, b. 27 
Oct., 1858; ii Porter,* b. 10 Apr., 1861, d. 2 Feb., 1917; 
iii Genevieve L., b. 23 Feb., 1864, m. Walter Priest; iv 
Frederick H., b. 15 Nov., 1865, d. 15 Aug., 1866) ; 10 Eliza- 
beth, b. 1837, d. 4 Feb., 1846, of scarlet fever. 
Augusta (Brigham) Stevens, b. 16 (not 10) March, 1814, m. 
John W. of No. 162, 8 Sept., 1839. Ch. (Stevens): Eliza 
Brighams (Stevens) Lewis, wife of Frederick A., d. 5 Nov., 
1922; 1 dau.9, who d. y. 

166 ARTEMAS= BRIGHAIVI of Bridgton, Me. (1776- 
1862) and his wife, Lydia (Brigliam), Ch. additions and cor- 
rections : 

i Lydiafi (Brigham) Holden, wife of William P. of Bridgton. 
Ch. (Holden): 2 Esther Damon", d. 19 Nov., 1914, ae. 85 
yrs. ; 4 Charles William, of Hudson. His wife, Martha 
(Willard), was b. Sept., 1839 (not 1849), d. 3 June, 1912. 
Their dau., Martha Martina^, was b. 2 (not 5) May, 1876. 

167 LUCY= (BRIGHAM) RICE (1779-1850), wife of Eli 
of Marlboro, was the first woman school teacher in Marlboro. 
Her daus. (Rice) : 

iv Emilys (Rice) Phelps, wife of Edward (1806-1836). Ch. 
(Phelps): 1 Edward Winslow^, b. 26 June, 1827; 2 Eliza 
Brigham, b. 4 Mar., 1829; 3, 4, 5 and 6 d. as infants, 
vii Sophronia (Rice) Phelps, wife of Edward, widower of her 
sister, Emily (1813-1877). Ch. (Phelps): Emily Rice", b, 
16 Nov., 1837. 

169 LEWIS'' BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1756-1803) and 
his wife Mary (Rice) (1767-1797). Their dau. : 

80 TuE Brigham Faauly 

V Abigail (Brigham) Allen, the youngest child, lost her mother 

when she was ten months old. She was taken by her 
grandfather, Benjamin Eice, and given his name. Under 
that name she m. Benjamin Weeks Allen, son of Stephen 
and Catherine (Weeks) of Marlboro, who was b. 27 Oct., 
1786. They lived in Amherst, and their cb. are recorded 
in the H. B. F. 

171 CAPT. CHARLES' BRIGHAM of Graftou (1769- 
1847) and his wife, Susanna (Baylies, not Baylis). The fourth 
line in H. B. F. under this section, Nicholas and William Bay- 
lis should read Baylies. This correction should be made 
throughout this section. 

172 SUSANNA'* (BRIGHAM) GOULDING (1770-1850) 
and her husband, Capt. Ephraim (1765-1838). Ch. (Goulding) 
additions : 

V EphraimG, d. in Millbury, Mass., 30 Oct., 1869; m. (1) 17 Nov., 

1824, Eunice Dunsm'ore, who d. 11 Apr., 1841; m. (2) 30 
June, 1842, Emily Carter, who d. 16 Aug., 1894. Ch. by 
first m. (Goulding) : 1 Ephraim L.t, b. 31 July, 1825, m. 
1 May, 1849, Henrietta M. Mitchell; 2 ch.; 2 Edward H., 
b. 16 Nov., 1827; removed to Alton, 111., and d. in 1895; he 
m. four times and had ch., some of whom live in Alton; 
3 Susan Brigham, b. 14 July, 1831, d. 31 Dec, 1862, m. 1 
May, 1861, Isaac Follett; 4 Charles Henry, b. 24 Mar., 
1838; lived in Peabody, Mass.; m. twice and had 2 ch. 
Ch. by second m. : 5 Emilie Frances, b. 29 Mar., 1847, m. 
26 Dec, 1895, Adelbert Allen, who d. 11 Mar., 1913; 6 
George Arthur, b. 23 June, 1856, d. 6 Dec, 1862. 



Let it not be forgotten that the sixth generation as shown 
in "The History of the Brigham Family" is larger than all in 
the Morse Genealogy, and the seventh generation is nearly 
as large as the sixth. 

The Forbes family of Westboro was united with the Brig- 
hams through the marriage of Sarah, daughter of Moses' Brig- 
ham of Westboro, to Jonathan Forbes. The young couple 
acquired the Moses Brigham house on West Main street, a 
description of which, taken from the "Hundredth Town" is 
given on page 129 of the H. B. F. There they raised a family 
of nine children, who in their turn contributed several large 
families to the community. One of Sarah's great-grandchil- 
dren is Judge William T. Forbes of Worcester, who married 
Miss Harriette Merrifield, No. 414, v, a daughter of a Brigham 
woman of Grafton. 

Moses, Jr., a brother of Sarah, graduating in the same 
class with Elijah, afterward the judge, tried business without 
success in Concord, Vt., and Hanover, N. H., and then went 
to Canada, where he went into land speculation. 

Two other members of the family of Moses^ remained in 
Westboro, Phineas and Mehitabel, but Ebenezer was early in 
Townshend, Vt., \vhere his son, John Hazeltine, and grandson, 
Bela Brewster, were prominent. Joseph was graduated from 
Harvard and Dartmouth Colleges, was a lawyer in Marlboro, 
and after the War of 1812 went to Canada, and at his death 
was buried by the side of his brother IMoses in Delaware, near 
London. Sally Clarinda, his third daughter, married John 
Cotting of IMarlboro, the landlord of Cotting tavern. 

The old sleighing parties in the farm-wagon body on run- 
ners, drawn by two or more horses, were popular amusements 
in a region where snow lingered for three months or more in 
the year. Seated on straw in the bottom of the wagon, young 
men and women made the "welkin ring" with the songs of the 
olden time. Always they went to a tavern, such as were com- 
mon along the traveled highways. The John Cotting tavern, 

82 The Brigham Family 

presided over by a housewife born a Brigham, was in the 
highest repute. The dinners and suppers prepared by this 
skillful lady, Aunt Sally, as she was called, were known far 
and wide. "Flip" was a beverage much called for. It was 
cream beer, served in large mugs, into which the landlord ran 
an iron rod about two feet long with a ball at the end the size 
of a walnut, which was heated red hot. This made the beer 
foam and was a very acceptable drink after a cold ride. Then 
came the fiddler's opportunity, who played "Money Musk," 
"Turkey in the Straw," and many other popular dance tunes, 
which Henry Ford is now seeking to reinstate in the good 
graces of dancers to-day. The Longfellow Wayside Inn, Sud- 
bury, now owned by him, was a favorite rendezvous for 
sleighing parties from Marlboro, and was then known as the 
"Red Horse Tavern." 

The old Williams Tavern, now somewhat fallen from its 
once high estate, comes into the story of the sixth generation. 
Elizabeth'^ Brigham, daughter of Capt. Daniel, No. 162, mar- 
ried Abraham Gates, and for a few years was the hostess of 
the tavern which boasted of having entertained President 
George Washington and the Duke de la Rochefoucauld. This 
site, on the "Post Road" from Boston to Worcester, has been 
occupied by a tavern for 250 years. Harriet Brigham, a sister 
of Mrs. Gates, was the next hostess, as the wife of Jabez With- 
erbee, and they had a family of nine children. In those days 
Williams Tavern ranked among the very best of public houses 
in Massachusetts. The old parlor table, from which President 
Washington dined at the tavern, is preserved, and the Masonic 
bowl, pitcher and mug used there. When the stage driver 
reached Felton Hill, on the opposite side of Williams Pond, he 
blew his horn, and this tooting gave the inn-keeper notice of the 
approach of passengers and their number. A descendant of 
Mrs. Harriet Witherbee is Mrs. Ella Frances (Witherbee), 
wife of Arthur W. Furlong of Somerville, Mass. 

Col. Ephraim", of Marlboro, left a large family of sixteen 
children, all of whom reached adult age, and several had large 
families. One of his sons was a clergyman, said to have been 
"the father of Methodism in Worcester and Fitchburg." A 
descendant, in the ninth generation, Nathaniel Maynard Brig- 
ham, was a noted tenor singer, first in the Glee Club of Harvard 

Sixth Generation 83 

College from which he was graduated, and later in all parts of 
the country. He had a voice of rare beauty. 

One hundred and ten or fifteen years ago, cotillion 
dances were held in Marlboro every Thursday night for years. 
Cotting's Hall was the scene of much pleasure in those days, 
and the master of ceremonies was Caleb" Brigham, No. 293. 
His wife, Martha, was a daughter of William Brigham, No. 74. 
Caleb was a portly man, with a fine presence, a clear resonant 
voice and perfect manners. His standing in the community 
was unquestioned. Nearly all of Marlboro of his day (1778- 
1842) who learned to dance were pupils of Mr. Brigham, and 
they learned at the same time courtesy and refinement, from 
the celebrated violin player and dancing master. 

Sophia Rice was the daughter of Lucy Brigham and Eli 
Rice. Lucy°, No. 167, the daughter of Winslow* Brigham, was 
the first woman school teacher employed by the town of Marl- 
boro. Sophia®, who married Dennis Witherbee, was full of 
vivacity at the age of 80, when she danced a minuet, to the 
accompaniment of an ancient spinnet, with her niece. This 
sprightly lady, speaking of the great number of Brighams in 
Marlboro, said : "My mother was a Brigham, two of my 
brothers married Brighams ; father's only sister married a 
Brigham ; my husband's mother was a Brigham ; two of her 
sisters married Brighams ; three of her sons married Brighams, 
but my name was Rice." An unprejudiced listener would 
certainly have concluded it was marvelous that anyone in 
Marlboro escaped being a Brigham. 

Ithamar Brigham, Jr., No. 208, settled on laud in the west 
part of Marlboro purchased of his father-in-law Solomon 
Barnes, whose daughter Catharine he married. Ithamar built 
a substantial house near the present ]\Iaplewood Cemetery, 
which in later years was laid out on part of this farm. Their 
son Levi was a physician and Joseph (his son) was a Boston 
merchant. But Moses, the third son, was the favorite of his 
childless uncle Silas and his wife Persis (Stowe). Having no 
children to bring up, many precious possessions were acquired 
in one way or another, and Aunt Persis had no equal with her 
needle. Therefore, Moses inherited a store of treasures, which 
he as well as his wife, Susan (Fosgate), fully appreciated. 
Among the heirlooms was the grandfather clock, pewter plates, 

84 The Brigham Family 

a lovely set of pink cups, and a wonderful pewter tankard 
which had been used at the communion table in the old church 
in Southboro; in this Silas used to keep the honey from his 
bees; then there was the large pink dish which held the wed- 
ding cake of Moses and Susan; pillow cases spun from flax 
Aunt Persis raised, and antiques of value. In this part of the 
town there were four couples, Moses and Susan Brigham, Sol- 
omon, Jr. and Sarah (Howe) Barnes, Israel Howe and wife, 
and John Cotting and his wife, Sallie Brigham, all intimate 
friends, who frequently met at each other's homes, and their 
card parties were enjoyable affairs. During the evening the 
big flip glass of home-made toddy was passed around for each 
to sip, and the ceremony was repeated when the time for 
departure came. 

Two men of Westboro were of the tj^pe who accom- 
plished much practical business in their lifetime, Pierpont 
and Dexter Brigham, younger sons of Capt. Edmund's large 
family, one settling on the farm of Capt. Edmund, and Dexter 
becoming an inn-keeper and a trader, with a large capacity 
for affairs. 

Lincoln Brigham, No. 200, of Southboro and Cambridge, 
had an exceptional family of children, all leading persons in 
their several circles of life. Elijah Dana had large interests 
in Boston, both military and civic. His merchant brothers, 
Joseph Lincoln and Erastus Forbes, appear in the next genera- 
tion, as does his distinguished brother, the celebrated jurist, 
Judge Lincoln Flagg Brigham. 

Three of the sons of Lieut. Artemas of Northboro remained 
in that vicinity, Gardner, Henry and Lovell, while John trav- 
eled, first to New York State and then West, where his son, 
John Swarrow Brigham, left a large and interesting family 
of children. Edward D. is now as far as the State of Wash- 
ington, and others scattered from Chicago onward to the 
Pacific. Moses, settling in Binghamton, N. Y., has descendants 
in Oregon, as well as in Binghamton. 

John, James and Walter Brigham, of the John^ and Joel* 
line, placed their mark upon Dunkirk and Fredonia, N. Y., and 
produced business men of a higli grade. 

About 1836, JoeP Brigham, another descendant of Joel*, 
took his way to Lodi, Ohio, and a large number of families 

Sixth Generation 85 

from him are settled in that State, while other descendants 
have gone farther on into this wonderful western world. 

We must speak of Dr. Samuel Brigham, born of that John' 
family, who went to Phillipston. The doctor was not only a 
good physician, but a fine violinist, and his descendants, in 
some cases, have inherited his musical gifts. They are to be 
found in Ohio, Michigan and Iowa. 

Among those who went to the territory of Michigan in 
the earlier days of western emigration was Ebenezer* Brigham, 
out of the David" line. No. 97, x. His home is now in Dane 
County, Wis. One of the original proprietors of the city of 
Madison, Wis., he became a large land-holder. The testimonial 
of the Dane County Bar at the time of his death is given on 
page 150, H. B. F. 

He invited his nephew, Elijah A., son of Edmund Trow- 
bridge Brigham, No. 235, to visit him in Wisconsin, which he 
did. They attended a meeting of the Sox and Foxes, an 
Indian tribe. They sat in a circle, the old chief taking the 
first puff on the Pipe of Peace ; then passed it round the circle. 
They trusted and treated Ebenezer Brigham in all confidence. 
Although his uncle much desired him to settle there Elijah 
Brigham did not think that wild sort of life would suit him 
and returned to Philadelphia. 

A very prominent man in Quincy, Mass., was Josiah Brig- 
ham, from the Northboro home of Winslow and Alice (Gush- 
ing) Brigham, whose large family of children and descendants 
were Northboro residents until the present time, when several 
have died. Josiah seems to have been connected with banks, 
institutions and organizations in his adopted town, and he 
Avas deeply interested in the Militia. 

Four of the sons of Jonas of the last generation, had large 
families and though the children were born in North Brook- 
field, they went to Bakersfield, Vt. We have no record, how- 
ever, of INIichael, outside of Brookfield. Dr. Luther also seems 
to have preferred Massachusetts. The youngest son, Cheney, 
was the father of Robert and Elizabeth Brigham of hospital 

From the Sudbury family of Elijah® came Danforth 
Phipps Brigham, a city official in Lowell, Mass., and a repre- 
sentative to the Legislature. He had a number of superior 

86 The Brigham Family 

daughters, some of whom were faithful friends of the Brigham 
Family Association, as was his son, Charles W. 

Josiah Fay Brigham, son of Uriah, of Bakersfield, Vt., had 
to assume the care of the family affairs at an early age because 
of the death of his father. He was a leading man in his town, 
having a large interest in public affairs. He was often chosen 
selectman and three times went to the Legislature. He took a 
great interest in Brigham Academy, the money for its founda- 
tion having come from his brother, Peter Bent. 

In Chautauqua County lived Mrs. Elijah Risley, Abigail 
Brigham, No. 226, daughter of one of the sons of Joel* who 
emigrated with all his family to New York State, and sister 
of John, James and Walter just mentioned. In this generation 
are several families in and around Fredonia and Dunkirk, 
whose numbers ran from four to fourteen children. Abigail 
Risley's family were seven in number, and she and her husband 
celebrated their golden wedding and also their 59th anni- 
versary together. She lived into her 87th year, but Gen. Risley 
died in his 83d year. Representatives of these Fredonia and 
Dunkirk families are to be found in all of our following gen- 
erations, men of large activities. 

The Fitzwilliam family of Levi^, grandson of David^, runs 
from Nos. 239 to 246 inclusive in the H. B. F., and in Wauwa- 
tosa. Wis., will be found numbers of them, while the State of 
New Hampshire is dotted with families of this branch. 

Dr. Luther Brigham, No. 256, of the Brookfield family of 
Jonas®, later of Bakersfield, practised in western Massachu- 
setts. He was liberally educated, and because of his talents as 
a speaker was in demand as a lecturer. 

A man of amazing energy, which he devoted to the good 
of town and church in Westboro, was Otis Brigham, of the 
David^ line. He was much interested in the genealogy of the 
Brighams and at one time had most of the records Morse after- 
ward gathered. His manuscripts were scattered, and were not 
available to Morse. He used annually to have fireside gath- 
erings in Westboro of the Brighams within reach. 

The landlord of the American House in Boston for many 
years was Abraham Munroe Brigham, whose wife was Mind- 
well Brigham of Northboro. He was a son of the noted sur- 
geon. Dr. Daniel Brigham. He lived to be 86 years old, and 

Sixth Generation 87 

was succeeded by his niece's husband, Lewis Rice, who was 
followed by his son, Col. Henry Brigham® Rice, whose brother 
was Major Lewis F. Rice, one of the directors of the B. F. A. 
for a number of years. 

The Rev. David Brigham, No. 266, also in David's line, 
was born in Westboro. His long career in the ministry covered 
sixty-two years. He left descendants who are living in Fall 
River and Brockton, occupying responsible places in the busi- 
ness world of to-day. 

Elmer Brigham of Westboro, of the same line of David, 
was one of the ablest citizens of that place. He had a grand- 
son, Elmer P. Howe, late of Boston, who was a distinguished 

Dr. Thomas S. was a son of Gov. Paul Brigham, and is 
shown, with his large family, under No. 310. The known de- 
tails of his life are few, but he was celebrated in his profession. 
A son of his third daughter, Henry Thomas, had an interesting 
career as an early pioneer in the West, undergoing many hard- 
ships. His story and that of his descendants is given in this 
volume under No. 310. The Orr's Island branch comes from 
Dr. Thomas, through his son, James Dana, and has not been 
published before. 

Under No. 301, the Rev. Benjamin Baxter Brigham is 
named, his father having been Gershom of Fayston, Vt. He 
emigrated to Michigan, and little was known of his children. 
In Oklahoma the line of his eldest son has been found and is 
shown in this volume. 

The Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, in its excellent location 
on Huntington Avenue, Boston, is a fine monument to the 
thought of the man from Bakersfield, Vt., Peter Bent Brigham, 
who acquired the fortune Avith which it is endowed. The corps 
of physicians who work there are unsurpassed. 

Among others from Bakersfield, Vt., there came to Boston 
in his early youth, Henry Randolph Brigham, whose father 
was Benjamin Gott, and whose uncle was Peter Bent Brigham. 
The Boston Bar admitted him at the age of twenty-one and 
before his death he was a member of a law firm with a large 
practice. Intellectually keen and with high ideals, he made 
his mark even in his short life of 36 years. His son, of Cam- 

The Brigham Family 

bridge and Boston, was one of the civilians who did remark- 
able work during the World War. See this volume, No. 344. 

One of the oldest shoe manufacturing concerns in this 
country, doing business now, was founded by Capt. Francis 
Brigham in Feltonville, now Hudson, Mass. His sons are gone. 

It is sometimes a sorrowful thing to find oneself the sur- 
vivor of a generation as did Charles Brigham, of Hudson, No. 
360. One of the busiest and most public-spirited men of his 
day, %vhen the leisure of old age came he missed greatly the 
comrades who had borne the heat and burden of the day with 
him. As he once said, "When I call them, none answer." 

The Rev. John Clark Brigham, D.D., No. 363, of the New 
Marlboro branch, traveled extensively in South America in 
the interests of the American Board of Foreign Missions. His 
executive abilities found scope in the work of the correspond- 
ing secretary of the American Bible Society, and his influence 
brought about the erection of the building for that society in 
New York. He was a brother of a noted alienist. Dr. Amariah 
Brigham, No. 365, of Utica, N. Y., who came to the rescue of 
the insane when "there was no eye to pity and no arm to save." 
It is said of him : "He was the pioneer in all modern methods 
for caring for the insane." He was succeeded by his nephew, 
Dr. Dwight Burrell, No. 366, viii, who died in 1910. 

Brownington, Vt., made a home for Capt. Silas^ Brigham, 
of the Princeton line, and in that place grew to manhood and 
womanhood a family of nine children. Three sons came to 
Boston, Edmund Sanford, who was connected with the State 
House ; Albert Smith, a business man, and Charles, No. 381, 
who went into the Boston post-office in 1837, and for sixty 
years was a noted employee of that government institution. 
Another brother, John Morey, kept the "Brigham Hotel" in 
Derby Center, Vt. 

Another of the Princeton family, Micajah R., No. 384, son 
of Aaron'', emigrated to Michigan, and finally lived in Toledo, 
Ohio, where his children have resided for many years. Wil- 
liam Elbridge, however, has lately removed to Connecticut for 
business reasons, and is one of the officers of the Brigham 
Family Association. Micajah's son Oshea S., M. D. is a physi- 
cian in Toledo. 

One of the merchants of Marlboro was William Pitt Brig- 

Sixth Generation 89 

ham, No. 397, with a long line of descendants. In the time of 
the gold fever he went to California, and crossed the Isthmus 
twice, before any railroad was constructed. 

In 1813 a young man of Sudbury, John Brigham, No. 328, 
went to Georgia, where he secured a large plantation and also 
engaged in business. Twenty-seven years later he returned 
to New England and went into the lumber business in Water- 
town, in which he was joined by his brother William, the 
father of Charles the architect. Energy and business ability 
like that of his ancestor, John^, was a prominent trait with 
this John. He founded a Southern line, that of William', No. 
620, in Girard, Ga., whose seven sons and three daughters have 
given a large number of Brighams to that State whose records 
are interesting. See this volume, 791-796 inclusive. 

Rebecca" Brigham, No. 332, daughter of Joseph of Sud- 
bury, whose wife was that fine woman, Rebecca Haynes out 
of one of the old Sudbury families, married Lawrence Thomp- 
son, a planter of Alabama. Her daughter, Rebecca Bayless, 
wife of William W., lives in Florence, Ala., and has descend- 
ants in Louisville, Ky., and Atlanta, Ga., thus forming another 
Southern branch. 

Charles® Brigham, out of Ashbel Samuel's family, went 
from the farm on Brigham street in Marlboro, to Philadelphia, 
where he had a family of ten children, see No. 356, thus form- 
ing another line south, not west of New England. 

One of the Grafton Brigham women. Miss Sarah Prentice 
Brigham, No. 409, iv, was connected with Dr. Edward Everett 
Hale's "Lend-a-Hand Society," and for years gave her services 
in the cause of the distribution of reading matter throughout 
the South, a much needed work. The good she did has been 
written in higher annals than ours. 

One who passed his 95th birthday a little more than a 
month before his death, was Nicholas H. Brigham of Grafton, 
No. 411. He was a business man in a large way, but retired 
about fourteen years before his decease. A fine type of the 
race, he was a significant figure in all circles in which he 

An eminent lawyer in Boston, one of the brothers of the 
last named Brigham, was William, No. 410. Very active as a 
legislator, a founder of the Republican party, a reviewer in 

90 The Brigham Family 

leading magazines, and speaker before societies, he drew too 
largely on his forces, and succumbed at an early age. His 
eldest son, William Tufts, was a noted scientist with a resi- 
dence in Honolulu. He was a voluminous writer on the sub- 
jects to which he devoted himself, and for many years he had 
charge of the Bishop Museum of Ethnology. His death, at the 
the age of 85, occurred in January, 1926. Edward Brigham 
lives on Brigham Hill in Grafton. The second son, Charles 
Brooks Brigham, M.D., an eminent surgeon, and Arthur Austin 
Brigham, a business man with large interests are both deceased. 




176 MOSES« BRIGHAM of Westboro, Hanover, N. H., 
and Ontario, Canada, b. 31 May, 1753 (not 1785) ; d. 13 Aug., 
1814; he m. twice. Ch. by 1st m. to Wealthy Johnson, addi- 

iii Susan L.^ (Brigham) Munroe (1786-1862), wife of John F. 
of Northampton Mass. Ch. (Munroe): 1 Susan L.s B. 
(1821-1897), m. Henry Shepherd of Northampton; their 
son, Thomas M.9 Shepherd, a well-known philanthropist, 
d. in Boston, in Feb., 1923, unm. 

177 PHINEAS« BRIGHAM of Westboro (1755-?), m. 
29 Apr., 1779, Lydia Bathrick, b. 11 Mar., 1752. Ch. See Nos. 
416-418 for 3 sons : 

i Eli^ Brigham, m. Dulcena Warren, also called Asenath "Warren. 
The G. V. E. state that on 30 Mar. 1817, Mrs. Dulcena or 
(as the intentions read) Adulcena Brigham, m. John 
Thatcher of Uxbridge, Mass. Ch. : Lydia* Brigham, b. 15 
Apr., 1804 (not 3 Oct.). 

178 MEHITABLE« (BRIGHAM) FAY (1758-1844) of 
Westboro, and her husband, John, who d. there 9 (not 7) June, 
1837, in his 89th yr. Ch. (Fay) additions: 

i Polly" (Fay) Miller, wife of Elias; delete 1821 as their m. 
date; int. 1 Nov., 1807. Ch. (Miller:) 1 Eliass, b. 1 Dec, 
1810; 2 John, and 3 Harriet, have no birth dates in 
W. V. B. 
V Joseph (1786-1864) and his wife Eunice, m. 25 June, 1815. 
Ch.: 1 Joseph Brighams, b. 3 July, 1816; 2 Maria E., 
b. 13 Feb., 1828, in Nassau, N. Y.; 3 John G., b. 6 July 
1830, in Sand Lake, N. Y. (W. V. E.). 
viii Susan (Fay) Stone, wife of Jonas, m. 11 Apr., 1820. Ch. 
(Stone): 1 Jonas*, not named in W. V. E.; 2 Susan, b. 
10 May, 1826; 3 Nymphas Pratt, b. 10 Oct., 1829. 
ix Josiah, m. 18 June, 1838, Mary W. Warren. Ch.: 1 Hercules 
Warrens, b. 17 Mar., 1841; 2 Martha Elizabeth, b. 1 Jan., 

180 JOSEPH^ BRIGHAM of Westboro, Marlboro and 
Canada (1766-1821) lived in and around Marlboro until after 
the death of his wife, Sally (Woods), in 1806. The third dau., 
Sally^, m. John Cotting, of the Cotting tavern, and their son, 

92 The Brigham Family 

John F., was b. 4 May, 1821 (not 1822). M. V. R. Ch. addi- 
tions : 

iv Joseph Clarendon- Brigham was b. 20 Dec, 1799 (not 1800), 
M. V. R. See No. 421. 
vii Caroline Maria (Brigham) Farwell, wife of Richard. The 
date of their ni. was 5 Jan., 1825. Ch. (Farwell) additions: 
3 Willards Brigham, d. in Alameda, Cal., 10 Feb., 1903, ae. 
74 yrs. 10 days; his wife was Fannie M. , who sur- 
vived him, as also two ch. : i Ediths, b. in Frankfort-on- 
the-Main, Germany (the first child of the Farwells to be 
born out of Marlboro since its early days), m. Ralph B. 
Lane, and lived in New York City; ii Willard B., Jr. 

181 EDMUND« BRIGHAM of Templeton, Mass. (1758- 

1840) and his wife, Mary (Martyn), dau. of Lieut. John and 

Abigail (Baker) Martyn. Mrs. Martyn's mother was Persis 

(Brigham) Baker, dau. of SamueP Brigham. Ch. additions 

to records in H. B. F. : 

iv Betsey^ (Brigham) Ball, wife of Nixon of Southboro, son of 
Jonas and Molly (Taylor) Ball of Southboro. Ch. (Ball), 
b. in S.: 1 Marshall Spurrs, b. 13 June, 1814; 2 Jonas 
Martin, b. 21 Jan., 1816; 3 Lewis Franklin, b. 2 June, 
1819; 4 Elizabeth Ann, b. 28 Oct., 1820, d. 1 Sept., 1821; 
5 Sullivan Taylor, b. 15 Sept., 1822, m. 8 Mar., 1849, Susan 
M. Fay; 6 Mary Elizabeth, b. 16 Oct., 182.5. 

183 SAMUEL-^BRIGHAMofWestboro (1763-1826). His 
wife, Lydia, dau. of John and Lydia (Pratt) Ball, was b. in 
Westboro, 4 Feb., 1765. Ch. additions: 

viii Nahum" Brigham of Boston and his wife Lucy (Blood). Ch. : 
3 Sarah E.s (Brigham) Smith, wife of Franklin, d. 2 Sept., 
1913, ae. 79 yrs., 9 mos. Her husband was president of the 
G. W. & F. Smith Iron Works in Roxbury, from 1880 until 
his death in the late nineties. Ch. (Smith) : Elmer Franks, 
b. in Boston, 4 Aug., 1861; proprietor of Elmer F. Smith 
Iron Works in Roxbury; d. 26 Feb., 1919, in St. Augustine, 
Fla.; m. 20 Apr., 1886," Delia P., dau. of Frederick A. Rob- 
inson of Maiden. Ch. (Smith): i Fraukliuio; ii Pauline. 
jcii Thomas J. Brigham, of Boston, and his wife, Eliza Cowdeu. 
/I Ch. : 1 James Henry Brigham, d. in 1915, ae. 83. He lived 

, . /^'^ \\ in Chelsea until the death of his wife (name unknown), 

I when he removed to the Revere House, Boston. He was 

in business in Boston 60 j'ears; in early life he published 
the "American Miscellany," and later the "James H. Brig- 
ham Librarj' of Popular Novels." Was interested in the 
Salvation Army. Interred in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Boston. 

190 LIEUT. WILLIAM^ BRIGHAM of Southboro (1761- 
1834), m. Sara Baker, in May, 1786. Ch. additions: 

Sixth Generation 93 

i SallyT Brigham, b. 1 Oct., 1789 (not 1787); d. 11 Sept., 1823; 
m. 8 Apr., 1813, Lieut. Larkin, son of Jeremiah and Dinah 
Newton of Southboro, b. 12 Sept., 1789, d. 27 Sept., 1840; 
he m. (2) in 1824, Ann Williams of Marlboro, and had 
several eh. Ch. (Newton) by Ist m.: 1 Charles L.«, b. 
15 Feb., 1814; 2 Francis Albert, b. 17 Feb., 1816; 3 Box- 
ana Brigham, b. 2 Apr., 1819; 4 George Augustus Frederick, 
b. 19 July, 1821; 5 Solomon Baker, b. 14 Aug., 1823. 
ii Baker Brigham, b. 9 Feb. (not Jan.), 1792. See 445. 

193 WILLARD« BRIGHAM of Marlboro and Rindge, 
N. H.; b. 18 Jan. (not June), 1775; d. 10 (not 7) Feb., 1843; 
m. 11 May, 1806, Abigail Munroe (1771-1843). See Nos. 458- 
460 for ch. 

196 SYLVESTER" BRIGHAM of Southboro (1771-1858), 
m. 11 Feb., 1793, Patty Nichols (1774-1836). For 4 sons see 
464-467. Ch. additions: 

11 Emily7 (Brigham) Bellows, b. 9 (not 29) Jan., 1797; wife of 
Newell, sou of Ebenezer and Lydia Bellows, b. 30 July, 
1784. Ch. (Bellows): Harrison Birds, b. 28 Oct., 1814; m. 

Betsey . (Ch.: i Rowena C.9, b. 23 May, 1857; 

ii Austin Newell, b. 5 Mar., 1841.) 

vl Sophia Brigham (1804-?), m. (1) 12 May, 1824, Edmund Whip- 
ple, son of Perley and Olive, who d. 24 Oct., 1844, of typhoid 
fever; she m. (2) 15 Feb., 1848, Dea. Thomas Tuttle of 
Littleton. Ch. (Whipple): 1 Alonzo Brighams, b. 27 Feb., 
1825, m. Harriet Leland of Sherburne. (Ch.: i Alice S.9, 
b. 27 Jan., 1847; ii Leander Edmund, b. 24 Dec, 1848); 
2 Leander Augustus, b. 21 Oct., 1826; 3 Antoinette Sophia, 
b. 3 May, 1830, d. 2 Aug., 1841; 4 Lysander Greenleaf, 
b. 23 May, 1832. 
vlii Kuth Brigham, d. 29 (not 31) Oct., 1827. 

Ix Harriet Brigham, m. James Williams 28 May, 1838. Ch. (Wil- 
liams): Henrietta Marcella^, b. 30 Sept., 1841. 

X Otis Brigham, d. 26 (not 28) Nov., 1836. 

197 DINAH« (BRIGHAM) WILLIAMS (1772-1857) 
was m. to Joseph Williams, 14 Oct., 1792, the son of William 
and Sarah (Drury), b. 23 Nov., 1769, in Southboro. Ch. 
(Williams) : 

1 Lincoln', b. in Southboro, 3 June, 1794; m. 21 July, 1822, Susan- 
nah, dau. of William and Eunice (Fisher) Amsden, b. 3 June, 
1805 (this record is taken from the S. V. R., as the probable 
family to which Susannah belonged); d. 22 Aug., 1828, ae. 
23; Lincoln mav have m. (2) Susannah Onthank. Ch. 
(Williams): 1 Ann Eliza, b. 16 Sept., 1822; 2 Harriet 
Sophia, b. 28 Jan., 1825; 3 Infant, d. 20 Aug., 1828. 

94 The Brigham Family 

_ . — 1 

ii Martha Pattie, b. 1796; m. Elijah Cranch. Ch. (Cranch): 

1 Williams, m. Dolly Eandall, depot-master, a humorist; 

2 Alden, m. Augusta McMaster, had 2 daus. ; 3 Adelaide, 
m. Fitch Winchester, 2 ch. 

iii Avis. 

iv Joseph, of Sudbury. 

V Elijah Brigham, of Shutesbury. 

vi Hollis, m. Salome Hudson. 

vii Louviuia, m. (1) Hudson; m. (2) Stowe; had 

10 ch. by Ist and 8 by 2d m. 
viii James, a farmer in Worcester, m. Maria, dau. of Ebenezer 
Cutler. Ch. (Williams): 3 d. in infancy; 2 Ella Maria, 
m. David L. Fiske of Grafton, who had 4 ancestors in the 
Bevolution, and is one of the Sons, and in his 84th yr. 
completed a second term as President of the Worcester 
County Horticultural Society. Mrs. Fiske is a graduate of 
the Oread Coll. Inst., the first N. E. College for women (1848- 
1881), of which she is Secretary of the Alumnae Associa- 
tion, and a graduate of the B. U. School of Oratory; is 
historian of Old Oak Chapter D. A. E. Ch. (Fiske): 1 
Mavidia, grad. from Smith Coll. and Faelton Music School; 
music teacher in Hollins Coll., Va., a concert pianist; was 
correspondence critic in Washington, D. C, in the World 
War; 2 Eebecca Cutler, grad. of Tufts Medical School, 
m Philip B. Eice, a grad. of M. I. T. and Con. Engineer for 
the Edison El. Light Co., New York; 3 Georgiana Keith, 
a grad. of Wellesley Coll., and teacher in the Worcester 
High School; res. Grafton. 

ix William, m. (1) Eliza Drury; m. (2) Susan Barr; 1 dau. 

X Moses, m. Susan Orcutt; lived in Erving; 2 daus. 

xi Nancy, m. Loveland; had 2 sons; 1 d. in Civil War. 

1783 (notl782) ; was the wife of Caleb Witherbee of Southboro 
and Marlboro (1779-1853). Ch. (Witherbee) additions and 
corrections : 

vi Dennis F.", did not marry Charlotte Stevens of No. 162, i, 6, as 
recorded in H. B. F. He m. (1) 4 Apr., 1838, Betsey, dau. 
of Eufus and Thankful (Brigham) Stow, who d. 24 Sept., 
1843; m. (2) 11 May, 1844, Abby Stow, sister of his first 
wife, who d. 26 Apr., 1849; these sisters are under No. 162, 
vi. Vol. 2; m. (3) 7 May, 1850, Sophia, dau. of Eli and Lucy 
(Brigham) Eice, No. 167, x, who was blessed with an 
exuberant spirit of joyousncss, and at 80 years of age could 
take the steps of the minuet she danced in her youth. 
vii John Brooks (not Brigham), d. 4 Oct., 1891, in his 76th yr.; 
m. 3 June, 1841, Sarah, dau. of George Sumner and Sarah 
Pond Goddard of Boston; she was b. 19 Aug., 1818; d. 13 
Jan., 1892. 

Sixth Generation 95 

202 MARTHA« (BRIGHAM) PHELPS (1790-1829), wife 
of Dea. Stephen R. Phelps of Marlboro. Ch. (Phelps) additions 
and corrections: 

i Nancy, b. 19 Feb., 1808 (not 1807), m. John Cathel. 

u Charles^, m. 9 Apr., 1834, Mary K. Wilson. Ch.: Sarah Web- 
bers, b. 1841. 

iii Delete " Hist. Marl, says 'June.' " 

V Martha, m. William Wilson. Ch. (Wilson): 1 Charles F.«, b. 
15 June, 1834; 2 Sarah, b. 21 Aug., 1837; 3 Emily S., b. 
12 Sept., 1840; 4 Lavinia A., b. 5 Sept., 1842; 5 Winslow 
Phelps, b. 11 Mar., 1844. 

vi John, m. Sarah Charlotte Wilson. Ch.: 1 Cathel Henrys, b. 13 
Aug., 1841; 2 Herbert Wilson, b. 13 Apr., 1845. 

203 TAYLOR*^ BRIGHAM was b. in Southboro, 18 June, 
1792 (not 29 Apr., 1793), S. V. R. ; he d. 4 Feb., 1870 in his 
78th yr. Ch. additions to records : 

ii Arethusa AJ (Brigham) Newton, wife of Dexter of Southboro, 
d. 5 Feb., 1912; her marriage date was 9 Dec, 1846. Ch. 
(Newton): 1 Francis D.s, b. 31 Aug., 1848. 
iii Georgiana Baxter (Brigham) Newton, wife of Lyman Newton 
of Southboro, d. 13 Apr., 1915. Ch. (Newton): 1 Edward 
E.8 is deceased; 3 Lillian, m. Frank Houghton of Fitch- 
burg, and lives in Gardner, 
iv Lucretia L. Brigham, is living in Southboro (1925) ae. 87; 
she was in the second class (1873) of graduate nurses at the 
Mass. General Hospital, Boston, and is one of the oldest 
living graduate nurses. She has donated a free bed to the 
Marlboro Hospital. 
vi HoUoway Bartlett (not Halloway Baxter) Brigham, m. Sarah 
I U k? Letitia Goodsell of Peabody, Mass. Their dau.: 1 Ella 
; I ~ ' ) Wilsons Brigham was b. in Charlestown, Mass., and is a 

graduate nurse. 
vii George Taylor Brigham is deceased; resided in Union, N. H. 
He and his wife, Emma (Hayes) Brigham, had the great 
U "/ '^Z ^ misfortune to lose their only son, Chesley Brigham, who d. 
s. p. 13 May, 1910; was married. 

208 ITHAMAR*^ BRIGHAM, JR. (1758-1836) and his 
wife, Catharine (Barnes) (1765-1804) lived on the land ac- 
quired from Solomon Barnes, his father-in-law, in the west part 
of Marlboro. There Ithamar built a good house. Ch. additions 

Levi7 Brigham (1784-1818) was a physician; m. (1) int. 1 Nov., 

1806, Martha BeFknap; m. (2) Rogers. Ch.: 1 

Catharine Brigham, who m. 30 Sept., 1830, Orin or Orion 
Newton; 2 Joseph Brigham was a Boston merchant. 


9G The Brigham Family 

iii Moses Brigham (] 788-1875) and his wife, Susan (Fosgate) 
(1795-1885), lived in their new house on Crane Meadow, a 
region often mentioned in the ancient real estate records. 
His uncle Silas Brigham lost his only son at the age of 6, 
and Moses became his heir. Ch.: 1 Susan F.s, m. John 
Holyoke, and the record of their ch. is given in the H. B. F.; 
2 Lucy M. Brigham, m. 13 Jan., 1847, William H, S. Bow- 
man (not H. S.). 

219 MOSES« BRIGHAM of Binghamton, N. Y. (1786- 
1874) was m. to Marj^, dau of Fortunatus Brigham, 10 Dec, 
1806. Ch. additions: 

ii Elmer W.t Brigham, of Binghamton (1809-1895). His wife 
was Euth Ann (Robie) Brigham (1813-1899). They had 
eleven ch., only three of whom survived. Ch. additions: 
2 John R.8 Brigham, lived unm. in San Diego, Cal., but d. 
in Portland, Ore., 11 June, 1925, in his 87th year; 3 Edward 
C. Brigham, d. after 1915. His widow, Aletta Brigham, 
lives at 2 E. Ninth St., No. Portland, Ore. (There were six 
ch., of whom we have only the names: i Lou. F.9 Brigham; 
ii Mamie Brigham; iii Ann Brigham; iv Chauncey 
Brigham; v Edward Brigham; vi Elmer Brigham. Some 
of these children are married, without children) ; 4 Porter 
Elmer Brigham, d. in San Francisco, Cal., 30 Mar., 1915. 
His widow, Mrs. Mary P. (Cramhall) res. 586 Everett St., 
Portland, Ore. (Ch. additions: i George Chase^ Brigham, 
m. Cecile Green. [Ch.: 1 Berenice Evelynio Brigham, b. 
1919; 2 Mary Nancy Brigham, b. 3 May, 1921]; ii Helen 
Katharine Brigham, m. 17 June, 1908, Norris B. Gregg. 
[Ch. (Gregg): 1 John Norrisio, b. about 1910; 2 Gretchen 
Helen, b. about 1915]. They live in Portland, Ore. 

224 JAMES^ BRIGHAM (1782-1861) of Fredonia, N. Y., 
and his wife, Fanny (Risley), who d. 26 Jan., 1869. Their son: 

viii Henry Hanson' Brigham, d. in Ashland, Wis., 17 Nov., 1907; 
interred in Sharon, Wis.; a well-loved and highly respected 

226 ABIGAIL" (BRIGHAM) RISLEY, d. 13 Dec, 1877; 
her husband, the Hon. Elijah of Fredonia, N. Y., d. 4 Jan., 
1870 (not 1869). Ch. (Risley) additions: 

ii Hanson Alexander^ (1814-1893) and his wife, Harriet H. 
(Crosby) (1816-1868). Ch.: 4 Olive F.s Risley-Seward, 
adopted by the Hon. William Seward, d. in Washington, 
D. C, in 1908; 5 Harriet D. (Risley) Rodman, wife of 
Alfred of Dedham, Vice-President of State Trust Co., Bos- 
ton, d. 27 July, 1925, in her 76th yr.; Mr. Rodman d. 4 July, 
1910; was of'the PLarvard class of 1870; their son Alfredo, 
is of Boston. 

Sixth Generation 97 

iii Sophronia (Eisley) Matteson, wife of Charles F. of Fredonia 
(1816-1875). Ch. (Matteson): Katherines, d. in Fredonia, 
in 1908. 

229 JOEL« BRIGHAM of Brookfield, Mass. (1790-1866) ; 
his wife was Basmath (Hamilton). They had a large family 
of 11 children, 5 of them sons, but only 2 sons married. Salem 
Tilly, No. 509, left a grandson, Richard Tilly, now 18 yrs. old, 
and Arthur Howe, grandson of Joseph Warren, now 30 yrs. of 
age, are all that are left to carry down the name. Ch. additions : 

ix Abbie T3.J (Brigham) Eichardson, wife of Augustus Richard- 
son (1829-1884). Her dau., Addie C.s Richardson, m. Fred- 
erick P. Stearns. A regrettable error occurred in his case, 
as the statement was made in the H. B. F. that he d. in 
1905; his death did not occur until the winter of 1919-1920. 

xi Joseph Warren Brigham (1834- ?) of Brookfield. His wife was 
Mary Julina (not Juliana) Hyde Brigham. Beginning with 
James-* Brigham, in this line, Brookfield possessed attrac- 
tions to the family and they remained there for four gen- 
erations. Ch.: 1 Alfred Rices Brigham, b. I July, 1865; d. 
16 Dec, 1918; m. Eda Z. Howe. (Ch.: Arthur Howe» 
Brigham, b. 6 Oct., 1896) ; 2 Lucius Samuel Brigham, b. 
18 Feb., 1871; m. Anna Laura Fisher, 25 Apr., 1899; res. 
Worcester, where he is of the firm of Robinson & Brigham, 
Heating Engineers and Contractors. (Ch. : Elizabeth Julia» 
Brigham, b. 8 Nov, 1906). 

231 SYLVANUS" (spelled with a y not i) BRIGHAM of 
Brookfield, Mass., d. there 8 Feb., 1870, ae 84 yrs., 6 mos. ; m. 
15 (not 1) Dec, 1808, Sarah (Rice), who d. 25 Feb., 1860, ae. 
69 yrs., 5 mos. A farmer, Mr. Brigham always res. in Brook- 
field. The name descends only through his son Alexander, 
No. 512. See H. B. F. for 10 ch. Ch. additions : 

i Lucy Rice" (Brigham), widow of George Old, and m. (2) to 
Columbus Rice; she d. s. p. 7 (not 9) Oct., 1882, in her 
74th yr. 

ii Emeline (Brigham) Nichols, wife of Dexter of Sturbridge, 
Mass., d. 12 Feb., 1901, within 10 days of her 88th yr. 

iii Amanda (Brigham) Davis, wife of Calvin A., d. 21 Mar., 1895, 
in her 83d yr. Ch. (two) d. 

vi Charles Lewis Brigham of Brookfield, d. 17 July, 1864, in his 
47th yr. He and two sons, the elder ae. 7\-2 ^^^^ the younger 
4"% yrs. and the mother, Betsey (Packard) all d. in a little 
more than a mouth of diphtheria, thus wiping out the 

vii Frederick Brigham of Warren, Mass., d. 3 Feb., 1878, in his 
59th yr. ; his wife was Eliza J. (Hobbs) and their only ch., 
Lucy J.8 (Brigham) Drake, wife of John M., had no ch. 

98 The Brigham Family 

232 DR. SAMUEL" BRIGHAM, b. in Phillipston, Mass., 
14 Jan., 1783 (not 16 Jan., 1782). He lived in Bangor, N. Y., 
and Bainbridge, 0., where he d. 29 July, 1848. His second wife, 
Polly (Wood) (1792-1838) was the mother of his five ch. 

V Abigail Rudd^ (Brigham) Price, wife of Thomas of Huron, 0., 

d. 17 Mar., 1907, ae. 74 yrs. 

233 JOHN« BRIGHAM of Shrewsbury (1788-1853) ; his 
wife, Sarah (Fay) (1787-1869), was dau. of Abraham and 
Abigail (Martyn) Fay, of Northboro. Ch. corrections and 
additions : 

ii Abraham Fay7 Brigham (1810-1889) and his wife, Sarah (Win- 
gate) (1821-1865). Ch.: 2 Marys (not May) (Brigham) 
Knowlton, wife of Lozano C, d. in Nov., 1899. Ch. (Knowl- 
ton): Helen B.9, m. 25 Dec, 1911, W. Clayton Carpenter 
of Pawtucket, R. I. (Ch. [Carpenter] : i Everett Knowl- 
tonio, b. 29 Aug., 1914; ii David Edward, b. in Aug., 1923, 
d. in infancy) ; 3 George Edward Brigham and his wife, 
Helen A. (Hicks). Ch. additions: i Flora A. 9 Brigham, 
m. 13 Mar., 1907, Frederick S. Holden of Shirley, Mass. 
(Ch. [Holden]: 1 Roger, b. 19 June, 1908; 2 Fran- 
ces A., b. 19 Jan., 1910; 3 Helen Brigham, b. 25 Aug., 
1911; 4 Ethel, b. 8 Feb., 1913, d. 11 Sept., 1914; 5 Lucilla, 
b. 8 June, 1921); ii Walter E. Brigham, m. 3 July, 1907, 
Alice L. (or Angle) Allen of Shrewsbury. (Ch.: 1 Clifton 
Leeio Brigham, b. 31 Dec, 1908; 2 May Frances Brigham, 
b. 12 Oct., 1913); iii Llewellyn Brigham, b. 31 July, 1900, 
m. in 1923, Charlotte Rich of Shrewsbury. 

bury (1771-1858) ; his wife, Elizabeth (not Lucy) Davis, was 
b. 27 Sept., 1777; d. 2 May, 1853 (not 4 as in H. B. F.). Their 

i Elijah A.^ Brigham (1804-1889) of Philadelphia, m. (2) 5 Sept., 
1877, Julia Quick, a widow with two daus. The record of 
Elijah's first m. and that of his only dau. is in the H. B. F., 
under this number. See, under the Sixth Generation Re- 
view, the story of his western visit to his uncle Ebenezer. 

239 LYDIA« (BRIGHAM) PHILLIPS (1772-1833), wife 
of Elijah (1764-1841). Ch. (Phillips) additions: 

X Winslow and his wife, Susan (Bent). Ch. additions: 1 Her- 
bert W., b. 18 Mar., 1851, d. 29 Sept., 1853; 2 Arthur L., 
as recorded in H. B. F. ; 3 Wilbur H., recorded as 4, b. 8 
Feb., 1856, m. 6 Aug., 1884, Carrie A., dau. of Edwin and 
Caroline (Perley) Rice of Gardner, Mass.; 4 Chester H., 
recorded as 3, see H. B. F. 

Sixth Generation 99 

241 HANNAIP (BRIGHAM) PERRY (1777-1845), wife 
of Capt. William Fisher Perry of Fitzwilliam, N. H. The Perry- 
family originated in England and came to America at an early 
period. Changes and additions to records in H. B. F, Ch. 

(Perry) : 

vi William^, the first child who survived more than 8 years, m. 
Harriet, dau. of William and Elizabeth (Jewett, not Len- 
nett) Springer; she was b. 17 July, 1815 (not 1816). Ch. 
corrections: 4 William H.s d. 17 (not 11) Nov., 1864; 
5 Sarah E. (Perry) Locke, wife of Warren S., was b. 10 
June, 1854 (not 1853). 
vii David; his wife, Sophia (Keniston), d. 16 May (not March), 

ix Charles (1818-1901); his son: Calvins Brigham, d. in Keene, 
N. H., 8 May, 1924, ae. 76 years. He was in the granite 
business for some years with quarries in Fitzwilliam and 
about 37 years ago established a local and general insurance 
business in Keene, Avith his sons. He was a familiar figure 
at the meetings of the B. F. A., to Avhose interests he was 
devoted, and it is due to him that such a complete record 
of his branch of the Brighams and their connections of 
Fitzwilliam and vicinity was gathered. His wife, Julia 
(Gage) Perry, survives him. (Ch. : i William Fisher^, b. 
5 Dec, 1871, m. 4 Sept., 1899, Mary E. Platts, b. in Fitz- 
william, 21 June, 1874; has 2 ch.; ii Walter Gage, b. 13 
June, 1874, res. New York). 

243 TABITHA« (BRIGHAM) WRIGHT (1780-1805) was 
the wife of Captain Aaron. Ch. (Wright) corrections: 

iii TabithaT (Wright) Wheeler (1805-1891) was b. 3 Oct. (not 
30 Oct.). Her husband, Henry H., was b. 5 (not 18) Oct., 
1805. Her dau.: 5 Marias was b. 31 (not 1) Mar., 1840. 

245 MINDWELL^ (BRIGHAM) SCOTT (1785-1863) was 
m. to Elijah Scott 25 July, 1805. Ch. (Scott) : 

viii Catherine^, m. Joseph Brown. Ch. (Brown): 2 Frances 
Lauras, m. Orwell D. Towne; 1 ch. 

246 SUSANNA" (BRIGHAM) POTTER (1790-1870), 
wife of Ebenezer, Avas b. 3 (not 30) Apr. Ch. (Potter) addi- 
tions and corrections, but great-grandchildren not included : 

1 Sarah Harris^ (Potter) Warren was b. 30 Dec, 1813 (not 
1814); d. 30 Jan., 1843 (delete "or 1841"); wife of Joseph 
A., of Grafton, Mass. Ch. (Warren): 1 Maria S.s (War- 
ren) Hayden, wife of Henry Rogers, d. 31 July, 1914, in 
E. Hartford, Conn.; 10 ch.; 2 John E., m, Ha'ttie Brown 
of Wauwatosa, Wis., who d. 27 July, 1914; he d. 13 Aug., 
1915, in Portland, Me.; 4 ch. 

ii Levi Brigham, b. 15 Dec, 1815 (delete "or 1814"), d. 24 Feb., 
1883; his wife, Hitty Wenzel, was b. 26 July, 1820; d. 27 

100 The Brigham Family 

Oct., 1864. For "Wanwatosa" read Wauwatosa. Ch. 
additions: 2 Milton B.s and his wife, Sarah (Church), 
had 4 ch., who are named in H. B. F.; 3 Henry B., d. 
unm. 12 Aug., 1906, in home of Milton in Wauwatosa; in 
the Civil War; 4 Susan H. (Potter) De Graff; her husband, 
Maltby J., d. 16 Mar., 1914, in his 66th yr.; 5 Eliza G., d. 

30 (not 31) Dec, 1867; 6 Levi F. m. (1) Martha J. Wood, 
who d. 21 June, 1914; m. (2) 21 Dec, 1914, Stella G, Marsh; 
7 Mary H. (Potter) Church (1858-1902); her husband, 
Charles L., d. 16 May, 1924, in Whitewater, Wis. 

iv Eufus Baxter, b. 21 (not 18) May, 1819; d. 25 Mar., 1892, in 
Grafton; his wife, Mary (Fames), was b. 16 Mar., 1819, d. 

31 Aug., 1876. Ch. additions: 1 Julia A. (Potter) Rich- 
ardson, wife of Leander, d. 31 Dec, 1916, in Fitchburg; 

2 Sarah J., b. 11 Sept., 1846, d. 6 Mar., 1875; 3 Delia M. 
(Potter) Fairbanks, wife of E. S., d. in June, 1914, in 
Fitchburg; 5 Susie N. (Potter) Pulsifer, b. 30 Apr., 1857 
(not 1858), wife of William. 

V Tabitha H. (Potter) Carpenter, widow of Edwin B., d. 12 May, 
1906, in Mendota, III. Ch. (Carpenter) additions only: 

3 Hattie G. (Carpenter), wife of George S. Deunisou, who 
d. in Mendota, 5 Feb., 1922; 5 Minnie M., d. 23 May 
(not 10 March), 1860; 6 Alice E., d. 20 (not 23) Aug., 1864. 

vi Hervey Kilbourne (not Gilbert) was b. 18 July, 1824 (not 
1823); killed in Grafton in 1866. 
vii Lucy A. (Potter) Moore, wife of Lewis, was b. 3 (not 4) Nov., 
1826; d. 28 Apr., 1904. 

247 MAJOR ELIJAH^ BRIGHAM of Westboro (1783- 
1847) ; his 1st wife, Nancy (Fisher), b. 11 Mar., 1781, d. 13 Jan., 
1807; his 2d wife, Mary (Bush), was dau. of Jothani of Boyls- 
ton, and m. 20 (not 13) Apr., 1808. Ch. bj^ 2d m. corrections: 

iii Theodore Henrys Brigham, b. 12 (not 15) Nov., 1814; d. ibid. 
iv Theodore Frederick Brigham (1815-1878), m. Caroline M. Fay, 
16 Sept., 1840 (not 1841). 

(1794-1880), wife of Ebenezer Morgan (1792-1880). Ch. 
(Phillips) additions and corrections : 

1 Elijah Brigham^ (IB19-1905) of Westboro and Boston; his 
wife was Maria R. (Ayling). Ch. additions: 1 Henry A.s, 
res. in Millbury, Mass., where he is an architect. The 
chapter on Thomas Brigham the Emigrant of 1635 in the 
H. B. F. was written by Mr. Phillips, and has been much 
appreciated by many who have found it most interesting 
to follow these descriptions of the vicinity of the home of 
the first Brigham. His wife is Florence E. (Waters) of 
Millbury; 2 Anna M. (Phillips) Page, widow of Cyrus A. 
(1845-1898), lost her only son, Phillips Wards Page, in the 
World War; he was the first Harvard man in the service of 
the U. S. A. to die on the other side, "the only son of his 














t " ^^^i^' / FmSt^Sl^^ 

^fl^^ 1 

■u^HJi -"li^^^^^^^^l 

4,' -i^i^^^^^^ 

Elizahktii Fay Uukiiiam (li.lS) 
Boston, Mass. 

Sixth Generation 101 

mother and she a widow"; 3 Walter B. and his wife, 
Gertrude E. (Spring), of Boston. Ch. (Phillips): Morgan 
Brighamo, who d. 15 June, 1921, in his 27th yr., was erron- 
eously entered in the H. B. F. record as "Maud." 

249 NATHANIEL* BRIGHAM of Northboro (1785- 
1870) ; his wife was Dolly (Ball) (1786-1882), and the very in- 
teresting old-fashioned pictures of this couple face p. 250, 
H. B. F. Ch. additions : 

vii Mary Prentice" Brigham, d. at her home in Northboro, where 
she had lived all her life, 30 Sept., 1916, in her 94th yr. 
She had a long and useful life and was beloved of her 
X Nathaniel Sumner Brigham, d. 5 Dec, 1917, in Northboro, in 
his 89th yr. His 2d wife, Annis T. (Jones) Brigham, d. 
in Northboro, 20 Dec, 1912. 

258 CHENEY" BRIGHAM (1793-1865) of Bakersfield, 

Vt., and his wife, Elizabeth Fay (Brigham) (1794-1853). They 

were the parents of Robert Breck' Brigham, whose hospital 

for incurables stands on Parker Hill, Boston. See H. B. F., 

No. 539 and Appendix E. Their dau. : 

ii Elizabeth Fay^ Brigham, who d. 30 Apr., 1909, ae. 85 yrs., 3 
mos., Avas the associate and inspirer of her brother Robert, 
his "balance wheel," it has been said. She had a charm- 
ing personality and a good mind, and though quiet in her 
tastes, even to simplicity, carried a large influence with 
her friends and associates. Her name was placed on the 
tablet erected at the hospital as the joint founder with her 
brother of that noble institution. One of her great pleasures 
in her last days was the planning of the hospital, which 
she did not live to see erected. 

259 EDWARD« BRIGHAM, b. in Westboro, 12 June, 
1782; d. 11 July, 1847, in St. Albans, Vt. ; m. 15 Oct., 1811, Mary 
P. Pinney, b. 22 May, 1788, d. 23 Dec, 1868, the dau. of Isaac 
Pinney, a Revolutionary soldier. In the H. B. F. record, the 
name of the only dau., Mary Roxalina, was omitted, b. in Chit- 
tenden Co., Vt. Ch. additions: 

i Edward Baker^ Brigham, b. 25 Jan., 1813. 

ii Dan (or Daniel) Pinney Brigham, b. 15 Nov., 1814; m. Electa 
Bushnell Bates, dau. of Norton and Betsey (Sweet) Bates; 
had a family of 4 sons and 3 daus., only four of whom are 
recorded in H. B. F. One son, apparently the elder: 1 
Lucian DenisonS Brigham. (Ch.: i William J.9 Brigham, 
of Washington, D. C, living there in 1916; ii Ada L. 

Brigham, m. Short, and she res. in Washington; 

iii John Brigham is deceased) ; 2 Emma (Brigham) Durkee 
was living in Essex, Vt., in 1916. 

102 The Brigham Family 

iii Lucien Valentine Brigham, b. 17 Feb., 1817; d. same day. 
iv Phineas Parkhurst Brigham, b. 6 Oct., 1818; d. 11 June, 1843. 
V Leander Denison Brigham, b. 16 Oct., 1820, in Westford (not 

Milton), Vt.; d. 10 Mar., 1859; see No. 540. 
vi Mary Roxalina Brigham, b. 22 Dec., 1825. See No. 540a. She 
was not included in the H. B. F. record. 
vii Lucien Valentine (not Lucien N.) Brigham, b. 6 Apr., 1827. 
viii Charles Orson (not Charles A.) Brigham, b. 21 Dec, 1829; d. 
10 Feb., 1833. 

261 BARNABAS^ BRIGHAM (1786-1865) of Berlin and 
Marlboro, in which latter place he lived on the SamueP farm on 
Brigham street, inherited from his father, Dr. Daniel Brigham. 
His 2d wife, Mary (Rice) (1802-1882), was the mother of: 

vi Joseph Edward' Brigham (1844-1905), his wife being Mary 
W. (Loring) Brigham. Their dau. : Alice Mays Brigham, 
m. 3 Dec, 1907, Clarence E., son of Henry A. and Ella 
(Marshall) Gilmore of Westboro, b. 31 Mar., 1878; he is 
an internal revenue agent of the U. S. Treasury. Mrs. 
Gilmore is an accomplished musician and with her two 
elder sons plays in the Gilmore Trio, with great success. 
(Ch. [Gilmore]: i Loring E.9, b. 18 Apr., 1909; ii Lloyd 
H., b. 26 Sept., 1910; iii Elbert E., b. 14 Nov., 1913.) 

263 LOIS« (BRIGHAM) NOURSE (1793-1890), wife of 
Capt. Theophilus of Westboro, lived to a great age after a 
Avidowhood of 66 j^ears, Capt. Nourse having died in 1824, at 
the early age of 37. Their dau. : 

iii Catherine" (Nourse) Stevens (not Stephens), wife of Lyman 
G. ; both are deceased. Their ch. (Stevens): 1 Fred. W.s, 
m. Elizabeth Elder of Portland, Me. (Ch.: i Walter F.», 
b. 1876; ii Elta C, b. 1878); 2 George L., m. Arabella, 
dau. of Stillman Pratt of Marlboro, editor of the weekly 
paper, the * ' Marlboro Mirror. ' ' Mr. Stevens was assistant 
postmaster in Marlboro for forty years. He d. in 1924. 
(Ch.: i Morton Lyman", b. 30 Sept., 1887, in Marlboro; is 
a successful actor in stock companies.) 

265 OTIS" BRIGHAM of Westboro (1788-1872), whose 
1st wife was Abigail (Bates) (1792-1831) and his 2d wife, 
Adeline (Bates), sister of his first wife (1801-1866). Ch. : 

1 Henrietta AJ (Brigham) Griggs (1820-1896), wife of Dr, 
Samuel, who d. in 1886. Their dau.: Sarah B.s (Griggs) 
Knight, was the wife of Dr. Henry S., who d. in Aug., 1909. 
Her home was in Worcester. 


Sixth Generation 103 

275 HIRAM« BRIGHAM of Croton, 0. (1800-1838) ; his 
wife was Hannah (Carpenter). Ch. additions: 

i Silas HermonT Brigham (1833-1879) and his wife, Lucy (Root) 
Brigham. Ch. additions: 2 Luther Harveys Brigham, of 
Robinson, 111., b. 24 Apr., 1863, m. Rosalie Hills, b. 11 Apr., 
1862. Ch.: i Noble Adens Brigham, b. 30 June, 1887, m. 
Elizabeth Kinnear. (Ch. : 1 Noble Wardi" Brigham, b. 
6 Apr., 1916; 2 Jack Kinnear Brigham, b. 23 June, 1918); 
they res. in Chicago; ii Nina Mae Brigham, b. 22 Apr., 
1891, m. Donald Merrill Taylor; res. Robinson; iii Vernon 
Dee Brigham, M.D., b. 12 Jan., 1893; unm., res. and prac- 
tices medicine in Indianapolis, Ind. ; iv Lorin Herman 
Brigham, b. 30 Sept., 1895, m. Esther Brown. (Ch.: 1 
Lorin Harveyio Brigham, Jr., b. 26 Feb., 1921; 2 Robert 
Brown Brigham, b. 28 Mar., 1925); they res. Robinson. 

ii Harvey Carpenter Brigham, d. 6 Dec, 1923, ae. about 90 yrs.; 
his wife, Mary H. (Morrow) Brigham, d. 16 Sept., 1915. 
Ch. additions: 2 George Morrow^ Brigham, m. Mattie 
Keith; they live in E St. Louis, 111. Mr. Brigham is blind 
and paralyzed from the Avaist down. Yet, with all the 
indomitable spirit of the Brighams, he is making a living 
as a magazine agent. His wife is crippled from rheumatism 
and is confined +,o a wheel chair; 3 Willametta (Brigham) 
Gordon, wife of Elmer Ellsworth, of Robinson. They m. 
6 June, 1894. Ch. (Gordon) : i Lawrence Ellswortho, b. 
5 Nov., 1895, m. Mildred Rachel Peterson. (Ch.: Robert 
Lawrenceio, b. 29 Nov., 1922); ii Hugh Brigham, b. 29 
Apr, 1904, d. 31 Dec, 1909. 

276 DEA. SULLIVAN" BRIGHAM of Westmoreland and 
Vienna, N. Y. (1781-1867) ; his 1st wife was Amanda (Spald- 
ing) (1778-1849) ; his 2d wife, Mrs. Nancy Bryan. There were 
8 ch., the 2d of whom was Mavor, the father of the Toledo 
family. Ch. by 1st m., additions only : 

viii SarahT (Brigham) Marks, widow of James D. of Vienna (1812- 
1890), d. 12 Jan., 1916, the last of her family of brothers 
and sisters; she was ae. 92 yrs., 8 mos. 

278 DEA. JOHN" BRIGHAM of Ogden, Monroe Co., 
N. Y. (1790-1868); his wife was Susan (Moore) (1797-1848). 
There were 8 ch. in the family ; 5 sons are shown with additions 
in the next generation. Ch. additions: 

i Caroline E.^ (Brigham) Hiscock, wife of George W. of Spencer- 
port, N. Y. (1817-1894). Ch. (Hiscock) of whom there were 
4, additions only: 2 Emily F.s (Hiscock) Hickok (not 
Heakok), wife of James F. of Spencerport, d. 31 Mar., 
1910, ae. 74 yrs., 7 mos.; 4 George L., d. 31 Mar., 1914. ac 
53 yrs., 4 mos.; his wife was Nettie M. (Wilmot): (their 
son: ii Herbert W.o, m. 22 Nov., 1911, Bertha Odell Adams, 
b. 14 June, 1891; their dau.: Dorothyio, was b. 29 Oct., 1912). 

104 Tehb Brigham Family 

281 DEA. PERRY« BRIGHAM, d. in Newtonville, Mass., 
about 1876, ae. about 75 yrs. His wife, Hannah (Mason), d. 
in West Newton about 1883. He was a merchant in the whole- 
sale coal business of the firm of Brigham and Stratton. Ch. 
additions : 

iii Garaphelia M." (Brigham) Jenkins, is deceased. Ch. 
(Jenkins) : 1 Gertrudes, m. Paul Sartoris of Holland; 
2 Perry, 

vi Charles Perry Brigham was killed by an accident in 1874; m. 
Mary E., dau. of James and Salome May Dillon. Ch.: 

1 Perrys Brigham, b. 6 Oct., 1866; m. Catrina Miller, b. in 
Sweden; he has been known for many years on the stage 
as a distinguished actor, under the name of "Mark Kent"; 

2 Salome May Brigham, b. 31 July, 1871; m. (1) Dr. Sumner 
Paine, son of Gen. Charles J. Paine of Boston; m. (2) John 
E. Fisher of Canada. (Ch. : an adopted dau., Margaret Dillon 
Paine, b. 7 Mar., 1894; m. Eeginald Augustus Osborn, son 
of Gen. Francis Osborn of Hingham; has one son, Francis 
Osborn, b. 5 Feb., 1917); 3 Helen Augusta Brigham, b. 
10 Mar., 1874, d. 1890; 4 James Dillon Brigham, b. 1876, 
d. ae. 6 mos. 

vii Sarah Anna Brigham, m. Mr. Barstow of St. Louis, 
viii Emma Josephine Brigham, is deceased s. p.; m. Samuel Parsons 
of Boston. 

284 STEPHEN" BRIGHAM of Boston (1779-1819) ; his 
wife was Lucy (White) (1777-1820). His son, additions: 

viii Henry Bigelow^ Brigham of Lexington, Mass. (1818-1887); 
his wife, Mary (Dudley) Brigham, a descendant of Gov. 
Thomas Dudley, is deceased. A younger dau., not recorded 
in H. B. F., Euth Dudleys Brigham, m. 29 June, 1921, Leroy, 
son of William A. Jackson of Somerville; res. Lexington. 

286 LYDIA« (BRIGHAM) AMES of Marlboro (1766- 
1850), wife of Dea. Moses Ames, By this m. the Ames family 
came into possession of the Joseph Brigham house, one of the 
most interesting of the old Brigham homes in Marlboro. Ch. 

(Ames) : 

i Lewis" (1786-1856), who lived in the Joseph Brigham place 
all his life. Ch additions: 5 Eoberts Brigham, was b, 24 
July, 1823 (M. V. E. says 23 July, 1822); d. 24 Jan., 1897; 
m. Sarah Barney of Washington, N. H. ; deceased probably 
in 1918. He was commonly known as "Brigham Ames" and 
was the most widely known of this Ames family. Was the 
first dancing master in Marlboro and taught for 40 years in 
all surrounding towns. He was a musician of ability, the 
first to organize a band in Marlboro and also a string band, 
called the Ames and Holder Band. His trade was that of 
a carriage builder. He was an adept in playing the flute, 

Sixth Generation 105 

bass horn, cornet, clarinet, violin, 'cello, and bass viol. 
(Ch. [Ames]: i EUa^, who m. Frank Chick and d. s. p.; 
an adopted son was Edward R., who m. Daisy Bigelow 
Emery, res. s. p. Marlboro); 10 Martha L.s, the genealo- 
gist, who lived on the Joseph Brigham place, d. 11 July, 
1911. She was an encyclopaedia of knowledge concerning 
all the old families of Marlboro. She was a pleasing poet, 
and wrote the verses for the celebration of the 250th anni- 
versary of the settlement of Marlboro, in 1896. She pub- 
lished a book of her own verses. 

289 COL. JOSIAH° BRIGHAM of Westboro, was b. in 
1789 (not 1791) ; d. 1870. His wife was Azubah (Beaton) 
(1795-1883). Ch. additions: 

i Augusta Olivia^ (Brigham) Whitman, wife of Henry of Prov- 
idence, was m. 23 May, 1839. 

ii Josiah A. Brigham was m. to Jane Maynard of Shrewsbury, 
intentions 7 Apr., 1847. 

(1772- ?) was the widow of Dr. Peter C. Grosvenor and m. (2) 
Daniel Morse. They were a Fitzwilliam family. Ch. (Morse, 
see H. B. F. for 1st ch.) : 

ii ElizaT, m. 1819, Ziba Baldwin. Ch. (Baldwin): 1 MaryS; 

2 Eliza; 3 Grosvenor; 4 Monsou; 5 Curtis; 6 Reuben, 
iv Loring, m. 1825, Mary Donnell of Keene, N. H. Ch. : 1 

Amorets; 2 Grosvenor G.; 3 Mary A.; 4 Sarah T.; 5 

Almira; 6 Sophia G.; 7 Charles L. ; 8 Caroline R.; 9 

Harriet L.; 10 Loring M., m, Etta Buss (1841-1894); 11 

Lorenzo M.; 12 Ella D.; 13 Amy. 
V Lemuel, b. in Peterboro, m. Emily Bradford. Ch., b. in Lowell, 

Mass.: 1 Edwin B.S; 2 Marsellus A.; 3 Emily, 
vi Curtis, m. . Ch. : 1 Daniels; 2 Sarah; 3 Julia; 4 

"Wilber; 5 Mary, m. C. C. Collins, of Claremont, N. H. 

291 ELISHA*^ BRIGHAM of Boston and Cincinnati, 0. 
(1779- ?) ; his wife was Susannah (Thayer) of Boston (1787-?). 
Ch. additions and corrections: 

ii Marcus Marcellus^ Brigham, received degrees of A.B. and A.M. 
from Miami Univ. in 1831; studied law and practised in 
Mississippi; returned to Cincinnati, where he practised and 
d. in 1840, ae. 28 yrs. 

iii Julia Roxalina (Brigham) Fisher, wife of Charles of Cincin- 
nati. Ch. (Fisher): 1 Charles L.s, deceased; delete record 
under his name in H. B. F.; 2 Edward W., b. 7 Apr., 1836; 
m. Laura Federspiel of Ft. Lee, N. J., 2 Apr., 1874; he was 
graduated from Union Theolog. Seminary; res. Corydon, Ind. 
(Ch.: i Samuels ; ii David; iii Garfield); 3 Theodore, 
recorded as 2 in the H. B. F.; 4 Cornelia M. (Fisher) Hall, 

106 The Brigham Family 

recorded as 3 in H. B. F. (1840-1890); her husband, G. 
Stanley Hall, President Emeritus of Clark Univ., d. in 1924; 
he m. again after Cornelia's death; 2 sons; 5 Sidney A., 
recorded as 4 in H. B. F; 6 Horace, recorded as 5; 7 
Emma, recorded as 6, has given great help in securing the 
data of her family; 8 Susan Florence, recorded as 7 (1857- 
iv Lucius A. Brigham, is deceased; was a lawyer in Cincinnati; 
received degrees of A.B. and A.M. in 1835 from Miami 
Univ.; was admitted to the Bar. 

292 WILLARD« BRIGHAM of ^Marlboro (1772-1835) and 
his wife, Betsey (Russell) (1780-1820). Ch. corrections: 

V Hannah^ Brigham, b. IS Jan., 1811, did not d. unm. as stated 

in the H. B. F.; she ra. Otis Brown of Bolton, 8 May, 1833, 
and d. 17 Mar., 1836, ae. 25 yrs. 
viii Elizabeth Brigham, was b. 1 Dec, 1820 (not 1821). See No. 586. 

293 CALEB° BRIGHAM, Jr., of Marlboro (1778-1842). 
His wife was Martha^ (Brigham), No. 74, xi (1782-1860). His 
love of music, and his skill as a performer, especially on the 
violin, has shown itself in his descendants, notably Caleb, son 
of Tileston' . Ch. additions : 

ii Laura Ann' Brigham, d. 7 Mar., 1809 (not 1808). 

V Laura Ann (Brigham) Brigham, wife of Alden of Marlboro, 

No. 210, vii, d. in July, 1897, in her 85th yr. 
X Anjanette (Brigham) Morse, wife of Burleigh^, No. 164, ii, 4. 
Their dau. (Morse): i Ellen Augustas, d. 5 June, 1920, in 
her 71st yr. 

293a DAVID" BRIGHAM, sixth eh. of Caleb^ No. 122, 
b. in Marlboro, in the Thomas- Brigham house, 1 Mar., 1781; 
m. Betsey Trowbridge, probably dau. of Joseph and Lucy 
(Barnes) Trowbridge of Marlboro. The m. is recorded in the 
M. V. R. David moved to New York, and further trace of him 
in Marlboro was lost. The family supply the following : 

i Charles David^ Brigham, b. 5 Oct., 1821; ni. 17 Nov., 1846, 
Cordelia, dau. of O. G. and Sarah Rundell, b. 19 Jan., 1823; 
a direct descendant of Gen. Rundell of Revolutionary fame. 
Ch: 1 Charles Rundells Brigham, b. 25 Aug., 1848; m. 18 
June, 1881, Martha Bills Newman, res. Parsons, Kans. 
(Ch.: i Charles Davido Brigham, b. 26 May, 1886, m. 10 
Sept., 1907, Helen Eaton. [Ch.: 1 Charlesio' Brigham, b. 8 
Oct., 1908; 2 Margaret Brigham, b. 12 Jan., 1910; 3 
Clair Brigham, b. 11 Dec, 1912; 4 Pauline Brigham, b. 
16 May, 1914]; ii Cordelia Brigham, b. 24 Dec, 1900; m. 
29 Aug., 1923, R. V. Sheeks) ; 2 Mary Trowbridge Brigham, 
b. 23 Aug., 1850; is deceased; resided Pittsburgh, Pa.; m. 

Sixth Generation 107 

2 May, 1870, Charles Henderson Bradley, son of Alexander 
and Elizabeth (Stuart) Bradley; the Stuarts were Scottish 
immigrants of 100 years ago; he was b. in Pittsburgh, 
22 Aug., 1850, d. 20 July, 1916. (Ch. [Bradley] : i Alex- 
anders, m. Marie Levowandowska of Paris, France; ii 
Cordelia Rundell, m. Anthony J. Drexel Biddle of Phila- 
delphia; iii Charles Henderson, Jr., m. Miss Bailey of 
Albany, N. Y., and both are deceased; iv Jennie, m. Fred 
W. Miller, an attorney of Pittsburgh, and deceased; v 
Gladys, m. William Thaw 3d) ; 3 Jennie P. Brigham and 
4 Julia P. Brigham, twins, b. 12 Sept., 1852; 5 James 
Madison Brigham, b. 17 Oct., 1854, m. Laura Mason, 18 
Aug., 1881; had one son, Richard W.» Brigham, b. 1 Dec, 
1883; 6 Fannie Bigelow Brigham, b. 12 Aug., 1856, m. 
William W. Dewhurst, 18 Aug., 1872. Ch, (Dewhurst): 
Dorothy9 and Mary. They live in Florida. 

ii James Madison" Brigham, Sr., b. 8 Jan., 1824; m. ; Ch. : 

Julias Brigham, who m. Ezra Dodd. 

iii Lucy Brigham, b. 10 Mar., 1826, m. Cyrus Brown; s. p. 

iv Eliza Brigham, b. 14 Apr., 1829, m. Merret Pierpoint, s. p. 

294 BENAJAH« BRIGHAM of Boston (1774-1852), in- 
terred in the Old Granary Burying-ground ; the name is on the 
flat cover to a tomb which can be seen from the street. His 
1st wife, Sarah (Lancaster) (1783-1828), was the mother of 
his ch. Ch. additions: 

i Sarahs (Brigham) Dexter (1802-1829), wife of Anson. Ch. 
(Dexter) : 2 Sarah Lancaster^ (Dexter) James, d. 26 Oct., 
1908, in her 84th yr.; widow of William EUerv James, b. 
20 Sept., 1823, d. 30 Nov., 1897, in his 75th yr. (Ch. 
[James]; i Annie Fay9, d. 16 Mar., 1922, in her 71st yr. ; 
m. 10 May, 1873, Joseph Stedman Williams; 2 ch. ; ii 
Brigham Dexter, a Director in the B. F. A., m. [1] 26 Oct., 
1880, Helen Baraford Calder of Providence, R. L, who d. 
2 Feb., 1889. [1 ch.: Albert]; m. [2] 4 June. 1891. 
Maria J. Davis of Jamaica Plain, who d. 1 Aug., 1914 [1 
ch.: Ruth D.] ; m. [3] 23 Feb., 1918, Edith Banks Mepham 
of Newton.) 

295 EPHRAIM« BRIGHAM of Westboro (1776-?); his 
m. to Hannah, dau. of Thomas and Phebe (Pond) Twitchell, 
occurred 21 Oct., 1813. Ch. : 

i Hannah M." Brigham, m. Benjamin F. Green of Shrewsbury, 
3 July, 1833; both deceased early. Their sou, Charless 
Green, lived with his grandfather Brigham, in Westboro. 
iii Lucy H. Brigham, m. 25 Aug., 1841, Samuel C. (not Charles C.) 
Andrews; she d. 7 June, 1842, ae. 19 yrs., 8 mos. ; their son, 
Charles Curtis'* Andrews, was b. 18 Alav, 1842; Samuel m. 
(2) 1 Aug., 1844, Sarah P. Pay of Northboro. 

108 The Brigham Family 

Plains, Mich., a Baptist minister (1795-1855). His wife was 
Sophia (Cowing) (1802-1881). Ch. additions and corrections: 

i George Allen" Brigham (1829-1886), m. (1) Somerville Lip- 
pincott; m. (2) Margaret Emma Hawley, who d. 9 Aug., 
1913; she was a cousin of his 1st wife, by whom ch. : 1 
Anther Neys Brigham, b. 22 Oct., 1860 and 2 Ida May 
Brigham, b. 30 May, 1862; these 2 ch. and their mother 
were drowned when crossing a creek that was very high 
after a hard rain, in Gumming City, Neb. Ch. by 2d m: 
3 Martha S. Brigham, b. 27 Aug., 1866; m. (1) 3 Feb., 1886, 
William Taylor; m. (2) Steven Douglas Barnes, with res. 
Quay, Okla. (Ch. by Ist m. [Taylor]; i Edith Myrtles, b. 
in Tekemah, Neb., d. at the age of 10 yrs. ; ii Eoy S., b. 
in Tekemah, 12 Feb., 1889, m. Fannie Wheatley. [Ch.: 
1 Bonnie Ireneio, b. 20 June, 1915; 2 William Harold, b. 
in Quay, 9 Feb., 1921]); 4 Clarence Brigham, b. 4 Aug., 
1868, m. Samantha GrandstafE. (Ch. : i Orville^ Brigham; 
ii Maud M. Brigham, who m. Roe Dillon; iii Fern Brig- 
ham.) Mr. Clarence Brigham is postmaster of Cushing, 
Okla.; 5 Carroll Brigham, d. 6 Oct., 1888, in his 19th yr.; 
6 Olive Brigham, d. 4 Nov., 1909; 7 Ivy Glen Brigham, d. 
18 Oct., 1877. 

302 ALVIN LUCAS« BRIGHAM of Roxbury, Vt. (1798- 

1870) ; his wife was Flora (Baxter) (1804-1871). Ch. : 

Lomelia A." (Brigham) Maker, wife of George E. Their eld- 
est dau., Elizabeth Florence^, did not die, as reported in 
H. B. F., but is living in Lowell. 

Samuel A. Her granddaughter (dau. of Brigham^ Spalding) 
Augusta® (Spalding) Adams, wife of Allen, d. s. p. 20 Apr., 
1914, ae. 68 yrs., 7 mos. She was a faithful friend of the B. F. A. 

305a ELISHA« BRIGHAM, son of Stephen' (No. 126) 
and Hannah (Field) Brigham, was no further reported in the 
H. B. F. He was probably born around 1780, judging by the 
dates of his brothers and sisters, which are given in H. B. F. 
He was one of the founders of the Willington Glass "Works in 
Connecticut, and later, about 1836, with his fourteen-year old 
son, Elisha Mendell Brigham, he moved to Ellenville, N. Y. 
Name of his wife not known. He had two daus. and a son : 

i Daughter^, m. Emery Healy of Ellenville, N. Y. 
ii Harriet Brigham, m. George Hibbard of Kingston, N. Y. 


Sixth Generation 109 

iii Elisha Mendell Brigham was b. in Willington (another letter 
<7^ says Tolland), Conn., in 1822; d. in Kingston, N. Y., in 

y-0-' 1902, ae. 80 years. He m. (1) ; no ch.; m. (2) Arietta, 

^ dau. of Oliver and (Swart) Halsey, whose father 

was Col. Swart of the War of 1812, d. about 1853; m. (3) 
Isabella Mary Nichols, b. in 1831, and living (1925) in 
Kingston, N. Y. ; spoken of as "one of the best mothers 
that ever lived." Ch. by second m. (a dau. d. at birth): 

1 Lucinda J.s Brigham, b. in Kingston, 4 Feb., 1846, d. 23 
Apr., 1922, m. Thomas Rich. (Ch. [Rich]: i Mendel B.a, 
of Kingston; ii Harry B., of Kingston; iii [Rev.] Custer 
C, Warren, O.; iv Daughter, Mrs. Stewart Benson, of 
Bakersfield, Cal.; v Daughter, Mrs. Theodore Boice, Bay- 
onne, N. J.); 2 Oliver Halsey Brigham, b. in Ellenville, - 
N. Y., 14 Feb., 1849. (See under 606a his record); 3 Henry- 
Reynolds Brigham, b. in Kingston, 3 Aug., 1859; is of the 
firm of Brigham Brothers, Kingston, manufacturers of brick; 
m. in Oct., 1882, Sara Sparling. (Ch.: i Harold Sparlings 
Brigham, b. 28 Sept., 1883, m. Charlotte Rouse. [Ch.: 1 
Helenio Brigham, b. about 1907; 2 Evelyn Brigham, b. 
about 1908; 3 Henry Brigham, b. about 1911; 4 Isabel 
Brigham, b. about 1913]): 4 William Howard Brig-- 
ham, b. in Kingston, 24 Aug., 1862; is a manufacturer 
of bricks, in company with his brother Henry in Kingston; 
m. 28 Oct., 1885, Susan Swift O'Neil, who d. 3 Dec, 1922. 
Ch.: Mary9 Brigham, b. 23 Sept., 1891, m. Addison David 
Williams. (Ch. [Williams]: 1 Susan, b. about 1918; 

2 William A., b. about 1921.) 

310 THOMAS S.« BRIGHAM, M.D., of Wayne, Me. 
(1769-1844) ; his 1st wife was Polly (Dana), dau. of Gen. Dana; 
his 2d wife was Mary (French). Ch. of 1st m. additions and 
corrections : 

iii Laura" (Brigham) Thomas-McClintock. She m. (1) Lewis 
Thomas of Middleboro, Mass., son of Huschia and Betty 
(Alden) Thomas; she descended from John Alden; he d. 
in Medina, O., 1824; m. (2) Lenman (not Luman) McClin- 
tock; see H. B. F. for that family. Ch. (Thomas): 1 
Henry Brighams, b. in Norwich, Vt., 8 Sept., 1823; d. in 
Danville, 111., 4 Apr., 1904; m. (1) 1 Jan., 1846, Harriet 
Stone, dau. of Levi, Jr. and Eunice (Howe) Bartlett of 
Rutland, Mass. b. 22 May, 1828, d. in Kahoka, Mo., under 
almost tragic circumstances, leaving a family of small ch.; 
m. (2) 10 Aug., 1864, Laura (Crane) Andrews, who d. s. p. 
ae. about 73. After his mother's 2d m. he lived in several 
places with them in Vermont, but was so unhappy that 
he left home early and went to Massachusetts, where he 
made a fortunate marriage and later became a contractor 
in Toledo, where he built the first public building of brick. 
In Michigan City, Ind., he was superintendent of the con- 
struction of the railroad that became the Michigan Central. 
Took up a half section of land in the northeast corner of 
Missouri; driven out by the Civil War, and with his little 
family to care for, he took up business again, doing many 

110 The Brigham Family 

important things which the development of a new country 
opened to him. A man of resource, energy and large execu- 
tive ability, and of fine personal presence, he is one to 
whom the country owes more than can ever be told. He 
was a Methodist and a Mason. (Ch. [Thomas], ten in 
number, of whom only 4 survived beyond childhood: 2 
Laura Elizabeth'-*, b. in Grafton, Mass., 23 May, 1848, d. s. p. 
in Ligonier, Ind., m. John B. Lane; 4 Frances Estelle, b. 
14 Sept., 1851, in Toledo, d. in Ligonier, 16 Sept., 1893, m. 
William J. Schell, and res. in Hammond, La.; 6 ch. ; 5 
Herbert Edward, b. in Michigan City, d. in Danville, 111., 
m. Margaret Johnson; 5 ch. and 2 gr. ch.; 6 William 
Sexsmith, b. 26 Sept., 1860, near Kahoka, Clark Co., Mo.; 
m. 1 Oct., 1890, in Leavenworth, Kans., Carrie, dau. of 
Sylvester and Emma [Blackman] Close, b. in Iowa City, 
la., 17 May, 1868; he is the last survivor of his family, 
and has contributed these records and others we regret not 
to print for lack of space; he lives in Iowa City, engaged 
in the hardware business, wholesale and retail. [Has 2 
sons, Harold and William S., each m.]) 

319 JOEL" BRIGHAM of Sudbury and Deerfield, Mass. 
(1788-1829) and his wife, Elizabeth (Brown), who was of 
Sudbury. Ch. additions only : 

v Elbridge G.7 Brigham of Deerfield (1818-1875) and his 1st 
wife, Martha L. (Smith); their son: Frank S.s Brigham, 
and his wife, Clara A. (Smith), res. E. Deerfield. (Ch.: 
i Dwight9 Brigham, d. 5 June, 1925, in his 37th yr., unm.; 
ii Daisy Brigham, m. Charles H. Lynde; 1 ch., a dau, b. 
vii Cephas Brigham (1821-1890) should be numbered vii, not viii 

as in H. B. F. 
viii Leander L. Brigham (1823-1888) and his wife, Eliza Ann 
(Adams). Ch. additions: 1 Mary E. (Brigham) McCue, 
wife of Felix, is deceased; 2 Julia (Brigham) Morrison, 
wife of W. E., res. E. Deerfield, not Greenfield; 3 Hattie M. 
Brigham, m. Walter Smith; res. E. Deerfield; 4 Edgar C. 
Brigham, m. Mrs. Edith Maude (Woodworth) Legge. (Ch. : 
Edwin L.9 Brigham, res. Newton Highlands, Mass.) 

ix Lorenzo Brigham (1824-1893); his number should be ix, not x. 

X Elizabeth Brigham, m. Briggs, lived in So. Deerfield, and 

d. She was omitted from the list of ch. in the H. B. F. 

xi Horace Brigham (1828-1896) left 4 sons in Deerfield, named in 
the H. B. F., but no further recorded for this volume. 

On pp. 285 and 286 of the H. B. F. Danforth Phipps, 
William, Samuel and Rufus Brigham, numbered there 322- 
325, are of those whose generation is changed because of the 
corrections concerning John* and Johns. They should appear 
on p. 441 of the first volume, following No. 618, as a, b. c. 
and d, of that number. These are grand-children of Johns 
and Cate (Willis) Brigham. 

327 ABIJAH« BRIGHAM of Sudbury and Rutland, 

Sixth Generation 111 

Mass. (1791-1892) and his wife, Melissa (Stratton) of Rutland. 
He lived to be 101 years old. His only son : 

iv John Warren^ Brigham, m, Martha Eliza^ Brigham, dau. of 
Dr. Luther and Eunice (Hawley) Brigham, which union gave 
their descendants two lines of descent from Thomasi, one 
through Abijah from John2, and one through Dr. Luther o 
from Thomas2, Their son: 1 Warren Luthers Brigham, t? 
in Oakham, Mass., 25 Jan., 1846; d. 13 Mar., 1880; m. 25 
June, 1868, Susan Frances, dau. of Sylvunus and Caroline 
(Wesson) Adams, b. in Chicopee Mass., 3 June, 1843, d. in 
Brookline, Mass., 4 Oct., 1920. Ch. b. in Boston: i Ediths 
Brigham, b. 6 June, 1870, m. 30 Jan., 1895, Walter, son of 
Edward H. Webling of London, England, and his wife, Anna 
(Sage) Webling, of Brantford, Canada, the family home; 
they res. in Brookline. (Ch. [Webling] all b. in Dorchester: 
1 Dorothyio, b. 21 May, 1896; 2 Constance, b. 11 Mar., 
1898, m. 7 June, 1920, Malcolm Jenney, son of Walter and 
Elizabeth B. [Hedge] Jennev of So. Boston. Ch. [ Jennev] : 
Barbara!!, b. 1 Dec, 1923; *3 Walter, Jr., b. 15 Jan., 1905); 
(ii. Ethel Brigham, b. 30 Apr., 1872, m. 5 Dec, 1900, Walter 
^^iggs Fox, of Cambridge, Mass., son of Robert L. B. Fox, 
born in Cornwallis, N. S., and his wife, Katherine (Carle- 
ton) Fox, b. in Washington, D. C. (Ch. d. at birth); iii Enid 
Brigham, b. 20 Mar., 1874, is unm. 

330 LEWIS" BRIGHAM of Sudbury (1797-1875); his 
wife was Almira (Bowker). He lived on the homestead of 
John^ Brigham (see H. B. F.). Ch. additions: 

i Martha Ann^ (Brigham) Greene of Boston, wife of Hiram, is 

ii Eebecca Haynes (Brigham) Bent, d. 12 May, 1911; her husband, 

Thomas Albert Bent, d. in Aug., 1901. Their dau. Carrie 

F.8 Bent, m. Lucius E. Bent, 
iii Nancy Elizabeth Brigham is deceased, 
vi Emma Almira (Brigham) Wilcomb is deceased. Ch. : 3 Alice 

Emmas Wilcomb, delete "d. ae. 15 years," as recorded in 

H. B. F. ; 4 Ida Louise Wilcomb, delete "d.," as recorded 

in H. B. F. 

332 REBECCA" (BRIGHAM) THOMPSON (1807-1856), 
wife of Lawrence of Prides Station, Ala. Ch. (Thompson) 
additions : 

iii Eebecca''^ (Thompson) Bayless (not Baylis), wife of William 
W. of Florence, Ala. *Ch. (Bayless). 2 William B.s, m. 
Janet Bell of Staunton, Va., probably res. in Florence; 3 
Mary (Bayless) Morgan, a widow; m. (2) Lee Ashcroft of 
Atlanta, Ga.; a sons d. y. ; a dau. living in 1916. 
V Joseph N. of Tuscombia, Ala. Ch.: 2 Lawrence K.s, m. 7 Jan., 
1915, Nelse Caldwell Rockwood, of Memphis, Tenn., descend- 
ant of Susanna (Brigham) Parkman (No. 100, H. B. F.). 
Ch. (Thompson) : Lucia Rockwoods, b. 21 May, 1916. 

112 The Brigham Family 

333 CHARLES« BRIGHAM of Greenfield, Mass., d. 9 
Aug., 1897, within a month of completing his 86th year; m. 7 
Dec, 1850, Eunice Hagar Garfield, dau. of Francis of "Waltham, 
and his wife, Dorcas (Stratton) Garfield, who belonged in 
Weston; Eunice Garfield was b. 11 Mar., 1832, d. 24 Dec, 1892. 
He was a dry-goods merchant in Waltham for a time, a school 
teacher in the South, for a period, and lived in Worcester and 
Greenfield ; was a great reader and a pious and devout convert 
to Christadelphianism. His son: 

iii AlansonT Brigham, b. in Sudbury, 5 July, 1859, d. 28 Mar., 
1913; worked on farms there as a boy, was a fireman and 
later an engineer on B. & M. R. R. ; became a stationary 
engineer in a factory in Greenfield, Mass. He m. Stella 
Genevieve, dau. of Jason and Emma Frances (Blackham) 
Moore. He built a home on Phillips St., Greenfield; moved 
to Milford, Mass., where in 1904 he was master mechanic in 
a shoe factory. He was mentally keen, and of a forceful 
character. With little opportunity for schooling, he yet 
was a great reader and sound thinker. His son: 1 Lewis 
Alansons Brigham, was graduated from the Milford High 
School in 1908; received the B.S. degree from Boston Uni- 
versity in 1913, and A.M. from the same university in 1917; 
teacher of Science and Mathematics in the High School of 
Turner's Falls, 1913-1915; Instructor in Mathematics Boston 
University College of Liberal Arts, 1915-20; Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Astronomy and Mathematics, 1920 to the present 
time. Took graduate courses at Harvard University. Lives 
unm. with his widowed mother in West Somerville, Mass. 

iv Jane''^ Brigham, m. (1) Milton O. Damon, 11 July, 1881; he was 
b. in Leominster, 9 Nov., 1859; d. s. p. 20 Mar., 1890; she m. 
(2) Levi Tyler Coates, b. in E. Charlemont, 2 Oct., 1853 
they live on a farm in Shelburne Falls, Mass. No ch., but 
adopted Charles Gardner, b. in Boston, 27 July, 1899 
changed his name to Charles Milton Coates. 

vi Joseph Brigham was b. in Worcester, Mass. (not Greenfield) 
m. 2 Dec, 1897, Elizabeth, dau. of Christian and Elizabeth 
(Schlanghauf) Sauter, who was b. in Deerfield, Mass., 2 
Feb., 1871; res. Turner's Falls, Mass. Ch.: Eunice Eliza- 
beths Brigham, b. in Greenfield, 2 Dec, 1898, m. 26 June, 
1924, Eoland Leese, son of Henry Albert and Grace A. 
(Decatur) Morrell, b. 29 Jan., 1898, in Fitchburg, Mass. 
vii Delete "Eunice d. unm. 1892," an error in IL B. F. 

336 JONAS BALL« BRIGHAM of Westboro (1807-1872) ; 
his wife was Lucinda (Howe) (1809-1861). Ch., of whom 
there were 8, see H. B. F. : 

V Silas H.7 Brigham, was b. 5 Jan. (not June), 1845 (not 1846); 
his wife is Abbie (Flanders), and they live in Keene, N. H. 
Ch.: Lenas (Brigham) Smith, wife of Ralph Draper, of 
Keene; their dau., Kathryn Brigham^, m. in Keene, 10 Jan., 

I'Ik'Ioi/ III Jill hji Biirhrach 

IIkni;y Bkigham 
Attorney at Law 
Boston, Mass, 



Sixth Generation 113 

1920, Theodore E. Burleigh, who served overseas ia the 
World War, Ch. (Burleigh): Theodore, Jr., b. 30 
Sept., 1921. 
vii Edmund Leland Brigham, of Westboro, d. s. p. 30 Aug., 1922, in 
his 74th yr.; he m. (1) 20 Aug., 1877, Emma Fitch of Somer- 
ville, Mass.; m. (2) Susan E. Plummer, who d. in May, 1916. 

339 NANCY« (BRIGHAM) RICE (1789-1873), and her 
husband, Francis, of Barre, Mass. They had 7 ch. and a long 
list of descendants: Ch. (Rice): 

iv Thomas Brigham^, d. 9 July, 1914, ae. 97 yrs., 5 mos.; his wife 
was Maria (Bacon) (1821-1855) Their dau., Lucys, res. 
in Barre, an invalid; her active life was spent in doing 
good to the unfortunate, particularly children. 

342 JOSIAH FAY« BRIGHAM of Bakersfield, Vt. (1801- 
1878) ; he m. 3 times and his last wife was Jane (Fay) (1820- 
1899). Their son: 

vi Col. Herbert Fay^ Brigham d. s. p. in Bakersfield, 15 Dec, 
1920, in his 69th yr. ; he is survived by his wife, Jennie 
M. C. (Hill), an artist. He practised law in San Francisco, 
and Virginia City, Nev., but returned to Bakersfield in 
1877; was four years commercial agent of the U. S. in 
Stanbridge, Que.; an unsuccessful democratic candidate 
for various offices, including State's attorney, governor 
and U. S. senator; he was later appointed by Gov. Page 
chief of staff with the title of colonel; he assisted in in- 
vestigating public institutions and served as incorporator 
and later director of local banks; was a member of the 
draft board in the time of the World War. It has been 
said of him: "In all his dealings he was honorable and 
just. * * * Through the many years he has been on the 
governing board of Brigham Academy in Bakersfield, aU 
his judgments have been marked by great fairness and a 
keen sense of honor." This school was founded by his 
uncle, Peter Bent Brigham, in his will, the fund having 
been added to by Col. Brigham 's sisters. 

344 BENJAMIN GOTT« BRIGHAM of Bakersfield and 
Fairfield, Vt. (1808-1858) ; his wife was Esther P. (Northrup) 
(1809-1879). Ch. additions : 

V Henry Kandolph^ Brigham, of Boston (1848-1884); his wife 
was Ida E. (Wight) Brigham, who res. in Cambridge. 
Their son: 2 Henry Kandolphs Brigham, is a lawyer in 
Boston, with res. in Cambridge, Mass. From 1918-1920 
he was with the Dept. of Labor, in Washington, T). C. 
Was assistant manager with the Home Registration Divi- 
sion and later manager Real Estate Division U. S. Housing 
Corporation. Had charge of appraisal and sale of 6,000 
parcels of real estate acquired during the war. Organized 


114 The Brigham Family 

and managed the Cambridge Chapter of American Red 
Cross, 1917-1918. He is ex-president of the Cambridge 
Union & Social Workers. He m. 21 July, 1919, Lucy Hayes 
Breckenridge of Lexington, Ky. 

346 ARTEMAS« BRIGHAM of Petersham, Mass. (1799- 
1894), lived to within five years of the century mark. His first 
wife was Sophronia (Witt) (1809-1862). This is a long-lived 
branch. Three of his sisters lived to be 87 ; another reached 
the age of 90, and a brother d. at 83. Ch. : 

i Norman C.^ Brigham of Barre, Mass. (1829-1899); his wife 
was Caroline (Osgood) Brigham. Ch.: 2 Nellie S.s (Brig- 
ham) Nye, wife of Frank of Barre. Ch. (Nye): 1 Roselle 
C.9, m. 28 Sept., 1907, Almon C. Brodeur. (Ch. [Brodeur]: 
i Corinne, b. 6 July, 1908; ii Ezilda L., b. 13 Feb., 1911; 
iii Almon C, b. 14 June, 1915.) The other ch. (Nye) as 
in H. B. F. 

348 EDWARD^ BRIGHAM of East Boston (1814-1891) ; 
his wife was Frances (Tyler) (1822-1903). Ch. additions: 

i Edward Francis' Brigham, who pre-deceased by some years 
his wife, Mrs. Josephine (Crocker) Brigham, dau. of Daniel, 
of Eoxbury; she d. in Waltham, Mass., 4 Aug., 1922, ae. 
89 yrs. Their 2 daus. are as per the H. B. F. 
vi Tyler Brigham, d. 15 Oct., 1923, in his 75th yr. 
viii Charles Henry Brigham, d. in Wollaston, Mass., where he res., 
11 July, 1912, ae. 58 yrs. His widow, Alice (Poole) Brig- 
ham, m. (2), 6 Sept., 1913, Frank P. Waterhouse of "Wollas- 
ton. Mr. Brigham Avas a genial gentleman, a hard-working 
business man, and a kind friend. His cordial hospitality 
will be long remembered by those who were privileged to 
enter his home. Ch. : Edward Tylers Brigham, m. 27 
June, 1907, Laura Hall. Ch.: Natilie^ Brigham, b. 1 Feb., 
1914; res. Wollaston. 

349 TIMOTHY« BRIGHAM of Granville, Pa. (1786- 
1829) was m. (1) to Patty (Damon), 12 July, 1807, and they 
had 11 ch. Ch. additions only: 

iii Mary Ann^^ (Brigham) Swain, was b. 8 Mar., 1811; her husband, 
Andrew M., was b. 20 May, 1808, and d. 28 Apr., 1882. 
Ch. (Swain): 1 Robert B., b. 3 Sept., 1835, d. 18 Sept., 
1894, m, 14 Feb., 1865, Mary Tanner, b. 2 May, 1839, d. 
11 June, 1920. Ch. i Hattie M.s, b. 14 Apr., 1876, m. 10 
Dec, 1894, W. E. Sherman, b. 28 Feb., 1870. (Ch. [Sherman]: 
1 Carlton Tracyo, b. 6 Aug., 1896, m. 6 Apr,, 1921, Helen 
E. McKean; 1 ch.; 2 Dorothy Bernice, b. 24 Feb., 1899, 
res. Sayre, Pa.) 

Sixth Generation 115 

352 GEORGE HOWE" BRIGHAM of Southboro, Mass., 
and Auburn, N. Y. (1799-1882), d. in Chicago; his wife was 
Sally (Evarts) of Auburn. Ch. additions: 

vii James Rollins- Brigham was of Albany, N. Y., and d. 15 May, 
1913, in his Slst yr. ; his wife, Marie Parks (not Maria\ 
d. 11 May, 1923, in her 80th yr. Ch.: 1 George H.s Brig- 
ham, d. at the age of 27; 2 James R. Brigham, Jr., m. 

Angelina of New York City. (Ch.: i Dudleys 

Brigham, b. about 1900; ii Richard Brigham, b. about 
1902); 3 Frederick W. Brigham, d. 21 Feb., 1911, in his 
33d yr., m. 4 Oct., 1900, Julia A. Bell of Toledo, O., their 
res. (Ch.: i Helen A.9 Brigham, b. 1 Apr., 1902; ii 
Howard R. Brigham, b. 7 Aug., 1904.) 

viii William Oscar Brigham, of Toledo, d, 7 Sept., 1920, in his 
87th yr. ; his wife, Ann (Scoville), was b. 15 Apr., 1835 
(not 1836), d. 7 June, 1917. Ch.: 1 Frank Seymours Brig- 
ham, m. 8 June, 1880, Alida Whitney Wales of Toledo, b. 
31 Dec, 1860. (Ch.: i Maida Delanos Brigham, b. 7 Oct., 
1883; ii Harold Wales Brigham, b. 26 May, 1886); 2 
William Oscar Brigham, Jr., and his wife, Ida M. (Her- 
man), res. in Toledo. (Ch. : i Herman Corlesss Brigham, 
m. 25 June, 1921, Amy Frances Booth, b. 7 Nov., 1901. 
[Ch.: 1 Isabella Mayio Brigham, b. 10 Mar., 1922; 2 Amy 
La Verne Brigham, b. 3 May, 1923]; ii Verne Ellsworth 
Brigham, b. 22 Sept., 1902; iii Elmer Rodnev Brigham, b. 
4 Nov., 1909.) 

353 SALMON" BRIGHAM of Eaton and Madison, N. Y. 
(1805-1890) and his wife, Mary A. (Sumner) (1812-1887). Ch. 
additions : 

ii Susan lU (Brigham) Blossom (1834-1896), wife of Henry 
Martyn of St. Louis, who d. 1 Aug., 1917. Ch. (Blossom). 5 
Henry M.s, Jr., d. 23 Mar., 1919, ae. 52 yrs., 10 mos., m. 
4 July, 1908, Marjorie Seelye. 

vi Mary W. (Brigham) Scarritt, wife of Sanford G., of St. Louis, 

who d. 7 Dec, 1907; she d. 9 Jan., 1917, ac. 75 yrs., 6 mos. 

vii Harriet S. (Brigham) Dodd, d. 17 May, 1906, in her 62d yr.; 

her husband, Marcus D., of St. Louis, d. 28 July, 1896, 
viii Ellen E. (Brigham) Livermore, wife of Daniel, who is deceased, 
d. 17 Apr., 1917, in her 71st yr. 

ix Arthur L. Brigham, d. 1 Mar., 1922, in his 73d yr. ; m. 15 Jan., 
1873 (not 1872), Minnie E. Brockctt; she'res. with dau. 
Ch.: 1 Hattie E.s Brigham, b. 20 Mar., 1874 (not (1873), 
m. 5 Oct., 1890, Fred P'ugene Lewis. (Ch. [Lewis]: i 
Hazel M.9, b. 1892, m. 5 Apr., 1920, Henry Karsten; ii 
Marjorie B., b. 1893, m. 1 Julv, 1915, Cornelius Smith; 
iii Clinton A., b. 17 Jan., 1895, m". 6 Apr., 1917, Ruth Tillis- 
ton; iv Clifton S., b. 30 Oct., 1896, m. 14 June, 1924. Ger- 
trude Caskctt; v Kenneth C, b. 3 Mar., 1900, d. 16 Nov., 
1920; vi Eugeue F., b. 14 Jan., 1906; vii Dorothea H., b. 
16 Dec, 1908); 2 Faith Crosby Brigham, is Critic in the 
State Normal School of Brockport, N. Y. She has assisted 
the editor of this volume in collecting the recent dates of 
the family of her grandfather Salmon Brigham. 

116 The Brigham Family 

X Agnes L. (Brigham) Coolidge, d. 18 Feb., 1912; her husband, 
Jay W. of Denver, Colo., is deceased. 

354 ASHBEL« BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1800-1861); 
his wife was Lydia H. (Russell) (1795-1888). Ch. additions: 

i Maria Elizabeth' (Brigham) Barnes, wife of Dr. Edward F. 
(No. 170) of Marlboro. Ch. (Barnes): Josephine A. 
(adopted), m. Clarence E. Searles of Marlboro. 

iii Nahum Brigham was b. 30 (not 21) Oct., 1825. 

vii Charles L. Brigham is deceased. His widow, Martha Wash- 
ington (Brigham) (see No. 83, v, 7), res. in Marlboro. Ch. : 
Mays Brigham is deceased, m. Frank Andrews, who also 
died; their ch., Goldie^ Andrews, m. John Donovan and res. 
Marlboro, Lakeside Ave. 

356 CHARLES^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro and Philadel- 
phia, Pa. He was a printer born in 1806, and went South to 
follow his trade, which he had learned in Boston. He settled 
in Philadelphia, after marrying Mary Jane Day, b. 28 (not 23), 
Feb., 1810, who was, it is said, a direct descendant of Poca- 
hontas. He d. in Feb., 1889. He was born on the SamueP 
Brigham place, being a son of that Ashbel SamueP Brigham 
whose father George* left him the farm now on Brigham St., 
Marlboro. The family of Addington Brigham report that he 
used frequently to return to Marlboro in the summer, come 
out to the old place and ask permission to go over the house, 
which he would do, from cellar to attic, and seemed to have a 
great love for it. They had a family of 10 children, all re- 
corded in the H. B. F. All that we have been able to learn of 
tlie family beyond that point in the genealogy follows. Ch. : 

iii Charles E.'^ Brigham, went to Indianapolis. 

iv George F. Brigham is deceased; he m. Annie M. Dietz, who 
is deceased; they res. at 812 S. 3d St. One son is reported: 
George Fredericks Brigham, m. Dora W. Kiefer; they had 
a dau.; Anna Dorothea^ Brigham, who m. Bruce Mathew- 
son, and they have one sou, Bruce Fredio Mathewson. 
They all live in Philadelphia. 

V Mary E. Brigham is deceased. At one time she was a member 
of the B. F. A. and seemed much interested. 

358 ARTEMAS« BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1796-1839). 
He m. Mary A. Arnold, dau. of Aaron, 28 Mar., 1830, at Peter- 
sham, Mass. (1807-1838). Ch. : 

Sixth Generation 117 

William H.7 Brigham, family omitted from the H. B. F., d. 
5 Nov., 1899, in his 69th yr.; m. 15 Oct., 1853, Frances A. 
Morse, dau. of Henry and Lois (Hayden), b. in Marlboro 
21 June, 1834, d. 1 Mar., 1897. Ch.: 1 Charles H.s Brig- 
ham, b. 12 Jan., 1856, d. 13 Sept., 1905, m. Amelia Green 
of Framingham, from whom divorced; 2 Herbert W. Brig- 
ham, b. 25 Feb., 1858, m. 1 Jan., 1882, Ida Sherman. He 
is part owner of Dart's Express and is the daily messenger 
between Marlboro and Boston. (Ch. : Dorothy^ Brigham); 

3 Frank E. Brigham, b. 3 Nov., 1860, deceased, unm. ; 

4 George D. Brigham, b. 26 Jan., 1863; m. (1) Ida Winn, 
who d.; m. (2) 8 Dec, 1896, Georgiana Boudreau. He is 
a police officer in Marlboro. (Ch. 2d m.: i Leslie Howard^ 
Brigham, m. 25 June, 1922, Ethel Frances, dau. of Mrs. 
Alma Drew; ii Thelma Brigham; iii Viola May Brigham; 
res. in Marlboro); 5 Alfred M. Brigham, b. 3 Aug., 1865, 
d. 10 Oct., 1913, m. 30 Apr., 1889, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of 
William, Jr., and Mariette (Brigham) Barnes, who d. 10 
Oct., 1913. No. 395, v, 4, this vol.; 6 Albert M. Brigham, 
twin to Alfred, d. ae. 25, m. Angle Sherman of Marlboro. 

Ch.: Florenceo Brigham, d. 20 Feb., 1920, m. 

Macomber and left several ch.; res. Marlboro); 7 Irvine 
E. Brigham, b. 18 Feb., 1869, d. unm. in Manila P. I.; was 
in the U. S. A. 

360 CHARLES^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro and Hudson 
(1815-1899), was the last survivor of the sixth generation in 
Marlboro; his wife was Sarah H. (Barnard) (1820-1880). Ch. 
additions, of whom there were eight : 

1 Charles GJ Brigham, d. unm. 14 May, 1922, 

iii Sarah L. (Brigham) Hussey, wife of Everett, of Hudson. 
Her son is Harry Bs (not Harry E.), b. in 1873. 

iv Francis William Brigham, b. 2 Aug., 1848, d. 30 Dec, 1912, 
m. 28 Nov., 1871, Anna E. Eice, b. 2 Oct., 1848. Ch.: 1 
Clifford E.8 Brigham, b. 18 Sept., 1872, m. 12 Dec, 1894, 
A. Maude Rockwell, b. 18 Feb., 1867, res. in Hudson. (Ch.: 
i Leslie R.o Brigham, b. 1 Feb., 1897; ii Florence R. Brig- 
ham, b. 14 Julv, 1899; iii Marjorie E. Brigham, b. 6 June, 
1901; iv Ruth F. Brigham, b. 7 Sept., 1902; v Clarence 
E. Brigham, b. 15 Sept., 1905; vi Lillian M. Brigham, b. 
21 May, 1908); 2 Ervin F. (not Irving) Brigham, b. 7 
Sept., 1875, m. 4 June, 1902, Victoria Mae Barteaux, b. 24 
May, 1880, res. Hudson. (Ch.: Gertrudes Brigham, b. 14 
June, 1909.) 

vi Caleb B. Brigham, b. 13 Aug., 1852; d. in Hudson, 26 Jan., 
1924; m. (1) 29 Dec, 1878, Ella B, Houghton, b. 6 June, 
1854, d. 23 Mar., 1920; m. (2) 4 Dec, 1921, Hazel M. Han- 
nis, b. 3 Nov., 1893, who survives him. 

361 ARTEMAS WARD" BRIGHAM of New Marlboro 
and Westmoreland N. Y., d. 27 Mar., 1867, in his 86th jr. ; his 

118 The Brigham Family 

wife, Sophia (Phelps), b. 17 Oct., 1789, d. 27 Sept., 1887, in her 
98th yr. Ch. additions : 

i Origen S.^ Brigham (1815-1850) and his wife, Frances E. 
(Waterman), of Troy, N. Y. Ch.: Adeline F.s Brigham, 
m. Mr. Powell of Chicago. 

362 BETSEY^ (BRIGHAM) POLLARD, wife of Harvey, 
d. 6 Dec, 1834, in her early forties. Ch. (Pollard) : 

iii Martha AJ (Pollard) Pratt, wife of Parsons S., d. 8 Oct., 
1897, in her 75th yr. Ch. (Pratt) : 1 Carrie Guyons 
(Pratt) Gilbert, wife of Charles B., res. in Dorset, Vt.; 6 
ch. and 9 gr. ch.; 2 Ada Martha (Pratt) Sherman, wife 
of John, who was from Anita, la. (not Dorset, Vt., as in 
H. B. F.); 4 ch. and 9 gr. ch. 

Marlboro and Brooklyn, N. Y. (1794-1862) and his wife, Maria 
(Evertson) (1811-1864). Ch. additions; Nos. 652 and 653 
carry forward 2 sons: 

iv Mary Douglass" (Brigham) Cooke, wife of John Henry, d. 

in Brooklyn, 16 Sept., 1922, in her 75th yr. 
vi John Knox Brigham, d. in Brooklyn, 19 July, 1914, unm., in 

his 61st yr. 

366 ELIZA" (BRIGHAM) BURRELL (1801-1870), wife 
of Robbins Burrell, and sister of Dr. Amariah Brigham, the 
most noted alienist of his day, No. 365, who was a pioneer in 
all methods of caring for the insane. Ch. (Burrell) : 

vii Dwight E.", M.D., was in charge for many years of "Brigham 
Hall," Canaudaigua, N. Y., an institution named in honor 
of Dr. Amariah Brigham, and one that carried out his 
ideas. Dr. Burrell d. 18 June, 1910, in his 68th yr. His 
wife was Clara B. (Kent) Burrell, and they had no ch. 

368 POLLY" (BRIGHAM) McKEEN (1797-?), wife of 
Samuel of Ackworth, N. H. Ch. additions: 

iv Lydia^ (McKeen) Hemphill (1824-1855), whose husband, Free- 
land, was b. 29 Aug., 1812, d. 4 June, 1873. Ch. (Hemp- 
hill): 1 Kathleen M.s (Hemphill) Pcttingill, wife of Wat- 
son G., d. 14 May, 1891; 2 Eugene F., d. 23 Nov., 1912, 
ae. 65 yrs., m. Emily F. Willard of Keene, N. H., b. 13 Apr., 
1850, 3 ch. ; 3 Ashton E. (not G.), a photographer with 
res. in Holyoke, Mass.; is secretary of the Conn. Valley 
Waterways Association; unm. 

V Martha E. (McKeen) Ward-Way. Her dau., Ettas Ward, m. 
Mr. Sayre of N. J.; her dau. Emma Way, d. 

Sixth Generation 119 

369 CAPT. AARON« BRIGHAM of Alstead, N. H. (1797- 
1876) and his first wife, Susan K. (Proctor) (1797-1865). Ch. 
additions and corrections to records in H. B. F. : 

ii Lestina Amanda^ (Brigham) "Ware (1832-1872) wife of David 
S. Ch. (Ware) additions only: 1 Johns, was b. in Butler, 
111. (not Hillsboro, N. H.); res. in Hillsboro; m. and has 
» 2 sons; 5 Lyman Trumbull, m. in 1887, Ida Linder. (Ch. : 

Jennie^, a trained nurse); 6 Beulah, m. 1899, Albert Chick- 
ering; res. Hillsboro. (Ch. [Chickering] : Clarence^, b. 22 
June, 1901, m. 14 Aug., 1925, Anna Swain of Hillsboro) ; 
7 Emily (Ware) Osborn, wife of Jesse W, (Ch. [Osborn] : 
Wesley", Grace, Harold, and Clarence.) 
ill Willard Proctor Brigham, see No. 658. 

iv Luceba Augusta (Brigham) Ware, d. 25 May, 1916. in her 
80th yr. Her 4th ch.: Amy Lillian (Ware) Busby, wife 
of James A., was m. 10 Oct., 1899 (not 1900), and their 2d 
ch. is Evelyna, b. 1905. 

370 LYDIA" (BRIGHAM) HOLBROOK (1800-1870), 
wife of Stephen of East Alstead, N. H. (1797-1854). Ch. (Hol- 
brook), additions and corrections only: 

i Francis W.7 of Amherst, N. H. (1820-1886) and his wife, 
Olivia C. (Howland). Ch. additions: 1 Charles R.8, whose 
1st wife, Evelyn M. (Atwood), d. 25 Aug., 1876 (not 1872); 

3 Mary O. (Holbrook) Buzzell, wife of George A., res. in 
Long Beach, Cal. (not Pasadena), and haF 1 dau.; 4 Frank 
A., res. Milford (not Amherst), N. H., m. Marcia (not 
Maria) E. Davis; 5 George E. and his 2d wife, Lestina 
(Sawyer) Richardson, widow of Charles E. (see No. 369), 
res. in Amherst. He had by his 1st wife, Cora B. (Fisher) 
(Ch. [Holbrook]: i Bertha Mays, b. 9 Oct., 1886, res. in 
Redlands, Cal., where director of Religious Education at 
the First Congregational Church; ii Jennie E., b. 18 Nov., 
1889, res. in Amherst and is Town Librarian); 6 Jennie 
E. (Holbrook) Anderson, wife of Ola of Concord, N. H. 
(Ch. [Anderson]: i Marys, m. Cleon Chase, res. Concord; 
ii Grace, a school teacher in Springfield, Mass.; iii Viola, 
a professor in Kansas Univ.) 

374 LUCIUS'' BRIGHAM of Marietta, 0. (1797-1876); 
m. (1) Caroline P. Goodnow; m. (2) Lucy Roper. Ch. addi- 
tions : 

iv Edward Goodnow^ Brigham, d. 19 May, 1917, in his 78th yr. 
The date of his marriage to Sarah Eells was 27 Mar., 1867; 
they res. Marietta. Ch. : 2 Caroline Elizabeths (Brigham) 
McKinley, is the wife of J. William McKinlc\- of Wash- 
ington, D. C, where they live at 1769 Columbia Road. (Ch. 
[McKinley]: i Caroline Brigham"; ii Edward Brigham); 

4 William Harold Brigham, m. Nellie Lea Sugden of Ma- 
rietta; they res. in Cleveland, O. (Ch.: i Edward Sugden^ 
Brigham; ii Wilson Ward Brigham); 5 Mary Frost (Brig- 

120 The Brigham Family 

ham) Smoot, wife of Charles Smoot of Parkersburg, W. 
Va., where they res. (Ch. [Smoot]: i Sarah Eellss); 6 
Bessie Eells Brigham, m. (1) Dorr Castro of Parkersburg, 
who d. 19 Sept., 1918; m. (2) 12 Feb., 1924, Charles Fitch 
Landsheft of Buffalo, N. Y. (Ch. by 1st m. [Castro]: 
Dorr Claytons); 7 John Eells Brigham, m. Grace Louise 
Dye of Marietta. 

376 BETSEY« (BRIGHAM) BROWNING of Hubbards- 
ton, Mass. (1793-1828), wife of James of Hubbardston, Mass. 
Ch. additions and corrections : 

ii Clara S." (Browning) Clark, wife of Appleton. Ch.: 1 Mary 
H.8 (Clark) Waite, d. 15 Oct., 1922; her husband, J. Gilman 
Waite, d. later than July, 1916; 6 Sibyl E. (Clark) Emer- 
ton, prefers her name not to be spelled "Sybil" as re- 
corded in H. B. F. 
ix Sibyl M. (Browning) Hunt. The same change in spelling. 

379 EMILY« (BRIGHAM) STEWART (1809-1893), 
wife of Thomas Carlisle (1804-1865). Grandson and ch. : 

ii 2 George Sawin Stewart, d. suddenly in Watertown, Mass., 
17 Apr., 1922. Mr. Stewart was a genealogist, and was 
most helpful to the editor of the H. B. F. and the present 
volume. He discovered the error which had been made by 
Mr. W. 1. T. Brigham in regard to placing certain des- 
cendants of John2 Brigham in their Avrong generation, an 
error very easy to make on account of so many of them 
being named "John." He also found the correct name 
of the wife of Captain Nathan Brigham, No. 7, and found 
the origin of the second wife of Lieutenant Nathan Brig- 
ham, No. 22. All these changes affected the lines of 
descent of many Brighams, and we wish to acknowledge 
our indebtedness to him for this help and for competent 
advice which he freely gave. 

V Martha Louise^ (Stewart) Bobbins, wife of Dwight C, of 
Allston, Mass., d. 10 Sept., 1897. Ch. (Bobbins), b. in 
Allston, additions: 1 Herbert Stewarts, b. 27 Oct., 1872, 
m. in Brookline, 24 Aug., 1904, Mrs. Julia M. Parsons of 
Boston, d. in Allston, 10 June, 1907; 2 William Brigham, 
b. 1 Nov., 1874, d. in Allston, 6 Mar., 1881; 3 Arthur 
Carlisle, b. 8 Sept., 1879, d. in Allston, 6 Feb., 1883. 

380 JOHN MOREY« BRIGHAM of Derby Center, Vt., d. 

in Derby, 6 Nov., 1872, in his 60th yr. ; m. 30 Mar., 1835 (not 

1836), Maria, dau. of Nathaniel and Sarah (Barker) Grow; 

she d. in Lisbon, N. H., 2 Jan., 1899, in her 88th yr. Ch. 

additions : 

i George Morey^ Brigham, d. in Derby, 10 Dec, 1879, ae. 42 
yrs., 6 mos., and 13 days. He m. 5 June, 1872, Julia M. 
Chandler of Derby; she m. (2) 19 Mar., 1884, the Eev. 
W. C. Johnson of the M. E. Vermont Conference, who has 

Sixth Generation 121 

filled a number of pastorates, retiring to Derby, where he 
supplies the pulpit of the "United Church." Ch. b. in 
Derby: 1 John Moreys Brigham, 2d, b. 10 Oct., 1874, is 
unm. With his brother, George Chandler, is on a large 
stock farm in Berlin, Vt., just out from Montpelier, Vt. 
Previously for ten years they worked together in Yonkers, 
N. Y., then returned to Vermont. From earliest childhood 
they have been together, in school and in business; 2 
George Chandler Brigham, b. 19 July, 1879, m. 29 Nov., 
1906, at Lyndon, Vt., Ida Mae, dau. of Dr. W. C. and Delia 
(Williams) Blake, b. in Providence, R. I. (Ch.: Chandler 
Blakes Brigham, b. 3 Aug., 1915.) 
ii Silas H. Brigham, d. in Lisbon, N. H., 24 Mar., 1911, in his 
70th yr. He carried on an insurance business in Lisbon 
for a number of years. His wife, Olive J. (Merrick), d. 
there 13 Dec, 1903, in her 59th yr. Ch. additions: 1 
Harry S.8 Brigham and his wife, Florence R. (Clough), res. 
in Lisbon. Their dau., Fannie Josephine" Brigham, b. 10 
Aug., 1888 (not 1887), m. 11 Nov., 1912, Burton Durrell 
Thorpe, M.D., b. 29 Jan., 1886. (Ch. [Thorpe] ; 1 Margaret 
Durrellio, b. 4 Oct., 1913; 2 Frederick Edward, b. 16 Sept., 
1916.) Before her marriage Mrs. Thorpe was a nurse; 2 
George Merrick Brigham, m. 26 Oct., 1899, May Frances 
Ash, b. in Lisbon, 9 Aug., 1874. He is an electrician with 
the Windsor Power Co., in Windsor, Vt., where he res., s. p.; 
3 Frank Leslie Brigham, m. 30 Oct., 1901, Winifred Maude 
Whitcher, b. in Dorchester, N. H., 25 June, 1880. He is 
General Agent of the Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co. of Andover, Mass., where he res., s. p. 

381 CHARLES^ BRIGHAIkl of Boston, Mass. (1814-1900) 
and his wife, Mary Frances (Locke) (1828-1883). Their son: 

Charles Henry" Brigham, is a lawyer in Boston, with res. in 
Brookline, Mass. His wife, Elizabeth (MacDonald) Brig- 
ham, is President of the Brookline Morning Club, Director 
of the Boston Parliamentary Club, and a member of the 
Women's Republican Club of Boston. Their dau.: Marion 
Rays Brigham, was graduated from Smith College, A.B., 
and also cum laude, in 1924; m. 20 Sept., 1924, Frederic 
Leslie Ford, b. in New Bedford, Mass., 21 Feb., 1895, son 
of Nathaniel Ernest and Elsie R. E. (Swift) Ford; was 
graduated from M. I. T. in 1917; is an architect; res. 21 
Camden Road, Auburndale, Mass. 

382 ALBERT SMITH" BRIGHAM (1816-1890), married 

in Nashua, 22 Dec, 1842, instead of as recorded in H. B. F., 

where a regrettable error occurred. The office of the City 

Clerk in Nashua certifies that the records show that Albert S. 

Brigham and Martha Merrill were married there 22 Dec, 1842, 

by the Rev. Lewis C. Browne. 

ii Mary Upton" (Brigham) Bryant, d. 2 Dec, 1909; her hus- 
band, Charles W. Bryant, d. 2 Dec, 1923. Their dau.: 2 
Ethel Merrills Bryant, m. 8 July, 1912, Charles W. French. 
Ch. (French): Bryant Morey», b. 20 Aug., 1916. 

122 The Brigham Family 

V Edmund Sanford Brigham is assistant manager of the Boston 
Clearing House, residing with his wife, Martha J. (Hunter), 
in Bellevue St., Dorchester, where he has lived for many 

vi Charlotte Stearns Brigham m. (1), Botsford Ealph Clarke, 
who d. 5 Oct., 1913; she m. (2) Arthur H. Nickerson, 6 
Oct., 1914. 

384 MICAJAH R." BRIGHAM of Michigan and later of 
Toledo, 0. (1819-1889) and bis wife, Lucy (Stowell) (1825- 
1904). The family name of his mother, Charlotte, was spelled 
Reed (not Read as in H. B. F.). A mistake cocurred in the 
H. B. F. Dr. 0. S. is given as iv, whereas he is iii.) Ch. addi- 
tions and corrections : 

1 Emily Estelle" (Brigham) Gifford, wife of Dr. William R. (who 
d. in Jan., 1924), d. 2 Nov., 1910, ae. 64 yrs. Ch. (Gifford) 
additions: 1 Walter Fays, m. 24 Nov., 1898, Fanchon Hub- 
bell. (Ch.: i Warren Colburns, b. 8 Aug., 1903, m, 2 June, 
1921, Lucille C. Hauck; res. Toledo. [Ch.: Howard Ed- 
wardio, b. 1 Mar., 1922] ; ii Edward William, b. 6 Apr., 
1906); 2 Jessica May, m. 29 June, 1904, Edward Cook 
Burnap; res. Kansas Citv, Kans. (Ch. [Burnap] : i 
Estelles, b. 13 May, 1905, d. 23 June, 1912; ii Gifford, b. 
18 Dec, 1907; iii Jessica Elizabeth, b. 25 May, 1912); 
3 Gertrude, m. 19 June, 1906, Seymour H. Hoff. (Ch. [Hoff]: 
Frances Ruths, b. 9 July, 1908, drowned 9 July, 1923); 
they res. in Toledo. 
ii Mary Jane (Brigham) Himes, d. 5 Mar., 1919, in her 70th yr.; 
her husband, Frederick W., d. 19 Sept., 1919. Ch. (Himes) 
additions to record: 1 Maxwell Eeeds, m. 21 July, 1900, 
Martha W. Freeman, divorced; m. (2) 8 Feb., 1916, Bertha 
Lewellen. (Ch. by 1st m.: i Marjorie F.s, b. 22 July, 1901; 
ii Jane, b. 28 Sept., 1902, d. 21 July, 1903; iii John Reed, 
b. 17 Nov., 1906); 2 Charlotte Stell, m. 14 Sept., 1909, 
Arthur D. Eddy; res. Saginaw, Mich.; 4 Robert A., res. 
unm. in Toledo; 5 Frederick W., Jr., m. 2 July, 1910, Linna 
M. Lamson. (Ch. : Mary Lorraine^, b. 19 Apr., 1914); they 
res. in Toledo. 

iii Oshea Stowell Brigham, M.D., 50 years a practising physician 
in Toledo, O. See H. B. F. His son, Reed O. Brigham, 
M.D., was graduated from Ohio State Univ., 1912, B.S.; 
Univ. of 111., 1914, M. S.; Univ. of Mich., 1916, Ph.D.; 1921, 
M. D., and since then a practising physician in Toledo. 

vi Charlotte Fay^ (Brigham) Warren, wife of Halbert B., d. 30 
July, 1921. Ch. (Warren): additions to record: 1 LucilleS 
(not Lucy) Marie, m. (1) 16 Apr., 1902, William E. Lowen- 
camp; divorced; m. <2) 18 Aug., 1906, Robert Stead Hender- 
son, who d. and she m. (3) 28 Oct., 1919, William Palmer 
Graves; res. Yonkcrs, N. Y. (Ch. by 2d m. [Henderson]: 
i Robert Steado, Jr., b. 9 June, 1907; ii Warren Brigham, 
b. 1 Aug., 1908); 2 Helen Bernice, m. 12 June, 1909, Ken- 
neth Kay Sloan. (Ch. [Sloan]: i John Warren9, b. 18 
Sept., 1915; ii Charlotte Caroline, b. 4 Oct., 1916; iii 

OsiiKA s. ISKKiiiAM, I\r. ]). Eei:d (). Hkigiiam, M. D. 

Toledo, Ohio. (384) 

Sixth Generation 123 

Kathleen Kay, b. 15 Sept., 1922); they res. Spenser, Ind.; 
3 Clarence C, b. 15 Nov., 1922, m. Mary Agnes Lucena, 
of Montreal, Can. (Ch. [Warren]: Gloria Mary, b. in Yon- 
kers, N. Y., 15 Feb., 1924). 
vii Charles Reed Brigham and his wife, Helen K. (Jones) res. in 
Canton, O. Ch. additions to H. B. F.: 1 Norman R. Brig- 
ham, m. 18 May, 1917, Emily Wentworth of Omaha, Neb., 
their present res., where he is an architect. (Ch.: i Eleanor 
Amelia Brigham, b. 1 Sept., 1918; ii Dwight William 
Brigham, b. 21 Dec., 1919); 2 Donald Brigham, m. 29 Oct., 
1918, Anna Leona Jacobs; they res. in Kent, O. 

385 GEORGE" BRIGHAM of Groton, Mass. (1784-1868) 
and his 1st wife, Betsey (Morse) (1791-1820) ; and his 2d, 
Margaret (Shattuck) (1795-1853). Ch. additions: 

V Margaret Ann" (Brigham) Smith, wife of the Rev. Joseph C. 
They are both deceased. Ch. (Smith), corrections: 1 
Robert Boyntons, b. 21 Aug. (not Oct.), 1847; 2 William 
(1851-1852); 3 Annie Margaret (instead of dau.) b. 25 
Sept., 1853, d. 30 Sept., 1854; 4 Mary Evelyn, b. 11 Aug., 
viii Jane Laura Brigham, d. 30 May, 1905. 

387 WILLIAM" BRIGHAM of Dracut, Mass. (1793-1872) 
was m. to Sophia Sawyer, 3 (not 13) Apr., 1816 (1797-1884). 
Ch. additions: 

ii William F.^ Brigham, of Lowell, Mass., and his wife, Jane 
(Pike). Ch.: 1 Loella J.s Brigham, b. 28 Jan., 1846, d. 15 
Aug., 1919, m. Henry A. Hartley, who was in the carpet 
business in Boston. (Ch. [Hartley] : Janets, who m. Dr. 
Everett Jones of Brookline, Mass.; their ch. [Jones]: 

388 WINSLOW" BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1795-1864); 
his wife was Elizabeth (Larkin), who d. 6 Dee., 1864. Ch. 
additions and corrections : 

i Elizabeth Gates^ (Brigham) Witherbee, wife of William Wal- 
lace (1821-1888). A regrettable error occurred in the H. 
B. F. ; her birth-date there should be deleted; she was b. 
30 June 1818, d. 9 May, 1912, in her 94th yr. 

ii Anne Fisher (Brigham) Boyd (1821-1881), m. Samuel Boyd of 
Marlboro, in the old homestead of her mother's people, the 
Larkin family, known as the Winslow Brigham house, not 
now standing. The Boyds were an old Marlboro family 
with an ancestor dating back to 1636. Samuel Boyd from 
small beginnings built up a large shoe business and was 
known as the "Father of the City." He originated the 
idea of an electric railway in Marlboro and built the road 
at his own expense. They had 7 children. After his wife's 
death he m. again. His dau: 2 Anne FrothinghamJ* (Boyd) 
Darling, was the wife of Samuel Darling of Somerville, who 

124 The Brigham Family 

d. Sept., 1, 1925, at his home in Brighton, Mass., b. in 1842; 
a Yale graduate and a lawyer, he practised law in Boston 
for more than fifty years; was very prominent in all the 
large undertakings of the Congregational church. His wife 
d. some years ago. They had ch. (Darling): i EmmaS; ii 
Florence; iii Margaret; iv Samuel B.; v Philip G. 

389 FREEMAN^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro and Cam- 
bridge, Mass. (1800-1894) ; his wife was Harriet P. Gilson. Ch. 
of whom there were 5 see H. B. F. : 

iii Zebina^ (not Lebina) S. Brigham, b. 6 July, 1834; m. 14 Apr., 
1866, in Abington, Mass., Eliza E. Corliss. Ch.: 1 Eoscoe 
Minards Brigham, b. 18 May, 1867, m. in Plymouth, N. H., 
27 June, 1896, Alice May Kent. (Ch.: i Charles Daniel 
Brigham, b. in Abington, Mass., 17 June, 1897, d. 10 July, 
1897; ii Clara Ellen Brigham, b. 26 Aug., 1898, in Ply- 
mouth, N. H.) ; res. Somerville. 

390 CHARLOTTE^ (BRIGHAM) HOWE (1802-1867), 
wife of Thaddeus. Ch. (Howe) corrections: 

iii Edwin7, d. 30 Jan. (not 2 June), 1829. 
iv Truman E, (Not Pruman) (1830-1902). 

1889), wife of Jabez S., who was the host at the Williams 
Tavern in Marlboro. Their eldest son (Witherbee) was: 

George Winslow' (second name omitted in H. B. F.) (1827- 

393 COL. AARON" BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1798-1874). 
The corrections under this heading are sent by Charles S. 
Foster, of Pawtucket, R. I., son-in-law of Col. Aaron's daughter, 
Caroline A.' (Brigham) Curtis. Col. Brigham d. in Worcester, 
14 Feb., 1874; m. Sally Fay, 20 Feb., 1820-1821 (not 9 Jan., 
1821, as recorded in Family record). Ch. additions and cor- 
rections : 

i Maria Elizabeth^ Brigham, m. (1) 27 May, 1841 (not 6 Apr., 
1842), Perry G. Wood; m. (2) 24 (not 27) Nov., 1858, 
Anthony Bull. Ch. (Wood): 1 Emily M.s, b. 24 Mar., d. 
7 May, 1844; 2 Clara E., b. 10 May, 1845, d. 23 July, 1907; 
3 Alice A., b. 3 Apr., 1848. 

ii Abbie Howe (Brigham) Conant, wife of Isaac, d. 2 May, 1895, 
in Dover, HI., in her 72d yr. Ch. (Conant): 1 Isaac G.s, 
b. 22 June, 1851, d. 20 Aug., 1852; 2 Herbert M., b. 4 June, 
1853; 3 Arthur M., b. 1 Feb., 1855, d. 21 Oct., 1856; 4 
Leila M., b. 29 June, 1860; 5 Fremont H., b. 11 June, 1862. 

Sixth Generation 125 

Sarah Hepsibah (Brigham) Gore, wife of Elisha, d. in Mil- 
ford, Mass., 17 Mar,, 1901, in her 72d yr, 

Orissa Amber (Brigham) Kimball, wife of John, d. in Marl- 
boro, 22 June, 1892, in her 60th yr. 

Caroline Augusta (Brigham) Curtis, d. 13 Feb., 1908, in her 
70th yr.; her husband, Francis C. Curtis, d. 29 Nov., 1905. 
Ch. (Curtis): 1 Chester Wellingtons, b. 29 Apr., 1862, d. 
in Marlboro, 13 Mar., 1908, m. in Marlboro, 24 July, 1890, 
Anna Eebecca Theobald; 2 Harry Willis (not Millis), b. 
24 May, 1868, m. in Marlboro, 20 Apr., 1898, Mrs. Elizabeth 
(Gauthier) Brown; 3 Mary Alice (not Willis), b. 15 Jan., 
1870, m. in Marlboro, 5 June, 1890, Charles S. Foster of 
Pawtucket, E. I. (Ch. [Foster]: i Chester Curtis^, b. 16 
Sept., 1891, in Central Falls, R. I.; ii Ellen, b. 24 Dec, 
1893, in Pawtucket, R. I.; iii Caroline Brigham, b. 22 
Oct., 1898, in Central Falls, R. I.) 

Henry Harrison Brigham, d. 19 Nov., 1865 (not 1885), in 
Chicago, in his 26th yr. 

Ellen Althea (Brigham) Lowell, wife of Frank H., d. 22 Sept., 
1881, in Bangor, Me., in her 39th yr. 

395 ASHLEY^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1804-1881), was 
m. to Mary B. Bigelow on 11 (not 14) May, 1825; she was b. 
12 Aug., 1801 (not 1802), and was dau. of Ephraim and Mary 
(Arnold) Bigelow. Ch. additions: 

ii Lydia' (Brigham) Allen, wife of Lewis H., was b. 9 (not 28) 
May, 1828; d. 10 Oct., 1910, in her 83d yr. 

iv Marilla (Brigham) Morse, wife of Henry F., d. 11 Dec, 1913, 
in her 82d yr. Their dau. (Morse) : 2 Clara J.s, wife of 
Forrest G. Field, Jr., d. 25 Oct., 1918, in her 63d yr. 

V Mariette (Brigham) Barnes (1839-1885), wife of William, Jr., 
is said in M. V. R. to have been b. 22 July, 1839 (not 1834), 
thus making her younger than her brother Ashley, not as 
shown in H. B. F. Ch. (Barnes) additions: 2 George H.s, d. 
20 Feb., 1923, in his 65th yr. His wife, Nellie (Heywood), 
d. 2 Nov., 1918; 4 Mary Elizabeth (Barnes) Brigham, wife 
of Alfred M., d. 20 Jan., 1903, ae. 34 yrs. Her first name 
was omitted in the H. B. F. Alfred M.s Brigham, her 
husband, who d. 10 Oct., 1913, in his 49th yr., was the son 
of William H., whose faniilv was not reported iu the H. 
B. F. See this vol.. No. 358. (Ch.: i Chester Alberta 
Brigham, m. 26 Apr., 1922, Teresa Madden of Marlboro. 
He enlisted in the World War and was assigned to the 
Intermediate Medical Supply Depot at Gievres; ii Lester 
Alfred Brigham, twin to Chester Albert, m. 10 June, 1925, 
Marguerite, dau. of Kenneth Chisholm. He enlisted in the 
28th Field Hospital, 4th Div., and was in the Marne Cham- 
pagne, and in the Aisno, Marne, Vesle River, and French 
Defensive Operations; also in the French Army of Occupa- 
tion of Germany); 5 Marion (Barnes) Corbett, wife of 
Edward. (Ch. [Corbett]: i Myra P.o, m. 20 Feb., 1922, 
John J. Wickham; ii Mildred E., unm.; iii Alice, m. 28 
June, 1915, William Dalton; iv Charles.) 

126 The Brigham Family 

vi Ashley Brigham was b. 19 Apr., 1836 (not 1837) according to 
M. V. R.; d. 13 Apr., 1919, ae. 83; his wife, Martha E. 
(Brigham), No. 688, iv, d. 1 Mar., 1925, ae. 78 yrs. He 
was a prominent business man of Marlboro, conducting for 
many years a grocery called the "Brick Store." 
vii Octavia Brigham, d. 12 Oct., 1906, in her 65th yr. 

396 JOEL« BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1798-1892) ; his wife 
was Lydia S. (Dickinson) (1811-1854). Ch. additions: 

iv Fanny Eldora^ (not Elnora) (Brigham) Hawes, wife of Oliver, 
d. in Hollywood, Cal., s. p., 16 July, 1922; her husband d. 
about 1920. 

397 WILLIAM PITT« BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1811- 
1884) and his wife, who was Lavinia (Baker) (1815-1907), dau. 
of Marlboro's physician, in the Avest part of the town, Dr. John 
Baker, coming there in 1812. Mrs. Brigham was blind in 
the later years of her life. Mr. Brigham went to California in 
1849, crossing the Isthmus twice, and took part in building the 
railroad across it. For a number of years thereafter he was 
in the meat business in Marlboro. Ch. additions (for the 
others see Nos. 672-675) : 

iv Helen Adelaide" (Brigham) Howe, wife of Allan D., d. in Oct., 
1916. They were of Marlboro and he is deceased. Ch. 
(Howe) additions: 1 Bertha M.R, is proprietor of a private 
school in Belmont, Mass.; 2 Alice Lavinia (Howe) 
Winchester, wife of William K. (Ch. [Winchester] : i 
Fitch Allans, a Boston lawyer, m. in Los Angeles, Cal., 2 
Apr., 1918, Charlotte, dau. of Dr. F. H. Maxam of Prince- 
ton, Ind. [Ch.: 1 Barbaraio, b. 1 Feb., 1919; 2 Betty; 
3 Fitch Allan, Jr.] Mr. Winchester served in the World War, 
and his present res. is Manila, P. I.; ii Rosalind, m. N. H. 
Duckworth, who is in the Government employ, with res. 
in Manila.) 
viii Emma Baker (Brigham) Brigham, widow of Herbert W., see 
record under 584. 

404 OTIS« BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1788-1833), and his 
wife, Lucy (Stratton), who d. in 1830. Ch. additions: 

iv Harriet S.^ Brigham, d. in Hudson, Mass., 16 Aug., 1912, ae. 
88 yrs., 11 mos. She was a graduate of one of the earliest 
classes in the State Normal School, now situated in Fram- 
ingham, Mass. Before 1864 she taught in Marlboro and 
Sterling, Mass., and later in Kansas City, Mo., and in 
Kansas, and for many years in the State Reform School in 
Pontiac, 111. She was a true educational pioneer, and her 
experiences must have been most interesting. 
I V~^ V George H. Brigham, d. in Mar., 1910; his wife, Anna (Lucas), 
d. in Jan., 1912. Ch. additions: 1 LeGrand L.s Brigham, 

Sixxn Generation 127 

b. in Marlboro 22 Feb., 1850, m. 9 May, 1875, in Bolton, 
Mass., where they res., Addie Louise Newton, b. 31 Aug., 
1851. (Ch.: 1 Grace Newtono Brigham, b. 14 Dec, 1879, 
m. 16 Oct., 1900, Lewis E. Ordway: [Ch. (Ordway): 1 
Dorothy Estelleio, b. 5 Aug., 1901; 2 Ralph Carlton, b. 
2 June, 1903; 3 Ruth Mildred, b. 21 Aug., 1913]); 2 
Fannie M. Brigham, m. G. F. Newton, b. 10 June, 1853; 
res. 19 Highland Rd., Worcester). (Ch. [Newton] : i 
Harold B.e, b. 14 Nov., 1877, m. 25 Nov., 1909, Edith M. 
Donaldson: ii Emily S., b. 16 Feb., 1878, m. 19 Sept., 
1906, Fred A. Greene; iii Elsie A., b. 1 Mar., 1880, m. 
2 Aug., 1909, Walter L. Pemberton); 3 William M. Brig-, 
ham, b. 1854, m. 15 Nov., 1883, Mary C. Kendall. (Ch.: 1 
Helen M.9 Brigham, b. 3 Sept., 1884; ii William H. Brigham, 
b. 24 Sept., 1886) ; 4 George H. Brigham, b. 2 Feb., 1859, d. 
in Marlboro Hospital, Marlboro, 16 Apr., 1925, m. (1), 12 
Aug., 1912, M. Jennie Brown, who d. 28 June, 1913; m. (2) 22 
Jan., 1921, Josephine Benetisha; Address R. F. D. Box 127, 
Bolton, where he has res. 60 yrs. (Ch.: Winifred Anna^* 
Brigham, b. 14 Jan., 1922.) 
vi Elizabeth Aj Brigham, d. 28 Jan., 1901; m. 23 Oct., 1850, James 
S. Welsh, b. in Marlboro, 10 Aug., 1827; d. 29 Jan., 1901, 
and they were buried in one grave. Ch. (Welsh) b. in 
Hudson: 1 Fred 0.8, b. 4 Apr., 1852, m. 24 Dec, 1881, 
Clara I. Spaulding. (Ch.: i Grace B.9; ii Clara M. ; iii 
Frank S.) Mr. Welsh has served two terms in the State 
Legislature, 1903 and 1904; for forty-two years has been 
assistant and town clerk of Hudson and Justice of the 
Peace; 2 Arthur E., b. 12 July, 1853, d. 9 July, 1855; 3 Min- 
nella E. (not Anella) b. 9 Jan., 1858, d. 21 Apr., 1921; was a 
teacher; 4 Wilbur L, b. 6 Oct., 1859, d. 14 May, 1860; 
5 Abby W., b. 24 Nov., 1861, d. 1 May, 1869; 6 Lucie D. 
(not Lucy), b. 8 Apr., 1864; was graduated from Framing- 
ham State Normal School; taught in Concord, Mass., for 
many years, where was member of the School Board 17 
years, and member of the Library Trustees 5 years; res. 

407 HASTINGS'^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1794-1865); 
his wife was Nancy (Spear) (1796-1843). Ch. additions to 
H. B. F. ; the three elder ch. are under Nos. 679, 680 and 681, 
and the 5th ch. under 682 : 

iv Abigail CJ (Brigham) Fisher (1827-?), wife of GamaHel, is 

vi Andrew Jackson Brigham, b. in White River Junction, Vt., 
4 Feb., 1833 (not 1832); d. in Oct., 1908, in his 75th yr.; 
m. (1) Elizabeth Brown; m. (2) in Marlboro, 21 Nov., 1863, 
Carrie, dau. of Samuel Chandler and Nancy (Warren) Fay, 
b. 22 Aug., 1844 (M. V. R.), d. 10 Dec, 1918. Ch. by 2d 
m., b. in Marlboro, except the youngest: 1 Elizabeths 
Brigham, b. 23 Oct., 1865, d. 5 Sept., 1867; 2 Arthur 
Andrew Brigham, b. 30 Nov.. 1867, m. 6 Sept., 1895, Lottie 
May Davis, b. in Chicago, where they res., and where he is 
a member of the wholesale firm of E. V. Price, Van Buren 
St.; their home is in Evanston. (Ch. : i Carolyn T.9 Brig- 

128 The Briqham Family 

ham, b. 2 Dec, 1897, d. 5 Mar., 1920; she was m. 2 Mar., 
1918; ii Arthur C. Brigham, b. 13 Dec, 1902; is at present 
[1925] on a sugar plantation in Cuba); 3 Frank Howe 
Brigham, of Ossining, N. Y., b. 28 Sept., 1869, m. in Jan., 
1888, Louise, dau. of William G. and Christina (Seabury) 
Valentine of Peekskill, N. Y. (Ch. all b. in Ossining: 
i Helen Christinas Brigham, b. 30 Aug., 1888, d. 1911, m. 
in Dec, 1906, William T. Gaffney, of Brooklyn, N. Y. [Ch. 
(Gafifney): 1 Gaylord Seaburyio; 2 Louise C.]; ii Frank 
Andrew Brigham,' C. E., b. 16 Apr., 1890, m. in 1915, Edith 
Little of Ossining; res. Stamford, Conn. [Ch.: Edith Lit- 
tleio Brigham, b. 26 Dec, 1920]; iii William C. Brigham, 
C. E., b. 7 Apr., 1895; is unm. He served in the World War. 
in France in the 305th Machine Guns and later in the 305th 
Infantry; was gassed and shocked and has not been well 
since that time; iv Henry Irving Brigham, C. E., b. 6 
Sept., 1897; is unm.; was in the training school for officers 
at Columbia College, during the World War, but did not 
go across; v Rossiter Arthur Brigham, b. 22 Jan., 1904; 
is an expert accountant; m. 27 Jan., 1925, Miss Niedenburg, 
b. in Crugers, N. Y., in 1902); 4 Henry Thomas Brigham, 
b. 17 Aug., 1872; is unm., and lives (1925) in Ossining, 
N. Y.; 5 John Chester Brigham, C. E., b. in Ossining, 10 
Sept., 1883; m. 23 Sept., 1912, Almira, dau. of Elias P. and 
Ella (Lawrence) Hoag b. in Ossining, 12 Apr., 1883. Mr. 
Brigham is City Engineer of Summit, N. J. (Ch.: i John 
C.9 Brigham, Jr., b. 10 July, 1913; ii Jean Brigham, b. 15 
Sept., 1918.) 

viii Lucy (Brigham) Brown, wife of John of Marlboro; she d. 16 
Oct., 1916; her husband d. 4 Feb., 1914. Ch. (Brown): 
1 Emmas, b. 4 Oct., 1856, d. 17 May, 1875; 2 Addie L., 
b. 5 Jan., 1858, d. 9 Mar., 1859; 3 "Alma S., b. 25 Aug., 
1859, d. 11 Sept., 1860; 4 Cora F., b. 12 Jan., 1862, d. 24 
Aug., 1863; 5 Nellie H., b. 1 Nov., 1863, m. 17 Nov., 1886, 
Leslie M. Frye of Berlin, Mass., where they res.; 6 May- 
bell S., b. 31 May, 1866, d. 3 Mar., 1892, m. 1 Sept., 1887, 
Walter T. Eeddiug; 7 Lewis H., b. 25 Apr., 1868, d. 31 
Aug., 1869; 8 Herbert A., b. 22 Feb., and d. 27 Aug., 1870; 
9 Edmund F., b. 15 May, 1876, m. 9 June, 1900, Hattie M. 
Johnson. (Ch. [Brown): i John Lewis^, b. 16 Dec, 1901; 
ii Dorothy May, b. 17 Mar., 1903.) 

ix Mary F. Brigham, b. in Norwich, Vt., 25 Dec, 1839 (not 1838) 
adopted in 1847 by William Barnard of Marlboro; she d. 8 
Oct., 1918; m. 13 Sept., 1865, Sidney K. Smith. Ch. (Smith) 
1 William Barnards, b. 22 June, 1866, m. 15 Mar., 1895, S, 
Margaret Goodykunst of Allenwood, Pa.; 2 Frank S., b 
9 Nov., 1868, m. 27 June, 1895, Mary C. Ells of Waterbury 
Conn. (Ch.: i Elsie G.o; ii Florence M.; iii Ruth E 
iv Francis K.); 3 Ernest K., b. 28 Oct., 1873, m. 24 June 
1914, in Pekin, China, Grace Goodrich. (Ch.: Mary Doro 
theas, b. in New York City, 20 May, 1916); 4 Mary L., b 
29 Mar., 1877; 5 Jennie S., b. 30 Aug., 1881, m. 12 June 
1902, George R. Cleveland. (Ch. [Cleveland]: Lawrence 
F.9, b. 6 May, 1905. They res. in Worcester.) 

X Elizabeth M. (Brigham) Campbell, d. about 1916 or 1917, ae. 
73 or 74 yrs. 

Sixth Generation 129 

408 SOPHIA« (BRIGHAM) FAY, wife of Mark Fay of 
Marlboro, was b. in Marlboro, 30 June (not 11 July), 1796; d. 
22 May, 1878; m. 4 (not 5) Dec, 1817. Mr. Fay's sister Sally 
m. Col. Aaron Brigham, No. 393. Mark and Sophia had three 
sons and four daus. See H. B. F. Ch. (Fay) corrections : 

iv Sidney Granville", was b. 7 (not 17) June, 1825. 
vi Caroline Sophia (Fay) Blake, wife of Edmund, was b. 31 
(not 21) Dec, 1829. 

409 COL. CHARLES" BRIGHAM of Grafton (1799-1871), 
and his wife Anna E.^ (Brigham), dau. of Capt. Pierpont, and 
she grew up on the farm of Capt. Edmund Brigham in West- 
boro. In the second line of this section and under vi in the 
H. B. F. the name Baylies is mis-spelled. The correction of 
this spelling should also be made under Nos. 410-414, inclusive. 
Ch. additions: 

iv Sarah Prentice^ Brigham, d. 14 May, 1911, ae. 78 yrs., 3 mos., 
22 days. Her work of placing books and libraries in many 
parts of the South where reading matter was very scarce 
or impossible to obtain, was a source of blessing to many 
individuals and communities. She was affiliated with Dr. 
Edward Everett Hale's "Lend a Hand" Society. Her 
work has been continued by her niece, Anna E. Wood, v, 1. 

vi Susanna Baylies (not Susan Baylis) (Brigham) Merrifield, 
wife of William F. of Brookline, Mass., d. 6 Feb., 1912, ae. 
74 yrs., 8 mos. 
vii Augusta Louisa Brigham, a teacher in private schools in 

Boston, d. 21 Sept., 1925, ae. 83 yrs., 7 mos., 14 days, 
viii Mary Ellen Brigham, also a teacher, d. 6 Jan., 1926, ae. 79 
yrs., 10 mos. 

410 HON. WILLIAM" BRIGHAM of Grafton and Bos- 
ton (1806-1869) ; his wife was Margaret A. (Brooks) (1817- 
1886). See H. B. F. for biography. Ch. : 

i William Tufts' Brigham, of Honolulu, H. L, d. there, unm., 
30 Jan., 1926, ae. 84 yrs., 8 mos. His early career is given 
in the H. B. F. Since 1888 his activities have been cen- 
tered around these remarkable islands, and scientifically 
through lectures, contributions to magazines, and through 
his books, he has labored untiringly in his chosen field. 
As director of the Bernice Panahi Bishop Museum of Poly- 
nesian Ethnology and Natural History founded by the late 
Mrs. Bishop, the Princess Panahi, wife of C. R. Bishop, the 
wealthy banker of Honolulu, he has increased the size of 
the museum more than four times its original proportions, 
with a corresponding increase in its collections, scientific 
work and publications, thus giving it a notable place among 
the museums of the world. In 1909 he published "The 
Volcanoes of Kilauea and Mauna Loa on the Island of 
Hawaii," and in 1913, "Report of a Journey Around the 

130 The Brigham Family 

World" made to study museums, and numerous other works. 
In the H. B. F. in the 4th line under his name, "Vahu" 
College should read "Oahu College, 1865." 
ii Charles Brooks Brigham, M.D. See No. 683. 

iii Edward Austin Brigham, was for some years interested in the 
manufacture of grass carpets in the West and was for 
many years in business with offices in Boston; also for 32 
years has been the representative of the Maganese Bronze 
and Brass Co. of London, England. At present (1925) he 
lives in the homestead in Grafton, interested in agricultural 
pursuits. His wife is Mrs. Anne De Wolfe (Bartlett) 
Brigham. Ch.: 1 Caroline Welds Brigham, d. 26 May, 
1879, ae. 2 yrs.; 2 Margaret Brooks Brigham, is interested 
in farming and has a fine herd of Holstein cattle on the 
farm in Grafton. She has also entered local politics, aspir- 
ing to a seat on the Board of Selectmen. This ambition, 
or some other similar one, may yet be fulfilled; 3 Eleanor 
Brigham, is a musician and composer, res. in Boston. She 
has written several books, among them being "Scales, 
their History, Theory, etc."; "Special Finger Exercises"; 
"The Pedals of the Pianoforte." She also composed the 
"Mother Goose Symphony," successfully presented in all 
parts of the country. She is a member of the Professional 
Women's Club of Boston, of which she was corresponding 
secretary for several years. At the Twelfth Night Revels 
in 1921, Miss Brigham, in the costume and character of 
Mother Goose, conducted an orchestra of club musicians, 
who were dressed as Mother Goose characters, rendering 
her famous "Mother Goose Symphony." It was a most 
original and highly entertaining performance. 

iv MaryT Brooks (Brigham) Le Moyne, widow of McPherson 
Le Moyne, who d. in Longwood, Mass., 29 Nov., 1908; res. 
in Boston and at Isle Aux Grues, Canada, in summer. 
Ch. (Le Moj'ne) additions to records: 1 Charless, m. 22 
July, 1907, in Boise, Ida., Clara Frances Marcus. (Ch. : 
i Charles, Jr.9, b. 22 June, 1909; ii McPherson, b. 29 
Nov., 1912; iii Mary Brooks, b. 17 June, 1918); 2 Mar- 
garet Brigham (Le Moyne) Wentworth, wife of Staiford, 
res. in Milton, Mass. (Ch. [Wentworth] : i Anne^, b. 1 
Feb., 1906; ii Margaret, b. 24 Feb., 1908; iii Constance 
Le Moyne, b. 19 Jan., 1912; iv Pierre Le Moyne, b. 29 
July, 1913); 3 Edith, m. 14 June, 1912, at Isle Aux Grues, 
Canada (the family summer home) C. Carroll White of 
Utica, N. Y. (Ch. [White]: i Le Moyneo, b. in Pasadena, 
Cal., 24 Sept., 1916) ; 4 Henry, m. in Hailey, Ida., Jeannette 
Foy; 5 Frances Moseley, m. (1) 20 Feb., 1914, Thomas G. 
Stevenson of Boston, m. (2) 23 Oct., 1923, Henry Lee of 
Beverly Farms, Mass. (Ch. by 1st m. [Stevenson] : i 
Thomas G., Jr.9, b. 14 Mar., 19i5; ii Mary Le Moyne, b. 
1 Aug., 1916; iii Hannah Hooper, b. in Aug., 1918, d. ae. 
6 mos. Ch. by 2d m. [Lee] : Henry Lee, Jr., b. 13 Jan., 
V Arthur Austin Brigham, d. in Martha's Vineyard, Mass., 18 
July, 1925, in his 69th yr. ; m. in San Antonio, Texas, 
Louise Mitchell. Ch.: Marjory Brookss Brigham, m. in 
Jan., 1921, Thompson Smith of Woodland, Me., res. Joliet, 




The number of the family who have served the public 
weal in some capacity increases as we come down to the 
larger and later generations. Though Brighams in many 
parts of the country have been a blessing to their fellow-men, 
none feels more keenly than the genealogist how much is 
hidden that cannot be revealed, partly through lack of in- 
formation by the compilers, space to chronicle the deeds, or 
the modesty of those interested. Among so much of excel- 
lence, choice becomes a difficult matter, but lack of space re- 
quires that we make selections. 

The figure that looms largest out of the past in this period 
is that of Chief Justice Lincoln Flagg Brigham, of the line 
of the two Nathans, and Elijah^ A glance at the countenance 
of Judge Brigham as shown in the engraving in "The History 
of the Brigham Family" is sufficient to place him in the minds 
of all as a strong character of great ability and a leader of 

An important character in this division of the family is 
a woman descendant of Captain Edmund Brigham of West- 
boro, who played a memorable part in the development of 
education in New York and New England. Influenced in her 
youth by Mary Lyon, that wonderful leader in the education 
of girls in the second, third and fourth decades of the 19tli 
century, Mary Ann Brigham, No. 441 in the H. B. F., found 
her work in conducting a post-graduate course in connection 
with the Brooklyn, N. Y., Heights Seminary. The incalculable 
amount of good that women of the type of Mary Lyon and 
Mary Brigham have brought to those who came within the 
spheres of their influence is constantly being shown in work 
which the busy world is often too much engaged to note. Her 
alma mater, Mt. Holyoke Seminary, becoming a college, gave 
its highest reward to Mary Brigham by electing her as its first 
president. It can only be conjectured from her previous 
career what her influence would have been on the group of 
young women thus to be entrusted to her care. But the oppor- 

132 The Brigham Family 

tunity never came. On the 29tli of June, 1889, she was killed 
in a railway accident. Those who knew her best realized the 
loss the feminine world met that day. 

Arranging the story of the Brighams now more closely in 
sequence, we find a Bela Brewster Brigham, who was a colonel 
in the British army in the War of 1812, having followed his 
father Moses*' to Canada, living in Bath, N. Y., in the decade 
of his seventies. He lived to be eighty-six years old, and is 
described as having great vigor. 

A grandson of Capt. Edmund, born in his house in "West- 
boro, John of Whitingham, Vt., No. 423, was made for the 
times in which he lived, for outdoors and all its pursuits as a 
pioneer in southern Vermont, and enjoj'^ed his hard life until 
eighty years of age. In addition to the sketch in the H. B. F., 
it is to be noted that he had a fine sugar maple orchard, one 
of the best in his vicinity. His doors were open to all who 
would visit him, and their number was legion. Few hotels 
then entertained more guests than he. He had the distinction 
of marrying four times, thus always having someone to pre- 
side over his well-filled and well-surrounded table. 

To get work, Curtis Brigham, No. 434, also of that fruitful 
line of Captain Edmund, walked 90 miles to Boston when 19 
years of age, went to sea, and was captured in the War of 
1812. Twenty-one years later he went West, and still keeping 
his ability as a pedestrian, walked 125 miles to reach a certain 
point. Such men did not need parlor cars and Pullmans. To 
supply religious teaching where he lived, he opened Sunday- 
schools, and on occasion, when they lacked a clergyman, did 
not hesitate to preach. In the case of John in the East and 
Curtis in the West, both having the same vigorous ancestry, 
hard work was their meat and drink. 

Some of the Brighams were successful business men in 
this generation, Benjamin Fay, Charles Edmund of Boston, 
brother of President-elect Mary Brigham, Col. Sidney, Wil- 
liam Ashbel, Joseph Lincoln and Erastus Forbes, old time 
merchants all of them, whose numbers in the H. B. F. run from 
435 to 472. These are of the In the North there was 
Erastus Oakley of Baker.sfield, Vt., No. 533, out of the line of 
David^ and the Jonases, a man of enterprise, which resulted 

Seventh Generation 133 

in large things for his time; among other achievements, he 
founded the town of Brigham, Quebec. Moses B. and Jewett B. 
of Boston, his brothers, were men of sterling worth ; that line 
also produced Waldo, of Bakersfield, a lawyer and leading 
spirit in railroad development. There seemed to be something 
in the air of Bakersfield which produced this and other families 
in which boldness and energy combined to bring forth large 
movements. Coming back to the East again, we find Calvin, 
John Mason and Henry Harding of Boylston and Worcester, 
Nos. 515-517, men devoted to business and town affairs; 
Lemuel H., a manufacturer of Chicopee and Ludlow ; Adding- 
ton Munroe, a Civil War veteran, living to a great age, a life 
filled with much work and often heavy toil on the old SamueP 
place in Marlboro ; but he was never too busy to stop to con- 
sider others' lives in a helpful way ; Joshua Bates, a philosophi- 
cal instrument maker ; David Sewall of Fall River, a merchant ; 
George Otis, the banker of Westboro ; Cyrus, a milk contractor, 
one of the founders of the Apollo Club in Boston; these men 
appearing under Nos. 537-550, H. B. F. ; Levi Henry, a New 
York merchant ; Charles Corriden, a manufacturer of Worces- 
ter and William Augustus of Boston, a statistician of note and 
one who accomplished work in places of responsibility; these 
to be found under numbers 537 to 592 of the H. B. F. ; then 
under No. 630, William Eustis was a pioneer in the ice business 
in Boston. 

Dr. Adolphus, No. 485, of Shrewsbury, descended from 
Capt. Nathan through his son Thomas and grandson Itharaar, 
though only a practising physician in a country town, left 
his mark upon the minds and hearts of those whose best good 
he served so faithfully, many years. To have earned the title 
he bore of "The Good Physician," not only in Shrewsbury but 
for miles around that town, he must have carried about with 
him something of the spirit of the one who first received that 
distinction two thousand years ago, in country villages and 

Pomfret, Dunkirk and Fredonia are the places most closely 
connected with the seventh generation of the descendants of 
Joel*, who went out into New York State. These men, Fidelio 
W., Wesley H., and Levi, Nos. 499-501, proved to be keen and 

134 The Brigham Family 

clever business men. The three named went to California in 
the middle of the 19th century. They came back, however, 
and entered energetically into railroad contracts, raised cot- 
ton in the South, opened coal mines, and when there was 
nothing else to do, were farmers and seedsmen. A younger 
brother was the Rev. George French Brigham, whose lifje 
included both business and the ministry. 

Joel of Wauseon, 0., No. 507, was a type of the best sort 
of pioneers, who started their homes in cabins of logs, ill- 
lighted and poorly heated according to modern standards. 
While Joel was farming, running a sawmill, carrying on a 
flouring mill and building up a mercantile business, his wife, 
Betsey (Lyon) Brigham, was bearing ten children and raising 
eight of them. 

We must note, in passing, Silvester Brigham, No. 519, out 
of the David^ line, a man of pluck and strength or he could 
not have walked from Illinois to New Hampshire and back 
again, served in the Black Hawk war, and laid out the town 
of Dover, 111., to which his father and brother Joseph removed. 
He had eight children, one of whom was the clergyman, the 
late Rev, Joseph Webb Brigham, for many years the pastor 
of a Baptist church in Dorchester. 

Out of Bakersfield came a young man to Boston to seek 
his fortune. He found it. On Parker Hill in Boston stands the 
Robert B. Brigham Hospital for Incurables, the result of his 
labors and good judgment for financial investments. To his 
sister, Elizabeth F. Brigham, Robert B. owed much ; she was 
his balance wheel. Together they planned this hospital for 
those deemed incurably ill and without resources to pay for 
long and expensive illness. 

Facing page 412 of "The History of the Brigham Family," 
one may see a face which shows insight and alertness in a 
high degree. He came from David^, Asa*, Stephen^, and Sulli- 
van^, and to all the good qualities which tradition says they 
possessed he added some of his own. He took great interest in 
public reforms, such as the anti-slavery movement; became 
both a carpenter and contractor, taught school, was a railroad 
constructor, went into the real estate business; taught singing 
school and played on the bass viol and flute for pastime; and 

Seventh Generation 135 

for further amusement, became Justice of the Peace, town- 
ship clerk and finally Mayor of Toledo. If Dr. John was 
called "ubiquitous" in the second generation, what would you 
say of Mavor of the seventh? In the eighth generation will 
be found interesting records of his family, which includes the 
late Charles 0. Brigham, B. F. A. president. 

From this same Asa and Stephen, through the latter's son 
John, another family of men comes into view. These are of 
Ogden, N. Y. ; Orville P., whose home was in Spencerport ; and 
of his six children, but one is left, Elbert W., of Brockport, 
who is upholding the high standards of the family; John D., 
No. 564, who remained in Ogden and left a large family; 
Alonzo, who went to Lafayette, Ind. ; Milton, No. 566, of Spen- 
cerport, whose line is represented by Henry Martyn Brigham, 
a lawyer of Brooklyn, N. Y., No. 771 ; and Charles of the same 
town, all men of substantial worth, from whom their communi- 
ties received that which money could not buy, good counsel 
and fine examples of excellent living. 

We come to the Brighams of Watertown and Girard, Ga., 
descendants of Dr. John-. Of late years William Theodore 
Brigham, who was a corporation president in Baltimore, lived 
on Shelter Island, N. Y., where his brother Charles, the well- 
known architect of Watertown and Boston, joined him. Wil- 
liam T. died in 1919 and Charles in 1925. William's sons are 
carrying out the traditions of energy and resourcefulness in- 
herent in their line, in Shelter Island. William of Girard left 
seven sons who have present-day descendants in that part of 
the South, a most prolific branch. See Nos. 791-796. 

In this section of our family are several clergymen. 
Among them are two sons of Willard of Marlboro, the Rev. 
Levi and the Rev. Willard, Nos. 582 and 584, the latter the 
father of Helen and Mary Brigham of Cambridge. Elisha and 
Sophronia of Fayston, Vt., had two ministers in their group of 
children, the Rev. Leander and the Rev. Albert, Nos. 601 and 
602, and another son was Dr. Gershom Nelson, father of Wil- 
lard I. T. Brigham. 

We would call attention to the families of Timothy and 
Phineas of Pennsylvania and New York State, running from 
Nos. 638 to 646. Also the son of Salmon, Orlando L. and his 

136 The Brigham Family 

family under 647, all appearing in the first volume and a part 
in this one. 

In the line of shoe manufacturing the descendants of 
Francis of Hudson, Rufus H. and Waldo B., Nos. 649-650, con- 
tinued his work, their firm being one of the oldest in New 

A member of Congress in 1878-1880, Lewis Alexander 
Brigham, No. 654, in the Samuel-, Jedediah^ and Francis* line, 
was a lawyer in Jersey City, N. J., and an educator. The 
eighth and ninth generations in New Jersey are men of stand- 
ing and efficiency. 

Through Winslow of the fourth and Capt. Daniel of the 
fifth and Winslow of the sixth generation, came Eugene Wins- 
low, who settled in Manchester, N. H., where he lived as a 
merchant for long years until in his 80th year. His near 
relatives, Dennison, son of Capt. Daniel, who lived on the 
tannery site of SamueP, raised a family of seven children, and 
John Winslow, son of Col. Aaron, kept to farming in Marlboro, 
and benefited his town by going into the ice business. His son, 
a professor, teaches agriculture. Humphrey, of the Jedediah 
family through Ashley*^, came into his inheritance as a shoe 
manufacturer in Hudson. 

The daughters of William Pitt Brigham married and lived 
in Marlboro and their children hold responsible positions. Of 
the surviving sons, one went to California, and the other 
remained in Marlboro ; the descendants of the first are divided 
between the Pacific coast and the East. A granddaughter of 
Alfred A. was, until her marriage, a prominent newspaper 
woman in Marlboro. 

Col. Henry Hobart Brigham, out of the Asa* and Jotham 
branch, secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society in Plymouth Co., 
Mass., was also a manufacturer of tacks and nails in Whitman. 
His line continues in the next generation under another 
family name. 

Charles Hastings, William Eustace, Nancy Sophia, and 
other sisters, and Major Henry O. Brigham, children of Hast- 
ings, also of the Asa-Jotham line, have given Marlboro and 
other towns well-placed citizens. 



416 PHINEAS' BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1782-?); his 
wife, Lydia, was the dau. of Edward (not Edmund) and Lydia 
(Smith) Wilkins, Ch. additions and corrections: 

i Edward Wilkinss (not Elkins) Brigham, d. unm. 20 Dec, 1842, 
ae. 37 yrs. 

iv George Brigham, 'b. 14 Oct., 1812; d. 5 Feb., 1847, of con- 
sumption, unm. 

V Austin Brigham and Elizabeth Hastings were m. 20 Nov., 1834 
(M. V. E.). They had 3 ch. older than those given in the 
H. B. F., viz.: 1 Fidelias Brigham, deceased; 2 Elizabeth 
Brigham, m. Stephen Bennett; both are deceased. (Ch. 
[Bennett] : Herbert ; 3 Jerome Brigham, lives unm. 
in Marlboro; 4 Willis Brigham, reported in part in H. B. 
F.; he d. 16 Mar., 1904; his wife, Lora J. (Taylor), survived 
him. (Ch. additions to H. B. F. records: i Fred Brig- 
ham, d. 3 Dec, 1922, in his 45th yr.; ii Everett F. Brigham, 
b. 7 Feb., 1881; iii Ealph Brigham, b. 1882; both are 
living; iv Sadie B. Brigham, b. 15 Dec, 1885, m. 19 Sept., 
1909, Carl Bussler of Lake Worth, Fla. [Ch. (Bussler): 
1 Dorothyii, b. in Woburn, Mass., 10 Aug., 1910; 2 Ruth, 
b. in Marlboro, 3 Aug., 1917] ; v Emma R. Brigham, b. 
10 Oct., 1897, d. 6 Sept., 1903.) 

vi Lydia Ann Brigham, m. (1) 8 Apr., 1833, John Hastings, who 
d. before 1835, when she m. (2) 16 Sept., 1835, Rufus, son 
of John and Nancy (Wilkins) Temple, b. 10 Oct., 1814. 

417 WILLARD" BRIGHAM of Westboro and Sutton, 
Mass. (1784-1858) ; his wife was Betsey (Sherman) (1793- 
1880). Ch. additions and corrections; see the H. B. F. for 
those not here named : 

ii Eliza Janes Brigham was b. 8 Oct., 1814 (not 1813). See No. 

iv Elmira Ann (not Almira) Brigham. See H. B. F. 

ix Catherine M. (Brigham) Sprague, widow of Henry O. (1828- 
1896); d. in Springfield, Mass., at the home of her dau., Mrs. 
Clara L. Axtell, 31 Jan., 1910, ae. 80 yrs., 10 mos. A woman 
of great worth, much beloved. Ch. (Sprague) additions: 
1 Alvin L.9 (1855-1892), left a widow, Fannie L (Shurtlefif), 
who d. 25 Sept., 1893, ae. about 36. (Ch. additions: i Harry, m. 18 Nov., 1903, Florence Hayden. [Ch.: Dorothy 
H.ii, b. 24 Feb., 1905] ; iii Florence May, m. 11 June, 1913, 
Clinton E. Farnham. [Ch. (Farnham): Florence Spraguen, 
b. in New Britain, Conn., 23 Jan., 1919]); 4 Effie G. 
(Sprague) Sherwood, wife of Henry L., d. in Bristol, Conn., 
26 Oct., 1928, in her 56th yr., leaving a eon Alvin 

138 The Brigham Family 

X Phineas Forbes Brigham (1831-1880). Ch.: 1 Melvina Brig- 
ham, m. Barnes, and is deceased; 2 Lizzie Brigham, 

m. (1) Omer Davis; m. (2) Frank Jordan, who is deceased; 
she res. Leicester. (Ch. [Davis] : Myrton, a dentist in 
xi Henry M. Brigham of Sutton is deceased, 
xii Sarah (Brigham) Bolster Hawes, wife of Fred Hawes, is 
deceased, as is her 2d husband. See H. B. F. 

419 JOHN HAZELTINE' BIIIGHA]\I of ToAvnshend, Vt. 
(1783-1876), lived to within seven years of the century mark. 
His wife was Orpha (Hazelton) (1801-1841). He was State 
Representative in the Vermont Legislatures of 1837, 1838 and 
1839. They lost 8 ch. in early infancy ; if all had lived there 
would have been 13 in the family. Ch. additions : 

xi John Wellss Brigham, M.D., d. in Somerville, Mass. Ch. : 
1 Lock Wellso Brigham of Union, Wis. (1853-1886), and 
his wife, Ada J. (Elwood). Ch.: Bertha Blancheio Brig- 
ham, m. Harper. 

xii Haley Forester Brigham is deceased, dying in Somerville. 

xiii Bela Brewster Brigham, d. 28 Feb., 1910, in Townshend, with- 
in 5 days of his 80th birthday. His wife, Mary E. (Hol- 
brook), d. 22 Nov., 1919, ae. about 83 yrs. Ch.: 3 John 
H.s Brigham, a lawyer of Duluth, Minn., d. there 14 Aug., 
1920, unm., ae. 62 yrs., 2 mos.; 4 Bertha C. Brigham, d. 29 
Dec, 1905, in Duluth, where she was a teacher in the 
public schools, ae. 35 yrs., 4 mos.; 5 Blanche B. Brigham, 
res. in Fond du Lac, Minn. 

420 MOSES' BRIGHAM of Townshend, Vt. (1789-1844). 
His wife was Sally (Oaks), who d. in 1862. Ch. : 

iv Calvin Oakss Brigham, d. in Oakland, Cal., 21 July, 1893, in 
his Tlst yr. His wife was Almira (Smith). 

424 LYSCOM" BRIGHAM of Whitingham, Vt. (1792- 
1844) ; his widow Betsey (Preston) m. (2) John Brigham of 
Whitingham, her husband's brother. Ch. additions: 

vi Lewis L.8 Brigham of Colrain, Mass. (1835-1903); his wife, 
Marcia (Shearer) (1836-1903). Ch. additions: 1 Frank 
Lewis9 Brigham and his wife Florence E. Miner, res. in 
Elm Grove, Colrain. Ch.: i Clarence Brigham, m. 
30 Oct., 1915, Ethel M. Smith; res. Greenfield, Mass. (Ch.: 
Kaehel Minerii Brigham, b. 16 Dec, 1918); ii Byron A. 
Brigham, m. 1 Jan., 1919, Mildred Alice Shearer; res. 
Greenfield. (Ch.: Althea Irenen Brigham, b. 21 Mar., 1921). 

Seventh Generation 139 

426 LEWIS^ BRIGHAM of Templeton, Mass. (1806- 
1886), was m. 3 times; his 1st wife was Martha (Hagar) Hol- 
brook (1808-1852), a widow and the mother of his eh.; his 3d 
wife survived him, Mrs. Clara W. Page, who d. s, p. in 1891. 
Ch. additions: 

iv James Lewiss Brigham, of Templeton and Dakota (1841-1891), 
was survived by his 2d wife, Martha A. E. (Frye) (1846- 
1892) of Royalston, Mass., the mother of his ch. lie was 
a veteran of the Civil War. Ch. additions: 1 George 
Lewis9 Brigham, m. 19 June, 1908, Catherine Condry, b. 

19 Apr., 1879; d. 29 Mar., 1925. (Ch.: i Jeanne Winifredio 
Brigham, b. 22 Mar., 1909; ii Virginia May Brigham, b. 

20 Mar., 1915.) Their home is in Onset, Mass., where Mr. 
Brigham is in the electrical business; 2 Emma Winifred 
Brigham res. in Belmont, Mass. She is manager of the 
office of a large tea and coffee house in Boston, where her 
executive abilities and business capacity make her a valued 
member of the firm. 

428 LYSCOM^ BRIGHAM of Hopkinton, Mass. (1791- 
1871), and his wife. Experience Dudley of that place (1791- 
1862). Ch. additions to records in H. B. F. : 

i Pierpont Dudleys Brigham, see No. 701a. Thia is a lost line 

ii Mary Brigham, b. 30 Aug., 1818, m. 18 June (not Jan.), 1852, 

Dexter Comey; res. Westboro; both are deceased. See 

H. B. F. for iii, v, vii, viii, ix and x. 
iv Betsey Brigham, m. 3 Nov., 1846, Wellington Tyler; she was 

a nurse and they lived in Southboro. 
vi Isanna Brigham, m. Charles H. Jones, and they kept the old 

Norfolk House hotel in Roxbury. 

431 LEVI^ BRIGHAM of Boston (1796-1832), and his 
wife, Betsey (Mixer) (1796-1831). Ch. : 

ii Persis Elizabeths (Brigham) Johonnet, wife of William H., 
d. 2 Dec, 1911, within 15 days of her 87th birthday. 

432 LINCOLN^ BRIGHAM of Westboro (1801-1876) ; his 
Avife was Susanna Maria (Brigham) (1807-1892). Ch. who are 
the only representatives of Nathan^ Brigham, the Indian 
fighter. No. 71 : 

i Francis Algernons Brigham d. 6 Nov., 1917, ae. 79; his wife, 
Julana (not Juliana) Angeline (Buck) (1840-1876), was 
the dau. of John Warren and Betsey Champney (Brigham) 
Buck, No. 461, i. Ch.: 1 Walter Lincolno Brigham, d. 9 
Feb., 1869, ae. 2 yrs., 9 mos.; 2 Lillian Susan Brigham, 
res. in Westboro; 3 Sarah Frances Brigham, d. 30 May, 

140 The Brigham Family 

1915, ae. 46 yrs.; 4 Irving Arthur Brigham, res. unm. in 
Westboro; was in the Spanish War, Co. C, 2d Mass. Begt.; 
5 Edward Frederick Brigham, and his wife, Caroline L., 
dau. of Henry M. and Mary J. Stevens; b. in Brighton, 
Mass., 23 Jan., 1876, res. Newark, N. J. (Ch. b. in West- 
boro: i Elizabeth Stevensio Brigham, b. 2 June, 1901, m. 
30 Apr., 1920, Francis Fuller, sou of Frank J. and Mary 
Merriam. [Ch. (Merriam) Betty Francesn, b. in Atlanta, 
Ga., 21 Mar., 1922]; ii Laurence Stevens Brigham, b. 2 
Aug., 1903); 6 Julana (not Juliana) Angeline Brigham, d. 
12 Sept., 1876, ae. 7 mos. 

437 EDMUND FAY' BRIGHAM of West Boylston, 
Mass., d. there in 1905, ae. 92 yrs. ; his wife was Hannah (Tem- 
ple) (1819-1897). Ch. additions: 

i George T.s Brigham is deceased. 

iii Harriet A. (Brigham^ Lyon, wife of the late Capt. George P. 
of Weymouth, d. there 11 Mar., 1926, in her 85th yr. Ch. 
(Lyon): 3 Frank Clemences, m. 23 Nov., 1910, Mabel C. 

iv Ellen C. (Brigham) Fames is deceased. 

vi Mary F. (Brigham) Baldwin d. 27 Oct., 1903. 
vii Edmund Davis Brigham of West Boylston; his wife, Mary A. 
(Cather), was burned to death in her home, 14 Jan., 1925. 
Ch.: 1 Chester E.9 Brigham, and his wife Mary (McQuil- 
lan) Brigham, res. in W. Boylston. (Ch. additions: i 
Francis Howardio Brigham, m. 20 Jan., 1916, Agnes May 
Gregory. [Ch. : 1 Howard Edmundu Brigham, b. 6 Apr., 
1918; 2 Evelyn May Brigham, b. 6 Aug., 1920; 3 Lillian 
Agnes Brigham, b. July, 1922; 4 Frances Mary Brigham, 
b. Sept., 1924] ; ii Chester Frederickio Brigham, b. 21 Apr,, 
1914; iii Harold John Brigham, twin to Chester, d. 5 July, 
1920; iv Lillian Elizabeth Brigham, b. 16 Dec, 1915); 
5 Hazel Irene Brigham, m. Joseph Fred Atchue of North 
Grafton, Mass., b. 14 Aug., 1885. (Ch. [Atchue]: i Francis 
Edmundio, b. 23 Oct., 1915; ii Lester Fred, b. 6 Jan., 1921; 
iii Ealph Henry, b. 30 Oct., 1922.) 
viii Willie Porter Brigham and his wife, Mrs. Ida E. (Pierce) Brig- 
ham, res. in W. Boylston. Ch.: 1 Charles Alberta Brigham 
is a graduate of Clark University, Worcester, in the class 
of 1924; he is a professor in Baltimore, Md.; m. 13 Mar..^ 
1924, Dorothy Greely Duke. Ch. b. in Baltimore: Charles 
Albertio Brigham, Jr., b. 8 Dec, 1924. 


Daniel, was b. 27 June (not Jan.), 1824; d. in Salt River, 

Indian Reservation, Maricopa, Ariz., 21 Julj^ 1906. Ch. 

(Mitchell) : 

ii Angeline Brighams (Mitchell) Brown, d. s. p. 23 Jan., 1909, 
in Phoenix, Ariz.; her husband, George Edward, d. in 
Indian Keservation, Maricopa, Ariz., where he was super- 
intendent, in March, 1908. 


Seventh Generation 141 

445 BAKERS BRIGHAM was b. in Southboro 9 Feb. (not 
Jan.), 1792; d. 19 Dec, 1868; his m. to Fanny Fay (1790-1881) 
occurred on 13 Apr., 1818 (S. V. R.). Ch. additions: 

i S. Marias (Brigham) Buck (1820-1886), wife of William H. 
of Southboro (1818-1902). Ch. (Buck) additions: 1 Frank 
H.9, m. and his wife is deceased; 2 ch. living: i Frank^o, 
and ii Helen, who m. J. Edward Wright of Fayville; 2 
George W., d. 19 Jan., 1924, ae. 71 yrs., 10 mos.; m. 13 
not 3) Nov., 1879, Jennie Robertson, who d. 7 July, 1919, ae. 
67 yrs., 5 mos. (Ch.: i Grace [not George R.], b. 24 
Jan., 1883; m. Tyler A. Stevens of Lowell, Mass., 26 Apr., 
1905; ii Howard H., b. 27 Mar., 1889; m. Georgiana Jen- 
nings, 2 Dec, 1916; 2 ch.) ; 3 Wallace B., m. Ella Brewer 
of Southboro, who d. (Ch.: i Roberti"; ii Roland; iii 
David, who was killed in France in the World War.) 

boro, Vt. (1795-1875), and his 1st wife, Lydia B. (Rice) (1796- 
1862). Ch. additions: 

xii Francis Edmunds Brigham, of Wardsboro (see H. B. F.), d. 
in July, 1922, in his 84th yr. ; his wife was Ida M. (Bissell). 
Ch. : 1 Carl B.9 Brigham, of Larchmont, N. Y., m. Bessie 
Wood. (Ch.: Dorothy Elizabethio Brigham, b. 9 Oct., 1912.) 

448 LUCY^ (BRIGHAM) HOWE of Marlboro (1798- 
1861), m. (1) Luther HoAve (1792-1826) on 7 (not 1) Feb., 
1816; m. (2) Jonah Howe in 1851. Ch. by 1st m., additions: 

iii Sophronias (Howe) Wheeler, b. 27 Oct. (not Dec.) 1821, d. 3 
Apr., 1908; her husband, Luther S., d. 7 Apr., 1908, ae. 86 
yrs. Ch.: 1 Hattie B.a (Wheeler) Russell is deceased; 
was the wife of George S., who d. 27 Dec., 1913, ae. 68 yrs. 
(Ch. [Russell] : i Clifton, m. 20 Sept., 1892, Bertha L. 

Stevens; 3 ch.; ii Bertha H., d. 26 Feb., 1920, m. 


449 EPHRAIM' BRIGHAM of Marlboro and Natick 
(1799-?), and his wife, Sophia (Howe). Ch.; see Nos. 710 and 
711 for iii and iv : 

i Ephraim Harris^ Brigham (1822-1877) and his wife, Catherine 
(Hastings). Ch.: 3 Alice FayS (Brigham) Randall, wife 
of George H.; he d. 27 Oct., 1923, in his 73d yr.; res. 

v Matthias Brigham, d. 1 Dec, 1908, in his 76th yr. ; his wife, 
Nancy H. (Bacon), d. 16 Nov., 1913. Ch.: Harriso Brigham, 
res. in Natick. 

453 PETERS BRIGHAM of Cambridjje was b. in Marl- 
boro 18 Sept., 1806; d. in Cambridge, 9 Nov., 1862; his wife 
was Lydia (Maynard) of Marlboro. Ch. additions only: 

142 The Brigham Family 

ii Josiah Merricks Brigham, d. in Westboro, 7 Nov., 1899, in his 
64th yr.; his wife, Betsey K. (Little), d. in Cambridge, 8 
Oct., 1874. Ch. additions: 3 Walter Josiaho Brigham, m. 
22 Dec, 1892, Mabel E., dau. of Simon and Margaret E. 
(Arthur) Pierson of Tennants Harbor, Me. Mr. Brigham 
is the proprietor of the Legal Process Co. of Boston, estab- 
lished in 1901, Collections. Res. Arlington, s. p. 

ill Peter Maynard Brigham, d. in Westboro, 8 July, 1912, in his 
74th yr., unm. 

iv Susan Harriet Brigham, d. in Wiscasset, Me., 22 Apr., 1907, 
unm., in her 66th yr. 

454 LYDIA' (BRIGHAM) WALKER (1809-1893), wife 
of Matthias, Jr., of Northboro (1801-1870). They had a fam- 
ily of 9 ch. and left many descendants. Ch. additions : 

iii Emily LucyS (Walker) Warren, wife of the Rev. George F., 
d. in Jamaica, N. Y., 12 Sept., 1907, ae. 72 yrs., 11 mos.; 
her husband d. in Jamaica, 6 Feb., 1920, ae. about 89 yrs. 
Ch. (Warren): 4 Edith H.9, a graduate of Wellesley Col- 
lege, m. Albert C. White, and res. Dover, Ida. 

iv Ellen S. (Walker) Wemott, wife of Theodore T., d. in Kansas 

City, Mo., date unknown. 
V. Hattie J. (Walker) Brewer, wife of Leonard W. of Berlin, 
Mass., d. there 10 Sept., 1908, in her 68th yr. Ch. (Walker) : 
1 Nellie W.9 (Brewer) Keiser, wife of George E. of Berlin, 
d. 28 Aug., 1922. 

vii Mary E. (Walker) Heath, wife of Guilford P. of Northboro, 
d. 7 Sept., 1919, in her 75th yr. Their youngest dau., 
Florences, m. Wadsworth. 

viii Henry F. Walker, d. after 1912; his widow, Jessie K. (Hill), 
lives in Norwood, Mass. 

ix Frederic M. Walker, d. 23 Aug., 1912, in his 59th yr.; his 
widow, Mary E. (Hancock), is living, and their youngest 
dau., Eva9, res. in Hopedale, Mass. 

457 LUCIUS L.- BRIGHAM of Worcester (1832-1904) ; 
his wife, Abbie (Hayes), survived him. Ch. additions: 

i Annie Hubbard^ (Brigham) Wheeler, widow of James H., Jr. 
Ch. (Wheeler), additions to record: 1 Donald B.o, a busi- 
ness man in Boston; 2 Lucius B., m. in July, 1924, Elynore, 
dau. of Prof. Samuel and Mrs. Adnah F. Sweeney, of Cor- 
vallis. Ore.; she is a grad. of Oregon Agric'l College; res. 
41 Linnean St., Cambridge. 

ii Clara Lawrence (Brigham) Southgate, wife of Louis W. Ch. 
(Southgate) additions: 1 Richard B.s is with the U. S. 
Embassy at Havana, Cuba, unm. 

iv Harry Prescott Brigham res. in Norwood, Mass. Ch. : Harry 
Prescotts Brigham, Jr. 

Seventh Generation 143 

(1811-1900) was twice married: (1) Abigail N. (Gould); (2) 
Harriet A. (Gould). Ch. by 1st m. : 

i Charles Goulds Brigham of Winchendon, Mass., d. 27 Apr., 
1926, ae. 83 yrs., 2 mos., 20 days. 

Ch. by 2d m. additions only : 

ii Abbie A. Brigham, of Newport, K. I., d. in July, 1910, ae. 
66 yrs., 2 mos. 

ill Henry Foye Brigham, of Eindge, N. H., d. 5 Mar., 1916, ae. 
70 yrs., 17 days. 

vii Lucretia A, (Brigham) Gleason and her husband, Isaac M., 
res. in Newport, R. I. Their dau. (Gleason): 1 Daisy H.o, 
m. 30 June, 1909, Chester Whittemore; res. in Everett, 
Mass. (Ch. [Whittemore]: 1 Willard Brighamio, b. 23 
June, 1910; ii Stanley Lloyd, b. 27 Nov., 1914.) 

461 SAMUEL^ BRIGHAM of Southboro (1789-1872) 

lived on a part of the Nathan Brigham homestead in that 

town. His wife was Lydia (Ball). Ch. corrections: 

i Betsey Champney Brigham, m. 13 Oct., 1836, John Warren 
Buck. In neither case was the full name given in the 
H. B. F. Ch. (Buck) : 1 Julana A. (not Juliana), m. 
Francis A. Brigham, No. 432. 

462 CURTIS^ BRIGHAM of Southboro and Marlboro 
(1801-1884); his wife was Mary A. (Stevens) (1805-1885). 
Ch. additions: 

ii Curtis Freemans Brigham of Hudson, d. 7 Jan., 1907, in his 
76th yr. His wife was Sarah J. (Howe), who d. 24 Apr., 
1902. Their only surviving ch.: 3 Frank Clifton^ Brigham, 
b. 24 Aug., 1872, is a manufacturer of rubber and canvas 
footwear; res. unm. in Hudson. 

vi Sidney Augustine Brigham of Marlboro and Hingham, Mass. 
(1841-1905). His wife was Lois Ella (Shaw). Their only 
son, Melville Sidney^ Brigham, and his wife, Lina (Wright), 
removed to Detroit, Mich. Their only son, Dexterio Brig- 
ham, a very promising youth of 19 yrs., d. 21 Jan., 1913. 

463 DANA' BRIGHAM of Southboro (1802-1881); his 

first wife, Miranda (Fessenden), d. 6 Mar., 1838 (not 1835); 

his son Dana, who is given in the H. B. F. as the ch. of his 2d 

m. to Mrs. Susan (Flagg) Amsden, which occurred 1 May, 

1839, is the ch. of his 1st m. Delete in H. B. F. the 13th line 

of the section. 

ii Dana E.s Brigham, b. 29 Dec, 1837, d. 22 June, 1910; his 1st 
wife, Sarah J. (Dalrimple), d. 11 Sept., 1884; m. (2) Alice 
(Weatherbee), who d. 17 July, 1910. Ch. by 1st m. addi- 
tions: 1 Ida A. 9 (Brigham) Ball, wife of Levi P., res. in 
Winchendon, s. p.; 2 Clifton Brigham, b. 1865, d. y. 

144 The Brigham Family 

465 WILLIAM ASHBEL^ BRIGHAM of Boston (1798- 
1876); his wife was Lydia (Johnson) (1800-1862). Ch. addi- 
tions : 

i Helen A.s Brigham, d. in Jan., 1892, in her 64th yr. 
iii John Lowell Brigham, a Major in the Civil War. See H. B. F. 
for biography. His wife was Frances C. (Towne); both are 
deceased. Ch. additions: 1 Kate^ (Brigham) Howard, wife 
of Harry, res. Brookline, Mass.; 2 William H. A. Brigham, 
b. in Chelsea 16 Dec, 1859; m. Gita Bernhardt, 7 Sept., 1891, 
dau. of David and Sarah. (Ch. : i Sebastianio Brigham, 
b. IS Apr., 1895, d. in infancy; ii Harry M. Brigham, b. 
24 Oct., 1898, d. as an infant; iii Frank H. Brigham, b. 
in Brookline, 18 Aug., 1900; res. in New York, unm.). Mr. 
W. H. A. Brigham is a church organist and res. Arlington, 

466 LOWELL' BRIGHAM of Southboro (1800-1840) m. 

(1) 14 Apr. (not Sept.), 1831, Ann (Johnson) (1802-1834) ; m. 

(2) 1 May, 1836, Harriet Newell, dau. of Cotting and Patty 
Williams. Lowell d. 24 Apr., 1840, and she m. (2) 25 May, 
1845, William A. Fay (S. V. R.). See H. B. F. for record of 
her 2 ch. 

471 JOSEPH LINCOLN" BRIGHAM of Boston and Rox- 
bury (1804-1889); his wife was Sally Gay (Wheeler). Ch. 
(six in all, see H. B. F.) : 

iv Lucy Forbess Brigham, d. in Sterling, Mass., 5 Jan., 1923, 
ae. 83 yrs. She lived the greater part of her life in Kox- 
bury, where she was born, and was closely identified with 
the First Church on Norfolk Hill. 

vi Dana Ballard Brigham, see No. 724. 

Salem, Mass., and Bar Harbor, Me. (1819-1895). His wife was 
Eliza Endicott (Swain), who survived hira. See the H. B. F. 
for biography. Ch. additions to records in H. B. F. : 

ii Lincoln Forbess Brigham, d. in Chestnut Hill, Boston, 28 Dec, 
1922, ae. 67 yrs., 5 mos. He had traveled extensively and 
was a member of the Harvard Club, the Navy League of 
the U. S., the American Forestry Association and local 
clubs. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Kate G. (Coit) 
Brigham, and his son, Lincoln Flaggo Brigham, who m. 21 
Sept., 1925, Dorothy, dau. of Tarrant P. and Marian 
(Appleton) King. They res. in Milton, Mass. 
iii Clifford Brigham, a lawyer in Boston, d. in Milton, Mass., 
where he resided, 13 Mar., 1910. He is survived by his 
wife, Mrs. Amy H. (Johnson) Brigham. 


Seventh Generation 145 

479 DEACON ABEL" BRIGHAM was a deacon in the 
Universalist church in Marlboro and executor of his father 
Ithamer's will (1797-1871). His first wife was Mary (Bigelow) 
(1799-1843). Ch.: 

i Levi Samuels Brigham was b. 4 Aug., 1823 (not 1825). See 
No. 732. 

481 AARON' BRIGHAM of Bridgton, Me. (1796-1872) ; 
his wife was Asenath (Carsley) (1802-1878). Ch. additions: 

V Angelinas (Brigham) Kussell (1834-1855), wife of D. Augustus 

of Reading, Mass. Ch. (Russell) : 2 Chester 0.9 and his 
wife, Mary (Richtering), had 5 ch.; the 2d, Maudio Russell, 
m. E. L. Kunze, and in 1914 res. in Chicago, 
vii Aaron Brigham of No. Attleboro, Mass., d. in 1914, ae. about 
75 yrs., as he was b. 2 July, 1839; his wife was Mary P. 
(Morrison). Ch. additions: 1 Edgar Wallace^ Brigham 
and his wife, Josephine Clark (Forshner), were m. 2 June, 
1883, and res. in Providence, R. I. (Ch. William Edgario 
Brigham, b. 29 July, 1885, m. 22 May, 1914, Clara Louise 
Rust, of Cleveland, O., and res. Providence, R. L, where 
he is Instructor in the Rhode Island School of Design); 
2 Fred B. Brigham, m. 20 July, 1921, Mildred Brittain; 
res. No. Attleboro; 4 Mabel J. Brigham, res. in No. Attle- 

484 ABNER^ BRIGHAM of Yarmouth, Ontario (1798- 
1877). By an error his birth date in the H. B. F. was given as 
1793. His wife was Lucinda (Maybee) (1811-1835). His sons: 
William A.® lives in Coweta, Okla., and Charles Brigham lives 
in Stockton, Cal. See H. B. F. 

487 WILLIAM D.' BRIGHAM of St. Albans, Vt. (1806- 
1875) ; his wife was Lucy (Doane) (1805-1883). Their son: 

ii Edmund D.s Brigham was a Civil War veteran, and d. unm. 
in 1921, ae. about 87. He res. in St. Albans, where he was 
born. See Nos. 740 and 741 this vol. for the other sons. 

488 BARNABAS' BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1791-1855), 
who built the present house on the Thomas- place (and whose 
son, Benjamin T.®, was the last Brigham owner), m. Persis 
Maynard, 6 Apr., 1817. Their dau. : 

V LucyS (Brigham) Brown, wife of Sidney, had ch. not named 
in the H. B. F. Ch. (Brown): 1 Frances Eleanors, b. 8 
Feb., 1845; d. 4 Feb., 1846; 2 Willard B., b. 23 Jan., 1849. 

146 The Brigham Family 

489 THOMAS" BRIGHAM of Berlin and Northboro 
(1797-1855); his wife was Ann (Carter). Ch. : 

i Eliza Anns (Brigham) Eice (1824-1861) was the wife of Sam- 
uel I. (1821-1903). Their son: Thomas Chandlers Eice, m. 11 
Aug., 1907, Florence Loisa Haywood; res. Northboro, s. p. 

490 JOEL" BRIGHAM of Northboro (1788-1869), and his 
wife, Nancy (Brigham) (1791-1850). Ch. additions: 

ii Lewiss Brigham, m. 12 Jan., 1847, Amy Almira (Hawes) (not 

Hewes) Bemis; no ch. 
iii Phebe (Brigham) Warren, see No. 742a. 
viii Mary Ann (Brigham) Stone, see No. 745a. 

Mass. (1812-1858), and his wife, Rebeckah M. (Plagg) (1819- 
1896). Ch. additions to records: 

iii Mary A. 8 (Brigham) Goddard, wife of Silas W., d. in 1918, 
ae. 76 yrs. 

V Charles Arthur Brigham, d. about 1908 or 1909, ac. about 59. 
His first wife, M. Louise Morway (d. 1897), was the mother 
of his ch.: 1 Walter E.9 Brigham did not die young, as 
given in H. B. F.; b. 27 (not 31) May, 1880; m. in 1901, 
Celina Henrietta Marier, b. in Troy, N. Y., 8 May, 1885, d. 
in Leominster, 10 Dec, 1911. (Ch.: i Eosebud Celinaio 
Brigham, b. in Worcester, 23 Feb., 1902; m. in 1917, Major 
Henry Sawyer; ii Hazel Louise Brigham, b. in Worcester, 
29 July, 1903); 3 Eose L Brigham, d. in 1907 or 1908, 
ae. 18 or 19 yrs. 

vi William Henry Brigham, d. in 1910, ac. 47 yrs.; survived by 
his wife, Hattie C. (Eichardsou). Ch. additions: 1 Wil- 
liam Seneca^ Brigham, d. in 1918; m. Margaret Holmes, 
who m. again; their son: Williamio Brigham, was b. between 
1904 and 1907, and in 1923 went into the navy of the U. S.; 
2 Bertha Emily Brigham is a nurse, res. Worcester; 3 
Katherine Brigham m. Philip Henry De Long, and they 
res. in Worcester, at 95 Locust St., where Mrs. W. H. 
Brigham also lives. (Ch. [De Long]: i Euthio, b. 1912, 
— " d. 1917; ii Eobcrt, b. 1913; iii Philip H., Jr., b. 1920; 

iv Eichard Crane, b. 1923.) 

ix Lily Brigham, d. prior to 1920. 

498 NELSON' BRIGHAM (1822-1893), of Chicago; his 

wife, Charlotte E. (Stoddard), d. 17 May, 1907, in her 75th yr. 


1 Eldon Tappans Brigham, D.D.S., res. in Los Angeles, Cal., and 
d. there 16 Oct., 1914, ae. 69 yrs., 11 mos. His wife, Mar- 
garet E. (Eayburn), res. in that city. Ch.: 1 Edith El- 
dorao Brigham, b. in Chatsworth, HI. (not Saybrook, 111.), 
m. Frank E. Leake (not Lake). 

The Rev. George French Brigham (502) 

Founder of St. Maiy's Episcopal Church in 

Sharon. Wis. 

Seventh Generation 147 

500 WESLEY HERVEY' BRIGHAM of Corry, Pa. (1819- 
1906); his wife was Harriet N. (Smith) (1819-1905). Ch. 
additions : 

i James Eisleys Brigham is deceased. 

-. ii Mary Adaline Brigham is deceased. 

A U \ iv Charles Fidelio Brigham; the number against his name in the 
' H. B. r. should be 747 (not 767). 

501 LEVI^ BRIGHAM of Parkersville, Kans. (1824- 
1889); his wife was Mary E. (Hutchinson) (1825-1904). Ch. 
additions and corrections: 

i Helen Fannys (Brigham) Pierce, d. in Council Grove, Kans., 
6 Mar., 1922, ae. 75 yrs., 7 mos. ; her husband, William 
Lewis, d. 29 Nov., 1921, ae. 78 yrs., 8 mos., in Lynn Haven, 

ii Hanson Hutchinson Brigham, d. s. p. in Council Grove, 28 
Dec, 1917, ae. 70 yrs., 4 mos., 15 days; his wife, Sarah K. 
(Mabie), d. there 30 Jan., 1923. 
iii Flora Ann (Brigham) Moser; her husband, Adam, Jr., was b. 
28 Nov., 1847, d. 13 Aug., 1917, in Council Grove. Ch. 
(Moser), additions: 3 Levi Adam», d. 25 Sept., 1921, in 
his 42d yr.; m. 25 Sept., 1907, Hallie B. Kemp. (Ch.: i 
Charles Adam^o, b. 13 Apr., 1912); 4 Hanson Edgar, m. 
Bessie Cornelia Barber, b. 26 Sept., 1883. (Ch.: i Edgar 
Leeio, b. 14 Oct., 1906; ii Paul, b. 9 Apr., 1909; iii Doug- 
las Kelly, b. 19 July, 1915; iv Marjorie Ellen, b. 25 June, 
1918; V Alfred Monroe, b. 11 Nov., 1923.) 
iv Frederick Mattesou Brigham, m. 6 June, 1921, Mrs. Mattie 
Kelly, who d. 6 Jan., 1924; no ch.; res. R. F. D. No. 1, 
Merriam, Kans. 

V Levi Hauford (not Hannaford) Brigham, and his wife, Lalla 
Eookh (Maloy), res. in Council Grove, where he is a 
banker. Ch. additions: 1 Rosalee E.9 Brigham, m. 25 Dec, 
1922, William Ruggles; 2 Nira (not Niva) Hattie Brigham; 

3 Mary Louise Brigham. 

vi Fidelio Wesley Brigham, d. 17 Apr., 1920, in Oklahoma City, 
Okla., ae. 55 yrs, 1 day, and is survived by his wife, Mabel 
(Simpson). He was a dentist. Ch. (Their first ch., twins, 
a boy and girl, b. 13 Feb., 1899, d. one the s;nno day and 
the boy the next day): 3 Frederick Hammond'-' Brigham, 
b. 25 Jan., 1908, in Edmund, Okla. This young man is the 
one loft to carry down the male line of Levi Brigham; 

4 John Stewart Brigham, b. 8 June, 1911, d. 17 Apr., 1912. 

Wis., where he d. 15 Mar., 1914, in his 87th yr. His wife was 
Aurilla (Douglass), who d. 7 Aug., 1904. His career has been 
briefly set forth in the H. B. F. Until 1913 he continued to 
conduct the services in St. ^Marv's Church in Sharon, of which 

148 The Brigham Family 

he was the founder and curate. His nature was deeply re- 
ligious and he took great interest in public affairs from the 
highest point of view. For many years he was a member of 
the school board of Sharon and always responded with time 
and service whenever called upon in the public interests. His 
sons (see Nos. 748, 749 and 750), have been men attaining the 
highest business success in their line in Chicago, St. Louis and 

505 DEXTER' BRIGHAM of Lodi, 0. (1812-1844), and 
his wife, Deborah (Shaw), had 3 ch., the youngest b. after the 
d. of her father : 

iii Elmiras Brigham, d. 18 Jan., 1918, ae. 73 yrs., 3 mos. 

507 HON. JOEL" BRIGHAM d. in Wauseon, Ohio, 16 
Jan., 1908, ae. 90 yrs., 6 days; his wife, Betsey (Lyon) (1820- 
1892), was one of the wonderful pioneer mothers. Mr. Brig- 
ham was deeply interested in "The History of the Brigham 
Family," and the first book received from the publishers was 
sent to him. Ch. : 

vii Harriet A.s (Brigham) Sohn, d. 22 Mar., 1915, ae. 61 yrs.; her 
husband, William H., d. 27 Apr., 1916, in his 65th yr. Ch. 
(Sohn) additions: Howard Brigham9, b. 29 (not 21) Mar., 
1886; m. 21 June, 1916, Margaret N. Bixler, of Lyon, O. 
He was graduated from Oberlin College in 1908; B.L.S. 
from the Library School of the Univ. of Illinois, 1920; 
Librarian of Wauseon Public Library and member of Ohio 
Library Association; is now Librarian of McKinley High 
School, Canton, O. (Ch.: Carolyn Fayeio, b. 12 June, 1917. 

viii Celia (Brigham) Bennett, wife of Dr. Charles E., d. 4 Feb., 
1923, in her 66th yr. Ch. (Bennett) additions: 2 Joel 
Walter^ (erroneously given as Walter in H. B. F.), d. 8 
Aug., 1911, ae. 26 yrs.; m. Mary O'Brien of St. Louis. 
(Ch.: i Johnio, b. 25 Jan., 1910; ii Marion, b. Apr., 1911); 
3 Florence, m. 15 Sept., 1921, Cartier C. Christiancy; res. 
Detroit; she was graduated from Oberlin College in 1915. 
ix Clarence E. Brigham, d. 7 Apr., 1916, in his 56th yr.; was 
proprietor of the largest retail store in Wauseon. 

509 SALEM TILLY" BRIGHAM of Woburn, Mass. 
(1824-1903). Ch.: 

i Helen M.s (Brigham) Thompson, wife of L. Waldo, d. 3 Apr., 
1907, in her 54th yr. 

ii Edward Tilly Brigham, d. in Pepperell, Mass., 16 June, 1912; 
survived by his wife, Edith C. (Buckman). Ch.: Richard 
Tilly9 Brigham, b. in Woburn, 5 Dec, 1907. 


Seventh Generation 149 

511 JAMES EDWARD' BRIGHAM of Caroline and 
Newark, N. Y., and Berkshire, Vt. (1827-1874) ; his wife, Eliza- 
beth (Witter), d. in 1873. Ch. : 

i Asa Witters Brigham, of West Brookfield, and his wife, 

'r't/ p Bertha L. (Smith), who d. 1907, ae. 40 yrs. Ch. additions: 

M 1 Jessie L.o Brigham (1838-1892), m. 1906, W. H. Mandell; 

I I Q {^— 3 Frederick C. Brigham, m. 1920, Elsie Lettie Robards. 

I ' 1 VJ (Ch.: Kennethio Brigham, b. 1921); 4 Viola E. Brigham, 

m. 1919, Charles Hayden; 5 Phebe Brigham was not b. 

1899, but in 1900; m. 1918, John J. Connley; 6 George H. 


iv George John Brigham and his wife, Henrietta (Cameron), res. 
in Alpena, So. Dakota. Their son: Allen James^ Brigham, 
was b. 7 Sept., 1895; m. 18 July, 1923, Veda Shankland. 
Was graduated from Dakota Wesleyan Univ. in 1917; 
fraternity. Kappa Pi Phi; was in the World War in the 
U. S. A. 11/^ years; member of American Legion; belongs 
to the I. O. O. F. and M. W. A., and member of So. Dakota 
Press and National Editorial Associations; is editor of So. 
Dakota's foremost weekly newspaper, The Alpena Home 
Journal; is a master craftsman and designer of original 
print and type forms; Town Clerk since 1919, a Republican 
and Methodist. 

512 ALEXANDER' BRIGHAM (1815-1891) of Brook- 
field, Mass. ; m. 12 Oct., 1837, Olive Walker, b. 11 Sept., 1818, 
d. 22 Mar., 1903. Mr. Brigham served as selectman and asses- 
sor for many years and as postmaster from Nov., 1856, to 
May, 1861. He was a blacksmith, then in the grist mill busi- 
ness, and later a grocer. Ch. additions : 

1 Andrew Alexanders Brigham of Brookfield, b. 3 May, 1841, d. 
in Washington, D. C, 4 Feb., 1921; m. 3 Dec, 1868, Emily 
Frances, dau. of Samuel Lakin, b. 30 July, 1848, d. 10 Sept., 
1912. At various times he was a shoemaker, storekeeper, 
farmer and fruit dealer. Ch. b. in Brookfield, additions: 
1 Jennie Olive^ (Brigham) Pond (1869-1900), wife of Harry 
C. (Ch. [Pond]: Edna Lakinio, b. 4 Sept., 1892); 2 Charles 
Andrew Brigham, d. at the age of 1 mo.; 3 Frederick 
Lewis Brigham, b. 23 Feb., 1881, was graduated from a 
Worcester business college in 1900 and from the Pace Insti- 
tute, in Washington, D. C., where he has res. since 1903, and 
is a clerk in the War Dept.; m. 24 June, 1908, Dorothy 
Elzey of Sharptown and Baltimore, Md.; 4 Norman Oscar 
Brigham, b. 9 Mar., 1886; after graduating from a Worces- 
ter business college, he removed to Washington, D. C. in 
1907, where he is now a clerk with the Panama Canal Com- 
mission; m. 9 Oct., 1911, Sarah Una Peck of Rowe, Mass. 
(Ch.: i Helen Louiseio Brigham, b. 7 Dec, 1912; ii Doris 
Roberta Brigham, b. 10 Aug., 1914; iii Francis Peck Brig- 
ham, b. 29 Sept., 1916; iv Ruth Miriam Brigham, h. 20 
Feb., 1922.) 

3-30 The Brigham Family 

515 CALVIN" BRIGHAM of Worcester (1802-1866) and 
his wife, Susan (Witherbee). Ch. additions: 

i George Alberts Brigham, d. 21 Apr., 1921, in his 74th yr.; his 
wife, Susan (Moore), d. 29 Oct., 1908, both in Worcester. 
Ch.: 1 Fred Clarences Brigham, m. 30 June, 1909, Made- 
line Goldsmith Hitchcock of Longmeadow, Mass. They 
res. 147 Pineywoods Ave., Springfield, Mass. Mr. Brigham 
is superintendent of the Morgan Div. of the U. 8. Envelope 
Co., Springfield. (Ch.: i Virginiaio Brigham, b. 15 Apr., 
1910; ii Robert Moore Brigham, b. 16 May, 1913; iii 
Howard Hitchcock Brigham. b. 19 Nov., 1916); 2 Carrie 
Emily (not Elizabeth) Brigham, res. 397 Grove St., Worces- 
ter; 3 Arthur Everett Brigham, m. 29 Sept., 1920, Helen 
Phoebe Taylor. He is assistant superintendent of Logan, 
Swift & Brigham Div., U. S. Envelope Co., Worcester, 
where he res. at 397 Grove St. 

516 JOHN MASON' BRIGHA]\I of Worcester (1808- 
1892) and his wife, Arminda (Stillman) (1817-1894). Ch. : 

ii John Stillmans Brigham of Worcester (1847-1897) and his wife, 
Nellie E. (Spurr), who d. in Grafton, Mass., 6 Nov.. 1926, 
in her 74th yr. Ch. 1 Dwight Stillman^ Brigham was 
graduated A.B. from Harvard University in 1908; is assist- 
ant to the President of the B. & M. E. E. Was in the 
World War, serving in France from July, 1917 to Apr., 
1919, as Major and Lieut Col. of Engineers, U. S. A.; m. 
in Worcester, 26 June, 1909, Marian Brittau Shattuck; res. 
Newton Center. Ch. i Nancy Shattuckio Brigham, b. 9 
Aug., 1910; ii Mary Stillman Brigham. b. 6 June, 1915.) 

517 DEA. HENRY HARDING' BRIGHAM (1814-1888), 
and his wife, Rebecca W. (Houghton) (?-1876), lived in Boyls- 
ton, Mass., where Mr. Brigham was born. See H. B. F. Ch. 
b. in Boylston, additions : 

i Henrietta Martyns (Brigham) Andrews, widow of John T. 
Andrews of IBoylston, d. 11 Sept., 1925, ae. 87 yrs., 5 mos., 
10 days. She gave music lessons in her home and sur- 
rounding towns for many years, going about freely without 
regard to the weather to fullfil her engagements, such as 
singing teacher in the public schools of her native place, 
vocalist in the choir of the Congregational church and 
organist there, and conductor of annual concerts in the 
Town Hall, together with many other activities. She did 
not miss any of the reunions of the Brigham Family Asso- 
ciation, when it was possible to attend; and at the Boylston 
Grange, where she lectured, and at her church, which she 
loved, she was a faithful attendant. See the H. B. F. for 
her family. 


Mrs. IIknkietta M. An'dkkws (;"17) 
15oylslon CciitcM-, IVTass. 

Seventh Generation 151 

519 SILVESTER" BRIGHAM of Dover, 111. (1807-1872), 
his 2d wife, Mary W. (Brigham), mother of the 8 younger ch. 
He was the wonderful pioneer of Dover. Ch. additions : 

vi Adoniram Judson^ Brigham, of Dufur, Ore. (1850-1903), and 
his wife, Louisa (Snodgrass). Ch. 1 Waldo P.9 Brigham, 
of Dufur; 2 Grace M. Brigham, who d. 

vii Joseph Webb Brigham (Rev.), a clergyman of the Baptist 
denomination, d. in Dorchester, Mass., 5 Dec, 1925, in his 
74th yr., where he was for eight years pastor of the Dor- 
chester Temple Baptist church. See H. B. F. In 1903 was 
grad. from the Emerson College of Oratory in Boston; in 
1911 received the degree of Ph.D., from the Boston Univ, 
His wife, who survives him, was Florence L. (Gunn). Ch.: 
Florence May9 Brigham, b. 29 June, 1886; m. Prof. Harlan 
True Stetson, Prof, of Astronomy in Harvard Univ. 

viii Mary E. (Brigham) Taylor, wife of Stephen A. of Denver, 
Col. Ch. (Taylor) (see H. B. F. for the other 7): 8 Hilde- 
gardo, b. 24 Aug., 1896. 
X Charles S. Brigham (1858-1903); his wife is Larue (Woodard). 
Ch.: 1 Grace" Brigham, m. 10 Jan., 1910, Charles Hall; 
2 Mary Brigham, m. Phil C. Gerber; 3 Maud Brigham, 
m. Clarence Stewart. 
xi Hattie E. (Brigham) Owen. He husband, Thomas, d. 1 Nov., 
1887. Ch. (Owen): 1 Bertha Mayo, m. Clifford Henry 
Brown in June, 1910; res. Des Moines, la. 

521 ELIJAH PARKMAN" BRIGHAM of Westboro (1807- 
1870), a descendant of the Rev. Ebenezer Parkman, the famous 
diarist; his wife was Mary (Williams). Ch. additions: 

ii Susan Walters (Brigham) Nye (1836-1899), wife of Samuel D. 
of Barre, Mass. Ch. (Nye): 1 Walter Brigham^, d. in 
Chestnut Hill, Newton, Mass., 6 June, 1924, ae. 62 yrs. 
Vice-President of the S. D. Warren «fc Co., paper manu- 
facturers, was a leading business man of Boston, 
iii Mary Angeline (Brigham) Pearson, wife of Linus E. of Charles- 
town, Mass. Ch. (Pearson): 3 Francis Everett^, m. 8 Feb., 
1899, Marion, dau. of Preston Perry of Boston; b. 8 Feb., 
1879; res. Newcastle, Me. 

1896), wife of Lewis Rice, one time proprietor of the American 
House, Boston (1809-1877). Ch. (Rice) additions only: 

1 Major Lewis Frederick", d. 12 Apr., 1909, in his 70th yr.. sur- 
vived by his wife, Caroline E. (Ellis), and his son, Frederick 
Ellis^ Rice. A Director of the Brigham Family Association, 
he was one of its staunchest supporters. 

523 DOLLY ANN" (BRIGHAM) BEMIS (1814-1898). 
wife of Lewis (1797-1856) of Spencer, Mass. Ch. (Bemis) addi- 
tions only : 

152 The Brigham Family 

iii Annie H.s (1847-1899), wife of Charles A. Bemis of Spencer. 
Ch. 1 Lewis Tyler», d. 25 Apr., 1917, in his 43rd yr.; 3 
Emma A., m, 11 Oct., 1921, Joseph F. Bertsch. 

524 ELIJAH WINSLOW- BRIGHAM (1816-1900) of 
Waltham, Mass.; his wife, Ella R. (Lefferman), d. 29 Apr., 
1912, in her 72d yr. Ch. additions : 

i Florence L.s Brigham, m. 10 Oct., 1883, George H. Bowker, 
son of Edwin of Waltham, b. 2 Oct., 1856, who d. 4 May, 
1915. Ch. (Bowker) additions: 2 Edwino, m. 12 May, 
1911, Irene F. Remento of Lansdowne, Pa. (Ch. : Ireneio, 
b. 9 Apr., 1917.) 

21 Nov., 1912, in her 95tli yr. ; wife of George G. of Northboro 
(1815-1869). Ch. (Valentine) additions: 

iii Sarah Elizabeth, wife of George E. Goodrich, d. s. p., iu North- 
boro, 15 Aug., 1924, in her 74tli yr. 

iv Harriet Dolly, wife of Lewis F. Stratton, d. s. p., in North- 
boro, 8 Nov., 1916, in her 64th yr. 

528 SAMUEL SUMNER' BRIGHAM of Bakersfield, Vt. 
(1803-1883), and his wife, Mary (Powers) (1812-1895). Ch. 
corrections : 

i William Oakleys Brigham, see No. 759. 
ii Julia S. (Brigham) Beach, wife of Ahiva of Keeseville, N. Y., 

was m. 30 Sept., 1857 (not 1837 as in H. B. F.). The death 

of each occurred, s. p., in Feb., 1886. 

529 SOPHIA' (BRIGHAM) BUSHNELL (1806-1898), 
wife of Niles of Keeseville, N. Y. Ch. additions : 

iv Emelines Bushnell, m. 2 Sept., 1909, Carlos F. Rowe of Keese- 
ville, where they res. 

530 ELI AVHITNEY" BRIGHAM of Hebron, 111. (1810- 
1885), and his wife, Mary (Collson) (1810-1891). Ch. : 

i Charles Morriss Brigham, of Hebron (1845-1894), and his wife, 
Fannie (Campbell). Ch. additions and corrections: 1 
Bertha B.o Brigham, m. (1) 19 Nov., 1890, Louis (not 
Loring) 0. Weeks, who d. 12 Apr., 1897; m. (2) 21 June, 
1899, Mark M. Stone of Richmond, 111. (Ch. [Weeks] addi- 
tions: i Bernice, b. 8 Sept., 1891, d. 18 Jan., 1900; 
ii Grace C, b. 22 Feb., 1894. Ch. [Stone]: iii Helen M., 
b. Aug., 1902); 4 Whitney E. Brigham and his wife Clara 
(Libbey). (Ch. additions: iv Bculah Bellio Brigham, b. 
17 Mar., 1907.) 

Seventh Generation 153 

iii Eliza S. (Brigham) Bailey (1850-1874), wife of Jeffersoa A. 
Ch. (Bailey): 1 Charles W.» and his wife, Josephine (Groes- 
beck), res. in Hebron. (Ch.: Alice Elizabethio, b. 20 Mar., 

535 JEWETT BOARDMAN' BRIGHAM (1826-1890) of 
Boston and Ute, la. Ch. : 

ii Flora Adelias (Brigham) Smith, wife of Cyrus M. Smith, M.D. 
Delete in her record "d. Jan., 1888"; res. Ute, la. It was 
her husband who d. 

536 LEMUEL HAWLEY^ BRIGHAM of Ludlow, Mass. 
1816-1896), and his first wife, Lucinda (Bamford) (1820-1856). 

i L. Minas (Brigham) Aitcheson, wife of John S., d. 25 July, 
1915, in her 78th yr. Ch. (Aitcheson) additions: 1 Thomass 
^nd his wife. Bertha (Jaquith) Aitcheson. (Ch. i John, 
b. 21 Mar., 1890; ii Thomas Brigham, b. 18 Dec, 1906.) 
iii Ellen lone (Brigham) Howard, d. 5 Feb., 1895, in her 51st yr. 
Her husband, Charles Frederick, d. 18 June, 1907. Ch. 
(Howard): 1 Lucinda Carolyn^, b. 20 Apr., 1871 (not 

1870); 2 Lemuel Frederick, m. ; res. Edgewood 

Park, Pa. (Ch.: i Helenio; ii Donald.) 

537 LUTHER AYERS" BRIGHAM of Colrain (Elm 
Grove), Mass. (1832-1895). His second wife, mother of his 
talented son, Clarence L.^ Brigham, Mrs. Helen J. (Temple), 
d. in New York City, 12 Feb., 1923, in her 80th yr. Mrs. Brig- 
ham early developed a talent for public speaking, and after 
becoming interested in Spiritualism, became an inspirational 
speaker of world-wide reputation, for she traveled as far as 
Australia and New Zealand, and was well known in England 
and Scotland. See 762 for the record of her son. 

540 LEANDER DENISON" BRIGHAM (1820-1859) was 
b. in Westford (not Milton), Vt. Delete in H. B. F. "mother's 
name unknown." She was Mary P. Pinney. His wife was 
Eliza Parkhurst Bates (not Eliza Bates) and was the sister of 
the wife of his brother, Daniel Pinney Brigham, who was Electa 
Bushnell Bates (see No. 259, ii) ; they were the daus. of Nor- 
ton and Betsey (Sweet) Bates. It has been impossible to trace 
Leander's family farther than the record in the H. B. F., al- 
though there are descendants living in Vermont and in the 

154 The Brigham Family 

540a Mx\RY ROXALEXA" BRIGHAM, dau. of Edward, 
No. 259, and sister of Leander D., No. 540, was omitted from 
the H. B. F.; b. 22 Dec, 1825; d. 20 Sept., 1909; m. 6 Sept., 
1841, William Brown Joslin. Ch. (Joslin) ; owing to lack of 
space great gr. ch. cannot be entered : 

i Mary Loui3e,8 b. 2 Aug., 1842, d. 2 June, 1918, m. 20 Nov., 

1861, Julius Chapel. Ch. (Chapel): i Parkhurst Eugene^, 

b. 29 June, 1862; m. 31 Oct., 1883, Mabel Champion; 4 ch. 

ii William Parkhurst, b. 26 Dec, 1843; d. 15 Apr., 1864, in the 

Cvil War. 

iii Celia Ida, b. 4 and d. 14 Feb., 1846. 

iv Arthur Robinson, b. 24 Nov., 1847; m. 12 Nov., 1868, Alice 

Wood; s. p. 
V. Jesse Wakefield, b. 31 Dec, 1849, d. 1 June, 1895, m. 31 Dec, 
1877, Mary Brown. Ch.: 1 Maxwell Browns, b. 2 Mar., 
1880, m. 19 Aug., 1908, Mrs. Alice Wilson; he d. s. p., 26 
Oct., 1921; 2 Florence Brown, b. 28 May, 1881, unm. 

vi Ida Brigham, b. 25 Sept., 1854; m. 20 Nov., 1878, William H. 
Helmer. Ch. (Helmer): 1 Arthur Jamess, b. 19 Apr., 1880, 
d. 30 Apr., 1912, m. 8 July, 1908, Genevieve Weston; 1 ch.; 
2 Laura May, b. 13 Dec, 1881; 3 Harry William, b. 26 
Nov., 1884, m. 24 Aug., 1910, Hazel Potter; 2 ch. 

541 ADDING TON M.' BRIGHAM of Marlboro, d. there 
in the home of his dau., Mrs. George F. Nichols, on the Thomas- 
Brigham place, 2 Jan., 1924, ae. 86 yrs., 9 mos., the oldest Brig- 
ham in the city. His wife, Mary (Estabrook), b. 1 Feb., 1838, 
of Concord Revolutionary stock, d. in Marlboro, 5 May, 1921; 
they were m. 60 yrs. lacking 2 days. She was a charter mem- 
ber of the Grange in IMarlboro and one of the founders of the 
Baptist Church. Mr. Brigham attended Gates Academy in 
youth. He was a dairy farmer, living on the SamueP Brigham 
place, and was one of the leading active members of the Farm- 
ers' and Mechanics' Club, which preceded the formation of the 
Grange in Marlboro, of which he was a member as also of the 
John A. Rawlins Post, G. A. R. Was an officer in the B. F. A., 
and his interest in the meetings and the objects of the associa- 
tion never flagged. Ch. additions and corrections: 

i Abbie A.s (Brigham) Nichols, wife of George F., is a charte'S 
member of the Marlboro Grange and was on the first board 
of directors of the Marlboro Woman's Club, 
ii William M. Brigham, see No. 763. 

iii Ella A. (Brigham) Porter, wife of William Aubrey, son of 
Sea-Captaiu John Harding and Annie (Lockhart) Porter, 
of Hantsport, N. S. (not Marlboro). He is Past Deputy 
Grand Master and Past Noble Grand of the I. O. O. F., and 

Seventh Generation 155 

Past President of the Intercolonial Club, and member of 
the Veteran Odd Fellows. Mrs. Porter, during the late war, 
was president of the Marlboro Patriots' League two years 
and at the present time; was first president of the Herbert 
F, Akroyd Post, Am. Legion Auxiliary, and a member of 
the Star of Hope Eebekah Lodge of Marlboro. Ch. (Porter), 
additions and corrections: 1 George Lockharto, m. 14 
Jan., 1921, Kobena M. McCook of Marlboro, b. Scotland. 
She was a registered nurse and enlisted for overseas duty 
with the Red Cross; served with the British forces; later 
transferred to America; overseas 18 mos. Mr. Porter was a 
Corporal in the World War, assigned to Emergency Truck, 
412; served overseas 16 mos. in the defensive sector; was in 
the Champagne Marne, Aisne Marne, Givres and Meuse 
Argonne battles. Both are members of the Am. Legion, 
Herbert F. Akroyd Post. (Ch. : i Eobert Munroei", b. 
2 Aug., 1923; ii Dorothy Belle, b. 23 Feb., 1926); 2 Aubrey 
Howard Brigham, m. 5 Oct., 1919, Jennie Gottschalk of 
Verona, N. J. In the World War he enlisted in the heavy 
artillery; outfit was scheduled for Russia but did not get 
across; is a member of the Am. Legion; 3 Harding Lawton, 
m. 26 May, 1923, Florence, dau. of Geo. Riley of No. 
iv Cora Estabrook Brigham, b. 27 June (not Oct.), 1868; d. 2 
Oct., 1892. 

542 CHARLES AMORY" BRIGHAM of Nashua, N. H. 

(1814-1899), and his wife, Mary (Fairbanks) (1815-1900). Ch. 


vi Albert Walters Brigham, d. 2 Oct., 1913, ae. 60 yrs. His 
widow is Minnie (Davis). Ch.: 2 Paul Fairbanks^ Brig- 
ham, b. 19 Oct., 1889; m. Helen Isabel, dau. of Franklin 
W. Adams of Waverly (Belmont), Mass. Mr. Brigham was 
graduated from Amherst College in 1914; a member of the 
Thcta Delta Chi Fraternity. They res. in Westboro. (Ch. : 
i Barbara Adamsio Brigham, b. 16 Sept., 1919.) 

545 JOSHUA BATES' BRIGHAM of Westboro and 
Brookline, Mass. (1828-1891), and his 2d wife, Helen :\I. (Bur- 
gess) who d. in 1906, was the dau. of Nathaniel and ]\Iarey A. 
(Bowers) Burgess (not as recorded in H. B. F.). Ch. addi- 
tions : 

ii Agnes Otiss Brigham, a teacher in Plattsville, Wis. 
iii Donald Burgess Brigham (not Donald P.) is the District Man- 
ager of the Colonial Salt Works of Pittsburgh. Pa., with 
offices and residence there in 1924. He m. 7 Feb., 1910, 
Margaret Frances, dau. of Thomas and M;iry Frances Cam- 
pion of St. Paul, Minn. Ch., the 2 younger b. in Pitts- 
burgh: 1 Donald Campion^ Brigham, b. in Boston, S Feb., 
1911, d. in Pittsburgh, 24 June, 1913; 2 Rosemary Brigham, 
b. 26 Jan., 1913, in Nashville, Tenn.; 3 Agnes Abigail Brig- 
ham, b. 23 Dec, 1916; 4 Thomas Otis Brigham, b. 26 Apr., 

156 The Brigham Family 

546 DAVID SEWALL' BRIGHAM of Fall River, Mass. 
(1823-1873) ; he m. 3 times. His 3d wife, Mrs. Elizabeth (Wil- 
liams), d. 2 May, 1919. Ch. by 1st m. to Elizabeth G. (Chace) 
(1825-1853) additions: 

iii Martha Chaces (Brigham) Chase, d. 6 May, 1923; her husband, 
Herbert, d. 28 Feb., 1881. Ch. (Chase): Marrill B.9, m. 
Alice Gill, and res. Central Point, Ore. 

Ch. by 2d m. to Mary Howland Wady, who d. 1864 : 

V George Sewalls Brigham, and his wife, Mary (Sheen), res. 
in Fall Eiver. Ch.: Eichard Curtis^ Brigham, m. Florence 
Cook. (Ch.: i Constanceio Brigham, b. 4 Aug., 1923; 
ii Eichard Curtis Brigham, Jr., b. 20 Mar., 1925.) 

vi James Wady Brigham, and his wife, Mary E. (Kendall), b. 17 
Feb., 1864, res. in Fall Eiver, where Mr. Brigham is Secre- 
tary of the Fall Eiver Manufacturers' Mutual Fire Ins. Co. 
Ch. additions: 1 James Kendall^ Brigham, m. 14 Oct., 1916, 
Ella Grace Hartman; 2 David Sewall Brigham, m. 12 
Apr., 1915, Helen Z. Stafford, b. 11 Sept., 1896. Mr. Brig- 
ham is of the Southern N. E. Electric Co., Hartford, Conn. 
(Ch.: i Janetio Brigham, b. 19 Feb., 1916; ii Euth Brigham, 
b. 29 Oct., 1917; iii Shirley Brigham, b. 30 May, 1925); 
3 Florence Brigham, b. 11 Feb., 1898, m. 2 Oct., 1920, Wil- 
liam Stephen Matthews, b. 15 Nov., 1885; (Ch. [Matthews]: 
i William Stephenio, Jr., b. 15 Nov., 1922; ii Dorothy 
Eemington, b. 8 Jan., 1924). 

Mass., d. 8 Feb., 1921, in his 91st yr. ; his wife, Josephine H. 
(Gibbs), d. 4 Jan., 1907. Ch. additions and corrections: 

i Annie Josephines (Brigham) Davis, wife of Edgar W. of 
Brockton. Ch. (Davis): 1 Alfred Brighamo, m. 2 Oct., 
1906, Maude Evelina Maw. (Ch. : i Barbara Josephineio, 
b. 12 Sept., 1907; ii Meredith Maude, b. 21 Apr., 1911); 
2 Edna Willard, m. 23 Sept., 1912, Harry Walter Keay. 
(Ch. [Keay]: i Josephine Brighams, b. 21 May, 1914; 'ii 
Margaret Edna, b. 9 Mar., 1916; iii Walter Willard, b. 
29 Sept., 1918; iv Florence Mabel, b. 26 May, 1923; v 
Shirley Davis, b. 13 Oct., 1924); 3 Lena Josephine, m. 
17 Sept., 1915, Frank Llewellyn Hunt. (Ch. [Hunt]: i 
Frances Lena^, b. 17 June, 1916; ii Marion Davis, b. 11 
May, 1919; iii Irving Stanley, b. 28 Aug., 1923); 4 Eufus 
Charles, m. Doris Marjorie Dean, 3 Feb., 1918. (Ch. 
[Davis]: Doris Marjorie^, b. 4 Oct., 1918). 

ii David Foster Brigham, and his wife, Carrie W. (Kingman), 
res. in Brockton. He was b. 3 Jan., 1858 (not 3 June, 
1859), in Sandwich, Mass. Ch. additions: 1 Arthur Fosters 
Brigham, m. Gertrude Esher of Philadelphia, where they 
res. (Ch.: Carolyn Brigham, b. 1914); 2 Helen A. 
Brigham, b. 1896, d. 1916. 

Seventh Generation 157 

iii Mary Agnes (Brigham) Heath, wife of Oscar of Brockton. 
Ch. (Heath) additions: 1 Donald Brighams, m. (1) in Oct., 
1912, Marjorie E. Garrison, who d. in Sept., 1913; m. (2) 
July, 1915, M. Frances Tirrell. (Ch. by Ist m.: Donald 
Garrisonio; ch, by 2d m.: Martha Frances). Mr. Heath is 
a member of the Boston Electrical Heating Corp. in Whit- 
man, Mass., where he res.; 2 Marjorie, b. 17 Feb., 1895, 
m. 8 Dec, 1917, Alden L. Lane. (Ch. [Lane]: i Priscilla; ii Marilyn A.; iii Alden L., Jr.); they res. in Brockton; 
3 Allen W., b. 7 Apr., 1896, m. in July, 1923, Mary I. Pres- 
ton of Sparta, 111.; they res. in Jamaica Plain; he is with 
a wholesale hosiery firm in Boston; 4 C. Stanley, b. 28 
Jan., 1902; is unm., in 1925, and is manager of the Peabody, 
Mass., F. W. Woolworth Co. 's store. 

iv Charles Angier Brigham, m. Mora Neill, b. in Taunton, Mass., 
13 Jan., 1878; he is an architect in New York City, where 
he res., on Morningside Drive, s. p. 

Archelaiis M. of Westboro and Worcester (1823-1905). Ch. 
(Howe) : 

ii Elmer Parker^, d. unm. 18 June, 1918, in his 67th yr., in 
Boston, where he lived in a bachelor apartment. He held 
a high position in his profession of law, as a corporation 
and patent lawyer and connected as counsel and director 
with many leading industrial corporations; was a member 
of scientific organizations, trustee of the Worcester Poly- 
technic Inst., and on the Advisory Board of the Alumni 
Association of Yale Univ., his alma mater. Interment was 
in Westboro. 

549 MERRICK PUTNAM" BRIGHAM of Attleboro, 
Mass. (1829-1875), and his wife, Sarah (Wellington), who d. 
15 Feb., 1922, in her 97th yr. Ch. additions : 

i Edward M.s Brigham of Attleboro, where a business man for 
many years; his wife is Elizabeth C. (Brightman). Ch. : 
1 Elsie Wellington^ (Brigham) Selfridge, wife of Eobert 
H., res. in Syracuse, N. Y. (Ch. [Selfridge]: Dorothy 
Wellingtonjio, b. in 1901); 2 Clara Edna Brigham, m. in 
1900, Everett L Perry. (Ch. [Perry]: Ariel Welliugtonio, 
b. 1906; they res. in Attleboro; 3 Fred M. Brigham; 4 
Sarah Louise Brigham, m. 1910, Harry J. Merkle; res. in 

iv Alfred W.s Brigham, of Attleboro, and his wife, Etta L. 
(Peckham). Ch.: 1 Carl Alfredo Brigham, m. 4 Jan., 1907, 
Ella Ethel, dau. of William H. and Helen (Estey) Jenkins. 
(Ch.: Helen Peckhamio Brigham, b. 30 May, 1916); 2 
Clarence Jacob Brigham, m. 25 Mar., 1920, Florence Minette, 
dau. of Abby A. (Bowcn) and Charles W. Lillibridge. 
(Ch.: Minetto' Eleanorio Brigham, b. 17 Aug., 1921.) 

158 The Brigiiam Family 

550 CYRUS' BRIGHAM of Boston (1838-1899), the 
founder of the milk contracting firm of C. Brigham & Co. ; his 
wife, Margaret A. (Evans), d. in Brookline, Mass., 18 Dec, 
1924, in her 78th yr. Ch. additions: 

i Kobert 0.8 Brigham and his wife, Vesta (Stewart), res. in 
Brookline. Ch. additions: 1 Margaret S.o Brigham, m. 
James Daniel Seaver, and res. in Waban. (Ch. [SeaverJ: 
i Margaret Annio; ii Robert Badger); 2 Robert Evans 
Brigham (name changed from Stewart Evans as given in 
H. B. F.). 

554 PHILIP P.^ BRIGHAM of Galilee, Pa. (1810-1887) ; 
his wife was Jane A. (Miller). Ch. : 

i James L.8 Brigham of Damascus, Pa., d. 4 Mar., 1907, in his 
74th yr.; his wife was Statira V. (Keesler). 

(1828-?); his wife was Hannah R. (Sackett) (1830-1889). 
Additions and corrections to the record of his son have been 
furnished by Howard S. Crandall, editor of the Crandall 
genealogy : 

i Frederic Erwins Brigham, res. Pulaski, N. Y. (not Trumbull) ; 
his wife's name is Harriet (not Nettie) Crandall, b. in 1865. 
Ch.: 1 Mary Ida^ Brigham, m. W. C. Rattanay. (Ch. 
[Rattanay]: Dorothyio^ b. 1922); 2 Clair Crandall Brig- 
ham, was in the World War, Sanitary Dept., 37th Div.; 
3 Albert Henry Brigham, d. in 1915, in his 20th yr. ; 4 Harold 
Lynn Brigham, was in the World War and served in France; 
5 and 6 Robert Nelson Brigham and Estella Marcia Brigham, 
no additional records given; 7 Frank H. Brigham (not in 
H. B. F.) was b. and d. in 1909. 

ii Henry Albert Brigham (1861-1875). 

562 HON. MAYOR" BRIGIIAM of Toledo, 0. (1806- 
1897). His widow, Mrs. Malinda P. (Merrell), d. in Toledo 12 
May, 1906. See the H. B. F. for his biography. Those mem- 
bers of this family left under their father's record in the H. 
B. F., who now have additional data, will be found as follows : 

i Harriet Elizas (Brigham) Beach, No. 767a. 

vi Stanley Faber Brigham, No. 76Sa. 

viii George Mavor Brigham, No. 768b. 

ix Harry Chase Brigham, No. 770a. 

Seventh Generation 159 

563 ORVILLE P.' BRIGIIAM of Spencerport, X. Y. 
1818-1885), and his wife, Mrs. Delia (Barnard) of Rochester, 
N. Y., b. 15 Apr., 1821, and d. 11 Mar., 1904; dau. of Jehiel and 
Delia Barnard, who were the first white couple married in 
Rochester, the year being 1815. Mr. Brigham and his brothers 
and children were all persons of substantial worth and high 
standing in their several communities. Ch. additions to records 
in H. B. F. : 

i Charles H.s Brigham, d. 4 Mar., 1903, ae. 59 yis., 11 mos. 

ii Edward D. Brigham, of Palmyra, N. Y., d. there 20 June, 

1896, ae. 51 yrs. 
iii Frederick G. Brigham, d. 3 Jan., 1918, unm., ae. 68 yrs., 10 mos. 

iv John Clifford Brigham, d. 17 Dec, 1918, ae. 65 yrs., 3 mos. 
Mr. Brigham was a deacon in the Congregational church 
in Spencerport, a farmer and fruit-grower. 

V Clara B. (Brigham) Whittier, wife of Adelbert W., was m. 
26 Feb., 1879 (not 1873); she d. 1? Sept., 1916, ae. 60 
yrs., 1 mo. 

vi Elbert W. Brigham and his wife, Mrs. Harriet E. (Chadsey), 
res. in Brockport, N. Y., where he is an elder in the Pres- 
byterian church and where he has held many positions of 
trust. He served his township as supervisor for eight years, 
and was chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Monroe 
County, at Eochester, N. Y., the last year of that period. 
Both Mr. and Mrs. Brigham are of Eevolutionary stock; 
she is a D. A. E., a member of the History Club, and of 
several other local organizations, including the Eepublican 
County Committee. Ch. : William E.9 Brigham, an only son, 
d. suddenly as the result of a sad hunting accident, 1 Nov., 
1924, ae. 24 yrs., 1 mo., 29 days. During his senior year in 
Eensselaer Polytechnic Institute, from which he was grad- 
uated as an E. E. in 1923, he m. Euth, dau. of Dr. Edwin 
and Margaret (Jackson) Gravatt, of Troy, N. Y., b. 7 Oct., 
1900. (Ch.: i AVilliam Brigham, b. 14 Oct., 1923; 
ii John Clifford Brigham, b. [posthumous] 4 Jan., 1925.) 

564 JOHN D.' BRIGHAM of Ogden, N. Y. (1820-1894), 
was a very highly respected man in his community ; his wife, 
Sophia M. (Willey), d. 28 Nov!, 1899, ae. 75 yrs., 27 days. Ch. 
additions : 

1 Alvin W.8 Brigham, d. in Cnlifornia, 9 Dec, 1913, ae. 68 yrs., 
14 days. 

ii Virginia S. (Brigham) Welch, wife of Allen B., res. in Victor, 
N. Y. Ch. (Welch) additions: 1 Faith Virginia'>. m. 20 
Feb., 1904, Luther T. Norton. (Ch. [Norton], b. in Victor: 
i Euby Adelleic, b. 17 Nov., 1904; ii La Verne Allen, b. 9 
Nov., 1908; iii Leslie Delwin, b. 23 Aug., 1913); 2 Euby 
Florence, m. Lewis Mortimer Cole, 30 Dec, 1903. (Ch. 
[Cole], b. in Meudou, N. Y.: i Euth Geraldinei", b. 19 

1^0 The Brigham Family 

Feb., 1905; m. 30 June, 1923, Earl Louis Ernst. [Ch. 
(Ernst): Wayne Clairen, b. in Meudon, 5 Sept., 1924]); 

3 Bernice Marie, m. 17 Aug., 1910, Everette Thomas Sharp. 
(Ch. [Sharp], b. in Victor: Virginia Marthaio b. 8 Jan.. 
1914). ' 

iii Florence A. (Brigham) Pierce, wife of Christopher J., res. 
Spencerport, N. Y., s. p. 

iv Ella M. (Brigham) Austin, wife of Frank K., res. in Houston, 
Tex. Ch. (Austin): 1 Florence Virginias, b. 2 July, 1889, 
m. 10 Sept., 1910, Norman B. Godwin. (Ch. [Godwin]: i 
L. Austinio^ b. in Minneapolis, Minn., 31 Dec, 1912; ii 
Blanche Mildred, b. in Houston, 12 Sept., 1920); 2 Blanche 
Mildred, b. 22 Sept., 1891, m. 17 Apr., 1915, in Algoa, Tex., 
E. Eugene Boehne of Galveston, Tex. 

V Cora M. (Brigham) Decker, wife of Charles A., res. in Skan- 
eateles, N. Y. Ch. (Decker) : 1 Gladys Violas, b. 26 Aug., 
1894; m. 27 June, 1917, Eussell Van Dyke Callendar of 
Skaneateles. (Ch, [Callendar]: i Eowena Arleneio, b. 5 
July, 1918; ii Erma Beatrice, b. 27 Mar., 1920); 2 Delwin 
Brigham, b. 25 Jan., 1898; m. 15 Dec, 1921, Charlotte Van 
Vliet of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. (Ch.: Phyllis VanVlietio b. 
7 Apr., 1925.) 

566 DEACON MILTON" BRIGHAM of Spencerport, 
N. Y. (1825-1897), a leading citizen of his toAvn; his wife, Mary 
A. (Finch), d. 27 July, 1911, ae. 81 yrs., 8 days. Ch. additions: 

i Carrie Louise^ (Brigham) Brower, wife of Willard of Ogden, 
N. Y. Ch. (Brower) : 1 Milton Willardo, m. 25 June, 1912, 
Mary Amy Eice, b. 29 Sept., 1888. (Ch.: Frank Willardio, 
b. in Ithaca, 28 Oct., 1914); 2 Chester Lewis, m. 9 Sept., 
1910, Marian Flora Bade, b. 5 Mar., 1893. (Ch.: 1 Esther 
Louiseio, b. 19 Apr., 1912; ii Dorothy Brigham, b. 8 June, 
1918; iii Harold Eobert, b. 16 Dec, 1922; iv Margaret, 
b. Feb., 1925); 3 Henrv Somerset, m. 30 Jan., 1920, Hazel 
A. Vahue, b. 30 Apr., 1891, d. 4 Apr., 1925. Mr. Brower 
res. in Middleport, N. Y.; was in the World War in Battery 
D, 309th Field Artillery, 78th Div, In France he was a 
telephone sergeant at the St. Mihiel front; was in the St. 
Mihiel and Seuppe to Moselle offensives, from 16 Sept., to 
the 26th, 1918, then went to Saumur Artill. Officers' Train- 
ing School for 3 months, and received certificate qualifying 
him as 2d lieutenant; the armistice prevented commission 
being received. In March, 1919, went to A. E. F. Univ. at 
Beaunc, France, discharged at Camp Dix, 25 May, 1919; 

4 Eoy Brigham, b. 15 Aug., 1894. 
ii Henry Martyn Brigham, see No. 771. 

iii John Hazard Brigham, d. 11 Feb., 1912, in his 50th yr.; his 
widow, Louise Beveridge (Stevenson), d. in Paris, France, 
Apr., 1925, in her 50th yr. Ch. : Dorothy Louise^ Brigham, 
b. and d. in London, England, in 1896. 

iv Minnie A. (Brigham) Card, wife of George Clement of Los 
Angeles, Cal., m. 23 June, 1886; she d. 25 Mar., 1920, in 
her 56th yr. Ch. (Card) additions: 1 Don Brigham^, m. 25 
Dec, 1908, in Monthorne, Wash., Martha Thomas Wilson, 

Seventh Generation 161 

b. 26 Oct., 1889. (Ch.: i Elmer Clementio, b. 15 Oct., 1909; 
ii Evelyn Mae, b. 9 May, 1911; iii Bruce Brigham, b. 16 
June, 1913); 2 Henry Harold (1890-1893); 3 Louise Du 
Bois, m. 27 Nov., 1912, Robert Smythe McCrabbe, b. 26 
Aug., 1883. (Ch. [McCrabbe]: i Richard Meyersio, b. 3 
Nov., 1915; ii Robert Louis, b. 30 Sept., 1916); 4 Dorothy 
Eleanor, b. 6 Sept., 1898; m. 21 Dec, 1915, Wiley Raymond 
Swartz, b. 24 May, 1887; res. Los Angeles. (Ch. [Swartz]: 
i Wiley Raymondio, Jr., b. 27 Apr., 1917; ii Leonard Card, 
b. 27 Oct., 1919; iii Harold Milton Brigham, b. 27 July, 

567 CHARLES' BRIGHAM of Spencerport, N. Y., d. 
about 1918, ae. about 91. For many years he was a grain 
merchant in Spencerport. Ch. additions: 

i William A.s Brigham, d. in 1900, in West Superior, Wis., where 

he lived for some years, 
ii Alletta Brigham, d. in 1920, ae. about 57. 

iii Hattie Brigham, m. Charles Gear, and now lives in Orleans 
County, N. Y. 

568 LEWIS E.- BRIGHAM of Clinton, N. Y. (1820-1907), 
and his wife, Sophia (Johnson), b. 1825, who is deceased. Ch. 
additions : 

i Frank M.s Brigham res. in Dorcester, Mass.; his wife, An- 
toinette (Allen), d. 29 May, 1917, ae. 66 yrs., 8 mos. Ch.: 
Maude A.9 Brigham, res. in Boston. 

ii Perry Brigham, b. in 1847, is deceased; his widow, Julia 
(Jewett), res. in Brewer, Me., s. p. 

iii Edward Brigham of Clinton, is living in 1925. 

iv Walter Scott Brigham, d. 7 Apr., 1918, ae. 66 yrs., 1 mo. Ch.: 
Walter D.9 and Edna R. Brigham, res. in New York City, 
vii Robert O. Brigham and his wife, Minnie (McDonald), res. in 
Centralia, 111., as they have done for many years. Ch.: 
Mabel M.9 Brigham, d. 11 July, 1908, ae. 17 yrs., 8 mos. 
viii Frederick O. Brigham (1868-1897) and his wife, Martha (Har- 
ris), who d. 7 Oct., 1917, in her 45th yr. Ch.: 1 Lewis T.9 
Brigham, m. 26 June, 1921, Sophie Cecelia, dau. of Charles 
and Mary Olssen of New York City, b. 13 Dec, 1886, d. 
30 Oct., 1922. (Ch.: Olivia Maryio Brigham, b. in Hoboken, 
N. J., 30 Oct., 1922). Mr. Brigham is in the automobile 
trucking business in New York City. 

ix Benjamin Brigham of Clinton, d. there 14 Oct., 1909, ae. 38 
yrs., 4 mos. 

570 NEWTON JOSIAH' BRIGHAM was of Whitney's 
Point, N. Y., but may have moved elsewhere later, and two of 
his children live in lola, Kans., where his wife died. Mr. Brig- 
ham d. 12 Jan., 1920, ae. 85 yrs., 3 mos., 25 days. His wife was 
Mary (Oliver) (1838-1892). Their four ch. are all named in 
the H. B. F. and report no additions to the records. 

162 The Brigham Family 

576 LEVI HENRY' BRIGHAM of New York, N. Y. 
(1811-1881); his wife, Zenobia (West), was b. 29 Dec, 1829 
(not 1827); d. 3 Jan., 1866. Ch. additions and corrections.- 

iii Emma Francess (Brigham) Durkee, wife of Eugene W., d. in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 23 (not 25) Feb., 1881. See the H. B. F. 
Ch. (Durkee): 2 Helen Winslowfl, m. in September, 1919, 
Captain Christopher John Milsham (or Wilsham) of the 
British Army. 

577 JOSEPH DARWIN' BRIGHAM of Princeton, Mass. 
(1807-1869). Ch. additions: 

vi Franklin D.s Brigham of Hyde Park, Mass., d. in 1915, s. p., 
ae. about 72 yrs.; he was survived by his 2d wife, Frances 
(Harlow), who is a teacher in Boston. He was a veteran 
of the Civil War, Co. K, 53d Mass. Eegt.; he was also a 
Mason and Odd Fellow. 


was a manufacturer of Worcester, where he resided with his 

wife, Sabra Butler (Cook). They had a family of 6 children, 

of whom 5 reached adult age. Ch. additions : 

iii Charles Adalbert Brigham, of Providence, E. I., d. 19 Nov., 
1923, ae. 77 yrs., 8 mos. ; his 1st wife was Alida C. (Wil- 
marth) (1851-1876); his 2d wife was Mary A. (Getchell); 
he had 2 daus. by 1st m. See H. B. F. 

580 OWEN BENJAMIN^ BRIGHAM, of Cambridge, 
Mass. (1812-1872). Ch. additions: 

iv Edwin Wetherbees Brigham, is deceased. His son: William 
Ira9 Brigham, d. in 1911, ae. about 25. 

582 REV. LEVI' BRIGHAM, of Marlboro, and other 
places (1806-1885) and his wife, Mary (Pay). He was brother 
of the Rev. Willard Brigham, No. 584. Ch. additions : 

i Eliza C.8 (Brigham) Beckwith, wife of the Eev. George A., ia 
deceased, s. p. 
iv Abby A. (Brigham) Metcalf, wife of Dr. Carl G., of Marlboro, 
is deceased, s. p. It is so long since these deaths occurred 
that the family cannot give dates. 

583 GEORGE' BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1808-1889), and 

his wife, Mary A. (Ilapgood) (1813-1878). Ch. additions to 

records : 

i Frances A.s (Brigham) Goddard (1833-1895), wife of John A. 
of Westboro. Their dau., Ada Franceso, d. 1 Jan., 1919. 

Seventh Generation 163 

ii Mary Eliza (Brigham) Barnard, wife of Francis L.; their 
daus.: 1 Mary F.9 (Barnard) Douglaa, wife of George G., 
d. 20 June, 1924; 2 Martha (Barnard) Webb, wife of 
Edward, d. s. p., about 1913, probably in the month of Dec. 

iii Caleb B. Brigham of Hudson, Mass., d. a. p. 27 Feb., 1917, ae. 
80 yrs., 4 mos., 13 days. 

iv Willard Ebenezers Brigham, of Marlboro (1839-1899); his wife, 
Abby (Randall), d. in Aug., 1915, ae. 74 yrs. Ch.: 2 Alice 
Elvira^ (Brigham) De Noyer (not De Moyer), wife of 
Charles, res. Somerville, Mass. (Ch. [De Noyer] : i Alfred 
L.10 (Not Fred), b. 3 Jan., 1885, m. Alice Fuller and lives 
in Wollaston. [Ch.: 1 Marionii, b. 28 Dec, 1911; 2 Ruth, 
b. 21 Sept., 1914]; ii Perry, b. 10 Apr., 1891, m. Luna 
Moore, lives in Somerville. [Ch.: Perry, Jr.n, b. 6 May, 
1921]); 4 Willard Dana Brigham, m. 16 June, 1903, Cath- 
erine Reekie, b. in Clinton, Mass., of Scotch parentage, 4 
Sept., 1877. Mr. Brigham is a fabric foreman and lives at 
16 Thayer Rd., Belmont. (Ch.: i Gladysio Brigham, b. 19 
June, 1906; ii Willard, b. 10 Apr., 1908; iii Alice Brigham, 
b. 25 May, 1912). 

vi Ellen S. Brigham, d. 20 May, 1915, in her 73d yr. 
vii Harriet Newell (Brigham) Chase, widow of Hiram Wesley, who 
d. 23 Mar., 1898, in his 58th yr. Ch. (Chase) additions: 
1 Mabelle N.», is teaching in Everett (1925), living with 
her mother, who is an invalid; 2 Aimee Florence (Chase) 
Reed, widow of Charles F., who d. 27 Mar., 1922. Ch. 
[Reed]: i Marion Gwendolynio, m. 2 June, 1916, Harland 
Stuart; 1 ch.; ii Wesley Bradford, b. in New York City, 
16 Apr., 1910); 3 Ernest Leonard, d. 21 Apr., 1920, in his 
42d yr.; m. 12 Oct., 1905, Lou Perrin. 

584 REV. WILLARD' BRIGHAM (1813-1874) of Wincli- 
endon, Mass.; his 1st wife was Maria (Davenport) (1815-1857). 
See H. B. F. biography. Ch. additions : 

iii Herbert Willard^ Brigham, d. in Marlboro, 15 Apr., 1920, ae. 
7,1 yrs., 5 mos. His wife, Mrs. Emma B. (Brigham), res. 
in their home in Marlboro. Ch.: 1 Maud Lavinia^ Brig- 
ham, d. 13 Sept., 1910; m. 5 Mar., 1910, Warren Leroy 

iv Mary M. Brigham, d. in Cambridge, Mass., 19 Dec, 1924, ae. 
70 yrs., 5 mos. For many years a teacher in the public 
schools of Cambridge, she retired in February, 1924. A 
host of friends, choice people, are deeply grieved at her 
early decease. The Marlboro Committee of 1921, who made 
possible the splendid meeting of that year, will recall her 
helpfulness in all details relating to the membership out- 
side of Marlboro, and her indefatigable preparations for 
the Westboro meeting in July, 1924, are well remembered. 
During the protracted illness of the genealogist, Emma E. 
Brigham, Mary always responded nobly to the many calls 
upon her time and strength. She was a staunch and true 
friend with a joyous nature and a large sense of humor. 
The great pang she suffered in leaving earth centered 
around her elder sister, Helen, whose loss is immeasurable. 
The burial was in Winchendon. 

164 The Brigham Family 

585 AARON' BRIGHAM of Holliston, Ashland and Mil- 
ford, Mass. (1817- ?) ; his 1st wife and the mother of his ch. was 
Salinda (Stratton), who d. in 1857. Ch. additions: 

i Delia Augustas (Brigham) Allen (1838-1896), wife of Asa of 
Holliston (1825-1885). Ch. (Allen) additions and correc- 
tions. 1 Arthur Leons, m. 28 Oct., 1896, Annie Sinnicks 
(not Sinness as in H. B. F.); res. Beverly, Mass.; 2 Charles 
Vernon, ni. in 1894, Abigail Jones. Mr. Allen has been the 
representative of the Westinghouse Elec. Co. in Mexico 
City, for many years. (Ch.: i Howard Brigham,io^ m. 24 
May, 1924, Eleanor Thomas; he was grad. from the M. I. T. 
in Boston; ii Helen Louise, was grad. from Dana Hall, 
Wellesley, Mass., and res. with parents in New York City) ; 
3 Carlton Brigham, m. 24 Mar., 1906, Marie Eose Schwen- 
ter of Thun, Switzerland; res. New Rochelle, N. Y. Mr. 
Allen was the one who contributed to the Brigham Fund 
for the PI. B. F., and not his brother Arthur L., as er- 
roneously stated on p. v of the H. B. F. (Ch.: i Margaret 
Marieio, b. 18 Dec, 1906; ii Carlton Brigham, Jr., b. 23 
June, 1908). 
iv Alma Salinda Brigham, d. 29 Feb., 1924, ae. 75 yrs. She was 
a teacher in Los Angeles for many years, and earlier in 
New England. 

V Alfred Aaron Brigham, res. 4 Lee St., "Worcester. Ch,: 1 
Alfred Russells Brigham, b. 1 June, 1874; is Vice-President 
of the Merchants' Bank, Worcester; res. 4 Lee St.; 2 
Ralph Willard Brigham, b. 24 Oct., 1879; m. 24 Feb., 1917, 
Alberta F., dau. of William H. and Althea A. Henderson, 
b. in Worcester. Mr. Brigham is cashier of the Millbury 
Nat. Bank, in Millbury, where he res., s. p. 

Marlboro, 1 Dec, 1820 (not 1821) ; her husband was Jonathan 
(1817-1853) of Hudson, Mass. 

588 TILESTON" BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1822-1896), 
and his wife, Maria L. (Russell) (1825-1887). Ch. additions: 

ii Alfred Winslows Brigham, of Marlboro, d. 6 Feb., 1909, ae. 57 
yrs., 11 mos. Ch. additions: 2 Annie Howe" Brigham, m. 
in Marlboro, 8 June, 1915, Henry G. Adams of Marlboro, 
cashier of the People's Nat. Bank there. (Ch. [Adams]: 
Henry Brighamio, b. 21 Oct., 1922, in Marlboro). 

590 GEORGE" BRIGHAM of Bloomington, 111. (1815- 

1878); his wife, Lydia (Shinn), is deceased. Ch. additions; 

for his sons, Joab, Benajah, Fletcher and John, see Nos. 775- 

778, this vol. 

iv Elizabeths (Brigham) Poindexter, res. in Bloomington; her 
husband, James, d. in June, 1922. 

Seventh Generation 165 

vii Nancy (Brigham) Freeman, wife of A. T. Ch. (Freeman): 
3 Dr. Asas, d. 20 Feb., 1925, ae. 42 yrs., 4 mos., leaving a 
wife, Muriel V. S., and a dau., MurieU". 
ix Asa Brigham of Bloomington, m. (2) Edith Smith; his Ist 
wife, and mother of his ch., was Sophia (Hoffman). Ch. 
by 2d m. : 1 Vivian Grace" Brigham. 

Worcester and Newton, Mass. (1808-1878), and his 1st wife, 
Maria (Gray) (1808-1847). Their 3 daus. : 

iii Sarah Waldos (Brigham) Logee-Boden, d. 15 June, 1925, in 
Lynn, Mass., in her 89th yr. ; her 2d husband, Edward B. 
Boden, d. about 1916. 
iv Susan Baker Davis (Brigham) Waite, d. in Worcester, 15 Dec, 
1907, in her 69th yr.; her husband, Stephen J., d. in Worces- 
ter, 31 Jan., 1908. A dau., Susie^, not named in the H. B. 
F., d. y. ; their son, William Jennison, res. Worcester, 
vii Amelia Gray Perry (Brigham) Egerton, d. 3 Apr., 1920, in 
Springfield, ae. 73 yrs.; her husband, James O., and her son, 
Charles O^, res. in Springfield. 

593 FRANKLIN" BRIGHAM of Lancaster and Boston 
(1805-1S83); his wife was Ann (Whitman) (1808-1882). Ch. 
additions : 

V Abbie Elizabeths (Brigham) Eice. widow of Edwin, d. 16 
June, 1917. She was m. (not b.) 13 Aug., 1878. 
viii Ella Josephine Brigham, d. in West Mystic, Conn., 22 Jan., 
1925; interment in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, Mass. 

of James of Putnam, Conn., d. 28 Dec, 1917, in her 96th yr. 
Ch. (Allen) additions: 

i Charles Edgars, whose first wife, Marj' Elizabeth (Willcbx) 
Allen, d. 19 May, 1920; m. (2) 7 Oct., 1925, May Briggs. 
Ch. by 1st m., additions: 1 Eaymond W.9, b. 15 Jan., 1891, 
m. 16 Mar., 1918, Norma M. Tierney. (Ch.: i Dau., b. and 
d. 21 Mar., 1919; ii Charles Raymondio, b. 31 Mar., 1921); 
2 Ralph C, b. 25 Nov., 1892, m. 16 Aug., 1918. Eita May 
Willis. (Ch.: i Barbaraio, b. 9 Oct., 1919; ii Ealph Carl- 
ton, Jr., b. 19 Mar., 1921; iii Elizabeth, b. 2 July, 1923; 
iv Miriam, b. 22 Feb., 1925); 3 Son, b. 13 Feb., d. 2 
Mar., 1895. 

597 ELISHA WARREN^ BRIGHAM of Brookfield and 

Northfield, Vt. (1814-1848) ; his wife was Elizabeth L. (Fauuce) 

(1814-1900). Their dau.: 

iii Mary Elizabeths (Brigham) Glover, widow of James N., d. in 
Aug., 1924, s. p., in her 79th yr. 

166 The Brigham Family 

599 ELISHA ALDIS' BRIGHAM of Evart, Mich. (1821- 
1899); his wife, Celia (Baxter) (1826-1897). The town of 
Evart was evidently changed in name from "Chippewa." 

iii Edwin Baxters Brigham, M.D., d. 18 Jan., 1922, in his 65th yr. 
His wife, Nina F. (Denison), d. 13 June, 1921, in her 57th 
yr. She was b. 12 Jan., 1865 (not Feb., 1864, as given in 
H. B. F.). Ch. additions to records: 1 Fred M.9 Brigham, 
m. 21 Nov., 1911, Nellie Bucksot, b. 23 Dec, 1889. (Ch.: 
i Mary Louiseio Brigham, b. 18 Sept., 1915; ii Edwin 
Baxter Brigham, b. 29 Aug., 1917; iii Marjorie Brigham, 
b. 21 Aug., 1919; iv Billy Brigham, b. 16 May, 1921); they 
res. 2829 E. 19th St., Indianapolis, Ind.; 2 Helen Brigham, 
m. 24 Dec, 1916, Murdock McLennan. (Ch. [McLennan]: 
i Jean Francesio, b. 1 Oct., 1917; ii Donald Baxter, b. 24 
Sept., 1919); 3 Marshall H. Brigham, m. 8 Sept., 1913, 
Beulah Bresette, b. 5 June, 1891. (Ch. Beulah Koseio 
Brigham, b. 20 Nov., 1922); they live in Philadelphia, Pa.; 
4 Nina Celia Brigham, b. 22 Nov., 1896; res. (1925) at 
home of her brother Fred; 5 Neal Brigham, b. 18 July, 
1898; res. unm. in Indianapolis (1925). 

and Warren, Vt., d. in Waterbury, Vt., 15 Mar., 1913, in his 
85th yr. His wife was Loraine A. (Russ). 

603 SARAH' (BRIGHAM) MANSFIELD (1836-1898), 
wife of Martin of Lebanon, N. H. (1834-1903). Ch. : 

i Kathcrines (Mansfield) Waterman, wife of Alvcrton of Bur- 
lington, Vt., was b. 5 (not 6) Dec, 1856. 
ii Bessie I. (Mansfield) Marsh, widow of George A., m. (2) 
William (not Willard H.) Crozier; d. in Lebanon 7 Jan., 
1899. Ch. (Marsh): 1 Ninas did not die in Lebanon 7 
Jan., 1899; she m. Arthur Pinney, and res. in Lebanon. 

at the home of her dau., Mrs. Hayden, in Montpelier, Vt., 7 
Aug., 1921. Her husband, George 0. Boyce, d. 19 Feb., 1914. 
Mrs. Boyce wrote and published, in 1915, "Wayside Rhymes." 
Ch. (Boyce) additions: 

V Lucy Lillians (Boyce) Hayden, wife of Frank A. Hayden of 
Montpelier, where they res. Ch. (Hayden) : 1 Philip 
Sherburne^, m. 23 Aug., 1924, Winifred, dau. of James E. 
and Helen Alexander Mitchell; 2 Laura Brigham, b. 29 
Apr., 1904. 

vi Clayton Brigham, m. 12 Oct., 1904, Floy M. Eddy of Stowe, 
Vt.; res. Montpelier. Ch. (Boyce): Dora Elizabeths, b. 15 
June, 192L 

Seventh Generation 167 

(1826- ?) ; his wife was Sarah (Wardner). Ch.: 

ii Effie F.8 (Brigham) Chase, wife of Elmer E. Their dau., Hazel 
Ireneo Chase, did not d. young. 

605a OLIVER HALSEY" BRIGHAM of Springfield, 
Mass. (see Nos. 126 H. B. F. and 305a this vol.), b. in Ellenville, 
N. Y., 14 Feb., 1849, m. Emma, dau. of Capt. James and Louisa 
(Meyers) Cogswell of Kingston, N. Y., who d. in Jan., 1909. 

i Elisha Mendels Brigham, b. in Kingston, 30 Jan., 1867; res. in 
Weathersfield, Conn.; is m. Ch.: 1 Aladah Beale^ Brigham, 

b. in Khinebeck, N. Y., 8 Dec, 1893, m. Way; 2 

Oliver Halsey Brigham 2d, b. in Kingston, 27 Nov., 1895; 
3 Elisha Mendel Brigham, Jr., b. in Weathersfield, 27 Mar., 
1903; res. Silver Lake, Conn. 
ii George S. Brigham of Longmeadow, Mass., m. Elizabeth Sta- 
ples, dau. of Archibald and Emma J. (Staples) Winter, b. 
1 Mar., 1871, in Kingston. Ch.: 1 Archibald Winters 
Brigham, b. 17 Feb., 1897, m. Barbara L. Browning; 2 
Arietta Halsey Brigham, b. 7 Apr., 1898, m. James C. 
Kempton. (Ch. [Kempton]: i James, Jr.; ii George 
B.); 3 Emma Brigham, b. 7 June, 1900. 

iii Herbert E. Brigham, res. in New Bedford. 

iv Isabella M. Brigham, b. 21 Aug., 1871, in Kingston, m. (1) 17 
Aug., 1892, Willard P. Heath, son of Joshua P., b, in 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 2 Oct., 1870, d. after 1900, m. (2) 
William F. O'Neill; res. Hartford. Ch. by 1st m. (Heath), 
all but the youngest b. in Poughkeepsie: 1 Mary Parter^, 
b. 28 Sept., 1893; m. Walter H. Nichols; 2 Willard Brig- 
ham, b. 11 Apr., 1895; 3 Kenneth De Puy, b. 28 Sept., 
1896; 4 Dorothy Belle, b. 20 Dec, 1898, m. Francis J. 
Welch; 5 Diantha Pratt, b. 9 Mar., 1900, in Hartford, m. 
Warren W. Olmsted. 
V Diantha Du Mont Brigham, b. in E. Kingston, 15 Sept., 1875; 
m. 29 June, 1899, in Hartford, Julius Robert, son of Smith 
J. and Effie A. (Ballentiae) Pratt, b. 14 Jan., 1879; res. 
Albany, N. Y. Ch. (Pratt): 1 Margaret Brighams, b. in 
Hartford, 15 July, 1902f ' 

608 LEWIS' BRIGHAM of Mansfield, Conn. (1809-1873). 
He was twice married. The ch. herewith given are by the 
second wife, Lucy (Starkweather). Ch. additions: 

iv Lewis Starkweathers Brigham, d. 17 July, 1905, in his 53d yr.; 
survived by his wife, Hattie (Spafford). The home res. 
was Sturgis, So. Dak. Ch.: 1 Lucy Spafforda Brigham, 
m. 22 June, 1910, Orville Albert Minturu; they res. Rose- 
burg, Ore. (Ch. [Minturn]: i Howard Brighamio, b. 31 
Mar., 1911; ii George Monroe, b. 26 Oct., 1912; iii Louis 
Wolcott, b. 12 Sept., 1914; iv Harriet Louise, b. 20 Sept., 

75- ^-A 

168 The Brigham Family 


1918; V Francis Albert, b. 27 Feb., 1921); 2 Alice Freeman 
Brigham, m. 17 June, 1917, Oscar Sigismund; they res. 
Sutherlin, Ore. (Ch. [Sigismund] : i David, b. 22 
July, 1918; ii Margaret, b. 4 Nov., 1919; iii Marion, 
twin to Margaret). 

vi Nathan Brigham, and his wife, Lena (Huntington) Brigham, 
live in Whitewood, S. D. Ch.: 1 Lillian Estelles Brigham, 
m. 20 June, 1918, Perley Floyd Brookens. (Ch. [Brookens] : 
i Lillian Elizabethio, b. 31 Jan., 1920, in New York City; 
ii Floyd Brigham, b. 25 Apr., 1924, in Washington, D. C). 
Mr. Brookens is in the government employ and they res. 
Hyattsville, Md.; 3 Ralph Huntington Brigham, m. 29 
June, 1920, Florence Over of Vermilion, S. D. (Ch.: i 
Helen Florenceio Brigham, b. in Sturgis, S. D., 9 Oct., 1923; 
ii Robert Over Brigham, b. in Sturgis, 9 Nov., 1924). They 
res. in Whitewood. 

is Dr. Walter Irving Brigham and his wife, Mrs. Clara B. (Tay- 
lor) Brigham, res. in So. Framingham, Mass. Ch. additions: 
1 Ferdinand^ Brigham, M.D., m. 18 Jan., 1923, Denise, dau, 
of Docteur Maurice Robineau of Paris, France. (Ch.: 
Georgesio Brigham, b. 18 May, 1924). They res. in Paris; 
3 Marjorie Brigham, b. 29 July, 1895; m."l3 June, 1925, 
John Alden Chapman, a graduate of the Mass. Agric'l. 
College and the M. I. T. Mrs. Chapman was graduated 
from Smith College in 1916, and studied language and 
music in Paris, 

612 JAMES DANA' BRIGHAM, b. 10 Nov. (not Oct.), 
1806; d. 10 (not 2) Mar., 1900, at Orr's Island, Me.; m. (1) 
Nancy Raymond of Harpswell, Me.; m. (2) Maria R. Grant of 
Bath, Me. He removed from Wayne, INIe., where his father 
lived, to Cundy's Harbor, Me., where he had a farm, kept a 
store, and dealt in cattle. Ch. by 1st m. : 

i Charles Henrys Brigham, d. Thanksgiving Day, 1919; m. An- 
toinette Wheeler of Gloucester, Mass.; res. there and fol- 
lowed the sea. Ch.: 1 Frank W.9 Brigham, deceased; his 
widow, Elizabeth, res. in G. ; 2 Edward Brigham; 3 Eliza- 
beth M. Brigham, m. Aug., 1900, George W. Marsden, his 
2d m. (Ch. [Marsden] : b. in Boston, Edna Florenceio, b. 
17 Apr., 1902); 4 Ernest R. Brigham, res. in Gloucester; 5 
Agnes Brigham, is deceased; 6 Chester A. Brigham, b. 20 
May, 1882, m. 1 Oct., 1901, Bessie J. Barber; res. Melrose, 
Mass. (Ch.: Doris Brigham, b. 30 Mar., 1903; ii Fran- 
ces W. Brigham, b. 14 Oct., 1906; iii Geneve P. Brigham, 
b. 27 Dec, 1909; iv Edward H. Brigham, b. 2 Aug., 1920); 
7 Ada Brigham. 
George Dana Brigham, b. 12 Oct., 1833, d. 29 Apr., 1922, m. 
Abigail R. Eastman of Harpswell, Me., b. 3 Nov., 1839, d. 
21 Dec, 1920. Ch.: 1 May P.9 Brigham, res. Portland, 
Me.; 2 Emma Brigham, b. 5 Mar., 1868, d. 11 Aug., 1921, 
m. A. L Snow. (Ch. [Snow]: i A. Georgeio, b. 25 Apr., 
1896; ii Raymond, b. 10 Aug., 1902); 3 Simeon Emerson 
Brigham, b. 20 Mar., 1870, m. Caroline T. Hanson of Harps- 
well; res. Brunswick, Me. (Ch.: Deweyettio H. Brigham, b. 
24 July, 1898); 4 Edith Brigham, res. Portland, Me. 



Seventh Generation - — 1(S9 

m H 

iii James Edward Brigham, deceased; m, Emily Holbrook of 

West Bath, Me., where res. Ch.: 1 George Edward^ Brig- 

IQI r ham, of West Bath; 2 Charles Augustus Brigham of Boston; 

fXb ^ 3 Alice Belle Brigham of West Bath; 4 Melvin Holbrook 

. Brigham, of West Bath; 5 Jesse Tana Brigham, in 19124 

of Port Chester, N. Y. 

iv Nancy Maria Brigham, deceased; m. Jacob Orr of Orr's Is. 
Ch. (Orr): Ellis Daly of Wilton, Me. 
Captain Simeon Hopkins Brigham, b. in Wayne, 9 Apr., 1839; 
is deceased; m. Hannah Emerson Watson of Orr's Island, 
b. 10 Sept., 1839; d. 16 July, 1925. He removed when very 
young to Cundy's Harbor, with his father; later in life 
went to Orr's Island, where he and his family res. in 1916; 
followed the sea fti the fish and lobster trades, and was 
captain of large private steam yachts, and acted as pUot 
of menhaden fishing steamers along the whole Atlantic 
coast. Ch.: 1 Jacob 0.9 Brigham, a captain, b. in Harps- 
well, 3 Apr., 1852; m. Vilera Mace Skofield of Cundy's 
Harbor; res. Whitman, Mass. He is a master and owner 
of fishing vessels. (Ch.: i Bertrand Skofieldio Brigham, b. 
in Boothbay Harbor, 3 Feb., 1888; m. Beulah Linscott of 
Orr's Island; res. there. [Ch. 1 Donald Jacob^i Brigham, 
b. 12 July, 1906; 2 Edith Linscott Brigham, b. 1 Jan., 
1910]; ii Thomas Herbert Brigham, b. 15 Nov., 1890; is 
master and owner of a fishing vessel; m. Sarah Hoover, of 
Haddonsfield, N. J., res. Boston; she d. 12 Oct., 1918. [Ch.: 
1 Vilera Mace" Brigham, b. 12 Feb., 1910; 2 Deborah 
Hoover Brigham, b. 3 Apr., 1912; 3 Catherine Margaret 
Brigham, b. 25 July, 1914; 4 Thomas Herbert Brigham, 
Jr., b. 12 July, 1916] ; iii Woodbury Purington Brigham, 
b. 11 Feb., 1894; a business man in Boston; m. 21 Aug., 1917, 
Angella Bryant of Dexter, Me. [Ch. : Virginia Leen Brig- 
ham, b. in Boston, 11 Nov., 1925]; iv Harold Jacob Brig- 
ham, b. 29 July, 1896; a wool salesman in Boston); 2 
Bertrand BoardmanS Brigham, b. in Orr's Island, 16 May, 
1864; m. Georgia Sinnett of Cundy's Harbor, where they 
res. (Ch. b. there: i Nellie Brigham; ii Harvey Sin- 
nett Brigham; iii Asenath May Brigham, d. 5 Oct., 1910; 
iv Edna Curtis Brigham; v Gwen Emerson Brigham, d. 
22 Apr., 1906). 

vi Mary Emilys Brigham, deceased; m. Abiger Purington, of 
Bowdoin, Me. 

vii Curtis Daniel Brigham, drowned when a young man in 1864, 
at Orr's Island, unm. 

Ch. by 2d m,. : 

viii Carlton Baxters Brigham, said to be living in Savannah, Ga. • 

ix Frederick Howard Brigham, res. unm. West Bath. 

X Laura Etta Brigham, m. Edward T. Hodgsdon of Phippsburg, 
Me. Ch. (Hodgsdon): Viola M.» 

xi Ellen Augusta (or Helen) Brigham, m. Frank E. Williams; 
res. in Brooklyn, N. Y., in 1906. Ch. (Williams) : Edith A.9 

170 The Brigham Family 

614 WILLIAM' BRIGHAM of Norwich, Vt. (1808-1888). 
His wife was Ann (Proctor) (1812-1887). Their fifth ch. : 

V Louisas Brigham, d. in Norwich, where she res. on the Gov. 
Paul Brigham homestead, unm., about 1906. 

Fla. (1825-1903) ; his 1st wife was Caroline A. (Havens) ; his 
2d wife was Mary A. (Dow). Ch. by 1st m. : 

i Charles Norman? Brigham, and his wife, Eva B. (Gilson) res. 
in Montrose, Colo. Ch. additions (of 3 sons only one is 
reported): 3 William Ernesto Brigham, m. 19 May, 1916, 
Lucinda Pool. (Ch.: i Eva Mayio Brigham, b. 4 May, 1917; 
ii Norman Ernest Brigham, b. 19 Aug., 1920). 

Ch. by 2d m. : 

ii Carrie E. Brigham, d. unm. 30 Aug., 1922, ae. 53 yrs., 2 mos. 

iii Herbert Dow Brigham, res. unm. South Woodstock, Vt., where 
he is a printer and is in other lines of business. 

iv Frederick N. Brigham, m. 14 Nov., 1906, Hattie E. Phillips. 
Having no ch. of their own they adopted first a girl, 
Dorothy May Burdick, who m. 27 Apr., 1923, Ernest Pres- 
cott; second, a boy, Frnest Jackson Teers, b. 1923. Mr. 
Brigham has a place called "The Little Wanderer's Home," 
in Mansfield, Conn., where they board children. Since 1910 
they have cared for 108 ch. 

618a DANFORTH PHIPPS^ BRIGHAM of Lowell, Mass. 
(1803-1875). See No. 322 II. B. F. His wife was Hannah 
(Walcott) (1801-1874). Owing to changes in the generations 
of some of the descendants of John^ Brigham, as explained in 
other places, this record has been moved forward. Ch. addi- 
tions : 

ii Hannah E.s (Brigham) Nichols (1829-1880); her husband, 
John H., d. in Chelmsford, Mass., 9 Dec, 1898, in his 71st 
yr. Their son (Nichols): 4 Frcd^, m. 13 Sept., 1893, Cora 
Goulding, who d. 29 Aug., 1922; he m. (2) 16 Dec, 1923, 
Mrs. Lillian A. (Goodnow) Hunt. 
iii Mary Ann Brigham, d. in Lowell, 28 Dec, 1894, in her 64th yr. 

iv Ellen Maria Brigham, d. in Lowell, 20 Mar., 1912, in her 80th 
yr. Miss Brigham, and her sisters the Misses Sarah P. and 
Emeline F. Brigham, were faithful attendants at the meet- 
ings of the Brigham Family Association, as long as they 
were able to come, and did much for the social side of the 

V Charles William Brigham, see 790a, this vol. 


Seventh Generation 171 

618c SAMUEL^ BRIGHAM of Sudbury, Mass., d. there 
10 Apr., 1853 ; b. in the early part of the 19th Century ; be- 
longed to the notable line of John^ Brigham, and to the branch 
of John"* and not that of John* as in H. B. F. ; see explanation, 
this vol., under No. 48 ; therefore the generation is changed 
from 6 to 7; his wife was Hannah (Sanderson). Ch. : 

i Alfreds Brigham, of Boston and Cambridge, Mass., d. 8 Mar., 
1924, ae. 78 yrs., and 28 days; his wife was Mary (Wells) 
(1848-1906). Ch. additions: 1 Arthur Wellso Brigham, and 
his wife, Ina F. (Sears), res. on Upland Road, No. Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; (their only son, Searsio Brigham, d. ae. less 
than 1 mo., in 1906; they have a dau.); 2 Harry Austin 
Brigham, m. 27 Nov., 1924, Mrs. Lily Blanche Lawford (b. 
Putnam), res. Boston; 3 Walter Sanderson Brigham, m. 
about 1910, and has a son and dau.; res. in Cambridge, 

620 WILLIAM* BRIGHAM of Girard, Ga. (1819-1893). 
His son: 

iv Mary Ann Elizabeths (Brigham) Daniel, wife of Matthew 
M. of Georgia. They had five ch. (See H. B. F.) Ch. 
(Daniel) additions: 1 William Morgan^, m. in 1900, Myra 
B. Chance; res. Waynesboro, Ga. (Ch. : i Mary Lillianio, b. 
12 Oct., 1901, d.; ii Ruth Louise, b. 15 Oct., 1902, m. 
DeWitt Lawrence Harper, res. Greenwood, S. C. ; iii Wil- 
liam Evans, b. 11 Nov., 1904; m. Thelma New). 
V Sarah Martha Jane (Brigham) Royal, wife of Howard S. of 
Georgia; she is deceased. They had four ch. (See H. B. F.) 
Ch. (Royal) addition: 1 Irene^', m. Louis Perry, 
xii Harry White Brigham, died in Hawkins Ville, Ga., 24 Mar., 
1912. His widow, Mrs. Bessie Lee (Cochran) and dau. 
Caryl Bessie^ Brigham, res. in Montesamo Ave., Augusta, 
Ga. Miss Brigham is engaged in dramatic work, some of 
the time coaching plays. 

Island, N. Y., 4 Feb., 1919, in his 84th yr. His wife, Marion E. 
(Cole), d. in Shelter Island, 5 May, 1922. Ch. additions to 
the H. B. F. : 

i Charles PlinyS Brigham is Secretary and Treasurer of the 
Greenport Basin & Construction Co. of Greonport, L. L; 
his wife, Mary Lapham (Walker), is the dau. of Thaddeus 
H. and Margaret E. (Otis) Walker; res. Shelter Island. 
Ch.: 1 William Theodoreo Brigham, b. 12 June, 1908; 2 
Eliabeth Otis Brigham, b. 4 Feb., 1912. 

ii Walter Cole Brigham, an artist, res. Shelter Island; m. 23 
Sept., 1911, Jeanette, dau. of Henry D. W. and Alice 
(Brower) Lawson. Ch. : 1 Harry Lawsous Brigham, b. 22 
Nov., 1912 J 2 Walter Lawson Brigham, b. 16 May, 192L 

172 The Brigham Family 

iii Theodore William Brigham is President of the Greenport 
Basin & Construction Co.; m. 15 Aug., 1916, Edith May, 
dau. of Thomas E. and Janet (Marks) Snyder; res. Shelter 
Island. Ch.: 1 Janet Marias Brigham, b. 31 Aug., 1917; 
2 Theodore William Brigham, Jr., b. 4 Apr., 1920. 

624 CHARLES' BRIGHAM of Watertown, Mass., and 
Shelter Island, N. Y., d. 22 July, 1925, at his home in Shelter 
Island, ae. 84 yrs, and 1 mo. His wife, Rebecca (Jordan), d. 
about 15 yrs. ago. His sister, Maria Brigham, who by some 
error is not mentioned in the H. B. F., survives him, and is the 
last member of her immediate family. In addition to the 
biography of Mr. Brigham in the H. B. F. it may be stated 
that the library and church presented by H. H. Rogers, of the 
Standard Oil Co., to his native town, Fairhaven, were of his 
design. During the later years of his life he has been almost 
entirely engaged in architectural work for Mr. Rogers, includ- 
ing the N. Y. residence. 

625 ABEL" BRIGHAM of Boylston, Mass. (1815-1893) ; 
his wife was Charity (Brewer) (1819-1886). Ch. additions: 

i Walter A.8 Brigham, d. 3 July, 1920, in his 77th yr.; his wife, 
Julia A. (Andrews), d. 4 June, 1924, ae. 77 yrs., 27 days. 

V Carrie J. (Brigham) Taylor, wife of William A. of Clinton, 
Mass. Ch. (Taylor) additions: 2 Clara N.9 (Taylor) 
Cheney, wife of Clifton W. (Ch. [Cheney] : i Barton 
Taylorio; ii Orra Marston) ; 3 Herbert D., d. in March, 
1917, ae. 35 yrs., 6 mos.; 4 Leland Brigham, m. Mary E. 
Swift of Athol, Mass. (Ch.: i Arthur Lelandio; ii M'abel 
Charlotte); 5 Mildred Josephine, m. John Edward Dolon. 
(Ch. [Dolon]: i Edward Johnio; ii Kichard Taylor). 

627 SAMUEL DAVIS^ BRIGHAM (1821-1893), and his 
wife, Sarah (Read). Their daus. : 

i Francise A.s (not Frances) Brigham, did not die as reported 
in H. B. F., but m. Eugene Smith and had two daus., one 
of whom, Sarah E.o Smith, m. E. O. Perry and d. 4 Jan., 
1916; there was also a son. The date of Mrs. Smith's death 
has not been sent in. 
vi Faustina (Brigham) Eobertson, d. 20 Apr., 1914. Her dau., 

Tina» (Robertson) Holden, m. (2) Webber, and res. 

in Worcester, Mass. 

630 WILLIAM EUSTIS' BRIGHAM of Jamaica Plain, 
Mass. (1823-1896). His wife, Eliza Ann (Shattuck), is de- 
ceased. Ch. additions: 

Seventh Generation 173 

i George Edwards Brigham, d. 4 June, 1913, in his 58th yr. He 
was survived by his wife, Ada (Dickson). He was a Mason 
and Odd Fellow. Ch.: Margherita» Brigham, m. 12 May, 
1915, Arthur Binney Lane, son of Dr. and Mrs. Edward B. 
Lane of Boston, b. 16 Nov., 1891, in Boston, d. there 24 
Jan., 1921. (Ch. [Lane]: i Anitaio, b. 8 June, 1916; ii 
Barbara, b. 12 June, 1918; iii Arthur Binnev, Jr., b. 10 
Sept., 1921.) 
ii Will Ellsworth Brigham, d. 3 Dec., 1915, in hia 52d yr.; m. 25 
Sept., 1911, Irene T. Milliken of Boston. He was an Odd 
Fellow and a 32d degree Mason. Ch.: 1 Will Ellsworths 
Brigham, Jr.; 2 George Edward Brigham. 

631 ALONZO HOWE- BRIGHAM of Concord, Mass. 
(1826-1892). His Avife was Mary (Parmenter), who is deceased. 
Ch. additions : 

ii Lucie Howes (Brigham) Wheeler, wife of Frank of Concord, 
d. there 12 June, 1918. See H. B. F. for ch. 

iii John Burt Brigham, res. 29 Laws Brook Road, Concord Junc- 
tion, with his wife, Flora (Stuart); no ch. 

iv Harry Winthrop Brigham, m. Abbie C. Trefethen, and res. 
Concord. Ch.: 1 Helen W.a Brigham, b. 7 Feb., 1910; 
2 George T. Brigham, b. 18 Nov., 1912; 3 John W. Brig- 
ham, b. 2ff-TVrov., 1914. 

vi Alice May (Brigham) Waloott, wife of Harry S., res. in 
Concord. See H. B. F. for ch. 

633 WILLIAM HARRISON' BRIGHAM, of Barre, Mass., 
d. there 24 Dec, 1899, ae. 85 yrs., 8 days. His 1st wife was 
Hannah (Nash) (1818-1879) ; his 2d, Lydia F. Hodge, widow of 
Jonas F., d. 17 May, 1915, in her 86th yr. ; interred in E. Jaf- 
frey, N. H. Ch. of 1st m. additions : 

i Clarissa M.s (Brigham) Rice, wife of Albert of Barre, who 
d. in Apr., 1910; she res. there in 1926, in her 85th yr. Her 
son (Rice): 2 Franklin Harrison^, m. Nellie M. Hannaford, 
13 Mar., 1896. (Ch.: Doris Paulinaio, ysras b. 21 May, 1900, 
d. 21 Mar., 1901.) 
ii Henry H. Brigham, see No. 798 (not 797 as in H. B. F.) 
iii Martha Eva (Brigham) Roper, wife of John S. (1851-1887). 
See H. B. F. 

637 ALBERT GALLATIN' BRIGHAM of Bakersfield, 
Vt., d. 7 Jan., 1908, in his 72d yr. ; his 1st wife was Marietta 
(Houghton) and his 2d, Celina (Larrabee). Ch. by 1st m. : 

ii Fred Hamiltons Brigham, and his wife, Minnie E. (Chaffee), 
res. in Dorchester, Mass. Ch. additions: 1 Mary Chaffee* 
Brigham, m. 21 Apr., 1917, Fred B. Fletcher of Maine; 
2 Frank A. Brigham, d. in Boston, 7 Nov., 1924, in his 23d 

174 The Brigham Family 

Ch. by 2d m. : 

iii George Fay Brigham, m, 31 May, 1911, Euby Ladd of Berk- 
shire, Vt. Ch.: 1 and 2 Twin sons, b. and d. 3 Mar., 1919; 
3 Albert Georgeo Brigham, b. 16 Feb., 1921. 

iv Cynthia J. (Brigham) Churchill, wife of Harvey A. Ch. 
(Churchill): 1 Winstono, m. 28 Sept., 1921, Anna Summers 
of Greenfield, Mass. (Ch. i Grace Elaiueio, b. 28 Dec, 
1923; ii Althea June, b. 13 Feb., 1925); 2 Velma Brigham, 
b. 5 Jan., 1907; 3 Aubrey Brigham, b. 22 Aug., 1914. 

638 EBENEZER DAMON" BRIGHAM of Granville and 
E. Smithfield, Pa. (1808-?); his wife was Mary (Aldrich) 
(1816-?). Ch.: 

ii Alasco De Lanceys Brigham, see No. 799. 

iv Mary Kose (Brigham) Murray, wife of John A., of Detroit, 
Mich., d. 18 Aug., 1915, ae. 67 yrs. 

639 GEORGE" BRIGHAM of Granville, Pa. (1809-1872) ; 
his wife was Amy (Stockwell) (1810-?). Ch. additions: 

i Eeader Smiths Brigham, see No. 800. 

iii Wallace Brigham was killed in Georgia in the Civil War, 2 
May, 1864, ae. 27; his wife was Matilda (Thompson). They 

had a dau., Anna^ Brigham, who m. Leisenhoflf and 

res. in Miamisburg, O., in 1907. An Elsie^o Leisenhoff m. 
Fred L. Brigham (No. 800, iii) and she may have been a 
dau. of Anna, as she is called a second cousin. 

iv Helen (Brigham) Shriver Kobinson, d. in July, 1915; her 1st 
husband was Hiram Shriver; 2d, Rush Robinson. See 
H. B. F. Ch. by Ist m. (Shriver): 1 Lola M.o, b. 8 Aug., 
1865; m. in Aug., 1888, in Omaha, Neb., Edward L. Ives. 
Has res. in Manning and Marengo, la., in Watertown, S. D., 
and in Brandsville, Mo., s. p. Ch. by 2d m. (Robinson): 
2 Roland P.9, b. 23 Dec, 1870, in Areola, HI.; m. 3 Nov., 
1897, Nina K. Swanson at Council Bluffs, la. (Ch. b. there: 
i Helen Juliaio, b. 11 Apr., 1899; m. 29 Jan., 1920, at 
Council Bluffs, Pusey McGee; 1 son; ii Ruth Kathleen, 
b. 17 Apr., 1901, m. in Council Bluffs, 29 Feb., 1920, Robert 
B. Morris; 2 sons; iii Amy Pauline, b. 24 Jan., 1905; iv 
Edward Roland, b. 21 Apr., 1906; v William Brigham, b. 
30 May, 1916); 3 Amy M., b. in Areola, 111., 5 Oct., 1873; 
m. in St. Louis, William R. Haight. 

ix Luman P.s Brigham, d. 4 Feb., 1892, ae. 43 yrs.; m. Celia, dau. 
of Dr. Henry Clay McAllister, b. 1 Feb., 1852, d. 8 Apr., 
1916. Ch.: 1 Helen" Brigham, b. in Indianapolis, Ind., 14 
Feb., 1878, is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, 
class of 1910; has taught in high schools in Beloit and 
Milwaukee, Wis., and in Minneapolis; res. Los Angeles, 
Cal.; 2 Jessamy Brigham, b. 28 June, 1880, in Farmer 
City, 111.; m. 26 June, 1901, Henry F. Hine; res. Minneapo- 
lis. (Ch. [Hine]: Clara Louiseio, b. 19 Jan., 1906); 3 
George Henrj' Brigham, b. in Manning, la., after death of 
father; d. 30 Apr., 1892, ae. seven yrs. 


Seventh Generation 175 

X Julia A. Brigham, m. (1) Joseph Ives; m. (2) 28 Nov., 1914, 
John Turner, an Englishman of Hertfordshire, England, who 
came to America in 1871, and later acquired 480 acres of 
land in Clay Co., Minn., where they res. at Moorhead, in 
a recently built house. Mrs. Turner is the only survivor of 
her family of ten brothers and sisters. 

640 PHINEAS" BRIGHAM of Canton, Pa. (1815-1889), 
was a Civil War veteran; his 1st wife was Eliza (Johnson), 
who d. at the home of her son, Johnson Brigham, in Des 
Moines, la., 12 Apr., 1909, ae. 87 yrs. ; his 2d wife was Myra 
(Andrews) (1836-1902). See H. B. F. Ch. by 2d m. additions: 

V Sarah Elizabeths Brigham, m. in Philadelphia, Pa., 5 July, 
1906, Dr. Calvin A. Davis, son of John H. (1833-1908) and 
Mary J. (Magill) Davis (1841-1884). Ch. (Davis) b. in 
Windber, Pa.: 1 Anna Brigham^, b. 30 June, 1908; 2 Mary 
Elizabeth Brigham, b. 4 Oct., 1909. 
vi Anna (Brigham) Somerville, wife of George B., see H. B. F.; 
no ch. 

642 HORACE A.^ BRIGHAM of East Smithfield, Pa. 
(1828-1900); his wife, Sarah C. (Young), d. in E. Smithfield, 
29 Dee., 1913. Ch. additions and corrections : 

i Clarence Elmers Brigham, see No. 803. 

ii Helen Augusta (Brigham) Sumner (1856-1895); her husband, 
Orpheus Bird, d. 27 Dec, 1920. Ch. (Sumner) additions 
and corrections only: 1 Louises, m. 28 (not 27), Oct., 1903, 
E. K. Doyle (not Drake); they res. in Athens, Pa. (Ch. 
[Doyle]: i Charles Sumnerio, b. 5 (not 4) Nov., 1904; ii 
Edwin King, b. 21 July, 1906; iii Harry Byard, b. 3 July, 
1910; iv Helen Augusta, b. 1 Dec, 1914); 2 Jesse, m. 
11 Oct., 1910, Ruth Farley; res. E. Smithfield. (Ch.: i 
Orpheus Birdio, 2d, b. 14 Oct., 1911; ii Helen Christine, 
b. 22 May, 1916); 4 Fred Brigham, m. 14 Sept., 1914, 
Frances Kingsbury; res. Athens. (Ch. : i Louise Kings- 
buryio, b. 15 Dec, 1915; ii Bert Richard, b. 10 Feb., 1918.) 
iii Harriet Louisa (Brigham) Woodworth, wife of Calvin Van 
Kirk; res. Minco, Okla. Ch. (Woodworth) additions: 2 
Ernest Fenwick^, m. 14 Dec, 1917, Anna Fern Mints; res. 
Loveland, Colo. (Ch.: Ernestine Harriettio, b. 27 June, 

vi Fred Russell Brigham and his wife, Lena (Chapel), res, 
Chicago, Ch. additions: 1 Helen Franceso (not Francis) 
Brigham, m. 13 Dec, 1915, Fred Turner; res. Gary, Ind. 
(Ch. [Turner]: lonaio, b. 6 Feb., 1917) ; 2 Anna Brigham, 
m. John Wealphal, 18 Apr., 1913, who d. 16 Nov., 1918; her 
res. Gary, (Ch. [Wealphal]: i Helenio, b. 14 Mar., 1914; 
ii Leroy, b. 16 Apr., 1917.) 

176 The Brigham Family 

645 HORACE AMES' BRIGHAM of Perry, N. Y. (1817- 
1904), and his wife, Julia (Perry) (1819-1870). Ch. additions 
to record: 

ii Marys (Brigham) Bemus, d. in La Creocenta, Cal., 20 May, 
1924, ae. 74 yrs., 9 mos. Her husband, George H., d. in 
1884. Ch. (Bemus) b. in Marion, Ala., additions to records: 
1 Albert B.a, b. 29 Aug., 1878, d. in Los Angeles, Cal., 31 
Oct., 1915; 2 Walter J., b. 29 Aug., 1878, is in business 
in Walla Walla, Wash.; m. Pauline Adams. Ch. b. in Walla 
Walla: i Suzanneio, b. 6 May, 1916; ii Mary Helen, b. 2 
Jan., 1921; 3 George H., b. in Aug., 1882, is of the firm of 
Eamsey, Bemus, Inc., in Los Angeles; m. Helen Davis. 
(Ch.: i George Williamio, b. in Los Angeles, 25 Nov., 1917.) 
iii Albert Perry Brigham, see No. 804. 

1911, in his 83d yr. His 4th wife, Mrs. Lueina (Armstrong) 
Buck, d. 31 May, 1908. Ch. by his 3d wife, Mrs. Hannah 
(Halloway) McDermott ; additions only to record : 

i Edwin Halloways Brigham, for many years an invalid, d. 7 

Nov., 1918, in his 47th yr. 
ii Mary H. (Brigham) June, wife of Clarence V. of Addison, 
N. Y., where they res. Ch. (June) additions: 1 Lawrence 
Brighams, m. 6 June, 1918, Helen Williams Tourtellott. 
(Ch.: i Lawrence Brighamio, Jr., b. 5 Mar., 1919); 2 
Helen Louise, b. 7 July, 1910. 

647 ORLANDO L.' BRIGHAM, of Madison, N. Y., d. 
there 1 Jan., 1919, ae. 83 yrs., 12 days. His name was omitted 
by mistake from the index of the H. B. F. His 1st wife, Abi- 
gail R. (Putnam) (1836-1868), was the mother of his ch. His 
2d wife, Sarah R. (Cole), d. in 1899. Ch. additions to record: 

i Elizabeth Gardners Brigham, res. in Madison. 

ii Arthur Putnam Brigham, of St. Louis, Mo., and his wife, 
Sidney (Chipley), res. at 480 Oakwood Ave., Webster Groves, 
Mo. Ch. b. in St. Louis: 1 Lucien Morris^ Brigham, is 
unm.; res. with parents (1925); is in business; 2 Arthur 
Putnam Brigham, Jr., was graduated from Washington 
University, St. Louis, June, 1925; unm. in 1925; 3 Ruth 
Brownell Brigham, b. 22 Jan., 1906; 4 Elizabeth Brigham, 
b. 22 Mar., 1910. 

648 JOHN BAKERS BRIGHAM, a Civil War veteran, 
lived in later years in Worcester, Mass., and d. 7 Dec, 1919, in 
his 85th yr. His wife was Mary Ann (Gleason) of Groton. 
Thej' had a farm which was taken by the State of Massachu- 
setts when a large new reservoir was put in. No records of 
his ch. have been received since the publication of the H. B. F. 

Seventh Generation 177 

650 WALDO^ BRIGHAM of Hudson, Mass., b. 23 June, 
1841; his 1st wife, Mrs. Ruth (Pedrick), b. in Marblehead, d. 
in 1870; m. (2) Addie A. Babeoek of Berlin, Mass. Ch. by 1st 
m. corrections and additions: 

i Annies Brigham, d. soon after birth in 1860. 
ii Frank Ellsworth Brigham was b. 22 (not 31) July, 1861; his 
wife, Evva Miranda (Whitney), was of Sudbury, S. in 
Ludlow, Vt., 16 May, 1866. Ch. additions: 1 Persis Evva» 
Brigham, m. Chesley M. Russell of Hudson, b. 2.5 Oct., 
1884. (Ch. [Russell]: i Chesley Brighamio, b. 15 July, 
1909; ii Roberf^lifton, b. 20 May, 1912; iii Barbara, b. 
3 Oct., 1914); 2 Alice Ruth Brigham, m. James Edward 
Lawrence of Hudson, b. 30 Aug., 1886. (Ch. [Lawrence]: 
i Dorothy Ruthio, b. 4 May, 1913; ii Whitney Edward, b. 
24 Dec, 1915; iii Bradford Whiting, b. 22 Apr., 1918): 
3 Mabel Florence Brigham, m. Lester Vinal Dupre of 
Hudson, b. 14 Aug., 1893. (Ch. [Dupre]: i Miriam Fran- 
ces", b. 3 July, 1917; ii Donald Lester, b, 19 Feb., 1919; 
iii Hazel Jeane, b. 5 Aug., 1921); 4 Cora Miranda Brigham, 
m. James Arthur Jones of Concord, Mass., b. 15 Oct., 1889. 
(Ch. [Jojies]: i Waldo Brighamio, b. 20 May, 1916; ii 
Florence'^velyn, b. 19 Mar., 1918; iii Lawrence Arthur, 
b. 4 Aug., 1920); 5 Rachel Whitney Brigham, d. 9 Apr., 
1899, ae. 5 mos., 8 days. 

iii Waldo Damons Brigham, d. 31 Aug., 1866, ae. 8 mos., 6 days. 

iv Alice Brigham, d. 28 July, 1868, ae. 4 yrs., 1 mo. 
V Florence Brigham, d. 17 June, 1866, ae. 2 yrs., 2 mos. 

vi Julia Brigham, d. 4 Aug., 1870, ae. 2 yrs., 8 mos. 

Ch. by 2d m. : 

vii Annie Belle Brigham, b. 9 Mar., 1871; m. Harry Hill of Hudson. 
Ch. (Hill): 1 George Brigham^, b. 2 Dec, 1892; 2 Stan- 
ley H., b. 25 Feb., 1894; 3 Madaline A., b. 24 Sept., 1897. 
viii Wilbur Brigham, d. 29 May, 1877, ae. 4 yrs., 11 mos. 
ix Maud Brigham, d. 2D Oct., 1876, ae. 1 yr., 6 mos. 
X William P. Brigham, d. 23 Aug., 1877, ae. 8 mos. 
xi Evelyn Rosamond (Brigham) Pedrick, wife of William W., 
b. in Hudson. Ch. (Pedrick): 1 Lorena Moss^, b. 24 Feb., 
1903; 2 William Brigham, b. 17 Dec, 1905. 

651 EDWIN WARD^ BRIGHAM of Westmoreland, 
N. Y., d. there 4 Oct., 1884, ae. 59 yrs., 8 mos. His wife's name 
before marriage was Louisa Halbert (not Hulbert). Ch. 
additions : 

i Fannie S.s (Brigham) Bardin, wife of Park M. of West Win- 
field, N. Y. Ch. (Bardin) additions: 1 Edith L.9 (Bardin) 
Clark, wife of Clayton E. of W. Winfield; thev were m. 1 
Jan., 1896; res. Herkimer, N. Y. (Ch. [Clark]: ' i Valerie^o, 
b. 13 May, 1897, m. 10 Mar., 1920, Roy W. Tuttle; ii 
Hazel B., b. 17 Mar., 1902, m. 19 May, 1924, Frank ET. Rahm; 

178 The Brigham Family 

res. Little Falls, N. Y.) ; 2 Earl C, m. 9 Oct., 1901, Kena M. 
Button of W. Winfield. (Ch.: i Dorothyio, b. 24 Jan., 1904; 
m. 7 Mar., 1923, Edgar H. Gardner of Albany, N. Y.; ii 
Robert G., b. 23 May, 1907; res. W. Winfield); 3 Ward N., 
m. 29 July, 1903, Blanche E. Lamb. (Ch.: i Collis M., b. in 
Utica, 19 Aug., 1904; ii Eussell P., b. in Greensboro, N. C, 
13 Jan., 1910); res. Avon, N. Y. 
ii Ellen L. (Brigham) Ruth, wife of Irwin C. of Lake Co., 111.; 
res. Los Angeles, Cal. Ch. (Ruth): 1 Irma M., m. 12 Aug., 
1918, Clarence E. Spurr of Pasadena, Cal.; 2 Edwin B., 
m. 1 June, 1910, Margaret C. Jones of Utfca. (Ch. i Mar- 
jorie H., b. 25 Sept., 1911; ii Harold E., b. 8 Aug., 1917; 
iii Marion B., b. 13 Nov., 1920); 3 Vincent E., m. 28 
Sept., 1911, in Syracuse, N. Y., Martha L. Ross; 4 Irwin 
H., m. 22 Nov., 1919, Alice M. Mara of Chicago; 5 Will 
H., m. 29 May, 1915, Vonnie F. Thrall of Chicago. (Ch.: 
i Marion E., b. 30 Aug., 1916; ii Doris E., b. 20 Sept., 

iii Origen S.s Brigham, d. in W. Winfield, 14 Jan., 1915, ae. 61 
yrs., 2 mos. ; his wife, Clara E. (Stone), was of Westmore- 
1 / land (not Utica), N. Y. Ch.: 1 Ward E.9 Brigham, m. 8 

f July, 1916, Emma F. Lubke of Canton, N. Y. (Ch.: i 

Ward Brigham, Jr., b. 30 July, 1917; ii Jean E. Brig- 
ham, b. 14 June, 1924); 2 Laura L. Brigham, m. 22 Aug., 
1905, Homer B. Townseud of Utica. (Ch. [Townsend] : 
i Homer C, b. 22 Nov. 1906; ii Virginia, b. 2 Nov., 1908; 
iii Robert B., b. 7 Dec, 1910); 3 Clarence A. Brigham, 
twin to Laura, m. 16 June, 1908, Jessie Hepburn of Utica; 
res. E. Orange, N. J. (Ch.: i Ward Brigham, b. 8 
Dec. 1911; ii Esther E. Brigham, b. 16 June, 1919.) 
iv Carrie H. (Brigham) Stebbins, wife of Henry D., of Deans- 
boro, N. Y.; res. W. Winfield. Ch. (Stebbins): 1 Reba E., 
m. 1 Apr., 1906, George J. Hiteman of W. Winfield. (Ch. 
[Hiteman]: i Helen, b. 8 July, 1914; ii Halbert E., b. 
11 Apr., 1916); 2 Millie E., m. 25 Dec, 1912, Harold B. 
Holmes of W. Winfield. (Ch. [Holmes]: i Henrietta B., 
b. 12 Aug., 1918; ii Jane, b. 24 Nov., 1919; iii Jerry H., 
b. 13 June, 1924.) 
v Infant, twin to Carrie H., b. 18 Apr., d. 2 May, 1860. 

111., d. there 11 Aug., 1915, in his 71st yr. ; his wife was Frances 
(Armistead). They had 2 daus., for which see H. B. F. 

653 AMARIAH WARD" BRIGHAM of East Orange, 
N. J., a business man of New York City, lives retired in 1925, 
spending winters in Florida; his wife was Emma J. (Wilde) 
(1851-1904). Ch.: 

i Lowells Brigham, an only son, d. 15 Aug., 1916, ae. 41 yrs., 

2 mos. He was an organist, and unm. 
ii Florence Brigham, res. with father. 

Seventh Generation 179 

City, N. J. (1831-1885), was b. in New York Mills, N. Y. (not 
Chatham) ; his wife was Elizabeth (Van Winkle) (1835-1881). 
Ch. additions: 

i Louis Franciss Brigham (1857-1892); his wife was Lavina 

(Frost). Ch.: 1 Jennie Louiseo Brigham, d. 23 Dec, 1922, 

in her 41st yr. 
iii Harry Van Winkle Brigham, d. 8 Jan., 1918, unm., ae. 56 yrs., 

5 mos.; res. Jersey City, N. J. 
vi Arthur Brigham and his wife, Ella W. (Brown), res. in Jersey 

City. Ch. additions: 1 Arthur^ Brigham, Jr., m. 16 Sept., 

1914, Louise Waterman Kirby. (Ch. : i Barbara Louiseio 
Brigham, b. 10 June, 1915; ii Kirby Martin Brigham, b. 
3 Feb., 1920); 2 Lula Brown Brigham, m. 24 May., 1921, 
John Wesley McCoy. 

vii William Clarence Brigham, of the Inspection Dept. of the 
U. S. Post Office, with residence at Trenton Junction, N. J.; 
his wife is Anna (Chapin). Ch. additions: 1 William 
Clarenceo Brigham, Jr., m. 16 Oct., 1920, Dorothy O. Coons. 
(Ch.: William Conovei*io Brigham, b. 3 June, 1924, said by 
his father to be "a regular Brigham"). Mr. Brigham is a 
commercial artist, an illustrator, with studios in New York 
City and at Arlington, N. J., his res.; 2 Harold Frederick 
Brigham, m. 8 June, 1921, Eose E. Shuler. (Ch.: Harold 
Frederickio Brigham, Jr., b. 7 May, 1924). Mr. Brigham 
is librarian in the Public Library of New Brunswick, N. J., 
his res.; 3 Lewis Maitland Brigham, b. 24 Oct., 1900; 4 
Margaret C. Brigham, b. 23 Jan., 1907. 

1865), wife of Daniel A. of Ackworth, N. H. Ch. (Ryder) 
additions : 

i Herbert Daniels, d. in Bellows Falls, Vt., 18 July, 1923, in his 
73d yr. ; his wife, Margaret E., dau. of Franklin P. and 
Elizabeth (Meacham) Hall, d. in Boston, 12 May, 1922. 
The later years of his life he was a manufacturer of agri- 
cultural implements. He was representative to the Legis- 
lature of Vermont (1912-1914), and a member and treasurer 
of the State Board of Education (1913-14). See H. B. F. 
for earlier biography. Ch. additions: 2 Margaret Sarahs, 
d. in Winchester, Mass., 21 June, 1909; m. 19 June, 1905, 
Edward H. Kenerson; 2 ch.; 3 Helen Winifred, m. 19 
Nov., 1912, Ealph D. Gilbert, who d. 24 Apr., 1919; 3 
ch.; 4 Charlotte Divoll, m. 10 July, 1914, Edward H. 
Kenerson, widower of her sister; 3 ch. ; 6 Daniel Franklin, 
was grad. from Dartmouth Coll., in 1921. 

ii Elizabeth I. (Rvder) White, wife of James E., who d. 26 Sept, 

1915, res. Springfield, Vt. 

iv Helen M. (Ryder) Ellison, widow of Osman S., res. in Birming- 
ham, Ala., where res her dau., Edith Heleno (Ellison) 
Putnam, wife of William E.; 2 ch. 

180 The Brigham Family 

22 Oct., 1911, ae. 80 yrs., 9 mos. ; her husband, David C, of 
Windham, N. H., d. 7 Feb., 1896, ae. 69 yrs., 7 mos. Ch. (An- 
derson) additions : 

i Mary Estelles (Anderson) Dickey, lives in Holyoke, Mass.; her 
husband, James Freeman, d. 28 Dec, 1910. Ch. (Dickey): 
Christine A.», m. 8 Oct., 1912, Leonard Y. Farr of Holyoke; 
2 ch. 

ill Emma Elizabeth (Anderson) Harding, wife of Herbert X., 
lives in Cass Lake, Minn. Ch. (Harding) : 1 Bertha 
Andersons, m. 2 Oct., 1920, Thomas Fennessy, who d. in 
July, 1923; 2 Glen Samuel, m. in June, 1923, May Lucy 
Dunuigan; 1 ch. 3 Ruth Alice, m. Carl Taraldson, in 
June, 1920. 

iv Hon. George Weston Anderson, m. (1) Minnie E. Mitchell, 
who d. ; m. (2) Mrs. Addie E. (Earle) Kenerson. Judge 
Anderson has been U. S. Dist. Atty. for Massachusetts; 
member of the Interstate Commerce Commission, and is 
now Judge of the U. S. Court of Appeals. Ch. (Anderson) 
by 1st m.: 1 Clare M.9, m. 4 June, 1921, John Whitney; 
2 Robert D.; 3 Richard Brigham, b. in 1902. 

N. H., and Surrey, N. H., d. 19 Dec, 1910, ae. 85 yrs., 3 mos., 
24 days; his wife was Mary J. (Taft) (1842-1892); their m. 
occurred 14 Mar. (not 5 Feb.), 1865. Ch. additions: 

i Albert W.s Brigham, d. in 1912, ae. about 43; his wife's name 
was Ora (not Clara) M. Stone, and she was of Keene, N. H. 
(not Bellows Falls, Vt.). Ch. additions: 1 Mary Louise^ 
Brigham, m. in Aug., 1914, Lloyd Schurmau of Boston. 
(Ch. [Schurman]: i June Louiseio, b. 31 Dec, 1916; ii 
Robert Lloyd, b. 5 July, 1919; iii Winslow Brigham, b. 3 
Jan., 1922; iv Richard Mackenzie, b. 6 May, 1924); 2 
Albert Stone Brigham, m. in 1922, Catherine Kendall of 
New Bedford, Mass. (Ch. : Albert Stoneio Brigham, Jr., b. 
9 Apr., 1923). 

ii Belle E. (Brigham) Carter, wife of Selwyn I. of Surrey, N. H., 
was b. 31 Mar., 1872 (not 1874). Ch. (Carter): James 
Brigham9, b. 1904. 

Louisville, Ky., was a dau. of William of Princeton, who went 
to Virginia; d. 9 Apr., 1909, ae. 86 yrs., 2 mos., 10 days. Her 
husband was the Rev. Stuart Robinson, D.D. She had high 
spiritual insight, and wrought untiringly in the services of her 
church and community. Ch., see H. B. F. 

Seventh Generation 181 

663 EMELINE^ (BRIGHAM) BURRAGE (1815-1903), 
wife of Johnson Carter, of Leominster and Boston, Mass. (1816- 
1881), of the old firm of J. M. Beebe & Co. Ch. additions and 
corrections : 

i Frances Morses (Burrage) Lang, wife of the late Benjamin J., 
the highly esteemed musician of Boston. Ch. (Lang) 
additions; 1 Harry Allston», b. 5 Oct., 1864; d. 7 Aug., 
1866; 2 Margaret Ruthven, b. 27 Nov., 1867, musical com- 
poser and organist, Boston; 3 Rosamund, b. 6 Feb., 1878; 
m. 3 May, 1911, Frederic R. Galacar; res. Boston; 4 Mal- 
colm Burrage, b. 14 June, 1881; m. 10 Sept., 1910, Ethel 
Ranney; is a musical composer and organist in Boston, 
ii Edward Carter Burrage of Boston; his wife, Julia L. (Sever- 
ance), is deceased; the order in which their ch. belong is 
as follows: 1 Severance^*, Professor of Sanitary Science in 
Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind. ; 2 Bessie, who d. y. ; 3 
Caroline Severance; 4 Emeline. 

iii Herbert Emory Burrage, d. 6 July, 1919, in his 74th yr. 

iv Helen (Burrage) Carter, wife of John W. Ch. (Carter) addi- 
tions and corrections: 1 Lucy Lazelle^, b. 4 Nov., 1874, m. 

I June, 1910, John Parsons Roach, a musician; they have 
lived in Paris, Rome, and Florence, also in Asolo, Italy, 
where they have a villa; also in Boston, where they have a 
res. at the West End; 2 Richard Burrage, b. 8 Apr., 1877, 
m. (1) 28 June, 1906, Annie Waterhouse, who d. 4 Sept., 
1908; m. (2) 28 Dec, 1914, Elsie Hobart; res. W. Newton; 
3 Margaret, b. 6 Dec, 1882; m. 11 May, 1905, George Put- 
nam Metcalf; res. St. Paul, Minn.; 4 Philip Walker, b. 
24 June, 1887; m. 25 June, 1910, Dorothy Carter; res. W. 

N. Y. ; his wife was Caroline E. (Seymour). Ch. additions: 

ii Ralph Sumners Brigham, d. 6 (or 8) Oct., 1908; his wife was 
Ellen C. (Ransom). He was a leading citizen of Topeka, 
Kans., and very prominent in business circles. His business 
in later years was street car advertising, and he had con- 
trol of this advertising in three cities, Topeka, Lincoln and 
Wichita ; he was a 32d degree Mason. 

V Archibald Rutherford Brigham, d. 20 Oct., 1913. 

667 HENRY' BRIGHAM of Savannah, Ga. (1811-1883). 
but born in Marlboro. His 1st wife was Mary H. (Bemis), who 
d. in 1849 ; his 2d wife was Mary C. O'Brien, who d. in 1887. 
Ch. of 2d m. additions : 

ii Henry Hartstenes Brigham, of E. Orange, N. J., was graduated 
from Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., 1876; his wife is 
Minnie Louise (Day). Ch. additions: 1 Henry Days Brig- 
ham, was graduated from Trinity College, A.B., 1903; m. 

II June, 1912, Florence Colt, dau. of Frank W. Duttou, 

182 The Brigham Family 

banker, and gr.-dau. of the late Supreme Court Justice, 
James Denison Colt; she d. in Pittsfield, Mass., their res., 

1 Nov., 1922. (Ch.: i Florence Coltio Brigham, b. 12 May, 
1913; ii Dorothy Day Brigham, b. 6 July, 1916.) 

vi William Sinclair Brigham of Munav Hill, N. J. (1864-1906); 
his widow, Heda F. (Schultz), d. 18 May, 1921. Ch.: 1 
Gertrude Louises Brigham, m. 6 July, 1918, Walter Faust; 

2 Helen Sinclair Brigham, m. 1 June, 1921, Paul Gadebusch. 
viii Kate O'Brien Brigham, m. in Savannah, Ga., 28 Feb., 1921, 

Prof. A. V. Williams Jackson of Columbia University, N. Y. 
ix Harcourt Brigham, res. Savannah, Ga. 

668 DENNISON' BRIGHAM of Marlboro, Mass. (1816- 
1874) ; his wife was Sarah (Weeks). Their son: 

i George Henrys Brigham of Marlboro, res. on the site of the 
Samuels tannery; his wife, Sarah (Roekwood), d. 3 July, 
1918. He is a Civil War veteran, and is (1922) Commander 
of the G. A. R. John Rawlins Post 43, Marlboro. Ch. all 
b. in Marlboro: 1 Henry W.s Brigham, b. 24 Sept., 1868; 
m. Sarah A. Berry, b. 2 May, 1868. (Ch.: i Marion 
Brigham, b. 11 Nov., 1891; ii Leroy W. Brigham, b. 18 Apr., 
1900; both res. in Marlboro); 2 George Winslow Brigham, 
b. 19 May, 1874; m, 20 June, 1906, in Marlboro, Winifred 
Rosina Babcock of Spencer, Mass.; they res. in Marlboro. 

669 EUGENE WINSLOW" BRIGHAM of Manchester, 
N. H., d. 12 June, 1913, in his 80th yr. ; his wife, Caroline F. 
(Stearns), d. 6 May, 3915. Ch. : 

iii Martha A.s (Brigham) Rauno ; her husband, Charles G., of 
Manchester, d. in New York City, 26 Oct., 1919. 

iv Ella F. (Brigham) Doane, wife of Nathaniel of Manchester. 
Ch. (Doane): 2 Ray Winslow^, m. 6 Aug., 1915, Mildred 
Dinsmore of Manchester; 3 Nathaniel, Jr., m. 2 Oct., 1916, 
Gladys Lane of Suncook. 

670 JOHN WINSLOW^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1825- 
1901) ; his wife was Mary (Putnam) (1828-1885). Ch. additions 
to records: 

1 Arthur Ambers Brigham and his wife, Charlotte W. (Brigham), 
res. Brinklow, Md., where proprietor of Enderly Egg Farm. 
See H. B. F. Ch.: 1 Reubeno Brigham, *m. 7 June, 
1915, Marjorie Snowden of Ashton, Montgomery Co., Md. 
(Ch.: i David Lewisio Brigham, b. 10 Dec, 1916; ii 
Francis Snowden Brigham, b. 10 Mar., 1918; iii Marjorie 
Amber Brigham, b. 22 Feb., 1922); 2 Ruth Brigham. 
iv Lottie Maria (Brigham) Stratton, wife of Edward N. of Marl- 
boro. Ch. (Stratton): 1 Edward Winslowo, m. 12 Oct., 
1923, Gertrude L. Day. 

Seventh Generation 183 

671 HUMPHREY^ BRIGHAM of Hudson, Mass. (1830- 

1902). His widow, Ellen (Gleason), d. 15 Feb., 1922. Their 


ii Whitney GleasonS Brigham, of Hudson, was left out of the 

index of the H. B. F. See record in that book, 
iii Louisa F. (Brigham) Lewis, wife of John Melvin, of Hudson. 
Their son (Lewis): Franklin Brigham^, m. IG June, 1920, 
Estella May Shaw. 

11 Jan., 1914, ae. 77 yrs., 11 mos. Her husband, Hon. S. Her- 
bert, of Marlboro, d. 11 May, 1911, in his 75th yr. Ch. (Howe) 
additions : 

iii Charlotte Adelaide^ (Howe) Stevens, res. in Marlboro; her 
husband, Oscar H. Stevens, d. 7 Nov., 1921. Ch. (Stevens): 
1 Herbert H.o, was in service in the World War, in this 
country; 2 Oscar L., d. 11 May, 1893; 3 Louis W., served 
in the World War over-seas. 

widow of Freeman Holyoke (1818-1876), d. in Marlboro, 18 
Feb., 1926, ae. 90 yrs., 19 days. See the H. B. F. for her chil- 
dren's records. 

674 HENRY AUGUSTINE" BRIGHAM of California, a 
mining expert, d. 27 Sept., 1911, in his 75th yr. ; his wife was 
Mary Plank. Ch. additions: 

i Emma Louises (Brigham) Bigelow was m. to Walter S., 30 
Dec, 1883; res. 821 13th St., Oakland, Cal. Ch. (Bigelow) 
additions: 1 Ethel Laviuia^, b. 16 Jan., 1885; m. 14 Aug., 
1911, Louis W. Whitcomb. (Ch. [Whitcomb] : i Roger^ 
b. 18 Aug., 1912; ii Delma Louis, b. 28 Aug., 1914); res. San 
Francisco, Cal.; 2 Ruth Adelaide, b. 19 Aug., 1891, m. 8 
Apr., 1922, William Reed Keyes; res. Oakland, Cal. 

ii Charles Francis Brigham was in the shoe business in Gait, 
Ontario, Canada, as late as 1922. Ch. additions to records: 

1 Eleanor M.9 Brigham, m. 20 Sept., 1911, Thurlow Stanley 
Widger, b. in Dorchester, Mass., 14 Mar., 1887. He is 
treasurer of the Widger, Miller Co., with res. in Newton 
Centre, Mass. (Ch. [Widger] : i Patiencei", b. in New- 
ton, 9 Aug., 1913; ii Priscilla, b. there 22 Apr., 1915); 

2 Henry Francis Brigham, m. 19 Nov., 1910, Susan Baxter, 
b. in Rutland, Vt., 1 Oct., 1888; he res. Syracuse, N. Y., in 
the insurance business. (Ch.: i Baxter Brigham, b. in 
Boston, 25 June, 1911; ii Eleanor Brigham, b. in Jersey 
City, N. J., 4 Nov., 1912; iii Charlotte Brigham, b. in 
Orange, N. J., 13 June, 1916; iv Carl Campbell Brigham, 
2d, b. in Orange, 24 June, 1918) ; 3 Carl Campbell Brigham, 

184 The Brigham Family 

m. 10 Feb., 1923, Elizabeth G. F. Duffield of Princeton, N. J. 
He is Professor of Psychology in Princeton, N. J. Was 
commissioned as 1st Lieut, in the Sanitary Corps, psycho- 
logical service; Oct. to Dec, 1917, at Camp Dix; then 
assigned to Surgeon Gen. 's office in Washington, with the 
group of psychologists revising army examinations; Jan. 
to Mar., 1918, at Camps Meade, Lee and Gordon, for psy- 
chological experiments; in Apr. was commissioned 1st Lieut, 
in the Tank Corps, but did not go across to France; 4 
Eobert Barnard Brigham, m. 6 Dec, 1916, Esther Helena, 
dau. of John Cain of Waltham, Mass., where b. 13 Apr., 
r896; res. Manchester, N. H., where in the insurance busi- 
ness. (Ch.: i John Campbellio Brigham, b. in Worcester, 
17 June, 1917; ii Sarah Brigham, b. in Watertown, 10 
Mar., 1922.) 
iii Edward Bigelow Brigham, m. in Baker City, Ore., 8 Dec, 1895, 
Anna E. Welch, b. Oregon City, 11 Aug., 1878. Ch.: 1 
Mabel Claire^ Brigham, b. in Magnolia, Butte Co., Cal., 28 
Feb., 1898; m. 10 Dec, 1920, Harry H. Brown; 2 Hazel 
Edwina Brigham, b. 7 Sept., 1899; m. 17 Nov., 1917, Hal 
L. Watson; res. Portland, Ore. 

675 ALFRED ADAMS' BRIGHAM of Marlboro, d. 13 
Sept., 1913, ae. 65 yrs., 5 mos. His widow, Eliza D. (Marsh), 
d. 25 Jan., 1918, in her 71st yr. Ch. : 

i Frank Leroy Brigham, d. 31 Mar., 1905, in his 36th yr. ; his 
wife, Nellie (Stephenson), res. in Marlboro. Ch. : 1 Doro- 
thy L. Brigham, m. 31 Aug., 1917, Augustus F., son of 
William A. and Helena B. Elderkin of Marlboro. Mrs. 
Elderkin is past president of the Ladies' Auxiliary to the 
Elks, the 1269 Club; she carries on a kindergarten school, 
is a dancing teacher, a producer of amateur theatricals and 
a professional entertainer. (Ch. [Elderkin] : Philip Leroy, 
b. in Marlboro, 5 May, 1926); 2 Kenneth Stephenson Brig- 
ham, d. 2 June, 1899, ae. 3 yrs. 
ii Gertrude A. (Brigham) Leonard, of Sutton, Mass., wife of 
Eeuben, d. 9 Apr., 1900, in her 28th yr. 

676 WILLIAM DEXTER" BRIGHAM of Dorchester, 
Mass.; his wife is Lizzie (Fuller). Ch. additions to records: 

ii Arthur Dexters Brigham, was graduated from Harvard Uni- 
versity, class of 1912, receiving "cum laude," and from 
Law School in 1915, with the degree of LL.B. He won the 
"First Bowdoin Prize" of $250 and the "BaldAvin Prize" 
of $100, given by the National Municipal League. Ad- 
mitted to the New York Bar in 1916, is a member of the 
law firm of Pcaslee, Brigham and Gennert in New York 
City. In the World War he was a Lieutenant and Cable 
Censor at Key West, Fla. ; unm. 
iii William Winthrop Brigham was graduated from the Boston 
Mechanics-Arts High School in 1913; m. 27 Nov., 1918, 
Alice Grace Conway. He was a Lieutenant in the Navy 
in the World War. Has been in business since graduation, 


Seventh Generation 185 

and is assistant manager of the Photostat Co., Boston; lives 
in West Koxbury. Ch.: Stanley Fuller» Brigham, b. 2 
June, 1920. 
iv Stanley Fuller Brigham, d. of appendicitis, 15 Oct., 1909, ae. 
14 yrs., 9 mos. 

677 LINCOLN LAFAYETTE' BRIGHAM (1829-1899) of 
Marlboro; his wife was Emily C. (Perham), b. 1833. Ch. : 

i Samuels Brigham of Hartford, Conn., m. (1) Ellen Brown; 
m. (2) 13 June, 1884, Anna E. Holcomb. Ch. by Ist m.: 

1 Leila E.a Brigham, m. (1) Walters; m. (2) Louis 

Baum of New Britain, Conn. (Ch. [Walters] : i Harry, b. 8 Jan., 1902; ii Pearl H.; iii Charles H.; iv 
Chester B.; v Emily S.; vi Hope P.); Ch. by 2d m. : 2 
Alfred H.9 Brigham, m. . (Ch.: i Elizabethio Brig- 
ham, b. about 1908; ii Alice Brigham, b. about 1913; iii 
Alfred Brigham, b. about 1918) ; 3 George H. Brigham, 
is unm.; 5 Nettie M. Brigham, m. William Stetson. (Ch. 
[Stetson]: i Edwardio; ii Eveline; iii Lucile); 7 Ada- 
M. Brigham, m. Luke E. Duffy, 
ii Walter E.s Brigham is with an insurance company in Hartford; 
m. 13 Apr., 1887, Harriet Elizabeth Andrews. Ch. 1 Mabel 
Lucyo Brigham, b. 2 Feb., 1888; 2 Myrtle Edna Brigham, 
b. 18 Nov., 1892. 
iii Ernest A. E. Brigham, a printer with the Hartford Fire Ins. 
Co.; m. Daisy La Tourette Guillan. Ch.: 1 Shirley Estelle^ 
Brigham, b. 2 June, 1914. The 2d and 3d ch. d. y. 


(1822-1877). He m. (1) Jane (Felton) (1822-1869); m. (2) 
Mrs. Keziah (Wood) Johnson, who d. 22 Sept., 1922, ae. 83 yrs. 
The Northboro G. A. R. Post was named for Joseph Johnson, 
her first husband. Ch. by 1st m. : 

i Charles H.s Brigham, res. in Leominster, Mass., with his wife, 
Hattie (Blodgess). Ch. 1 Eugene Franklins Brigham, b. 
5 Aug., 1897. 

ii Eugene O. Brigham, d. suddenly, 13 Apr., 1926, in his 71st yr. 
He was the N. H. R. R. station agent in Marlboro, being 
the second agent there; was in his 25th year as secretary 
of the N. E. R. R. Employes' Association and its former 
president; was a director in the Marlboro Co-operative 
. Bank, a Mason, an Odd Fellow and a member of Marlboro 
Chamber of Commerce; also a director in the Brigham Fam- 
ily Association. His wife was Annie, dau. of John F. and 
Augusta (Barnes) Cotting, and a granddaughter of Sally 
(Brigham) Cotting. Ch.: Charles Howard^ Brigham, m. 
26 Aug., 1904, Ethel Eveline Nelson. 

Ch. by 2d m. : 

iv Elbert Irving Brigham, m. 12 Sept., 1891, Abbie C. Newton; 
res. Fitchburg. Ch.: 1 Franklin Newton^ Brigham, b. in 

186 The Brigham Family 

Fitchburg, Mass., 11 Julj', 1892; was graduated from Me- 
chanic Institute in Rochester, N. Y., 1913; is a construction 
superintendent in Worcester, where he res.; m. 1 June, 1914, 
Elsie Florence, dau. of Christof J. and Ernestine Hohberger, 
b. in Fitchburg, 7 Jan., 1894. (Ch., the two elder b. in 
Fitchburg, the others in Worcester: i Dorothyio Brigham, 
b. 23 Mar., 1915; ii Franklin Newton Brigham, Jr., b. 4 
Apr., 1916, d. in Worcester, 26 Jan., 1918; iii Eobert Irving 
Brigham, b. 16 Aug., 1917; iv Elbert Brigham, b. 24 Sept., 
1918, d. in Worcester, 2 June, 1919; v Kenneth Brigham, 
b. 1 May, 1920.) 
V Ruth M. Brigham, m. 9 Sept., 1902, Frank D. Witherbee; res. 
Woodbury Heights, N. J. Ch. (Witherbee) : 1 Ruth Eliza- 
betho, b. 17 July, 1908. 

(1823-1894); his widow, Lydia R. (Tobey), d. 4 June, 1911. 

i Mary E.s (Brigham) Fay, wife of Mark Wesley, of St. Paul, 
Minn., d. 15 Sept., 1912, s. p. 

ii Martha T. .(Brigham) Whitney, wife of C. F. Ch. (Whitney) : 
1 Helen B.s, m. 16 Oct., 1901, George A. Pitman. (Ch. 
[Pitman]: i Stanley, b. 18 Feb., 1903); 2 William 
B., m. 22 Feb., 1914, Gladys Chase. (Ch.: i Samuelio, b. 
14 Jan., 1916; ii Daphne, b. 2 Mar., 1917.) 
iii Eustace Hastings Brigham, of Winchester, Mass., d. there 3 
Mar., 1919, ae. 59 yrs., lacking 8 days; b. in Marlboro but 
removed to Winchester at the age of 11 yrs.; a Mason and 
Knight Templar; survived by his wife, Carrie M. (Whitney). 
Ch. additions: 1 Alice Whitneys Brigham, m. 20 Sept., 1911, 
Kenneth E. Downs; res. W. Newton. (Ch. [Downs]: i 
Elizabeth, b. 20 Dec, 1915; ii Richard E., b. 2 Dec, 
1920); 2 Nancy Sophia Brigham, m. 20 Oct., 1917, Irving 
W. Small; res. Cambridge. (Ch. [Small]: Richard Brig- 
hamio, b. 13 Mar., 1920.) 
iv Nancy Sophia (Brigham) Murdock, wife of Herbert E. Ch. 
(Murdock) additions: 2 Phylliss, m. 12 Feb., 1916, in 
Minneapolis, Walter S. Coleman. (Ch. [Coleman] : Janet^o, 
b. 5 Feb., 1918); 3 Marjorie, m. 19 Oct., 1921, Richard S, 
Morse. (Ch. [Morse]: Nancyio, b. 25 July, 1922.) 

V. Anna E. (Brigham) Buckley, wife of Charles Horatio, who d. 
18 Dec, 1918. Ch. (Buckley) additions: 1 FayS, m. 7 
Sept., 1914, Harvey Presbury Blodgett. (Ch. [Blodgett] : 
i Harvey Presburyio, b. 12 Oct., 1915; ii Mary Fay, b. 8 
Oct., 19i8; iii Eleanor, b. 19 May, 1921); 2 Lydia, b. 22 
May, 1903; 3 Elizabeth, b. 6 Dec, 1907. 

boro (1825-1891), wife of Thomas Emerson, in later years of 
Sing Singr, N. Y. Ch. (Hapgood) additions: 

i Alice Sophias (Hapgood) Kiff, wife of George Washington, of 
Sing Sing, d. about 1916 or 1917, ae. about 65 or 66 yrs. 

Seventh Generation 187 

iv Ben Andrew, res. in Springfield, Mass. 

V Annie Yerington (Hapgood) Reynolds, wife of Hiram K., is 

vi Edward Thomas, is deceased. 

682 MAJOR HENRY 0.^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro and 
Detroit, Mich. (1830-1868) ; his wife was Mahala J. (Bigelow) 
(1833-1886). For his interesting career, see the H. B. F. Ch. 
additions and corrections : 

i Hattie Josephine^ (Brigham) Hawkes, wife of Edward G. of 
Newton Highlands, Mass.; they res. at 93 Capen Street, 
Medford Hillside, Mass. Ch. (Hawkes) b. in Newton High- 
lands: 1 Francis (not Frances) Brigham^, b. 9 Mar., 1889; 
2 Jennie Elvire, b. 3 Aug., 1894; m. 30 June, 1917, George 
H. Kilmain of Wellesley, Mass., who was in the World War, 
in the 101st Engineers and was in France 18 mos. (Ch. 
[Kilmain]: Phyllis Elvireio, b. 26 Mar., 1921); 3 Mar- 
jorie Adelaide, b. 26 June, 1896, m. 25 Apr., 1920, Carl C. 
Spofford of Jaffrey, N. H., where they res. 

683 CHARLES BROOKS' BRIGHAM, M.D., an eminent 
surgeon (1845-1903). His untimely death in his 59tli year was 
a great loss to his profession as well as to his family and 
friends. For the story of his brilliant career see the H. B. F. 
and the History of Grafton, Mass. His wife was Alice (Bab- 
cock). Ch. additions : 

i Alice Babcocks Brigham, m. Capt. Clarence Kempff, U. S. N. 

ii William B. Brigham, d. in Denver, Colo., unni., 8 Jan., 1925. 

He was the only one in the family line to carry down the 

name of Brigham in his generation. 

iii Kate Brigham (not Katharine), m. Harold Eybright; they 

live in San Francisco, Cal. 



Charles Brewster Brigham, an early settler of Chicago, 
dealt there in real estate. Before the fire he was president of 
the Union Dispatch Company. His eldest son, Gustavus Brews- 
ter, who died this year, was talented in music as was his father 
before him. His other sons, Charles F. and Samuel F., reside 
respectively in Indianapolis and Chicago. 

An early musician of Marlboro, whose life extended over 
75 years of the 19th century, was Cyrus Brigham, No. 688. 
He was chorister for many years in churches of his town, and 
plaj'ed the violin, and so inspired his large family with a love 
of music that nearly all contributed to the enjoyment of 
hundreds in their da3^ He might rightly be called the father 
of the Brigham Orchestra, which is specifically dealt with in 
the biography of his son, William H. 

The eldest son of John of Whitingham, Vt., Martyn Free- 
man Brigham, remembered well that year of no summer, 1816, 
and at seven years of age conceived a distaste for rye in any 
form because that was their only breadstuff, and possibly 
because he had to tend the hoe-cake in front of the fireplace. 
He was the only son for fifteen years, and his laborious life 
began early. No easy road was his to follow through the 
years that lasted until two daj^s before his 88th birthday. In 
the midst of an illness in his late seventies, he said, however, 
"I would like to go back and live it all over again." For good 
reasons he was rich in the love of friends and neighbors. Near- 
ly thirty years have passed since he took his "journey to the 
Infinite," yet in some homes he is still a gracious influence. 

For fifty years George Ball Brigham, No. 703, out of the 
Captain Edmund branch of Westboro, was the leading manu- 
facturer of footwear in that town, where was the factory, and 
where he had a family of eleven children, of whom eight 
reached adult age. His sons, John and the late Horace, were 
his partners and successors. 

A gentleman at heart and in appearance, the late Dexter 
II. Brigham, No. 706, of Westboro and Springfield, was cul- 

Eighth Generation 189 

tured and traveled. He visited the town of Brigham, Cumber- 
land County, England, and always believed that there was the 
original home of our family. This has now been disproved. 
The business he founded in Springfield is still in existence. 

Algernon Sidney Brigham, No. 712, of Marlboro, was a 
shoe manufacturer, in which business he spent a long life, 
dying at the age of 84. He came from Winslow* on his mother's 
side, and from SamueP, through his father, and it would seem 
to have been impossible for him to engage in any other busi- 
ness than that connected with leather, Avith the blood of two 
such pioneers in his veins. 

Loriman Stevens Brigham, No. 713, a brother of Algernon, 
however, broke away from the traditional family pursuit, and 
was an old time merchant in IMarlboro, of the firm of Brigham 
& Eager, Jewelers. He held many offices of trust and import- 
ance, and was chairman of the committee for the first B. F. A. 
meeting in Marlboro in 1894, when more than 500 representa- 
tives of the family met in the 259th year of the arrival of 
Thomas the Emigrant in 1635, in Boston and Cambridge. 

Dr. John Wesley, No. 717, son of the Rev. Elijah Brigham, 
and out of the branch of the Nathans and Col. Ephraim, went 
West and practised medicine in Wisconsin and Iowa, but was 
drawn back to his native Massachusetts. He had a family of 
four sons who became leading business men in Sutton, and 
he is well represented by descendants. (See this vol. and the 
H. B. F.) 

The Rev. Charles Henry Brigham, from the Southboro 
Nathan, was a professor and a scholar, holding important 
positions in his church organization, besides traveling exten- 
sively in the East and Europe. He died young, unmarried. 

Dr. Franklin Brigham, No. 739, son of Dr. Adolphus of 
Shrewsbury, followed in the footsteps of his father and became 
the much loved physician of Shrewsbury and surrounding 
towns. His brother, Frederick A., chose a different line and 
went to Topeka, Kans., and founded Oakland, where he became 
the leading citizen, serving the city as mayor for fifteen years. 
Both men were intellectually superior and possessed splendid 
physiques. Dr. Brigham had spiritual insight, as shown by 
verses published in the H. B. F. 

lyo The Bbigham Family 

In Northboro, Boylston and Berlin lived the six sons and 
some of the daughters of Joel, No. 490, who married Nancy 
Brigham, daughter of Fortunatus. The present generation will 
be found in both volumes under Nos. 742-745, inclusive, and 
No. 819. In all generations, they have been people who were 
a great credit to the name. 

In Chicago, a son of the Rev. George French Brigham, the 
late Edmund Douglass, No. 748, was connected for many years 
with the Chicago and Northwestern Railway, as General 
Freight Agent and Assistant Freight Traffic Manager. Large 
executive abilities were his, and the strain that shows itself in 
so many of the descendants of JoeP appears in Mr. Brigham 
and his brothers, one of whom, the late George F., Jr., was 
many years in St. Louis. Later he went to Tulsa, Okla., with 
the North American Car Company. See Nos. 748 and 749 in 
this volume, for more extended biography. 

The Joel* branch furnished another line of forceful men, 
one of whom is the late Col. Joseph Henry, son of Winfield 
Scott Brigham, and nephew of Joel of Wauseon. He, too, had 
energy to burn, and his biography in the H. B. F., No. 751, is 
indicative of the large place he held among the people of 
Delta, 0., his home town, and in the capital of the nation. 
In scanning the stories of these able men, one feels regret that 
they seldom last over into old age in our day. Walter Scott 
and Haven Theodore Brigham, sons of Joel of Wauseon, had 
their part in the stirring time of the early sixties, being in the 
army of the Civil War. The elder worked for the Rural Free 
Delivery in his county, a great blessing. Mr. Haven T. Brig- 
ham has recently died, after he had passed a successful busi- 
ness life, and was taking the leisure which had come to him 
in Florida in the Avinters. Each brother left a son and daughter. 

William Oakley Brigham, No. 759, of Bakersfield, Vt., of 
the line of Jonas* and Jonas^, was a Civil War veteran and 
held many offices in his town ; two of his sons are in professions, 
one as a physician and the other as a dentist. 

The Rev. Charles A. G. Brigham, a Gershom''-Joseph* 
descendant, was a graduate of Wesleyan University, and lived 
in Enfield, Conn. The Rev. Leonard Warren Brigham, of the 
Benjamin^-Gershom^ line, is a Vermonter, and a Universalist 

Eighth Generation 191 

preacher. He has a son and a grandson in the ministry in the 
same church. He wrote the genealogist in the early days when 
the first volume was delayed, "I am afraid all our posterity 
will have arrived before the book is published," which proved 
not to be true. The Rev. Sidney S., a Vermonter, came of the 
Elnathan^ branch, the venturesome son of the family of 
Thomas^ who went to Connecticut, and of Gov. Paul of Ver- 
mont. He left a few descendants in Vermont, and a surviving 
brother, Sanford J., of St. Albans, whose children reside there, 
one being at present a Member of Congress. 

Charles Oliver Brigham, son of Mavor of Toledo, 0., en- 
deared himself to all Brighams fortunate enough to know him 
in the days of his presidency of the B. F. A. His biography, 
under No. 768 H. B. F., reveals the wide extent of his activities 
in life, from which his sudden death removed him. 

Willard I. T. Brigham, No. 784, the son of Dr. Gershom 
N., had a descent not only from Thomas- but also from John-, 
and as in so many cases where John enters into a man's line, 
there will be found more than common energy and achieve- 
ment. In his chosen line of genealogy, Willard did the work 
of two men in a short time. He prepared by far the major 
part of "The History of the Brigham Family," and made possi- 
ble a connected story of the Brighams descended from Thomas 
of Yorkshire, England. His struggle with ill-health in the 
effort to complete his task was in the nature of a tragedy. 
See H. B. F. 

In Girard, Ga., the burning of his home caused the death 
of Dr. John Christopher Brigham, No. 791, a physician and 
plantation farmer. To rescue important papers, he was burned 
to death in the house where he had gone to save them. A 
large family of his brothers, sons of William", have given to 
Georgia a representative group of the family, through John C, 
William H., Thaddeus R., Clarence R., Charles, Walter B., and 
Harry W., all except William now deceased, several of whom 
left large families. Interesting records will be found under 
Nos. 620 and 791-796. These are of the John- line. 

Dr. Reader Smith Brigham, of the George* line, had ex- 
perience early as a surgeon in the Navy and later practised 

192 The Brigham Family 

ill a number of western towns; one of his sons is a Lieut-Col. 
in the U. S. Army. 

We have already spoken of Dr. Johnson Brigham, the 
B. F. A. president, now taking, at this writing, a journey 
around the world. Physically a man not more than sixty-five, 
in spite of the fact that his years number more on this planet, 
his courage and enthusiasm are inspiring. Reference to his 
biography in this volume will give the salient points of his 
later career. All his friends are wishing him bon voyage. 

Dr. Albert Perry Brigham has a very interesting sketch 
in this volume of the events of his scholarly life in the last 
twenty years. When he retired from the work of active teach- 
ing in Colgate University in 1925, the Dean of the College 
said in part : "He has left his mark upon this college for a 
generation; as a preacher he has combined clearness of vision 
with lucidity of utterance ; as a scientist he has gained an 
international reputation ; as a writer he has added to the vivid 
presentation of fact the charm of literary style." 

Gen. William H. Brigham came down from Samuel- through 
Francis, the shoe manufacturer of Hudson, and was associated 
in business with his father Rufus H. and his uncles Wilbur F. 
and Waldo B. At the time of his death he was president of 
the company, then known as the F. Brigham & Gregory Com- 
pany. Aside from business, he was pre-eminent in the affairs 
of his community and State, being in the Legislature, on the 
Governor's Council and giving his valuable services on direc- 
torates and in the militia. 

The son of Charles Hastings' and grandson of Hastings", 
the late Eugene 0. Brigham, filled a large place in Marlboro's 
social and business world, and was foremost in civic move- 
ments. He had many friends in the family outside IMarlboro, 
for he was long a director in the B. F. A. William Eustace, 
brother of Charles H., had an only son, Eustace Hastings, who 
died lately, leaving two daughters. The daughters of Hastings 
have additional records in this volume, and the story of the 
male line has been augmented by numerous families not be- 
fore published. 



111. (1827-1899) ; his wife, Sarah A. (Galloway), was b. in 1831, 
and d. in her 64th yr. See H. B. F. for biography. Ch. addi- 
tions : 

i Gustavus Brewsters Brigham, d. in Chicago, 1 Jan., 1925, ae. 
61 yrs., 7 mos. His wife, Catherine (Holton), d. about 
1918. Their only son d. y. 

ii Charles Frank Brigham, now of Indianapolis, Ind., Vice-Presi- 
dent and General Manager of the Lilly Varnish Co., and 
his wife, Annie E. (Crocker), res. at 25 Hampton Drive. 
Ch. additions: 1 Marianio Brigham, m. in Oct., 1916, Gus- 
tave Eeiman of Sheboygan, Wis.; she d. 20 Dec, 1923, ae. 
26 yrs., 11 mos. (Ch. [Reiman]: i Katharine Annen, b. 17 
Nov., 1918; ii Eloise Jean, b. 21 Apr., 1921; iii Marian, 
b. 11 Dec, 1923); 2 Jean Brigham, m. Feb., 1919, Wil- 
liam Gifford Clegg, of Ranger, Tex. (Ch. [Clegg] : i Wil- 
liam G.ii, Jr. b. 25 July, 1922; ii Brigham, b. 30 Nov., 
1923); 3 Watson Crocker Brigham, m. 2 Nov., 1922, Marie 

iii Samuel Fred Brigham and his wife, Ada (Springer), res. 1365 
E. 48th St., Chicago. Ch. additions: 1 Florenceio Brigham, 
m, 9 Nov., 1915, Eugene Edward, son of Charles Edward 
Ford of Chicago. (Ch. [Ford]: i Joanii, b. 11 Oct., 1917; 
ii Charles E., 2d, b. 19 Sept., 1919); 2 Franklin Brewster 
Brigham, m. 17 Oct., 1925, Janice, dau. of Thomas Hitch- 
cock Joy of Chicago. Mr, Brigham is representative of 
The Construction Materials Company of Chicago, where he 
res.; 3 Jane Brigham, b. 26 Dec, 1914. 

686 ALDEN« BRIGHAM (1809-?) of JMarlboro, m. 10 
Sept., 1833, Asenath Hastings. Ch. additions : 

i Thomas B.o Brigham (1840-1901) of Marlboro, enlisted in the 
9th Infantry, 7 June, 1861; was in 23 battles in the Civil 
War with the Army of the Potomac; wounded at Gaines 
Mills, Va., and was in the Battle of the Wilderness; dis- 
charged as Corporal 21 June, 1864. His wife was Madeline 
(Kirwan). Ch. additions: 1 Charles Aldenio Brigham, m. 
in Whitman, Mass., 15 Oct., 1895, Albena Nailor. (Ch.: 1 
Joseph Ralphii Brigham, b. 16 Aug., 1896; ii Esther Marion 
Brigham, b. 10 Apr., 1898; iii Mary Louise Brigham, b. 
13 May, 1900, d. 20 Jan., 1901); 2 Clifton John Brigham 
and his wife, Mary (Bourgious). (Ch.: i Clifton William^ 
Brigham, m. 26 Dec, 1917, in Hudson, Faith Bellamy. [Ch. 
1 Cliftoui2 Brigham, b. 17 July, 1918; 2 Rita Brigham, 
b. 16 Apr., 1920]; ii, iii, and iv, no additions; v Ernest 
Francis Brigham, b. 19 Aug, 1905; vi Thomas Brigham, b. 

194 The Brigham Family 

10 June, 1907; vii Elizabeth Gertrude Brigham, b. 15 Jan., 
1911); 3 Madeline Gertrude Brigham, m. 15 Apr., 
1901, John H. Ellard. (Ch. [Ellard]: i James Carlton", 
b. 25 July, 1902; ii John Frank, b. 2 Jan., 1904); 4 
Gerald Nelson Brigham, m. 7 Oct., 1906, Mary A. Connolly. 
(Ch.: 1 Madelineii Brigham, b. 30 Dec, 1909; ii Eileen 
Brigham, b. 8 Mar., 1911; iii Gerald Brigham, b. 24 July, 
1912; iv Mary Brigham, b. 30 Dec, 1918); 5 Elizabeth 
Brigham, m. 28 Sept., 1904, William E. Hackett. (Ch. 
[Hackett]: Edwin NicholasH, b. 29 June, 1906; ii Made- 
line, b. 22 Feb., 1910; iii Arlene Marie, b. 24 May, 1914); 
6 Annie Veronica Brigham, m. 9 June, 1912, M. Lawrence 
Dolan. (Ch. [Dolan] : i Lawrence^, b. 9 July, 1914; d. 
10 June, 1915; ii Gerald, b. 1 Jan., 1917; iii Annie 
Gloria, b. 20 July, 1921); 7 Effie A. Brigham, m. 12 Nov., 
1911, Albert E. Short. (Ch. [Short]: i Thomas Kennethn, 
b. 12 Aug., 1912; ii Eleanor Brigham, b. 20 Nov., 1914; 
iii Marjorie, b. 14 Apr., 1917; iv Virginia, b. 21 Sept., 
1918; V Marion, b. 26 Feb., 1921); 8 Thomas Benton 
Brigham, m. 18 May, 1914, Alice G. Libby. (Ch.: 1 Mary 
Carmelitaii Brigham, b. 30 Jan., 1915; ii Francis Brigham, 
b. 23 Apr., 1917; iii Loraine Brigham, b. 17 Nov., 1920); 
9 Asenath Hazel Brigham, d. 24 Jan., 1921. 

ii Ann Maria Brigham. 
iii Alden Brigham, d. 10 Nov., 1917. 

iv Nelson Brigham. 

V Caroline Brigham, d. 28 Apr., 1920. 

688 CYRUS« BRIGHAM of Marlboro (1820-1895) was 
chorister many years in the churches, played the violin, and 
is rightfully called the "father" of the well-known Brigham's 
Orchestra of Marlboro. His wife was Cynthia M. (Bemis) 
(1824-1892). Ch. additions and corrections: 

i Sarah Paulinas (Brigham) Balcom, wife of George, d. 22 
Mar., 1913, ae. 72 yrs., 1 mo.; her husband d. 4 June, 1917. 

ii Cynthia E. (Brigham) Perry, wife of Albert H., d. 17 Dec, 
1922, ae. 79 yrs., 11 mos., her husband d. 16 July, 1916. 
Ch. (Perry): 1 Lillian Brighamio, m. 5 Oct., 1904, John 
A. Stone of Framingham; res. Allston, Mass. 

iii Lydia F. (Brigham) Ordway, wife of Timothy C, who d. 9 
June, 1910. Ch. (Ordway) additions: 1 Frank Irvinio, d. 
13 May, 1910, in his' 36th yr. ; m. 5 Nov., 1905, Jennie M. 
Canana of Spencer, Mass.; he was a conductor of theater or- 
chestras in Marlboro and Fitchburg; 2 Cyrus Brigham, m. 
22 Sept., 1909, Josephine M., dau. of Hohis G. and Mary 
M. (Webber) Church. (Ch.: i Cyrus Sherman^, b. 22 June, 
1910; ii Josephine Priscilla, b. 5 July, 1912; iii Robert 
Francis, b. 25 Apr., 1914; iv Bradford Webber, b. 16 Apr., 

iv Martha Edwina (Brigham) Brigham, wife of Ashley, d. s. p. 
in Oct., 1925, in her 79th yr., in the Masonic Home, in 
Charlton, Mass.; her husband d. 13 Apr., 1919. (See No. 
395, vi, this vol.) 

Eighth Generatiox 195 

V Mary Deborah (Brigham) Alexander, d. 7 Oct., 1918, ae. 69 
yrs., 9 mo8.; her husband, Samuel, d. in 1901. A singer and 
member of the Marlboro First Congregational Church choir; 
she also sang at the Peace Jubilee in Boston, under P. S. 
Gilmore, and was a member of the Theodore Thomas Ora- 
torio Society of Cincinnati, being one of his celebrated 

vi Cyrus Waldoo Brigham, d. 26 Feb., 1922, ae. 71 yrs., 2 mos. 
A noted ball player, he belonged to the Fairmount Baseball 
Club during its existence. He became captain of the Hook 
and Ladder Co. and later Chief Engineer of the Marlboro 
Fire Dept. He was a charter member of the original Brig- 
ham 's Orchestra. His wife is Ellen N. (Winch). Ch. 
additions: 2 Cyrus Harrisonio Brigham, m. 28 June, 1899, 
Hattie A., dau. of William H. Brigham, No. 358, i (Ch.: 
i Norman Waldon Brigham, b. 7 July, 1901; ii Frank 
Harrison Brigham, b. 24 Sept., 1908) ; 3 Lester Eugene 
Brigham, m. (1) 17 Sept., 1900, Lottie M. McFarland of 
Augusta, Me. Ch. : i Robert McFarlandu Brigham, b. 17 
Sept., 1901; ii Thelma Viola Brigham, b. 2 Oct., 1906); 
he m. (2) 8 Apr., 1917, Helen Ainsworth Spratt. 
vii William Henry Brigham, d. s. p. 1 Apr., 1923, ae. 70 yrs., 3 
mos., 20 days, leaving a widow, Margaret (Cosgrove). He 
was the leader and founder of " Brigham 's Orchestra," 
which position was wrongly attributed to his brother Sidney 
E. in the H. B. F. This famous orchestra continued as it 
had begun in 1871 with four of the Brigham brothers in 
its membership, until 1895, when it was divided; William 
H. continued as leader and the name was unchanged, and 
Harry E. became the head of an orchestra which took his 
name. For a number of years both these organizations con- 
tinued in this way and were very popular. Some years ago 
Mr. W. H. Brigham retired from active work, but occa- 
sionally contributed music for social events. He took part 
in P. S. Gilmore 's great Jubilee in Boston in 1872. For 
a long period he was leader of the Cadet Band, and choir- 
master of the Universalist and Methodist churches in Marl- 
boro. The ninth generation of Brighams in Marlboro have 
lost a true gentleman and artist. 
viii Sidney E.o Brigham was not the leader of the musical organ- 
ization known as " Brigham 's Orchestra" but was one of 
its members. The word "band" should not have been 
applied to this organization, as given in the IL B. F. He 
res. in Westboro, with his wife, Nettie (Forbush), and d. 
there in Oct., 1925. Ch. additions: 1 Cynthia Maryio 
Brigham, inheriting the musical talent of the family, is 
an organist, holding responsible positions; 2 Sidney (not 
Sydney) Eugene Brigham, Jr., is a baritone singer; m. 26 
Oct., 1913, Ella M. Gerry of Westboro, b. 22 Jan., 1884. 

ix Caroline E. Brigham, d. 22 Oct., 1921, in her 65th yr.; m. 
Alfred W. Wickham of Scranton, Pa., where she is interred. 

X George A. Brigham, a musician, res. in Marlboro. 

xi Harrison Ellsworth Brigham and his wife, Annie E. (Pond), 
res. in Marlboro. In the 3d line of the paragraph cor- 
responding to this section in the H. B. F. delete the word 
"band"; it should read "orchestra." Mr. Brigham has 
had a highly successful musical career at the head of his 

196 The Brigham Family 

own organization, "The Harry E. Brigham Orchestra." 
In 1925 he celebrated his fiftieth anniversary as an orches- 
tral player, having fulfilled 10,367 engagements. In the 
first election in Marlboro under the new charter in 1924 
and 1925, he was elected President of the City Council. 

Lyman of Sutton, b. 8 Oct., 1814 (not 1813) ; d. 28 Aug., 1894, 
in her 80th yr. Ch. (Putnam) additions: 

ii Julia M.9 (Putnam) Foskett, widow of "William E., d. 14 Dec, 
1915, ae. 68 yrs., 11 mos. Her son (Foskett): Albert h.^o, 
d. 4 Nov., 1915, ae. 44 yrs., 6 mos. 

iii Laura A. (Putnam) Hall, widow of Stephen C. of Worcester, 
d. in June, 1917, ae. 69 yrs. Ch. (Hall): 1 Walter, 
res. in Fitchburg, not Worcester; 2 Arthur C, res. W. 
Boylston; 4 ch.; 5 Lucius S., res. W. Boylston, not Worces- 
ter; 6 Frank E., res. Pittsburg, Pa., not Worcester. 

iv Emma A. (Putnam) Whipple, wife of Horace Porter; res. in 
Whitinsville, Mass. Ch. (Whipple): Amos Earleio, m. 
Mabel L. Coffin, (Ch. i Eichard Putnamii, b. 28 Nov., 
1921; ii Janice, b. 6 Jan., 1924.) 

690 ELI A.« BRIGHAM of Russell, Mass., and other 
places, including Westboro, his birthplace (1820-1892) ; his 
1st wife was Satira (Stearns) (1821-1859), and his 2d wife, 
Isabella (Gillespie). Ch. by 1st m. : 

iii Edwin Elia Brigham (1850-1904) and his wife, Lizzie (Foye), 
res. in Chicago, E. Longmeadow, Mass., and Springfield. 
Ch.: 1 E. Edwinio Brigham and his wife, Ella C. (Collins), 
res. in Springfield. (Ch.: i Euth W.n Brigham, b. 23 and d. 
27 Feb., 1906; ii Alan Edwin Brigham, b. 25 Sept., 1908; 
iii Euth E. Brigham, b. 4 Dec, 1919; iv Marjorie E. 
Brigham, b. 26 Dec, 1920); 2 Maud Mabel (Brigham) 
Tate, wife of Frank T., res. Windsor Locks, Conn. (Ch. 
[Tate]: Everett Brighamii, b. 22 Feb., 1908); 3 Fred 
Willard Brigham, m. 9 June, 1923, Henrietta Eichmond; 
res. Springfield; 4 Franklin Pliny Brigham, b. 25 (not 
24), and d. 26 Dec, 1885; 5 Grace Estelle Brigham, m. 16 
Oct., 1919, Alfred Eoyal Packard; res. Springfield. 
iv Emma S. (Brigham) Brooks, wife of Sylvanus W., who d. 25 
Oct., 1905, in Northampton, Mass.; lives in Springfield. 
Ch. (Brooks) : 1 Cora (Brooks) Burlingame, wife of 
William, res. Springfield (not Westfield); 2 Judson O. 
and his wife, Blanche (Harding), res. in Springfield. (Ch.: 
i Winifred H.n, b. there 2 Mar., 1908; ii Malcolm Ben- 
nett, b. there 29 Nov., 1915); 3 Frank Pliny, res. New 
York City; his wife, Jennie (Williams), d. 2 Sept., 1906. 
(Ch.: Frank B.n, b. 30 June, 1905); 4 George H., d. 28 
July, 1913, in Springfield, in his 26th yr.; 5 Elsie Irene, m. 
1 Sept., 1910, Eoy Stone, b. in Green Eiver, Wyo.; rea. 

Eighth Generation 197 

Ch. by 2d m. : 

vi Henry Oscar Brigham, res. Springfield (not Westfield), See 
H. B. F, for vii, viii, Lx, x, and xi. 

691 HANNAH L.« (Brigham) DANFORTH of Morgan 
Park, 111., widow of Joseph R. (1819-1880) ; she d. 5 Jan., 1909. 
Ch. (Danforth) additions and corrections: 

i Susan9 (Danforth) Wilder, wife of Frank N., of Worcester 
and Chicago, who was b. 7 (not 8) Aug., 1850. Ch. (Wilder) 
additions: 1 Kalph, b. in Worcester, 23 Feb., 1875, 
and his wife, Charlotte (White), have 2 ch. b. in Chi- 
cago: (i Frances Susanii, b. 17 Aug., 1904; ii Lois, b. 
28 Sept., 1906); res. Coldwater, Mich.; 2 E. Josephine, 
b. in Chicago, 4 Nov., 1879; m. 2 Aug., 1905, Frank Clayton 
Cleveland. (Ch. [Cleveland] : F. Claytonii, b. in Morgan 
Park, 13 Nov., 1906); 3 Eoland D., b. in Morgan Park, 23 
May, 1888. 

iii George L., m. (l)Catherine De Kay of Toledo; m. (2) . 

Ch. (Danforth) by 1st m.: 1 Frederick, b. 3 Nov., 
1883; by 2d m.: 2 Ralph H., b. 1900; 3 Ella Josephine, 
b. 14 Mar., 1902, 

692 JOSEPH THOMAS^ BRIGHAM of Northfield, Mass. 
(1829-1904) ; his wife, Sarah Emily (Stratton), was b. 14 Nov., 
1837, d. 7 Oct., 1918. Ch. : 

ii Herbert Lincolno Brigham, is living in Northfield, a widower, 
his wife, Harriet M. (Moody), b. 6 July, 1874, having d. 
8 Apr., 1905. An error in the H. B. F. attributed the year 
of the death of Mrs. Brigham to him. 
iii Clara E. (Brigham) Gallup, wife of Edward E., of North 
Adams, d. 23 July, 1894, ae. 31 yrs., 3 mos. Their dau., 
Euth Brighamio Gallup, lives in Pittsfield, her married 
name being Hicks, 
iv Walter Joseph Brigham still res. in Northfield, unm. 

vii Albert Sherman Brigham, and his wife, Cora Belle (Lee), who 
was b, 23 Jan., 1880, res. 75 Fuller St., Dorchester. Their 
son is named in the H. B. F., Sherman Brigham, b, 
16 Nov., 1903; their dau. (not mentioned there) Emily F, 
Brigham, was b. 6 July, 1907. 

viii Paul Printess Brigham, d. 28 July, 1910, ae. 26 yrs., 4 mos. 
A very promising career suddenly cut off. 

693 MARTYN FREEMAN^ BRIGHAM of Boston (1809- 
1897). Delete the foot-note on p. 476, H. B. F. Samuel Free- 
man of Watertown was the emigrant ancestor of Mr. Brigham 
and his brothers and sisters. Their Martyn ancestors were 
MichaeP and Edward- of Boston, not Richard of Portsmouth. 
His wife, Elizabeth Maria (Smith), was descended from Fran- 

198 The Brioham Family 

cis Kendall of Woburn, and with her husband, through the 
Freemans, had descent from Alice (Carpenter) Southworth- 
Bradford, second wife of Governor William Bradford of 
Ph'mouth, Mass.; also from Governor Robert Treat of Conn., 
and other early colonists. Their dau. : 

iii Emma Elisabeths Brigham, was the compiler of the First 
Volume of "The History of the Brigham Family" also of 
the Job Tyler Genealogy, published iu two volumes: also 
prepared "Ancestral Records and Portraits," published 
in two volumes for the Colonial Dames of Baltimore, Md. 
She became interested in Women's Clubs and was president 
for two years of the Current Topics Club of Dorchester; 
was corresponding secretary of the Boston City Federation 
of Women's Clubs, and is a member of the Professional 
Women's Club of Boston. She is the author of Volume 
Two of "The History of the Brigham Family." 

1872) wife of Luke Wolcott of Whitingham, Vt. (1808-1890). 
Ch. (Farnsworth) additions and corrections: 

i Charles Lukes, d. in Hyde Park, Mass., 22 May, 1923, ae. 81 
yrs., 6 mos.; his wife, Nellie D. (Clifford), d. 4 Apr., 1923, ae. 
84 yrs., 9 mos. In the H. B. F., p. 477, 6th line, semicolon 
after "Hyde Park" should be transferred to next line and 
placed after "years." Ch.: 1 Harrie Cliffordi*^, and his 
wife, Florence G. (Page), res. in Hyde Park. (Ch.: i 
Augustus Pagcii, m. in Evanston, 111., 1 June, 1924, Julia 
Louise, dau. of Mrs. James W. Shepard); 2 Edith M., 
m. 25 Mar., 1908, Edward I., son of Charles Bucklin. (1 
ch.: Edward I.n Jr., b. 31 Jan., 1909); res. Evanston; 3 
Nettie M. (Farnsworth) Nason, wife of Fredreick Whitney, 
res. Batavia, Java. (Ch. [Nason] Edith F.n, m. Carl 
Davidson, [i ch.: Charleses] )j 4 Alice Brigham, a master's 
assistant in Hyde Park school; is a musician. 

iii Eliza R. (Farnsworth) Hey wood, d. 17 Mar., 1921, in her 
76th yr.; her husband, Trueworthy, d. 11 Oct., 1922. 

iv. John Addison, d. after a long illness following an accident. 
See H. B. F. 

V Laura E. (Farnsworth) Boyd, widow of Cyrus, res. in Orion, 
111. Ch. (Boyd): 1 EtheUo, m. June, 1909, Alfred Wood- 
ard; res. near Burton, Kans.; 8 ch.; 2 Alice, res. near 

vi Ellen (Farnsworth) Clifford, widow of Fred W., d. in No. 
Edgecomb, Me., 27 June, 1924, ae. 65 yrs. Ch. (Clifford): 

1 Ruth, m. 5 Aug., 1919, Frederick S. Porter; 2 ch.; 

2 Esther F., m. 22 Jan., 1914, Ray A. Fox; 4 ch.; 3 
Woodbridge K., m. in Cambridge, 111., 1 Nov., 1923, Ella 
M., dau. of A. J. Record; res. Orion; 4 Rebecca, a teacher, 
res. Maine. 


K.MMA Ki.isauktii liKioiiAM, ('.■iinhiiil'ii', M.-iss. (693) 

Antlior of \'<)liimo 1 1, 

The History of Tlic Biiglmiii F.imily 

Eighth Generation 199 

695 SALLY MARIA« (BPJGHAM) CHASE (1816-1897), 
wife of Merrick of Orion, 111. (1811-1887) ; Mrs. Chase had a 
very sweet nature, much like her brother, Martyn Freeman. 
Ch. (Chase), additions only: 

i Elvira R.9 (Chase) Chase, wife of Dr. Daniel A. of Cambridge, 
N. Y. (1830-1899). Ch. 1 Maria (Chase) Holland, 
widow of Albert of Chelsea, Mass., who d. 30 May, 1925; 
2 Estelle (Chase) Blackfan, wife of Dr. Harry of Cam- 
bridge, N. Y. (Ch. [Blackfan] i Hallie M.n, m. William 
L. McKay, and d. in Feb., 1920; ii Kenneth D., M.D., 
surgeon in the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston; m. 
Lulie Anderson; iii Harry C.,, d. Feb., 1925; m. Theresa 
iii John Brigham, d. 19 Nov., 1922, ae. 81 yrs., 6 mos. 
iv Charles Emerson and his wife, Harriet Sophia (Farnsworth), 
No. 694, ii; she d. in Orion, 111., 13 Nov., 1926, ae. 83 yrs., 2 
mos., 18 days; she was beloved of all her kindred; res. on 
their large farm in Orion, 111. Ch.: Arthur Francisio and 
his wife, Etta (Love), res. in their modern house on the 
home farm. (Ch.: Anna Harriet^, b. 4 Mar., 1920). 

V Sarah M. (Chase) Neumann, d. 30 Aug., 1900, wife of Valen- 
tine, who is also deceased. Ch. (Neumann) : 1 Ernest^ M.D., res. at Los Angeles, with his wife, Nellye 
(Lenton); 2 ch.; 2 Clyde C, a banker in Oakland, Neb., 
m. 14 Oct., 1909, M. Edna NefE; 2 ch.; 3 Cornelia B. 
(Neumann) Harker, whose husband, Joseph, of Mitchell, 
S. D., d. in 1908, leaving a son; m. (2) 23 June, 1923, Cecil 
O. Dale, architect of Los Angeles. 

vi Addison Martyn, res. near Orion on his large farm; his wife. 
Bertha (Callaway), d. 1 May, 1926, of pneumonia, in her 
57th yr. Ch,: 1 Myron Forrestio, m. in 1916, Mayme 
Quick; 3 ch.; 2 Harold Addison, m. 18 Dec, 1919, Florence 
Eice of Galva, 111. 


LORD (1820-1893) ; she m. (1) Joseph W. Goodnow (1815- 

1847) ; m. (2) Nathaniel Y. Lord (1819-1876). Ch. (Goodnow) : 

1 Joseph Wilson9, d. 28 Feb., 1916, in Jamaica Plain, Boston, 
Mass., in his 73d yr. ; his wife, Helen (Coleman), d. 8 
May, 1919, in Houghton, Mich., at the home of her dau., 
Marion Colemanio (Goodnow) Eobinson, wife of Deeu L. 
They are interred in Forest Hills Cemetery, Roxbury, Mass. 
Their son, Albert, res. Jamaica Plain, with his wife, 
Henrietta F. (Barton). Their dau., Anna H.", m. Farns- 
worth K. Baker. 

697 JOHN ADDISON« BRIGHAISI of Boston and South 
Braintree, Mass. (1824-1902) ; was ni. three times; his 1st wife 

200 The Brigham Family 

was Emily C. (Parmelee) (1826-1865) ; his 3d wife is Mary 

L. E. (Harvey), who res. in South Braintree. Ch. by 1st m.: 

i Carrie Emilys (Brigham) Chase, wife of Charles S. of Brat- 
tleboro, Vt. Ch. (Chase) additions: 1 Kobert Martynio 
and his wife, Kate J. (Benjamin) res. in South Bend, Ind., 
where he is in the automobile business; 2 Harrie Brigham, 
m. 7 Mar., 1912, Mina Oilman of Paw Paw, Mich., b. 26 
July, 1891. He was graduated from the B. U. Law School. 
In 1918 was elected State's Attorney, and in 1919 was 
appointed Superior Judge. (Ch.: i Madeline Harriet^, b. 23 
May, 1913; ii Alice Natalie, b. 26 Sept., 1916; iii Dana 
Charles, b. 20 Nov., 1918); 3 Paul Addison went into 
training in May, 1918, at Camp Devens, having left Am- 
herst College for the purpose; in July went overseas in the 
World War with the Signal Corps attached to the 148th 
Eegt. of the 37th Div.; discharged in April, 1919. Studied 
law and was admitted to the Bar at Moutpelier, Vt., and 
later to practice before the U. S. Court. He was six years 
assistant secretary in the State Senate; in Feb., 1925, was 
appointed State Tax Commissioner; in Aug., was appointed 
assistant in the office of the U. S. Atty-Geueral, at Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; m. 27 Nov., 1926, at Overbrook, Philadelphia, 
Pa., Doris Eleanor, dau. of Charles Linus Dexter, of 5831 
Drexel Eoad, Philadelphia. 

Ch. by 3d m. : 

vi Ethel May9 (Brigham) Hayden, wife of Nelson E. of South 
Braintree, where they live on the home place. Ch. (Hay- 
den): Mary Elizabethio, b. 22 Mar., 1915, 

699 HOSEA WHEELER* BRIGHAM of Winchester, 
N. H., d. at the home of his dau. in Hinsdale, N. H., 18 Jan., 
1920, in his 88d yr.; his wife, Florilla R. (Farnham), of Whit- 
ingham, Vt., d. at the home of her son in Whitingham, 8 Jan., 
1914, in her 73d yr. Ch. : 

i Eva C.9 (Brigham) Temple, Avife of Edelbert, a lawyer in 
Hinsdale. Ch. (Temple): 1 Charles (Kev.), a Uni- 
versalist minister, m. 26 Nov., 1908, Mary Nellie, dau. of 
Dr. Charles Gray, b. in Brattleboro, Vt., 8 June, 1879. (Ch.: 
i Elizabeth C.n, b. in Lewiston, Me., 5 July, 1910; ii Gray, 
b. there 13 Mar., 1914); 2 Mabel E., is a teacher in Hins- 
dale; 3 Madelon M., m. 2 June, 1914, Prentiss Willard, 
son of Henry W. Taylor, b. in Winchester, 17 Nov., 1890. 
(Ch. [Taylor] : i Miriam Madelonii, b. in Hinsdale, 2 Apr., 
1915; ii Ardice, b. in Greenfield, Mass., 17 Aug., 1917). 
ii TJlric U. Brigham and his wife, Ada E. (Dalrymple), res. in 
Whitingham, where he is a farmer. Ch. additions: 1 
Christine Brigham, m. 10 June, 1915, Frank Eoberts, 
son of William H. Hancock. Ch. (Hancock) : Mary Adan, 
b. 18 Nov., 1916; 2 Fortice U. Brigham, m. 9 June, 1919, 
Louise Helen, dau. of Esten A. Temple. (Ch.: Helen 

Eighth Generation 201 

Templeii Brigham, b. 15 May, 1921); 3 Flora Brigham, 
m. 1 Jan., 1920, William Wilson Smith, 
iii Maude Flora Brigham, is a secretary in the Treasury Dept., 
in Washington, D. C. 

701 EDMUND MONIS« BRIGHAM of Boston, Mass., d. 
19 Mar., 1919, ae. 82 yrs., 28 days; his wife, Mary Elizabeth 
(Dodge), d. 13 Jan., 1913, ae. 69 yrs., 2 mos. Ch. additions: 

i Martha A.o (Brigham) Crowther; her husband, Walter, d. 19 
Nov., 1922. Ch. (Crowther) : 1 Ralph Frankio, m. 21 Sept., 
1915, Florence 1. MacMullen. (Ch.: i Gordon Frederick", 
b. 15 June, 1916; ii Ealph Frank, Jr., b. 5 Oct., 1918); 

2 Frederick Stewart, in the World War and wounded in the 
battle of Belleau Wood; m. 6 Sept., 1920, Grace E. Wood. 
(Ch. : i Norman Frederick!!, b. 13 Aug., 1921; ii Barbara 
Louise, b. 4 Sept., 1922); 3 Roland Lewis, m. 11 Oct., 
1920, Florence E. Mott. (Ch.: i Phyllis Evelyn!!, b. 4 
Sept., 1922, d. 2 Dec, 1924; ii Donald Frederick, b. 16 
Mar., 1924); 4 Merton Warren, m. 13 June, 1922, Leona 
Bartlett. (Ch.: i Walter Warren!i, b. 7 Aug., 1923; ii 
Audrey Leona, B. 4 June, 1925). 

ii Abbie S.9 (Brigham) Richardson, wife of Arthur F. of Water- 
town, Mass. Ch. (Richardson): 1 Albert B.!o d. 27 Mar., 
1909, ae. 9 yrs., 7 mos.; 2 Hazel E., lives at home. 

iii Otis Albert Brigham and his wife, Elsie M. (Thayer), res. in 
Dorchester, Mass. Ch. : 1 Marion M.!0 Brigham, m. 1925, 
Charles H. Foster; res. Dorchester. 

iv Frank Edgar Brigham and his wife, Lulu A. (Littlefield), res. 
in Maiden; a 3d ch. not named in H. B. F., Dorothy Helen!0 
Brigham, was b. 17 July, 1907. 

and Southboro (1816-1876), m. 29 Aug., 18-10, Nancy, dau. of 
Emery Goulding, b. in Hopkinton. Ch., none of whom appear 
in the H. B. F. : 

i George M.9 Brigham, b. in Hopkinton, 20 Aug., 1841; d. in 
Marlboro, 20 Apr., 1921; m. Martha E. Farwell. He was 
a Civil War veteran. Ch.: 1 Amber Lillaio Brigham, b. 
in Southville, Mass., 19 Feb., 1865; d. Jan., 1887; m. Frank 
Bennett. (Ch. [Bennett] : i Bertha M.i!, b. in Hudson, 10 
Mar., 1886; adopted by Mr. William Beacon; m. Mr. Nyer 
and res. in Fairfield, Me. [where a sou, Jamcs!^ Nyer, was 
b. about 1911] ; ii George Henry, b. in Marlboro, 6 Jan., 
1887; m. in Petersham, Mass., Carrie Collier, and they res. 
in Marlboro. He was adopted by his Brigham grand- 
parents and given their name. [Ch. : 1 Violai2 Brigham, 
b. 13 Aug., 1905; 2 Frank G. Brigham, b. 28 Nov., 1907; 

3 Amber M. Brigham, b. Feb., 1909; 4 Bertha Lilla Brig- 
ham, b. 6 May, 1914, d.]); 2 George C. Brigham, b. 6 May, 
1872; m. Matilda Labour of Marlboro. In the World War, 
he enlisted in Co. M, lOlst Infantry, 26th Div.; was trans- 
ferred to the 3d Pioneer and sent across to France with 

202 The Brigham Family 

them. He was in the Meuse Argonne battle; 3 Leon 
Lester Brigham, b. in Southville, Mass., 30 Apr., 1874, unm.; 
4 William Harrison Brigham, b, in Westboro, 7 Mar., 
1884; m. Elsie Collier. (Ch.: i Pearl Minervan Brigham, 
b. 20 Jan., 1909); 5 Arreaner Pearl Brigham, b. 27 Sept., 
1885, in Hudson; d.; 6 Charles Waldo Brigham, b. 13 July, 
1888, d. 

ii Charles E.9 Brigham, deceased; m. Addie Bullard. Ch.: 1 
Charles Brigham, b. 10 Nov., 1871; res. 30 Oxford St., 
Arlington, Mass.; m. (1) 22 Sept., 1891, Georgianna M., 
dau. of E. C. Rounds of Westboro, b. 26 Feb., 1871, d. 26 
Mar., 1920; m. (2) 8 Feb., 1921, Vivian Amy Gardner of 
Waverly, Mass. (Ch. by 1st m. : i Everett Rounds^ Brig- 
ham, b. 2 July, 1892; m. 20 June, 1917, Grace K., dau. of 
the Rev. Mr. MacLennan. [Ch.: 1 Arthur MacLennani^ 
Brigham, b. 28 May, 1918; 2 Effie MacLennan Brigham, 
b. 3 June, 1919]; ii Cecil Elias Brigham, b. 6 Mar., 1897; 
m. 20 June, 1921, Ernine Vera Baker; iii Cyril Arthur 
Brigham, twin to Cecil, m. 31 May, 1921, Frances Lillian 
Hibbert. [Ch.: 1 Barbara Francesis Brigham, b. 29 June, 
1922]); 2 Arthur A. Brigham, m. Mrs. Hubbard, and res. 
in Worcester, where he is a restaurateur, s. p. 

iii Lizzie E. Brigham, m. William Alvin Mandell, and lives in 
Framingham, Mass. Ch. (Mandell) all married: 1 Irving 
Frankio^ b. 25 May, 1883; 2 Arthur Alvin, b. 6 July, 1885; 
3 Ethel Marietta, b. 23 Apr., 1893; 4 Orville William, 
b. 28 Aug., 1904. 

iv Addison Brigham, d. y. 

v Samuel Augustus Brigham, m. Josephine Mary Lincoln; res. 
s. p. in Westboro. 

vi Arthur Brigham, d. y. 

702 HARRISON FAY« BRIGHAM of Waterford, Me., 

and Westboro, IMass. (1817-1877), and his wife, Susan (Neat) 

(1822-1906). Ch. additions and corrections: 

i Charles Ruggles9 Brigham, res. in Waupun (not Wampum), 
Wis. (1839-1886); m. (1) Mary E. Kirkup, who d.; m. (2) 
Nancy L. Comely, who d. 25 Feb., 1905, in Newton, Mass. 
Ch. by 1st m.: 1 Charles Augustusio Brighiim, b. 7 Apr., 
1864, in Westboro; m. (1) Mary Isabel Grady, b. 14 Mar., 
1864, in Fox Lake, Wis., d.; m. (2) Mary O'Donnell, in 
Charlestown, O., 3 Aug., 1891. (Ch. by 1st m.: i Herbert 
Jay 11 Brigham, b. in Waupun, 10 Aug., 1883; m. in Chicago, 
12 June, 1910, Marion Spragg, b. 16 Feb., 1882. Ch. by 
2d m. : ii Ethel May Brigham, b. 17 Oct., 1894, in Man- 
tua, O.; m. 29 June, 1920, Meade Harringer, b. 9 July, 
1898, in Scotch Hill, Pa.; iii Clyde Charles Brigham, b. 
1 July, 1898, in Warren, O.; m. 25 Aug., 1917, in Fryburg, 
Pa., Marrie Baker. [Ch.: Ruth Marrieis Brigham, b. 5 
Aug., 1919] ; iv John Howard Brigham, b. 25 May, 1899, 
in Warren, O.). 
iii Harrison Fay» Brigham, Jr. (1847-1896), and his wife, Mary 
Jennie (Sullivan), who d., and their ch., a boy and a girl, 
were adopted by others. Their records have been found, 

Eighth Generation 203 

viz.: 1 Irving Brigham, b. 13 Jan., 1874, at South- 
ville, Mass.; m. 6 Jan., 1920, Mary E. Cassidy. He lives in 
Lynn, and is superintendent of a shoe factory; 2 Bertha 
Maiyio Brigham, b. 22 July, 1876, in Milford; adopted 
and named Agnes Helena Aldrich; m. 16 June, 1897, in 
No. Smithfield, E. I., Daniel Smith, b. there 6 Nov., 1858. 
(Ch. [Smith], the 3 elder b. in No. Smithfield, the others 
in Woonsocket, E. I: i Maurice E.n, b. 10 Apr., 1898; 
ii Ernest L., b. 28 Oct., 1899; m. 26 Apr., 1923, Euth A. 
Leathen. [Ch.: Marjorie B.12, b. 16 Apr., 1924]; iii Eachel 
M., b. 25 June, 1902; iv Chester D., b. 17 Feb., 1905; v 
Laura E., b. 31 Aug., 1906; vi Eaymond V., b. 20 May, 
1908; vii Lauriston McK., b. 29 Jan., 1910; viii Kenneth 
D., b. 4 June, 1912; ix Maxwell B., b. 13 Sept., 1914). 
V Susan Torreys (Brigham) Hewitt (1854-1891), wife of Andrew 
Noble, son of Thomas and Adelaide A. (Morrison) Hewitt 
(dau. of Andrew of Scotland) and grandson of William of 
Manchester, England; b. in Port Dover, Ont., 23 June, 1852; 
came to Westboro in 1870 with his father, and lived there 
over 50 years. Ch. (Hewitt) additions: 1 Mabel Oliveio 
(Hewitt) Sarness, wife of George K., of Harpoot, Armenia, 
who d. 12 Sept., 1906, in Haverhill, Mass.; she d. 12 Nov., 
1914, in Boston. (Ch. [Sarness]: Hortense Brlghamii, 
m. 10 May, 1917, in Haverhill, Frederick W. Lovejoy, b. 
there 11 May, 1898; 2 daus.) ; 2 Bertha Adelaide (Hewitt) 
Lowe, m. James E., 5 Dec, 1901, in Northboro; he was b. 
in 1846 (not 1845), in Mercer, Me., a Civil War veteran. 
Their dau., Mary E.n, res. with them in Leominster; 3 
Arthur Noble, is an upholsterer and res. unm. in Westboro; 

4 Mary Etta, was b. 2 (not 12) Nov., 1879, res. Worcester; 

5 Flora Abbie, m. 10 Apr., 1910, Charles Wheeler, b. in 
Bolton, 6 Sept. 1851; he d. s. p.; she res. in Westboro; 6 
Harvey Leroy, b. 1885 (not 1888); m. in Lvnn, Mass., 12 
Aug., 1914, Gladys D. Fitch, b. 13 Aug., 1893, in Lynn; he 
is an engineer and res. Lynn. (Ch., the 2 elder b. there: 
i Muriel Berthaii, b. 5 Aug., 1915; ii Lerov Harvev, b. 
9 Nov., 1916; iii Harold Keith, b. in Fitchburg, 6 Mar., 
1919) ; 7 Irvin Gay Brigham, a chief engineer, with res. 
in Worcester; m; 20 Nov., 1910, in Leominster, Flora M. 
Viner of Nova Scotia, b. 31 Jan., 1891. (Ch.: i Irene 
Mayii, b. in Leominster, 25 Oct., 1911; ii Charles Brig- 
ham, b. in Fitchburg, 26 Sept., 1915; iii Effie Louise, b. 
in Hudson, 22 Nov., 1916). 

703 GEORGE BALL« BRIGHAM of Westboro (1818- 

1891) ; his 1st wife was Caroline J. (Leland) (1818-1858) ; his 

2d wife was Mary Phipps (Homer), who d. 13 Apr., 1925, in 

her 88th year, after a residence in Westboro of more than half 

a century. Ch. by 1st m., additions : 

vi Bertram Fays Brigham, d. in Brockton, iLiss., where ho lived, 
26 Oct., 1909, in his 52d yr.; his widow, Nellie M. (Brews 
ter), res. in Montello, Mass., with her only son, Herbert Brigham, who is unm. 

204 The Brigham Family 

Ch. by 2d ni. : 

viii Horace Eugene Brigham, d. 8 July, 1917, ae. 55 yrs., 10 mos.; 
his widow, Sarah (Crocker), is living; he was a partner 
with his father and brother John L. (who lives in West- 
boro), in the shoe manufacturing business in Westboro and 

ix Lillie J. Brigham, res. in Westboro. 

xi Ernest Phipps Brigham, m. (1) in Burlington, Vt., 26 June, 
1895, Clara Diantha Page of that city, who d. 26 May, 1913; 
m. (2) in Westboro, 25 Aug., 1915, Mrs. Josephine Crafts 
of Natick, Mass. Ch. by 1st m., b. in Westboro: 1 Violet 
Lillianio Brigham, b. 13 Aug., 1897; m. Percy A. Wynott 
of Westboro. Ch. by 2d m. : 2 Ernest Phipps Brigham, 
Jr., b. in Westboro, 7 Nov., 1920. 

704 DEACON CURTIS* BRIGHAM of Latah County, 
Idaho (1821-1888) ; his wife was Esther (Metealf) (1830-1875). 
Of their ch. the third, John Warren, was omitted from H. B. F. 
in regard to his family. See No. 810a, this volume. Ch. addi- 
tions only : 

iv Ella Caroline^ (Brigham) Berreman, wife of the Eev. James 
of Philomarth, Ore. Ch. (Berreman) : 1 George Curtis^o, 
b. 7 May, 1887 (not 1886); m. Orrilla House; he is a minis- 
of the M. E. Church. (Ch.: i Alice Orrillan; ii George 
Curtis, Jr.); 2 Hattie Esther, b. 27 Oct., 1888; m. John 
W. Saunders. (Ch. [Saunders] : i Esther Lucille^, b. 
1911; ii Iran, b. 1913; iii Euth Mildred, b. 1917); 3 
Dora, b. 15 Aug., 1890, m. C. E. Eogers; 4 James Warren, 
b. 7 June, 1892, m. Myrtle Brown. (Ch.: i Delphan, b. 
1919; ii Doris, b. 1922; iii and iv Laverne and Lavelle, 
twins, b. 1925) ; 5 Frank Brigham, b. 6 Apr., 1894, d. 5 
July, 1906; 6 Joel Van Meter, b. 9 July, 1900; in college 
in Salem, Ore.; 7 Ella Mabel, b. 3 Oct., 1902, a school 

V Eddy Brigham and his wife. Belle (Sigler) removed from 
Genesee, Ida., to Toledo, Ore., about 1920. Ch. additions: 
1 Luella (not Lienella) Maudio Brigham, b. 20 July, 1894; 
m. 25 Dec, 1915, August E. Stanley. (Ch. [Stanley]: i 
George Brigham", b. 10 Feb., 1917; drowned 8 Aug., 1924; 
ii Gordon Eddy, b. 23 Oct., 1924); 2 Edna Jessie Brigham, 
b. 22 Jan., 1901; m. 11 Aug., 1920, Clarence W. Brash. 
(Ch. [Brash]: i Fred Brighamii, b. 12 Dec, 1923; ii 
Donald William, b. 2 Aug., 1924); 3 Bessie Euth Brigham, 
b. 16 Sept., 1902, is a school teacher in graded scliools; 
4 Josiah Woodbury Brigham, b. 1 Dec, 1904; 5 Paulina 
Sylvia Brigham, b. 27 Oct., 1908. 

vi Burnice B. Brigham, res. in Genesee, Ida., with his wife, 
Minnie (Sigler). Ch. additions: 1 Caddie Brigham, 
m. S. V. Taber, 17 June, 1920. (Ch. [Taber] : Esther 
Pearlii, b. 11 Nov., 1922 ; 2 Boyd L. Brigham, res. Genesee, 

Eighth Generation 205 

705 LYSCOM« BRIGHAM of Decatur, Mich., d. 25 Nov, 
1911, in his 85th yr. The H. B. F. should read Decatur, Mich, 
not 111, as his res. Ch, were b. in Orangeville Township, 
Barry Co, Mich, not in Decatur; his 2d wife, Calista (Cressy), 
d. 26 June, 1919. Ch., the first two named by 1st wife, Mary 
(Norton), the last five by 2d wife, additions only: 

i Curtis L.9 Brigham, re.s in Plainwell, Mich., with his wife, 

, , .^ Kate (Lindsey). Ch.: Oliveio Brigham, m. 30 June, 1909, 

^ / William Walter Wheater of Plainwell; res. Kalamazoo. 

(Ch. [Wheater]: Stanley Brighamii, b. 6 Aug., 1913; ii 

John Curtis, b. 27 Oct., 1915). 

iv Charles W. Brigham of Decatur; his 1st wife, Lucy (Cady), 
d. 5 Mar., 1908; he m. (2) 10 Sept., 1923, Ruth Young. 
Ch. by 1st m.: Geneva Brigham, is preparing for a 
business career (192.5). 

V Arthur E. Brigham and wife, Mabel (Culverhouse), res. Benton 
Harbor, Mich. Ch. : 1 Thomas Brigham, m. 31 Mar., 
1922, Ethel H. Wiggins; res. Benton Harbor; 2 Iva Brig- 
ham, b. 23 Apr., 1905; 3 Ernest Brigham, b. 27 Jan., 1915. 

vi John F. Brigham and wife, Allie (Willson), res. in Decatur. 
Ch. 1 Cressyio, b. 26 Feb., 1903; 2 Edith, b. 13 Mar., 
1905; 3 John M., b. 7 Aug., 1906, all d. as infants; 4 Cressy 
Lyscom Brigham, b. 17 Feb., 1908; 5 John Marshall Brig- 
ham, b. 19 July, 1917. 
vii Frank M. Brigham, m. 30 Aug., 1906, Margaret McLeese; res. 
Decatur. Ch.: 1 Katharineio Brigham, b. 4 Feb., 1908; d.; 
2 Edna Isabel Brigham (adopted), b. 7 Feb., 1915. 
viii Alfred C. Brigham, m. 23 Oct., 1907, Blanche Parker; a hard- 
ware merchant in Decatur. Ch.: Ellis Parker Brigham 
(adopted), b. 27 Oct., 1921. 

ix Leslie A. Brigham, m. (1) 29 Dec, 1908, Jessie Hamilton; d. 
11 Jan., 1918; m. (2) 19 Jan., 1921, Marjorie Harris; res. 

706 DEXTER HAMMOND^ BRIGHAM of Springfield, 
Mass. (1826-1898) ; his wife was Lomira Cheever (Forbush) 
(1829-?). Their dau.: 

ii Ella Elizas (Brigham) White, wife of Willard Morgan, d. 27 
Jan., 1926, ae. 69 yrs., 1 mo., 23 days. 

707 ELLIOTT FAY« BRIGHAM of West Boylston 
(1839-?); his wife was Jane Elizabeth (Wadsworth). Ch. 
additions : 


i Clifford^ Brigham, d. unm. 
ii Elliott Wadsworth Brigham and his wife, Carrie (Wheeler), 

res. in Somervillc, Mass. Ch. : 1 Lester Brigham, m. 

Gladys Hardy; res. Southbridge, Mass.; 2 Dorothy W. 

Brigham, also res. Southbridge, unm. 

206 The Bbigham Family 

iii Harry L. Brigham, d. 26 Jan., 1904, in his 4l8t year; his widow, 
f {^ n r Hattie L. (Peck), res. No. Brookfield: Ch.: 1 Frank 

Brigham, is deceased; 2 Minnie M. Brigham, m. 

Bemis; 2 ch. 

iv Jennie T. Brigham, m. Peters and res. Somerville. 

. V Edmond Fay Brigham and his wife, Eva (Burr), res. in Somer- 

/^ C ) ville. Ch.: Wesley Brigham, m. Marion Peterson; res. 


708 ELI HOWARD^ BRIGHAM is retired and res. with 
his son, William B., in Sharon, Mass.; his wife, Augusta (Rich- 
ardson), who d. in Sharon, 25 July, 1925, has been one of the 
progressive women of the day, with a long record of work 
with the W. C. T. U., and the D. A. R societies. The family 
record in the H. B. F. should be amended to read that her 
father was Dea. William Burpee Richardson. Ch. : 

i Gertrude Eichardsons Brigham, after graduating from the 
Boston Normal Art School, was graduated from the George 
Washington Univ. in Washington, D. C: A.B., 1913; A.M., 
1914; and Ph.D., in 1916, being the first woman in the 
English Dept. to receive the last named degree from that 
University, where in 1916, she became Instructor in Art 
and Archaeology; also assistant in the English department. 
She has arranged and taken six trips to foreign countries 
in the interest of Art. For several years she has been Art 
Editor of the Washington Times Herald under the nom de 
plume of Viktor Flambeau, and of the Washington Post, 
under her own name, until Aug., 1924, when she became 
associate editor in the Canton Christian College, Canton, 
China; is also on the Editorial staff of the magazine, "Art 
and Archaeology and Public Affairs." She is the author 
of a book, "The Study and Enjoyment of Pictures." In 
1925 she returned to America from China on account of the 
troubled condition of Canton. She has lately published 
"Red Letter Days in Europe with a Glimpse of Northern 
Africa," under her pen name, "Viktor Flambeau." 

ii Howard Richardson Brigham, m. 13 July, 1905, Rhueberta D. 
White of Cambridge, Mass.; they res. in New York, where 
' O O 7 — he is Registrar in the Law Dept. of the La Salle Extension 

University. Ch.: Gertrude Augustaio Brigham, b. 5 Jan., 
iii Frances Augusta Brigham, m. 7 Mar., 1906, Louis Carlton 
Blanchard of Sterling, Mass.; res. a. p. in Boston; she is 
Editor of the Woman 's Club Dept. of the Boston Herald. 

iv Florence Margery Brigham, is unm.; is Instructor in the Com- 
mercial Dept. of the High School of Stamford, Conn. 

V William Burpee Brigham, m. 5 June, 1912, Rena V. Mason of 
Mansfield, Mass. He has been with the N. E. Telephone and 
Telegraph Co. in Boston since 1905, with a res. in Sharon. 
Ch.: 1 Dorothy Augustaio Brigham, b. 23 Oct., 1913; 2 
Marjorie Louise Brigham, b. 27 July, 1915; 3 Mary Grover 
Brigham, b. 18 Aug., 1919; 4 William Burpee Brigham, 
Jr., b. 23 Jan., 1924. 

r>R. Or.KTKunK 1?. Ertgttam (708^ 

(Viktor Fhinibeau) 

Art Critic aud Traveller 

Wnsliiiicton, D. C. 

Eighth Generation 207 

vi Helen Blanche Brigham, m. 24 Oct., 1908, Arthur Melvin 
Winslow, of Providence, R. I.; he was grad. from Brown 
Univ., 1903; from Mass. Tech., 1906. He is Professor of 
Mech. Engineering in the State Univ., Washington, situated 
in Seattle. Ch. (Winslow): 1 Russell Edwardi", b. 10 
Oct., 1917; 2 Robert Melvin, b. 24 Nov., 1919; 3 Helen 
Louise, b. 17 Sept., 1924. 
vii Hattie Idella (not Idelle) Brigham, took the Librarian's course 
at Simmons College; is Librarian at Liberty Sq. Branch 
Library in Elizabeth, N. J. 

710 ALFRED MILO« BRIGHAM of Natick, Mass., a 

Civil War soldier (1828-1864), killed before Petersburg, Va. 

His wife was Caroline (Damon) (1828-1892). Ch. additions: 

ill Helen Sophiao (Brigham) Glidden, wife of Irving E., of Natick, 
d. 25 Dec, 1912, ae. 53 yrs., 11 mos., 27 days. Her dau., 
Helenio (Glidden) Bassett, wife of William H., res. Bridge- 
water, Mass. 

712 ALGERNON SIDNEY^ BRIGHAM of Marlboro, d. 
3 May, 1909, in his 84th yr. He was a shoe manufacturer of 
the line of SamueP; his wife was Matilda (Hayden) (1828- 
1899). Ch. additions only: 

iv Clarence Hale9 Brigham, res. Marlboro, where he has been 
City Marshal. His wife, Annie Louise (Forbush), is prom- 
inent in the Woman's Club of Marlboro and in other organi- 
zations of a local character. Ch. additions: 1 Cora Elsie^o 
Brigham, m. 24 June, 1910, William Franklin Turner. (Ch. 
[Turner] : i Jacques Brigham^, b. in Auburn, Ala., 12 
June, 1911; ii William Quentin, b. in Auburn, 4 Jan., 
1913; iii Cora Virginia, b. in Vienna, Va., 9 Oct., 1914; 
iv Margaret Maeve, b. in Kirkwood, Ga., 2 Aug., 1919); 
2 Harold Lewis Brigham, m. 28 Apr., 1918, Alice G. Dwyer. 
(Ch.: i Anne Elizabeth^ Brigham, b. in Rivorton, N. J., 
8 Dec, 1918; ii Marion Louise Brigham, b. in Marlboro, 
30 Nov., 1919; iii Alice Elsie Brigham, b. in M. 8 Mar., 
1921); 3 Algernon Raymond Brigham, m. 18 Sept., 1921, 
Bertha M. Godien; was Sergeant in the World War, 62d 
Pioneers, Camp Wadsworth; enlisted 1 Nov., 1917; dis- 
charged 8 Jan., 1919; was construction foreman. (Ch. : i 
Jacquleine Frances^ Brigham, b. 14 Oct., 1922; ii Pris- 
cilla Edith Brigham, b. 23 Oct., 1923; iii Robert A. Cool- 
idge Brigham, b. 4 Mar., 1925). 

713 LORIMAN STEVENS** BRIGHA^M (1832-1903) of 
Marlboro; he m. three times; the mother of his ch. was his 
3d wife, Mrs. Mary S. (Percival), a singer of note in her youth, 

208 The Briqham Family 

who is living uow in Cohasset, Mass. See H. B. F. for biogra- 
phy. Ch. additions: 

i Loriman Percival^ Brigham and his wife, Ethel (Stone) Brig- 
ham, res. in Montpelier, Vt., where he is supt. of Agencies 
of the Nat. Life Ins. Co. Ch. additions: 1 Loriman 
Stoneio Brigham was grad. from Amherst College in 1926; 
2 Elizabeth P. Brigham, a school girl in 1926. 
ii Lilla May (Brigham) Tower, wife of Eussell B., of Cohasset, 
Mass. Ch. (Tower) : 1 Eussell, b. and d. 28 Dec, 1923. 
iii Drusilla Percival Brigham, was b. 14 Sept., 1885 (not 1883); 
m. 6 June, 1914, Everett \V. Gammons of Cohasset. Ch. 
(Gammons): 1 Mary Snowio, b. 17 Apr., 1915; 2 Edith 
Josephine, b. 26 Oct., 1916. 

717 DR. JOHN WESLEY« BRIGHAM of Sutton, Mass. 
(1835-1898) ; his widow, Betsey Ann (Jeleff), d. in Sutton, 25 
June, 1901, ae. 72 yrs., 6 mos., 14 days. Ch. additions to 
records : 

i Deacon Dexter Alonzo^ Brigham, of the firm of Dexter A. 
Brigham & Son of Sutton, is living there (1925). His wife, 
Jennie Abbie (Burnap), d. in Sutton, 23 Aug., 1922, ae. 64 
yrs., 8 mos., 19 days. Ch, additions: 1 Mary Ethelio Brig- 
ham, m. 24 June, 1907, Bertram Scott Vrooman, b. in 
Stamford, N. Y., 8 July, 1878. (Ch. [Vrooman]: i Vera 
Brigham", b. 17 July, 1912; ii Lois Ethel, b. 29 May, 
1917); 2 Alice Minerva Brigham, m. 3 Jan. 1911, Oscar 
H. Stowe, of West Millbury, b. there 25 Mar., 1881, (Ch. 
[Stowe]: i Carolyn May", b. 12 Sept., 1912; ii Howard 
Edson, b. 8 Nov., and d. 28 Nov., 1914; iii George Brigham, 
b. 14 Jan., 1916; iv John Wesley, b. 4 Apr., 1918, d. 3 
May, 1920; v Arthur Lewis, b. 14 Oct., 1922); 3 Minnie 
Ann Brigham, is a teacher; 4 Mabel Louise Brigham, m. 
18 Mar., 1920, William Tyler Stockwell, b. in Sutton 2 
Nov., 1895. (Ch. [Stockwell]: 1 Catherine Louise", b. 16 
Aug., 1921; ii Alice Burnap, b. 31 May, 1923); 5 John 
Dexter Brigham, b. in Sutton, 30 Oct., 1898; m. in Sutton, 
11 Jan., 1923, Grace Lydia, dau. of the Rev. John MacLaren, 
b. in Thompsonville, Conn., 11 Jan., 1896. Mr. Brigham is 
in the farm products and milk business with his father at 
Calmer Farm, Sutton, where he res. (Ch.: i John Dexter" 
Brigham, Jr., b. 24 Nov., 1923, in Sutton). 

ii Alphonso Gilderoys Brigham of Sutton, d. 12 Nov., 1917, ae. 
57 yrs., 7 mos. His wife, Sarah E. (Burnap), res. in Sutton 
(1925). Ch.: 1 Ealph Bertram" Brigham, m. 5 June, 1912, 
Ida Eleanor, dau. of John and Elizabeth (Frazier) Wier, 
b. 30 July, 1886; d. 12 July, 1923. (Ch.: i Eleanor Eliza- 
beth" Brigham, b. 9 June, 1919); 2 Bertha Gertrude 
Brigham, m. 12 Nov., 1913, Maurice Warren, son of Joseph 
F. and Annie E. (Barlow) Buck, b. 7 June, 1889. (Ch. 
[Buck]: i Warren Gilderoy", b. 13 Nov., 1914; ii Beulah 
Elizabeth, b. 12 Aug., 1917). 

Eighth Generation 209 

720 LUCIEN FAY« BRIGHAM of Pottsville, Pa., d. 5 
Dec, 1921, in his 80th yr. ; his 2d wife, Laura S. (Carpenter), 
d. 17 Aug., 1918. Ch., the first 4 by 1st wife, Louise (Alex- 
ander), additions: 

i Alexander Fayo Brigham and his wife, Helen A. (Pruner), res. 
at Hollinger Gold Mines, Timmins, Ontario, Can., where he 
is manager of the so-called richest gold mine in the world 
(1922). Mr. Brigham has mined gold in all gold countries, 
and says: "In no place in the world is there such a concen- 
tration of riches in so small an area. ' ' Ch. : 1 Fay^o 
Brigham, b. 5 Aug., 1903; 2 Patricia Brigham, b. 12 Sept., 
1904, is deceased. 

ii Lucien Maxwell Brigham, d. in Orange, N. J., 11 Dec, 191.5, 
in his 42d yr. ; m. 8 Oct., 1910, Rosalie A., dau. of John A. 
and Emily S. Meeker. Ch.: James Alexanderio Brigham, b. 
8 Feb., 1913; they res. in Llewellyn Park, West Orange, N. J. 
iii Charles Henry Brigham, m. Henrietta Crawford. Ch. : 1 
Louiseio Brigham; 2 Charles Henry Brigham, Jr.; res. in 
Germantown, Pa. 

V Celia Louise Caroline Brigham, m. John Franklin Crawford. 
Ch. (Crawford): 1 Patriciaio; 2 Ann Morrow; 3 Louise 
Alexander; res. in Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 

vi Edward Carpenter Brigham, m. Marguerite Deltre. Ch.: 1 
Marguerite Brigham; 2 Laura Fay Brigham; res. in 
vii Adelaide Hill Brigham, m. Guy H. Guiterman; res. s. p. in 

viii Eobert Hill Brigham, b. 23 Nov., 1896. 

ix Laurence Fay Brigham, b. 4 Oct., 1903; the two brothers are 
unm. and res. together in Germantown, Pa. (1922). 

722 DR. EDWIN HOWARD^ BRIGHAM of Boston, d. in 
Watertown, Mass., 14 Sept., 1926, ae. 85 yrs., 11 mos., 17 days. 
He was not quite 21 when he entered the Army in the Civil 
War, and later was taken prisoner. He was released on parole 
and became a hospital steward. Ater the war, he studied med- 
icine, but never practised. He became interested in the litera- 
ture of medicine, and was for long years the resident librarian 
of the Boston Medical Library and of the Mass. Medical So- 
ciety. His wife, Mrs. Jane Spring (Pierce), d. 1 Jan., 1923, in 
her 78th yr. Ch. additions : 

ii Ethels (Brigham) Leatherbee, wife of Albert Thompson, re«. 

in Dedham, Mass. 
iv Ealph Pierce Brigham, m, (1) Alice Davenport, who d. 29 

Sept., 1918, in Brookline; he m. (2) in Brookline, 20 June, 

1923, Mrs. Millie Tillinghast Belden, widow of William L. 


210 The Brigham Family 

723 WlLLIA]\r HARTWELL^ BKIGHAM of Washington, 
D. C, was twice married; his 1st wife, Margaret (Hiekey), was 
the mother of his children, and d. 19 Aug., 1881 ; his 2d wife 
was Mary F. (Wallace), who d. 8 Dec, 1904. Ch. additions: 

i George J.o Brigham is President of the Sloane Agency in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., dealing in real estate and insurance. His 
wife is Mary J. (Mety) and they res. in Brooklyn. Ch. 
additions: 2 John W. lo Brigham, m. 10 June, 1925,' Loretta 
Donahue. Ch.: Dorothyn Brigham, b. 26 Mar., 1926. 

724 DANA BULLARD« BRIGHAM of New York, N. Y., 
where he was a commission merchant for many years, d. in 
Sheffield, 7 Oct., 1926, ae. 81 yrs., 5 mos., and was interred in 
Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston. His residence was Flushing, 
L. I., where his Avife, Mrs. Frances (Slade), d. 17 Dec, 1917, in 
her 65th yr. Ch. additions : 

ii Dana Bullard^ Brigham, Jr., is in the oil business (1922) in the 
South, and is unm. 

iii Eleanor Slade Brigham, res. at the family home. 

V Sally Brigham, m. in 1916, Craig Colgate. Ch. (Colgate): 1 

Elleanorio, b. about 1917; 2 Henrietta, b. about 1918. 
vi Francis Gorham Brigham, M.D., m. 1 Oct., 1913, Helen Greeley 
McKissock. During the World War Dr. Brigham was in 
France in the practice of his profession with the Army. 
Ees. Brookline, Mass. Ch. : 1 Francis Gorhamio Brigham, 
Jr., b. 14 Jan., 1915; 2 Harriet Wiuslow Brigham, b. 8 
Dec, 1916. 

726 CAPT. EZRA« BRIGHAM of Charleston, Vt. (1796- 
1883) ; his wife was Mary (Pierce) (1805-1888). Ch. additions: 

V Lucian L.9 Brigham (1831-1888), whose wife, Nellie M. (Har- 

greaves), d. 6 Dec, 1910, in Grafton, Mass., in her 69th 
yr. Ch.: 2 Nettie (Brigham) Nichols, wife of Ralph 
W., of Grafton. (Ch. [Nichols]: i Corydon E.n, m. 15 
July, 1922, Elizabeth Lecoeuvre of Grafton, b. in Worcester, 
5 Apr., 1900. [Ch.: Barbara Elizabethi2, b. 29 Sept., 1923, 
in Antrim, N. H.] ; ii Leola Brigham, b. in Grafton, 1 Feb., 

730 WILLIAM LACY« BRIGHAM of Exeter, N. H. (1810- 
1893). Ch. additions: 

i Azel P.o Brigham, b. 7 Sept., 1832, d. in recent years at the 
home of his son, George Brigham, at Barre, Vt. and 
was interred in Milford, N. H. (Another son, Azel P. Brig- 
ham, lives in Worcester). He was a musician and on 
the night that Abraham Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theatre, 
Washington, D. C, Mr. Brigham was playing second violin 

Eighth Generation 211 

in the orchestra. He heard the shot and saw John Wilkes 
Booth leap from the box where Lincoln sat. He was not 
born in Exeter us the H. B. F. states, but in Waterford, 
Vt., and removed to Exeter, N. H., five years later. See 
No. 816 H. B. F. for his Civil War career. 

732 LEVI SAMUEL** BRIGHAM was b. 4 Aug., 1823 
(not 1825) ; d. in Ayer, Mass., 1 Apr., 1891 (not 1892) ; his 1st 
Avife was Sophronia (Rice) (1828-1848) ; his 2d wife was Eliza- 
beth (Davenport) (1826-1891). He res. in Grafton and Ashby 
as well as in Ayer. Ch., b. in Marlboro (not Ashby), by 1st m. : 

i Abel Eice9 Brigham, d. in Hopedale, Mass. (not Milford), 18 
May, 1906, in his 60th yr.; his wife, Adelaide (Tabor), d. 
16 July, 1916, in her 72d yr. Ch.: 1 Delia Adclaideio 
(Brigham) Follett, wife of Francis Ballou, was b. in Roek- 
ville, R. 1. (not Woonsocket); res. Providence, R. I.; 2 
Everett Linwood Brigham, was b. in Littleton, Mass. (not 
Woonsocket) ; res. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ch. by 2d m., first 2 b. in Marlboro : 

ii Edwin Davenport Brigham of Ashburnham. His wife, Eliza- 
beth (Wanstrom), d. 8 Feb., 1916. Ch.: 2 Fred Brig- 
ham, b. 8 (not 7) July, 1882; m. 8 Apr., 1911, Gladys, dau. 
of C. P. and Sarah (Playford) Oakman, of Cleveland, O. 
Ch.: Grace W.n Brigham, b. in Erie, Pa., 14 Mar., 1915). 
iii Orison Orlando Brigham, d. s. p. 11 Mar., 1901, ae. 48 yrs., 7 
mos. The date of his m. to Edwina A. Chapman was 25 
Aug., 1887. 
vi Lyra Sophronia (Brigham) Knight, wife of W. E. Knight of 
Gardner, Mass., d. 22 Jan., 1902, ae. 44 yrs., 1 mo. Ch. 
(Knight) additions: 1 Howard, b. 29 Sept., 1881; 
2 Flora M., b. 17 Mav, 1884; 3 Harry O., b. 1 Aug., 1887; 
4 Ida Elizabeth (not* Lizzie), b. 8 Mar., 1890. 

vii Lucien Elmer Brigham was b. in Littleton, Mass. (not Ashby); 
d. 23 Dec, 1921, within 6 days of his 60th yr; interred in 
Ashburnham, Mass.; unm. 

viii Bertis B. Brigham was b. in Ayer, Mass. (not Ashby); his 
wife is Mary E. (Sprague). Their dau.: Clara Estelleio 
Brigham, b. 18 (not 17) Apr., 1895; m. in 1916, Louis 
Hoffman, res. Worcester, Mass. 

widow of Alden of Fitehburg (1823-1890), d. 16 Oct., 1908, in 
her 78th yr. Ch. additions only : 

ii Mary Bigelowo (Phelps) Palmer, wife of Edward. Ch. 
(Palmer) : 1 Hattie (Palmer) Rumrill, wife of Charles 
W., was b. 3 (not 8) Mar., 1876; 5 Frank H., m. Margaret 

Fitzgerald; 6 Kathie L., m. Arthur ; 8 Irene L., 

m. William Watson of Leominster. 

212 The Brigham Family 

734 EDWARD* BRIGHAM of Westboro (1826-1868) ; his 
wife was Ellen (Whitney) (1838-1887). Ch. : 

i Merrill Drapero Brigham and his wife, Alice Gray (Brown), 
res. in Worcester. Ch. additions: 1 Lawrence Whitney^o 
Brigham, m. 25 Aug., 1917, Mary Elizabeth Butler. (Ch.: 
Elizabeth Butlern Brigham, b. 24 Feb., 1919); 3 Harold 
Kingsbury Brigham, M.D., a physician and surgeon prac- 
tising in Southbridge, Mass., is unm. 1925; was grad. from 
Clark University, Worcester, in 1916; from N. Y. Homeo- 
pathic Med. College, M. D., in 1920; N. Y. Hahnemann 
Hospital, 1921. 

735 SETH E.8 BRIGHALI of Fitchburg, Mass., d. there 
18 Dec, 1914, ae. 80 yrs., 6 mos. ; his wife Avas Louisa M. (Fitch) 
(1832-1902). Ch.: 

i Helen Sophronia^ Brigham, has removed to Los Angeles, Cal. 
iii William Emerson Brigham, res. num. in Fitchburg. 

738 FREDERICK A.« BRIGHAM of Topeka, Kans., d. 
in Oakland, a suburb of Topeka, 11 Apr., 1919, ae. 84 yrs., 10 
days; his wife was Mary A. H. (Flagg) (1842-1894). Four 
days previous to his death he was elected Mayor of Oakland 
for the fifteenth time. One of the early settlers of the place, 
and always a leader in progressive movements originating in 
Oakland, it was due to his enterprise and foresight that the 
tract of land, now Oakland, was changed into a thriving city, 
which was incorporated in 1903. He was interred in Shrews- 
bury, Mass., his birthplace, the town with which his family 
was long identified. Ch. additions only : 

ii Alice E.9 (Brigham) Horton, wife of Horace E., res. in Jack- 
sonville, Fla. Ch. (Horton) additions: 1 James Edwardio, 
m. 20 May, 1915, Lillian, dau. of William Jessup of Oak- 
land, Kans. (Ch.: i Dorothyii, b. 25 Oct., 1916, d. 25 Jan., 
1918; ii Horace Edward, b. 4 July, 1918); 2 Margaret 
Whiting, is a lyric soprano; m. 29 June, 1926, the Kev. 
Edwin Fleming Montgomery; res. in Lake City, Fla.; 4 
Horace Brigham, m. 6 July, 1923, Vera F., dau. of James 
Pettigrew of Chicago, 111. 
iii Edward Franklin Brigham has continued his career as a singer 
and dramatic reader, as outlined in the H. B. F. His rich 
bass voice and his power as a reader are giving him a 
national renown, as he has given his recitals in every 
State in the Union. He has published poems which have 
added greatly to his reputation. 

740 REV. SIDNEY S.« BRIGHAM of Underbill, Vt., d. 
at the home of his dau., Mrs. R. C. Ballard, in Fairfax, Vt., 11 

J']D\VAK1) llKUillA.M (,73S; 



Fkkdkkick a. UuUillAM {7'^>^) 

Mavor for liftooii years of 

()ak]aiiil, l\aiis;is. 

ilijiiiiihl 1)1) lliinis iinil Ewiiiy 

llox. Er,i{Ki:T S. Bkiciia^. St. All.:ins, VI. (741) 

Attciniry ;it l,;i\\. Mciiilicr iif C'oiigrcss 

^\■:lsllill.M(lll, ]). C. 

Eighth Generation 213 

May, 1921, in his 86th yr. ; his wife, Anna (Beals), d. in Fair- 
fax, 27 Apr., 1904. Ch. additions : 

i "William Sidney^ Brigham, res. in Pawtucket, E. I. (not West- 
field, Mass.); his wife is F. Lulu (Crowell), not Lulu V. 
Ch.: Capt. Wesley Brigham, U. S. A., is stationed at 
Fort Ethan Allen, Vt.; m. Dorothy Dale Davidson. (Ch.: 
i Bruce Alan" Brigham, b. 14 June, 1922; ii Dorothy Jean 
Brigham, b. 27 Nov., 1923). 
ii Fannie Ainsley (Brigham) Ballard, wife of R. C. of Fairfax, 
Vt. Ch.: (Ballard) b. in Fairfax: 1 George Kennethio, b. 
30 Aug. (not 31 Oct.), 1893; m. 20 Nov., 1923, Edith May 
Elmer, b. in Fairfax, 20 Feb., 1898; 2 Carolyn Anna, b. 
18 Aug., 1905. 
iii Winona L. (Brigham) Taft, wife of E, W., who d.; m. (2) A. C. 
Booth of Burlington, Vt, Ch. (Taft): Eobert Brighamio. 

741 SANFORD J.« BRIGHAM of St. Albans, Vt., is liv- 
ing there (1925). His wife was Sarah J. (Bronson), who d. 20 
Mar., 1901. Ch. additions: 

i Henry S.9 Brigham and his wife, Carrie A. (Holyoke), res 
Upper Welden St., St. Albans. They have a family of 3 
daus. and a son, as given in the H. B. F. 

ii Elbert S. Brigham, b. in St. Albans, 19 Oct., 1877 (not 1887); 
m. 2 Oct., 1906, Anna Sarah Hazen of East Wallingford, 
Vt. He has engaged in farming. After graduation from 
Middlebury College in 1903, he was given an honorary 
degree of Master of Science by the University of Vermont 
in 1913. He served the state on various committees in 1917 
and 1918, relating to agriculture, and was State Commis- 
sioner of Agriculture 1 Mar., 1913-1 Aug., 1924; director 
of Franklin Co. Bank and Trust Co., of St. Albans, and of 
the Nat. Life Ins. Co. of Montpelier; trustee of Middlebury 
College; elected 4 Nov., 1924, to represent the First District 
in Congress; in politics a Eepublican, and a Congrega- 
tionalist in religion. Ees. Main St., St. Albans. 

742 IRA« BRIGHAM of Berlin and Northboro (1809- 
1892) and his wife, Betsey (Carter) (1814-1856). Ch. additions: 

iii George Henrys Brigham, d. in 1904, ae. about 63; his wife, 
Sarah Elizabeth (Hastings), d. in 1917. Their res. was 
Northboro. Ch. additions: 1 George Brigham and his 
. wife, Lillian (Hastings), res. W. Eindge, N. H., s. p.; 
2 Bessie (Brigham) Hadley, wife of Frauk A. of 
Worcester. (Ch. [Hadley]: i Mildred W.n, m. Eichard 
A. Mooney. [Ch. (Moonev): 1 Eichard A.", Jr., b. 1920; 
2 Paul Carter, b. 1922; 3 Donald L., b. 1924]; ii Walter 
C.ii, m. Lillian L. Lourie. [1 ch. : George F.12]); 3 Grace (Brigham) Bailey, wife of Maitland D., res. Worcester. 

742a PHEBE« (BRIGHAM) WARREN (1813-1885), wife 
of Thomas B., who d. in 1897 (not 1899), and was in the 7th 

214 TuE Brigham Family 

generation from Jolin^ Brigham. See H. B. F. No. 490, iii. 
This family of descendants of Phebe have two lines from 
Thomas-, through Jonathan" and Gershom^; from John- this 
family came in the female line from Sarah'* (Brigham) Goode- 
now, John's dau. ; her great-grand-dau., Anna'' Seager, m. 
Benjamin*^ Warren, Jr., whose son Thomas B.' m. Phebe Brig- 
ham. They are also descended seven times from Edmund Rice. 
This interesting record is not exceeded or equalled by any 
other family so far reported. Ch. (Warren) : additions and 
corrections to H. B. F. : 

i Martha A.o, m. John (not William) Lowe. 

ii John Thomas9 (not John T.), b. 25 June, 184.5, d. 19 Feb., 
1914; m. 9 May, 1866, Lvdia Anna Ball. Ch. (Warren): 
1 Fred, b. 25 Nov., 'l867, d. 16 Apr., 1910, m. Cora 
Eeed; 2 Susie E., b. 12 Dec, 1871, m. 24 Sept., 1890, Clar- 
ence Newton; 3 Frank D., b. IS Apr., 1879, m. Ruthcna 
Morrison; 4 John W., b. 1 May, 1883, m. Florence AVest. 

iii Edward Henry, b. 7 Oct., 1847 (not 1848); m. Mary Flagg 
(not Mary Temple), who d. in 1920. Ch. (Warren): 1 
Carrie, m. Sanborn Wright of Boylston; 2 Herbert, m. 
Florenec Andrews of Boylston; 3 Lizzie, m. William Potter 
of Northboro; 4 Delia; 5 Gertrude; 6 Henry; 7 Walter. 

iv George Abram, b. 25 Nov., 1852 (not 1853); m. Myra Walker. 
Ch.: 1 Abbieio, b. 1876, d. about 1888; 2 William, b. 1880; 
3 Bertha, b. 1884, m. Walter Poland; 4 Elvie, b. about 
1888, m. ; 5 Twin to Elvie, who d. 

743 ABRAHAM^ BRIGHA]\I of Northboro and Berlin 

(1816-1857) ; his wife was Hannah A. (Stone) (1822-1857). Ch. 

additions : 

ii Marion S.s (Brigham) Eathbun, wife of Charles B., d. 12 

Feb., 1916, in her 73d yr. 
iii Anna (not Annie) Louise (Brigham) Seymour, wife of Benja- 
min F. of Ohio, d. about 1912, as did her husband. Ch. 
(Seymour), the elder b. in Northboro: 1 Marion Ettaio, 
b. 2 Mar., 1862, d. 1922, m. George W. Benedict of Cleve- 
land, O. (Ch. [Benedict]: i Carolyn Louisen, b. in Kansas 
City, Mo., 27 Jan., 1882, m. Claude Eugene Hart of Hudson, 
O., 8 Oct., 1902, living Findlay, O.; 4 ch.; ii Marjorie 
Lynette, b. in Colorado Springs, Col., 1887; num., living 
in Cleveland; iii Gertrude P'thclyn, b. in 1889 in Colorado 
Springs, m. in 1811 Alfred Schweglor of Cleveland, 2 ch. ; 
iv Harriet Allyue, b. in Cleveland, 16 June, 1893, m. 1915, 
Lowell Van Epp of Cleveland; 3 ch.); 2 Benjamin F., Jr., 
b. in Marlboro, 27 May, 1863; m. Mrs. Hannah P. Tweed 
of Denver, Col. (a widow with 2 eh.). Mr. Seymour is a 
Design and Consulting Engineer in the automobile field, 
chiefly. Member of the Soc. of Automotive Engineers, and 
of Am. Soc. Mechanical Engineers; headquarters at Wash- 

Uks. Df.i.ia F. (Bkicham) ('0Kf:v (744) 

Sc( r('f;n V (pf Tlie Brif);li;nii F'lmiilv 


Edwin P. Cokey, Xoitliboro 

Foiiiicr Scli'ct iii;iii, ('li;iirni;iii <i(' llio 

Scluiol ]i(i;il(l. etc. 

Eighth Generation 215 

ington, D. C, his legal res. since 1915; formerly for 25 yrs. 
of Denver; 3 Gertrude Louise, b. in Northboro, 21 Dec, 
1870, d. 18 Sept., 1871; 4 Ethel Lillian, b. in Wellesley, 
Mass., 23 Mar., 1872 (birth rec. in Needham) ; m. in Cleve- 
land, Hugh Grant Smith; she d. there s. p. 1918. 
iv Henrietta D. (Brigham) Bryant, wife of Edward S., deceased; 
she d. in Gilsum, N. H., 19 Dec, 1916, ae. 68 yrs., 6 mos. 
Ch. (Bryant) additions: 3 George E., m. Jennie Wallace 
of Clinton, Mass. (Ch.: i Mildred; ii Beatrice, d. 13 
Apr., 1923; iii Wallace); 4 Lillian E., m. 25 June, 1902, 
Harlan C. Whitcomb of Leominster; res. Ashland. (Ch. 
[Whitcomb]: Elsie Lillian, b. 6 June, 1906); 5 Carroll W., 
m. Cordelia Goodney of Worcester; res. Indian Orchard, 
Mass.; they have 7 ch., and 6 are living. 

744 JOHN« BRIGHAM of Northboro (1818-1893) ; liis 
wife was Mary S. (Bemis) (1820-1892). He carried on the 
farm which had come down from the time of Thomas^ Brigham, 
and which is still in the possession of the family. See No. 818, 
this volume. Ch. additions : 

iv Delia F.9 (Brigham) Corey, wife of Edwin S., of Northboro. 
She was valedictorian of the class of 1879, State Normal 
School, Framiugham, and taught in Northboro, and Ames- 
bury; for ten years she has served on the school board of 
Northboro, and especially assisted in the work of grading 
the schools and installing the first superintendent; a charter 
member and first president of the Woman 's Club of North- 
boro, she served again in the same capacity from 1911 to 
1913, and is still actively pursuing the work of the club; 
she is a member of the Worcester County Republican Club, 
and has twice represented the town in State conventions, 
the first woman of her town to have that honor; she is the 
secretary of the Brigham Family Association, elected in 
1924. Mr. Corey is of the Brookline family of that name, 
of ancient lineage. Ch, (Corey) additions: 1 Florence 
Ellenio, m. in Northboro, 23 Sept., 1911, Kenneth I. Balcom, 
M.D. ; res. Worcester; 2 Marjorie Mary, m. 11 Nov., 1919, 
Harry Stanley Libbey of Somerville. (Ch. [Libbey], Bar- 
baraii Frances, b. 26 Apr., 1924); 3 Dorothy Brigham, 
was graduated from Boston University in 1922, Phi Beta 
Kappa; member of A. G. D. and Sigma Sororities; at that 
time she was appointed a teacher in the college and is still 
holding the position. 
V George A. Brigham of Northboro; his wife is Sarah A. (God- 
dard) (not Sarah L.); b. 9 Sept. 1858 (not 1857). Ch. 
additions: 1 Ellen Marionio Brigham, m. 17 Juno. 1909, 
Charles Burdett Proctor of Northboro; res. Framiugham. 
(Ch. [Proctor]: Johnii Brigham. b. 17 Jan.. 1917); 2 
Robert Goddard Brigham, m. 1 Oct., 1919, Mabel L. Van 
Ornum of Northboro. (Ch. : i Paul Lawrence^ Brigham, 
b. 5 Aug., 1920; ii James Harding Brigham, b. 26 Jan., 
vi Florence A. (Brigham) Potter, wife of William J. of North- 
boro, d. 27 Feb., 1913, ae. 50 yrs., 4 mos., 24 days. Ch. 

216 The Brigham Family 

(Potter): 1 Baymond B., d. 15 Feb., 19D8, ae. 21 yrs., 7 
mos., 10 days; 2 Norman B., m. 10 Sept., 1913, Jessie M, 
Loud of So. Weymouth, Mass. (Ch.: i Ruth Brigham, b. 
6 Apr., 1915; ii Bruce Oilman, b. 28 Aug., 1918). 

745 SAMUEL^ BRIGHAM of Northboro, Mass. (1822- 
1878), and his wife, Sarah E. (Miller) Bemis, a widow, who is 
deceased. Ch. : 

i Emma L.e (Brigham), widow of Clarence W. of Boston; m. 
(2) 8 May, 1912, George Fred Lougee. Ch. by 1st m.: 1 
Carolineio (Rowland) MacKenzie, wife of Robert, d. 9 
Sept., 1911, ae. 32 yrs., 6 days. She was a singer and 

745a MARY ANN« (BRIGHAM) STONE (1830-1900), 
wife of Joseph H. (not Henry L.) of Westboro (1829-1897). 
See H. B. F. No. 490, ix. Ch. (Stone) : 

i Walter H.9, b. 1 Jan., 1850; d. 29 Oct., 1907; m. (1) 1876, 
Eliza Alexander, who d. 1877; m. (2) 1879, Ruth Fayles, 
b. 13 Apr., 1862. Ch.: 1 Lizzie, b. 12 July, 1880, m. 
12 Sept., 1902, John Rice (1870-1914); 2 Esther V., b. 9 
Mar., 1889, d. 21 June, 1907; 3 Winifred H., b. 1 Feb., 
1891, m. Mary Sargent; 4 Howard D., b. 18 Mar., 1895, m. 
Olive Lekberg. 
ii Alva H., b. 21 June, 1852; d. 30 June, 1912; m. (1) C. Belle 
Blair; m. (2) Emma Harrington, who d.; m. (3) Alice 

iii Flora J., b. 12 Dec, 1853; m. (1) Nov., 1874, William Bruce; 
m. (2) in 1890, Arthur L. Johnston, who d. 19 Feb., 1924. 
Ch. (Bruce): i Walter, b. 1875; 2 Warren E., b. 1877. 

iv Ella M., b. Oct., 1858; d. 11 Apr., 1863. 
V Fred L., b. 19 Jan., 1861; d. 19 Aug., 1862. 

vi Nellie A., b. 14 Jan., 1864; m. 2 Sept., 1884, Arthur S. Johnson, 
b. 9 Feb., 1856. Ch. (Johnson): 1 Josephine, b. 9 
Dec, 1893; m. Aug., 1913, Frank Gallagher; 2 Myrtle M., 
b. 16 June, 1898; m. 24 July, 1920, Loring Harrington, 
vii Fred G., b. 26 Nov., 1868; m. 7 Dec, 1892, E. Maude Laidlaw. 
Ch.: 1 Edith, b. 31 Aug., 1896; m. 5 Sept., 1917, 
Harold C. Hills, 
viii Ef&e A., b. 11 June, 1874; m. (1) 6 Aug., 1890, Thomas M. 
Keizer; m. (2) 22 June, 1895, Luther B. Ellis. Ch. (Keizer): 
1 Jessie, b. 13 July, 1891, deceased; 2 Linwood L., 
b. 16 Feb., 1893, deceased; ch. (Ellis); 3 Ernest H., b. 20 
May, 1896, m. Burnice E. Day, 17 Oct., 1914; 4 Mary E. 
b. 13 July, 1899, deceased; 5 Roy B., b. 24 Nov., 1901, m. 
16 Apr., 1923, Annie L. Welsh; 6 Everett L., b. 24 Aug., 
1904, deceased; 7 Edward, b. 10 Sept., 1905; 8 Arnold 
W., b. 6 Oct., 1907; 9 Doris A., b. 26 Sept., 1910; 10 
Lesley H., b. 12 Apr., 1912; 11 Burnice L., b. 11 July, 1914. 

Eighth Generation 217 

746 CHARLES H.« BRIGHAM of Illinois, Michigan and 
Iowa, from New York State, d. 10 Oct., 1910, ae. 80 yrs., 3 mos. 
His ch. were all by his 1st ra. to Phalla (House). Ch. additions 
to records of H. B. F. : 

i Charles W.9 Brigham, b. 27 Sept., 1857 (not 1858), of St. 
Joseph, Mo., and Elizabeth Cain, his wife, b. 22 Aug., 1865. 
Ch. additions: 1 Oscar Leroyio Brigham, b. 9 (not 27) 
Nov., 1881; m. 24 Dec, 1900, Charlotte La Force. (Ch.: 
i Oscar Denton" Brigham, b. 1 Dec, 1901; ii Wesley Ken- 
neth Brigham, b. 22 Nov., 1905); 2 Robert Brigham, b. 
25 Oct., 1883, is unm.; 3 Kenneth E. Brigham, b. 22 (not 
7), Nov., 1886 (not 1887), m. 14 Mar., 1907, Tillie E. Grimm; 
res. Conception June, Mo. (Ch.: i Herman Kenneth" 
Brigham, b. 30 Oct., 1909; ii Gladys Bernice Brigham, b. 
29 Nov., 1914); 4 Charles Frank Brigham, b. 7 Jan., 1889; 
m. 19 Mar., 1910, Minnie May Morrison. (Ch. i Chester 
F.ii Brigham, b. 28 Aug., 1911). 
ii Frank Brigham, d. in Spencer, la., 21 May, 1919, ae. 58 yrs., 
11 mos. His wife, Nellie L. (Ames), survives. Ch. addi- 
tions: 2 Alice Mayio (Brigham) Cutler, wife of Archibald 
of Langdon, la. (Ch. [Cutler] : i Erving Ernest", b. 18 
Feb., 1908, in Fostoria; ii Erma Winnifred, b. 23 Feb., 
1912, in Fostoria; iii Maurice Oliver, b. 3 Aug., 1919, in 
Langdon, la.); 3 Henry Arthur Brigham, m. 25 Sept., 1912, 
Minnie L. Anderson, b. 6 Feb., 1889, in Spencer, la. (Ch., 
3 younger b. in Spencer: i Helen June" Brigham, b. in 
Claremont, Minn., 1 June, 1915; ii Arthur Duane Brigham, 
b. 25 Feb., 1917; iii Harold Edward Brigham, b. 15 Apr., 
1920; iv LeRoy Merrill Brigham, b. 16 Mar., 1922); 4 
Leslie Harold Brigham, m. 27 Nov., 1919, Leila A. Last, b. 
in Spencer, 9 Oct., 1898. (Ch. b. in Spencer: i Dale Frank- 
lin" Brigham, b. 7 Dec, 1920; 11 Robert William Brigham, 
b. 13 Oct., 1922; iii Allen Eugene Brigham, b. 6 Apr., 
1925); 5 Harriet D. Brigham, m. 1 Nov., 1920, Edwin M. 
Seigfried, b. 3 Oct., 1897. (Ch. [Seigfried], b. in Milford. 
la.: i Nellie Elmira", b. 23 Nov., 1921; ii Wayne Edwin, 
b. 21 Jan., 1923; iii Letty Loraine, b. 16 May, 1924). 

His 1st wife was Mary (Kelleher) (not Keller). Ch. additions 
to records : 

i Harry Risley9 Brigham, of Buffalo, N. Y., where he res. with 
his wife, Cora Blanche (Blakeley). Ch.: 1 Edward 
Brigham, b. 10 May, 1890 (not 1891), d. 5 Oct., 1890 (not 
1891); 2 Florence Eleanor Brigham, m. 10 May, 1914, 
Edgar F. Wendt. (Ch. [Wendt]: i Susanna Brigham", 
b. 18 May, 1918; ii Phyllis Eleanor, b. 30 Mar., 1925). 

748 EDMUND DOUGLASS^ BRIGHAIM, d. suddenly at 
the Union League Club, Chicago, 5 Mar., 1921, ae. 64 j-rs., 2 
mos. His widow is Edith (Northmore) of Glencoe, 111. Long 

218 The Brigiiam Family 

connected Avith the Chicago and Northwestern Railway as 
General Freight Agent. During the World War he was district 
manager of the U. S. R. R., with headquarters at Duluth. Ch. 
additions to record in H. B. F. : 

ii Edmund Douglass^ Brigham, Jr., m. 6 June, 1908, Hazel John- 
son at Kenihvorth, 111. Ch. : 1 Lois Virginiaio Brigham, 
b. 6 Mar., 1909; 2 Edmund Douglass Brigham, 3d, b. 18 
Mar., 1910. 

iii John Northniore Brigham, m. Beatrice Weyaud. Ch.: 1 John 
Northmoreio Brigham, Jr., b. 19 Feb., 1918. 

iv Fanny Brigham, m. Paul Brown, 12 Aug., 1912. Ch. (Brown) : 
1 Edith Brighamio^ b. 30 September, 1914. 

749 GEORGE FRENCH^ BRIGHAM, Jr., d. in Tulsa, 
Okla., 8 Feb., 1925, ae. 62 yrs.; his wife, Nellie (Watkins), 
survives him. Mr. Brigham was manager of the southwestern 
office of the North American Car Co., and president of the 
Commerce Petroleum Co. in Tulsa ; with a previous 25 years' 
service with the Chicago & Northwestern Ry. in St. Louis. 
Interment was in Sharon, Wis. Ch. additions : 

1 James Watkins^ Brigham, m. 20 Oct., 1915, in St. Louis, Flor- 
ence, dau. of Theodore William and Emma (Prietzel) Eem- 
mers, b. 21 Nov., 1893. Ch. b. in St. Louis, where they res.: 
1 Dorothy Jeanneio Brigham, b. 24 Oct., 1916; 2 James 
Kemmers Brigham, b. 23 Apr., 1922. 

ii Aurilla Douglass Brigham, m. in Gleneoe, 111., 29 July, 1922, 
Malcolm Harley, son of Guy Harmon and Margie Parr 
Tuttle, b. 20 Mar., 1896; res. Denver, Colo. Ch. (Tuttle): 
Ellen Grantio, b. 9 Aug., 1925, in Evanston, 111. 

iii Godfrey MacDonald Brigham. 

750 HENRY HANSON« BRIGHAM of Chicago (Glen- 
eoe), 111., where he res. with his wife, Ethelyn Belle (Hanna). 
He is president of the North American Car Companj'^ in Chi- 
cago. Ch. additions, the first and third ch. d. in infancy, as 
per the H. B. F. : 

ii Erwin Eisley" Brigham, m. 15 June, 1923, at Montclair, N. J., 
Hortense Garthwaite, dau. of William L. and Edith C. 
(Barnett) Fish; she was b. in Newark, N. J., 31 May, 1903. 
Mr. Brigham is a graduate of the University of Illinois; was 
2d Lieut. U. S. A., an instructor in the Machine Gun Div. 
Officers' Training School, Camp Hamock, Ga., during the 
World War; is vice-president of the No. Am. Car Co., 
Chicago. Ch., b. in Evanston, 111.: 1 Erwin Eisleyio 
Brigham, Jr., b. 29 Mar., 1924; 2 Jane Garthwaite Brig- 
ham, b. 16 Mar., 1925. 


Eighth Generation 219 

iv Edith Margaret Brigham, m. 27 June, 1925, in Glencoe, III., 

James Delos Swan, Jr. 
V Kobert Hanna Brigham, b. in Chicago, 2 July, and d. there 4 

July, 1907. 
vi Henry Hanna Brigham, b. in Chicago, 17 Aug., 1909. 

751 COL. JOSEPH HENRY« BRIGHAM of Delta, 0., 
and Washington, D. C. (1838-1904). His career, as set forth 
in the H. B. F., was remarkable. Ch. additions : 

vii Josephine^ Brigham, m. 30 Apr., 1908, Felix Tate Moore; res. 
Washington, D. C. 

753 AV ALTER SCOTT« BRIGHAM of Wauseon, 0. (1843- 
1906); his widow, Ellen (Buchanan), d. 15 Oct., 1919.' Ch. 
additions : 

i Lucetteo (not Etta) (Brigham) Crissey, wife of Bert W., of 
Oak Park, 111. Ch. (Crissey): 1 Lucileio (not Lucel), is 
a graduate of the Univ. of Michigan, 1918, and instructor 
of chemistry in Lewis Inst., Chicago; 2 Mildred Jean, was 
grad. from the Univ. of Michigan in 1917; m. 24 Dec, 1919, 
Dean Jamison De Butts of Chicago. (Ch. [De Butts]: 
i Dale Crisseyn, b. 1-4 Dec, 1920, in Dallas, Tex.; ii Edward 
Jamison, b. 17 Dec, 1923); res. Washington, D. C; 3 Joel 
Brigham, studied in the Univ. of 111.; is a buyer at Sears- 
Roebuck Co.; m. 14 Feb., 1925, Mvrtle Berland of Sterling, 
iii Ralph W. Brigham, res. Wauseon; his wife, Fanny (Pearson, 
not Parsons), d. 20 Dec, 1922. Ch.: 1 Walter Pearsonio 
Brigham, b. 29 Julv, 1904; 2 Joel Harvev Brigham, b. 8 
July, 1906; 3 John Brigham, b. 30 May, 1913; 4 Howard 
Brigham, b. 1 Jan., 1915; 5 Ruth Brigham, b. 24 Aug., 1917. 

754 HAVEN THEODORE^ BRIGHAIil of Wauseon, 0., 
d. in Windemere, Orange Co., Fla., the family winter home for 
the last 16 years, 4 Jan., 1926, ae. 79 yrs., 7 mos., 27 dys. He is 
the last of the children of that wonderful pioneer of Ohio, 
Joel Brigham, No. 507. His business interests (see H. B. F.) 
were relinquished a few years ago, and he found a pleasant 
leisure in a happy climate for several months in each year. 
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth (Lucas). Ch. : 

i Laurence Lucas^ Brigham, of Rochester, N. Y., m. 24 Dec, 
1910, Frances Emory, of Rochester. Ch.: 1 Elizabeth 
Janetio Brigham, b. *25 Sept., 1911; 2 Ruth Miriam Brig- 
ham, b. 26 Nov., 1913; 3 Margaret Ellen Brigham. b. 12 
Nov., 1920. 

ii Helen Alice Brigham, m. 9 June, 1923, Enoch S. Maddock, 
formerlv of Columbus, O., and now of Windemere, Orange 
Co., Fla. 

220 The Brigham Family 

755 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN^ Brigham of Chardou, 0., 
d. 12 Apr., 1910, in his 70th yr. ; his 1st wife was Elizabeth 
(Luce) (1845-1887), mother of the eh. : 

i Byron Franklins Brigham, d. 2.5 Aug., 1923, ae. 56 yrs., 16 days. 

iii Samuel Adrian Brigham, was probably b. 8 July, 1874 (not 
1877); his wife is May D, (Griffin). Ch.: 1 Jessies (not 
Jesse) Franklin Brigham, is ae. 23 in 1925; 2 Mabel E. 
(not Mildred) Brigham, is ae. 21 in 1925. 

iv Benjamin Forest Brigham, d. 27 Sept., 1906, in his 26th yr. 

757 ELIJAH* BRIGHAM of Trinidad, Colo., d. 11 Jan., 
1920, in his 77th yr. ; his wife, Julia P. (Huntley), survives 
him. BQs 2 daus., Eva M.^ and Dora M. are m. but record is 
not given. A son is Leslie Elijah Brigham, also m. 

758 GEORGE* BRIGHAM, formerly of Elks Falls, Kans., 
now (1925) of Eugene, Ore., where he res. with his wife, Mrs. 
Martha (Canover). Ch. additions: 

iv Sylvester Williams Brigham, b. 24 Sept., 1879; m. Mabel 
McConnell, b. in Monument, Colo., 1 May, 1882. Ch.: 1 
Waldo McConnellio Brigham, b. 26 July, 1909, d. 15 Nov., 
1922; 2 Lilian Mabel Brigham, b. 15 Apr., 1911, in Alham- 
bra, Cal.; res. of the family in Seattle, Wash. 

vi Clarence F. Brigham is deceased, 
viii Arthur E, Brigham, b. 24 Apr., 1889; m. (1) Hattie E. Shipley, 
who d. in Oct., 1918; m. (2) 14 Nov., 1921, Lura McKinney 
of Parsons, W. Va. ; res. Eugene, Ore., where he is a whole- 
sale grocer and manager of the firm of Allen & Lewis, at 
the Eugene branch. Ch. by 1st m. ; 1 Dorothy Gene^o 
Brigham, b. in Kansas City, Mo., 30 July, 1910; 2 Harriet 
E. Brigham, b. in Eugene, 2 Feb., 1913. 

ix Mary E. (Brigham) Harding, res. Tampa, Fla. 

X Bertha (Brigham) Eose, b. in 1894; res. Brandon, Fla. 

field, Vt., d. 3 Nov., 1909, in his 74th yr. ; his wife, Nella M. 
(Perkins) (1844-1893), was of Bakersfield. See his career in 
the H. B. F. Ch. additions : 

i Clarence Sumners Brigham, see No. 822 (not 821). 
ii "Clara S. (Brigham) Boutell (not Boutwell), widow of C. 
Myron, who d. 22 July, 1920. She res. in Shrewsbury. Ch. 
(Boutell): 1 Doris Nellaio, m, in Oct., 1921, Harold E. 
Daniels; 2 Charles M., res. Shrewsbury, 
iii John Perkins Brigham, D.D.S., of Shrewsbury, where he res. 
with his wife, Mrs. Mabel A. (Powers). Ch.: 1 Muriel 
Adeleio Brigham, res. Shrewsbury. 

William K. 11i;u;iia.m, liostdii, Mass. (.701} 

Sccojid President of 

Tlic IJriijliaiii I'"'ainil\- Assdciatioii 

Eighth Generation 221 

761 WILLIAM ERASTUS« BRIGHAM, was the son of 
Moses Bartlett^ Brigham, and his wife, Almira E. (Fillebrown). 
This is to correct an error in the H, B. F. under this number. 
He ra. (1) Lettie J. (Mitchell) (1863-1891) ; m. (2) Carrie E. 
(Brown) ; they res. in Newtonville, Mass. In 1882, he began 
his journalistic career by founding the Somerville High School 
Radiator, was its first editor, and it is still published. In 
December, 1907, after seeing "The History of the Brigham 
Family" safely through the press and distributed to the sub- 
scribers, he became Washington correspondent of the Boston 
Evening Transcript, until January, 1925, writing as "W. E. B." 
and later using his full name. Was member and secretary for 
four years of the Standing Committee of Correspondents, which 
supervises the press galleries of Congress ; member of National 
Press, Alfalfa, Columbia Country and Gridiron Clubs (presi- 
dent 1924) ; did much to stimulate interest of newspaper men 
in golf and was first president of the Washington Newspaper 
Golf Club ; returned to Boston in 1925 as editorial and special 
writer for the Transcript, He was President of the Brigham 
Family Association from 1896 to 1900; Associate Editor of 
"The History of the Brigham Family," and writer of the 
"Foreword" of this volume; acting also as critic and adviser. 

Mass. (Colrain), d. 21 Oct., 1921, ae. 55 yrs., 6 mos. ; his wife 
was Lizzie P. (March). In later years Mr. Brigham continued 
in charge of public school music, and throughout western 
Mass. and southern Vermont was a recognized leader in musi- 
cal circles. He was a member of the American Federation of 
Musicians, and a member of the Mountain Lodge of ]\Iasons. 
His interest was very keen in the new volume of the Brigham 
genealogy. Ch. additions : 

i Warren Luthers Brigham, a well-known 'cellist, m. 9 Mar., 
1911, Elsa Margareth, dau. of Carl and Elizabeth Muller 
Taunert of Germany, b. in New York City, 13 Sept., 1898; 
res. Elm Grove. Ch.: Helen Elizabethio Brigham, b. in 
Hoboken, N. J., 27 Aug., 1912. 

ii Arthur Temple Brigham, m. 16 Sept., 1911, Bessie Irene, dau. 
of George M. and Ella (Boutwell) Frissell; res. in Holyoke, 

222 The Brigham Family 

Mass, Ch.: 1 Eleanor Frissellio Brigham, b. 8 July, 1912; 
2 Betty Marie Brigham, b. 16 June, 1915; 3 Arthur" Temple 
Brigham, Jr., b. 10 May, 1917; 4 Allan Morse Brigham, 
twin to Arthur; 5 Marjorie Frissell Brigham, b. 5 Mav, 
1919; 6 Barbara Marion Brigham, b. 10 Mar., 1921. 
iii Eose Marie Brigham, res. on the family place in Elm Grove. 

763 WILLIAM MUNROE» BRIGHAM of Marlboro, and 

his wife, Florence li. (Eyres), res. on the old farm of SamueP 
and Dr. Daniel Brigham. Ch. additions : 

i Ulysses Addingtons Brigham, m. in Alstead, N. H., 29 July, 
1915, Blanche M., dau. of Chauncey J. and S. Adelaide 
Newell of Alstead. He served three years as a page in the 
Mass. Senate; lives in Fitchburg, where is assistant manager 
of the office of Simonds Co., Manufacturers. Ch. b. in 
Fitchburg: 1 Richard Addingtonio Brigham, b. 25 Aug., 
1918; 2 LaAvrence Newell Brigham, b. 29 Apr., 1922; 3 
Robert Sill Brigham, b. 28 Jan., 1925; 4 Jackson Dwight 
Brigham, b. 9 Aug., 1926. 
ii Alfred Estabrook Brigham, m. in Boston, 7 Sept., 1913, Grace 
D., dau. of Benjamin W. and Clara M. Gallup of Providence, 
E. I.; they live on part of the home place in Marlboro. 
Ch. b. there: 1 Barbara Elizabethio Brigham, b. 22 June, 
1914; 2 Alfred Estabrook Brigham, Jr., b. 3 Aug., 191S; 
3 Wayland Windsor Brigham, b. 3 Aug.,' 1920. 
iii William Munroe Brigham, Jr., wa^s a student at the well-known 
Norwich Univ. at Northfield, Vt.; the tenor soloist of the 
College Glee Club, and a member of the Quartet. In May, 
1917, he enrolled in the first Reserve Officers Training Camp 
in Plattsburg, N. Y. ; was commissioned 2d lieutenant of 
Cavalry in Aug.; assigned for overseas duty in the World 
War in Co. D., 104th Infantry, 26th Yankee Div., sailing 
in September. This company was under fire constantly from 
the following Feb. and was in all the engagements of the 
division. Relieving the Marines at Belleau Wood, 4 July, 
and in the second battle of the Marne, on the 22d, Lieut. 
Brigham 's platoon led the advance charge on the enemy 
machine gun position at Epieds north of Chateau Thierry. 
He was killed while giving the command "Come on," and 
is buried in the American Cemetery at Seringes et Nesle, 
Aisne province. So far as known he is the only one of the 
name to fall in battle in France. He was cited for excep- 
tional gallantry by Gen. Edwards, Com. of the 26th Div., 
and by Gen. Pershing, Commander-in-Chief, and recom- 
mended for the Distinguished Service Cross. The First 
Baptist Church in Marlboro, of which he was a member, 
hung in the belfry and dedicated a new bell to his memory, 
with an inscription cast into it, as follows: 

Lieutenant William Munroe Brigham, Jr., D Co., 104th 
Infantry, 26th (Yankee) Division, U. S. A., born Marl- 
boro, Mass., Dec. 12, 1894. Killed leading a charge at 
Epieds near Chateau Thierry, France, July 22, 1918. 
Cited by his division commander for gallantry in action. 

William ^SIuxroe Bku;iia.m, Jr. 

jMarll)oro, Ma?s. 

Killod in the World War 


^larlhoro, ]Mass. 

First Vice -Presiilout of The Hrifjhain 

Familv Association 

Eighth Generation 223 

In 1921 the large plot of land in Monument Square, 
Marlboro, fronting the Civil War monument and adjacent 
to the Public Library and the First Baptist Church, was 
named in his honor by the city "Lieut. William Munroe 
Brigham Park." 

764 GEORGE H.« BRIGHAM of Nashua, N. H., d. 21 
Jan., 1913, in his 62d yr. In later years he was superintendent 
of construction upon unusually large Avorks, both public and 
private. He was an Odd Fellow and belonged to the Nashua 
Guards Club. His wife was Sarah (Peasley), and they had 1 
son and 5 daus. Ch. additions : 

iv Kosalieo Brigham, m. 18 Apr., 1917, Vernice W. Law of 
Nashua. Ch. (Law): 1 George Brighamio, b. 15 Feb., 
1919; 2 Richard Beane, b. 26 Oct., 1922. 

do, O., widow of William A., d. in Toledo, 28 May, 1916, in her 
85th year. (See No. 562, H. B. F.). Ch. : 

i Helen L.9 (Beach) Jones, widow of Samuel N. (not Samuel 
W.), former Mayor of Toledo, and known as "Golden Eule 
Jones"; his death occurred 12 July, 1904. Ch.: Masonio 
Jones, b. 3 Oct., 1897, 

ii Anna C. (Beach) Maclaren, widow of Selah R., who d. 29 Jan., 
1905. Ch. Harriet Christinei^', b. 15 Oct., 1889; d. 8 Apr., 

768 CHARLES OLIVERS BRIGHAM of Toledo, 0. (1838- 
1906), was President of the Brigham Family Association at the 
time of his death, 2 May, 1906, having been elected at Chicago 
in Aug., 1893. Nineteen years have passed since his biography 
was placed in "The History of the Brigham Family," but time 
has only increased the respect of the members of that associa- 
tion for his far-sighted policy in regard to the Brigham gen- 
ealogy, and for his great influence Avith the family at large. 
His son : 

i Charles Graham» Brigham, rea. in Toledo, with his wife, Minnie 
A. (Cully). His dau.: Harriet Elizabethio Brigham, m. 
30 June, 1917, Robert Melvin Ellery. (Ch. [Ellery] : i 
Robert Brighamii, b. 17 Feb., 1920; ii John William, b. 3 
Mar., 1922.) 

768a STANLEY FABER« BRIGHA.M of Toledo, 0., d. 
there 9 Jan., 1917, ae 72 yrs., 27 days; his wife, Emma 

224 The Brigham Family 

(Hague), d. in Toledo, 3 Sept., 1914. (See H. B. F. No. 562, vi ) 

i Helen Hagues Brigham, b. 3 Oct., 1872; m. 28 June, 1905, 
William W. Conger, M.D. Ch. (Conger): Katharine Eliza- 
bethio^ b. 12 Aug., 1910. 
ii Grace Martha Brigham, b. 17 Apr., 1875; m. (1) 17 July, 1901, 
William C. Vandegrift, who d. 12 Dec, 1903; m. (2) 29 
June, 1907, Eugene Wilson. Ch. (Vandegrift): Roland 
Brighamio, b. 1 June, 1902; Ch. (Wilson): Edith Eugenia, 
b. 14 June, 1908. 
iii Kate Emma Brigham, b. 7 Aug., 1884. 

768b GEORGE MAVOR« BRIGHAM, d. in Toledo, 21 
Mar., 1907, ae. 58 yrs., 1 mo.; his widow, Kate E. (McCormiek), 
res. in Toledo. (See No. 562, viii, H. B. F.) Ch. : 

i Seavey Y.9 Brigham, b. 3 Oct., 1883, m. 18 Oct., 1913, Mrs. 
Leonore Madison of Bradford, Pa. 

769 WILLIAM AUGUSTUS^ BRIGHAM of Toledo, res. 
there with his wife, Cora Frances (Steele). Ch. : 

1 Cora Steele9 Brigham, b. 22 Oct. (not 3 Oct.), 1876; m. 20 
Oct., 1897, Truman H. Mitchell. Ch. (Mitchell) : 1 Frances 
Ellenio, b. 11 May, 1900; 2 Eobert Brigham, b. 2 Apr., 

ii Bessie Louise Brigham, b. 26 Aug., 1882; m. 24 Feb., 1904, 
James C. Anderson. Ch. (Anderson): 1 Elizabethio, b. 
17 Feb., 1905; 2 Edward Brigham, b. 25 Sept., 1906; 3 
Philip Steele, b. 5 Mar., 1912; 4 Vincent Eussell, b. 15 
May, 1915. 

town, Philadelphia Pa. (not Toledo, 0.), where he and his wife, 
Mrs. Alice Ballou (Horner) reside, with a summer residence 
in Orr's Island, Me. He brought to notice the James Dana 
Brigham line of Orr's Island. Ch. additions: 

i Eoberta Brigham, b. in Toledo, 26 Aug., 1899. 
ii Alice Elizabeth Brigham, b. 2 Oct., 1909; d. 14 Dec, 1910. 
iii Catherine Brigham, b. and d. 27 Nov., 1911. 

770a HARRY CHASE« BRIGHAM, of Toledo, 0. (see 
H. B. F. No. 562, xii), m. 18 June, 1896, Jennie Belle, dau. of 
George B. and Susan (Bevier) Brown. He has greatly assisted 
the genealogist. He is a wholesale druggist in Toledo. Ch. : 
i Mildred Josephines Brigham, b. in Toledo, 4 Aug., 1898. 
ii Richard Bevier Brigham, b. in Toledo, 10 May, 1907. 

Harry Whiting Brigiiam 

Athlete aud Singer 

(lave liis life in the World War 





— k iii ii 



\\'it'i> (iC ircniv Martvii T.iii'liaiii 

Henry Martyn Brigiiam (771) 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Eighth Generation 225 

771 HENRY MARTYN« BRIGHAM of New York, and 
Brooklyn, where resides. A graduate of the University of 
Rochester, and a lawyer, specializing in patent and trade mark 
law; is a member of the Brooklyn Bar, Am. Patent Law and 
New York County Associations, and numerous clubs and 
societies. He invented a furnace for heat-treating big guns 
which was extensively used in the World War; also other 
valuable inventions which have come into common use. In- 
terested in wild life, he drafted and procured the passage of 
important statutes ; one permits the Conservation Commissioner 
to license, breed and sell game birds and animals which has 
resulted in a large and profitable industry; another prevents 
lawless trespass by sportsmen on farm lands. A writer of 
verse, descriptive of nature, he intends shortly to publish in 
book form. His wife, Marie Antoinette (Whiting), is a mem- 
ber of the Chaminade Choral Club. She is President of the 
NcAv Era Club (1925) ; a member of the Nat. Soc. of N. E. 
Women, Brooklyn Colony, "Photoreone," Study, Shakespeare 
and Ex-presidents' clubs. Their only son : 

i Harry WhitingO Brigham, b. in Brooklyn, 19 Dec, 1890; d. at 
Camp McLellan, Anniston, Ala., 30 Jan., 1919; m. 11 Aug., 
1913, Elizabeth Payson Prentiss, b. 2 Jan., 1894, in Dorset, 
Vt. Educated at the University of Va., he studied a yeai 
in Stuttgart, Germany. At Pine Bluff Camp, L. I., he won, 
during summer vacations, five medals in public speaking; 
developed unusual athletic ability as a middle distance 
runner, made many new records and won over 70 medals. 
Prom 1912 to 1918 he successfully engaged in the automobile 
business. Enlisting in Aug., 1918, he was sent to Camp 
Gordon, Ga., where he was assigned to the Personnel Dept., 
passed his own trade test examination exceptionally high, 
and was appointed Chief Examiner of Mechanics and 
Chauffeurs. The Dept. removed to Camp McLellan, Annis- 
ton, Ala., and he was placed on special detail to the Com- 
mander of the Camp. Because he wished to go overseas, 
he refused an appointment to an officers' training camp, 
was transferred to the Headquarters Detachment of the 
9th Field Artillery, and placed in charge of transportation, 
as acting sergeant of the first-class. The armistice came 
a few days later and prevented the issuance of his warrant. 
Nearly three tedious mouths followed. "He made us all 
happy," a tent-mate wrote; "When we heard some one 
singing the boys would say, 'Here comes Brigham,' and 
we would forget our troubles," wrote another. In the 
last week of Jan., 1919, Harry and two others were stricken 
with influenza, all developed pneumonia and died within a 
few days of each other. Harry was to have been discharged 
^n the 29th and died on the "30th. Beautiful memories of 

226 The Brigham Family 

Harry's life, his lovely voice, athletic prowess and happy 
temperament inspired a friend and the following lines 
were published in the Literary Digest of August 23, 1919, 
with this comment: 

"It was not the lot of all who gave up their lives 
for their country to die on the field of action; but the 
sacrifice of those who died in training, or on the way 
to the front, is none the less cherished in the grateful 
remembrance of the Nation." 


Sweet Singer and Swift Runner 


Died in the Service of His Country. 

Ah, but the singer's song was sweet! 

But the song is done. 
Swift and sure were the runner 's feet. 

But the race is run. 
And the ringing plaudits die, 
And the laurels withered lie 
In the dust of the futile years. 

Was it for this the singer sang, 
A wreath of faded bays? 
Was it for this the plaudits rang 

As the runner coursed o'er the ways? 
Nay, for the runner's goal is won, 
And the singer's song, but just begun. 
Rings clear with the choiring spheres. 

HAM of Enfield, Conn. (1823-1897) ; his widow, Eleanor M. 
(Smith), d. 27 Nov., 1906. Ch. additions : 

ii Charles S.9 Brigham of Hartford, Conn., d. 22 Aug., 1916, in 
his 63d yr. ; his widow, Hattie J. (Ranney), d. 9 Jan., 1923. 
Ch.: h! Eleanorio Brigham, m. 19 June, 1907, Charles H., 
son of Charles R. St. John of Hartford; res. Windsor, Conn. 
(Ch. [St. John]: Kenneth Brighamii, b. 3 Aug., 1912). 
iii William M. Brigham, and his wife, Josephine A. (Deming), 
res. Hartford. Ch. additions: 1 William Ernestio (not 
C.) Brigham, d. 27 May, 1913, in his 34th yr.; m. 7 Dec, 
1905, in Hammond, Ind., Julia, dau. of Perry S. Carter of 
Des Moines, la., b. 28 Jan., 1881; she m, (2) about 1916, 
Randolph Marshall. (Ch.: Sally Josephine^ Brigham, 
b. 2 Oct., 1907; legally adopted by her auut, Mrs. Lillian 
H. [Brigham] Bowen, and given the name of Bowen); 2 
Lillian H. Brigham, m. in Winsted, Conn., 7 Oct., 1911, 
Edwin C, son of Henry Bowen of Meriden, Conn. 

773 JOHN OLIN« BRIGHAM of Providence, R. I., d. 
there 7 Nov., 1913; his wife, Alice (Saunders), survives him. 
Ch. additions to records in H. B. F. : 

IIkkukkt Oi.ix Hkkiiiam (77.'ii 

St.itf hihrarian of Rhode Islaml 

rrovitlciice, R. I. 

Ci.AKKXcK. s.\r\ni:Ks liuKiiiAM ^77;!> 

l,ilir.iii;ni nf tlio Aiin'iif:m Anti(|u:ni:iii S.)cifty 

Wdri-t'stiM', M.-iss. ],k\vis Ukkiiiam (77-t) 

H.-iiikcr ;mil Miisici.'iii 

lluilsiin, M.iss. 

Eighth Generation 227 

i Herbert Oliuo Brigham, m. 23 Sept., 1920, Mary Wallace, dau. 
of Jeptha Lee and Anne (Wallace) Holton, b. 13 June, 1892. 
Mr. Brigham is State Librarian of Rhode Island, State 
Record Commissioner, and Associate in Comparative Legis- 
lation in Brown Univ. Also "Editor Special Libraries." 
For membership in societies see "Who's Who in America," 
last edition. Ch. : 1 Anne Stuartio Brigham, b. 14 Jan., 
1922; 2 Herbert Holton Brigham, b. 16 July, 1925. They 
res. in Providence. 

ii Clarence Saunders Brigham, m. 12 Nov., 1910, Alice Louise, 
dau. of Richard W. and Cornelia Comstock, b. 22 May, 
1879. Mr. Brigham is Librarian of the American Anti- 
quarian Society, Worcester, elected 1909. For member- 
ship in societies see "Who's Who in America," last edi- 
tion. Mr. Brigham has published numerous historical works, 
a number of which are named in the H. B. F. Ch.: Eliza- 
beth Comstockio Brigham, b. 22 Feb., 1914. They res. in 

774 CALEB LEWIS« BRIGHAM of Hudson, Mass., son 
of Tileston and Maria Lovina (Russell), not "Mary L." as in 
H. B. F. His wife's name should read Annie Eliza (Robinson), 
not Anna. In point of continuous service, Mr. Brigham, as 
cashier of the Hudson National Bank since 1883, is the oldest 
cashier in Massachusetts. He is ex-president of the Hudson 
Board of Trade ; of the Institute ; the Choral Union and the 
Historical Society, and of the National Bank Cashiers' Asso- 
ciation of Massachusetts, and has other leading positions which 
we regretfullj' omit. He is a grandson of Caleb Brigham, the 
noted violinist of Marlboro. Ch. additions and corrections : 

ii Eva Belle» Brigham, d. 16 Feb., 1916, in Marlboro Hospital; 

m. 23 Dec, 1914, Lewis Clyde Cook, of Alstead, N. H., b. 

there 28 June, 1890. She was a violinist, and a business 

woman of rare accomplishments. Ch. (Cook): Robert Brig- 

hamio, b. 15 and d. 16 Feb., 1916. 
iii Laura Grace Brigham, m. in Hudson, 21 Nov., 1918, Chester 

H. Ray of Hudson; b. there 3 Nov., 1891. 
iv Marion Robinson Brigham, m. in Hudson, 7 May, 1919, Harrison 

E. Deyo of Hudson, b. in Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 30 Apr., 1S94. 

Ch. (Deyo): 1 Janet Aldam, b. in Maiden, 18 Dec, 1921; 

2 Ruth Shirley, b. in Maiden, 18 Feb., 1923; 3 Norma 

Frances, b. in Hudson, 12 May, 1925. 
V Everett Russell Brigham, m. in Humarock, Mass., 14 June, 

1924, Helen, dau. of James E. and Aimee E. (Staples) 

Webster of Lowell, Mass., whore she was b. 23 July, 1901. 

He is an assistant National Bank E.xaminor and res. West 

Somerville. Ch.: Kenneth Webstono Brigham, b. 13 June, 



228 The Brigham Family 

775 REV. JOAB« BRIGHAM of Bloomington and Padua, 
111., d. in Bloomington in 1920, ae. about 83 yrs. ; m. 3 times; his 
ch. were by the 2d m. to Mildred (McDonald) Doolittle, a 
widow ; no further record of them has been given ; his 3d wife, 
Sally (Pierce), d. in 1924. 

776 BENAJAH« BRIGHAjNI, living in Fletcher, 111., is a 
farmer; his wife, Elizabeth (Sherer), d. in June, 1922, in her 
home; his grandfather was Benajah® of Boston. They had 6 
ch., see H. B. F. 

777 FLETCHERS BRIGHAM of Bloomington, 111., d. 
there 6 Jan., 1924, within 7 days of his 78th yr. ; his widow, 
Charlotte C. (Pray), res. at the home place in Bloomington. 
They had 7 ch. Ch. additions : 

ii George E.o (not W.) Brigham and his wife, Annie (Pretzlaff). 
Ch.: 1 Euth Brigham, m. in 1920, Nordica Starr; 
2 Eachel E. Brigham; 3 George Brigham; 4 Margie Brig- 
ham; 5 William Brigham; the last three were not named 
in the H. B. F. 
iv Nora Mabel^ Brigham, m. 22 June, 1921, Arthur H. Lowe and 
res. Mitchell, So. Dakota. Mrs. Lowe has kindly sent in 
the additional records. 

778 JOHNS BRIGHAM of Tamora, Neb., one of the five 
sons of George of Bloomington, 111., and his wife, Louisa 
(Fossett), had 6 ch., 5 of whom reached adult age. Ch. : 

ii Gertrude^ Brigham, d. in Tamora at the home of her father, 
15 Sept., 1921, ae. 45 yrs., 25 days. 

there 27 Apr., 1912, in his 62d yr. ; m.(l) Lilliore (not Lillion) 
Eliza Lillie, d. 17 Mar., 1892; m. (2) Mary Alvada Jenkins. 
Ch. by 1st m. : 

1 Hon. Louis Stanhope^ Brigham, moved to Randolph, Vt., in 
1906, where he is the principal man of the Brigham Sheet 
Gelatine Co. factory at Randolph, offices in New York; 
also President and Treasurer of the Charles Townsend, Inc., 
with offices in New York; he is assistant Judge of the 
Orange Co., Vt., Court; a member of the Vermont Society 
of Engineers, a Knight Templar, 32d degree Mason and 
active member of the Nat. Soc. of Masonic Research. Mrs. 
Brigham was Edith M. (Nickerson). Ch. Stanhope Brig- 
hamio, b. 18 Oct., 1903. 

Eighth Generation 229 

iii Oliver Henry Harrington Brigham, m. Gertrude ; he d. 

7 Oct., 1918, at Sagamore, Mass., within two days of his 
47th birthday. Ch. : 1 Berthaio Brigham; 2 Lilliore Brig- 
ham; 3 Charlotte Brigham. 

iv Charles Edwin Brigham, d. 23 June, 1920, in his 47th yr.; in. 
(2)Ida M. Davidson, who survived him. Ch.: 1 Charlotte 
Annio Brigham, b. 11 Aug., 1912; 2 James Edwin Brigham, 
b. 25 July, 1915. 

V George Ernest Brigham, b. in Springvale (now Islington), 
Mass. (not N. Y.), 13 May, 1875; he removed to Chicago in 

ix Lillian Estella Brigham is secretary to the Gen. Solicitor of 
the B. & M. E. R. She belongs to the Old Powder House 
Club of Somerville; to the Field & Forest Club, The Durant, 
and the Eastern Star. 
X Harold Augustus^ Brigham, m. 25 June, 1909, in Hoboken, 
N. J., Anna M., dau. of Dennis and Ellen (Ryan) Harty, 
b. in Limerick, Ireland, 15 Apr., 1889. Ch.: 1 Mary Helen 
Leonoraio Brigham, b. in New York City, 10 Jan., 1911; 

2 Dorothea Brigham, b. in Maiden, Mass., 17 Aug., 1913; 

3 Ruth Lillie Brigham, b. in Medford, Mass., 1 May, 191.j; 

4 William Mitchell Brigham, b. in Boston, 8 May, 1923. 

Ch. by 2d m. : 
xi Arthur Wellington Brigham, b. in Boston, 20 May, 1896, 

780 LOUIS KOSSUTH« BRIGHAM of Newton, Mass., 
where he and his wife, Mrs. Abbie W. (Richardson), reside. 
Ch. additions : 

i Edmond Francis^ Brigham, m. 14 Sept., 1909, Phyllis S. M. 
Lindsey. Ch.: 1 Elizabeth Edmondio Brigham, b. 10 Sept., 
1910; 2 Lindsey Richardson Brigham, b. 19 Aug., 1913; 
3 Eric Tounsend Brigham, b. 1 Feb., 1918; 4 Louise Emery 
Brigham, b. 26 Apr., 1922. Mr. Brigham was graduated 
from the Mass. Inst, of Technology in 1901, with degree 
of B.S., having taken the course in chemical engineering. 
He is in business in Boston, and res. in Brookline. 

ii Harriet E. Brigham, res, in Brookline. 

suddenly in Dorchester, Mass., of heart disease in 1908. His 
wife, Ellen J. (Brown), d. a few days before, of the same 

i Percy Herbert^ Brigham, m. (1) 1895, Gertrude C. May; m. 
(2) in 1902, Florence S. Mclntyre. He was graduated from 
Boston Dental College in 1895; Bowdoin Medical School, 
1901; graduated in naval architecture with Edward Burgess; 
at various times worked on the Volunteer and Puritan, 
etc.; practised dentistry and later practised medicine; lives 
in Somerville, Mass. 

ii Arthur Winsor Brigham, m, 10 Oct,, 1908, Miss Ethel Frank 
of Dorchester. 

230 The Brigham Family 

and his wife, Henrietta M. (Hubbard), are in Arcadia, Cal. 
Their son : 

i (Eev.) Leonard Ward^ Brigham and his wife, Emma (Ballou), 
res. in Brooklyn, N. Y. Ch.: 1 (Rev.) Warren Ballouio 
Brigham is a Universalist minister; m. Elizabeth Junius, 
dau. of Dr. and Mrs. F. Ellerton Smith. (Ch.: Barbara 
Elizabethii Brigham, b. 31 Jan., 1915); 2 Eva Marie Brig- 
ham, d. 17 Jan., 1920, ae. 18 yrs., 6 mos. 

ii Bret Hugh Brigham and his wife, Mildred (Woods). Ch. 
additions: 1 Grace Brigham, m. 8 Jan., 1912, Hugh 
A. Reed. (Ch. [Reed]: i Mildred Virginian, b. 20 Feb., 
1913; ii Barbara Bernice, b. 5 Nov., 1915; iii Bret Hugh, 
b. 31 Oct., 1918); 2 Cecelia H. Brigham, m. 28 Aug., 1918, 
Webster W. Bernhardt. (Ch. [Bernhardt]: i Webster 
W.ii, Jr., b. 6 Nov., 1919; ii Patricia Jean, b. 10 Aug., 

786 DON FERDINAND^ BRIGHAM, attended Amherst 
College 1859-1861. Mrs. Brigham was Harriet M. Storrs. Ch. 
additions: (--^ 2^ \, h\c^\ ' ' 

ii Ernest Wards Brigham, res.' in Newton Centre, Mass. Mrs. 
Brigham was Edith Bennett. Ch. additions: 1 Ferdinand 
Bennettio Brigham, b. 16 June, 1898, in Hartford, Conn.; 
was graduated from Williams College in class of 1920; m. 
12 Apr., 1924, Mary T. Tatem; 2 Robert Bennett Brigham, 
b. in Newton Centre, 4 Nov., 1902, was graduated from 
Williams College, class of 1924. 

iii Clement Hugh Brigham is in the insurance business in Hart- 
ford, Conn.; lives in Granby, Conn. Mrs. Brigham was 
Lillian Talcott. Ch. additions': 1 Storrs Talcottio Brigham, 
1). 3 May, 1900; was graduated from Williams College in 
class of 1922; he is in business in Cleveland, O.; 2 Mary 
Gray Brigham, b. in Hartford, 29 Apr., 1905; in 1922 was 
a student in Mt. Holyoke College. 

iv Clara (Brigham) Bennett. Her husband, Arthur P., has at- 
tributed to him in the H. B. F. the college career which 
belonged to Don Ferdinand Brigham. Delete that clause 
and also residence in Oxford, N. J. They res. in Hartford. 
Ch. (Bennett): 1 David Brighamio, b. in Hartford, 20 
Sept., 1903; in 1922 was a student in Yale University. 

788 JAMES ^NI.** BRIGHAM of Norwich, Vt. ; his wife is 
Harriet (Partridge). Ch. additions onh^ : 

iv Elizabeth Elleno Brigham, m. E. H. Rugg, and they res. in 
Waban, s. p.; in 1926 she is President of The Daughters of 
Vermont, in Boston. Her husband is President of the Sons 
of Vermont (1926). 

V Charles Robert Brigham, m. Ella La Cross; res. Lowell, Mass. 
Ch.: 1 Thelma Ernestineio Brigham, b. 1 Feb., 1904; 2 
Errington Adolphus Brigham, b. 21 Aug., 1906. 

Eighth Generation 231 

vii Nina Ethel Brigham, m. Cushman. 

viii Minnie Maud Brigham, m. 22 Aug., 1908, Fred A. Hennagin 
of Rochester, Mieh., where they rea. Ch. (Hennagin): 1 
Everett Jamesio, b. 12 Mar., 1910; 2 Eobert Brigham, b. 
23 Feb., 1920. 
ix Bessie Edith Brigham, m. 14 Aug., 1919, Arthur K. Lowell, 
who was a 2d Lieut, of Infantry during the World War. 
Ch. (Lowell): Elizabeth Ilarrietio, b. 30 Sept., 1920; d. 
1 May, 1922. 

X Lillian Margaret Brigham, b. 8 Feb., 1893 (not 2 Feb., 1892); 
m. 23 Aug., 1916, Claude Clement Goodhue; res. Hanover, 
N. H. Ch. (Goodhue): Roberta Jeanio, b. 24 June, 1918. 

xi Vivian Rosetta Brigham, m. 10 Sept., 1919, James A. Park 
of Reading, Mass.; res. Chelsea, Mich. 

789 ANDREW WILLIAM« BRIGHAM of Norwich, Vt., 
d. 18 July, 1924, ae. 77 yrs., 5 mos. His wife, Abbie S. (John- 
son), d. 25 June, 1908; he m. (2) 21 Sept., 1909, Mrs. Hattie 
C. Graves. Ch. additions : 

ii Grace L.o (Brigham) Thornton, widow of Grant C, m. (2) 
Will R. Ruddock. Ch. (Thornton) additions: 1 Gladysio, 
m. George Neilson of Los Angeles, Cal. (Ch. [Neilsen] : 
Eileen Gracen, b. 23 June, 1922). 

790 TRUMAN ELBRIDGE^ BRIGHAM of Amherst and 
North Adams, Mass., d. in Durham, N. C, 2 May, 1924, ae. 82 
yrs. Ch. additions to records : 

i Clarence Trumans Brigham, d. 31 Dec, probablj' 1916. 
ii Allen Eugene Brigham. Ch. addition: 3 Howard Brigham, d. 
iv Harriet Emeline (Brigham) Nichols, wife of the Rev. Ransom 
P., pastor of the Salem M. E. Church of Pocomoke City, 
Md. Mr. Nichols was graduated from Amherst College in 
1895. Ch. (Nichols) : 1 Doris is connected with the 
State Board of Education of Delaware; res. Dover, Del.; 
2 Ransom Brigham was a senior in Dickinson College, 
Carlisle, Pa. (1925). 
vii Ralph Hibbard Brigham, of Rockford, 111.; m. 10 Oct., 1912, 
Catherine Thompson, b. in Bloomingdale, N. Y., 4 June, 
1889. Mr. Brigham is an organist, a graduate of the N. E. 
Conservatory, a colleague of the Am. Guild, and a member 
of the Nat. Association of Organists. He was organist at 
the Strand Theatre in New York City for seven years and 
has held positions in leading theatres in St. Paul and 
Chicago, besides appearing as organ soloist with Sousa's 
Band at the Hippodrome in New York. Ch., b. in New 
York City: 1 Ralph Brigham, Jr., b. 23 May. and d. 
5 June, 1915; 2 Frederick Brigham, b. 12 Sept., 1917; 3 
Marjorie Brigham, b. 17 Apr., 1919. 

790a CHARLES WILLI AM« BRIGHA:\I of Lowell, :Mass. 
(In the H. B. F. he is on p. 441, No. 619. Owing to changes in 

232 The Brigham Family 

the generations of descendants of John° they are moved for- 
ward one generation.) Mr. Brigham d. 30 Apr., 1908, ae. 73 
yrs., 8 mos. He took great interest in the Brigham Family 
Association and was an officer. Ch. additions: 

i Albert Danfortha Brigham, d. 6 Dec, 1919, ae. 48 yrs., 23 days, 
ii Edward William Brigham, m. 11 Oct., 1899, Mamie Hobbs. 

Ch.: Edward Hobbsio Brigham, b. 4 Mar., 1901. 
iii Charles Eichardson Brigham, m. 6 Feb., 1918, Florence Akerly. 

Ga., d. 29 Jan., 1908, in his 62d yr. His wife, Mrs. Julia D. 
(Odom), survived him. He was a physician and plantation 
farmer in Girard. He entered his burning house to save some 
important papers, and was burned to death. Ch. additions : 

i William Kandalls Brigham, M.D., m. 4 Apr., 1922, Mrs. Char- 
lotte (Turner) Eobertson of Salisbury, Md. He is a phy- 
sician in Dublin, Ga. Ch.: Jeauio Brigham, b. 3 Oct., 1923. 
iv Arthur Julian Brigham, m. (1) 28 Oct., 1902, Josie Parnell, 
who d. 6 July, 1906; m. (2) 22 Jan., 1908, Marie Williams. 
He is a farmer in Girard. Ch. by 1st m., b. in Girard: 

1 John Leonidusio Brigham, b. 13 Aug., 1903; Ch. by 2d 
m.: 2 Willie Ernest Brigham, b. 14 Oct., 1910; 3 Arthur 
Julian Brigham, Jr., b. 3 Aug., 1912; 4 James Wilson 
Brigham, b. 5 Oct., 1915; 5 Grace Brigham, b. 10 Mar., 
1918; 6 Henrietta Dell Brigham, b. 16 Apr., 1923. 

V Jennie Freeland Brigham, m. 3 Jan., 1906, Eoger C. Hurst, 
who is a livestock dealer and tax receiver of Burke Co., 
Waynesboro, Ga. Ch. (Hurst) : Martha Juliaio, b. iu 
Waynesboro, 29 Oct., 1906. 

vi Savannah Brigham, m. 7 Dec, 1904, Frank W. Godbee, who 
is a farmer and lives near Waynesboro, Ga. Ch. (Godbee) 
b. in Waynesboro: 1 Brigham Eussellio, b. 30 Oct., 1907; 

2 Frank Warren, Jr., b. 24 July, 1909; 3 Beulah Evelyn, 
b. 2 Jan., 1912; 4 Ealph Joseph, b. 2 July, 1916; 5 Julia 
Frances, b. 9 Sept., 1918. 

vii Ernest Talmadge Brigham, m. 22 Apr., 1914, Gladys Smith. 
Mr. Brigham is an automobile salesman and res. in Macon, 
Ga. Ch. b. in Dublin, Ga.: 1 Eosalie Smithio Brigham, 
b. 12 Sept., 1918; 2 Ernest Talmadge Brigham, Jr., b. 29 
Oct., 1920. 

viii Julia Pauline Brigham, m. 6 Oct., 1917, Earl Zimmerman, who 
is an automobile dealer in Saundersville, Ga. Ch. (Zim- 
merman): Earlio, Jr., b. 7 Aug., 1921. 

792 WILLIAM HENRY« BRIGHAM res. in Augusta, Ga., 
where he is General Manager of Rutherford & Company, manu- 
facturers of plain and fancy brick. His first wife, Mrs. Mary 
E. (Cochran), d. before 1881; his second wife, Mrs. Jennie F. 

Eighth Generation 233 

(Rutherford), d. 12 Apr., 1912. A son by his 1st m. and two 
sons by his 2d m. d. as given in the H. B. F., in early childhood. 
The remaining eh. corrections: 

iv Constance Louise^ Brigham (not Constantia), b. 27 Oct., 1884. 

V Eugene Foster Brigham (not Eugenia B.) is deceased, 
vi Grace Brigham, b. 20 Jan., 1891. 

vii Jennie Kutherford Brigham, b. 18 Aug., 1892. 

(1849-1898) ; his widow, Mrs. Mary Burton (Powell) is living 
in Girard. Ch., all living in Girard: 

1 Powells Brigham is m. and has 2 ch. 
ii Gladys Brigham is m. and has 2 ch. 
iii Aramintha Brigham is unm. in 1924. 

was b. 8 (not 6) Sept., 1856 ; d. 18 Jan., 1917. His wife, Georgia 
V. (Odom), was b. Jan., 1860, d. 18 Mar., 1924; they were m. 
19 Dec, 1878. Ch. additions: 

i Carrie Mauds Brigham, b. 1 Feb., 1880, m. 12 May, 1898, 

C. W. Parker, 
ii Infant, b. 12 Sept., d. 8 Oct., 1882. 

iii Clarence Evans Brigham, b. 13 Sept., 1884; d. 1 Mar., 1887. 
iv Horace Brigham, b. 17 Feb., 1886; d. 1 Dec, 1908. 

V Clifford Brigham, b. 24 Feb., 1888; m. in May, 1917, Mattie 

May Eenfro. 
vi Essie Brigham, b. 30 Oct., 1890; m. 10 Jan., 1912, J. B. Heath, 
a planter of Girard, Ga. 
vii Harold Brigham, b. 17 Oct., 1892; m. 15 Sept., 1916, Laura 

viii Hazel Brigham, b. 18 Nov., 1894; m. 21 May, 1915, R. H. 
ix Clarence Eussell Brigham, Jr., b. 2 Nov., 1897; d. 24 Apr., 1899. 
X Infant, b. and d. 25 Apr., 1900. 

795 CHARLES^ BRIGHAM of Girard, Ga., d. at the Uni- 
versity Hospital, Augusta, Ga., 24 Feb., 1915, in his 55th yr. 
He m. 3 times; his 2d wife was Ada Maria Lewis, who d. in 
1896; m. (3) in Lake Park, Ga., 18 May, 1904, Minnie Lola 
Clayton. Ch. by 2d m. : 

ii Ada Ruth» Brigham, b. 14 Dec, 1892. 

234 The Brigham Family 

iii William Lewis Brigham, b. 19 June, 1894; m. in London, Ky., 
28 June, 1916, Mary E. Dennison. Ch.: 1 Mary Carolynio 
Brigham, b. 11 June, 1917; 2 William Lewis Brigham, Jr., 
b. 3 Aug., 1920. 

iv Sarah Caroline Brigham, d. 20 June, 1903, in her 8th yr. 
Ch. by 3d m. : 

V Charles Clayton Brigham, b. 17 Mar., 1905. 

vi Thomas Duncan Brigham, b. 24 Sept., 1906. 

vii John Christopher Brigham, b. 2 Aug., 1908. 

viii Minnie Alice Brigham, b. 18 Dec, 1909. 

ix Walter Wilson Brigham, b. 27 May, 1913. 

ta, Ga., d. 28 June, 1919, ae. 56 yrs., 3 days. His wife before 
marriage was Miss Lillie Ann Tabb of Georgia. Ch. additions 
to records: 

i Walter Breckenridge^ Brigham, Jr., d. 10 Aug., 1919, ae. 34 
yrs., 2 mos.; m. 1 June, 1905, Susie Wood, of Aiken, S. C. 
(not Georgia as in H. B. F.), who survives him, as do also 
three ch.: 1 Charles Woodio Brigham, b. in 1906; 2 
Eugene Foster Brigham, 2d, b. 1907; 3 Mary Wood Brig- 
ham, b. 1909. 

ii Eugene Foster Brigham of Augusta, Ga., an attorney-at-law 
in that place. At the outbreak of the war he resigned 
from the General Assembly, and served overseas as an 
officer in the Artillery Brigade of the 81st (Wild-Cat) 
Division. After the war he retained the rank of Major 
in the Eeserve Corps. Beside his law practice and the man- 
agement of his father's estate, he is interested in several 
organizations, being at the present time (1925) Vice-Presi- 
dent of the Southern Tire & Eubber Company (a corpora- 
tion organized by his father) ; President of the Augusta 
Motor Club; President of the 10th Congressional Chapter 
of the Eeserve Officers of the U. S. Army; Senior Vice-Com- 
mander of the local post of the American Legion, and 
Deputy Grand Exalted Euler of the B. P. O. Elks for the 
District of Georgia. He will re-enter politics when his 
youngest brother is able to relieve him from the affairs 
relating to the estate. 

iii Tulia L.» Brigham, m. (1) in June, 1912, Edwin D. Scott of 
Graham, N. C; m. (2) Louis J. Zimmerman of Jackson 
Heights, L. I., N. Y. 
viii Lillian Brigham, m. in 1916, John Black, Jr., of Eichmond 
Hills, L. I., N. Y. Ch. (Black): Barbara Brighamio, b. 

ix John Christopher Brigham, d. in Dec, 1912, ae. 15 yrs. 

X Dorothy Brigham, m. in Aug., 1919, Clarence Gridley of 
Eoanoke, Va. Ch. (Gridley): 1 Dorothyio, b. in 1920; 
2 Clarence, Jr., b. 1921. 

xi William Eoscoe Brigham, b. 9 Feb., 1902. 

Eighth Generation 235 

798 HENRY HARRISON« BRIGHAM of Barre, Mass. 
(1846-1891), and his wife, Olive (Rice). Ch.: 

i The Rev. Francis HenryO Brigham is deceased; his wife was 
Alice (Shock), and res. in Appleton, Wis. They had four 
daus., one of them b. after the H. B. F. was published. 

Ch. : i Dorothyio Brigham, m. Pierce; ii Jean 

Brigham; iii Euth Brigham; iv Annette Brigham. Their 
father made a great success as a preacher, and his early 
death is regretted. 
iii Henrietta Harrison Brigham, m. Prof. Leo G. Schussmann, 
who teaches in a college in Areata, Cal. ; she has 2 ch. 

N. Y. (1838-1881), was an editor. His widow, Mrs. Ella E. 
(Grey), d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., in May, 1914, ae. 64 yrs., 6 mos. 
Their dau. : 

i Eose Ellas (Brigham) Coxford, widow of William F. of New 
York, d. in Brooklyn, 16 Jan., 1912, ae. 40 yrs., 8 mos. 
Mrs. Coxford was one of the most enthusiastic members 
of the Brigham Family Association, rarely missing a 
meeting. Mrs. Coxford had a most engaging personality, 
and was highly esteemed by those who were fortunate 
enough to know her. 

800 DR. READER S]\IITH« BRIGHAIM of Weston, Mo., 
Cairo, 111., and Indianapolis,, Ind., in which places he practised 
his profession, d. in New Albany, Ind., 11 Mar., 1890, ae. 57 yrs., 
8 mos., 25 days. His wife, Mrs. Mary (Goe), d. in San Francis- 
co, Cal.„ 10 Oct., 1922, ae. 87 yrs., 5 days. Ch. additions: 

i Frank Payne^ Brigham, m. Olive, dau. of John Wesley and 

Elizabeth (Stanton) Tucker, b. in Madison, Ind., 4 Jan., 

1866. They have no ch. and res. in Alexandria, Va. (1925). 

iii Fred L. Brigham, m. in 1918, Elsie Leisenhoff, his second cousin, 

and is living in Los Angeles, Cal. (1925). 
iv Pearl Brigham, who m. John Page Pulliam, d. in Milwaukee, 
Wis., 4 Dec. 1919, s. p. 

V John Goe Brigham, m. in Louisville, Ky., IS May, 1911. Eliza- 
beth D., dau. of William H. and Louise (Iloerter) Martin, 
b. 4 Nov., 1890; no ch.: res. Washington, D. C. 

vi Lieut-Col. Claude E. Brigham, of the Chemical Warfare 
Service, U. S. Army, residing at the Ontario Apartments. 
Washington, D. C, m. about 1906, Elsie, dau. of Pr. and 
Mrs. L. L. Dorr of San Francisco. Ch.: 1 Mary Elizabethio 
Brigham, b. 26 Sept., 1907; 2 Ernest Dorr Brigham, b. 
13 Feb., 1913. 

236 The Brigham Family 

Norris M. of Horseheads, N. Y., where she d. 8 May, 1910 ; her 
husband d. 22 Nov., 1919, iii Naperville, 111. Ch. (Compton) : 

i Ida Brighamo (Compton) Fitzgerald, wife of James E., res. 
in Aurora, 111. Ch. (Fitzgerald): 1 Clifford Comptonio, 
m. in Aurora, 16 Nov., 1905, Ella May Twist, b. in Aurora, 
3 Jan., 1875; res. in Plainfield, 111.; 3 ch.; 2 Mary Bell, m. 
in Sugar Grove, 111., 21 Feb., 1906, Ward Pease Montgomery, 
b. 24 Oct., 1879, and d. 2 July, 1923; 3 ch.; 3 Anna Maude, 
m. in Sugar Grove, 21 Feb., 1906, Nathan Loucks Pearce, 
b. 7 Sept., 1881; res. Oswego, 111.; 3 ch.; 5 Wilbur Norris, 
m. 30 Sept., 1922, Adella M. Harrison, b. in Pittsburgh, Pa., 
19 May, 1894; res. Aurora; 6 Harold Leon, is unm. 

802 DR. JOHNSON^ BRIGHMI is of Des Moines, la., 
where he has resided for twenty-eight years as the State Libra- 
rian of Iowa. On March 11, 1926, he celebrated his 80th birth- 
day, and on that occasion his friends of more than a quarter of 
a century gave voice to an admiration and regard which few 
men are privileged to receive. State and city rose as one man 
to do him honor. One friend wrote among other lines: 

* ' Warder of books, preserver of the word, 
Gatherer and nurturer of the souls of men, 
Under these prairie skies new virtues bloom, 
New passions warm to fresh creative wills. 
And all their ardors center where you keep 
Your steadfast fortress in the stream of time, 
Hail to you, prophet of the pioneers ! 
Hail to you, guardian of man's living word." 

Mr. Brigham's achievements in the literary world are many, 
but the friendships he has gathered along the way are mani- 
fold. In 1923 he was honored by the librarians of Iowa, who 
presented to him life membership in the American Library 
Association, and the amount was so far over-subscribed that it 
was a high testimony to the esteem in which he is held by mem- 
bers of his profession in Iowa. In 1925 Mr. Brigham was given 
the honorary degree of Litt.D. by Drake University. In 1907 
he was elected its president by the Brigham Family Associa- 
tion, and he has been very faithful in taking the long journey 
East from his home to preside over the meetings, where he has 
been as welcome as at his own fireside. His home life has been 

Eighth Generation 237 

ideal, Mrs. Brigham, who* was Lucy "Walker, being a home- 
maker and companion whose peer it would be difficult to find. 
Their delight in their two charming and talented daughters 
has been unmeasured. *'An Old Man's Idyl," a novel which 
Dr. Brigham published some years ago, was brought out in a 
special edition as a wedding gift to his daughters. Besides this 
he has published "The Banlter in Literature," "Life of James 
Harlan," "History of Des Moines," and "Iowa, Its Historj^ 
and Foremost Citizens." The estimate of a man is easily made 
when it is known in what esteem his family, intimate friends 
and fellow-citizens hold him, and in this respect our beloved 
Association president has first rank. Ch. additions : 

i Ida Wilkinsons Brigham, m. 18 Sept., 1923, in Des Moines, la., 
William Henry Storms; they make their home in Hankow, 
China, where Mr. Storms is connected with the Standard 
Oil Corporation. Ch. (Storms) : Eobert Brighamio^ b. 18 
Apr., 1926. 
ii Mary Walker Brigham, an artist, m. 18 Sept., 1924, in Chicago, 
111., John Michael Johnson, an architect; they res. in 
Birmingham, Ala. 

803 CLARENCE E.« BRIGHAM of Waverly, N. Y., 
formerly of Athens, Pa.; his wife, Ophelia 'M. (Bourne), d. 9 
May, 1918; he m. (2) 30 May, 1921, Mrs. Elizabeth Harris. 
Ch. additions: 

i Eussell Elmer9 Brigham, m. 25 Aug., 1908, Elizabeth Blakeley; 

res. Oneonta, N. Y., where he is a jeweler. Ch.: Margaret 

Elizabethio Brigham, b. 23 Dec, 1909. 
ii Alice Mae (Brigham) Schlotzhaur, wife of Albert F. A., res. 

in Ithaca, N. Y, Ch. (Schlotzhaur) additions: 1 Grace 

Louiseio, b. 13 Feb. 1905; 2 Walter Brigham, b. 27 Feb., 

1909; 3 Doris May, b. 5 Jan., 1921. 
iii Arthur Bourne Brigham, m. 20 (not 21) Jan., 1904, Charlotte 

Williams; res. Turin, N. Y. Ch.: 1 Ernest Leeio Brigham, 

d. 8 Mar., 1908, ae. 2 yrs., 7 mos., 17 days; 2 Althea Mae 

Brigham, b. 22 Mar., 1911; 3 Eussell Arthur Brigham, b. 

14 Apr., d. 25 Aug., 1913. 
vi Horace Danvers Brigham, m. 12 Apr., 1817, Vera Cook; res. 

Galeton, Pa. Ch.: 1 Vera Joauio Brigham, b. 23 Feb., 

vi Agne^ Ora Brigham, m. 31 Dec, 1913, Ealph Eoyal Estelle; 

res. Candor, N. Y. Ch. (Estelle): 1 Inez Marieio, b. 29 

Jan., 1914; 2 Clarence Franklin, b. 31 Aug., 1919. 

University, Hamilton, N. Y. His wife is Mrs. Flora (Winegar). 

238 The Brigham Family 

His early career is told in the H. B. F. Fortunately for the 
world of education and letters he has continued his scholarly 
activities until last yoar (1925). In 1914 he was president of 
the Association of American Geographers; also of the National 
Council of Geography Teachers, 1918-1919; Lecturer in the 
Oxford University, England, during summers of 1908, 1914, 
1922 ; Hilary term, 1924 ; Lcctui-or University of London, 1924 ; 
Lecturer Royal Geographical Society, 1924; had residence 
and travel in Europe several years, 1899, 1905, 1907-8, 1912-13, 
1922, 1924. Plonorary degrees: Sc.D., Syracuse University, 
1918; Litt.D., Franklin College, 1921; D.L., from Colgate Uni- 
versity in 1925, when he retired from active teaching. Addi- 
tional book titles: "From Trail to Railway through the Ap- 
palachians," "Essentials of Geography" (2 vols.), "Manual 
for Teachers of Geography, " " Cape Cod and the Old Colony, ' ' 
"Commercial Geographj^" and many others. His latest work, 
soon to be out, is: "The United States of America, Studies in 
Physical, Regional, Human and Industrial Geography," Uni- 
versity^ of London Press. Ch. additions: 

ii Elizabeth Millers Brigham, m. 19 June, 1913, Lawrence Valen- 
tine Eoth, who is a graduate of Colgate Univ.; graduate 
student of Berlin and Harvard; A.M. from Harvard Univ. 
Since 1918 has been teacher of History in Phillips Academy, 
Andover, Mass. Ch. (Roth): 1 Katharine Brighamio, b. 
in Berlin, Germany, 30 Mar., 1914; 2 Morison Brigham, 
b. 2 June, 1918, in Hamilton, N. Y. 

Hudson, Mass., d. of cerebral hemorrhage, 22 May, 1911, strick- 
en on the boat from Savannah to Boston, when opposite Boston 
Light. He was taken to the Mass. General Hospital, where he 
died. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Cora B. (Dearborn), 
and his son and dau. Ch. additions : 

ii William Mossmano Brigham, enlisted in the U. S. service 5 
Apr., 1917, and sailed for France with the first Pioneers in 
September, 1917; returned home in July, 1919. 

man, Mass. (1837-1907); his widow, Helen Sophia (Peterson), 

Dk. (Pkof.) Albekt Pkkky Bkujuam (S04) 
Formerly of Colfjjito riiivorsity, Hamilton, N. Y. 

Author ami Tiavcllor 

Eighth Generation 239 

d. 3 May, 1909, in her 69th yr. They lost by death a son and 
dau. See H. B. F. Ch. : 

i Albert Henryo Brigham, res. Whitman; his wife, Hannah J. 
(Stevens), was b. 1 Aug., 1858 (not Apr., 1859); d. 9 June, 
1924, in her 66th yr., s. p. 
ii Mary Hobart (Brigham) Stanley, wife of Harry of Whitman, 
d. there 5 Dec, 1918, in her 46th yr. Ch. (Stanley): 1 
Henry Brighamio, m. in Eockland, Mass., 14 Feb., 1923, 
Augusta Kice, dau. of Albert W. and Lucy A. (Wrighting- 
ton) Ames; 2 Donald Hobart, m. in No. Abington, Mass., 
6 Nov., 1923, Pauline, dau. of Eichard B. and Sarah J. 
(Holbrook) Rand; 3 Andrew Corthell Brigham, b. 21 June, 
1911; 4 Mary Helena, twin to Andrew. 



It has been said that the past "was once "a vital and per- 
plexing present." The compiler of these records and stories of 
nine to twelve generations has found this statement something 
better than a platitude, something more than a truism. To 
visualize, even in a small degree, the lives of the men and women 
of this race of Brighams brings us near to the heart of a people 
who, with high hopes for themselves or their children, wrought 
faithfully toward the upbuilding of our nation, and as pioneers 
made homes and settlements in crude towns and wild places. 
When the country was threatened by war, our record of Brig- 
hams in the Revolution, the Civil and the World Wars, is high- 
ly creditable. But, in "the arts of peace," the interests of 
justice, the work of the churches and schools, and in uphold- 
ing high ideals in community and State our people have 
honored themselves and their name, as many pages in this and 
the first volume will attest. , 

There are few States in the Union, perhaps none, where 
descendants of Thomas Brigham of Yorkshire, England, have 
not laid foundations for homes, won success or struggled with 
adversity. There is nothing unusual in this; other families 
of the old stock have done the same; have reached high sta- 
tions, acquired large wealth and social distinction. These things 
are not unknown to the Brighams. It is well, however, to 
emphasize a little the achievements of others whose names, as 
well as those of all their friends, "have been carved for many 
a year on the tomb" only, and would now be entirely forgotten 
but for such annals as these. As nearly all the heads of fam- 
ilies in this portion of our book are living, there are few to 
mention in this ninth review. 

Ervin Frank Brigham, j3oming down from Curtis and Capt. 
Edmund of Westboro, was one of the tall members of the race, 
and it is believed that nearly all the elders of this particular 
branch were men not under six feet in height. Mr. Brigham 
was bom in the West, his grandfather being that wonderful 
pioneer who is mentioned in the story of the seventh generation. 

Ninth Generation 241 

He was a fruitgrower in Idaho, and his sons are now in Los 
Angeles, one an eminent surgeon. (See this vol., No. 810). 

The sudden departure from life of Nathaniel Maynard 
Brigham of the Natick family, that wonderful singer, was a 
great shock to his friends and admirers who had enjoyed his 
voice and his lectures, particularly the one on the Grand 

Dr. Franlc Fontanelle Brigham, son of the Westboro shoe- 
manufacturer, stepped outside the family business and became 
a physician, with fine prospects. His career was cut short at the 
early age of 44, and crushed hopes that had been cherished for 
him by the family and the community in Lynn, where he per- 
formed his very helpful life-work. 

Some whose genealogical records occur under sections in 
the eighth generation are yet of the ninth, and mention of them 
belongs here. 

William H. Brigham of Marlboro of the musical Cyrus 
Brigham family, left many friends among his townsmen, who 
had taken pride in his achievements as a leader of his orchestra, 
known all over New England. No more friendly spirit walked 
the streets of Marlboro, took part in its festivities or added 
more to tlie pleasure of life than William H. Brigham. 

Rose Ella (Brigham) Coxford, only daughter of Alasco 
D., and wife of William F. of New York, brought to the meet- 
ings of the Brigham Family Association the great charm of 
her presence, and her deep interest in the welfare of the asso- 
ciation and the Brigham book. She gave to the laborers in the 
making of the book inspiration and hope for its future, which 
at times was sorely needed. 

Scattered through the pages of this volume will be found 
notices of the services of the sons and daughters of our families 
who were in the World War. In three instances, at least, the 
supreme sacrifice was made. 

Lieut. William Munroe Brigham, son of William M. and 
grandson of Addington M. of Marlboro, was killed in action, 
the only instance, so far as known, of one of the name laying 
down his life in battle in this war. (See No. 763, iii, this vol.) 

Sergeant Harry Whiting Brigham, son of Henry Martyn 
Brigham of Brooklyn, N. Y., died in Camp McLellan, Anniston, 

242 The Brigham Family 

Ala., of pneumonia, nearly three months after the armistice. 
But for the apparently needless delay in his discharge from the 
Army, Harry's friends feel that his life need not have been 
sacrificed. (See No. 771, i, this vol.) 

Ethel Percy Brigham of Chicago, daughter of Ernest 
Algernon Brigham, formerly of Marlboro and now of Los 
Angeles, died in 1922 as the result of an injury by the explosion 
of a shell near the roadside between Chateau Thierry and 
Belleau Wood, in 1919, after the war itself was over, but before 
she had finished her work in France and been discharged. (See 
No. 814, ii, this vol.) 

Probably these are not the only instances of the loss of life 
because of the war among our people, but the three mentioned 
are significant of the spirit of the younger generations who 
served at home and abroad. 

''Death has left many songs unsung, a myriad graves are 
filled, youth is blighted in this white winter men call death, and 
its cup is pressed to the lips of love." 

Yet, blessed are they who realize that these young lives are 
not wasted, that life is eternal and that its "symbol is a circle 
and not a straight line. ' ' 



mont, Mass., 30 Oct., 1919, ae. 78 yrs and 27 days; the widow 
of Thomas D. Cook (1840-1906) of Boston. They res. in the 
Dorchester District, where Mr. Cook conducted a Bible class 
of seventy-five members in the Universalist Church at Upham's 
Corner for many 3'ears. He carried on for many years a course 
of reading and study, in spite of the engrossment of business. 
Mrs. Cook was a charter member of the Dorchester Book Review 
Club, and a member of the Current Topics Club of Dorchester, 
having early taken an interest in the women's club movement. 
Ch. (Cook): 

i Walter Freemanio^ and his wife, Minnie (Crotty), res. in 
West Roxbury, and Mr. Cook is in business in Cambridge. 
Their only son: Frank Brighamii, is in business with his 
father, and res. unm. in W. Roxbury. 

ii Marion Brigham (Cook) Frost, wife of Benjamin S., res. in 
Chatham, Mass. Their only dau. (Frost): Katharine", 
was m. at Hotel Victoria, Boston, 20 Sept., 1921, to Leslie 
Littlefield Cate of Fitehburg, Mass.j res. in Boston, where 
he is in business. 

808 GEORGE BICKFORD^ BRIGHAM of Framingham, 
Mass., and his wife, Lottie B. (Mathewson). Ch. : 

i George Bickford^o Brigham, Jr., is an architect in Pasadena, 
Cal. ; m. 2 July, 1914, lima, dau. of Fred and Alice (Rug- 
gles) Howe of Westboro, Mass., b. there 5 Sept., 1889. 
Ch.: 1 Alice Belleii Brigham, b. 22 Oct., 1915; 2 Virginia 
lima Brigham, b. 1 Mar., 1919. 
ii Flora B. Brigham, is Librarian at the U. S. Naval Hospital, 

League Island, Pa, 
iii Roger W. Brigham, is an accountant and res. in Framingham, 

Mass. (1859-1903) and his widow, Mrs. Ida (^IcDonald) Brig- 
ham, who res. in Beach Bluff, Mass. Ch. : 

i Ruth Brigham, m. in Lynn, in 1913, Frauds Walker 
Johnson. Ch. (Johnson): 1 Richard Brighamii, b. 9 May, 
1914; 2 Lawrence Sheldon, b. 10 May, 1917. They res. 
in Beach Bluff. 

ii Frank D. Brigham. 

244 The Brigham Family 

810 ERVIN FRANK" BRIGHAM of Sylvan, Mich., and 
Lenville, Ida. (a town now passed out of existence) (1853- 
1893) ; his wife, Emma (Overaeker), res. in Los Angeles, 
Cal. Ch. additions: 

i William Curtisio Brigham, M.D., of Los Angeles, is a surgeon, 
Chief of Staff of Monte Sano Hospital, in that city; m. 
Margaret Crichton, b. in Parry Sound, Ont., 24 Apr., 1881. 
Ch.: 1 Fleda Margaret^ Brigham, b. 2 Aug., 1908; 2 
Crichton Curtis Brigham, b. 15 Oct., 1912. 

iii Harrison Brenton Brigham, m. 19 Dec, 1920, Eunice Landrum, 
b. 14 Mar., 1899, in Paragould, Ark. Ch.: Elaine Lan- 
drumii Brigham, b. in Los Angeles, 11 May, 1925. 

iv Fleda Adaline Brigham, m. in 1914, Laurence Bishop. Ch, 
(Bishop) all b. in Pullman, Wash., except the eldest: 1 
Evelyn Margaret^, b. in Spokane, Wash., 5 Mar., 1915; 
2 Burton Laurence, b. 28 Apr., 1917: 3 Lois Ellen, b. 5 
Sept., 1918; 4 Lester Brigham, b. 1 Feb., 1920; 5 Lowell 
John, b. 29 Aug., 1921; 6 Dale (or Darl) James, b. 11 June, 
1924; 7 Elizabeth Nadine, b. 20 July, 1926. 

810a HON. JOHN WARREN" BRIGHAM of Genesee, 
Ida. He was b. in ( Sarahsville ) Placerville, Cal., 22 Mar., 1857. 
At the age of 21 he went to the Idaho frontier and secured 320 
acres of public land in Latah Co., where he has since resided ; 
he m. 31 Dec, 1893, Nellie Wilson; they still live on the old 
homestead, a modern diversified farm. Was a member of the 
last territorial council (Senate) 1899, and sponsored the bill 
that located the University of Idaho and Agricultural College 
at Moscow ; a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1890; 
First State Senate, 1890-1891; the Fifth, 1898-1899; the Sev- 
enth, 1902-1903 ; President pro tern.. Seventh Senate. By resig- 
nation of Lieut. Governor, succeeded to that position. Ch., all 
b. on the farm near Genesee, Latah Co., Ida. : 

i John Wilsonio Brigham, b. 8 Dec, 1924; in 1913 entered 
Oberlin College, where he specialized in several branches 
of music including vocal and piano music. On 11 Aug., 
1918, he entered the army, and the same day was m. at 
South Bend, Wash., to Mary Esther Seymour. In 1923 he 
accepted a position at the Oklahoma Agricultural and 
Mechanical College, Stillwater, Okla., where he was head 
of the Music Dept. Has composed Glee Club music which 
has been published; was first tenor on the Glee Club at the 
University. Ch. b. in Stillwater, Okla.: 1 John Edward" 
Brigham, b. 31 May, 1924. 
ii Verna Esther Brigham, b. 10 Aug., 1897; is unm. and musicaL 
iii Alfred Curtis Brigham, b. 11 May, 1900, is a graduate of the 
Univ. of Idaho, and has a B.S. degree in agriculture and 
agricultural sciences; entered Cornell University, Ithaca, 


Siugoiai, Cliiof of Staff of Monte Sauo Hospital 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Ninth Generation 245 

N. Y., in Jan., 1924, where he won a full scholarship in 
vocal music and is studying music as a major subject, 
besides working for a M.S. degree in science, 
iv Forest Lewis Brigham, b. 28 Jan., 1907; has had two years 
(1925) in music in the Univ. of Idaho, and is first tenor 
of the Glee Club. 
V Burtis Burton Brigham, b. 23 Apr., 1909. Like his brothers, 

is a tenor singer. 
vi Lenore Nellie Brigham, b. 15 Jan., 1912; gives promise of 
vocal ability, 
vii Norton Roy Brigham, b. 21 Oct., 1915; has vocal promise, 
viii Lawrence Edwin Brigham, b. 8 Jan., 1918; d. 31 May, 1918. 

^ 811 DEXTER E.» BRIGHAM was born in Orangeville 

Township, Barry County, Mich, (not Decatur, Mich.), later 

removed to Decatur, Mich. His wife, Clara W. (Lindsey), 

d. 24 Jan., 1910; m. (2) 1 Aug., 1912, Margaret Lindsey. Ch.: 

i Margaret Waitio Brigham was graduated as a nurse at Battle 

Creek, Mich., 1916; res. Fort Collins, Colo, 
ii Doris M. Brigham, was graduated from Kalamazoo College, 

1921; is a teacher. 
iii Lyscom Dexter Brigham, was graduated from Kalamazoo 
College, 1924; res. in Decatur. 

111., and Brookline, Mass., d. 9 Aug., 1915, while boarding a 
railroad train when taking a journey. His wife, Mrs. Luella 
(Cobb), survived him. He was interred in Natick, Mass. Ch. 
additions : 

i Nathalie Francesco Brigham, m. 9 Sept., 1921, Valentyn Bing, 
b. in Holland, 26 Oct., 1895. Ch. (Bing): 1 Valentyn 
Brighamii, b. 12 July, 1922; 2 Cornelia Christina, b. 22 
Sept., 1924. They res. in Oak Park, 111. 

ii Virginia Howe Brigham, res. in Walla Walla, Wash. 


Cal., and his wife, Adeline (Cole). Their ch., b. in Marlboro 

(not St. Louis), additions: 

i Archie Valentineio Brigham; for over eleven years has been 
City Clerk of Wauwatosa, where he lives with his wife, 
Elaine B. (McCarter). Ch. additions: 2 Elisabeth Town- 
eendii Brigham, m. 25 Apr., 1925, Sylvester Ludington, 
second son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ludington of Wauwatosa; 
3 Natalie Adeline Brigham, m. 30 June, 1925, Given Camp- 
bell Arnoux, son of Mrs. Albert Evans of Fort Worth, Tex. 

246 The Brigham Family 

Ethel Percy Brigham, d. 25 Jan., 1922, ae. 51 yrs., 9 mos., 10 
days. She was assistant cashier of the National Bank of 
the Republic in Chicago at the time of her death, and be- 
fore that for many years, save a period which she devoted 
to work with a Base Hospital Unit in France, where she 
went in August, 1918. It was stationed at Grande Blotterau, 
near Nantes. In April, 1919, when on leave for the first 
time, she was injured by the explosion of a shell near the 
roadside between Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood. One 
of the young marines walking with her was killed, and the 
other badly injured, but she succeeded in getting assistance 
for him and did not give attention to her own injuries 
until he was safe at the Hospital. She herself was in the 
Hospital at Neuilly until the latter part of the next June, 
and under care of physicians until August, returning to 
America in September, 1919, receiving her discharge from 
Army Service shortly thereafter. She was not a nurse, but 
was attached to the Unit as a secretarial member. But 
she aided wherever and whenever possible, and gave of her 
strength untiringly. As the result, she lived but a little over 
two years after her return home. The heroes did not all 
wear the soldiers' uniforms nor engage in battle, in the 
late World War. 

Amy Frances Brigham, is a business woman occupying a secre- 
tarial position of importance in New York City. She is 
highly trained having college and other preparation for the 
business world. In this new age our Brigham women are 
proving themselves highly competent. 

818 CHARLES LEWIS" BRIGHAM of Northboro, Mass., 

d. 16 Mar., 1923, ae. 78 yrs., 10 mos., 24 days; and his wife, who 

survives him, is Laura A. (Hastings). He owned and occupied 

"Brigham Farm" on Brigham Street, Northboro, which came 

in direct line of ancestry from Thomas-, who was a large land 

owner, and these farms, in many cases, have never passed out 

of the hands of Brighams, which is true of this Northboro 

farm. Ch. additions : 

11 Walter Brigham res. on this farm, and he, with his sons, 
operates it. Ch. additions: 1 Charles Claytonii Brigham, 
carries on the family farm with his father; m. 1 Sept., 1926, 
Mary Cullen; he was a volunteer serving in the World War; 
2 Harold Montford Brigham, m. 12 Jan., 1926, Bernice King 
of Boston, and res. on the home place. He was also a 
volunteer in the World War. 

Mass. (1846-1903). His wife, Mrs. Jennie M. (Smith), was b. 


OxiTsiH'i- (if tlio I '(Mir of 
lidvlstdii, Mass. 

IIkkhfkt ArcrsTi's Bkumiam (Sl!») 
T;i.\ ("ol lector of 
Boylstou, Mass. 

Ninth Generation 247 

3 June (not 22 Jan.) 1852 (not 1878) ; d. 9 Nov., 1907. Ch. 
additions and corrections : 

i Herbert Augustusio Brigham, and his wife, Mrs. Alice C. 
(Gilman), res. Boylston (not Northboro). A fine club of 
men exists in Boylston, and Mr. Herbert A. and his son, 
Mr. Herbert L. Brigham, belong. Mrs. Brigham is a member 
of the executive board of the Women's Eepublican Club of 
Worcester County, and belongs to numerous civic associa- 
tions. She is Overseer of the Poor of Boylston. Ch. addi- 
tions to records: 1 Charlotte E.n Brigham, m. 10 June, 
1908, Ralph S. Bemis, b. in Northboro, 8 Mar., 1883; res. 
in Northboro. Mrs. Bemis belongs to the Woman's Club of 
Northboro, and also to the Women's Republican Club of 
Worcester County. (Ch. [Bemis]: i Elna Brighamis, b. 
in Lynn, Mass., 5 Jan., 1913; ii Ehvyn Hartley, b. in 
Worcester, Mass., 31 May, 1917); 2 Walter Gilman Brig- 
ham, m. 12 Oct., 1911, Lucy M. Bemis, b. in Northboro, 8 
Mar., 1883; d. 12 Dec, 1924. (Ch., the two younger b. in 
Worcester: i David RusselUs Brigham, b. in Lynn, 17 
Nov., 1912; ii Elizabeth Edith Brigham, b. in W. Somer- 
ville, Mass., 23 Dec, 1914; iii John Lawrence Brigham, 
b. 24 Feb., 1917; iv Walter Gilman Brigham, Jr., b. 14 
Feb., 1920). They res. on Main St., Boylston; 4 Herbert 
Lloyd Brigham, m. 21 July, 1921, Lucia Vera Hager, b. in 
Boylston, 29 Apr., 1902. (Ch.: i Herbert Lloydi2 Brigham, 
Jr., b. in Worcester, 8 July, 1922; ii Ruth Aldene Brigham, 
b. in Worcester, 14 Sept., 1923; iii Alvan Clayton Brig- 
ham, b. in Worcester, 4 Mar., 1925). They res. on Main St., 
Boylston; 5 Marian (not Marion) Ethel Brigham, m. Wil- 
bur K. Newell, b. in Charlestown, Mass., 6 Aug., 1893. 
(Ch. [Newell] b. in Clinton, Mass.: i Alice Wilburtai2, b. 
12 June, 1916; ii Velnia Rae, b. 6 July, 1919). They res. 
on Main St., Boylston. 

820 EDWARD D.« BRIGHx\M of Seattle, Wash., of the 
wholesale house of the Bradner Co. ; his second wife, Clara L. 
(McCoy), is the mother of his living ch. Ch. additions: 

ii Leon Herbertio Brigham, b. 8 Feb., 1897 (not 1896); m. 17 
Aug., 1918, Clara Heald, dau. of Charles H. Weller of Iowa 
City, la. Ch.: 1 Leon H.n Brigham, Jr., b. 30 Apr., 1920; 
2 Jean Bradley Brigham, b. 25 Oct., 1922. 
iii Lyle Duane Brigham, m. June, 1920, Gwendolyn Bradford, 
dau. of Mrs. A. P. Presson of Seattle, where they res. Ch.: 
1 Lyle Edwardii Brigham, b. 14 Dec, 1922; " 2 Richard 
Bradford Brigham, b. 8 July, 1924. 

821 (not 822) GEORGE SAMUEL« BRIGHAM of Buffa- 
lo, N. Y., where he is field engineer with the Portland Cement 
Co. His wife is Christine (Hempstead) and they were m. in 
1904 (not 1902). Ch. : 

i Edmund Hempsteadio Brigham, is (1925) a student in Dart- 
mouth College. 

248 The Brigham Family 

of Leominster, Mass. His 2d wife, Jennie B. (Kinney), is 
deceased. He m. (3) 1 May, 1920, Cora E. Decker. Ch. by 1st 
m. to Anna H. Tracy : 

i Paul Tracyio Brigham, has removed to Texas; was grad. from 

Boston Univ. in 1922. 
ii Helen P. Brigham, is a teacher; was grad. from the Boston 

School of Expression in 1919; from Boston Univ. in 1923. 




Under this title in Volume One of "The History of the 
Brigham Family," the testamentary provisions concerning the 
then proposed Brigham hospitals in Boston, Mass., made pos- 
sible by the generosity of Peter Bent Brigham and his nephew 
and niece, Robert Breck Brigham and Elizabeth Fay Brigham, 
are fully set forth. In the years since the publication of that 
volume, these institutions have become a part of the life of 
the city of Boston, and since 1913 and 1914 have been carrying 
on their work of relief for persons residing in the city of 
Boston, the Peter Bent Brigham provision including the county 
of Suffolk. 

Situated on South Huntington Avenue in Boston, the 
Peter Bent Brigham hospital now ranks in size, equipment and 
the eminence of its staff of doctors with the three largest 
hospitals in the city, the Massachusetts General, the City, and 
the Homeopathic hospitals. At its head is Dr. Harvey Gush- 
ing, surgeon-in-chief, whose work on the brain has placed him 
among the leaders of scientific research, with Dr. Henry A. 
Christian as physician-in-chief. The arrangement of the build- 
ing has been pronounced by an eminent authority as ideal. 
It is divided into separate buildings called pavilions, each 
housing only a few wards. The patients are very fortunate in 
the amount of light and sunshine which the plan of the build- 
ing permits them to receive. Porches are numerous and all 
patients can be easily moved out of doors. Mr. Brigham's 
wish was to provide hospital care for "sick persons in indigent 
circumstances," but it has been legally decided that the pur- 
pose of the will can be perfectly carried out if some paying 
patients are received, as long as their presence does not divert 
any of the money from the free patients. One pavilion with 
forty-seven beds is provided for private patients, and four 
sections with one hundred and seventy-eight beds are devoted 
to general wards. Adults are received for care "irrespective 
of race, creed or economic means." The hospital is operated 

252 The Brigham Family 

under a close working agreement with Harvard University, 
whose medical school buildings are in the rear of the hospital. 
The out-patient department is conducted on a modern, dis- 
tinctive plan, which obviates the necessity of long hours of 
waiting on the part of the patient, and allows the doctor more 
time for examination. More than sixty thousand persons 
availed themselves in 1925 of the opportunity to receive medi- 
cal assistance of the highest quality. Social workers co-oper- 
ate in this department concerning problem cases. 

The Robert B. Brigham Hospital, situated on the summit 
of Parker Hill, in Boston, Dr. Louis M. Spear, physician-in- 
chief, with an exceptional staff of surgeons and consultants, 
receives specifically chronic and difficult cases and such as are 
incurable, chiefly of those unable to pay for treatment. Where 
the disease cannot be controlled or is hopeless, the patient is 
made as comfortable as possible during life. Many cases, with 
the special treatment provided by the hospital equipment, are 
restored to health and to a place in the world again. Arthritis, 
the most common cause of chronic helplessness, is frequently 
cured by the methods adopted, which are attracting so much 
attention from members of the medical profession that physi- 
cians are constantly visiting the institution to observe and 
study, with the intention of using these methods in their own 
communities. The hospital is taxed to its limit with the pa- 
tients who can be received within its walls, and in addition 
many cases who remain in their homes, and do not need the 
daily supervision given in the hospital wards, are watched 
and given medical care for long periods of time by the doctors, 
nurses and other attendants of the hospital. The hygiene of 
such homes is carefully inspected and arranged, and great 
benefit often results both to the individual patient and mem- 
bers of the household. As in the case of the Peter Bent Brig- 
ham hospital, it has been decided by legal authority that such 
paying patients may be received as will not interfere with 
the work for the free patients. In 1924 the whole number of 
patients treated in the Public and Private Wards and in the 
Home Service Department was three hundred and sixty-three. 
The Occupational Therapy work, the Hydrotherapeutic branch, 
the Basal Metabolism tests, the Physiotherapy, Home Service 

Appendix 253 

and Dietary Departments, and the invaluable Laboratory, all 
combine to render the work of this hospital a great blessing 
to individuals and the community, a blessing, the value of 
which will be increasingly shown as the years pass. 


GEORGE BRIGHAM born in Gessborough, Yorkshire, 
England, about 1798, came to America in a sailing vessel, 
being seven weeks upon the voyage. With him came his wife, 
Jane (Ward), and six sons. Numbers of his descendants live 
in New York and other states, and some are in Canada, where 
he settled. A grandson, Charles Orville Ray Brigham, who 
furnished this information, lives in Toronto, Canada. This 
line out of Yorkshire may possibly have an ancestry there 
similar to our own in the far distant past. 

Out of Leicestershire, England, came DR. PHILIP S. 
BRIGHAM, who died in 1851 in Ann Arbor, Mich. The 
mother of his wife, Sophronia S. (Smith), was out of the Lee 
family. They had eight daughters. 

ANDREW BRIGHAM was a Puritan in County Donegal, 
Urney, Ireland. His grandson, MARCUS DILL BRIGHAM, 
emigrated to Philadelphia in 1887, where he appears in the 
directory in later years. He had, in 1893, two sons and two 

In Ottawa, 111., ten children were born to CHARLES 
HENRY BRIGHAM, of Bremen, Germany, where he left a 
father when he emigrated to America about 1844. His chil- 
dren were born between 1859 and 1882. 

Certain Brighams in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are 
descended from a WILLIAM BRIGHAM who emigrated to 
America in the 18th century, whose wife was of gentle birth. 
They settled in Franklin, Pa. 

Tennessee contains a number of Brigham families 
descended from JAMES BRIGHAM, who emigrated about 
1650 from Great Britain to the vicinity of Philadelphia with 
his brother Charles. The latter changed his name to Brigance. 
The descendants of James' greatgraudson, William Brigham, 

254 The Brigham Family 

are rather numerous in Tennessee, where are also persons 
named Brigance. 

JAMES HARVEY BRIGHA^I settled in Louisiana, with 
his wife, Sarah Davidson (Caldwell), and on the flat boat on 
which they traveled down the Mississippi river with all their 
household goods, cattle and horses, twin sons were born. They 
had nine sons and two daughters. Miss Ophelia Polk Brigham 
of Abilene, Texas, sent in this information some j^ears ago, in 
the effort to connect her family with Thomas^ Brigham. She 
thought they moved to Louisiana in 1825 and were from 

ABRAHAM BRIGHAM, who was born in Winchester, 
N. H., 10 June, 1751, and died in Chelsea, Vt., 24 July, 1829, 
was doubtless of the Thomas^ line, but it has been impossible 
to place him in the correct family. He had a friendship with 
Henry Brigham of Barre, Mass., as evidenced by some letters, 
but they do not throw any light upon his origin. He was in 
the Revolution and served five years under Washington. After 
his death, his wife, Emma (Robbins) (1756-1846), drew a 
pension. His eldest son, Abraham (1782-1871), married 
Martha Hay ward of Norwich, Vt. (1785-1881). They had 
seven daughters and two sons who reached adult age : Oramel 
Abraham, born in Chelsea, Vt., 1831, lived in Lowell, Mass., 
over fifty years; his brother Cortez Thomas, born in 1834, 
lived in St. Johnsbury, Vt,, in 1903 ; had sons. 

We regret that correspondence with many persons bear- 
ing the name of Brigham has been futile, because the informa- 
tion they could give of their lineage was not sufficient to allow 
of their inclusion among the descendants of Thomas Brigham 
of Yorkshire, England, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. 



The index refers only to the genealogical section and to numbers, 
not pages. The letter u preceding a number indicates that the mention 
of the person is to be found under or in connection with the record 
carrying that number. 

Abbott, Anna, u 52 

Polly, u 52 
Adams, Allen, u 304 
Augusta (Spalding), 

u 304 
Bertha Odell, u 278 
Caroline (Wesson), 

u 327 
Eliza Ann, u 319 
Franklin W., u 542 
Helen Isabel, u 542 
Henry Brigham, u 588 
Henry G., u 588 
Jonathan, u 6 
Martha, u 164 
Pauline, u 645 
Susan Frances, u 327 
Sylvanus, u 327 
Aitcheson, Bertha (Ja- 

quith), u 536 
John Shepard, u 536 
John Shepard, Jr., u 

L. Mina (Brigham) 

u 536 
Thomas Brigham, u 

Thomas Brigham, Jr., 

u 536 
Akerly, Florence, u 

Aldrich, Agnes Helena, 

u 702 
Alexander, Eliza, u 490, 

u 745a 
Mary D. (Brigham), 

u 688 
Samuel, u 688 
Allen, Abbie (Morse), 

u 42 
Abigail (Brigham), 

u 169 
Adelbert, u 172 
Alice L., u 233 
Amos, u 14 
Arthur Leon, u 585 

Allen, Asa, u 14, u 585 
Barbara, u 596 
Benjamin Weeks, u 

Carlton Brigham, u 585 
Charles Edgar, u 596 
Charles Eaymond, u 

Charles Vernon, u 585 
Delia A. (Brigham), 

u 585 
Elizabeth, u 596 
Helen Louise, u 585 
James, u 596 
Howard Brigham, u 

John, u 14 
Lewis, u 395 
Lydia (Brigham), u 

Margaret Marie, u 

Mary E. (Willcox), 

u 596 
Miriam, u 596 
Ealph Carlton, u 596 
Raymond W., u 596 
Sarah E. (Brigham), 

William, u 14 
Ames, Albert W., u 806 
Augusta Rice, u 806 
Ella, u 286 
Fisher, u 52 
Lewis, u 286 
Lucy A. (Wrightiug- 

ton), u 806 
Lydia (Brigham), 286 
Moses, u 119 
Moses, u. 284 
Martha L., u 286 
Robert Brigham, u 

Amsden, Eunice (Fish- 
er), u 197 
Susan (Flagg), u 463 
Susannah, u 197 
William, u 197 

Anderson, Clare M., u 
David C, u 657 
Edward Brigham, u 

Elizabeth, u 769 
George Weston, u 657 
Grace, u 370 
James C, u 769 
Jennie (Holbrook), 

u 370 
Lulie, u 695 
Martha (Brigham), 

Mary, u 370 
Minnie L., u 746 
Ola, u 370 
Philip Steele, u 769 
Richard Brigham, u 

Robert D., u 657 
Vincent Russell, u 769 
Viola, u 370 
Andrews, Charles Cur- 
tis, u 295 
Florence, u 490, u 

Frank, u 354 
Goldie, u 354 
Harriet E., u 677 
Henrietta M. (Brig- 
ham), u 517 
John T., u 517 
Lucy H. (Brigham), 

u 295 
Samuel C, u 295 
Arnold, Aaron, u 358 

Mary A., u 358 
Arnoux, Given Camp- 
bell, u 814 
Ash, Mav Frances, u 

Ashcroft, Lee, u 332 
Atchue, Francis Ed- 
mund, u 437 
Joseph Fred, u 437 
Balph Henry, u 437 
Lester Fred, u 437 


The Briguam Family 

Atherton, Oliver, u 10 
Austin, Blanche Mil- 
dred, u 564 
Ella (Brigham), u 564 
Florence Virginia, u 

Frank K., u 564 


Babcock, Addie A., u 
Winifred Rosina, u 
Bade, Marian Flora, u 

Bailev, Alice Elizabeth, 
u 530 
Charles W., u 530 
Eliza (Brigham), u 

Grace V. (Brigham), 

u 742 
Jefferson A., 530 
Josephine (Groes- 

beck), u 530 
Maitland D., u 742 
Miss, u 293a 
Baker, Abigail, u 6 
Edward, u 39 
Eliza, u 24 
Elizabeth, u 6 
Ernine Vera u 701a 
Ezra, u 6 
Persis, u 6 
Hepsibah, u 6 
John, u 397 
Marrie, u 702 
Samuel, u 6 
Solomon, u 6 
Joseph, u 6 
Levinah, u 6 
Persis, u 39 
Persis (Brigham), u 

6, u 39 
Levi, u 162 
Marshall, u 24 
Mary, u 6 
Balconi, George, u 688 
Kenneth I., u 744 
Sarah P. (Brigham), 
u 688 
Baldwin, Charles F., u 
Curtis, u 290 
Eliza, u 290 
Grosvcnor, u 290 
Mary, u 290 

Baldwin, Mary (Brig- 
ham), u 437 
Monson, u 290 
Reuben, u 290 
Ziba, u 290 
Ball, Betsey, u 164 
Betsev (Brigham), u 

Elizabeth Ann, u 181 
Elizabeth (Meacham), 

u 656 
Franklin P., u 056 
Ida (Brigham), u 463 
John, u 6, u 183 
Jonas, u 181 
Jonas Martin, u 181 
Lewis F., u 164 
Lewis Franklin, u 181 
. Levi P., u 463 
Lydia, u 183 
Lvdia Anna, u 742a 
Lydia (Pratt), u 183 
Margaret E., u 656 
Marshall Spurr, u 181 
Martha (Morse), u 

Mary Elizabeth, u 181 
Mollv (Taylor), u 181 
Nixon, u 164, u 181 
Sullivan Taylor, u 181 
Ballard, Carolyn Anna, 
u 740 
Fannie A. (Brigham), 

u 740 
George Kenneth, u 

R. C, u 740 
Bannister, Martha, u 12 
Barber, Bessie Cornelia, 
u 501 
Bessie J., u 612 
Bardin, Collis Matter- 
son, u 651 
Dorothy, u 651 
Earl Clifford, u 651 
Fannie (Brigham), 

u 651 
Park M., u 651 
Robert G., u 651 
Russell Park, u 651 
Ward Nelson, u 651 
Barker, Daniel G., u 24 
Lura P., u 24 
Ralph P., u 164 
Barnard, Delia, u 563 
Jehiel, u 563 
Mary Eliza (Brig- 
ham), u 583 

Barnard, Francis L., u 
William, u 407 
Barnes, Anna (Brig- 
ham), u 62 
Elizabeth, u 358 
George H., u 395 
Lydia, u 119 
Mariette (Brigham), 

u 358, u 395 
Nellie (Hey wood), u 

Samuel, u 62 
Steven Douglas, u 30 
William, Jr., u 358, 
u 395 
Barney, Sarah, u 286 
Barr, Susan, u 197 

Barstow, — ^ , u 281 

Barteaux, Victoria Mae, 

u 360 
Bartlett, Eunice (Howe) 
u 310 
Harriet Stone, u 310 
Levi, Jr., u 310 
Leona, u 701 
Bassett, Helen (Glid- 
den, u 710 
William H., u 710 
Bates, Betsey (Sweet), 
u 259, u 540 
Electa Bushnell, u 259 
Eliza Parkhurst, u 

Norton, u 259, u 540 
Batherick, Lydia, u 177 
Baum, Leila (Brigham), 
u 677 
Louis, u 677 
Baxter, Susan, u 674 
Bayless, Rebecca 
(Thompson), u 332 
William B., u 332 
William W., u 332 
Beach, Ahiva, Jr., u 528 
Harriet (Brigham), 

u 562, 767a 
John Parsons, u 663 
Julia (Brigham), u 

William A., u 767a 
Beacon, William, u 701a 
Belden, Millie T., u 722 

William L., u 722 
Belknap, Ebenezer, u 
Martha, u 208 
Bell, Janet, u 332 



Bellamy, Faith, u 686 
Bellows, Austin, u 196 
Bulah, u 43 
Ebenezer, u 196 
Newell, u 196 
Harrison Bird, u 196 
Lydia, u 196 
Rowena C, u 196 
Bemis, Amv (Hawes), 

u 490 
Dolly (Brigham), 523 
Elna Brighani, u 819 
Elwyn Hartley, u 819 
Emma A., u 523 
LeAvis, u 523 
Lewis Tyler, u 523 
Lucy M., u 819 
Minnie (Brigham), u 

Ralph S., u 819 
Sarah (Miller), u 

Bemus, Albert B., u 645 
George H., u 645 
George William, u 

Mary (Brigham), u 

Mary Helen, u 645 
Susanne, u 645 
Walter J., u 645 
Benedict, Carolyn Lou- 
ise, u 743 
George W., u 743 
Gertrude Evelyn, u 

Harriet Allyne, u 743 
Marjorie Lynette, u 

Benetisha, Josephine, u 

Bennett, Arthur P., u 

Bertha M., u 701a 
Celia (Brigham), u 

Charles E., Dr., u 507 
Clara (Brigham), u 

David Brigham, u 786 
Florence, u 507 
Frank, u 701a 
George Henrv, u 701a 
Herbert W., u 416 
Joel Walter, u 507 
John, u 507 
Marion, u 507 
Mr., u 10 

Bennett, Stephen, u 416 
Benson, Stuart, u 30oa 
Bent, Abigail, u 123 
Carrie F., u 330 
Lucius E., u 330 
Peter, u 123 
Rebecca H a y n e a 

(Brigham), *u 330 
Thomas Albret, u 330 
Bernhardt, David, u 

Gita, u 465 
Patricia Jean, u 782 
Sarah, u 465 
Webster W., u 782 
Webster W., Jr. u 782 
Berreman, Alice O., u 

Dora, u 704 
Doris, u 704 
Delphia, u 704 
Ella (Brigham), u 

Ella Mabel, u 704 
Frank Brigham, u 704 
George Curtis, u 704 
George Curtis, Jr., u 

Hattie E., u 704 
James, u 704 
James Warren, u 704 
Joel Van Meter, u 

Lavelle, u 704 
Laverne, u 704 
Berry, Sarah A., u 668 
Biddle, J. Anthony 

Drexel, u 293a 
Bigelow, Angeline, u 164 
Emma (Brigham), u 

Ephraim, u 395 
Ethel Lavinia, u 674 
Ruth Adelaide, u 674 
Homer, u 83 
Jane (Brigham), 394 
Mary (Arnold), ii 395 
Mary B., u 395 
Mary S. (Rice), u S3 
Walter S., u 674 
Billings, Hannah, u 13 
Bing, Cornelia Chris- 
tina, u 813 
Valentyn, u 813 
Yalentvn Brigliam, u 

813 ' 
Bishop, Burton T>aii- 

rence, u 810 

Bishop, Darl, u 810 
Elizabeth Nadine, u 

Evelvn Margaret, a 

Laurence, u 810 
Lester Brighani, u 810 
Lois Ellen, u SIO 
Lowell John, u 810 
Black, Dorothy Brig- 
ham, u 796 
John, u 796 
John. Jr., u 796 
Blackfan, E s t e 1 1 e 
(Chase), u 695 
Harrv, u 695 
Hallie M., u 695 
Kenneth D., M.D., u 
Harry C, u 695 

Blair, C. Belle, u 745a 
Blake, Caroline S. 
(Fay), u 408 
Edmund, u 408 
Delia (Williams), u 

Ida Mae, u 380 
W. C, M.D., u 380 
Blanchard, Louis Carl- 
ton, u 708 
Blakeley, Elizabeth, u 

Blodgett, Eleanor, u 
Harvey Presbury, u 

Mary Fay, u 680 

Blood, Lucy, u 183 
Blossom, Henrv M., Jr., 
u 353 
Henry Martyn. u 353 
Susan (Brighani), u 
Boden, Edward B., u 
Sarah (Brigham"), u 
Boehne, E. Eugene, u 

Boice. Theodore, u 305a 
Bond, Thomas, u 10 
Booth. A. C, u 740 

Amy Frances, u 352 
Houdreai!. Georgiana, 
u 358 


The Bbigham Family 

Boutell, C. Myron, u 759 
Charles M., u 759 
Clara (Brigham), u 

Doris Nella, u 759 
Bowen, Edwin C, u 772 
Henry, u 772 
Lillian (Brigham), u 

Sally J., u 772 
Bowker, Betty, u 15 
Daniel, u 15 
Edwin, u 524 
Eunice, u 15 
George H., u 524 
Hannah, u 15 
Irene, u 524 
Lois, u 15 
Perc}', u 15 
Sarah, u 15 
Bowman, Joseph, Rev., 

u 6 
William H. S., u 208 
Boyce, Clayton Brig- 
ham, u 604 
Dora Elizabeth, u 604 
George O., u 604 
Laura (Brigham), 604 
Boyd, Alice, u 694 
Anne (Brigham), u 

Anne F. (Brigham), 

u 388 
Ethel, u 694 
Laura (Farnsworth), 

u 694 
Samuel, u 388 
Bragg, Mary, u 54 
Bradford, Gwendolyn, 

u 820 
Bradlcj^ Alexander, u 

Charles Henderson, u 

Charles Henderson, 

Jr., u 293a 
Cordelia Rundell, u 

Elizabeth (Stuart), 

u 293a 
Gladys, u 293a 
Jennie, u 293a 
Brash, Clarence W., u 

Donald William, u 704 
Fred IJrigham, u 704 
Breckenridge, Lucy H., 

u 344 

Bresette, Beulah, u 599 
Brewer, Ella, u 445 
Hattie (Walker), u 

Leonard W., u 454 
Briggs, May, u 596 
Brigham, Aaron, 77, 

161, 163, 369, 393 

u 408, 481, 585 
Abbie A., u 460 
Abbie (Flanders), u 

Abbie (Johnson ), u 

Abbie (Richardson), u 

Abby (Randall), u 

Abel, u 51, u 359, 

479. 625 
Abel Rice, u 732 
Abigail, u 14, u 15, 

u 50, u 133a 
Abigail (Bates),u 265 
Abigail (Putnam), u 

Abijah, 51, 327 
Abner, 79, 484 
Abraham, 62, 743 
Abraham Fay, u 233 
Ada (Dalrymple), u 

Ada (Dickson), u 630 
Ada L., u 259 
Ada Ruth, u 795 
Ada (Springer), u 684 
Adaline M., u 677 
Addison, u 701a 
Addington M., 541 
Adelaide Hill, u 720 
Adelaide (Tabor), u 

Adeline (Bates), u 

Adeline (Cole), u 814 
Adeline F., u 361 
Adoniram Judson, u 

Adulcena, u 177 
Agnes, u 612 
Agnes Abigail, u 545 
Agnes Ora, u 803 
Aladah Beale, u 606a 
Alan Edwin, u 690 
Alanson, u 333 
Alasco De Lancey, 

Albert, u 433 

Brigham, Albert Craw- 
ford 560 
Albert Danforth, u 

Albert Gallatin, 637 
Albert George, u 637 
Albert Henry, u 560, 

u 806 
Albert M., u 358 
Albert Perrv, Dr., u 

645, 804 
Albert Sherman, u 692 
Albert Smith. 382 
Albert Walter, u 542 
Alden, u 293, u 416, 

Alden I., u 734 
Aletta, u 219 
Alexander, u 231. 512 
Alexander Fav, u 720 
Alfred, 618d, "u 677 
Alfred Aaron, u 585 
Alfred Adams, 675 
Alfred C, u 705 
Alfred Curtis, u 810a 
Alfred Estabrook, u 

Alfred Estabrook, Jr., 

u 763 
Alfred H., u 677 
Alfred M., u 358, u 

Alfred Milo, 710 
Alfred Rice, u 229 
Alfred W., u 549 
Alfred Winslow, u 

Algernon Raymond, 

u 712 
Algernon Sidney. 712 
Alice, u 583, u *650, 

u 677 
Alice Babcock, u 683 
Alice (Babcock), u 

Alice Ballou (Horner) 

u 770 
Alice Belle, u 612, u 

Alice (Gilman), u 819 
Alice Elizabeth, u 770 
Alice Elsie, u 712 
Alice Freeman, u 608 
Alice Grav (Brown), 

u 734 
Alice May, u 261 
Alice Minerva, u 717 
Alice (Poole), u 348 



Brigham, Alice lluth, u 

Alice (Saunders), u 

Alice (Shock), u 798 
Alice Whitney, u 680 
Alice (Witherbee), u 

Alida C. (Wilmarth), 

u 579 
Allen Eugene, u 746, 

u 790 
Allen James, u 511 
Alletta, u 566 
Allie (Willson), u 705 
Alma Salinda, u 585 
Almira (Bowker), u 

Almira E. (Fille- 

brown), u 761 
Almira (Smith), u 

Alonzo Howe, 631 
Alpheus, 110 
Alphonso Gilderoy, u 

Althea Irene, u 424 
Althea M,ay, u 803 
Alvan Clayton, u 8'19 
Alvin Lucas, 302 
Alvin W., u 564 
Amanda (Spalding), 

u 276 
Amariah, M.D., u 366 
Amariah Ward, u 363, 

Amber Lilla, u 701a 
Amber M., u 701a 
Amy Frances, u 814 
Amy La Verne, u 352 
Andrew Alexander, u 

Andrew Corthell, 806 
Andrew Jackson, u 

Andrew William, 789 
Anjanette, u 164 
Ann, u 219 
Ann (Carter), u 489 
Ann Maria, u 686 
Ann (Proctor), u 614 
Ann (Scoville), u 352 
Ann (Whitman), u 

Anna, u 79, u 642 
Anna (Beals), u 740 
Anna (Chapin), u 654 
Anna Dorothea, u 356 

Brigham, Anna E., u 
Anna (Tracy), u 822 
Anna (Lucas), u 404 
Anna Maria, u 99 
Anne, u 83 
Anne De Wolf (Bart- 

lett), u 410 
Anne Stuart, u 773 
Annette, u 798 
Annie, u 650 
Annie Belle, u 650 
Annie (Cotting), u 

Annie (Crocker), u 

Annie (Pond), u 688 
Annie E. (Kobinson), 

u 774 
Annie Elizabeth, u 

Annie Howe, u 588 
Annie (Forbush), u 

Annie (Pretzlaff), u 

Annis (Jones), u 249 
Anther Ney, u 301 
Antipas, u 16, 64, 106 
Antoinette (Allen), 

u 568 
Antoinette (Whiting), 

u 771 
Aramintha, u 793 
Archibald Ruther- 
ford, u 666 
Archibald Winter, u 

Archie Valentine, u 

Arietta Halsev, u 

Arminda (Stillman), 

u 516 
Arreaner Pearl, u 701a 
Artemas, 153, 166, 346, 

Artemas Ward, 361 
Arthur, u 654, 701a 
Arthur, Jr., u 654 
Arthur A., u 701a 
Arthur Amber, u 670 
Arthur Andrew, u 407 
Arthur Austin, u 410 
Arthur Bourne, u 803 
Arthur C, u 407 

Brigham, Arthur Dex- 
ter, u 076 
Arthur Duane, u 746 
Arthur E., u 705, u 

Arthur Everett, u 515 
Arthur Foster, u 547 
Arthur Howe, u 229 
Arthur Julian, u 791 
Arthur Julian, Jr., u 

Arthur L., u 353 
Arthur MacLennan, 

u 701a 
Arthur Putnam, u 647 
Arthur Putnam, Jr., 

u 647 
Arthur Wellington, u 

Arthur Wells, u 618d 
Arthur Winsor, u 781 
Asa, 40, 63, u 590 
Asa Witter, u 511 
Ashbel, 354 
Ashbel Samuel, 150 
Ashley, 395, u 688 
Asenath (Carsley), 

u 481 
Asenath Hazel, u 686 
Asenath May, u 612 
Augusta (Richard- 
son), u 708 
Aurilla Douglass, u 

Aurilla (Douglass), 

u 502 
Austin, u 416 
Azel P., u 730 
Azel P., Jr., u 730 
Azubah (Beaton), u 

Baker, u 190, 445 
Barbara Adams, u 542 
Barbara Elizabeth, u 

763, u 782 
Barbara Frances, u 

Barbara Louise, u 654 
Barnabas. 261. 488 
Basmath (Hamilton), 

u 229 
Baxter, a 674 
Bela Brewster, u 419 
Belle (Sigler). u 704 
Benajah. 123. 294. 776 
Benjamin, u 120, u 568 
Benjamin Baxter, 301 


The Brigham Family 

B r i g h a m, Benjamin 

Forest, u 755 
Benjamin Franklin, 

Benjamin Gott, 344 
Berenice Evelyn, u 

Bertha, u 779 
Bertha B., u 530 
Bertha Blanche, u 419 
Bertha C, u 419 
Bertha Emily, u 494 
Bertha Gertrude, u 

Bertha Lilla, u 701a 
Bertha (Smith), u 

Bertis B., u 732 
Bertram Fay, u 703 
Bertrand Boardmau, 

u G12 
Bertrand Skofield, u 

Bessie Eells, u 374 
Bessie Edith, u 788 
Bessie L. (Cochran), 

u 620 
Bessie Louise, u 769 
Bessie Ruth, u 704 
Bethiah (Rice), u 33 
Bethiah (Ward), u 11, 

u 126 
Betsey, u 95, u 428 
Betsey A. (Jeleff), u 

Betsey (Carter), u 742 
Betsey (Champney), u 

195, u 432, u 461 
Betsey (Little), u 453 
Betsey (Mixer), u 431 
Betsey (Morse), u 385 
Betsey (Packard), u 

Betsey (Preston), u 

Betsey (Russell), u 

Betsey (Sherman), u 

Betty (Barnes), u 163 
Bettv (Rice), u 151 
Beulah Bell, u 530 
Billv, u 599 
Blanche B., u 419 
Boyd L., u 704 
Bret Hugh, u 782 
Bruce Alan, u 740 
Burnice B., u 704 

Brigham, Burtis Burton, 

u 810a 
Byron A., u 424 
Bvron Franklin, u 755 
Caddie E., u 704 
Caleb, 122, u 122 
Caleb, Jr., 293 
Caleb B., u 360, u 583 
Caleb Lewis, 774 
Calista (Cressey), u 

Calvin, 515 
Calvin Oaks, u 419 
Carl Alfred, u 549 
Carl B., u 446 
Carl Campbell, u 674 
Carl Campbell, 2d, u 

Carlton Baxter, u 612 
Caroline, u 686 
Caroline (Damon), u 

Caroline E., u 688 
Caroline (Havens), u 

Caroline J. (Leland), 

u 703 
Caroline M. (Fav), 

u 247 
Caroline Osgood, u 346 
Caroline (Stearns), u 

Caroline Weld, u 410 
Carrie A. (Holyoke), 

u 741 
Carrie E., u 616 
Carrie Emily, u 515 
Carrie (Brown), u 761 
Carrie (Kingman), u 

Carrie Maud, u 794 
Carrie (Whitney), u 

Carolyn E., u 547 
Carolyn T., u 407 
CarroH, u 301 
Caryl Bessie, u 620 
Catharine (Turner), 

u 46 
Catherine, u 133a u 

Catherine D., u 208 
Catherine (Hastings), 

u 449 
Catherine (Holton), 

u 684 
Catherine Margaret, 

u 612 

Brigham, Catherine 

(Woods), u 64 
Cecelia H., u 782 
Cecil Elias, u 701a 
Celia (Baxter), u 599 
Celia Louise Caroline, 

u 720 
Cephas, u 319 
Chandler Blake, u 380 
Charitv (Brewer), u 

625 ' 
Charles, 21, 171, u 

293a, 333, 356, 360, 

381, u 484, 567, 

624, 795 
Charles A., u 701a 
Charles Adalbert, u 

Charles Alden, u 686 
Charles Albert, u 437 
Charles Albert, Jr., 

u 437 
Charles Amory, 542 
Charles Andrew, u 512 
Charles Angier, u 547 
Charles Arthur, u 494 
Charles Augustus, u 

612, u 702 
Charles Augustus 

Goodrich, Rev., 772 
Charles Brooks, M.D., 

u 410, 683 
Charles Brewster, 684 
Charles Corriden, 579 
Charles Clayton, u 

795, u 818 
Charles, Col., 409 
Charles Daniel, u 389 
Charles David, u 293a 
Charles Durfee, 547 
Charles E., u 356, u 

Charles Edwin, u 779 
Charles Fidelio u 500, 

Charles Francis, u 674 
Charles Frank, u 684, 

u 746 
Charles Frederick, 616 
Charles G., u 360 
Charles Gould, u 460 
Charles Graham, u 768 
Charles H., u 358, u 

563, u 679, u 746 
Charles Hastings, u 

407, 679 
Charles Henrv, u 348, 

u 381, u 612, u 720 



Brigham, Charles Henry, 

Jr., u 720 
Charles Howard, u 

Charles L., u 83, u 354 
Charles Lewis, u 231, 

Charles Morris, ii 530 
Charles Norman, u 616 
Charles Oliver, 768 
Charles Orson, u 259 
Charles Perry, ii 281 
Charles Pliny, u 623 
Charles Reed, u 384 
Charles Robert, u 788 
Charles Richardson, 

u 790a 
Charles Ruggles, u 702 
Charles Rundell, u 

Charles S., u 519, u 

Charles Sumner, 666 
Charles W., u 705, u 

Charles Waldo, u 701a 
Charles Williams, u 

618a, u 790a 
Charles Wood, u 796 
Charlotte, u 674, u 779 
Charlotte Ann, u 779 
Charlotte (Brigham), 

n 670 
Charlotte C. (Prav), 

u 777 
Charlotte E, n 819 
Charlotte Stearns, u 

Charlotte (Stoddard), 

u 498 
Chauncey, u 219 
Cheney, 258 
Chesley, u 203 
Chester A., u 612 
Chester Albert, u 395 
Chester E., u 437 
Chester P., u 746 
Chester Prederiok, u 

Chloe, u 133a 
Christine A., u 699 
Christine (Hemp- 
stead), u 821 
Clair, u 293a 
Clair Crandall, u 560 
Clara Edna, u 549 
Clara Fallen, u 389 
Clara Estelle, u 732 

Brigham, Clara (Lib- 
bey), u 530 
Clara L. (McCoy), u 

Clara Page, u 426 
Clara (Smith), u 319 
Clara (Stone), u 651 
Clara (Taylor), u 608 
Clarence, u 301, u 651 
Clarence E., u 360, u 

507, 803 
Clarence Evans, u 794 
Clarence P., u 758 
Clarence H., u 424 
Clarence Hale, u 712 
Clarence Jacob, u 549 
Clarence Lincoln 762 
Clarence Russell, 794 
Clarence Russell, Jr., 

u 794 
Clarence Sumner, Dr. 

Clarence Saunders, u 

Clarence Truman, u 

Claude E., Lieut. -Col., 

u 800 
Clement Hugh, u 786 
Clifford, u 474. u 707, 

u 794 
Clifford R.. u 300 
Clifton, u 4(53, u 686 
Clifton John, u 686 
Clifton Lee, u 233 
Clifton William, u 686 
Clyde Charles, u 702 
Comfort (Bigelow), u 

Constance, u 546 
Constance Louise, u 

Cora B. (Blakelev), 

u 747 
Cora B. (Dearborn), 

u 805 
Cora Belle (Lee\ u 

Cora E. (Decker), u 

Cora Elsie, u 712 
Cora Frances (Steele), 

u 769 
Cora Steele, u 769 
<^ora Miranda, u 650 
Cordelia, u 293a 
Cressy, u 705 
Cressy Lyscom, u 705 

Brigham, Crichton, Cur- 

ti.s, u 810 
Curtis, 462, 704 
Curtis Daniel, u 612 
Curtis Freeman, u 462 
Curtis L., u 705 
Cvnthia (Bemis), u 

Cynthia Mary, u 688 
Cyril Arthur, u 701a 
Cyrus, u 416, 550, 688 
Cyrus Harrison, u 688 
Cyrus Waldo, u 688 
Daisy, u 319 
Dale Franklin, u 746 
Da mar is, u 83 
Da maris CRice), u 32 
Dana, 463 
Dana Bullard, u 471, 

Dana Bullard, Jr., u 

Dana E., u 463 
Daiiforth Phipps, u 

Daniel, 162 
D.iniel Pinnev, u 259, 

u 540 
Daniel Tavlor, D.D.S., 

David, 9, 108, u 122, 

David Foster, u .547 
David Lewis, u 670 
David Russell, u 819 
David Sewall, 546. u 

Del)orah, u 9 
Deborah Hoover, u 

Delia (Barnard\ u 

Denison, 6i^>^ 
Deweyett H., u 612 
Dexter, 433, u 462, 505 
Dexter Alonzo, u 717 
Dexter E.. Sll 
Dexter Pierpont. u 433 
Diademia. u 79 
Diantha DuMont, u 


Dinah, u 11. 197 
Dolly (Bali), u 249 
Don Ferdinand, 786 
Doiial.l, u 3S4 
Donald Burgess, u 545 
Donald Campion, a 


The Brigham Family 

Brigham, Donald Jacob, 

n 612 
Dora M., u 757 
Doris M., u 811 
Doris Shackley, u 612 
Dorothea, u 779 
Dorothy, u 122, u 358, 

u 679, u 796, u 798 
Dorothy Augusta, u 

Dorothy Day, u 667 
Dorothy Elizabeth, u 

Dorothy Gene, u 758 
Dorothy Helen, u 701 
Dorothy Jean, u 740 
Dorothy Jeanne, u 749 
Dorothy L, u 675 
Dorothy Louise, u 566 
Dorothy W., u 707 
Drusilla Percival, u 

Dudley, u 352 
Dwight, u 319 
Dwight Stillman, u 

Dwight William, u 

Ebenezer, u 22, 75, 195 
Ebenezer Damon, u 

349, 638 
Eber, u 133a, 315c 
Eddy, u 704 
Edgar C, u 319 
Edgar Wallace, u 481 
Edith, u 327, u 612, 

u 705 
Edith (Bennett), u 

Edith Eldora, u 494 
Edith Linscott, u 612 
Edith Little, u 407 
Edith M. (Nickerson), 

u 779 
Edith (Northmore), u 

Edith Margaret, u 

Edmond Fay, u 707 
Edmond Francis, u 

Edmund, u 6, 181 
Edmund D., u 487 
Edmund Davis, u 437 
Edmund Douglass, 748 
Edmund Douglass, 3d 

u 748 
Edmund Fay, 437 

Brigham, Edmund Hemp- 
stead, u 821 
Edmund Leland, u 336 
Edmund Morris, u 426, 

Edmund Sanford, u 

Edmund Trowbridge, 

Edna Curtis, u 612 
Edna Isabel, u 705 
Edna Jessie, u 704 
Edna E, u 568 
Edward, u 219, 259, 

348, u 540, 568, u 

612, 734 
Edward Austin, u 410 
Edward Baker, u 259 
Edward Bigelow, u 

Edward C, u 219 
Edward D., u 563, 820 
Edward Francis, u 348 
Edward Franklin, u 

Edward Frederick, u 

Edward Goodnow, u 

Edward Henry, u 612 
Edward Ilobbs, u 790a 
Edward L., u 747 
Edward Sugden, u 374 
Edward Tilly, u 509 
Edward Tyler, u 348 
Edward Wilkins, u 

Edward William, u 

Edwin Baxter, u 599 
Edwin Davenport, u 

E. Edwin, u 690 
Edwin Eli, u 690 
Edwin Halloway, u 

Edwin Howard, 722 
Edwin L., u 319 
Edwin M., u 549 
Edwin Pierson, 646 
Edwin Ward, 651 
Edwin Weatherbee, 

Effie A., u 686 
Effie MacLennan, u 

Eileen, u 686 

Brigham, Elaine B. 

(McCarter), u 814 
Elaine Landrum, u 810 
Elbert, u 679 
Elbert Irving, u 679 
Elbert S., u 741 
Elbert W., u 563 
Elbridge G., u 319 
Eldon Tappau, u 498 
Eleanor, u 410, u 674 
Eleanor Amelia, u 384 
Eleanor Elizabeth, u 

Eleanor M., u 674 
Eleanor (Smith), u 

Eli, u 177 
Eli A., 690 
Eli Howard, u 708 
Eli Whitney, 530 
Elijah, u 22, 76, 99, 

u 13,3a, u 195, 247, 

315b, 757 
Elijah A., u 235 
Elijah Parkman, 5121 
Elijah Winslow, 524 
Elisha, u 77, u 125, u 

126, 291, 305a 
Elisha Aldis, 599 
Elisha Mendell or 

Mendel, 305a, u 606a 
Elisha Mendel, Jr., u 

Elisha Warren, 597 
Eliza, u 293 a 
Eliza Ann (Shattuck), 

u 630 
Eliza Jane, u 417 
Eliza (Johnson), u 640 
Eliza J. (Hobbs), u 

Elisha (Marsh), u 675 
Eliza (Swain), u 474 
Elizabeth, u 6, u 21, u 

133a, u 292, u 319, 

u 407, u 416, u 612, 

u 647, u 677, u 686 
Elizabeth A., u 404 
Elizabeth (Bowker), u 

Elizabeth (Brown), u 

Elizabeth Butler, u 
Elizabeth Comstock, u 

Elizabeth (Daven- 
port), u 732 



B r i g h a m, Elizabeth 

Edith, u 819 
Elizabeth Edmond, u 

Elizabeth Ellen, u 788 
Elizabeth F., u 6, u 51, 

u 52 
Elizabeth (Faunce), u 

Elizabeth Fay, u 258 
Elizabeth (Fay), u 258 
Elizabeth G., u 647 
Elizabeth Gertrude, u 

Elizabeth Janet, u 754 
Elizabeth Julia, u 229 
Elizabeth (Larkin), u 

Elizabeth (Lucas), u 

Elizabeth (Luce), u 

Elizabeth M., u 612 
Elizabeth (MacDon- 

ald), u 381 
Elizabeth Maria 

(Smith), u 693 
Elizabeth Miller, u-804 
Elizabeth Otis, u 623 
Elizabeth P., u 713 
Elizabeth S., u 432 
Elizabeth (Sheren), u 

Elizabeth Townsend, 

u 814 
Elizabeth (Van Win- 
kle), u 654 
Elizabeth (Wanstroni) 

u 732 
Elizabeth (Warren), 

u 63 
Elizabeth (Williams), 

u 546 
Elizabeth (Witter), u 

Ella (Brown), u 654 
Ella C. (Collins), u 690 
Ella E. (Grey), u 799 
Ella Josephine, u 593 
Ella (Lefferman), u 

Ella Sophia, u 433 
Ella Wilson, u 203 
Ellen Augusta, u 612 
Ellen (Buchanan) u 

Ellen (Gleason), u 671 

Brigham, Ellen J. 

(Brown), u 781 
Ellen Maria, u 618a 
Ellen Marion, u 744 
Ellen S., u 583 
Ellen Whitney, u 734 
Ellenore A., u 734 
Elliott Fay, u 437, 707 
Elliott Wadsworth, u 

Ellis Parker, u 705 
Elmer, u 108, u 219 
Elmer Rodnev, u 352 
Elmer W., u 2*19 
Elmira, u 505 
Elmira A., u 417 
EInathan, 11, u 126 
Elsie M. (Thaver), u 

Emeline, u 618a 
Emily, u 196 
Emily C. (Parmelee), 

u 697 
Emily F., u 692 
Emily (Perham), u 677 
Emma, u 606a, u 612 
Emma Baker, u 397, u 

Emma (Ballon), u 782 
Emma Elisabeth, u 

Emma (Hayes), u 203 
Emma (Hague), u 

Emma Josephine, u 

Emma (Overocker), u 

Emma R., u 416 
Emma (Wilde), u 653 
Emma Winifred, u 426 
Enid, u 327 
Ephraim, u 77, 295, 

Ephraim IL-irris, u 449 
Eric Townsend, u 780 
Ernest, u 705 
Ernest A E., u 677 
Ernest Algernon, 814 
Ernest Dorr, u 800 
Ernest Francis, u 686 
Ernest Lee, u 803 
Ernest Phipps, u 703 
Ernest Phipps, Jr., u 

Ernest R., u 612 
Ernest Talmadgo, u 


Brigham, Ernest Tal- 

madge, Jr., u. 791 
Ernest Ward, u 786 
Errington AdolphuB, d 

Ervin F., u 360 
Ervin Frank, 810 
Erwin Risley, u 750 
Erwin Risley, Jr., u 

Essie, u 794 
Esther (Belknap), u 

Esther Elizabeth, o 

Esther Marion, u 686 
Esther (Metcalf), n 

Esther (Northrup), u 

Ethel, u 327 
Ethel May, u 702 
Ethel Percy, u 814 
Ethel (Stone), u 713 
Ethelyn Belle (Han- 

na), u 750 
Eugene Foster, u 792, 

u 796 
Eugene Foster, 2d, u 

Eugene Franklin, u 

Eugene O., u 679 
Eugene Winslow, 669 
Eunice, u 22 
Eunice Elizabeth, u 

Eunice (Hawley), u 

Eunice (Willis), u 51 
Eustace Hastings, u 

Eva Belle, u 774 
Eva (Burr), u 707 
Eva (Gilson). u 616 
Eva M., u 757 
Eva Marie, u 782 
Eva Mav, u 616 
Eva (Whitney), u 650 
Evelyn, u 305a 
Everett Linwood, n 

Everett Rounds, a 

Everett Russell, u 774 
Ezokiel. 79 
Ezra, 726 
Faith Crosby, u 353 


The Brigham Family 

B r i g h a m, F. L ii 1 u 

(Crowell), u 740 
Fannie B i g e 1 o w, u 

Fannie Campbell, u 

Fannie Josephine, u 

Fannie M., u 404 
Fanny, u 748 
Fannv (Pearson), u 

Fanny (Eisley), u 224 
Fav, u 720 

Ferdinand, M.D., u 608 
Ferdinand Bennett, u 

Fern, u 301 
Fidelia, u 416 
Fidelia Wesley, u 501 
Fleda Adaline, u 810 
Fleda Margaret, u 810 
Fletcher, 777 
Flora, u 699 
Flora A., u 233 
Flora B., u 808 
Flora (Baxter), u 302 
Flora (Winegar), u 

Florence, u 358, u 546, 

u 650, u 684 
Florence Colt, u 667 
Florence Eleanor, u 

Florence L., u 524 
Florence Margerv, u 

Florence May, u 519 
Florence (Miner), u 

Florence R., u 360 
Florence (Evres), u 

Florilla (Farnham), u 

Forest Lewis, u 810a 
Fortice U., u 699 
Fortunatus, u 219 
Frances (Armistead), 

u 652 
Frances Augusta, u 

Frances Mary, u 437 
Frances (Slade), u 724 
Frances (Towne), u 

Frances (Tyler), u 348 

Brigham, Francos (Wat- 
erman), u 361 
Frances Wheeler, u 

Francis, u 122, u 686 
Francis Algernon, u 

432, u 461 
Francis Edmund, u 446 
Francis Gorham, u 724 
Francis Gorham, Jr., 

u 724 
Francis Henry, Rev., 

Francis Howard, u 437 
Francis William, u 360 
Francise A., u 627 
Frank, u 746 
Frank A., u 637 
Frank Clifton, u 461 
Frank D., u 809 
Frank E., u 358, u 705 
Frank Edgar, u 701 
Frank Ellsworth, u 

Frank Fontanelle, Dr., 

Frank G., u 701a 
Frank H., u 465, u 560 
Frank Harrison, u 688 
Frank Howe, u 407 
Frank Le Roy, u 675 
Frank Leslie', u 380 
Frank Lewis, u 424 
Frank M., u 568, u 705 
Frank Payne, u 800 
Frank S., u 319 
Frank Sevmour, u 352 
Frank W.', u 612 
Franklin, 593 
Franklin Brewster, u 

Franklin D., 577 
Franklin Newton, u 

Franklin Newton, Jr., 

u 679 
Fnniklin Plinv, u 690 
Fred B., u 48l", u 637 
Fred Clarence, u 515 
Fred Hamilton, u 637 
Fred L., u 416, u 800 
Fred M., u 599 
Fred Russell, u 642 
Fred W., n 732 
Fred Wiilard, u 690 
Frederic Erwin, u 560 
Frederick, u 231, u 790 
Frederick A., 738 

Brigham, Frederick C, 

u 511 
Frederick G., u 563 
Frederick Hammond, 

u 501 
Frederick Howard, u 

Frederick Lewis, u 512 
Frederick Mattison, u 

Frederick Merrell, 770 
Frederick N., u 616 
Frederick O., u 568 
Frederick W., u 352 
Freeman, 389 
Geneva R., u 705 
Geneve Phillips, u 612 
George, 54, 385, u 416, 

583, 590, 639, 758, 

u 777 
George A., u 744 
George Allen, u 301 
George Ball, 703 
George Bickford, 808 
George Bickford, Jr., 

u 808 
George Birkbeck. u 79 
George C, u 701a 
George Chandler, u 

George Chase, u 219 
George D., u 358 
George Dana, u 612 
George E., u 742, u 

George Edward, u 233, 

u 612, u 630 
George Ernest, u 779 
George F., u 356 
George Fay, u 637 
George Frederick, u 

George French, Rev., 

George French, Jr., 

George H., u 352. u 

404, u 511, u 677, 

730, 764 
George Henry, u 639, 

u 668, u 70"la, u 742 
George Howe, 352 
George J., u 723 
George John, u 517 
George Lewis, u 426 
George M., u 428, u 




Brigham, George Mavor, 

u 562, 768h 
George Merrick, u 380 
George Morey, u 380 
George Morrow, u 275 
George S., u 606a 
George Sewall, u 546 
George T., u 437, u 

George Taylor, u 203 
George Winslow, u 668 
Georges, u 608 
Georgia V. (Odom), u 

Georgiana B., u 592 
Gerald, u 686 
Gerald Nelson, u 686 
Gershom, 10, 43, 120, 

Gertrude, u 360, u 778 
Gertrude Augusta, u 

Gertrude Louise, u 667 
Gertrude Richardson, 

u 708 
Gladys, u 583, u 793 
Gladys Bernice, u 746 
Grace, u 519, u 791, u 

Grace E., u 782 
Grace Estellc, u 690 
Grace M., u 519 
Grace Martha, u 768a 
Grace Newton, u 404 
Grace W., u 732 
Given Emerson, u 612 
Godfrey MacDonald, 

u 749 
Gustavus Brewster, u 

Haley Forester, u 419 
Hannah, u 14, u 39, u 

Hannah (Barnes), u 

Hannah (Carpenter), 

u 275 
Hannah (Chapman), u 

Hannah (Field), u 

126, u 305a 
Hannah (Hardv), u 

Hannah J. (Stevens), 

u 806 
Hannah (Lewis), u 60 
Hannah (Lincoln), u 


Brigham, Hannah (Ma- 
son), u 281 
Hannah (Temple), u 

Hannah (Sanderson), 

u 618d 
Hannah A. (Stone), u 

Hannah (Walcott), u 

Hanson Hutchinson, u 

Harcourt, u 667 
Harold, u 794 
Harold Augustus, u 

Harold Edward, u 746 
Harold Frederick, u 

Harold Frederick, Jr., 

u 654 
Harold Jacol). u 612 
Harold Kingsburv, u 

Harold Lewis, u 712 
Harold Lynn, u 560 
Harold Montford, u 

Harold Sparling, u 

Harold Wales, u 352 
Harriet, u 196. u 305a 
Harriet (Chadsev). u 

Harriet D., u 746 
Harriet E., u 758, u 

Harriet Elizabeth, u 

Harriet M. (Moodv), 

u 692 
Harriet M. (Storrs), 

u 786 
Harriet (Partridge), u 

Harriet S.. u 404 
Harriet Winslow, u 

Harris, u 449 
Harrison, Brenton, u 

Harrison Ellsworth, u 

Harrison Fay, 702 
Harrison Fay, Jr., u 

Harry Austin, u 618d 

Brigham, Harrv Chase, 

u 562, 770a" 
Harry Hillyer, u 88 
Harry L., u 707 
Harry Lawson, u 623 
Harry M., u 465 
Harry Prescott, u 457 
Harry Risley, u 747 
Harry Van Winkle, u 

Harry White, u 620 
Harry Whiting, u 771 
Harrv Winthrop, u 

Harvey Carpenter, u 

Harvey Sinnett, u 612 
Hastings, 407 
Hattie, u 566 
Hattie A., u 688 
Hattie (Blodgess), u 

Hattie C. (Graves), u 

Hattie E.. u 353, 616 
Hattie Idella, u 708 
Hattie J. (Ranney), 

u 772 
Hattie L. (Peck), u 

Hattie (Richardson), 

u 494 
Hattie (Spafford), u 

Haven Theodore, 754 
Hazel, u 794 
Hazel Edwina, u 674 
Hazel Irene, u 437 
Hazel Louise, u 494 
Heda (Schultz). u 667 
H. Eleanor, u 772 
Helen, u 305a. u 599, 

u 639. u 754 
Helen A., u 352, u 465, 

u 547 
Helen A. (Pruuer), u 

Helen Alice, u 754 
Helen Augusta, u 281 
Helen Blanche, u 708 
Helen (Burgess), u 

Helen Christina, u 407 
Helen Florence, u 608 
Helen Frances, u 642 
Helen Hague, u 76Sa 
Helen (Jones), u 384 
Helen June, u 746 


The Brigham Family 

Brigham, Helen Kath- 
arine, u 219 
Helen M., u 404 
Helen P., u 822 
Helen Peckham, u 549 
Helen S., u 735 
Helen Sinclair, u 667 
Helen Temple, u 699 
Helen (Temple), u 537 
Helen Sophia (Peter- 
son), u 806 
Helen W., u 631 
Henrietta (Cameron), 

u 511 
Henrietta Dell, u 791 
Henrietta Harrison, u 

Henrietta (Hubbard), 

u 782 
Henry, u 305a, 667 
Henry Arthur, u 746 
Henry Augustine, 674 
Henrj' Bigelow, u 284 
Henry Day, u 667 
Henry Francis, u 674 
Henry Foye, u 460 
Henry Hanna, u 750 
Henry Hanson, u 224, 

Henry Harding, 517 
Henry Harrison, u 

393, u 796 
Henry Irving, u 407 
Henry M,, u 417 
Henry Martyn, 771 
Henry O., u 407, 682 
Henry Oscar, u 690 
Henry Eandolph, u 

Henry Randolph, Jr., 

u 344 
Henry Reynolds, u 

Henry R., u 380, 741 
Henry Thomas, u 407 
Henry W., u 668 
Hepsibah, u 43, u 76 
Hepsibah (Brigham), 

u 106 
Hepsibah (Ward), u 

Herbert Augustus, u 

Herbert B., u 703 
Herbert Dow, u 616 
Herbert E., u 606a 
Herbert Fay, u342 
Herbert Ho'lton, u 773 

Brigham, Herbert Jay, 

u 702 
Herbert Lincoln, u 692 
Herbert Uoyd, u 819 
Herbert Lloyd, Jr., u 

Herbert Olin, u 773 
Herbert W., u 358, u 

Herbert Willard, u 

Herman Corless, u 352 
Herman Kenneth, u 

Hiram, 275 
Holloway Bartlett, u 

Horace, u 319, u 794 
Horace A., 642 
Horace Ames, 645 
Horace Danvers, u 803 
Horace Eugene, u 703 
Hosea, u 48 
Hosea W., 699 
Howard, u 753, u 790 
Howard Edmund, u 

Howard Hitchcock, u 

Howard R., u 352 
Humphrey, 671 
Ida (Bissell), u 446 
Ida May, u 301 
Ida M. (Davidson), u 

Ida (McDonald), u 

Ida M. (Herman), u 

Ida (Pierce), u 437 
Ida (Wight), u 344 
Ida Wilkinson, u 802 
Ina F. (Sears), u 618d 
Ira, 742 

Irvine E., u 358 
Irving Arthur, u 432 
Irving F., u 702 
Isabel, u 305a 
Isabella Cook, u 79 
Isabella (Gillespie), u 

Isabella M., u 606a 
Isabella May, u 352 
Isanna, u 428 
Ithamer, 208 
Iva, u 705 
Ivy Glen, u 301 
Jabez, u 123 

Brigham, Jack Kinuear, 

u 275 
Jacob, u 79 
Jacob 0., u 612 
Jacqueline Frances, u 

James, 224 
James Alexander, u 

James Dana, u 310, 612 
James Dillon, u 281 
James Edward. ."11, u 

James Edwin, u 779 
James Harding, u 744 
James Henry, u 183 
James Kendall, u 546 
James L., u 554 
James Lewis, u 426 
James M., 788 
James Madison, u 293a 
James R., u 352 
James Remmcrs, u 749 
James Risley, u 500 
James Rollins, u 352 
James Wady, u 546 
James Watkins, u 749 
James Wilson, u 791 
Jane, u 333, u 684 
Jane E. (Wadsworth), 

u 707 
Jane (Fay), u 342 
Jane (Felton), u 679 
Jane Garthwaite, u 

Jane Laura, u 385 
Jane (Pike), u 387 
Janet, u 546 
Janet Maria, u 623 
Jean, u 407, u 684, u 

791, u 798 
Jean Bradley, u 820 
Jean Elizabeth, u 651 
Jeanne Winifred, u 

Jedediah, 164 
Jemima, u 9, u 37 
Jennie (Burnap), u 717 
Jennie Belle (Brown), 

u 770a 
Jennie Freeland, u 791 
Jennie (Hill), u 342 
Jennie (Kinney), u 

Jennie Louise, u 654 
Jennie M. (Smith), u 

Jennie P., u 293a 



Brighain, Jennie Ruth- 
erford, u 792 
Jerome, u 416 
Jessamy, u G39 
Jesse, 33, u 120 
Jesse Dana, u 612 
Jessie Franklin, u 755 
Jessie L., u 511 
Jewett Boardman, 535 
Joab, Rev., 775 
Joel, u 48, 88, 229, 319, 

396, 490, 507 
Joel Hurvev, u 753 
John, 4, 14 u 15, 36, 
u 48, 50, u 79, 95, 
133a, u 133a, 155, u 
155, 233, 278, u 424, 
744, 778 
John Addison, 697 
John Baker, 648 
John Burt, u 631 
John C, u 407 
John Campbell, u 674 
John Chester, u 407 
John Christopher, u 

John Christopher, Dr., 

John Christopher, 2d, 

u 796 
John Clark, Rev., 363 
John Clifford, u 563 
John D., 564 
John Dexter, u 717 
John Dexter, Jr., u 

John Eells, u 374 
John F., u 705 
John Goe, u 800 
John H., u 259 
John Hazard, u 566 
John Hazeltine, u 419 
John Howard, u 702 
John Jacob, u 79 
John Lowell, u 465 
John Lawrence, u 819 
John Leonidus, u 791 
John M., u 705 
John M., 2d, u 380 
John Marshall, u 705 
John Mason, 516 
John Morey, u 380 
John Knox, u 363 
John Northmore, u 748 
John Northmore, Jr., 

u 748 
John Olin, 773 
John Perkins, u 759 

Brigham, John R., u 219 
John 8tillman, u 516 
John Stewart, u 501 
John W., u 631, u 723 
John Warren, u 327, 

John Wells, u 419 
John Wesley, 717 
John Wilson, u 810a 
John Winslow, u 60, a 

Johnson, Dr., 802 
Jonas, u 6, 39. u 48, 

u 103 
Jonas Ball, 336 
Jonas, Capt., 103 
Jonathan, 8, 32, 483 
Joseph, 42, u 42, u 79, 

119, u 120, 180, 287, 

u 333 
Joseph Clarendon, u 

180, 421 
Joseph Edward, u 261 
Joseph Darwin, 577 
Joseph Lincoln, 471 
Joseph Thomas, u 421, 

Joseph Ralph, u 686 
Joseph Warren, u 120 

u 229 
Joseph Webb, Rev., u 

Josephine (Crocker), 

u 348 
Josephine (Foishner), 

u 481 
Josephine H., u 547 
Josiah, u 120 
Josiah A., u 289 
Josiah, Col., u 289 
Josiah Fay, 342 
Josiah Merrick, u 453 
Josiah Woodbury, u 

Joshua Bates, 545 
Jotham, 19 
Julana Angeline, u 

Julana Angeline 

(Buck), u 432 
Julia, u 293a, u 650 
Julia A., u 639 
Julia (Andrews) u 625 
Julia D. (Odom), u 

Julia (Jewett), u 568 
Julia P., u 293a 
Julia Pauline, u 791 

Brigham, Julia (Perry), 
u 645 
Julia P. (Huntley), u 

Kate, u 683 
Kate (McConnick), a 

Kate Emma, u 768a 
Katee (Howe), u 88 
Kate Lindsey, u 705 
Kate O'Brien, u 667 
Katharine, u 494, u 

Kenneth, u 511, u 679 
Kenneth E., u 746 
Kenneth Stephenson, 

u 675 
Kenneth Webster, u 

Keziah Johnson, u 679 
Kirby Martin, u 6-54 
Laura A. (Hastings), 

u 818 
Laura Ann, u 79, u 

Laura Etta, u 612 
Laura Fay, u 720 
Laura Grace, u 774 
Laura Louisa, u 651 
Laura E. (Carpenter), 

u 720 
Laurence, u 754 
Laurence Fay, u 720 
Laurence Stevens, u 

Lavinia (Baker), u 

Lavinia (Frost), u 654 
Lawrence Lucas, u 754 
Lawrence Edwin, u 

Lawrence Newell, u 

Lawrence Whitnev, u 

Leander Denison, u 

Leander Howe. Rev., 

Leander L., u 319 
Le Grand L., u 404 
Leila E., u 677 
Lemuel Hawley, 536 
Lena (Chapel), u 642 
Lena (Huntington), u 

Leon Herbert, u 820 


The Brigham Family 

Brigham, Leon Herbert, 
Jr., u S'JO 
Leon Lester, u 701a 
Leonard Warren, Kev., 

Leonore Nellie, u 810a 
LeEoy Merrill, u 746 
Lerow W., u 668 
Leslie A., u 705 
Leslie Elijah, u 757 
Leslie Harold, u 746 
Leslie Howard, u 358 
Leslie E., u 360 
Lester Alfred, u 395 
Lester Eugene, u 688 
Lester H., u 707 
Lettie J. (Mitchell), 

u 761 
Levi, u 208, 242, 431, 

Levi Hanford, u 501 
Levi Henry, 576 
Levi Samuel, u 479 
Levinah, u 2 
Lewis, 169, 330, 426, 

u 490, 608 
Lewis Alanson, u 333 
Lewis Alexander, 654 
Lewis E., 568 
Lewis L., u 424 
Lewis Maitland, u 654 
Lewis Starkweather, u 

Lewis T., u 568 
Lilian, u 360 
Lilian Mabel, u 758 
Lillian, u 796 
Lillian Agnes, u 437 
Lillian Elizabeth, u 

Lillian Estelle, u 608, 

u 779 
Lillian H., u 772 
Lillian Hastings, u 742 
Lillian Margaret, u 

Lillian Susan, u 432 
Lillian (Talcott), u 

Lillie Ann (Tabb), u 

Lilliore, u 779 
Lilliore Eliza (Lillie), 

u 779 
Lily, u 494 

Lina (Wright), u 462 
Lincoln, u 76, 432 
Lincoln Flagg, 474 

Brigham, Lincoln 

Forbes, u 474 
Lincoln Lafayette, 677 
Lindsey Richardson, u 

Lizzie, u 417 
Lizzie E., u 701a 
Lizzie (Foye), u 690 
Lizzie (March), u 762 
Llewellyn, u 233 
Loella J., u 387 
Lois (Shaw), u 462 
Lois Virginia, u 748 
Lora (Taylor), u 416 
Loraine, u 686 
Loraine (Buss), u 601 
Lorenzo, u 319 
Loriman Percival, u 

Loriman Stevens, 713 
Loriman Stone, u 713 
Lorin Harvey, u 275 
Lorin Herman, u 275 
Lottie (Mathewson), u 

Lou F., u 219 
Louis Francis, u 654 
Louis Kossuth, 780 
Louis Stanhope, u 779 
Louisa, u 19, u 614 
Louisa (Fassett), u 

Louisa M. (Fitch), u 

Louisa (Snodgrass), u 

Louise, u 720 
Louise Emery, u 780 
Louise (Stevenson), u 

Lovewell, 151 
Lowell, 466 
Lowell Irving, u 653 
Lucian, u 726 
Lucian Denison, u 259 
Lucien Elmer, u 732 
Lucian Fay, 720 
Lucien Maxwell, u 720 
Lucien Morris, u 647 
Lucien Valentine, u 

Lucina (Armstrong) 

Buck, u 646 
Lucinda, u 134a 
Lucinda (Bamford), u 

Lucinda (Howe), u 


Brigham, Lucinda J., u 

Lucinda (Maybee), u 

Lucius, 374 
Lucius A., u 291 
Lucius L., 457 
Lucius Samuel, u 229 
Lucretia, u 64 
Lucretia L., u 203 
Lucy, u 19, u 293a 
Lucy (Cady), u 705 
Lucy (Doane), u 487 
Lucy Forbes, u 471 
Luev (Harrington), u 

Lucy M., u 208 
Lucy Melvin, u 51 
Lucy (Rice), u 231 
Lucy (Root), u 275 
Lucy Spafford, u 608 
Lucy (Starkweather), 

u 608 
Lucv (Stowell), u 384 
Lucy (Stratton), u 404 
Lucy (White), u 284 
Luella Maud, u 704 
Luke Nichols, u 79 
Lula Brown, u 654 
Lulu (Littlefield), u 

Luman P., u 639 
Luther, M.D., u 327 
Luther Ayers, 537 
Luther ILirvcy, u 275 
Lydia, u 119, u 155, u 

Lvdia Ann, u 416 
Lydia (Ball), u 461 
Lydia (Barnes), u 119 
Lydia (Boyd), u 164 
Lydia (Dickinson), u 

Lydia (Green), u 110 
Lvdia (Johnson), u 

Lydia (Maynard), u 

Lydia (Rice), u 446 
Lvdiii (Russell), u 354 
Lydia (Shinn), u 590 
Lydia (Tobey), u 680 
Lvle Duanc. u 820 
Lyle Edward, u 820 
Lysconi, 428, 4.^4. 705 
Lyscom Dexter, u 811 
Mabel A. (Powers), u 




Brighani, Mabel Claire, 

u 674 
Mabel (Culverhouse), 

u 705 
Mabel E., u 755 
Mabel Florence, u 650 
Mabel J., u 481 
Mabel Louise, u 717 
Mabel Lucy, u 677 
Mabel M., u 568 
Maliel (Simpson), u 

Madeline, u 686 
Madeline Gertrude, u 

Mahala (Bigelovv), u 

Maida Delano, u 352 
Maida (Delano), u 352 
Malinda (Merrill), u 

Mamie, u 219 
Marcia (Shearer), u 

Marcus MaVcellus, u 

Margaret, u 293a, u 

Margaret (Brooks), u 

409, u 410 
Margaret C, u 654 
Margaret Ellen, u 754 
Margaret Elizabeth, u 

Margaret (Cosgrove), 

u G88 
Margaret (Evans), u 

Margaret (Hickey), u 

Margaret (Rayburn), 

u 419 
Margaret S., u 550 
Margaret (Shattuek), 

u 385 
Margaret Wait, u 811 
Margherita, u 630 
Marguerite D., u 720 
Margie, u 777 
Maria, u 624 
Maria (Davenport), u 

Maria Elizabeth, u 393 
Maria (F^vertson)), u 

Maria (Gray), u 592 
Maria Lovina (Rus- 
sell), u 774 

Brigham, Maria ( Rus- 
sell), u 588 
Marian, u 684 
Marian Ethel, u 819 
Marie (Parks), u 352 
Marion (Cole), u 623 
Marion J., u 668 
Marion Louise, u 712 
Marion M., u 701 
Marion Ray, u 381 
Marion Robinson, u 

Marjorie, u 599, u 608, 

u 790 
Marjorie Amber, u 670 
Marjorie Brooks, u 410 
Marjorie E., u 360 
Marjorie Elaine, u 690 
Marjorie Louise, u 708 
Marshall H., u 599 
Martha, u 79 
Martha A. E. (Frye), 

u 426 
Martha (Boyd), u 60 
Martha (Brigham), u 

Martha C, u 293. 
Martha (Canover), u 

Martha Edwina, u 688 
Martha Eliza, u 327 
Martha (Harris), u 

Martha S., u 301 
Martha (Smith), u 319 
Martha Washington, u 

83, u 354 

Martyn Freeman, 693 

Mary, u 8, u 19, u 21, 

u *32, u 33, u 43, u 

133a, u 219, 305a, u 

428, u 519, u 686 

Mary (Getchell), u 579 

Mary A. H. (Flagg), 

u 738 
Mary Adaline, u 500 
Mary Alvada (Jen- 
kins), u 779 
Mary Ann, u 618a 
Mary Bom is, u 744 
Mary (Bigolow), u 479 
Mary (Bourgious), u 

Mary (Barnes), u 395 
Mary Burton (Pow- 
ell"), u 793 
Mary (Bush), u 247 
Mary Carmolita, u 686 

lirighain, .\I:iiy I'aro- 

lyn, u 795 
Mary (Cather), u 437 
Mary Chaffee, u 637 
Mary (Cochran), u 792 
Mary (Collson), u 530 
Mary (Cornish), u 153 
Mary (Cramhall), u 

Mary (Dodge), u 701 
Mary (Dow), u 616 
Mary (Dudley), u 284 
Mary E., u 356 
Mary Eliza, u 79 
Mary Elizabeth, u 433, 

u 800 
Mary Emily, u 612 
Mary (Estabrook) u 

Mary Ethel, u 717 
Mary F., u 407 
Mary (Fairbanks), u 

Mary (Fay), u 8 
Mary (Finck), u 566 
Mary (Goe), u 800 
Mary Gray, u 786 
Mary Grover, u 708 
Marv (Hapgood), u 

Mary Helen Leonora, 

u "779 
Mary (Holbrook), u 

Mary (Hutchinson), a 

Mary Ida, u 560 
Mary Julina, u 229 
Marv (Kelleher), u 

Mary (Kendall), u 546 
Mary L., u 612 
Mary L. E. (Harvey), 

u '697 
Mary Lapham (Walk- 
er"), u 623 
Mary (Lee), u 43 
Mar"y (Locke), u 381 
Mary (Loring), u 261 
Mary Louise, u 599, u 

Mary M.. u 584 
Mary (Martyn). u 181 
Marv (McQuillan), o 

Mary (Mety). u 723 
Marv (Morrison), n 



The Brigham Family 

Biigham, Mary (Mor- 
row), u 275 
Mary Nancy, u 219 
Mary (Oliver), u 570 
Mary (Percival), u 

Marv Phipps (Homer), 

Mary (Pierce), u 726 
Mary (Powers), u 528 
Mary Prentice, u 249 
Mary (Putnam), u 670 
Marv (Rice), u 169, u 

Mary Roxalina, u 259, 

Mary (Sheen), u 546 
Mary (Sprague), u 732 
Mary (Stevens), u 462 
Mary Stillman, u 516 
Mary (Sullivan), u 

Mary (Sumner), u 353 
Marv Trowbridge, u 

Mary Walker, u 802 
Mary (Walker), u 802 
Mary (Wallace), u 723 
Mary (Wells), u 618d 
Mary (Williams), u 

Mary Wood, u 796 
Matilda (Haydeu), u 

Matthias, u 449 
Maud, u 519, u 650 
Maud Lavinia, u 584 
Maud M., u 301 
Maude A., u 568 
Maude Flora, u 699 
Mavor. u 276, 562 
May, u 354 
May Frances, u 233 
May P.. u 612 
Mehitable (Warren), 

u 10 
Melville Sidney 
Melvin Holbrook, u 

Melvina, u 417 
Merrick Putnam, 549 
Merrill Draper, u 734 
Micajah, 384 
Mildred, u 755 
Mildred Josephine, u 

Mildred (McDonald) 

Doolittle, u 775 

B r i g h a m, Mildred 

(Woods), u 782 
Millicent, u 79 
Milton, 566 
Minette P^leanor, u 549 
Minnie (Cully), u 768 
Minnie Alice u 795 
Minnie Ann, u 717 
Minnie (Chaffee), u 

Minnie (Davis), u 542 
Minnie Maud, u 788 
Minnie (McDonald), u 

Miranda (Fessenden), 

u 463 
Minnie (Sigler), u 704 
Moses, u 22, 69, 176, 

u 208, 219, 420 
Moses Bartlett, u 761 
Muriel Adele, u 759 
Myrtle Edna, u 677 
Nahum, u 95, u 183, u 

Nancy, u 76, u 95, u 

Nancy (Ayer), u 242 
Nancy (Bacon), u 449 
Nancy Elizabeth, u 330 
Nancy (Fisher), u 247 
Nancy Maria, u 612 
Nancy Shattuck, u 516 
Nancy Sophia, u 407, u 

Nancy (Spear), u 407 
Natalie Adeline, u 814 
Nathalie Frances, u 

Nathan, 7, 22, u 22, 71, 

u 608 
Nathaniel, u 120, 249 
Nathaniel Mavnard, 

Nathaniel Sumner, u 

Neal, u 599 
Nella M. (Perkins), u 

Nellie (Ames), u 746 
Nellie (Brewster), u 

Nellie H., u 612 
Nellie (Hargreaves), u 

Nellie (Spurr), u 516 
Nellie (Stephenson), u 


Brigham, Nellie (Wat- 
kins), u 749 
Nellie (Wilson), u 810a 
Nelly, u 106 
Nelson, 498, u 686 
Nettie (Forbush), u 

Nettie M., u 677 
Newton Josiah, 570 
Nina Celia, u 599 
Nina (Denison), u 599 
Nina Ethel, u 788 
Nina Mae, u 275 
Nina Hattie. u 501 
Noah, u 32, 83 
Noble Aden, u 275 
Noble Ward, u 275 
Nora Mabel, u 777 
Norman C, u 346 
Norman Ernest, u 616 
Norman Oscar, u 512 
Norman R., u 384 
Norman Waldo, u 688 
Norton Roy, u 810a 
Octavia, u 395 
Olive, u 301, u 705 
Olive (Merrick), u 380 
Olive (Rice), u 798 
Oliver, u 19 
Oliver Halsey u 305a 
Oliver Halsey, 2d, u 

Oliver Henry Harring- 
ton, u 779 
Oliver M., u 79 
Olivia Mary, u 568 
Ophelia M. (Bourne), 

u 803 
Orange Scott, u 730 
Origen S., u 361 
Origen Smith, u 651 
Orison Orlando, u 732 
Orlando D., u 353 
Orlando L., 647 
Orpha (Hazelton), u 

Orville, u 301 
Orville P., 563 
Oscar Denton, u 746 
Oscar Leroy, u 746 
Oshea S., M.D., u 384 
Otis, u 108, u 196, 265, 

Otis A., u 701 
Owen Benjamin, 580 
Patricia, u 720 
Patty, u 120 
Paul", 46 



Brigham, Paul Fair- 

Ijanks, u 542 
Paul Lawrence, u 744 
Paul Printcss, u 692 
Paul Tracy, u 822 
Paulina Sylvia, u 704 
Pauline, u 293a 
Pearl, u 800 
Pearl Minerva, u 701a 
Percy Herbert, u 781 
Persis, u 6, u 19, u 76 
Persis (Brigham), u 

Persis Evva, u 650 
Persis (Stow), p 208 
Perry, 281, u 568 
Peter, 453 

Peter Maynard, u 453 
Phalla (House), u 746 
Phebe, u 14, u 48, u 

Phebe (Martin), u 62 
Philip P., u 554 
Phineas, 177, 416, 640 
Phineas Forbes, u 417 
Phineas Parkhurst, u 

Pierpoint Dudley, u 

Pierpont Dudley, 701a 
Polly (Wood), u 232 
Porter Elmer, u 219 
Powell, u 793 
Priscilla, u 3 
Priscilla Edith, u 712 
Rachel E., u 777 
Rachel Miner, u 424 
Ralph, u 416 
Ralph Bertram, u 717 
Ralph H., Jr., u 790 
Ralph Hibbard, u 790 
Ralph Huntington, u 

Ralph Pierce, u 722 
Ralph Sumner, u 666 
Ralph W., u 753 
Ralph Willard, u 585 
Reader Smith, M.D., 

Rebecca, u 51 
Rebecca (Houghton), 

u 517 
Rebecca (Jordan), u 

Rebeckah (Flagg), u 

Reed O., u 384 
Reuben, u 670 

Brigham, Rhoda, u 19 
Richard, u 352 
Richard Addington, u 

Richard Bevior, u 770a 
Richard Bradford, u 

Richard Curtis, u 546 
Richard Curtis, Jr., u 

Richard Tilly, u 509 
Richard W., u 293a 
Rita, u 686 
Robert, u 746, u 770 
Robert B., u 6 
Robert Barnard, u 674 
Robert Bennett, u 786 
Robert Breck, u 258 
Robert Brown, u 275 
Robert Evans u 550 
Robert Goddard, u 744 
Robert Hanna, u 750 
Robert Hill, u 720 
Robert Irving, u 679 
Robert McFarland, u 

Robert Moore, u 515 
Robert O., u 550, u 568 
Robert Over, u 608 
Robert Sill, u 763 
Robert William, u 746 
Roger W., u 808 
Rosalee, u 501 
Rosalie, u 764 
Rosalie Smith, u 791 
Roscoe Minard, u 389 
Rose I., u 494 
Rosebud Celina, u 494 
Rosemary, u 545 
Rossiter Arthur, u 407 
Russell Arthur, u 803 
Russell Elmer, u 803 
Ruth, u 15, u 196, u 

546, u 670, u 753, u 

Ruth Aldene. u 819 
Ruth Brownell, u 647 
Ruth E., u 777 
Ruth Eliner, u 690 
Ruth Lillie, u 779 
Ruth M., u 679. u 734 
Ruth Marrie, u 702 
Ruth McDonald, u 809 
Ruth Miriam, u 754 
Ruth (Pedrick), u 650 
Ruth (Rabie). u 219 
Ruth Winifred, u 690 
Sabra (Cook), u 579 

lirigham, Sabrina, u 64 
Sadie B., u 416 
Salem Tilly, 509 
Salinda (Stratton), o 

Sally, u 19, u 120, u 

133a, u 180, u 190, 

u 724 
Sally Josephine, u 772 
Sally (Oaks), u 420 
Sally (Stratton), u 692 
Sally (Wheeler), u 471 
Sally (Woods), u 180 
Salmon, 353 
Salome, u 151 
Salome May, u 281 
Samuel, u 4, 6, u 14, 

16, u 39, 48, 52, u 95, 

u 133a, 183, 232, 

315a, 461, 618c, u 

677, 745 
Samuel Adrian, u 755 
Samuel Augustus, u 

Samuel Davis, 627 
Samuel Fred, u 684 
Samuel Sumner, 528 
Sarah, 12, u 14, u 15, 

u 19, u 48, u 618a, 

u 674 
Sarah Anna, u 281 
Sarah (Allen), u 125 
Sarah (Barnard), u 

Sarah (Breck), u 53 
Sarah Caroline, u 795 
Sarah (Cole), u 647 
Sarah (Crocker), u 703 
Sarah Elizabeth, u 640 
Sarah (Dalrimple), u 

Sarah (Bronson), u 

Sarah (Burnap), u 717 
Sarah (Fay), u 233 
Sarah Frances, u 432 
Sarah (Galloway), u 

Sarah (Goddard), u 

Sarah (Harrington), u 

Sarah (Hastings), u 

Sarah (Howe), a 462 
Sarah Jane, u 79 
Sarah (Lambert) Ham- 
mock, u 99 


The Brigham Family 

Brigham, Sarah (Lan- 
caster), u 294 
Sarah Louise, u 549 
Sarah (Mabie), u 501 
Sarah (Peasley), u 

Sarah Prentice, u 409 
Sarah (Read), u 627 
Sarah (Rice) u 231 
Sarah (Rockwood), u 

Sarah (Ward), u 99 
Sarah (Wellington), u 

Sarah (Wardner), u 

Sarah (Wingate), u 

Sarah (Young), u 642 
Savannah, u 791 
Sears, u 618c 
Seavey Y., u 768b 
Sebastian, u 465 
Seth, u 43 
Seth E., 735 
Sherman L., u 692 
Shirley, u 546 
Shirley Estelle, u 677 
Sidney Augustine, u 

Sidney (Chipley), u 

Sidney E., u 688 
Sidney Eugene, u 688 
Sidney S., 740 
Silas, 37, u 208 
Silas H., u 336, u 380 
Silas Hermon, u 275 
Silvester, 519 
Simeon Emerson, u 612 
Simeon Hopkins, u 612 
Sophia, u 196 
Sophia (Gowing), u 

Sophia (Hoffman), u 

Sophia (Howe), u 449 
Sophia (Johnson), u 

Sophia (Phelps), u 361 
Sophia (Willey), u 564 
Sophronia (Rice), u 

Sojjhronia (Witt), u 

Stanhope, u 779 
Stanley Faber, u 562, 


Brigham, Stanley Ful- 
ler, u 676 
Statira (Stearns), u 

Stephen 113, u 125, 

126, 284, u 305a 
Storrs Talcott, u 786 
Sullivan, 276 
Susan F., u 208 
Susan Harriet, u 453 
Susan (Moore), u 278, 

u 515 
Susan (Neat), u 702 
Susan (Proctor), u 363 
Susan Walter, u 99 
Susan (Witherbee), u 

Susanna, u 432 
Susanna (Baylies), u 

Susannah, u 52 
Susannah (Thayer), u 

Susie (Wood), u 796 
Sylvester, 196 
Sylvester William, u 

Tabitha, u 22 
Taylor, u 76, 203 
Thaddeus, 793 
Thankful (Brigham), 

u 162 
Thelma, u 358 
Thelma Ernestine, u 

Thelma Viola, u 688 
Theodore Frederick, u 

Theodore Henry, u 247 
Theodore William, u 

Theodore William, Jr., 

u 623 
Thomas, 2. 3, 15, u 79, 

133a, 489, u 686 
Thomas A., u 705 
Thomas B., u 686 
Thomas Benton, u 686 
Thomas Duncan, u 795 
Thomas Herbert, u 612 
Thomas Herbert, Jr., 

u 612 
Thomas J., u 183 
Thomas Otis, u 545 
Thomas S., M..D., 310 
Tiloston, 588, u 774 
Timothy, 349 
Truman Elbridge, 790 

Brigham, Tulia L., u 

Tyler, u 348 
Uriah, 53 
Ulric, U., u 699 
Ulvsses Addington, u 

Vashti, u 33 
Vera Joan, u 803 
Verna Esther, u 810a 
Verne Ellsworth, u 352 
Vernon Dee M.D., u 

Vesta (Stewart), u 

Vilera Mace, u 612 
Viola, u 701a 
Viola E., u 511 
Viola May, u 358 
Violet Lil'lian, u 703 
Virginia, u 515 
Virginia Howe, u 813 
Virginia lima, u 808 
Virginia Lee, u 612 
Virginia May, u 426 
Vivian Grace, u 590 
Vivian Rosetta, u 788 
Waldo B., 650 
Waldo Damon, u 650 
Waldo McConnell, u 

Waldo P., u 519 
Wallace, u 639 
Walter A., u 625 
Walter Augustus, 819 
Walter Breckcnridge, 

Walter Breckenridge, 

Jr., u 796 
Walter Cole, u 623 
Walter D., u 568 
Walter E., u 233, u 

494, u 677 
Walter Evertson, u 

363, 652 
Walter Gilman, u 819 
Walter Gilman, Jr., u 

Walter Irving, u 608 
Walter Joseph, u 692 
Walter Josiah, u 453 
Walter Lawson, u 623 
Walter Lincoln, u 432 
Walter 0., u 818 
Walter Pearson, u 753 
Walter Sanderson, u 




Biigliam, Walter Scott, 

u r)()8, 7nH 

Walter Wilson, u 795 
Ward Edwin, u 651 
Ward Edwin, Jr., n 651 
Ward Hepburn, u 651 
Warren Ballou, Rev., 

n 78'2 
Warren Luther, u 327 

n 782 
Watson Crocker, u 684 
Wayland Windsor, u 

Wesley C, u 740 
Wesley Hervey, 500 
Wesley J., u 707 
Wesley Kenneth, u 746 
Whitney E., u 530 
Whitney Gleason, u 

Wilbur, u 650 
Willard, u 122, 193, 

25)2, u 583 
Willard Chamberlain, 

Willard Dana, u 583 
Willard Ebenezer, u 

Willard, Rev., 584 
Will Ellsworth, u 630 
Will Ellsworth, Jr., u 

William, u 21, u 133a, 

190, 3]5d, 387, 410, 

417, u 494, 614, 620, 

u 777 
William A., u 484. u 

William Ashbel, 465 
William Augustus, 592, 

William B., u 683 
William Baxter, 605 
William Burpee, u 708 
William Burpee, Jr., u 

William C, u 407 
William Chamberlain, 

William Clarence, u 

William Clarence, Jr., 

u 654 
William Conover, u 

William Curtis, M.D., 

u 810 
William D., u 484 

Brigham, William iJex- 

ter, 676 
William E., u 6, u 21, 

u 563 
William Edgar, u 481 
William Emerson, u 

William Erastus, 761 
William Ernest, u 616, 

u 772 
William Eustace, u 

407. 680 
William Eustis, 630 
William F., u 387 
William H., u 88, u 

358, u 39.5, u 404, 

William H. A., u 465 
William H. Brewster, 

u 730 
William H., Gen., 805 
William Harold, u 374 
William Harrison, 633, 

u 701a 
William Hartwell, 723 
William Henry, u 494, 

u 688, 792 
William Howard, u 

William Ira, u 580 
William J., u 2.59 
William Lacy, 730 
William Lewis, u 795 
William Lewis, Jr., u 

William M., u 404, u 

541, u 772 
William Mossman, u 

William Mitchell, u 

William Munroe, 763 
William Munroe, Jr., 

u 763 
William Oakley, 759 
William Oscar,"u 352 
William Oscar, Jr., u 

William P., u 650 
William Pitt. 397 
William Randall, M.D., 

u 791 
William Roscoe. u 796 
William Russell, 494 
William Seneca, u 494 
William Sidney, 740 
William Sinclair, u 667 
William Theodore, 623 

Brigham, William Theo- 
dore, 2d, u 62.1 
William Tr.fts, u 410 
William Valentine, 779 
William Ward, u 374 
William Winthrop, u 

Willie Ernest, u 791 
Willie Porter, u 437 
Willis v., u 416 
Winifred Anna, u 404 
Winslow, 60, 388 
Woodbury Purington, 

u 612 
Zebina S., u 389 
Zelda J., u 755 
Zenobia (West), u 576 
Zerviah (Rice), u 95 
Brittain, Mildred, u 481 
Brockett, Minnie E., u 

Brodeur, Almon, u 346 
Corinne V., u 346 
Ezilda, u 346 
Brookens, Floyd Brig- 
ham, u 608* 
Lillian Elizabeth, u 

Perley Floyd, u 608 
Brooks, Elsie Irene, u 
Emma (Brigham), u 

Frank B.. u 690 
Frank Plinv, u 690 
George B.. "u 690 
Jennie (Williams), u 

Judson O., u 690 
Malcolm Bennett, u 

Svlvanus W., u 690 
Winifred H.. u 090 
Brower, Carrie (Brig- 
ham), u 566 
Chester Lewis, u 566 
Dorothy Brigham, u 

Esther Louise, u 566 
Frank Willard. u .566 
Harold Robert, u 566 
Henry Somerset, u .566 
Milton Willard. u 566 
Roy Brigham, u 566 
willard. u 566 
Brown, Addie L., u 407 
Alma S., u 407 


The Brigham Family 

Brown, Augeline (Mit- 
chell), u 440 

C. D., u 153 

Clifford Henry u 519 

Cora F., u 407 

Cyrus, u 293a 

Deborah (Haynes),u4 

Dorothy May, u 407 

Edith Brigham, u 748 

Edmund F., u 407 

Elizabeth, u 407 

Elizabeth (Gauthier), 
u 393 

Ellen, u 677 

Emma, u 407 

Esther, u 275 

Frances Eleanor, u 488 

Frances Laura, u 245 

George B., u 770a 

George Edward, u 440 

Hannah (Brigham), u 

Harry H., u 674 

Hattie, u 246 

Herbert A., u 407 

Jabez, u 4 

Jennie Belle u 770a 

John, u 407 

John Lewis, u 407 

Joseph, u 245 

Lewis H., u 407 

Lucy (Brigham), u 
407, u -188 

Maybell S., u 407 

Mary, u 540a 

Mvr'tle, u 704 

Nellie H., u 407 

M. Jennie, u 404 

Otis, u 292 

Paul, u 748 

Sidney, u 488 

Susan (Bevier), u 770a 

Willard B., u 488 
Browne, Abel, u 49 

Abigail, u 49 

Abijah, u 49 

Alpheus, u 49 

Elizabeth, u 49 

Charles Brigham, u 49 

Martha, u 49 

Samuel, u 49 

Sarah (Brigham), 49 
Browning, Betsey (Brig- 
ham), 376 

James, u 376 
Bruce, David, u 8 

Mary, u 8 

Bruce, Walter H., u 490, 
u 745a 
Warren E., u 490, u 

William, u 490, u 745a 
Bryant Angella, u 612 
Beatrice, u 743 
Carroll W., u 743 
Charles W., u 382 
Edward B., u 743 
Ethel Merrill, u 382 
George E., u 743 
Henrietta (Brigham), 

u 743 
Lillian E., u 743 
Mary Upton (Brig- 
ham), u 382 
Mildred, u 743 
Wallace, u 743 
Buck, Annie R. (Bar- 
low), u 717 
Betsey Champney 

(Brigham), u 432 
Beulah Elizabeth, u 

David, u 52, u 445 
Frank H., u 445 
Frank, Jr., u 445 
George W., u 445 
Grace R., u 445 
Helen, u 445 
Howard H., u 445 
Joseph F., u 717 
Julana A., u 461 
Maurice Warren, u 

Robert, u 445 
Roland, u 445 
S. Maria (Brigham), u 

Wallace B.. u 445 
Warren Gilderay, u 717 
William H., u 445 
Buckley, Anna (Brig- 
ham), u 680 
Charles Horatio, u 680 
Elizabeth, u 680 
Fay, u 680 
Lydia, u 680 
Bucklin, Charles, u 694 
Edith (Farnsworth), u 

Edward, I., u 694 
Edward L, Jr., u 694 
Bucksot, Nellie, u 599 
Bull, Anthony, u 393 
Bullard, Addie, u 701a 
Burbauk, Daniel, u 79 

Burdick, Dorothy May, u 

Burgess, Nathaniel, u 

Burleigh, Theodore E., u 

Burlingame, Cora 
(Brooks), u 690 
William, u 690 
Burnap, Edward Cook, u 
Gifford, u 384 
Jessica Elizabeth, u 

Estelle, u 384 
Burnham, Luther A., u 

Burrage, Bessie, u 663 
Caroline Severance, u 

Edward Carter, u 663 
Emeline, u 663 
Emeline (Brigham), 

Herbert Emory, u 663 
Johnson Carter, ii 663 
Julia (Severance), u 

Severance, u 663 
Burrell, Clara (Kent), u 
Dwight R., u 366 
Eliza (Brigham), 366 
Robbins, u 366 
Busbv, Amv (Ware), u 
Evelyn, u 369 
James A., u 369 
Bush, Jotham, u 247 

Sarah, u 120 
Bushnell, Emeline, u 529 
Niles, u 529 
Sophia (Brigham), 529 
Bussler, Carl, u 416 
Dorothv, u 416 
Ruth, u 416 
Butler, Mary Elizabeth, 

u 734 
Butterfield, Catharine 
(Runyon), u 53 
Elizabeth, u 53 
James, u 53 
Button, Rena M., u 651 

Cabana, Jennie M., u 688 
Cain, Esther Helena, u 



Cain, Elizabeth, u 746 

Calder, Helen Bumford, 

u 294 
Callender, Erma Bea- 
trice, u 564 
Rowena Arlene, u 564 
Russell Van Dyke, u 
Campbell, Elizabeth 

(Brigham), u 407 
Campion, Margaret 
Frances, u 545 
Mary F., u 545 
Thomas, u 545 
Card, Bruce Brigham, u 
Don Brigham, u 566 
Dorothy Eleanor, u 566 
Elmer Clement, u 566 
Evelyn Mae, u 566 
George Clement, u 566 
Louise Du Bois, u 566 
Minnie (Brigham), u 
Carey, Mary, u 88 
Carpenter, Alice E., u 
Clayton, u 233 
David Edvrard, u 233 
Edwin B., u 246 
Everett Knowlton, u 

Minnie M., u 246 
Tabitha (Potter), u 
Carter, Dorothy, u 663 
Emily, u 172 
Helen (Burrage), u 

John W., u 663 
Julia, u 772 
Lucy Lazelle, u 663 
Margaret, u 663 
Perry S., u 772 
Philip Walker, u 663 
Richard Burrage, u 
Cassidy, Mary E., u 702 
Caskett, Gertrude, u 353 
Castro, Dorr, u 374 

Dorr Clayton, u 374 
Cate, Leslie Littlefield, 

u 807 
Champion, Mabel, u 540a 
Chance, Myra B., u 620 
Chandler, Julia M., u 380 

Chapel, Julius, u 540a 
Parkhurst Eugene, u 

Chapman, Edwina A., u 

John Aldcn, u 608 
Chase, Addison Martyn, 

u 695 
Alice Natalie, u 697 
Anna Harriet, u 695 
Arthur F., u 695 
Carrie (Brigham), u 

Charles Emerson, u 

Charles S., u 697 
Cleon, u 370 
Dana Charles, u 697 
Daniel A., M.D., u 695 
Effie (Brigham), u 605 
Elmer E., u 605 
Elvira R., u 695 
Ernest Leonard, u 583 
Etta (Love), u 695 
Gladys, u 680 
Harold Addison, u 695 
Harrie (Brigham), u 

Harriet (Brigham), u 

Hazel Irene, u 605 
Herbert, u 546 
Hiram Wesley, u 583 
John Brigham, u 695 
Kate (Benjamin), u 

Mabelle N., u 583 
Madeline Harriet, u 

Martha (Brigham), u 

Merrick, u 695 
Merrill B., u 546 
Myron Forrest, u 695 
Paul Addison, u 697 
Robert Martyn, u 697 
S. Maria (Brigham), 

Sophia (Farnsworth), 

u 695 
Cheney, Barton Taylor, 

u 625 
Clara (Taylor), u 625 
Clifton W., u 625 
Orra Marsten, u 625 
Chick, Frank, u 286 
Edward R., u 286 

Chickering, Albert, u 
Clarence, u 369 
Chisholm, Kenneth, u 395 

Marguerite, u 395 
Christiancy, Cartier C, 

u 507 
Church Charles L., u 246 
HoUis G., u 688 
Josephine M., u 688 
Mary H. (Potter), u 

Mary (Webber), u 688 
Churchill, Althea June, 
u 637 
Aubrey Brigham, u 

Cvnthia (Brigham), u 

Grace Elaine, u 637 
Harvey A., u 637 
Velma Brigham, u 637 
Winston, u 637 
Clark, Appleton, u 374 
Clara (Browning), u 

Clayton E., u 651 
Edith (Bardin), u 651 
Emma, u 155 
Hazel B., u 651 
Valerie, u 651 
Clarke, Botsford Ralph, 

u 382 
Clayton, Minnie Lola, a 

Clifford, Ellen (Farns- 
worth), u 694 
Esther F., u 694 
Fred W., u 694 
Rebecca, u 694 
Ruth W., u 694 
Woodbridge K.. u 694 
Clegg, Brigham, u 684 
William Gifford, u 684 
William G., Jr., u 648 
Cleveland, F. Clayton, u 
Frank Clayton, u 691 
George R., u 407 
Lawrence F., u 407 
Close, Carrie, u 310 
Emma (Blackman), a 

Sylvester, u 310 
Clough, Florence R., a 

Coates, Charles Milton, 
u 333 


The Brigham Family 

Coates, Levi Tyler, u 

Coburn, Clarissa, u 19 

Ezekiel, u 19 

Flavilla, u 19 

Jason, u 19 

Lucy, u 19 

Martha, u 19 

Olive, u 19 

Ora, u 19 

Thirza, u 19 

William, u 19 
Coffin, Mabel L., u 689 
Cogswell, Emma, u 606a 

James, u 606a 

Louisa, u 606a 

Lucy, u 22 
Cole, Lewis Mortimer, u 

Ruth Geraldine, u 564 
Coleman, Janet, u 680 

Walter S., u 680 
Colgate, Craig, u 724 

Elleanor, u 724 

Henrietta, u 724 
Collins, C. C, u 290 

Marv, u 16 
Collier, Carrie, u 701a 

Elsie, u 701a 
Colt, James Denison, u 

Comely, Nancy M., u 702 
Comey, Dexter, u 428 
Compton, Mary Louise 
(Brigham), 801 

Norris M., u 801 
Comstock, Alice Louise, 
u 773 

Cornelia, u 773 

Richard W., u 773 
Conant, Abbie (Brig- 
ham), u 393 

Arthur M., u 393 

Fremont H., u 393 

Herbert M., u 393 

Isaac C, u 393 

Isaac, w 393 

Leila M., u 393 
Condry, Catherine, u 426 
Cone, , u 106 

William Brigham, u 
Conger, Katharine Eliza- 
beth, u 768a 

William W., M.D., u 
Connley, John J., u 511 

Conway, Alice Grace, u 

Cook, Ellen Maria (Brig- 
ham), 807 
Eva Belle (Brigham), 

u 774 
Florence, u 546 
Frank Brigham, u 807 
Lewis Clyde, u 774 
Minnie L. (Crotty), u 

Robert Brigham, u 774 
Thomas D., u 807 
Walter Freeman, u 807 
Cooke, John Henry, u 
Mary (Brigham), u 363 
Coolidge, Agnes (Brig- 
ham), u 353 
Jay W., u 353 
Coons, Dorothy O., u 654 
Corbett, Alice, u 395 
Charles, u 395 
Edward, u 395 
Marion (Barnes), u 

Mildred E., u 395 
Myra P., u 395 
Corey, Delia F. (Brig- 
ham), u 744 
Dorothv Brigham, u 

Edwin S., u 744 
Florence Ellen, u 744 
Marjorie Marv, u 744 
Corliss, Eliza E., u 389 
Cot ting, Augusta 
(Barnes), u 679 
John, u 180 
John F., u 180, u 679 
Cowden, Eliza, u 183 
Coxf ord. Rose Ella 
(Brigham), u 799 
William F., u 799 
Cranch, Adelaide, u 197 
Alden, u 197 
Elijah, u 197 
William, u 197 
Crafts, Josephine, u 703 
Crandall, Harriet, u 560 
Crawford, Ann Morrow, 
u 720 
John Franklin, u 720 
Louise Alexander, u 

Patricia, u 720 
Crichton, Margaret, u 

Crissey, Bert W., u 753 
Joel Brigham, u 753 
Lucile, u 753 
Lucette (Brigham), u 

Cross, John, u 134a 
Crowther, Audrev Leona, 

u 701 
Barbara Louise, u 701 
Donald Frederick, u 

Frederick S., u 701 
Gordon Frederick, u 

Martha (Brigham), u 

Merton Warren, u 701 
Norman Frederick, u 

Phyllis Evelvn, u 701 
Ralph Frank, u 701 
Ralph Frank, Jr., u 

Roland Lewis, u 701 
Walter Warren, u 701 
Crozier, William, u 603 
Cullen, Mary, u 818 
Cunningham, Anna 

Mary, u 83 
Dora (Hall), u 83 
Emma L., u 83 
Levi Otis, u 83 
Miriam Brigham, u 83 
Miriam (Brigham), u 

Simeon, u 83 
Curtis, Caroline (Brig- 
ham), u 393 
Chester Wellington, u 

Francis C, u 393 
Harrv Willis, u 393 
Mary Alice, u 393 
Cushing Warren LeRoy, 

u 584 
Cutler, Alice M. (Brig- 
ham), u 746 
Archibald, u 746 
Ebenezer, u 197 
Erma Winifred, u 746 
Erving Ernest, u 746 
Maria, u 197 
Maurice Oliver, u 746 

Dalton, William, u 395 
Damon, Milton O., u 333 
Patty, u 349 



Danforth, Ella, Joseph- 
ine, u 691 
George L., u 691 
Hannah L. (Brigham), 

u 691 
Joseph R., u 691 
Ralph, u 691 
Daniel, Matthew M. u 

Mary A. E. (Brig- 
ham), u 620 
Mary Lillian, u 620 
Ruth Louise, u 620 
William Evans, u 620 
William Morgan, u 620 
Daniels, Harold E., u 

Laura, u 794 
Darling, Anne Frothing- 

ham (Boyd), u 388 
Emma, u 388 
Florence, u 388 
Margaret, u 388 
Philip G. u 388 
Samuel u 388 
Samuel B. u 388 
Samuel C, u 388 
Davenport, Alice, u 722 
Davidson, Carl, u 694 
Catherine, u 72 
Charles Frederick, u 

Dorothy Dale, u 740 
Edith '(Nason), u 694 
Davis, Alfred Brigham, 

u 547 
Amanda (Brigham), u 

Anna (Brigham), u 

Anna (Brigham), u 52 
Annie (Brigham), u 

Barbara Josephine, u 

Bridget, u 4 
Calvin A., u 231 
Calvin A., Dr., u 640 
David, u 49 
Doris Marjorie, u 547 
Edgar W.,'u 547 
Edna Willard. u 547 
Elizabeth, u 233 
Helen, u 645 
John H., u 640 
Lena Josephine, u 547 
Lottie Mav. u 407 
Marcia E.,' u 370 

Davis, Maria J., u 294 
Ruth, u 494 
Mary Elizabeth, u 640 
Meredith Maude, u 

Myrton O., u 417 
Omer, u 417 
Robert, u 4 
Rufus Charles, u 547 
Sarah, u 4 
Day, Burnice E., u 745a 
Delia B., u 19 
Gertrude L., u 670 
John, u 19 
Mary Jane, u 356 
Dean, Doris Marjorie, u 

Death, Martha, u 6 
De Butts, Dale Cressev, 
u 753 
Dean Jamieson, u 753 
Edward Jamison, u 
Decker, Charles A., u 564 
Cora (Brigham), u 564 
Cora E., u 822 
Delwin Brigham, u 564 
Gladys Viola, u 564 
Phyllis Van Vliet, u 
De Graff, Maltby J., u 
Susan (PotttM-), u 246 
De Long, Philip H., u 
Philip N., Jr., u 494 
Richard Crane, u 494 
Robert, u 494 
Ruth, u 494 
Deltre, Marguerite, u 720 
Demscy, Sarah M., u 113 
Dennison, George S., u 
Hattie (Carpenter), u 

Mary E., u 795 
De Nover, Alfred L.. u 
Alice (Brigham), u 

Charles, u 583 
Marion, u 583 
Perry, u 583 
Ruth, u 583 
Dexter, Anson, u 294 
Charles Linus, u 697 
Doris Eleanor, u 697 

Dexter, Sarah (Brig- 
ham), u 294 
Deyo, Harrison E., u 774 
Janet Alda, u 774 
Norma Frances, u 774 
Ruth Shirley, u 774 
Dewhurst, Dorothy, u 
Mary, u 293a 
William W., u 293a 
Dickey, Christine A., u 
James Freeman, u 657 
Mary (Anderson), u 
Dietz, Annie M., u 356 
Dillon, James, u 281 
Mary E., u 281 
Rae, u 301 
Salome May, u 281 
Dinsmore, Mildred F., u 

Doane, Ella (Brigham), 
u 669 
Nathaniel, u 669 
Nathaniel, Jr., u 669 
Rav Winslow, u 669 
Dodd", Ezra, u 293a 
Harriet (Brigham), u 

Marcus D., u 353 
Doherty Theresa, u 695 
Dolan, Annie Gloria, u 
Gerald, u 686 
H. Lawrence, u 686 
Lawrence, u 686 
Dolon, Edward John, u 
John Edward, u 625 
Richard Taylor, u 625 
Donahue, Loretta, u 723 
DonaldsQH, Edith M., u 
John H., u 24 
May Eliza, u 24 
Donovan, John, u 354 
Doolittle, Mildred (Mc- 
Donald), u 775 
Dorr, Klsio. u 800 

L. L., Dr.. u 800 
Douglas, George G., u 
Marv (Barnard), u 
Downs, Elizabeth W., u 
Kenneth E.. u 680 


The Brigham Family 

Downs, Kichard E., u 

Doyle, Charles Sumner, 
u 642 

E. K, u 642 
Edwin King, u 642 
Harry Byard, u 642 
Helen Augusta, u 642 
Drake, Lucy J. (Brig- 
ham), u 231 
Drew, Alma, ii 358 
C. W., Dr., u 72 
Ethel Frances, u 358 
Drury, Eliza, u 197 
Duckworth, N. B., u 397 
Dudley, Experience, u 

Duffield, Elizabeth G. F., 

u 674 
Duffy, Luke E., u 677 
Dunnigan May Lucy, u 

Dupres, Hazel Jeane, u 
Lester Vinal, u 650 
Miriam Frances, u 650 
Dunsmore, Eunice, u 172 
Durham, Winifred, u 246 
Durkee, Emma (Brig- 
ham), u 576 
Emma (Brigham), u 

Eugene W., u 576 
Helen Winslow, u 576 
Dutton, Florence Colt, u 
Frank W., u 667 
Dwyer, Alice G., u 712 
Dye, Grace Louise, u 374 

Eager, John, u 24 

"William, u 162 

Zerubabcl, u 24 
Fames, Arthur A., u 437 

Ellen (Brigham), u 

Hannah, u 5 

Martha, u 5 

Mary, u 5 
Eastman, Abigail E., u 

Earl, , u 52 

Eaton, Helen, u 293a 
Edee, Mary, u 113 
Eddy, Arthur D., u 384 

Floy M., u 604 
Eells, Sarah, u 374 

Egerton, Amelia (Brig- 
ham), u 592 
Charles O., u 592 
James O., u 592 
Elder, Elizabeth, u 263 
Elderkin, Augustus F., 
u 675 
Helena B., u 675 
William A., u 675 
Ellard, James Carlton, u 
John Frank, u 686 
John H., u 686 
Ellery, John William, u 
Eobert Brigham, u 768 
Eobert Melvin, u 768 
Ellis, Arnold W., u 745a 
Burnice L, u 745a 
Doris A., u 745a 
Edward, u 745a 
Ernest H., u 745a 
Everett L., u 745a 
Lesley H., u 745a 
L. Edward, u 745a 
Luther B., u 745a 
Mary E. u 745a 
Eoy B., u 745 
Ellison, Helen (Eyder), 
u 656 
Osman S., u 656 
Elmer, Edith May, u 740 
Elzey, Dorothv, u 512 
Emerton, Sibyl (Clark), 

u 374 
Emery, Daisy B., u 286 
Emorj'^, Frances, u 754 
Ernst, Earl Louis, u 564 

Wayne Claire, u 564 
Esher, Gertrude, u 547 
Estabrook, Daniel, Jr., 

u 22 
Estelle, Ealph Eoyal, u 
Daisy B., u 286 
Evans, Albert, Mrs., u 
Maria, u 52 
Evarts, Sally, u 352 
Eyebright, Harold, u 683 

Fairbanks, Delia (Pot- 
ter), u 246 
Farley, Euth, u 642 
Farnham, Clinton E., u 

F a r n h a m, Florence 

Sprague, u 417 
Farnsworth, Alice Brig- 
ham, u 694 
Augustus Page, u 694 
Charles Luke, u 694 
Edith May, u 694 
Florence G. (Page), u 

Hannah (Jordan), u 

Harrie Clifford, u 694 
Harriet (Brigham), u 

John Addison, u 694 
Luke Walcott, u 694 
Mildred A., u 694 
Nellie (Clifford), u 694 
Nellie M., u 694 
Nettie Maud, u 694 
Farr, Leonard Y., u 657 
Jonathan, u 19 
Mercy, u 19 
Farwell, Caroline M. 

(Brigham), u 180 
Edith, u 180 
Martha, E., u 428, u 

Eiehard, u 180 
Willard Brigham, u 

Willard Brigham, Jr., 

u 180 
Faust, Walter, u 667 
Fay, Abigail (Martyn), 

u 233 
Abraham, u 6, u 233 
Adam, u 13 
Addison G., u 164 
Addison, O., u 164 
Augustus I., u 164 
Bathshebah, u 2 
Carrie u 407 
David, u 13 
Dinah, u 12, u 13 
Eunice, u 178 
Fanny, u 445 
Gershom, u 13 
Hannah, u 13 
Harrison O., u 108 
Hercules Warren, u 

Hezekiah, u 13 
Hiram W., u 162 
James, u 2 
John, u 2, u 178 
John G., u 178 
Joseph, u 13, u 178 



Fay, Joseph Brigham, u 
Josiah, u 178 
Maria E., u 178 
Mark, u 408 
Mark Wesley, u 680 
Martha (Brigham), u 

Martha Elizabeth, u 

Mary, u 13, u 164 
Mary (Brigham), 2, 13 
Mary E. (Brigham), u 

Mehitable (Brigham), 

Millisent, u 13 
Nancy (Warren), u 

Polly, u 178 
Eobert G., u 164 
Sally, u 393, u 408 
Samuel Chandler, u 

Sidney Granville, u 

Silas, u 13 
Sophia (Brigham), u 

Susan M., u 181 
Thaddeus, u 13, u 32 
Timothy, u 13 
William, u 13 
William A., u 466 
Fayles, Kuth, u 745a 
Federspiel, Laura, u 291 
Felton, Lewis, u 162 
Fennessy, Thomas, u 657 
Field, Clara (Morse), u 
Forrest G., Jr., u 395 
Fish, Edith (Barnett), u 
Hortense Garthwaite, 

u 750 
William L., u 750 
Fisher, Abigail (Brig- 
ham), u 407 
Anna Laura, u 229 
Charles, u 291 
Charles L., u 291 
Cora B., u 370 
David, u 291 
Edward W., u 291 
Emma, u 291 
Gamaliel, u 407 
Garfield, u 291 
John E,, u 281 

Fisher, Julia Roxalina 
(Brigham), u 291 
Samuel, u 291 
Sydney A., u 291 
Susan Florence, u 291 
Theodore, u 291 
Fisk, Abigail, u 6 
Fiske, Samuel, u 36 
David L., u 197 
Georgiana Keith, u 

Mavadia, u 197 
Rebecca Cutler, u 197 
Susanna, u 36 
Fitch, Emma, u 336 
Gladys D., u 702 
Fitzgerald, Anna Maude, 
u 801 
Clifford Compton, u 

Harold Leon u 801 
Ida Brigham (Comp- 
ton), u 801 
James R., u 801 
Margaret, u 733 
Mary Bell, u 801 
Wilbur Norris, u 801 
Flagg, Mary u 742a 
Fletcher, Fred B., u 637 
Follett Delia (Brigham), 
u 732 
Francis Ballou, u 732 
Isaac, u 172 
Ford, Charles Edward, 
u 684 
Charles E., 2d u 684 
Elsie (Swift), u 381 
Eugene Edward, u 684 
Frederic Leslie, u 381 
Joan, u 684 
Nathaniel Ernest, u 
Fosgate, Susan, u 208 
Foskett, Albert L., u 689 
Julia (Putnam), u 689 
Foster, Alpheus B., u 110 
Caroline Brigham, u 

Charles II., u 701 
Charles S., u 393 
Chester Curtis, u 393 
Ellen, u 393 
Lydia (Brigham), u 

Jedediah, u 110 
Roxana, u 110 
Sophronia F., u 110 

Fox, Katherine (Carle- 
ton), u 327 
Robert L. B., u 327 
Walter Briggs, u 327 

Foy, Jeannette, u 410 

Frank, Ethel, u 781 

Freeman, Asa, Dr., u 590 
A. T., u 590 
Martha W., u 384 
Muriel, u 590 
Muriel V. S., u 590 
Nancy (Brigham), n 

French, Bryant Morey, 
u 382 
Charles W., u 382 

Frost, Benjamin S., u 807 
Katharine, u 807 
Marion Brigham 
(Cook), u 807 

Frye, Delia, u 164 
Leslie M., u 407 

Fuller, , u 153 

Alice, u 583 
Amelia, u 153 
Harriet, u 153 
Henry, u 153 

Gadebusch, Paul, u 667 
Gaffney, Gaylord Sea- 
bury, u 407 
Louise C, u 407 
William T., u 407 
Gage, Jonathan, u 33 
Galacer, Frederic Ruth- 

ven, u 663 
Gallagher, Frank, u 745a 
Gallop, Joseph, u 79 
Miriam (Brigham), u 
Gallup, Benjamin W., u 
Clara E. (Brigham), u 

Clara M.. u 763 
Edward E., u 692 
Grace D., u 763 
Ruth Brigham, u 692 
Gammons, Everett W., 
u 713 
Mary Snow, u 713 
Gardner, Edgar H., u 
Robert Alden. u 651 
Vivian Amy, u 701a 
Garfield. Dorcas (Strat- 
ton), u 333 


The Brigham Family 

Garfield, Eunice Hagar, 
u 333 
Francis, u 333 
Lyman, u 164 
Lydia B. (Morse), u 

Moses B., u 164 
Moses H. u 164 
Garrison, Marjorie E., u 

Gassett, Levi, u 33 
Gates, Hannah (Brig- 
ham), u 122 
Levi, u 122 
Gear, Charles, u 566 
George, Ann Brigham, u 
Col. John, u 242 
Susan (Brigham), u 
Gerber, Phil. C, u 519 
Gerry, Charles, u 134a 
Ella M., u 688 
Laura A., u 134a 
Martha A., u 134a 
Orisa (Havnes), u 
Giflford, Edward Wil- 
liam, u 384 
Emily Estelle, u 384 
Gertrude, u 384 
Howard Edward, u 

Jessica May, u 384 
Walter Fay, u 384 
Warren Colburn, u 384 
William R., M.D., u 
Gilbert, Carrie G. 
(Pratt), u 362 
Charles B., u 362 
Ralph D., u 656 
Gill, Alice, u 546 
Gilman, Nina, u 697 
Gilmore, Clarence E., u 
Alice (Brigham), u 

Elbert E., u 261 
Ella (Marshall), u 261 
Henry A., u 261 
Lloyd H., u 261 
Loring, u 261 
Gilson, ILarriet P., u 389 
Gleason, Daisy H., u 460 
Hannah (Brigham), u 

48, 134a 
Isaac M., u 460 

Gleason, Lucretia (Brig- 
ham), u 460 
Mary, u 134a 
Samuel, u 134a 
Glidden, Helen S. (Brig- 
ham), u 710 

Irving E., u 710 
Glover, James N., u 597 
Mary (Brigham), u 
Godbee, Beulah Evelyn, 
u 791 
Brigham Russell, u 791 
Frank W., u 791 
Frank Warren, Jr., u 

Julia Frances, u 791 
Ralph Joseph, u 791 
Goddard, Ada Frances, 
u 583 
Charles, u 19 
Frances (Brigham), u 

Hannah, u 24 
John A., u 583 
Mar}' (Brigham), u 

Robert, u 24 
Silas W., u 494 
William, u 24 
Godien. Bertha M., u 712 
Godwin, Blanche Mil- 
dred, u 564 
L. Austin, u 564 
Norman B., u 564 
Goodell, David, u 52 
Goodcnow, Daniel, u 12 
David, u 12 
Dinah, u 12 
Elizabeth, u 12 
Martha (Brigham), u 

Mehitable, u 12 
Samuel, u 12 
Sarah, u 12 
Timothy, u 12 
Goodhue, Claude Clem- 
ent, u 788 
Roberta Jean, u 788 
Goodney, Cordelia, u 743 
Goodnow, Albert Wilson, 
u 696 
Anna Hortense, u 696 
Caroline P., u 374 
Helen (Coleman), u 

Henrietta F. (Barton), 
u 696 

Goodnow, Joseph W., u 
Joseph Wilson, u 696 
Olive, u 134a 
Goodrich, George E., u 
Grace, u 407 
Sarah (Valentine), u 
Goodsell, Sarah Letitia, 

u 203 
Goodykunst, Margaret, 

u 407 
Gordon, Elmer Ells- 
worth, u 275 
Hugh Brigham, u 275 
Lawrence Ellsworth, u 

Robert Lawrence, u 

Willametta (Brig- 
ham), u 275 
Gore, Elisha, u 393 
Sarah H. (Brigham), 
u 393 
Gott, Anna, u 52 
Benjamin, u 53 
John, u 53 
Martha, u 53 
Nathaniel, u 53 
Sarah Ann, u 53 
Sarah (Brigham), u 
Gottshalk, Jennie, u 541 
Goulding. Charles Henry, 
u 172 
Cora, u 618a 
Edward H., u 172 
Emery, u 428, u 701a 
Emilie Frances, u 172 
Ephraim, u 172 
George A., u 172 
Nancy, u 428, u 701a 
vSusaii B., u 172 
Susanna (Brigham), 
Gove, Lydia, u 72 
Nathaniel, u 72 
Susan (Stickney), u 72 
Gradv, Mary Isabel, u 

Grandstaff, Samantha, u 

Grant, Maria R., u 612 
Gravatt, Edwin, u 563 
Margaret (Jackson), u 

Ruth, u 563 



Graves, Theodore C, u 

William Palmer, u 384 
Gray, Charles, u 699 

Mary Nellie, u 699 
Green, Amelia, u S^S 

Benjamin F., u 295 

Charles, u 295 

Hannah M. (Brig- 
ham), u 295 
Greene, Fred A., u 404 

Hiram, u 330 

Martha (Brigham), u 
Gregg, Gretc'heii Helen, 
u 219 

John Norris, p 219 

Norris B., u 219 
Gregory, Agnes May, u 

John, u 99 

Sally (Brigham), u 99 

Sarah Brigham, u 99 
Gridley, Clarence, u 796 

Clarence, Jr., u 796 

Dorothy, u 796 
Griffin, May D., u 755 
Griffith, Charlotte, u 153 

George Hollis, u 153 

Josephine, u 153 
Griggs, Henrietta (Brig- 
ham), u 265 

Samuel, M D., u 265 
Grimm, Tillie E., u 746 
Grout, Mindwell, u 37 
Grow, Maria, u 380 

Nathaniel, u 380 

Sarah (Barker), u 380 
Guillan, Daisy La Tou- 

rette, u 677 
Guiterman, Guy H., u 

Gunn, Florence L., u 519 

Hackett, Arlene Marie, 
u 686 
Edwin Nicholas, u 686 
Madeline, u 686 
William E., u 686 
Hadley, Bessie (Brig- 
ham), u 742 
Frank A., u 742 
George F., u 742 
Mildred W., u 742 
Walter C, u 742 
Hager, Lucia Vera, u 819 

Haight, William R., u 

Hale, Abigail, u 42 
Halbert, Louisa, u 651 
Hall, Aaron, u 79 

Aaron, Jr., u 79 

Arthur C, u 689 

Charles, u 519 

Cornelia (Fisher), u 

Frank E., u 689 

G. Stanley, President, 
u 291 

Laura (Putnam), u 

Lucius S., u 689 

Lydia Brigham, u 79 

Sarah Brigham, u 79 

Sarah (Brigham), u 79 

Sherman, u 79 

Stephen C, u 689 

Walter A., u 689 
Halsey, Arietta, u 305a 

Oliver, u 305a 
Hamilton, Jessie, u 705 
Hampton, Grant, u 99 
Hancock, Frank Roberts, 
u 699 

Mary Ada, u 699 

William H., u 699 
Hannaford, Nellie, u 633 
H e n n a g i n, Everett 

James, u 788 

Fred A., u 788 

Robert Brigham, u 788 
Hannis, Hazel M., u 360 

Hanscom, , u 448 

Hansen, Caroline T., u 

Hapgood, Ben A., u 681 

Edward Thomas, u 681 

Nancv S. (Brigham), 

Thomas Emerson, u 
Harding, Bertha Ander- 
son, u 657 

Emma (Anderson), u 

Glen Samuel, u 657 

Herbert N., u 657 

Mary (Brigham), u 

Ruth Alice, u 657 
Hardy, Constantine, u 37 

(Jl.'idys, u 707 

Hannah, u 6 

Mary, u 37 

Hardy, Mindwell, u 37 
Phinehas, u 37 
Prudence, u 37 
Prudence (Warren), u 

Rachel, u 37 
Silas, u 37 
Tabitha, u 37 

Harper, , u 419 

De Witt Lawrence, u 

Ruth Louise (Daniel), 
u 620 
Harringer, Meade, u 702 
Harrington, Bezaleel, u 
Emma, u 745a 
Francis, u 9 
James, u 64 
Loring, u 745a 
Harris, Absalom, u 10 
Elizabeth, u 803 
Marjorie, u 705 
Perley, u 10 
Harrison, Adella M., u 

Hart, Claude Eugene, u 

Hartley, Henry A., u 387 

Janet, u 387 
Hartman, Ella Grace, u 

Harty, Anna M,, u 779 
Dennis, u 779 
Ellen (Ryan), u 779 
Harvey, Amy, u 10 
Haskell, Phineas, Jr., u 6 

William, u 79 
Hastings, Elizabeth u 
Isabelle, u 164 
John u 416 
Hawes, Fanny (Brig- 
ham), u 396 
Fred, u 417 
Maria, u 164 
Oliver, u 396 
Sarah (Brigham), u 
Hawkes, Edward Co., u 
Francis Brigham, u 6S2 
Hattie (Brigham), u 

Jennie Elvine, u 682 
Mariorie Adelaide, u 


The Brigham Family 

Hawley, Margaret 

Emma, u 301 
Hayden, Alice, u 745a 
Charles, u 511 
Emily F., u 164 
Ethel (Brigham), u 

Florence, u 417 
Frank A., u 604 
Henry Rogers, u 246 
Laura Brigham, u 604 
Lucy (Boyce), u 604 
Maria S. (Warren), u 

Mary Elizabeth, u 697 
Nelson E., u 697 
Philip Sherburne, u 

Haynes, Eli Jewell, u 

Dorcas Mary, u 134a 
Israel, u 134a 
Israel, Jr., u 134a 
Josiah, u 4 
Mary (Gleason), u 

Orisa, u 134a 
Reuben, u 134a 
Sarah Hannah, u 134a 
Warren How, u 134a 
Zebediah Maynard, u 

Haywood, Florence 

Loisa, u 489 
Hazen, Anna Sarah, u 

Healy, Emery, u 305a 
Heath, Allen W., u 547 
Diantha Pratt, u 606a 
Donald Brigham, u 

Donald Garrison, u 547 
Dorothy Belle, u 606a 
Guilford P., u 454 
G. Stanley, u 547 
J. B., u 794 
Joshua P., u 606a 
Kenneth DePuy, u 

Marjorie, u 547 
Martha Frances, u 547 
Mary (Brigham), u 

Mary Parker, u 606a 
Mary (Walker), u 454 
Oscar, u 547 
Willard Brigham, u 


Heath, Willard P., u 

Helmer, Arthur James, 
u 540a 
Harry William, u 540a 
Laura May, u 540a 
William H., u 540a 
Hemphill, Ashton E., u 
Eugene F., u 368 
Freeland, u 368 
Kathleen M., u 368 
Lydia (McKeen), u 
Henderson, Alberta F., 
u 585 
Althea A., u 585 
Robert Stead, u 384 
Robert Stead, Jr., u 

Warren Brigham, u 

William H., u 585 
Hepburn, Jessie, u 651 
Herrick, Zimri, u 19 
Hewitt, Adelaide A. 
(Morrison), u 702 
Andrew Noble, u 702 
Arthur Noble, u 702 
Charles Brigham, u 

Effie Louise, u 702 
Flora Abbie, u 702 
Harold Keith u 702 
Harvey Leroy, u 702 
Irene May, u 702 
Irvin Gay Brigham, u 

Leroy Harvey, Jr., u 

Mary Etta, u 702 
Muriel Bertha, u 702 
Susan (Brigham), u 

Thomas, u 702 
Heywood, Eliza (Farns- 
worth), u 694 
Trueworthy, u 094 
Hibbard, George, u 305a 
Hibbert, Frances Lillian, 

u 701a 
Hickey, Margaret, u 723 
Hickok, Emily F. (His- 
cock), u 278 
James F., u 278 
Hicks, Ruth (Gallup), u 

Hildreth, Jonathan, u 19 

Hill, George Brigham, u 
Harry, u 650 
Madaline A., u 650 
Stanley H., u 650 
Hills, Harold C, u 745a 

Rosalie, u 275 
Hillver, Jane Pelletrean, 

"u 88 
Himes, Charlotte Stell, 
u 384 
Frederick W., u 384 
Frederick W., Jr., u 

Jane, u 384 
John Reed, u 384 
Marjorie F., u 384 
Mary (Brigham), u 

Mary Lorraine, u 384 
Maxwell Reed, u 384 
Robert A., u 384 
Hino, Clara Louise, u 

Henry F., u 639 
Hiscock, Dorothy, u 278 

George L., u 278 
Herbert W., u 278 

Hitchcock, , u 52 

Madeline Goldsmith, u 
Hiteman, George J., u 
Halbert Earl, u 651 
Helen, u 651 
Hoag, Almira, u 407 
Elias P., u 407 

Ella (Lawrence) u 
Hobart, Elsie, u 663 
Hobbs, Mamie, u 790a 
Hodge, Jonas F., u 631 

Lydia F., u 633 
Hodgsdon, Edward T., u 
Viola M., u 612 
Hoff, Frances Ruth, u 
Seymour IL, u 384 
Hoffman, Louis, u 732 
Hohberger, Christof J., 
u 679 
Elsie Florence, u 679 
Ernestine, u 679 
Holbrook, Bertha May, 
u 370 
Charles R., u 370 
Emily, u 612 



Holbrook, Evelyn M., u 
Francis W., u 370 
Frank A., u 370 
George E., u 370 
Jennie E., u 370 
Lestina (Richardson), 

u 370 
Lydia (Brigluim), 370 
Olivia (Howland), u 

Stephen, u 370 
Holcomb, Anna E., u 677 
Holden, Charles W., u 
Esther Damon, u 166 
Ethel, u 233 
Francis A., u 233 
Frederick S., u 233 
Helen Brigham, u 233 
Lucille, u 233 
Lydia (Brigham), u 

Martha Martina, u 166 
Martha (Willard), u 

Eoger E., u 233 
William P., u 166 
Holland, Albert, u 695 

Maria (Chase), u 695 
Holmes, Harold B., u 

Henrietta B., u 651 
Jerry Hadley, u 651 
Margaret, u 494 
Holton, Anne (Wallace), 
u 773 
Mary Wallace, u 773 
Jeptha Lee, u 773 
Holyoke, Freeman, u 673 
Henrietta (Brigham), 

John, u 208 
Hoover, Sarah E., u 612 
Horton, Alice (Brig- 
ham), u 738 
Dorothy, u 738 
Horace Brigham, u 

Horace Edward, u 738 
James Edward, u 738 
Margaret Whiting, u 
Hosmer Lydia, u 134a 
Houghton, Ella B., u 360 

Frank, u 203 
House, Orilla, u 704 
How, Abigail, u 19 

How, Abraham, u 19 
Amity, u 49 
Deborah, u 9 
Elizabeth, u 6 
Howard, Charles Fred- 
erick, u 536 
Donald, u 536 
Ellen (Brigham), u 

Harry, u 465 
Helen, u 536 
Kate (Brigham), u 

Lemuel Frederick, u 

Lucinda Carolyn, u 

Howe, Aaron, u 163 
Abraham, u 6, u 163 
Abraham Willington, 

u 163 
Alice (Ruggles), u 808 
Anna, u 17 
Allen D., u 397 
Archelaus, u 163 
Archelaus M., u 548 
Bertha M., u 397 
Bezaleel, u 17 
Charlotte (Brigham), 

Darius, u 17 
Eda Z., u 229 
Edith, u 17 

Edward Barnes, u 163 
Edwin, u 390 
Elmer Parker, u 548 
Fred, u 808 
Hannah (Ward), 6 
Harriette (Brigham), 

Helen (Brigham), u 

lima, u 808 
Janette (Brigham), 

Jonah,- u 448 
Jonathan, u 17 
Lucy (Brigham), 448 
Luther, u 448 
Lydia (Brigham), 17, 

u 163 
S. Herbert, u 672 
Sallv (Brigham), u 

Susanna, u 17 
Thaddeus, u 390 
Timothy, u 17 

Howe, Truman, u 390 

Windsor, u 163 
Hubbard, Attai, u 14 

Joseph, u 14 

Mille, u 14 

Phebe, u 14 

Peter, u 14 

Rebo«ca, u 14 

Tilly u 14 
Hul)l)ell, Frances, u 384 
Hudson, Achsah, u 52 

Adaline, u 52 

Amanda, u 52 

Benjamin, u 52 

Brigham, u 52 

Charles, u 52 

Charles A., u 52 

Clarissa, u 52 

Elisha, u 52 

Eliza, u 52 

Elizabeth (McAllis- 
ter), u 52 

Esther, u 52 
. Hannah M., u 52 

Horace, u 52 

John u 52 

Lorenzo D., u 52 

Martha, u 52 

Mary, u 52 

Mary E., u 52 

Nancy, u 52 

Reuben, u 52 

Robert Breck, u 52 

Sabra, u 52 

Sabrina, u 52 

Salome, u 196 

Samuel Brigham. u 52 

Sophia, u 52 

William, u 52 

William T., u 52 
Hunt, Esther (Brigham), 
u 134a 

Frances Lena, u 547 

Frank Llewellvn, a 

Harriet, u 134a 

Sibvl (Browning), u 

Irving Stanley, u 547 

Lillian (Goodnow), a 

Marion Davis, u 547 

William, u 134a 
Hurd. Huldah, u 10 
Hurst. Martha Julia, a 

Roger C, u 791 


The Brigham Family 

Hussev, Everett, u 360 
Harry B., u 360 
Sarah (Brigham), u 

-, u 155 

Iddo, - 

Emma, u 155 
Ives, Edward L., u 639 

Joseph, u 639 

Jacobs, Anna Leona, u 

Jackson, Prof. A. V. 
Williams, u 667 
Lerov, u 284 
William A., u 284 
James, Allicrt C, u 294 
Annie Fay, u 294 
Brigham Dexter, u 294 
Ruth D., u 294 
Sarah L. (Dexter), u 

William Ellery, u 294 
Jenkins, Ella Ethel, u 
Garaphelia (Brigham), 

u 281 
Gertrude, u 281 
Perry, u 281 
William H., u 549 
Jenney, Barbara, u 327 
Elizabeth (Hedge), u 

Malcolm, u 327 
Walter, u 327 
Walter, Jr., u 327 
Jennings, Georgiana, u 

Jessup, Lillian, u 738 

William, vi 738 
Johnson, Abigail, u 50 
Ann, u 466 
Arthur S. u 745a 
Francis Walker, u 809 
Hattie M., u 407 
Hazel, u 748 
John Michael, u 802 
Josephine M., u 745a 
Lawrence Sheldon, u 

Margaret, u 310 
Mary W. (Brigham), 

u 802 
Myrtle M., u 745a 
Bichard Brigham, u 

Johnson, Sherah, u 19 
W. C, u 380 
Wealthy, u 176 
Johnston, Arthur L., u 

Johonnet, Persis (Brig- 
ham), u 431 
William Harris, u 431 
Jones, Abigail Jones, u 

Everett, Dr., u 387 
Florence Evelyn, u 650 
Helen L. (Beach), u 

James Arthur, u 650 
Lawrence Arthur, u 

Margaret C, u 651 
Margery, u 387 
Mason, u 7'67a 
Mr., u 428 
Samuel N., u 767a 
Waldo Brigham, u 650 
Jordan, Frank, u 417 
Joslin, Arthur RoVjinson, 

u 540a 
Celia Ida, u 540a 
Florence Brown, u 

Ida Brigham, u 540.1 
Jesse Wakefield. u 

Mary Louise, u 540a 
Maxwell Brown, u 

William Parkhurst, u 

William Brown, u 540a 
Joy, Janice, u 684 

Thomas Hitchcock, u 

June, Clarence V., u 646 
Helen Louise, u 646 
Lawrence Brigham, u 

Lawrence Brigham, Jr. 

u 646 
Mary (Brigham), u 



Karsten, Henry, u 353 
Keay, Florence Mabel, u 
Harry Walter, u 547 
Joeaphine Brigham, u 

Keav, Margaret Edna, u 
Shirley Davis, u 547 
Walter Willard, u .547 
Keith, Mattie, u 275 
Keizer, Jessie M., 745a 
Linwood L., u 745a 
Nellie (Brewer), u 454 
Thomas M., u 745a 
Kelly, Mrs. Mattie, u 501 
Kemp, Hallie B., u 501 
Kempff, Capt. Clarence, 

u 683 
Kendall, Mary C, u 404 
Kenerson, Addie (Earle), 
u 657 
Edward H., u 656 
Kent. Alice May, u 389 
Ketelle, Charles'E., u 72 

Walter Roby, u 72 
Keyes, Gershom, u 5 
John, u 5 

Sarah (Blanford), u 5 
Silas, u 5 
Solomon, u 5 
William Reed, u 674 
Kiefer, Dora W., u 356 
Kilmain, George H., u 
Phyllis Elvine, u 682 
Kimball, John, u 393 
Orissa (Brigham), u 
King, Bernice, u 818 
Dorothy, u 474 
Marian (Appleton), u 

Tarrant P., u 474 
Kingsbury, Frances, u 

Kinnear, Elizabeth, u 

Kipp, Alice S. (Hap- 
good), u 681 
George Washington, u 
Kirby, Louise Water- 
man, u 654 
Kirkup, Mary E., u 702 
Knight, Flora M., u 732 
Harry O., u 732 
Henry S., u 265 
How:lrd L., u 732 
Ida Elizabeth, u 732 
Lyra S. (Brigham), u 

Sarah B. (Griggs), u 



Knowlton, Helen B., u 
Lozano C, u 233 
Mary (Brigham), u 
Kunze, E. L., u 481 

Labour, Matilda, u 701a 
La Cross, Ella, u 788 
Ladd, Ruby, u 637 
La Force, Charlotte, u 

Laidlaw, E. Maude, u 

Lakin, Emily Frances, u 
Samuel, u 512 
Lamb, Blanche E., u 651 
Lamson, Linna M., u 384 
Lancaster, Mary (Brig- 
ham), u 123 
Landrum, Eunice, u 810 
Landsheft, Charles 

Fitch, u 374 
Lane, Alden L., Jr., u 
Allen L., u 547 
Anita, u 630 
Arthur Binney, M.D., 

u 630 
Arthur Binney, Jr., u 

Barbara, u 630 
Edward B., M.D., u 

Gladys, u 669 
John* B., u 310 
Marilyn A., u 547 
Priscilla, u 547 
Ralph B., u 180 
Lang, Benjamin J., u 663 
Frances (Burrage), u 

Henry Allston, u 663 
Malcolm Burrage, u 

Margaret Ruthven, u 

Rosamund, u 663 
Last, Leila A., u 746 
Law, George Brigham, u 
Richard Beane, u 764 
Vernice W., u 764 
Lawford Lily B. (Put- 
nam), u 618c 

Lawrence, Bradford 
Whiting, u 650 
Dorothy Ruth, u 650 
James Edward, u 650 
Whitney Edward, u 
Lawson, Alice (Brower), 
u 623 
Henry D. W., u 623 
Jeanette, u 623 
Leake, Frank E., u 498 
Leathen, Ruth A., u 702 
Leatherbee, Albert 
Thompson, u 722 
Ethel (Brigham), u 
Lecoeuvre, Elizabeth, u 

Lee, Henry, u 400 
Henry, Jr., u 410 
Leese, Roland, u 333 
Legge, Edith (Wood- 
worth), u 319 
Leisenhoff, Anna (Brig- 
ham), u 639 
Elsie, u 800 
Lckberg, Olive, u 745a 
Leland, Benjamin, u 79 
Harriet, u 196 
Martha (Brigham), u 
Le Mayne, Charles, u 410 
Charles, Jr., u 410 
Edith, u 410 
Frances Moseley, u 

Henry, u 410 
McPherson, u 410 
Mary Brooks, u 410 
Mary Brooks (Brig- 
ham), u 410 
Leonard, Gertrude 

(Brigham), u 675 
Levowandowski, Marie, 

u 293a 
Lewis, Ada Mariah, u 
Clifton S., u 353 
Clinton A., u 353 
Dorothea H., u 353 
Eliza (Stevens), u 164 
Eugene F., u 353 
Franklin Brigliam, u 

Fred Eugene, u 353 
Frederick A., u 164 
Hazel M., u 353 
John Melvin, u 671 

Lewis, Kenneth C, a 
Marjorie B., u 353 
Louisa (Brigham), a 
Libby, Alice G., u 686 
Libbey, Barbara Fran- 
ces, u 744 
Harry Stanley, u 744 
Lillibridge, Charles W., 
u 549 
Florence M., u .549 
Lincoln, Josephine Mary, 

u 701a 
Linder, Ida, u 369 
Lindsay, Joseph, u 52 
Lindsey, Clara W., u 811 
Margaret, u 811 
Phyllis S. M., u 780 
Linscott, Beulah, u 612 
Lippincott, Somerville, 

u 301 
Little, Edith, u 407 
Livermore, Ellen (Brig- 
ham), u 353 
Daniel, u 353 
Llewellen, Bertha, u 384 
Locke, Sarah E. (Perrv), 
u 241 
Warren S., u 241 
Lord, Nathaniel Y., u 
Rebecca Elvira (Brig- 
ham), 696 
Loud, Jessie M., u 744 
Lougee, Emma (Brig- 
ham), u 745 
George Fred, u 745 
Lourie, Lillian L.. u 742 
Love, John, u 490 
Lovejoy, Frederick W., 

u 702 
Loveland, Nancy (Wil- 
liams), u 197 
Lovewoll, Betsey, n 72 
Catharine, u 72 
Jonathan, u 72 
Nehemiah, u 72 
Rachel (Farwell), u 72 
Robert, u 72 
Zacoheus, u 72 
Lowe, Anna M. (Dew- 
ing), u 99 
Arthur H., u 777 
Bertha (Hewitt), u 702 
(\'ithorine A., u 99 
Catherine Martha 
(Brigham), u 99 


The Brigham Family 

Lowe, George A., u 99 
George Henry, u 99 
James R., u 702 
John, u 742a 
Mary E., u 702 
Nora (Brigham), u 777 
Lowell, Arthur K., u 788 
Elizabeth Harriet, u 

Ellen (Brigham), u 
Lowencamp, William E., 

u 384 
Lubke, Emma F., u 651 
Ludington, Harry, u 814 

Sylvester, u 814 
Lynde, Charles H., u 319 
Lvon, Frank Clemence, 
u 437 
Capt. George P., u 437 
Harriet (Brigham), u 


-, u 358 

Macomber, — 
MacKeiizie, Caroline 
(Rowland), u 745 
Robert, u 745 
M a c 1 a r e n, Anna C. 
(Beach), u 767a 
Grace Lydia, u 717 
Harriet Christine, u 

John, u 717 
MacLennan, Grace K., u 

Rev. . u 701a 

MacMullen, Florence L, 

u 701 
Madden, Teresa, u 395 
Maddock, Enoch S., u 
Helen A. (Brigham), 
u 754 
Madison, Leonore, u 768b 
Maker, Elizabeth Flor- 
ence, u 302 
George E., u 302 
Lomelia A. (Brigham), 
u 302 
Mandell, Arthur A., u 
Ethel M., u 701a 
Irving F., u 701a 
Orviile W., u 701a 
W. H., u 511 
William A., u 701a 

Mansfield, Martin, u 603 
Sarah (Brigham), 603 
Mara, Alice, u 651 
Marcus, Clara Frances. 

u 410 
Marier, Colina Henriet- 
ta, u 494 
Marks, James D., u 276 
Sarah (Brigham), u 
Marsden, Edna Florence, 
u 612 
Elizabeth (Martell), u 

George William, u 612 
James W., u 612 
Marsh, Marshall, u 10 
Nina, u 603 
Stella G., u 246 
Marshall, Randolph, u 

Martin, Elizabeth D., u 
Louise (Hoerter), u 

Mary (Gove), u 62 
Thomas, u 62 
William H., u 800 
Martyn, Abigail (Bak- 
er), u 181 
Edward, u 6 
John, Lieut., u 6, u 

John, Rev., u 6 
John Morris, u 6 
Mary, u 6 

Mary (Marrett), u 6 
Susanna, u 6 
Mason, Laura, u 293a 

Rena V., u 708 
Mathews, Sybil, u 10 
Matthews, Dorothy Rem- 
ington, u 546 
William Stephen, u 
Mathewson, Bruce, u 356 

Bruce Fred, u 356 
Matteson, Charles F., u 
Katharine, u 226 
Sophronia (Risley), u 
Maw, Maude Evelina, u 

Maxam, Charlotte, u 397 

F. H., u 397 
May, Gertrude C, u 781 
Maynard, Abel, u 124 

Maynard, Bethiah, u 124 
Charles, u 124 
David, u 9 
Elihu, u 133a 
Elizabeth, u 7 
Hannah (Brigham) 

Hezekiah, Jr., u 124 
Jane, u 289 
John, u 7 
John H, u 162 
Persis, u 488 
Stephen, u 52 
Zadock, u 124 
McAlister, Celia, u 639 

Henry Clay, Dr. ! 
HcClintock, Leuman, u 
Laura (Brigham), u 
McCook, Robena M., u 

McCoy, John Wesley, u 

McCrabbe, Richard 
Meyers, u 566 
Robert Louis, u 566 
Robert Smythe, u 566 
McCue, Mary (Brig- 
ham), u 319 
McFarland. Lottie M., u 

McGee, Amy Pauline, u 
Edward Roland, u 639 
Pusey, u 639 
Roland Pusey, u 639 
William Brigham, u 
Mclutvre, Florence S., u 

McKean, Helen E., u 349 
McKeen, Polly (Brig- 
ham, 368 
McKinley, Caroline 
Brigham, u 374 
Caroline (Brigham), u 

Edward Brigham, u 

J. William, u 374 
McKinney, Lura, u 758 
McKissock, Helen Gree- 
ley, u 724 
McKittrick, A, S., u 24 
McLcese, Margaret, u 



McLennan, Donald Bax- 
ter, u 599 
Jean Frances, u 599 
Murdoek, u 599 
McMastor, Augusta, u 

Meeker, Emily S., u 720 
John A., u 720 
Eosalie A., u 720 
Melvin, Lydia, u 51 
Mepham, Edith Banks, u 

Merkle, Harry J., u 549 
Merriam, Betty Frances, 
u 432 
Francis F., u 432 
Frank J., u 432 
Merrifield, Susanna B. 
(Brigham), u 409 
William F,, u 409 
Merrill, Martha, u 382 
Metealf, George Putnam, 

u 663 
Mety, Mary J., u 723 
Miller, Catrina, u 281 
Fred W., u 293a 
Harriet, u 52 
Elias, u 178 
Milliken, Irene T., u 630 
Milsham, Christopher, 

John, u 576 

Mints, Anna Fern, u 642 

Minturn, Francis Albert, 

u 608 

George Monroe, u 608 

Harriet Louise, u 608 

Howard Brigham, u 

Louis Wolcott, u 608 
Orville Albert, u 608 
Mitchell, A n g e 1 i n e 
(Brigham). 440 
Daniel, u 440 
Frances Ellen, u 769 
Henrietta, u 172 
Helen Alexander, u 

James R., u 604 
Louise, u 410 
Minnie E., u 657 
Robert Brigham, u 769 
Truman H., u 769 
Winifred, u 604 
Montgomery, Edward 
Fleming, Rev. u. 738 
Ward Pease, u 801 
Moody, Sarah, u 134a 

Moonev, Donald L., u 

Paul Carter, u 742 

Richard A., u 742 

Richard A.. Jr., u 742 
Moore, Abigail, u 4, u 16 

Alexander Hanson, u 

Charles C, u 113 

David, u 49 

Electa Brigham, u 113 

Electa (Brigham), u 

Elizabeth, u 3 

Emma (Blackham) u 

Henry B., u 113 

Jason, u 333 

John, u 3 

Lansing C, u 113 

Leonard, u 113 

Lewis, u 246 

Lucy Ann (Potter), u 

Luna, u 583 

Mary Agnes, u 384 

Reuben, u 134a 

Richard, u 16 

Stella Genevieve, u 

William D., u 113 
Morgan, Mary (Bay- 
less), u 332 
Morvell, Grace (Deca- 
tur), u 333 

Henry Albert, u 333 
Morris, Richard, u 639 

Robert B., u 639 
Morrison, W. E., u 319 

Julia (Brigham) u 319 

Minnie May, u 746 

Ruthena, u 742a 
Morse, Aaron, u 42 

Anna, u 52 

Ann Janctte (Brig- 
ham), u 293 

Alvah W., u 42 

Burleigh, u 164, u 293 

Charles, u 42 

Curtis, u 290 

Daniel, u 290 

Edith F., u 164 

Edward S., u 164 

Edwin B., u 290 

Eliza, u 290 

Elizabeth, u 164 

Ellen A., u 164 

Ellen Augusta, u 293 

Morse, Emily, u 290 
Ethel F., u 164 
Frances A., u 358 
Faith Emily, u 164 
Frank W., M.D., u 42, 

Freeman A., u 42 
Frederick N., u 164 
Genevieve L., u 164 
George, u 42 
Gertrude B., u 164 
Harriet, u 164 
Henry, u 358 
Henry F., u 395 
Jeannette L., u 164 
Jedediah, u 164 
John W., u 164 
Jonas, u 42 
Julia, u 290 
Lemuel, u 290 
Lizzie, u 164 
Lois (Hayden), u 358 
Loring, u" 290 
Lucinda (Brigham), 

Lvdia (Brigham), u 

Lydia D., u 164 
Lyman Brigham, u 164 
Marilla (Brigham), u 

Marsellus, u 290 
Mary, u 290 
Marv Lucinda, u 164 
Mary (Ward), u 42 
Mary Ward, u 42 
Nancy, u 680 
Ocean -\nu, u 164 
Otis, u 42 
Porter, u 164 
Richard S.. u 680 
Roland, u 42 
Sarah, u 290 
Sukev, u 42 
Walter B.. u 164 
Wealthy, u 42 
Wilbur, u -JOO 
William, u 42 
Winsor Ward, u 42 
Morwav, M. Louise, u 

Moser. Alfred Monroe, 

u 501 
Adam, Jr.. u 501 
Charles Adam, u 501 
Douglas Kelly, u 501 
Edgar I^e, u 501 


The Brigham Family 

Moser, Flora (Brigham), 
u 501 
Hauson Edgar, u 501 
Levi Adam u 501 
Marjorie Ellen, u 501 
Paul, u 501 
Mott, Florence, u 701 
Mueller, Marie, u 684 
Mulhollen, Caroline A., 

u 384 
Munroe, Abigail, u 193 
John F., u 176 
Susan (Brigham), ' u 

Susan L. B., u 176 
Murdock, Herbert E., u 
Marjorie, u 680 
Nancy (Brigham), u 

Phyllis, u 680 
Murray, Ada (Smith), 
u 53 
John A., u 638 
Mary Rosalie (Brig- 
ham), u 638 

Nailor, Albena, u 686 
Nason, Frederick Whit- 
ney, u 694 
Edith Farnsworth, u 

Nettie M. (Farns- 
worth), u 694 
Neill, Mora, u 547 
Neilson, Eileen Grace, u 
George, u 789 
Nelson, Ethel Eveline, u 

New, Thelma, u 620 
Newell, Alice Wilburta, 
u 819 
Blanche M., u 763 
Chauncey J., u 763 
S. Adelaide, u 763 
Wilbur K., u 819 
Velma Rae, u 819 
Newman, Martha Bills, 

u 293a 
Newton, Abbie C, u 679 
Addie Louise, u 404 
Arethusa (Brigham), 

u 203 
Catherine, u 22 
Charles L., u 190 
Clarence, u 742a 

Newton, Dexter, u 203 
Dinah, u 190 
Edmund, u 22 
Edward E., u 203 
Elizabeth, u 22 
Emily S., u 404 
Eunice, u 22 
Francis Albert, u 190 
Francis D., u 203 
G. F., u 404 
George A. F., u 190 
Georgiana (Brigham), 

u 203 
Harold B., u 404 
Hezekiah, u 22 
Isaac, u 22 
Jeremiah, u 190 
Larkin, u 190 
Lillian, u 203 
Lyman, u 203 
Martha, u 72 
Mary, u 9 

Mehitable, u 22, u 72 
Nahum, Jr., u 83 
Nathan, u 83 
Nathan Brigham, u 22 
Orion, u 208 
Persis, u 22 
Roxana Brigham, u 

Ruth, u 22 
Sarah, u 6, u 22 
Silas, u 22 

Solomon Baker, u 190 
Nichols, Abbie (Brig- 
ham), u 541 
Barbara Elizabeth, u 

Corydon R., u 726 
Dexter, 231 
Doris A., u 790 
Emeline (Brigham), u 

Fred, u 618a 
George F., u 541 
Hannah Brigham, u 

u 618a 
Harriet E. (Brigham), 

u 790 
Isabella Mary, u 305a 
John H., u 618a 
Leola Brigham, u 726 
Nettie L. (Brigham), 

u 726 
Patty, u 196 
Ralph W., u 726 

Nichols, Ransom Brig- 
ham, u 790 
Ransom P., Rev., u 790 
Walter H., u 606a 
Nickerson, Arthur H., u 

Niedenburg, Miss., u 407 
Norton, La Verne Allen, 
u 564 
Leslie Delwin, u 564 
Luther T., u 564 
Ruby Adelle, u 564 
Nourse, Lois (Brigham), 
Theophilus, u 263 
Nye, Frank, u 346 
Nellie (Brigham), u 

Roselle C, u 346 
Samuel D., u 521 
Susan (Brigham), u 

Walter Brigham, u 521 

Nyer, , u 701a 

James, u 701a 

Oakes, Hannah, u 13 
Mary, u 13 
Nathaniel, u 13 
Oakman, C. P., u 732 
Gladys, u 732 
Sarah (Playford), u 
O'Brien, Mary, u 507 
O'Donnell, Mary, u 702 
Old, George, u 231 
Olmstead, Warren W., u 

Olsson, Charles, u 568 
Mary (Mullen), u 568 
Sophie Cecelia, u 568 
O'Neil, Susan Swift, u 
William F., u 606a 
Onthank, Susanna, u 197 
Orcutt, Susan, u 197 
Ordway, Bradford Web- 
ber, u 688 
Cyrus Brigham, u 688 
Cyrus Sherman, u 688 
Dorothy Estelle, u 404 
Frank Irvin, u 688 
Josephine Priscilla, u 

Lewis E., u 404 



Ordway, Lydia (Brig- 
ham), u 688 

Kalph Carlton, u 404 

Robert Francis, u 688 

Ruth Mildred, u 404 

Timothy C, u 688 
Orr, Ellis Daly, u 612 

Jacob, u 612 
Osborn, Clarence, u 369 

Emily (Ware), u 369 

Francis, u 281 

Grace, u 369 

Haiold, u 369 

Jesse W., u 369 

Reginald Augustus, u 

Wesley, u 369 
Over, Florence, u 608 
Owen, Bertha May, u 

Hattie (Brigham), u 

Thomas, u 519 

Packard, Alfred Eoyal, 

u 690 
Page, Clara Diantha, u 
Cyrus, u 248 
Phillips Ward, u 248 
Paine, Charles J., Gen., 
u 281 
Margaret Dillon, u 281 
Sumner, Dr., u 281 
Palmer, Edward, u 732 
Eunice, u 43 
Frank H., u 733 
Kathie L., u 733 
Mary B. (Phelps), u 
Park, James A., u 788 
Parker, Betsey, u 79 

Blanche, u 705 
Parmenter, Etta, u 83 

Mary, u 134a 
Parnell, Josie, u 791 
Parsell, Susie, u 164 
Parsons, Phebe, u 49 
Julia M., u 379 
Samuel, u 281 
Pearce, Nathan Loucks, 

u 801 

Pearson, Linus E., u 521 

Francis Everett, u 521 

Mary (Brigham), u 


Peck, Sarah Una, u 512 

Pedrick, Evelyn (Brig- 
ham), u 650 
Lorena Moss., u 650 
William W., u 650 
William Brigham, u 
Pemberton, W^alter L., u 

Perrin, Lou, u 583 
Perry, Albert H., u 688 
Ariel Wellington, u 

Calvin Brigham, u 241 
Charles, u 241 
Cynthia (Brigham), u 

David, u 241 
E. O., u 627 
Everett I., u .549 
Hannah (Brigham), 

Julia (Gage), u 241 
Lillian Brigham, u 688 
Louis, u 620 
Marion, u 521 
Preston, u 521 
Sophia (Keniston), u 

Walter Gage, u 241 
William u 241 
William Fisher, u 241 
William H., u 241 
Peters, Jennie (Brig- 
ham), u 707 
Mary, u 21 
Petersen, Mildred Ra- 
chel, u 275 
Peterson, Marion, u 707 
Pettigrew, James, u 738 

Vera F., u 738 
Pettingill, Kathleen 
(Hemphill), u 368 
Watson G., u 368 
Phelps, Alden, u 733 
Cathel Henry, u 202 
Catherine (Brigham), 

Charles, u 202 
Edward, u 167 
Edward Winslow, u 

Eliza Brigham, u 167 
Emily R.. u 167 
Emily (Rico), u 167 
Herbert W., u 202 
John, u 202 
Martha, u 202 

Phelps, Martha (Brig- 
ham), 202 
Sarah Webber, u 202 
Sophronia (Rice), u 
Stephen R., u 202 
Phillips, Anna Maria 
(Brigham), 248 
Arthur L., u 239 
Chester H., u 239 
Ebcnezer Morgan, n 

Elijah, u 239 
Elijah Brigham, u 248 
Gertrude (Spring), u 

Hattie E., u 616 
Henry A., u 248 
Herbert W., u 239 
Lvdia (Brigham), 

Marie (Ayling), u 248 
Morgan Brigham u 248 
Susan (Bent), u 239 
Walter B., u 248 
Wilbur H., u 239 
Winslow, u 239 

Pierce, , u 798 

Christopher J., u 564 
Florence (Brigham), u 

Helen (Brigham), u 

William Lewis, u 501 
Pierson, Mabel E., u 453 
Margaret (Arthur), u 

Simon, u 453 
Pike, Anna, u 119 
Pinney, Arthur, u 603 
Isaac, u 259 
Mary P., u 259. u 540 
Piper, Geo. Hale, u 164 
Pitman, George A., u 680 

Stanley W., u 680 
riatts. Mary E., u 241 
Plummer, Susan E., u 

Poindexter, Elizabeth 
(Brigham), u 590 
James, u 590 
Poland, Walter, u 742a 
Pollard, Betsey (Brig- 
ham), 362 
Harvey, u 362 
Pond. Benjamin, u 108 
Edna Lakin. u 512 
Harry C, u 512 


The Brigham Family 

Pond, Jennie (Brigham), 
u 512 
Lucy Harrington 
(Brigham), u 108 
Pool, Lucinda, u 616 
Porter, Annie (Lock- 
hart), u 541 
Aubrey Howard Brig- 
ham, u 541 
Dorothy Belle u 541 
Ella (Brigham), u 541 
George Lockhart, u 

Harding Lawton, u 

John Harding, u 541 
Robert Munroe, u 541 
William Aubrey, u 541 
Potter, Alice H.', u 246 
Bruce Gilman, u 744 
Charles M., u 246 
Ebenezer, u 246 
Edwin A., u 151 
Eliza G., u 246 
Florence (Brigham), u 

Hazel, u 540a 
Henry B., u 246 
Harvey Kilbourne, u 

John C, u 246 
Levi Brigham, u 246 
Levi F., u 246 
Marion E., u 246 
Milton B., u 246 
Mary (Eames), u 246 
Norman B., u 744 
Raymond B., u 744 
Rufus Baxter, u 246 
Ruth Brigham, u 744 
Sarah (Church), u 246 
Sarah J., u 246 
Susanna (Brigham), 

William, u 742a 
William J., u 744 
Powell, Mr., u 361 
Pratt, Arabella, u 263 
Effie (Ballentine), u 

Margaret Brigham, u 

Martha (Pollard), u 

Parsons S., u 362 
Julius Robert, u 606a 
Smith J., u 606a 
Stillman, u 263 

Prescott, Abel, u 14 
Ernest, u 616 
Tabitha, u 37 
Presson, A. P., Mrs., u 

Preston, Mary I., u 547 
Price, Abigail (Brig- 
ham), u 232 
Thomas, u 232 
Priest, Walter, u 164 
Proctor, Charles Bur- 
dett, u 744 
John Brigham, u 744 
Puffer, Alice E., u 134a 
Pulliam, John Page, u 

Pulsifer. Susie (Potter), 
u 246 
William, u 246 
Purington, Abiger, u 612 
Putnam, Edith Ellison, 
u 656 
Eliza J. (Brigham), 

Lyman, u 689 
William E., u 656 


Quick, Julia, u 235 


Rahm, Frank E., u 651 
Rand, Pauline, u 806 
Richard H., u 806 
Sarah J. (Holbrook), 
u 806 
Randall, Alice (Brig- 
ham), u 449 
Dolly, u 197 
Elizabeth (Brigham), 

George H., u 449 
Jonathan, u 586 
Ranney, Ethel, u 663 
Ranno, Charles G., u 669 
Martha (Brigham), u 
Ransom, Esther, u 113 
Rathbuu, Charles E., u 
Marion S. (Brigham), 
u 743 
Rattanay, Dorothy, u 
W. G., u 560 
Ray, Chester H., u 774 
Ravmond, Nancy, u 612 
Record, Ella M., u 694 

Redding, Walter T., u 

Reed, Aimee (Chase), a 

Barbara Bernice, u 

Bret Hugh, u 782 
Charles F., u 583 
Charlotte, u 161 
Cora, u 742a 
Hugh A., u 782 
Marion Gwendolyn, u 

Mildred Virginia, u 

Wesley Bradford, u 

Reekie, Catherine, u 583 
Reiman, Eloise Jean, u 

Gustave, u 684 
Katharine Anne, u 684 
Marian, u 684 
Remcnto, Irene Frances, 

u 524 
Remmers, Emma (Priet- 

zel), u 749 
Florence, u 749 
Theodore W., u 749 
Renfru, Mattie May, u 

Reynolds, Annie Y. 

(Hapgood), u 681 
Rice, Abbie (Brigham), 

u 593 
Anna E., u 360 
Benjamin, u 169 
Betty (Brigham), u 

Caroline (Ellis), u 522 
Caroline (Perley), u 

Carrie A., u 239 
Charles Henry, u 83 
Charlotte Barrett, u 

Clarissa (Brigham), u 

Columbus u 231 
Daniel, u 64 
Doris Paulina, u 633 
Edgar Whitman, u 

Edwin, u 239, u 593 
Eli, u 167 
Eliza (Brigham), u 

Florence, u 695 



Rice, Franklin Harrison, 
u 633 
Frederick Ellis, u 522 
John, u 64, u 745a 
John Whitman, u 134a 
Jonathan, u 163 
Katharine, u 64 
Lewis u 522 
Lewis Frederick, u 522 
Lucy (Brigham), 167 
Lucy E., u 83 
Lydia M., u 42 
Lydia Miles, u 134a 
Mary Amy, u 566 
Mary, Widow, u 2 
Mercy (Brigham), u 2 
Moses Woods, u 64 
Obed, u 83 
Philip B., u 197 
Sophia, u 162, u 201 
Submit, u 52 
Susan (Brigham), 522 
William Ball, u 83 

Eich, Charlotte, u 233 
Custer C, Rev., u 305a 
Harry B., u 305a 
Mendel B., u 305a 
Thomas, u 305a 

Richards, Rachel, u 79 

Richardson, Abbie (Brig- 
ham), u 229, u 701 
Addie C, u 229 
Albert B., u 701 
Arthur F., u 701 
Augustus, u 229 
Hazel E., u 701 
Leander, u 246 
Samuel, Jr., u 22 
Julia (Potter), u 246 
William Burpee, u 708 

Richmond, Henrietta, u 

Riley, Florence, u 541 
George, u 541 

Risley, Abigail (Brig- 
ham), 226 
Elijah, u 226 
Hanson Alexander, u 

Harriet (Crosby), u 

Risley-Seward, Olive F., 
u 226 

Robards, Elsie Lettie, 
u 511 

Robbins, Arthur Carlisle, 
u 379 
Dwight C. u 379 

Robbins, Herbert Stew- 
art, u 379 
Martha Louise (Stew- 
art), u 379 
William Brigham, u 
Robineau, Denise, u 608 

Maurice, Dr., u 608 
Robertson, Charlotte 
(Turner), u 791 
Faustina (Brigham), u 

Jennie, u 445 
Robinson, Amy M., u 639 
Deen L., u 696 
Delia P., u 183 
Frederick A., u 183 
Helen (Brigham), u 

Helen Julia, u 639 
Marion (Goodnow), u 

Mary (Brigham), 659 
Roland P., u 639 
Rush, u 639 
Ruth Kathleen, u 639 
Robuck, Samuel, M.D., 

u 245 
Roby, Ebenezer, u 72 
Mary C, u 72 
Rodney u 72 
Rockwell, A. Maude, u 

Rockwood, Huldah (Brig- 
ham), u 79 
Moses, u 79 
Nelse Caldwell, u 332 
Rodman, Alfred, u 226 
Harriet D. (Risley), u 
Roe, Abbie J., u 42 

Rogers, , u 208 

Roper, Lucy, u 374 
Rose, Bertha (Brigham), 

u 758 
Ross, Martha L., u 651 
Roth, Katharine Brig- 
ham, u 804 
Lawrence Valentine, 

u 804 
Morison Brigham, u 
Rounds, E. C, n 701a 

Georgianna M., u 701a 

Rouse, Charlotte, u 305a 

Rowe, Carlos F., u 529 

Rowland, Clarence W., u 


Rowland, Emma (Brig- 
ham), u 745 
Royal, Howard S., u 620 
Irene, u 620 
Sarah M. J. (Brig- 
ham), u 620 
Ruddock, Will R., u 789 
Rugg, E. H., u 788 
RugglcH, William, u 501 
R u m r i 1 1, Almira E. 
(Palmer), u 733 
Charles W., u 733 
Hattie E. (Palmer), a 

Herbert F., u 732 
Rundell, Cordelia, u 293a 
Gen., u 293a 
O. G., u 293a 
Sarah, u 293a 
Russell, Angelina (Brig- 
ham), u 481 
Barbara, u 650 
Bertha H., u 448 
Chesley, u 650 
Chesley M., u 650 
Clifton B., 448 
D. Augustus, u 481 
George S., u 448 
Hattie B. (Wheeler), 

u 448 
Maud, u 481 
Robert Clifton, u 650 
Rust, Clara Louise, u 481 
Ruth, Doris Evelyn, n 
Edwin Brigham, u 651 
Ellen (Brigham), u 651 
Harold Edwin, u 651 
Irma Mildred, u 651 
Irwin C, u 651 
Irwin Halbert, u 651 
Marion Elinor, u 651 
Marjorie Helen, u 651 
Vincent Eugene, u 651 
Will Henrj-, 651 
Ryder, Charlotte Divoll, 
u 656 
Daniel A., u 656 
Daniel Franklin, u 656 
Elizabeth (Brigham), 

Helen Winifred, u 656 
Herbert Daniel, u 656 
Margaret Sarah, u 656 

St. John, Charles H., n 



The Brigham Family 

St. John, Charles R., u 
Kenneth Brigham, u 
Sanborn, Mary Sher- 

burn, u 83 
Sanford, M. E., u 153 
Hiram Penfield, u 153 
Jennie, u 153 
Stella, u 153 
Sargent, Mary, u 745a 
Sarness, George E. u 702 
Hortense Brigham, u 

Mabel O. (Hewitt), u 
Sartoris, Paul, u 281 
Saunders, Alice, u 773 
Esther L., u 704 
Iran, u 704 
John W. u 704 
Ruth M., u 704 
Sauter, Christian, u 333 
Elizabeth, u 333 
Elizabeth (Schlang- 
hauf), u 333 
Sawyer, Henry A., u 494 

Sophia, u 387 
Scarritt, Mary (Brig- 
ham), u 353 
Sanford G., u 353 
Sehell, William J., u 310 
Schlotzhaur, Albert F. 
A., u 803 
Alice Mae (Brigham), 

u 803 
Doris May, u 803 
Grace Louise, u 803 
Walter Brigham, u 803 
Schwegler, Alfred, u 743 
Schwenter, Marie Rosa, 

u 585 
Schussman, Leo G., u 

Seott, Catherine, u 245 
Edwin D., u 796 
Elijah, u 245 
Mindwell (Brigham), 
Seaver, James Daniel, u 
Margaret Ann, u 550 
Robert Badger, u 550 
Seelye, Marjorie, u 353 
Seigfried, Edwin M., u 
Letty Loraine, u 746 
Nellie Elmira, u 746 

Seigfried, Wayne Ed- 
win u 746 
Selfridge, Dorothy Wel- 
lington, u 549 
Elsie (Brigham), u 

Robert H., u 549 
Seward, William H., u 

Seymour, Anna L. (Brig- 
ham), u 743 
Benjamin F., u 743 
Benjamin F., Jr., u 743 
Ethel Lillian, u 743 
Gertrude Louise, u 743 
Marion Etta, u 743 
Mary Esther, u 810a 
Shankiand, Veda, u 511 
Sharp, Everette Thomas, 
u 564 
Virginia Martha, u 564 
Shattuck, Marian Brit- 

ian, u 5l6 
Shaw, Estella May, u 671 
Shearer, Mildred A., u 

Sheeks, R. V., u 293a 
Shepherd, Henry, u 176 

Thomas M., u 176 
Sherman, Ada (Pratt), 
u 362 
Angie, u 358 
Carlton Tracy, u 349 
Dorothy Bernice, u 

Ida, u 358 
John, u 362 
W. E., u 349 
Sherwood, Effie 

(Sprague), u 417 
Shipley, Hattie E., u 758 
Short, Ada (Brigham), 
u 257 
Albert E., u 686 
Eleanor Brigham, u 

Marion, u 686 
Marjorie, u 686 
Thomas Kenneth u 686 
Virginia, u 686 
Shriver, Hiram, u 639 

Lola M., u 639 
Sickenberger, Louise, u 

Sigismund, David B., u 
Margaret, u 608 
Marion, u 608 

Sigismund, Oscar, u 608 
Sinclair, Robert, u 53 
Sinnett, Georgia, u 612 
Sinnicks, Annie, u 585 
Skofield, Vilera Mace, u 

Sloan, Charlotte Caro- 
line, u 384 
Kenneth Kay, u 384 
John Warren, u 384 
Small, Irving W., u 680 
Richard Brigham, u 
Smith, Abigail, u 10, u 
Abner Brigham, u 51 
Annie Margaret, u 385 
Bertha, u 10 
Charles F., u 53 
Chester D., u 702 
Cornelius, u 353 
Cyrus M., M.D., u 535 
Daniel u 13, u 702 
Eliner Frank, u 183 
Elizabeth Junius, u 

Elsie G., u 407 
Elvira, u 10 
Ernest K., u 407 
Ernest L., u 702 
Ethel M., u 424 
Eugene, u 627 
F. Ellerton, Dr., u 782 
Flora (Brigham), u 

Florence M., u 407 
Francis K., u 407 
Frank S., u 407 
Franklin, u 183 
Frederick K., u 53 
George, u 13 
Gladys, u 791 
Hattie M. (Brigham), 

u 319 
Harriet N., u 500 
Hugh Grant, u 743 
Jennie S., u 407 
Joseph C, u 385 
Katharine, u 10 
Kathryn Brigham, u 

Kenneth D., u 702 
Laura E. u 702 
Lauriston McK., u 702 
Lena (Brigham), u 336 
Marjorie B., u 702 
Maurice R., u 702 



Smith, Mary Ann (Brig- 
ham), u 385 

Mary Dorothea, u 407 

Mary Evelyn, u 385 

Mary L., u 407 

Maxwell B., u 702 

Moses, u 10 

Pauline, u 183 

Balph Draper, u 336 

Eaymond V., u 702 

Eobert Boynton, u 385 

Euth E., u 407 

Salina, u 10 

Sarah E., u 627 

Sarah (Brigham), u 

Sidney K., u 407 

Thompson, u 410 

William, u 385 
, William Barnard, u 

William Wilson, u 699 
Smoot, Charles, u 374 

Mary (Brigham), u 

Sarah Eells, u 374 
Snow, A. I., u 612 

Abigail, u 10 

Abigail Brigham, u 10 

A. George, u 612 

Edmund, u 10 

Hepsibah (Ward), u 

John, u 10 

Phebe, u 10 

Eaymond, u 612 

Seth, u 10 

Warren, u 10 

Zerubabel, u 10 
Snowdon, Marjorie, u 

Snyder, Edith May, u 

Janet (Marks), u 623 

Thomas Edgar, u 623 
Sohn, Carolyn Faye, u 

Harriet (Brigham), u 

Howard Brigham, u 

William H., u 507 
Southgate, Clara (Brig- 
ham), u 457 

Louis W., u 457 

Eichard B., u 457 
Spalding, Brigham, u 

Spalding, Elizabeth 
(Brigham), 304 
Samuel A., u 304 
Sparling, Sara, u 305a 
Spaulding, Clara I., u 

Spofford, Carl C, u 682 
Spragg, Marion, u 702 
Sprague, Alvin L., u 417 
Catherine (Brigham), 

Dorothy H., u 417 
Fannie (Shurtleff), u 

Florence May, u 417 
Harry L., u 417 
Sprat t, Helen Ains- 

worth, u 688 
Spring, Henry, u 10 
Mehitable (Bartlett), 
u 10 
Springer, Elizabeth 
(Jewett), u 241 
Harriet, u 241 
William, u 241 
Spurr, Clarence E., u 651 
Stafford, Helen Z, u 546 
Stanley, Andrew Cor- 
thell Brigham, u 806 
August, u 704 
Donald Hobart, u 806 
George Brigham, u 704 
Gordon Eddy, u 704 
Harry, u 806 
Henry Brigham, u 806 
Mary Helena, u 806 
Mary Hobart (Brig- 
ham), u 806 
Starr, Nordica, u 777 
Stearns, Frederick P., u 

Stebbins, Carrie (Brig- 
ham), u 651 
Henry D., u 651 
Millie Evelyn, u 651 
Eeba Estelle, u 651 
Stetson, Edward, u 677 
Eveline, u 677 
Harlan True, Prof., u 

Lucilc, u 677 
William, u 677 
Stevens, Augusta (Brig- 
ham), u 164 
Bertha H., u 448 
Caroline L., u 432 
Catherine (Nourse), u 

Stevens, Charlotte 

(Howe), u 672 
Elta C, u 263 
Fred W., u 263 
George L., u 263 
Herbert H., u 672 
Henry M., u 432 
John, u 162 
John W., u 164 
Louis W., u 672 
Lyman G., u 263 
Mary (Brigham), u 

Mary J., u 432 
Morton Lyman, u 263 
Oscar H., u 672 
Oscar L., u 672 
Tyler A., u 445 
Walter F., u 263 
Stevenson, Mary Le 

Mayne, u 410 
Hannah Hooper, u 410 
Thomas G., u 410 
Thomas G., Jr., u 410 
Stewart, Clarence, u 519 
Emily (Brigham), 379 
George Sawin, u 379 
John, u 22 
Mary, u 22 
Thomas Carlisle, u 379 
Stimpson, Jonathan, u 10 

Mehitable, u 10 
Stockwell, Alice Burnap, 

u 717 
Catherine Louise, u 

William Tyler, u 717 
Stone, Alva H., u 745a 
Edith M., u 745a 
Effie A., u 745a 
Ella M.. u 74oa 
Esther V., u 745a 
Flora J., u 745a 
Fred G., u 745a 
Fred L., u 745a 
Helen M.. u 530 
Howard D., u 745a 
James, u 119 
John A., u 688 
Jonas, u 178 
Joseph H., u 745a 
Lizzie M., u 745a 
Lvdia (Brigham), u 79 
Mark M., u 530 
Marv (Brigham), u 

Nellie A., u 745a 
Nymphas P., u 178 


The Brigham Family 

stone, Roy, u 690 
Susan, u 178 
Susan (Fay), u 178 
Walter H., u 745a 
Winifred H., u 745a 
Storms, Ida W. (Brig- 
ham), u 802 
Robert Brigham, u 802 
William Henry, u 802 
Stow, Abigail, u 162, u 

Almira Whitney, u 162 
Betsey, u 162, u 201 
Catherine Hagar, u 

Elizabeth, u 24 
Elizabeth (Brigham), 

Francis, u 162 
Hannah, u 24 
Harriet Sophia, u 162 
John, u 24 
Manasseh, u 24 
Louisa Brigham, u 162 
Mary Lewis, u 162 
Phebe Ann, u 162 
Rufus, u 162, u 201 
Thankful Brigham, u 

Thankful (Brigham), 

u 162, u 201 
William Bradford, u 

Stowe, Arthur Lewis, u 

Carolyn May, u 717 
George Brigham, u 

Howard Edson, u 717 
John Wesley u 717 
Oscar H., u 717 
Stratton, Abigail 

(Barnes), u 61 
Betty, u 42 
Betty (Brigham), 61 
Edward N., u 670 
Edward Winslow, u 

Harriet (Valentine), 

u 525 
Jonah Brigham, u 42 
Jonathan, u 61 
Lewis F., u 525 
Lottie (Brigham), u 

Lucy, u 42 
Lucy (Brigham), u 42, 

u 134a 

Stratton, Melissa, u 327 
Samuel, u 42 
Winsor, u 42 
Stuart, Dorothy Chand- 
ler, u 583 
Harland, u 583 
Sugden, Nellie Lea, u 

Sumner, Bert Richard, 
u 642 
Fred Brigham, u 642 
Helen (Brigham), u 

Helen Christine u 642 
Jesse, u 642 
Louise, u 642 
Louise Kingsbury, u 

Orpheus Bird, u 642 
Orpheus Bird, 2d, u 
Swain, Anna, u 369 
Hattie M., u 349 
Mary A (Brigham), u 

Robert B., u 349 
Swan, James Delos, Jr., 

u 750 
Swanson, Nina K., u 639 
Swart, Col., u 305a 
Swartz, Harold Milton 
Brigham, u 566 
Leonard Card, u 566 
Wiley Raymond, u 566 
Wiley Raymond, Jr., 
u 566 
Sweeney, Adnah F., u 
Elynore, u 457 
Prof. Samuel, u 457 
Sweetser, Jacob, u 32 
Swift, Mary E., u 625 
Susie, u 164 

Tabb, Lillie Ann, u 796 
Taber, Esther Pearl, u 

S. v., u 704 
Taft, R. W., u 740 

Robert Brigham, u 740 

Winona L. (Brigham), 
u 740 
Tainter, Susanna, u 6 
Tanner, Mary, u 349 
Taplin, Eliot, u 72 

Elisha, u 72 

Taplin Gouldsbourn, u 
Hepsibah, u 72 
Hepsibah (Brigham), 

John, Col., u 72 
John, Major, u 72 
Mansfield, u 72 
Nathan, u 72 
Polly, u 72 
Sophia, u 72 
Sukey, u 72 
Taraldson, Carl, u 657 
Tate, Everett Brigham, 
u 690 
Frank T., u 690 
Maud Mabel (Brig- 
ham), u 690 
Tatem, Mary T., u 786 
Taunert, Carl, u 762 
Elizabeth (Muller), u 

Elsa Margareth, u 762 
Taylor, Abigail (Trow- 
bridge), u 72 
Ardice, u 699 
Arthur Leland, u 625 
Bonnie Irene, u 301 
Carrie (Brigham), u 

Donald Merrill, u 275 
Edith Myrtle, u 301 
Elizabeth, u 72 
Ezra, u 72 
Helen Phoebe, u 515 
Henry W., u 699 
Herbert D., u 625 
Hildegard, u 519 
Leland Brigham, u 625 
Mabel Charlotte, u 625 
Mary (Brigham), u 

Mildred Josephine, u 

Miriam Madelon, u 

Prentiss Willard, u 

Roy S. u 301 
Ruth, u 76 
Stephen A, u 519 
William, u 301 
William A., u 625 
William Harold, u 301 
Teers, Ernest Jackson, u 

Temple, Charles H., u 



Temple, Edelbert, u 699 
Elizabeth C, u 699 
Esten A., u 699 
Eva C. (Brigham), u 

Gray, u 699 
John, Jr., u 416 
Louise Helen, u 699 
Mabel E., u 699 
Madelon M., u 699 
Nancy (Wilkins), u 

Rufus, u 416 
Thatcher, John, u 177 
Thaw, William 3d, u 

Thayer, Gardner, u 10 
Theobald, Anna Rebecca, 

u 393 
Thomas, Betty (Alden), 

u 310 
Eleanor, u 585 
Frances Estelle, u 310 
Harold C, u 310 
Henry (Brigham), u 

Herbert Edward, u 310 
Huschia, u 310 
Laura Elizabeth, u 

Lewis, u 310 
William S., u 310 
William Sexsmith, u 

Thompson, Catherine, u 

Helen (Brigham), u 

Joseph N., u 332 
Lawrence, u 332 
Lawrence K., u 332 
L. Waldo, u 509 
Lucia Rockwood, u 

Rebecca (Brigham), 

Thornton, Gladys, u 789 
Grace L. (Brigham), 

u 789 
Grant C, u 789 
Thorpe, Burton Burrell, 

M.D., u 380 
Frederick Edward, u 

Margaret Burrell, u 

Thrall, Vonnie F., u 651 

Tibbitts, Ruth, u 52 
Tierney, Norma M., u 

Tiffany, Lucinda, u 176 
Tilliston, Ruth, u 353 
Tirrell, M. Prances, u 

Tomblin, Isaac, u 13 
Lydia, u 13 
Mary (Wait), u 13 
Tourtellott, Helen Wil- 
liams, u 646 
Towue, Catherine P., u 
Orwell D., u 245 
Tower, Lilla M. (Brig- 
ham), u 713 
Russell B., u 713 
Russell B., Jr., u 713 
Townsend, Homer, u 651 
Homer Broome, u 651 
Robert Brigham, u 651 
Virginia, u 651 
Tracy, Anna H., u 822 
Trowbridge, Betsey, u 
Joseph, u 293a 
Lucy (Barnes), u 293a 
Mary, u 10 
Tucker, Elizabeth (Stan- 
ton), u 800 
John Wesley, u 800 
Olive, u 800 
Tuttle, Ellen Grant, u 
Franklin Halbert, u 

Guy Harmon, u 749 
Malcolm Harley, u 749 
Margie Parr, u 749 
Roy M., u 651 
Thomas, u 196 
Turner, Cora Virginia, u 
Frcil, u 642 
lona, n 642 
J;icqiii's Brigham), u 

John, u 639 
Margaret Maeve, u 

William Franklin, u 


William Quenten, u 


Tweed, Hannah P.. u 743 

Twist, Ella May, u 801 

Twitchell, Hannah, u 29.'! 

Twitchell, Phebe 
(Pond), u 295 

Thomas, a 295 
Tyler, Rebecca, u 10 

Wellington, u 428 

Vahue Hazel A., u 566 
Valentine Catherine 
(Brigham), 525 
Christina (Seabury), 

u 407 
George G., u 525 
Louise, u 407 
William G., 407 
Vandegrift, Roland 
Brigham, u 768a 
William C, u 768a 
Van Epp, Lowell, u 743 
Van Ormun, Mabel L., 

u 744 
Van Vliet, Charlotte, n 

Vaughn, Leonard, u 53 
Viner, Flora, u 702 
Vrooman, Bertram Scott, 
u 717 
Lois Ethel, u 717 
Vera Brigham, u 717 

Waite, J. Gilman, u 374 
Mary (Clark), u 374 
Stephen J., u 592 
Susan (Brigham), u 

Susie, u 592 
William Jennison, u 
Wales, Alida Whitney, o 

Walker, Eva J., u 4.54 
Frederic M., u 454 
Henry F., u 454 
Jessie (Hill), u 454 
Lydia (Brigham"), 454 
Margaret (Otis), u 623 
Mary (Hancock), a 

Matthias, u 4.'>4 
Miuid (Brown), u 8 
Myra, u 742n 
Olive, u 512 
Thaddeus Hiram, u 
Wallace, Jennie, u 743 
Marv F.. u 723 


The Briqham Family 

Walters, Charles H., u 

Chester Brigham, u 

Emily Standish, u 677 

Harry A,, u 677 

Hope Pearl, u 677 

Leila (Brigham), u 

Pearl Helen u 677 
Ward, Abigail, u 5 

Bathshebah, u 5 

Beriah, u 24 

Charles, u 5 

Elisha, u 5 

Elizabeth, u 24 

Etta, u 368 

Hannah, u 5, u 6 

Hannah (Brigham) 
Eames, 5 

Hepsibah, u 5 

Hezekiah, u 5 

Jane, u 5 

Jonathan, u 5 

Mabel C, u 437 

Obadiah, u 24 

Submit, u 5 

Sylvanus, u 24 

William, u 5, u 6 
Ware, Beulah, u 369 

David S., u 369 

Jennie, u 369 

John, u 369 

Lestina (Brigham), u 

Luceba (Brigham), u 

Lyman Trumbull, u 
Warren, Abbie, u 742a 

Bertha, u 742a 

Carrie, u 742a 

Charlotte Pay, u 384 

Clarence C, u 384 

Cora B., u 454 

Delia, u 742a 

Duleena, u 177 

Edith H., u 454 

Edward Henry, u 742a 

Elvie, u 742a 

Emily (Walker), u 

Frank D., u 742a 

Fred A., u 742a 

George Abram, u 742a 

George P., u 454 

George P., Jr., u 454 

Gertrude, u 742a 

Warren, Gloria Mary, u 

Halbert B,, u 384 

Hannah, u 6 

Harry W., u 454 

Helen Bernice, u 384 

Henry, u 742a 

Herbert, u 742a 

John E., u 246 

John Thomas, u 742a 

John W., u 742a 

Joseph A., u 246 

Lizzie, u 742a 

Lucile Marie, u 384 

Martha A., u 742a 

Mary W., u 178 

Phebe (Brigham) u 

Sarah H. (Potter), u 

Susie E., u 742a 

Thomas B., u 742a 

Walter, u 742a 

William, u 742a 
Waterhouse, Annie, u 

Waterman, Kate (Mans- 
field), u 603 
Watson, Hal L., u 674 

Hannah Emerson, u 
Way, Emma, u 368 
Way-Ward, (McKeen), 

Martha, u 368 
Wealphal, Helen, u 642 

John, u 642 

Lerov, u 642 
Webb, "Edward, u 583 

Martha (Barnard), u 


Webber, Tina (Eobert- 

son) Holden, u 627 

Webling, Anna (Sage), 

u 327 

Constance, u 327 

Dorothy, u 327 

Edward H., u 327 

Walter, u 327 
Webster, Aimee (Sta- 
ples), u 774 

Helen, u 774 

James E., u 774 
Weeks, Bernice D., u 530 

Grace C, u 530 

Louis O., u 530 
Weir, John, u 717 
Welch, Anna E., u 674 

Bernice Marie, u 564 

Welch, Faith Virginia, u 
Francis J., u 606a 
Ruby Florence, u 564 
Virginia (Brigham), u 
Weller, Charles H., u 820 

Clara Heald, u 820 
Welsh, Abby W., u 404 
Annie L., u 745a 
Arthur E., u 404 
Clara, u 404 
Frank S., u 404 
Fred O., u 404 
Grace B., u 404 
James S., u 404 
Lucie D., u 404 
Minnella E., u 404 
Wilbur I., u 404 
Wemott, Ellen (Walker), 
u 454 
Theodore T., u 454 
Wendt, Phyllis Eleanor, 
u 747 
Susanna Brigham, u 
Wentworth, Anne, u 410 
Constance Le Moyne, 

u 410 
Emily, u 384 
Pierre Le Moyne, u 

Margaret, u 410 
Margaret (LeMoyne), 

u 410 
Stafford, u 410 
Wenzel, Hitty, u 246 
West, Florence, u 742a 
Weston, Genevieve, u 

Weyand, Beatrice, u 748 
Whale, Elizabeth, u 3 

Philemon, u 3 
Wheater, Stanley Brig- 
ham, u 705 
John Curtis, u 705 
William Walter, u 705 
Wheatley, Fannie, u 301 
Wheeler, Annie (Brig- 
ham), u 457 
Charles u 702 
Henry H., u 243 
James H., u 457 
Lucie Howe (Brig- 
ham), u 631 
Lucius B., u 457 
Luther S., u 448 
Maria, u 243 



Wheeler, Nettie, u 612 
Sophronia (Wheeler), 

u 448 
Tabitha (Wright), u 

Whipple, Alice S., u 196 
Alonzo Brigham, u 196 
Amos Earle, u 689 
Antoinette S., u 196 
Edmund, u 196 
Emma (Putnam), u 

Horace Porter, u 689 
Janice, u 689 
Leander A., u 196 
Leander Edmund, u 

Olive u 196 
Lysander G., u 196 
Perley, u 196 
Kichard Putnam, u 

Whitcher, Winifred 

Maude, u 380 
Whitcomb, Delma Louis, 

u 674 
Elsie Lillian, u 743 
Harlan C, u 743 
Louis W., u 674 
Roger W., u 674 
White, Albert C, u 454 
Carroll, u 410 
Ella Eliza (Brigham), 

u 706 
Elizabeth (Ryder), u 

James E., u 656 
Le Moyne, u 410 
Rhueberta D., u 708 
Willard Morgan, u 706 
Whitman, Augusta O. 

(Brigham), u 289 
Henry, u 289 
Whitney, C. P., u 680 
Daphne, u 680 
Elijah, u 37 
Helen B., u 680 
Martha (Brigham), u 

Samuel, u 680 
William B., u 680 
Whittemore, Chester, u 

Stanley Lloyd, u 460 
Willard Brigham u 460 
Whitten, Adelaide C. 

(Palmer), u 733 
Willis, u 733 

Whittier, Clara (Brig- 
ham), u 563 
Wickham, Alfred W., u 

Widger, Patience, u 674 

Priscilla u 674 

Thurlow Stanley, u 
Wier, Elizabeth (Fra- 
zier), u 717 

Ida Eleanor, u 717 
Wiggins, Ethel H., u 705 
Wilcomb, Alice Emma, u 

Emma A. (Brigham), 
u 330 

Ida Louise, u 330 
Wilcox, Caroline, u 153 

Charlotte, u 153 

Cynthia (Brigham), u 

Thomas, u 153 
Wilde, David, u 10 
Wilder, Charlotte 
CWhite), u 691 

E. Josephine, u 691 

Frances Susan, u 691 

Frank M., u 691 

Jonas, u 6 

Lois, u 691 

Ralph E., u 691 

Roland D., u 691 

Susan (Danforth), u 
Wilkins, Lydia, u 416 
Wilkinson, John, u 395 
Willard, Emily F., u 368 
Williams, Addison 
David, u 305a 

Ann, u 190 

Ann Eliza, u 197 

Avis, u 197 

Charlotte, u 803 

Cotting, u 466 

Dinah (Brigham), 197 

Elijah, u 197 

Ella Maria, u 197 

Edith A., u 612 

Frank E., u 612 

Harriet Newell, u 466 

Harriet Sophia, u 197 

Henrietta M., u 196 

Hollis, u 197 

James, u 196, u 197 

Joseph, u 197 

Joseph Stedman, u 294 

Lincoln, u 197 

Louvinia, u 197 

Williams, Marie, u 791 

Martha, u 197 

Moses, u 197 

Patty u 466 

Sarah (Drury), u 197 

Susan M., u 305a 

William u 197 

William A., u 305a 
Willis, Abigail (Smith), 
u 48, u 133a 

Asa, u 48 

Cate, u 48 u 133a 

Cvrus, u 133a 

EH, u 134a 

Elijah u 48, u 133a 

Eunice, u 48 

Joel, u 48 

Joseph, u 48 

Mary, u 48 

Reuben, u 15, u 48 

Rita May, u 596 

Sarah, u'48 

Thankful, u 48 
Willsie, Charity E., u 52 

Isaac, u 52 

John, u 52 

Sally (Manning), u 52 
Wilson, Mrs. Alice, u 

Charles F., u 202 

Edith Eugenia, u 768a 

Emily S., u 202 

Eugene, u 768a 

Ida, u 164 

Lavinia A., u 202 

Martha Thomas, u 566 

Nellie, u 810a 

Sarah, u 202 

Sarah C, u 202 

William, u 202 

Winslow P., u 202 

Winchester, Alice 

(Howe), u 397 

Barbara, u 397 

Betty, u 397 

Fitch, u 197 

Fitch Allan, u 397 

Rosalind, u 397 

William K., u 397 
Wingate, Henry, u 52 

Julia Willsie, u 52 
Winn. Ida. u 358 
Winslow. Arthur Melviii, 
u 708 

Helen Louise, u 708 

Robert Melvin, u 708 

Russell Edward, u 708 


The Brigham Family 

Winter, Archibald, u 

Elizabeth Staples, u 

Emma (Staples), u 

Wise, Mary A. u 164 
Witherbee, Caleb, u 162, 

u 201 
Charlotte (Stevens), u 

Dennis, u 162 
Dennis R, u 162, u 201 
Elizabeth (Brigham), 

u 388 
Frank D., u 679 
George Winslow, u 391 
Harriet (Brigham), 

Hepsibah (Brigham), 

Jabez S. u 391 

Witherbee, John Brooks, 
u 201 

Ruth Elizabeth, u 679 

William \vallace,u 388 
Witherby, Esther Louisa, 
u 120 

Jesse Brigham, u 120 

Joel u 120 

Silas, u 120 
Wood, Alice A., u 393, 
u 540a 

Anna, u 42 

Besse, u 446 

Clara E., u 393 

Emily M., u 393 

Grace E., u 701 

Martha J., u 246 

Perry G., u 393 

Peter, u 42 
Woods, Benjamin, u 16 

Elizabeth (Morse), u 

Woodworth, Calvin Van 
K., u 642 
Ernest Fenwick, u 642 
Ernestine Harriet, u 

Harriet (Brigham), u 
Wootten, B. H.. u 794 
Wright, Aaron, u 243 
J. Edward, u 445 
Sanborn, u 742a 
Tabitha (Brigham), 
Wynott, Percy A., u 703 
Wyman, Polly, u 103 

Young, Ruth, u 705 


Zimmerman, Earl u 791 
Earl, Jr., u 791 
Louis J., u 796